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Aanęs, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Accuracy in Robot Generated Image Data Sets
* Augmented Reality Interfaces for Additive Manufacturing
* Camera Resectioning from a Box
* Classification of Biological Objects Using Active Appearance Modelling and Color Cooccurrence Matrices
* Error Analysis of Structured Light Scanning of Biological Tissue, An
* Factorization with Erroneous Data
* Finding the Best Feature Detector-Descriptor Combination
* Height and Tilt Geometric Texture
* Image-Based Method for Objectively Assessing Injection Moulded Plastic Quality, An
* Integrating Prior Knowledge and Structure from Motion
* Interesting Interest Points: A Comparative Study of Interest Point Performance on a Unique Data Set
* Large Scale Multi-view Stereopsis Evaluation
* Large-Scale 3D Object Recognition Dataset, A
* Large-Scale Data for Multiple-View Stereopsis
* Model-Based Hand Gesture Tracking in ToF Image Sequences
* Model-Based Satellite Image Fusion
* Multiple View Stereo by Reflectance Modeling
* On Recall Rate of Interest Point Detectors
* Overlapping Constraint for Variational Surface Reconstruction
* PDE Based Shape from Specularities
* PDE Based Surface Estimation for Structure from Motion
* Precision and Accuracy Parameters in Structured Light 3-D Scanning
* Robust Factorization
* Structure Estimation and Surface Triangulation of Deformable Objects
* Supercontinuum Light Sources for Hyperspectral Subsurface Laser Scattering: Applications for Food Inspection
* Teach it Yourself: Fast Modeling of Industrial Objects for 6D Pose Estimation
* variational analysis of shape from specularities using sparse data, A
* Variational Surface Interpolation from Sparse Point and Normal Data
* Wearable Gaze Trackers: Mapping Visual Attention in 3D
Includes: Aanęs, H.[Henrik] Aanęs, H.
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Aanaes, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Effective image database search via dimensionality reduction
* Guide to Computational Geometry Processing: Foundations, Algorithms, and Methods
* Improved 3D reconstruction in smart-room environments using ToF imaging
* Structured Light Scanner for Hyper Flexible Industrial Automation, A
* ToF imaging in Smart room environments towards improved people tracking
Includes: Aanaes, H.[Henrik] Aanaes, H.

Aanjaneya, M.[Mridul] Co Author Listing * 3D City Modeling from Street-Level Data for Augmented Reality Applications
* Image webs: Computing and exploiting connectivity in image collections

Aanstoos, J. Co Author Listing * Visual literacy: an overview

Aanstoos, J.V.[James V.] Co Author Listing * Classification of levees using polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
* Classification of polarimetric SAR imagery using unsupervised H/alpha and extended H/alpha schemes to detect anomalies on earthen levees
* Detection of slump slides on earthen levees using polarimetric SAR imagery
* Earthen levee monitoring with Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Effect of vegetation height and volume scattering on soil moisture classification using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images
* Landslide detection on earthen levees with X-band and L-band radar data
* On Land Slide Detection Using Terrasar-x Over Earthen Levees
* Optimal wavelet features for an infrared satellite precipitation estimate algorithm
* Runway assessment via remote sensing
* Stressed vegetation identification by SAR time series as an indicator of slope instability in Mississippi River levee segments
* Unsupervised classification of SAR imagery using polarimetric decomposition to preserve scattering characteristics
* Use of remote sensing to screen earthen levees
Includes: Aanstoos, J.V.[James V.] Aanstoos, J.V.
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