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Abd Almageed, W.[Wael] Co Author Listing * Active Deformable Models Using Density Estimation
* Density Estimation Using Mixtures of Mixtures of Gaussians
* Document-zone classification using partial least squares and hybrid classifiers
* Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations
* graphical model approach for matching partial signatures, A
* Large-Scale Signature Matching Using Multi-stage Hashing
* Mixture models for dynamic statistical pressure snakes
* Online, simultaneous shot boundary detection and key frame extraction for sports videos using rank tracing
* Page Rule-Line Removal Using Linear Subspaces in Monochromatic Handwritten Arabic Documents
* Pedestrian Classification from Moving Platforms Using Cyclic Motion Pattern
* Real-Time Human Detection, Tracking, and Verification in Uncontrolled Camera Motion Environments
* Segmentation of Handwritten Textlines in Presence of Touching Components
* Signature Matching Using Supervised Topic Models
* Silhouette-based gesture and action recognition via modeling trajectories on Riemannian shape manifolds
Includes: Abd Almageed, W.[Wael] Abd-Almageed, W.[Wael] Abd Almageed, W. Abd-Almageed, W.
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Abd el Fattah, A.I. Co Author Listing * ensemble average classifier for pattern recognition machines, An
Includes: Abd el Fattah, A.I. Abd el-Fattah, A.I.

Abd El Hafiz, S.K. Co Author Listing * fractal-based image encryption system, A
Includes: Abd El Hafiz, S.K. Abd-El-Hafiz, S.K.

Abd El Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Player Detection Method Based on One-Class SVM, A
Includes: Abd El Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Abd El-Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.]

Abd El Meguid, M.K. Co Author Listing * Fully automated recognition of spontaneous facial expressions in videos using random forest classifiers

Abd el Munim, H.E.[Hossam E.] Co Author Listing * Curve/Surface Representation and Evolution Using Vector Level Sets with Application to the Shape-Based Segmentation Problem
* Elastic Registration of the Corpus Callosum
* Elastic Shape Registration Using an Incremental Free Form Deformation Approach with the ICP Algorithm
* kidney segmentation approach from DCE-MRI using level sets, A
* Level Set Segmentation Using Statistical Shape Priors
* new shape based segmentation framework using statistical and variational methods, A
* Novel Approach for Lung Nodules Segmentation in Chest CT Using Level Sets, A
* novel probabilistic simultaneous segmentation and registration using level set, A
* Probabilistic shape-based segmentation method using level sets
* Probabilistic shape-based segmentation using level sets
* Shape Representation and Registration in Vector Implicit Spaces: Adopting a Closed-Form Solution in the Optimization Process
* Shape Representation and Registration using Vector Distance Functions
* Shape-Based Segmentation Approach: An Improved Technique Using Level Sets, A
* Variational approach for segmentation of lung nodules
* Variational Approach for Shapes Registration Using Vector Maps, A
Includes: Abd el Munim, H.E.[Hossam E.] Abd el Munim, H.E.
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Abd Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.] Co Author Listing * On Cluster Validity Indexes in Fuzzy and Hard Clustering Algorithms for Image Segmentation
Includes: Abd Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.] Abd-Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.]

Abd Elmoniem, K. Co Author Listing * Real Time Adaptive Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Coherence Enhancement
Includes: Abd Elmoniem, K. Abd-Elmoniem, K.

Abd Elmoniem, K.Z. Co Author Listing * Incompressible Deformation Estimation Algorithm (IDEA) From Tagged MR Images
Includes: Abd Elmoniem, K.Z. Abd-Elmoniem, K.Z.

Abd Elrahman, A. Co Author Listing * Building Extraction from High Resolution Space Images in High Density Residential Areas in the Great Cairo Region
* De-striping hyperspectral imagery using wavelet transform and adaptive frequency domain filtering
* Design and Development of a Multi-Purpose Low-Cost Hyperspectral Imaging System
* Incorporation of satellite remote sensing pan-sharpened imagery into digital soil prediction and mapping models to characterize soil property variability in small agricultural fields
Includes: Abd Elrahman, A. Abd-Elrahman, A. Abd-Elrahman, A.[Amr]

Abd fRabbou, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Linear Filtering for Precise Point Positioning GPS/INS integration

Abd Latif, Z. Co Author Listing * Albedo Pattern Recognition And Time-series Analyses In Malaysia

Abd Rahman, M.Z.[Muhammad Zulkarnain] Co Author Listing * New Method for Individual Tree Delineation and Undergrowth Removal from High Resolution Airborne Lidar, A
* Tree Crown Delineation from High Resolution Airborne Lidar Based on Densities of High Points

Abd Samad, S.[Salina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vertebral Fracture Assessment System (AVFAS) for Spinal Pathologies Diagnosis Based on Radiograph X-Ray Images

Abdaheer, M.S. Co Author Listing * automatic and simple breast tumor classification using area matching, An

Abdala, D.D.[Daniel D.] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation guided by a color gradient network
* Color image segmentation using an enhanced Gradient Network Method
* Ensemble Clustering via Random Walker Consensus Strategy
* Image Segmentation Fusion Using General Ensemble Clustering Methods
* Learning a color distance metric for region-based image segmentation
Includes: Abdala, D.D.[Daniel D.] Abdala, D.D.[Daniel Duarte]

Abdalah, M. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 4-D Dynamic SPECT Images From Inconsistent Projections Using a Spline Initialized FADS Algorithm (SIFADS)

Abdalhaleem, A.[Alaa] Co Author Listing * On writer identification for Arabic historical manuscripts

Abdali Mohammadi, F.[Fardin] Co Author Listing * Camera-based eye blinks pattern detection for intelligent mouse
* Evolutionary Metric-Learning-Based Recognition Algorithm for Online Isolated Persian/Arabic Characters, Reconstructed Using Inertial Pen Signals
* Genetic Algorithm-Based Feature Selection for Kinship Verification, A
* new Global-Gabor-Zernike feature descriptor and its application to face recognition, A
Includes: Abdali Mohammadi, F.[Fardin] Abdali-Mohammadi, F.[Fardin] Abdali-Mohammadi, F.

Abdali, S.K.[S. Kamal] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction algorithms

Abdalla, A.M.[Ayman M.] Co Author Listing * Joint reference frame inter-mode selection for fast H.264 video coding

Abdalla, E. Co Author Listing * Effect of Non-Appropriate Sampling on Radar Detection Algorithm

Abdalla, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Concepts of Binary Morphological Operations Dilation and Erosion on the Triangular Grid
* Introduction to the Special Section on Visual Computing in the Cloud: Cloud Gaming and Virtualization
Includes: Abdalla, M.[Mohsen] Abdalla, M.

Abdalla, M.I.[Mahmoud I.] Co Author Listing * efficient algorithm for Arabic optical font recognition using scale-invariant detector, An

Abdalla, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration of the CryoSat-2 Interferometer and Measurement of Across-Track Ocean Slope

Abdallah, A.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Regional Deformation of the Heart's Left Ventricle Using Curvature Values with Hotelling T2 Metric
* Automatic Bifurcation Detection in Coronary X-Ray Angiographies
* Hemodynamic Modeling in a Stenosed Internal Carotid Artery
* MLP Neural Network Classifier for Medical Image Segmentation
* new uniform parameterization and invariant 3D spherical harmonic shape descriptors for shape analysis of the heart's left ventricle: A pilot study, A
* Trabecular Bone Radiograph Characterization Using Lacunarity Measurement
Includes: Abdallah, A.B. Abdallah, A.B.[A. Ben]

Abdallah, A.E.[Ali E.] Co Author Listing * On the use of fingernail images as transient biometric identifiers

Abdallah, B. Co Author Listing * Asplünds metric defined in the Logarithmic Image Processing (LIP) framework: A new way to perform double-sided image probing for non-linear grayscale pattern matching

Abdallah, C.T.[Chaouki T.] Co Author Listing * Benford's Law in Image Processing
* Witsenhausen's Counterexample and Its Links with Multimedia Security Problems

Abdallah, E.E.[Emad E.] Co Author Listing * MPEG Video Watermarking Using Tensor Singular Value Decomposition
* Robust 3D Watermarking Technique Using Eigendecomposition and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* robust block-based image watermarking scheme using fast Hadamard transform and singular value decomposition, A
* Video watermarking using wavelet transform and tensor algebra
* Watermarking 3D models using spectral mesh compression

Abdallah, F.[Fahed] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Generative and Discriminative Learning for Visual Tracking
* Learning general Gaussian kernel hyperparameters of SVMs using optimization on symmetric positive-definite matrices manifold
* Multiple-Hypothesis Map-Matching Method Suitable for Weighted and Box-Shaped State Estimation for Localization, A
* Vehicle dynamics estimation using Box Particle Filter
Includes: Abdallah, F.[Fahed] Abdallah, F.

Abdallah, H.[Hani] Co Author Listing * Improving the assessment of ICESat water altimetry accuracy accounting for autocorrelation

Abdallah, M.[Maha] Co Author Listing * Peer-to-Peer Visualization of Very Large 3D Landscape and City Models Using MPEG-4

Abdallah, M.B.[Mariem Ben] Co Author Listing * Automated optic disc detection in retinal images by applying region-based active aontour model in a variational level set formulation
* Restoration of retinal images using anisotropic diffusion like algorithms

Abdallah, R.A. Co Author Listing * Robust and Energy Efficient Multimedia Systems via Likelihood Processing

Abdallah, S.[Samer] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Abdallah, S.[Samer]: samer AT robots ox ac uk
* Experimental Comparison of Appearance and Geometric Model Based Recognition, An
Includes: Abdallah, S.[Samer] Abdallah, S.

Abdallah, S.M.[Samer M.] Co Author Listing * Seeing the Trees before the Forest
* Tree Trunks as Landmarks for Outdoor Vision SLAM

Abdallah, W.B.[Wajih Ben] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Weighted Median Filter for Noise Reduction in SAR Interferograms, An
* Flood Mapping Using InSAR Coherence Map
Includes: Abdallah, W.B.[Wajih Ben] Abdallah, W.B.[W. Ben]

AbdAlmageed, W. Co Author Listing * EPAT: Euclidean Perturbation Analysis and Transform - An Agnostic Data Adaptation Framework for Improving Facial Landmark Detectors

Abdat, M. Co Author Listing * Combining Gray coding and JBIG for lossless image compression
* Transmission error detection and concealment in JPEG images
Includes: Abdat, M. Abdat, M.[Mourad]

Abdechiri, M.[Marjan] Co Author Listing * Chaotic target representation for robust object tracking

Abdel Aal, R.[Radwan] Co Author Listing * Handwriting synthesis: classifications and techniques
Includes: Abdel Aal, R.[Radwan] Abdel-Aal, R.[Radwan]

Abdel Aal, R.E.[Radwan E.] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Handwritten Arabic (Indian) Numerals Using Freeman's Chain Codes and Abductive Network Classifiers
Includes: Abdel Aal, R.E.[Radwan E.] Abdel-Aal, R.E.[Radwan E.]

Abdel Aty, M.A. Co Author Listing * ATMS implementation system for identifying traffic conditions leading to potential crashes
* Calibrating a Real-Time Traffic Crash-Prediction Model Using Archived Weather and ITS Traffic Data
* Examination of Multiple Mode/Route-Choice Paradigms Under ATIS
* Utilizing Microscopic Traffic and Weather Data to Analyze Real-Time Crash Patterns in the Context of Active Traffic Management
* Viability of Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data for Real-Time Crash Prediction, The
Includes: Abdel Aty, M.A. Abdel-Aty, M.A.

Abdel Azeem, S.[Sherif] Co Author Listing * Arabic handwritten digit recognition
* HMM-based Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition: Using New Feature Extraction and Lexicon Ranking Techniques
* New Efficient Graphemes Segmentation Technique for Offline Arabic Handwriting, A
* On-line Arabic Handwriting Recognition System Based on HMM
* On-line Arabic Handwriting Recognition System: Based on a New On-line Graphemes Segmentation Technique, An
* On-line Arabic Handwritten Personal Names Recognition System Based on HMM

Abdel Aziz, B.[Bassem] Co Author Listing * On Perceptual Quality of Watermarked Images: An Experimental Approach
* On the limits of second generation watermarks
Includes: Abdel Aziz, B.[Bassem] Abdel-Aziz, B.[Bassem] Abdel-Aziz, B.

Abdel Dayem, A.R.[Amr R.] Co Author Listing * Carotid Artery Ultrasound Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Growing
* Detection of Arterial Lumen in Sonographic Images Based on Active Contours and Diffusion Filters
* Diffusion-Based Detection of Carotid Artery Lumen from Ultrasound Images
* Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Segmenting Carotid Artery Ultrasound Images
* Novel Adaptive Filtering for Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal from Binary Document Images
Includes: Abdel Dayem, A.R.[Amr R.] Abdel-Dayem, A.R.[Amr R.]

Abdel Galil, T.K. Co Author Listing * Visible Human Utilization to Render Induced Electric Field and Current Density Images Inside the Human
Includes: Abdel Galil, T.K. Abdel-Galil, T.K.

Abdel Gawad, A. Co Author Listing * Building Extraction from High Resolution Space Images in High Density Residential Areas in the Great Cairo Region
Includes: Abdel Gawad, A. Abdel-Gawad, A.

Abdel Hakim, A.E.[Alaa E.] Co Author Listing * CSIFT: A SIFT Descriptor with Color Invariant Characteristics
* Face authentication using graph-based low-rank representation of facial local structures for mobile vision applications
* FRPCA: Fast Robust Principal Component Analysis for online observations
* Image Alignment Using Learning Prior Appearance Model
* Image content-based active sensor planning for a mobile trinocular active vision system
* novel stability quantification of detected interest points in scale-space, A
* PDE-Based Robust Robotic Navigation
* Robust Image Registration Based on Markov-Gibbs Appearance Model
* Robust Robotic Path Planning Using Level Sets
* Virtual Forces for Camera Planning in Smart Vision Systems
Includes: Abdel Hakim, A.E.[Alaa E.] Abdel-Hakim, A.E.[Alaa E.] Abdel-Hakim, A.E.
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Abdel Hamid, A.[Ayman] Co Author Listing * In Memoriam: Gunter Menz
Includes: Abdel Hamid, A.[Ayman] Abdel-Hamid, A.[Ayman]

Abdel Hamid, G.H. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution skeletonization an electrostatic field-based approach
* Skeletonization: An Electrostatic Field-Based Approach
Includes: Abdel Hamid, G.H. Abdel-Hamid, G.H. Abdel-Hamid, G.H.[Gamal H.]

Abdel Hamid, L.[Lamiaa] Co Author Listing * Performance dependency of retinal image quality assessment algorithms on image resolution: analyses and solutions
Includes: Abdel Hamid, L.[Lamiaa] Abdel-Hamid, L.[Lamiaa]

Abdel Hay, S. Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant face recognition in logarithm Discrete Cosine Transform domain

Abdel Kader, R.F.[Rehab F.] Co Author Listing * boundary-based approach to shape orientability using particle swarm optimization, A
Includes: Abdel Kader, R.F.[Rehab F.] Abdel-Kader, R.F.[Rehab F.]

Abdel Latif, B. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing of Low-Resolution Time Series Contaminated by Clouds and Shadows

Abdel Maguid, M. Co Author Listing * Video combiner for multi-channel video surveillance based on finite state methods
Includes: Abdel Maguid, M. Abdel-Maguid, M.

Abdel Malek, A.A.[Aiman A.] Co Author Listing * Forming, with the aid of an overview image, a composite image from a mosaic of images
Includes: Abdel Malek, A.A.[Aiman A.] Abdel-Malek, A.A.[Aiman A.]

Abdel Malek, K. Co Author Listing * Determining intersection curves between surfaces of two solids
Includes: Abdel Malek, K. Abdel-Malek, K.

Abdel Maseeh, M.[Meena] Co Author Listing * Car Make and Model recognition combining global and local cues

Abdel Moati, H. Co Author Listing * Haptic ChairIO: A system to study the effect of wind and floor vibration feedback on spatial orientation in VEs
Includes: Abdel Moati, H. Abdel-Moati, H.

Abdel Mottaleb, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * 3-D face modeling using two views and a generic face model with application to 3-D face recognition
* 3D ear modeling and recognition from video sequences using shape from shading
* 3D Face Mesh Modeling from Range Images for 3D Face Recognition
* 3D Face Recognition Based on 3D Ridge Lines in Range Data
* 3D shape constraint for facial feature localization using probabilistic-like output
* Assessment of Blurring and Facial Expression Effects on Facial Image Recognition
* Automatic classification of teeth in bitewing dental images
* Automatic Ear Landmark Localization, Segmentation, and Pose Classification in Range Images
* Automatic facial feature extraction and 3D face modeling using two orthogonal views with application to 3D face recognition
* Binocular Motion Stereo Using MAP Estimation
* Classification and numbering of teeth in dental bitewing images
* Classification based on weighted sparse representation using smoothed L0 norm with non-negative coefficients
* Combining Matching Algorithms for Human Identification using Dental X-Ray Radiographs
* computationally efficient approach to 3D ear recognition employing local and holistic features, A
* content-based system for human identification based on bitewing dental X-ray images, A
* Detecting local audio-visual synchrony in monologues utilizing vocal pitch and facial landmark trajectories
* Detection, localization and pose classification of ear in 3D face profile images
* Determining discriminative anatomical point pairings using adaboost for 3D face recognition
* Disparity-Based 3D Face Modeling for 3D Face Recognition
* Exploiting color SIFT features for 2D ear recognition
* Exploiting the JPEG Compression Scheme for Image Retrieval
* Exploiting Visual Quasi-periodicity for Automated Chewing Event Detection Using Active Appearance Models and Support Vector Machines
* Face Detection in Color Images
* Face Detection in Complex Environments from Color Images
* Face recognition based on 3D ridge images obtained from range data
* Facial Features Extraction in Color Images Using Enhanced Active Shape Model
* Gender classification using 2-D ear images and sparse representation
* Gender Classification Using Facial Images and Basis Pursuit
* Hierarchical contour matching for dental X-ray radiographs
* Hierarchical Dental X-Ray Radiographs Matching
* Human Ear Recognition from Face Profile Images
* Human Identification based on 3D Ear Models
* Image Retrieval Based on Edge Representation
* Inexact Bayesian Estimation
* Lower Resolution Face Recognition in Surveillance Systems Using Discriminant Correlation Analysis
* Multi-modal (2-D and 3-D) face modeling and recognition using Attributed Relational Graph
* Multi-modal ear and face modeling and recognition
* multimodal approach for 3D face modeling and recognition using 3D deformable facial mask, A
* Nonlinear Regression of Saliency Guided Proposals for Unsupervised Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes
* novel shape-based interest point descriptor (SIP) for 3D ear recognition, A
* Performance Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms for Scalable Image Retrieval
* Qualitative Bayesian Estimation Of Digital Signals And Images
* scalable algorithm for image retrieval by color, A
* system for human identification from X-ray dental radiographs, A
* System for retrieving images using a database
* Towards an Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS)
* Tracking multiple people with recovery from partial and total occlusion
* Unsupervised segmentation of highly dynamic scenes through global optimization of multiscale cues
Includes: Abdel Mottaleb, M.[Mohamed] Abdel-Mottaleb, M.[Mohamed] Abdel-Mottaleb, M.
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Abdel Mottaleb, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval system
* Multistage Algorithm for Fast Classification of Patterns, A
Includes: Abdel Mottaleb, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Abdel-Mottaleb, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Abdel-Mottaleb, M.S.

Abdel Nasser, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Temporal Coherence in Videos for Action Recognition
* Analyzing the evolution of breast tumors through flow fields and strain tensors
Includes: Abdel Nasser, M.[Mohamed] Abdel-Nasser, M.[Mohamed]

Abdel Raheem, E.[Esam] Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant feature extraction and mutual-information-based local matching for face recognition under illumination variation and occlusion
* weighted voting scheme for recognition of faces with illumination variation, A
Includes: Abdel Raheem, E.[Esam] Abdel-Raheem, E.[Esam]

Abdel Rahman, A.B. Co Author Listing * Neural-Network-Based Beamformer for Phased Array Weather Radar, A
Includes: Abdel Rahman, A.B. Abdel-Rahman, A.B.

Abdel Rahman, E.M.[Elfatih M.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Sirex noctilio grey-attacked and lightning-struck pine trees using airborne hyperspectral data, random forest and support vector machines classifiers
* Empirical Prediction of Leaf Area Index (LAI) of Endangered Tree Species in Intact and Fragmented Indigenous Forests Ecosystems Using WorldView-2 Data and Two Robust Machine Learning Algorithms
* Mapping leaf nitrogen and carbon concentrations of intact and fragmented indigenous forest ecosystems using empirical modeling techniques and WorldView-2 data
* Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm for Full Body Human Pose Estimation, A
* New Fitness Based Adaptive Parameter Particle Swarm Optimizer, A
* Predicting Spatial Distribution of Key Honeybee Pests in Kenya Using Remotely Sensed and Bioclimatic Variables: Key Honeybee Pests Distribution Models
* PSO Accelerated Immune Particle Filter for Dynamic State Estimation, A
* Utility of AISA Eagle Hyperspectral Data and Random Forest Classifier for Flower Mapping, The
Includes: Abdel Rahman, E.M.[Elfatih M.] Abdel-Rahman, E.M.[Elfatih M.] Abdel-Rahman, E.M. Abdel-Rahman, E.M.[Eihab M.]
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Abdel Raouf, A.[Ashraf] Co Author Listing * Building a multi-modal Arabic corpus (MMAC)
* Database for Arabic Printed Character Recognition, A
Includes: Abdel Raouf, A.[Ashraf] Abdel-Raouf, A.[Ashraf]

Abdel Samad, A.A.[Ayman A.] Co Author Listing * Search Strategies for Radar Target Localization
* Sequential Techniques in Hierarchical Radar Target Localization
Includes: Abdel Samad, A.A.[Ayman A.] Abdel-Samad, A.A.[Ayman A.]

Abdel Wahab, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Scalable and robust image compression using quadtrees
Includes: Abdel Wahab, H.[Hussein] Abdel-Wahab, H.[Hussein]

Abdel Wahab, H.M.S. Co Author Listing * analysis of discriminatory mechanisms in frequency-weighted memory array pattern classifiers, An
* Matching structural and implementational models in the specification of image classifiers

Abdel Wahab, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Automated and Accurate Orientation of Large Unordered Image Datasets for Close-Range Cultural Heritage Data Recording
* Automatic Procedure for Combining Digital Images and Laser Scanner Data, An
* Efficient Reconstruction of Large Unordered Image Datasets for High Accuracy Photogrammetric Applications
* High-resolution Surface Reconstruction From Imagery For Close Range Cultural Heritage Applications
* MSP-IMPROV: An Acted Corpus of Dyadic Interactions to Study Emotion Perception
Includes: Abdel Wahab, M.[Mohammed] Abdel-Wahab, M.[Mohammed] Abdel-Wahab, M. Abdel Wahab, M.

Abdel Wahhab, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * New Scheme for Training Feedforward Neural Networks, A
Includes: Abdel Wahhab, O.[Osama] Abdel-Wahhab, O.[Osama]

Abdel, B.[Belaid] Co Author Listing * Use of Semantic and Physical Constraints in Bayesian Networks for Form Recognition
Includes: Abdel, B.[Belaid] Abdel, B.[Belaďd]

Abdelali, H.A.[Hamd Ait] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust object tracking via Accept-Reject color histogram-based method
* new moving object tracking method using particle filter and probability product kernel, A

Abdelatif, E. Co Author Listing * Benefit of multiclassifier systems for Arabic handwritten words recognition

Abdelatif, E.S. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing phase for initializing the PRSOM architecture

Abdelazeem, S.[Sherif] Co Author Listing * Automatic generation of optimum classification cascades

Abdelazim, A. Co Author Listing * Effect of the Hadamard Transform on Motion Estimation of Different Layers in Video Coding
* Low Complexity Hierarchical Prediction Algorithm for H.264/SVC

Abdelazim, H.Y.[Hazem Y.] Co Author Listing * Recognition of characters in cursive script

Abdelazim, S. Co Author Listing * Development and Operational Analysis of an All-Fiber Coherent Doppler Lidar System for Wind Sensing and Aerosol Profiling

Abdelaziz, K.[Khiat] Co Author Listing * Face analysis of aggressive moods in automobile driving using mutual subspace method
* Prediction of drowsy driving by monitoring driver's behavior

Abdelaziz, M.[Marzak] Co Author Listing * Plugin of Recommendation Based on a Hybrid Method for the Ranking of Documents in the E-Learning Platforms

Abdelaziz, O.[Ouldali] Co Author Listing * Joint Multiple Target Tracking and Classification Using Controlled Based Cheap JPDA-Multiple Model Particle Filter in Cluttered Environment
* Moving Objects Localization by Local Regions Based Level Set: Application on Urban Traffic
* new method for license plate validation using the orientations algorithm, A
* Road traffic density estimation using microscopic and macroscopic parameters
Includes: Abdelaziz, O.[Ouldali] Abdelaziz, O.[Ouamri]

Abdeldjalil, O.[Ouahabi] Co Author Listing * Discrete wavelet for multifractal texture classification: Application to medical ultrasound imaging

Abdelfatah, K.[Kareem] Co Author Listing * Co-Interest Person Detection from Multiple Wearable Camera Videos

Abdelfatah, W.F. Co Author Listing * Magnetometer Calibration for Portable Navigation Devices in Vehicles Using a Fast and Autonomous Technique
* Pseudoranges Error Correction in Partial GPS Outages for a Nonlinear Tightly Coupled Integrated System

Abdelfattah, A. Co Author Listing * C-means clustering fuzzified by two membership relative entropy functions approach incorporating local data information for noisy image segmentation

Abdelfattah, R. Co Author Listing * Comparitive Study on the Perfermance of the InSAR Phase Filtering Approches in the Spatial and the Wavelet Domains, A
* Enhanced Weighted Median Filter for Noise Reduction in SAR Interferograms, An
* Extraction of road network using amodified active contour approach
* generalized form of the InSAR phase unwrapping problem based on a compressed sensing technique, A
* InSAR Coherence-Dependent Fuzzy C-Means Flood Mapping Using Particle Swarm Optimization
* Interferometric SAR Coherence Magnitude Estimation Using Second Kind Statistics
* New SAR Interferogram denoising method via sparse recovery based on L0 norm
* SAR image classification using the InSar coherence for soil degradation cartography in the south of Tunisia
* SAR interferogram filtering in the wavelet domain using a coherence map mask
* Topographic SAR interferometry formulation for high-precision DEM generation
Includes: Abdelfattah, R. Abdelfattah, R.[Riadh]
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Abdelfatteh, R. Co Author Listing * Flood Mapping Using InSAR Coherence Map

Abdelgawad, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * High performance architecture for real-time HDTV broadcasting
* Real-Time Heterogeneous Video Transcoding for Low-Power Applications

Abdelgawad, H. Co Author Listing * Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Network of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers (MARLIN-ATSC): Methodology and Large-Scale Application on Downtown Toronto

Abdelguerfi, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * 3D Synthetic Environment Reconstruction
* Parallel bit-level pipelined VLSI processing unit for the histogramming operation
* Terrain Database Representation Based on an Extended Vector Product Format (EVPF), A
Includes: Abdelguerfi, M.[Mahdi] Abdelguerfi, M.

Abdelhadi, L.[Lilia] Co Author Listing * Dynamic fire modeling in Three-dimensional space

Abdelhafiz, A. Co Author Listing * Developed technique for automatic cloud texturing using multi images applied to a complex site

Abdelhai, L. Co Author Listing * FPGA implementation of the RANSAC based image mosaicing algorithm using the Nios II softcore

Abdelhak, E.[Ezzine] Co Author Listing * Modelisation of Raindrops Based on Declivity Principle

Abdelhak, M. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning for Real Time Poses Classification Using Kinect Skeleton Data

Abdelhakim, A.M. Co Author Listing * Quality metric-based fitness function for robust watermarking optimisation with Bees algorithm

Abdelhamid, H.Z.[Hind Z.] Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Signatures Identification For Different Features In Radarsat-2 Polsar Image: A Case Study Of Halayib Area, Egypt

Abdelhamid, T.K.[Tarik K.] Co Author Listing * Image adaptive selective encryption of vector quantization index compression

Abdelhaq, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Efficient online extraction of keywords for localized events in twitter

Abdeljaoued, Y. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Feature point extraction using scale-space representation
* Fusion of Face and Speech Data for Person Identity Verification
* Fusion of Person Authentication Probabilities by Bayesian Statistics
* MPEG-7 Camera

Abdelkader, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Angular Heuristics for Coverage Maximization in Multi-camera Surveillance
* Reduced Data Based Improved MEB/L2-SVM Equivalence
* Reduced Universal Background Model for Speech Recognition and Identification System
Includes: Abdelkader, A.[Ahmed] Abdelkader, A.[Adla]

Abdelkader, I.H. Co Author Listing * FUNNRAR: Hybrid rarity/learning visual saliency

Abdelkader, M.F.[Mohamed F.] Co Author Listing * Activity Representation Using 3D Shape Models
* Car Make and Model recognition combining global and local cues
* Integrated Motion Detection and Tracking for Visual Surveillance
* Silhouette-based gesture and action recognition via modeling trajectories on Riemannian shape manifolds

Abdelkrim, N. Co Author Listing * FPGA implementation of the RANSAC based image mosaicing algorithm using the Nios II softcore
* Fuzzy logic controllers for Mobile robot navigation in unknown environment using Kinect sensor
Includes: Abdelkrim, N. Abdelkrim, N.[Nemra]

Abdella, H.K.[Hashim Kemal] Co Author Listing * Depth Enhancement by Fusion for Passive and Active Sensing

Abdellaoui, M.[Mehrez] Co Author Listing * Hybrid local and global descriptor enhanced with colour information
* Video Saliency Detection Based on Boolean Map Theory

Abdellatif, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Camera oscillation pattern for VSLAM: Translational versus rotational
* Color Constancy Using the Inter-Reflection from a Reference Nose
* Dynamic feature detection using virtual correction and camera oscillations
* simple solution for the non perspective three point pose problem, A

Abdelmageedyy, W.W.[Wael W.] Co Author Listing * Comparing one-class and two-class SVM classifiers for normal mammogram detection

Abdelmajid, E.M. Co Author Listing * Study of efficiency k-means clustering using Z-test proprieties

Abdelmalek, N. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Thresholding Based on Population Mixture Models

Abdelmalek, N.N.[Nabih N.] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Error Analysis for Surface Curvatures and Segmentation of 3-D Range Images
* Algebraic error analysis for surface curvatures of 3-D range images obtained by different methods
* Noise Filtering in Digital Images and Approximation Theory
* Piecewise Linear L(1) Approximation Of Plane Curves
Includes: Abdelmalek, N.N.[Nabih N.] Abdelmalek, N.N.

Abdelmalik, T.A.[Taleb Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Recursive sLORETA-FOCUSS Algorithm for EEG Dipoles Localization
Includes: Abdelmalik, T.A.[Taleb Ahmed] Abdelmalik, T.A.[Taleb-Ahmed]

Abdelmoty, A.I. Co Author Listing * Filter Flow Visual Querying Language and Interface for Spatial Databases, A
* Towards Understanding Location Privacy Awareness on Geo-Social Networks
Includes: Abdelmoty, A.I. Abdelmoty, A.I.[Alia I.]

Abdelmunim, H. Co Author Listing * 3D human teeth database construction based on a point-based shape registration, A
* Novel Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of the Human Jaw using Shape from Shading and Feature Descriptors
* Novel variational approach for the perspective shape from shading problem using calibrated images
* Profile-based face recognition
Includes: Abdelmunim, H. Abdelmunim, H.[Hossam]

Abdelnaby, M. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Maintenance Training with Intel Depth Camera

Abdelouahad, A.A.[Abdelkaher Ait] Co Author Listing * Image Quality Assessment Measure Based on Natural Image Statistics in the Tetrolet Domain

Abdelouahed, S.M. Co Author Listing * autonomous vehicular system based on muli-agents control: Architecture and behavior simulation, An

Abdelrady, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Surface Energy Balance of Fresh and Saline Waters: AquaSEBS

Abdelrahim, A.S.[Aly S.] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of the human jaw from a single image, A
* Better Shading for Better Shape Recovery
* Novel Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of the Human Jaw using Shape from Shading and Feature Descriptors
* Novel variational approach for the perspective shape from shading problem using calibrated images
* Occlusal surface reconstruction of human teeth from a single image based on object and sensor physical characteristics
* Realistic 3D reconstruction of the human teeth using shape from shading with shape priors
* Shape-from-shading using sensor and physical object characteristics applied to human teeth surface reconstruction
* Statistical morphable model for human teeth restoration
8 for Abdelrahim, A.S.

Abdelrahman, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Classification Using Scale Invariant Heat Kernels with Collaborative Classification
* Heat diffusion over weighted manifolds: A new descriptor for textured 3D non-rigid shapes
* Heat Kernels for Non-Rigid Shape Retrieval: Sparse Representation and Efficient Classification
* passive stereo system for 3D human face reconstruction and recognition at a distance, A

Abdelrahman, M.A.[Mostafa A.] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Classification of Autistic vs. Typically Developing Brain Using White Matter Volumes
* Novel Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of the Human Jaw using Shape from Shading and Feature Descriptors
* Solving Geometric Co-registration Problem of Multi-spectral Remote Sensing Imagery Using SIFT-Based Features toward Precise Change Detection
* Surface Modeling of the Corpus Callosum from MRI Scans

Abdelrasoul, M.[Maher] Co Author Listing * Diagonal-based fast intra-mode decision algorithm for HEVC

Abdelrazek, N.A.[Naglaa A.] Co Author Listing * On detecting abnormalities in digital mammography

Abdelrehim, A.S.[Aly S.] Co Author Listing * 2D-PCA Shape Models: Application to 3D Reconstruction of the Human Teeth from a Single Image
* Model-Based Human Teeth Shape Recovery from a Single Optical Image with Unknown Illumination

Abdelsadek, A. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Protection System

Abdelsalam, W.[Wegdan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Shape Representation and Description Technique, An
* novel warping distance measure, A
* Shape Matching Using a Novel Warping Distance Measure
* Shape representation and description using the Hilbert curve
* Significantly Improving Scan-Based Shape Representations Using Rotational Key Feature Points
* Template-Based Shape Representation Technique, A
* View-Based 3D Object Shape Representation Technique, A
Includes: Abdelsalam, W.[Wegdan] Abdelsalam, W.
7 for Abdelsalam, W.

Abdelsamea, M.M.[Mohammed M.] Co Author Listing * semi-automated system based on level sets and invariant spatial interrelation shape features for Caenorhabditis elegans phenotypes, A

AbdelTawab, A. Co Author Listing * Appraisal of an enhanced Particale Filter for object tracking

Abdelwahab, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Co Author Listing * Fast Codebook Design Algorithm Based On A Fuzzy Clustering Methodology, A
* Inter-Image Similarity-Based Fast Adaptive Block Size Vector Quantizer for Image Coding

Abdelwahab, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Video Object Segmentation Based on Superpixel Trajectories

Abdelwahab, M.M.[Moataz M.] Co Author Listing * Multi-view human action recognition system employing 2DPCA
* Real-Time 2DHoG-2DPCA Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition
* Video Object Segmentation Based on Superpixel Trajectories

Abdelwahhab, O. Co Author Listing * Image Compression Using Multilayer Neural Networks

Abderrahim, E.Q. Co Author Listing * HVS-MRMR wrapper method for variables selection

Abderrahmane, H. Co Author Listing * Mapping Latent Heat Flux in the Western Forest Covered Regions of Algeria Using Remote Sensing Data and a Spatialized Model

Abdesselam, A.[Abdelhamid] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithm for hybrid region-based active contours optimisation

Abdi, A.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quality Assessment of Echocardiograms Using Convolutional Neural Networks: Feasibility on the Apical Four-Chamber View

Abdi, A.M.[Abdulhakim M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Water Controls on Vegetation Growth in the Semi-Arid Sahel Using Field and Earth Observation Data
* Integrating Open Access Geospatial Data to Map the Habitat Suitability of the Declining Corn Bunting (Miliaria calandra)

Abdi, G. Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based On A Vision-aided Multi-sensor Fusion

Abdi, H. Co Author Listing * Biomechanically Constrained Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
* Connectionist Models of Face Processing: A Survey
* DISTATIS: The Analysis of Multiple Distance Matrices
* Face Recognition Algorithms Surpass Humans Matching Faces Over Changes in Illumination
* Fusing Face-Verification Algorithms and Humans
* Fusing Individual Algorithms and Humans Improves Face Recognition Accuracy
* Human recognition of familiar and unfamiliar people in naturalistic video
* Statistical Biomechanical Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
* Video Database of Moving Faces and People, A
Includes: Abdi, H. Abdi, H.[Hervé] Abdi, H.[Herve]
9 for Abdi, H.

Abdi, J. Co Author Listing * Emotional temporal difference Q-learning signals in multi-agent system cooperation: real case studies

Abdi, L.[Lotfi] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Bags of Visual Words Representation Using Spatial Information
* In-vehicle augmented reality TSR to improve driving safety and enhance the driver's experience

Abdi, M.N.[Mohamed Nidhal] Co Author Listing * model-based approach to offline text-independent Arabic writer identification and verification, A

Abdic, I.[Irman] Co Author Listing * Automated synchronization of driving data using vibration and steering events
* Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach
Includes: Abdic, I.[Irman] Abdic, I.

Abdikan, S. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Coastline Detection using SAR Images, An
* Analysis of deformation patterns through advanced DINSAR techniques in Istanbul megacity
* Assessment of ALOS PALSAR 25-m mosaic data for land cover mapping
* Balanced Vs Imbalanced Training Data: Classifying Rapideye Data With Support Vector Machines
* Crop Type Classification Using Vegetation Indices of RapidEye Imagery
* DInSAR-Based Detection of Land Subsidence and Correlation with Groundwater Depletion in Konya Plain, Turkey
* Fusion of terrasar-x and rapideye data: a quality analysis
* Geospatial Analysis Using Remote Sensing Images: Case Studies Of Zonguldak Test Field
* Land Cover Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data
* Space-Borne SBAS-DInSAR Technique as a Supporting Tool for Sustainable Urban Policies: The Case of Istanbul Megacity, Turkey, The
Includes: Abdikan, S. Abdikan, S.[Saygin]
10 for Abdikan, S.

Abdillahi, H. Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Multi-Surface Segmentation of OCT Data Using Trained Hard and Soft Constraints

Abdl, M.E.[Moad El] Co Author Listing * RRAR: A novel reduced-reference IQA algorithm for facial images
Includes: Abdl, M.E.[Moad El] Abdl, M.E.[Moad-El]

Abdmouleh, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Discrete Q-Convex Sets Reconstruction from Discrete Point X-Rays
* Reconstruction of Quantitative Properties from X-Rays

Abdmouleh, M.K.[Med Karim] Co Author Listing * Chaotic Cryptosystem for Color Image with Dynamic Look-Up Table, A

Abdolali, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional FDTD modeling of neurons to solve EEG and MEG forward problem

Abdolali, M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Decomposition in Low-Rank Approximation

Abdolell, M. Co Author Listing * Selecting and Assessing Quantitative Early Ultrasound Texture Measures for Their Association With Cerebral Palsy

Abdoli, B.[Behnaz] Co Author Listing * Optimized Predictive Zonal Search (OPZS) for block-based motion estimation

Abdoli, M. Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture model-based contrast enhancement

Abdollahi, B.[Behnoush] Co Author Listing * Novel 3D Joint MGRF Framework for Precise Lung Segmentation, A
* novel Gaussian Scale Space-based joint MGRF framework for precise lung segmentation, A

Abdollahi, H. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition from World Wild Web

Abdollahi, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic assembly of ocular fundus images
* Image compression using polylines

Abdollahian, G.[Golnaz] Co Author Listing * Camera Motion-Based Analysis of User Generated Video
* Finding Regions of Interest in Home Videos Based on Camera Motion
* Low Complexity Sign Detection and Text Localization Method for Mobile Applications, A
* study on the effect of camera motion on human visual attention, A
Includes: Abdollahian, G.[Golnaz] Abdollahian, G.

Abdollahyan, M. Co Author Listing * On the use of skin texture features for gender recognition: An experimental evaluation

Abdollahzadeh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Local Adaptive Wiener Filtering for Class Averaging in Single Particle Reconstruction

Abdoola, R.[Rishaad] Co Author Listing * Correction of Atmospheric Turbulence Degraded Sequences Using Grid Smoothing
* Enhancement of a Turbulent Degraded Frame Using 2D-DTW Averaging
* Gaussian Mixture Model Feature for Wildlife Detection, A

Abdou, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Identifying an autoregressive process disturbed by a moving-average noise using inner-outer factorization

Abdou, I.E. Co Author Listing * Optimum Detection of Small Targets in A Cluttered Background
* Qualitative Design and Evaluation of Enhancement/Thresholding Edge Detector
* Quantitative Methods of Edge Detection

Abdou, L.[Latifa] Co Author Listing * OS-CFAR and CMLD threshold optimization in distributed systems using evolutionary strategies

Abdou, S.M.[Sherif M.] Co Author Listing * Rectification of camera captured document images for camera-based OCR technology

Abdou, W.A. Co Author Listing * Early validation of the multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR) radiometric scale
* Vicarious calibration experiment in support of the multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer

Abdoulaye, S.[Sere] Co Author Listing * Generalized Perpendicular Bisector and Circumcenter

Abdouli, A.E. Co Author Listing * Mining tweets of Moroccan users using the framework Hadoop, NLP, K-means and basemap

Abdoullaev, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Hybrid DEM generation and evaluation from spaceborne radargrammetric and optical stereoscopic DEM

Abdoun, T. Co Author Listing * Joint-Scatterer Processing for Time-Series InSAR

Abdukirim, T. Co Author Listing * Fast face detection by lifting dyadic wavelet filters
* Wavelet-based Edge Detection In Digital Images
Includes: Abdukirim, T. Abdukirim, T.[Turghunjan]

Abdul Halin, A. Co Author Listing * Multiple Moving Object Detection From UAV Videos Using Trajectories of Matched Regional Adjacency Graphs

Abdul Jabbar, J.M. Co Author Listing * Iris recognition using 2-D elliptical-support wavelet filter bank
Includes: Abdul Jabbar, J.M. Abdul-Jabbar, J.M.

Abdul Kader, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Comparative Classifier Aggregation
* Low Cost Correction of OCR Errors Using Learning in a Multi-Engine Environment
* Two-Tier Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition Based on Conditional Joining Rules, A

Abdul Karim, M.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection of Parameters for Vessel/Neurite Segmentation Algorithms
Includes: Abdul Karim, M.A. Abdul-Karim, M.A.

Abdul Khanan, M.F. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Error of Lidar Derived DEM Interpolation for Vegetation Area

Abdul Massih, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Heteronanostructure Visualization with Haptic Feedback
Includes: Abdul Massih, M.[Michel] Abdul-Massih, M.[Michel]

Abdul Rahman, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Campus Information System: Initial Studies, A
* 3D Geomarketing Segmentation: A Higher Spatial Dimension Planning Perspective
* 3D Streaming Protocols for Spatial Data Infrastructure: A Brief Review
* 3D Topological Indoor Building Modeling Integrated with Open Street Map
* Application Perspective of 2D+Scale Dimension
* Correction Of Faulty Lines In Muscle Model, To Be Used In 3d Building Network Construction
* Design of 3D Topological Data Structure for 3D Cadastre Objects
* Developing a framework for Malaysian 3D SDI
* Geopackage Data Format for Collaborative Mapping of Geospatial Datain Limited Network Environments
* Geospatial Database for Strata Objects Based on Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)
* Incorporating 3D-GIS Spatial Operator with Building Information Models in Construction Management using Geo-DBMS
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Through Fuzzy Logic Inference System (FLIS)
* Semi-Automated Approach for Mapping Urban Trees from Integrated Aerial Lidar Point Cloud and Digital Imagery Datasets
Includes: Abdul Rahman, A. Abdul-Rahman, A. Abdul-Rahman, A.[Alias]
13 for Abdul Rahman, A.

Abdul Rahman, H. Co Author Listing * Fast and Numerically Stable Circle Fit
Includes: Abdul Rahman, H. Abdul-Rahman, H.

Abdul Rahman, M.Z. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Aerodynamic Roughness and Zero Plane Displacement Using Medium Density of Airborne Lidar Data
* Evaluating Error of Lidar Derived DEM Interpolation for Vegetation Area

Abdul Rasam, A.R. Co Author Listing * Identifying High-Risk Populations of Tuberculosis Using Environmental Factors and GIS Based Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method

Abdul Salam, R.[Rosalina] Co Author Listing * Empirical Performance Evaluation of Raster-to-Vector Conversion Methods: A Study on Multi-Level Interactions between Different Factors
* Removing salt-and-pepper noise from binary images of engineering drawings
* Salt and Pepper Noise Removal from Document Images

Abdul, W.[Wadood] Co Author Listing * List decoding of Reed Solomon codes for wavelet based colour image watermarking scheme
* Watermarking using multiple visual channels for perceptual color spaces

Abdulaziz, N. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Data Hiding System Using Wavelet Transform and Error-control Coding

Abdulfatah, O. Co Author Listing * Distributed pixel mapping for refining dark area in parallax barriers based holoscopic 3D Display
* Pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic 3D displays
* Reference based holoscopic 3D camera aperture stitching for widening the overall viewing angle

Abdulghafoor, M.S.[Maath S.] Co Author Listing * Assistive Malaysian Sign Language Application for D/HH Learning Using Visual Phonics

Abdulghafour, M. Co Author Listing * Offline Chinese Handwriting Character Recognition through Feature Extraction

Abdulhai, B. Co Author Listing * Distributed maximum likelihood estimation for flow and speed density prediction in distributed traffic detectors with gaussian mixture model assumption
* Emotional temporal difference Q-learning signals in multi-agent system cooperation: real case studies
* Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Network of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers (MARLIN-ATSC): Methodology and Large-Scale Application on Downtown Toronto
* Sensitivity Analysis of an Evolutionary-Based Time-Dependent Origin/Destination Estimation Framework

Abdulhak, S.A.[Sami Abduljalil] Co Author Listing * Crowdsearching Training Sets for Image Classification
* Semantic-Analysis Object Recognition: Automatic Training Set Generation Using Textual Tags

Abdulhay, E.[Enas] Co Author Listing * Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies

Abdulkader, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Large-scale privacy protection in Google Street View

Abdulkader, Z.N. Co Author Listing * Iris recognition using 2-D elliptical-support wavelet filter bank

Abdulkareem, M.B.[Mohammed B.] Co Author Listing * Improved Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Based on the Singular Value Decomposition and Genetic Algorithm, An

Abdulkarim, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * Supporting Urban Energy Efficiency with Volunteered Roof Information and the Google Maps API

Abdulla, P. Co Author Listing * Single-image super-resolution using kernel recursive least squares

Abdulla, W. Co Author Listing * Software Algorithm Prototype for Optical Recognition of Embossed Braille, A

Abdulla, W.H.[Waleed H.] Co Author Listing * Multiple Scrambling and Adaptive Synchronization for Audio Watermarking
* Preprocessing Algorithm for Hand-Written Character Recognition, A
* Progressive Compression of 3D Mesh Geometry Using Sparse Approximations from Redundant Frame Dictionaries
* Sparse Approximations of 3D Mesh Geometry Using Frames as Overcomplete Dictionaries
Includes: Abdulla, W.H.[Waleed H.] Abdulla, W.H. Abdulla, W.H.[Waleed Habib]

Abdullah Al Tariq Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Extracting Key-Frames from 3D Human Joint Locations for Action Recognition, An
Includes: Abdullah Al Tariq Abdullah-Al-Tariq

Abdullah Al Wadud, M. Co Author Listing * Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Block-Wise Intensity-Pair Distribution with Two Expansion Forces
* Quantum particle swarm optimization for multiobjective combined economic emission dispatch problem using cubic criterion function
Includes: Abdullah Al Wadud, M. Abdullah-Al-Wadud, M.

Abdullah, A.[Azrai] Co Author Listing * Designing 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Using Panoramic Image
* Ensemble of steerable local neighbourhood grey-level information for binarization
* Fixed partitioning and salient points with MPEG-7 cluster correlograms for image categorization
* Unimodal thresholding for Laplacian-based Canny-Deriche filter
Includes: Abdullah, A.[Azrai] Abdullah, A. Abdullah, A.[Azizi]

Abdullah, A.B.[Azween B.] Co Author Listing * Proposed Biologically Inspired Model for Object Recognition, A

Abdullah, A.F.[Ahmad Fikri] Co Author Listing * Lidar Filtering Algorithm for Urban Flood Application

Abdullah, A.H.[Abdul Halim] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Balance Simulation for the Nonlinear Analysis of Vibration Isolation System Using Negative Stiffness
* Location error resilient geographical routing for vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Location information verification using transferable belief model for geographic routing in vehicular ad hoc networks
Includes: Abdullah, A.H.[Abdul Halim] Abdullah, A.H.[Abdul Hanan]

Abdullah, C.[Chew] Co Author Listing * Multi-tiered S-SOA, Parameter-Driven New Islamic Syariah Products of Holistic Islamic Banking System (HiCORE): Virtual Banking Environment

Abdullah, D.[Duraid] Co Author Listing * Cortex-inspired multilayer hierarchy based object detection system using PHOG descriptors and ensemble classification

Abdullah, J.[Junaidi] Co Author Listing * Extraction and Classification of Human Gait Features
* MMU GASPFA: A COTS multimodal biometric database

Abdullah, L.N.[Lilli Nurliyana] Co Author Listing * BoVW Model for Animal Recognition: An Evaluation on SIFT Feature Strategies
* Implementing Low Level Features for Human Aggressive Movement Detection
Includes: Abdullah, L.N.[Lilli Nurliyana] Abdullah, L.N.[Lili Nurliyana]

Abdullah, M.[Mohd] Co Author Listing * Micro-crack detection of multicrystalline solar cells featuring an improved anisotropic diffusion filter and image segmentation technique

Abdullah, M.A.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
* Robust Iris Segmentation Method Based on a New Active Contour Force With a Noncircular Normalization

Abdullah, M.S. Co Author Listing * Maximum-likelihood image estimation using photon-correlated beams

Abdullah, M.T.[Muhamad Taufik] Co Author Listing * BoVW Model for Animal Recognition: An Evaluation on SIFT Feature Strategies

Abdullah, M.W.[Mohammad Waris] Co Author Listing * Imprinted Braille-character pattern recognition using image processing techniques
* Performance of non-coherent signal detection of mary frequency-shift keying in triple layer Wireless Sensor Networks

Abdullah, M.Z. Co Author Listing * Unimodal thresholding for Laplacian-based Canny-Deriche filter

Abdullah, N.[Nurliza] Co Author Listing * Can Computer Vision Techniques be Applied to Automated Forensic Examinations? A Study on Sex Identification from Human Skulls Using Head CT Scans

Abdullah, N.M. Co Author Listing * Cadastral Positioning Accuracy Improvement: A Case Study in Malaysia
* Institutional Mapping Towards Developing a Framework for Sustainable Marine Spatial Planning
* Mean Sea Surface (MSS) Model Determination for Malaysian Seas Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimeter

Abdullah, Q.A.[Qassim A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Single Photon and Geiger Mode Lidar for the 3D Elevation Program

Abdullah, R.[Rosni] Co Author Listing * Binary Images, M -Vectors, and Ambiguity
* Illumination Compensation for Document Images Using Local-Global Block Analysis
Includes: Abdullah, R.[Rosni] Abdullah, R.[Raja]

Abdullah, R.S.A.R.[Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja] Co Author Listing * Joint Time-Frequency Signal Processing Scheme in Forward Scattering Radar with a Rotational Transmitter
* Micro-Doppler Estimation and Analysis of Slow Moving Objects in Forward Scattering Radar System

Abdullah, S.[Salwani] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multi-label Feature Selection Methods Using the Algorithm Adaptation Approach, A
* Development of Total Knee Replacement Digital Templating Software
* Solving feature selection problem using intelligent double treatment iterative composite neighbourhood structure algorithm
Includes: Abdullah, S.[Salwani] Abdullah, S.[Suhail]

Abdullah, S.M. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Mutual Nearest Neighbour Image Segmentation
* LiDAR Segmentation using Suitable Seed Points for 3D Building Extraction

Abdullah, S.M.S.[Sharifah Mastura Syed] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Based Shapelets for Mining Climate Change Time Series Patterns

Abdullah, S.M.U. Co Author Listing * Multivariate Empirical Mode DecompositionBased Approach to Pansharpening, A

Abdullah, S.N.H.S.[Siti Norul Huda Sheikh] Co Author Listing * Action Key Frames Extraction Using L1-Norm and Accumulative Optical Flow for Compact Video Shot Summarisation
* adaptive local binarization method for document images based on a novel thresholding method and dynamic windows, An

Abdullahi, S.[Sani] Co Author Listing * Speech Authentication and Recovery Scheme in Encrypted Domain

Abdullahi, S.M.[Sani M.] Co Author Listing * Concealing Fingerprint-Biometric Data into Audio Signals for Identify Authentication
* Identification of Electronic Disguised Voices in the Noisy Environment

Abdullasim, N.[Nazreen] Co Author Listing * Game Interface Design: Measuring the Player's Gameplay Experience

Abdulmunem, A. Co Author Listing * 3D GLOH features for human action recognition

Abdulmuttalib, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Information Extraction And Dependency On Open Government Data (ogd) For Environmental Monitoring

Abdulmuttalib, H.M. Co Author Listing * Role Assessment of GIS Analysis and Its Reliability While Ranking Urban Sustainability Using Scenarios Specific to Regional Climate, Community and Culture

Abdulnabi, A.H. Co Author Listing * Episodic CAMN: Contextual Attention-Based Memory Networks with Iterative Feedback for Scene Labeling
* Multi-Task CNN Model for Attribute Prediction

Abdulrahim, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Graph Isomorphism Algorithm for Object Recognition, A

Abdulrahman, H.[Hasan] Co Author Listing * New Normalized Supervised Edge Detection Evaluation, A

Abdurexit, R.[Ruxianguli] Co Author Listing * Analytical Method and Research of Uyghur Language Chunks Based on Digital Forensics

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