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Acha Pinero, B.[Begona] Co Author Listing * Advanced Vision Processing Systems: Spike-Based Simulation and Processing
* Reflectance-Based Segmentation Using Photometric and Illumination Invariants
* Statistical-Based Segmentation of Bone Structures via Continuous Max-Flow Optimization
Includes: Acha Pinero, B.[Begona] Acha-Piñero, B.[Begoña]

Acha, B.[Begona] Co Author Listing * Automatic Cup-to-Disc Ratio Estimation Using Active Contours and Color Clustering in Fundus Images for Glaucoma Diagnosis
* Automatic Detection of Globules, Streaks and Pigment Network Based on Texture and Color Analysis in Dermoscopic Images
* Burn Depth Analysis Using Multidimensional Scaling Applied to Psychophysical Experiment Data
* Development and evaluation of perceptually adapted colour gradients
* Event based vision sensing and processing
* Fast parameter-free region growing segmentation with application to surgical planning
* Linearized Multidimensional Earth-Mover's-Distance Gradient Flows
* Mapping from Frame-Driven to Frame-Free Event-Driven Vision Systems by Low-Rate Rate Coding and Coincidence Processing: Application to Feedforward ConvNets
* Model-Based Classification Methods of Global Patterns in Dermoscopic Images
* Multi-dimensional earth mover's distance active contours
* New Characteristics for the Classification of Burns: Experimental Study
* Normalized Cut optimization based on color perception findings: A comparative study
* Pattern Analysis of Dermoscopic Images Based on FSCM Color Markov Random Fields
* Pattern analysis of dermoscopic images based on Markov random fields
* Scale invariant descriptors in pattern analysis of melanocytic lesions
* Segmentation of Muscle Fibres in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Segmentation-based lossless compression for color images
* Self-assessed Contrast-Maximizing Adaptive Region Growing
* Spike-Based Convolutional Network for Real-Time Processing
Includes: Acha, B.[Begona] Acha, B.[Begoña] Acha, B.
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Acha, J.I. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Real Data Convolutions With j -Circulants, A

Achache, J. Co Author Listing * Subsurface imaging in south-central Egypt using low-frequency radar: Bir Safsaf revisited

Achachi, A. Co Author Listing * New Model of a Solar Wind Airplane for Geomatic Operations

Achal, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * On the Atmospheric Correction of Antarctic Airborne Hyperspectral Data

Achan, K. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised image translation

Achanta, A. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear acoustic concealed weapons detection

Achanta, H.K. Co Author Listing * Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique
* Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices

Achanta, R.[Radhakrishna] Co Author Listing * Frequency-tuned salient region detection
* Saliency detection for content-aware image resizing
* Saliency detection using maximum symmetric surround
* Single Image Reflection Suppression
* SLIC Superpixels Compared to State-of-the-Art Superpixel Methods
* Superpixels and Polygons Using Simple Non-iterative Clustering
* Supervoxel-Based Segmentation of Mitochondria in EM Image Stacks With Learned Shape Features
Includes: Achanta, R.[Radhakrishna] Achanta, R.
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Achar, S.[Supreeth] Co Author Listing * Adaptation and Learning for Image Based Navigation
* Compensating for Motion during Direct-Global Separation
* Multi Focus Structured Light for Recovering Scene Shape and Global Illumination

Achard, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * 2D Articulated Body Tracking with Self-occultations Handling
* Action Recognition with Global Features
* Action Recognition with Semi-global Characteristics and Hidden Markov Models
* Adaptive Model for Object Detection in Noisy and Fast-Varying Environment
* Automatic evaluation of sports motion: A generic computation of spatial and temporal errors
* Bidirectional sparse representations for multi-shot person re-identification
* Combined Classifiers for Action Recognition
* DAily Home LIfe Activity Dataset: A High Semantic Activity Dataset for Online Recognition, The
* Deeply Optimized Hough Transform: Application to Action Segmentation
* Error Decreasing of Background Subtraction Process by Modeling the Foreground
* Exploiting 3D geometric primitives for multicamera pedestrian detection
* Hough Transform with projection for velocity estimation, A
* Invariant Local Vector for Content-based Image Retrieval, An
* local color descriptor for efficient scene-object recognition, A
* novel approach for recognition of human actions with semi-global features, A
* Object Image Retrieval with Image Compactness Vectors
* Objects Velocity Estimation on Images Sequences by Hough Transform with Projection (HTP)
* People Detection and Re-Identification in Complex Environments
* People re-identification by classification of silhouettes based on sparse representation
* People Re-Identification by Means of a Camera Network Using a Graph-Based Approach
* People Reacquisition across Multiple Cameras with Disjoint Views
* Real time tracking of multiple persons using elementary tracks
* Recognition of human behavior by space-time silhouette characterization
* Simultaneous segmentation and classification of human actions in video streams using deeply optimized Hough transform
* Sub-pixel and Multispectral Corner Detector, A
* Time-series averaging using constrained dynamic time warping with tolerance
* Trajectories extraction from image sequences based on kinematic
* Video Sequences Association for People Re-identification across Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras
Includes: Achard, C.[Catherine] Achard, C.
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Achard, F. Co Author Listing * Consistent forest change maps 198-2000 from the AVHRR time series: Case studies for South America and Indonesia
* Contextual clustering for image labeling: an application to degraded forest assessment in Landsat TM images of the Brazilian Amazon
* Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and Removals
* Geo-Wiki.Org: The Use of Crowdsourcing to Improve Global Land Cover
* Monitoring forest areas from continental to territorial levels using a sample of medium spatial resolution satellite imagery
* Object-oriented wavelet multi-resolution image analysis of the Siberian GBFM radar mosaic combined with MERIS imagery for continental scale land cover mapping
* Potential of Sentinel Satellites for Burnt Area Mapping and Monitoring in the Congo Basin Forests, The
* Pre-processing of a sample of multi-scene and multi-date Landsat imagery used to monitor forest cover changes over the tropics
Includes: Achard, F. Achard, F.[Frederic] Achard, F.[Frédéric]
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Achard, V.[Veronique] Co Author Listing * physics-based unmixing method for thermal hyperspectral images, A
* Physics-Based Unmixing Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperatures on Mixed Pixels, A
Includes: Achard, V.[Veronique] Achard, V.

Achari, G.[Gopal] Co Author Listing * remote sensing based framework for predicting water quality of different source waters, A

Acharya K., A.[Aniruddha] Co Author Listing * Robust tracking with interest points: A sparse representation approach
Includes: Acharya K., A.[Aniruddha] Acharya K., Ä.[Äniruddha]

Acharya, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Efficient fuzzy composite predictive scheme for effectual 2-D up-sampling of images for multimedia applications
* methodology for specifying PET VOIs using multimodality techniques, A
* Robust video denoising for better subjective evaluation
Includes: Acharya, A.[Aditya] Acharya, A.

Acharya, A.K.[Anuja Kumar] Co Author Listing * Visual Tracking on Riemannian Space Using Updated Standard Deviation Based Model

Acharya, H. Co Author Listing * new approach for terrain analysis of lunar surface by Chandrayaan-1 data using open source libraries, A

Acharya, J. Co Author Listing * Multilevel thresholding for image segmentation through a fast statistical recursive algorithm

Acharya, K.[Kallol] Co Author Listing * benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A

Acharya, K.A.[K. Aniruddha] Co Author Listing * Speeding up SIFT using GPU

Acharya, M.[Mekhala] Co Author Listing * image analysis method for quantification of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, An

Acharya, P.K. Co Author Listing * Remote bathymetry of the littoral zone from AVIRIS, LASH, and QuickBird imagery

Acharya, R.[Raj] Co Author Listing * Connected Component Labeling With Linear Octree
* data fusion approach to tumor delineation, A
* Discrete Analytical Hyperplanes
* Efficient access to and retrieval from a shape image database
* Estimation of fractal dimension using alternating sequential filters
* Fractal Analysis of Bone Images
* Fractal Analysis of Self-Similar Textures Using a Fourier-Domain Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method
* Fractal-Based Clustering Approach in Large Visual Database-Systems, A
* image pyramid with morphological operators, An
* Morphological pyramids with alternating sequential filters
* Multi-resolution texture analysis of self-similar textures using hierarchical Gaussian Markov random field models
* Nonlinear multiscale filtering using mathematical morphology
* On Dempster-Shafer and bayesian detectors
* Range-speed imaging with FM-CW signaling
* Segmentation and classification of tuberculosis bacilli from ZN-stained sputum smear images
* Self-Similar Texture Characterization Using a Fourier Domain Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method
* Self-Similar Texture Characterization Using Wigner-Ville Distribution
* Texture analysis using multiresolution moments
Includes: Acharya, R.[Raj] Acharya, R. Acharya, R.[Raviraja]
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Acharya, R.S.[Raj S.] Co Author Listing * Adjacency Algorithms for Linear Octree Nodes
* Content based image display from image databases using spatio-temporal transfers and fractal analysis methods
* Fractal dimension estimation using continuous alternating sequential filter pyramid
* High-Speed 3D Imaging of the Beating Heart Using Temporal Estimation
* Rational Bitmap Scaling
* Robust Snake Model
Includes: Acharya, R.S.[Raj S.] Acharya, R.S.

Acharya, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic generation of biclusters from gene expression data using multi-objective simulated annealing approach
* Model-Based Tracking at 300Hz Using Raw Time-of-Flight Observations

Acharya, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * System design of time-of-flight range camera for car park assist and backup application
Includes: Acharya, S.I.[Sun Il] Acharya, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Acharya, T.[Tinku] Co Author Listing * coprocessor architecture for fast protein structure prediction, A
* Determination Of Minutiae Scores For Fingerprint Image Applications
* Euler vector for search and retrieval of gray-tone images
* Gesture Recognition: A Survey
* high-performance JPEG2000 architecture, A
* Image Processing: Principles and Application
* Memory Efficient Progressive Rate-Distortion Algorithm for JPEG 2000
* Method of compressing an image
* On-chip Computation of Euler Number of a Binary Image for Efficient Database Search
* Searching for object images with reduced computation
* Video rate control using conditional mean
Includes: Acharya, T.[Tinku] Acharya, T.
11 for Acharya, T.

Acharya, T.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Jure Landslide Dam, Sindhupalchowk Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Acharya, U.R.[U. Rajendra] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of focal EEG signals using features extracted from flexible analytic wavelet transform
* Classification of heart rate data using artificial neural network and fuzzy equivalence relation
* Completely Automated Multiresolution Edge Snapper: A New Technique for an Accurate Carotid Ultrasound IMT Measurement: Clinical Validation and Benchmarking on a Multi-Institutional Database
* Local texture patterns for traffic sign recognition using higher order spectra
* new approach to characterize epileptic seizures using analytic time-frequency flexible wavelet transform and fractal dimension, A
Includes: Acharya, U.R.[U. Rajendra] Acharya, U.R.

Acharyya, A. Co Author Listing * Depth estimation from focus and disparity
* Recognition of Occluded Objects with Heuristic Search
* Reconfigurable High Speed Architecture Design for Discrete Hilbert Transform, A

Acharyya, M.[Mausumi] Co Author Listing * adaptive approach to unsupervised texture segmentation using M-Band wavelet transform, An
* Adaptive Basis Selection for Multi Texture Segmentation by M-Band Wavelet Packet Frames
* Document image segmentation using wavelet scale-space features
* Extraction of features using M-band wavelet packet frame and their neuro-fuzzy evaluation for multitexture segmentation
* Multiscale Segmentation of Document Images Using M-Band Wavelets
* Segmentation of remotely sensed images using wavelet features and their evaluation in soft computing framework
* Two Texture Segmentation Using M-band Wavelet Transform
* Wavelet-based texture segmentation of remotely sensed images
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Acharyya, S.[Sreangsu] Co Author Listing * Language independent unsupervised learning of short message service dialect

Achatz, M. Co Author Listing * Models for low resolution slit scan measurements based on high resolution laser scanning image analysis: DNA and nuclear dimensions

Acheampong, K. Co Author Listing * Hybrid single image dehazing with bright channel and dark channel priors

Acheli, D. Co Author Listing * Strategy of detecting abnormal behaviors by fuzzy logic

Achenbach, T. Co Author Listing * About Objective 3-D Analysis of Airway Geometry in Computerized Tomography

Achenza, M.[Maddalena] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technologies for the Built Heritage Management: Experiences in Sardinia, Italy

Acher, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Run Time Adaptation of Video-Surveillance Systems: A Software Modeling Approach

Achermann, B. Co Author Listing * Classifying Range Images of Human Faces with Hausdorff Distance
* Combination of Face Classifiers for Person Identification
* Towards Detection of Glasses in Facial Images

Acheroy, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D face authentication
* Automatic detection of built-up areas in high-resolution polarimetric SAR images
* Automatic Face Authentication from 3d surface
* Despeckling SAR Images Using Wavelets and a New Class of Adaptive Shrinkage Estimators
* Face verification from 3D and grey level clues
* Feature-Extraction Using the Constrained Gradient
* Improving mine recognition through processing and Dempster-Shafer fusion of ground-penetrating radar data
* joint inter- and intrascale statistical model for bayesian wavelet based image denoising, A
* multivariate contour detector for high-resolution polarimetric SAR images, A
* SIC DB: multi-modal database for person authentication
* Texture classification using Gabor filters
* versatile wavelet domain noise filtration technique for medical imaging, A
* Volume of Influence for Magnetic Soils and Electromagnetic Induction Sensors
Includes: Acheroy, M.[Marc] Acheroy, M.
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Achibet, M. Co Author Listing * Virtual Mitten: A novel interaction paradigm for visuo-haptic manipulation of objects using grip force, The

Achilefu, S. Co Author Listing * Bioinspired Polarization Imaging Sensors: From Circuits and Optics to Signal Processing Algorithms and Biomedical Applications

Achille, C. Co Author Listing * From Point Cloud to BIM: A Modelling Challenge In The Cultural Heritage Field
* Integrated Strategies For The Modeling Very Large And Complex Architectures
* Multiple Data Source for Survey and Modeling of Very Complex Architecture.
* New Idea of BIM System for Visualization, Web Sharing and Using Huge Complex 3D Models for Facility Management., A
* Sharing High-resolution Models And Information On Web: The Web Module Of Bim3dsg System

Achille, P.D.[P. Di] Co Author Listing * Multi-Modality Imaging Enables Detailed Hemodynamic Simulations in Dissecting Aneurysms in Mice

Achilles, F. Co Author Listing * AggNet: Deep Learning From Crowds for Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histology Images
* Long Short-Term Memory Kalman Filters: Recurrent Neural Estimators for Pose Regularization
Includes: Achilles, F. Achilles, F.[Felix]

Achilli, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Modelling of a Gothic Stained-Glass Panel
* Data Acquisition for Cultural Heritage Navigation: Integration of Panoramic Imaging, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Anaglyphs
* High Resolution Data from Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Terrestrial Methodologies Test Site: An Architectural Surface
* High Resolution Morphometric Reconstruction of Multimaterial Tiles of an Ancient Mosaic
* High Resolution Survey of Phaistos Palace (Crete) By TLS and Terrestrial Photogrammetry
* Monitoring Of Land Subsidence In Ravenna Municipality Using Integrated Sar - Gps Techniques: Description And First Results
* Semiautomatic Anomalous Change Detection Method For Monitoring Aims, A
Includes: Achilli, V. Achilli, V.[Vladimiro]
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Achim, A.[Alin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-weighted bilateral filtering for optical coherence tomography
* Astrophysical image denoising using bivariate isotropic Cauchy distributions in the undecimated wavelet domain
* Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation Using Complex Wavelet-Based Fusion
* Automatic contrast enhancement of low-light images based on local statistics of wavelet coefficients
* Bayesian Video Super-Resolution With Heavy-Tailed Prior Models
* Comments on A closed-form nonparametric Bayesian estimator in the wavelet domain of images using an approximate [alpha]-stable prior
* Compressive image fusion
* Compressive imaging using approximate message passing and a Cauchy prior in the wavelet domain
* Contrast Sensitivity of the Wavelet, Dual Tree Complex Wavelet, Curvelet, and Steerable Pyramid Transforms
* Curvelet domain image fusion of OCT and fundus imagery using convolution of Meridian distributions
* Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral images with wavelet based Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Effect of Pixel-Level Fusion on Object Tracking in Multi-Sensor Surveillance Video, The
* Feature-based registration for correlative light and electron microscopy images
* Gaze location prediction for broadcast football video using Bayesian integration of low level features and top-down cues
* GMM-based efficient foreground detection with adaptive region update
* Image denoising using bivariate alpha-stable distributions in the complex wavelet domain
* Image Denoising Using Dual Tree Statistical Models for Complex Wavelet Transform Coefficient Magnitudes
* Joint video fusion and super resolution based on Markov random fields
* Line Detection as an Inverse Problem: Application to Lung Ultrasound Imaging
* Mitigating the effects of atmospheric distortion using DT-CWT fusion
* Non-Gaussian model-based fusion of noisy images in the wavelet domain
* Novel Bayesian multiscale method for speckle removal in medical ultrasound images
* Reconstruction of compressively sampled ultrasound images using dual prior information
* Reconstruction of compressively sensed ultrasound RF echoes by exploiting non-Gaussianity and temporal structure
* Robust obstacle detection based on a novel disparity calculation method and G-disparity
* SAR image denoising via Bayesian wavelet shrinkage based on heavy-tailed modeling
* SAR Image Filtering Based on the Heavy-Tailed Rayleigh Model
* Scalable video fusion
* Segmentation of noisy colour images using cauchy distribution in the complex wavelet domain
* Segmentation-Driven Image Fusion Based on Alpha-Stable Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Statistical Multiscale Image Segmentation via Alpha-Stable Modeling
* Undecimated Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and its application to bivariate image denoising using a Cauchy model, The
* Undecimated Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms
* Video Foreground Detection Based on Symmetric Alpha-Stable Mixture Models
* Video Super-Resolution Using Generalized Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Video super-resolution using low rank matrix completion
* Wavelet-based Ultrasound Image Denoising Using an Alpha-stable Prior Probability Model
Includes: Achim, A.[Alin] Achim, A.
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Achim, A.M.[Alin M.] Co Author Listing * Curvelet fusion of panchromatic and SAR satellite imagery using fractional lower order moments
* Exploiting spatial domain and wavelet domain cumulants for fusion of SAR and optical images
* Gaze Location Prediction for Broadcast Football Video
* Superpixel-based statistical anomaly detection for sense and avoid
Includes: Achim, A.M.[Alin M.] Achim, A.M.

Achkar, A. Co Author Listing * Non-local Deep Features for Salient Object Detection

Achkar, R. Co Author Listing * Online Kernel Adaptive Algorithms With Dictionary Adaptation for MIMO Models

Achler, O. Co Author Listing * Vehicle wheel detector using 2D filter banks

Achmad, B.[Balza] Co Author Listing * Inter-frame Enhancement of Ultrasound Images Using Optical Flow

Achotegui, J.[Joseba] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality for Training Diagnostic Skills in Anorexia Nervosa: A Usability Assessment

Achour, H.[Hammadi] Co Author Listing * External Validation of the ASTER GDEM2, GMTED2010 and CGIAR-CSI- SRTM v4.1 Free Access Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) in Tunisia and Algeria

Achour, K. Co Author Listing * Contribution to Image and Contours Restoration
* Hopfield Neural Network Based Stereo Matching Algorithm
* Hough transform algorithm for FPGA implementation
* Incremental Hough Transform: An Improved Algorithm for Digital Device Implementation
* new approach to 3D reconstruction without camera calibration, A
Includes: Achour, K. Achour, K.[Karim]

Achsas, S. Co Author Listing * Improving relational aggregated search from big data sources using deep learning

Achtelik, M. Co Author Listing * benchmarking tool for MAV visual pose estimation, A
* Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments

Achten, E. Co Author Listing * Detection of motion during projection reconstruction magnetic resonance imaging
* Detection of resting-state brain activity in magnetic resonance images through wavelet feature cluster analysis
* Motion Detection from the Measured Signals in Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging
* Optimal Experimental Design for Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging
* Two motion-detection algorithms for projection-reconstruction magnetic resonance imaging: Theory and experimental verification
Includes: Achten, E. Achten, E.[Eric]

Achtenberg, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Sparse Source Separation of Non-instantaneous Spatially Varying Single Path Mixtures

Achutha, S.[Shruthi] Co Author Listing * Basis Illumination Approach to BRDF Measurement, A
* BRDF Acquisition with Basis Illumination

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