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Ajmal, A. Co Author Listing * Active shift attention based object tracking system
* Comparison of RGB and HSV Colour Spaces for Visual Attention Models, A
* Salient Motion Features for Visual Attention Models
Includes: Ajmal, A. Ajmal, A.[Aisha]

Ajmal, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Video Summarization: Techniques and Classification

Ajmar, A. Co Author Listing * Definition of A Methodology to Derive Road Network Functional Hierarchy Classes Using Car Tracking Data
* Floating Car Data (fcd) for Mobility Applications
* Road Network Comparison and Matching Techniques. a Workflow Proposal For The Integration of Traffic Message Channel and Open Source Network Datasets
* Spatial Database Model for Mobility Management, A
* Updating a Road Network Dataset Exploiting The Results of Semantic Segmentation Techniques Applied to Street-level Imagery

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