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Abo Elenein, N.M.[Nagwa M.] Co Author Listing * MIRAU-Net: An improved neural network based on U-Net for gliomas segmentation

Abo Elsoud, M.A. Co Author Listing * Accurate detection of COVID-19 patients based on distance biased Na´ve Bayes (DBNB) classification strategy
Includes: Abo Elsoud, M.A. Abo-Elsoud, M.A.

Abo Seida, O.M. Co Author Listing * Far-Field Radiated From a Vertical Magnetic Dipole in the Sea With a Rough Upper Surface
Includes: Abo Seida, O.M. Abo-Seida, O.M.

Abo Zahhad, M. Co Author Listing * Biometric authentication based on PCG and ECG signals: present status and future directions
* comparative approach between cepstral features for human authentication using heart sounds, A
* Heart-ID: human identity recognition using heart sounds based on modifying mel-frequency cepstral features
* new multi-level approach to EEG based human authentication using eye blinking, A
* Novel Biometric Approach for Human Identification and Verification Using Eye Blinking Signal, A
* State-of-the-art methods and future perspectives for personal recognition based on electroencephalogram signals
Includes: Abo Zahhad, M. Abo-Zahhad, M.

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