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Ahad, M.A.R.[M. Atiqur Rahman] Co Author Listing * Action recognition based on statistical analysis from clustered flow vectors
* Action recognition by employing combined directional motion history and energy images
* Action recognition using kinematics posture feature on 3D skeleton joint locations
* AI-Based Visual Aid With Integrated Reading Assistant for the Completely Blind, An
* Approaches for global-based action representations for games and action understanding
* Computer Vision and Action Recognition: A Guide for Image Processing and Computer Vision Community for Action Understanding
* Motion history image: Its variants and applications
* Motion History Images for Action Recognition and Understanding
* Motion recognition approach to solve overwriting in complex actions
* Multi-resolution Action Recognition Algorithm Using Wavelet Domain Features, A
* Recognition of human locomotion on various transportations fusing smartphone sensors
* Smart Approaches for Human Action Recognition
* Static postural transition-based technique and efficient feature extraction for sensor-based activity recognition
* template matching approach of one-shot-learning gesture recognition, A
* Temporal motion recognition and segmentation approach
Includes: Ahad, M.A.R.[M. Atiqur Rahman] Ahad, M.A.R.[Md Atiqur Rahman] Ahad, M.A.R.
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Ahadi, S.M. Co Author Listing * Logarithmic Quantization Index Modulation for Perceptually Better Data Hiding, A
* Robust Image Watermarking in the Ridgelet Domain Using Universally Optimum Decoder, A
* Robust voice activity detection directed by noise classification
* Text-independent speaker verification with ant colony optimization feature selection and support vector machine
Includes: Ahadi, S.M. Ahadi, S.M.[Seyed Mohammad]

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