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Akabani, G. Co Author Listing * Molecular imaging of small animals with a triple-head SPECT system using pinhole collimation

Akae, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * optimal camera arrangement by a performance model for gait recognition, The
* Video from nearly still: An application to low frame-rate gait recognition

Akagi, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Picture image forming apparatus

Akagi, S. Co Author Listing * Onboard Calibration of the ASTER Instrument

Akagi, T.[Takuma] Co Author Listing * A Posteriori Probability Calculation Method for Analytic Word Recognition Applicable to Address Recognition, An
* Analytic Word Recognition Algorithm Using a Posteriori Probability, An
* Bayesian Best-First Search for Pattern Recognition: Application to Address Recognition

Akagi, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Exemplar-Based Hole-Filling Technique for Multiple Dynamic Objects

Akagunduz, E.[Erdem] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Representation Using Transform and Scale Invariant 3D Features
* Comparison of infrared and visible imagery for object tracking: Toward trackers with superior IR performance
* Extraction of 3D Transform and Scale Invariant Patches from Range Scans
* Scale and orientation invariant 3D interest point extraction using HK curvatures
* Scale-space approach for the comparison of HK and SC curvature descriptions as applied to object recognition
* Shape recognition using orientational and morphological scale-spaces of curvatures

Akahane, K. Co Author Listing * Proposal on an image haptization system based on emotional effects of color
* Texture-Based Direct-Touch Interaction System for 3D Woven Cultural Property Exhibition, A
Includes: Akahane, K. Akahane, K.[Katsuhito]

Akaho, R.[Rina] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Estimation of Chromophore Concentrations and Shading from Hyperspectral Images

Akaho, S.[Shotaro] Co Author Listing * Calibration of radially symmetric distortion based on linearity in the calibrated image
* Calibration of Radially Symmetric Distortion by Fitting Principal Component
* Curve fitting by Spherical Least Squares on two-dimensional sphere
* Epipolar Geometry Via Rectification of Spherical Images
* Estimation of a rotationally symmetric mirror shape from a frontal image of the mirror
* Flexible Hypersurface Fitting with RBF Kernels
* Hypersurface Fitting via Jacobian Nonlinear PCA on Riemannian Space
* Pairwise Similarity for Line Extraction from Distorted Images
* Robust Hyperplane Fitting Based on k-th Power Deviation and a-Quantile
* Self-Calibration of Radially Symmetric Distortion by Model Selection
Includes: Akaho, S.[Shotaro] Akaho, S.
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Akahori, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Image motion vector detecting device and swing correcting device

Akai, R.[Ryota] Co Author Listing * People counting across spatially disjoint cameras by flow estimation between foreground regions
* Real-Time People Counting across Spatially Adjacent Non-overlapping Camera Views

Akaike, H.[Hirotugu] Co Author Listing * new look at the statistical model identification, A

Akakin, H.C.[Hatice Cinar] Co Author Listing * Multi-attribute robust facial feature localization
* Robust 2D/3D Face Landmarking
* Robust classification of face and head gestures in video

Akama, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * Character segmentation and transcription system for historical Japanese books with a self-proliferating character image database
* Measurement of Reflection Properties in Ancient Japanese Drawing Ukiyo-e

Akamatsu, K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian bi-gram scheme for HMM online handwriting recognition algorithm, A

Akamatsu, N. Co Author Listing * Development of speedy and high sensitive pen system for writing pressure and writer identification
* Hypercube Separation Algorithm: A Fast And Efficient Algorithm for Online Handwritten Character-Recognition, The
* Online Shape-Recognition with Incremental Training Using Binary Synaptic Weights Algorithm

Akamatsu, S. Co Author Listing * accurate and robust face identification scheme, An
* Analysis and Synthesis of Pose Variations of Human Faces by a Linear PCMAP Model and its Application for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition System
* Automatic Classification of Single Facial Images
* Automatic Detection of Human Faces in Natural Scene Images by Use of a Skin Color Model and of Invariant Moments
* Automatic Face Recognition: What Representation?
* Automatic Impression Transformation of Faces in 3D Shape: A Perceptual Comparison with Processing on 2D Images
* Classifying Facial Attributes using 2-D Gabor Wavelets and Discriminant Analysis
* Coding Facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets
* Comparative Performance of Different Skin Chrominance Models and Chrominance Spaces for the Detection of Human Faces in Color Images
* Comparison Between Geometry-Based and Gabor-Wavelets-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Multi-Layer Perceptron
* Detection of Human Faces in Complex Scene Images by Use of a Skin Color Model and of Invariant Fourier-Mellin Moments
* Efficient calculation of the complete optimal classification set
* Euclidean Structure from Uncalibrated Images Using Fuzzy Domain Knowledge: Application to Facial Images Synthesis
* Head Pose Determination from One Image Using a Generic Model
* high-resolution Hough transform using variable filter, A
* How Should We Represent Faces for Automatic Recognition?
* Impression transformation of a face based on discriminant analysis on separately coded representations of facial shape and texture
* Invariant Face Detection with Support Vector Machines
* Invariant Neural-network Based Face Detection with Orthogonal Fourier-Mellin Moments
* Manifold caricatures: on the psychological consistency of computer face recognition
* New Precise Recognition Method for Handprinted Kanji, A
* Recognizing Characters in Scene Images
* Relaxational Extracting Method for Character Recognition in Scene Images, A
* Sparse models for gender classification
* Special Section on Face Perception and Recognition
Includes: Akamatsu, S. Akamatsu, S.[Shigeru]
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Akamatsu, Y. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Wheat Growth Monitoring Methods Based On Hyperspectral Data Of Later Grain Filling And Heading Stages In Western Australia
* new method of vegetation mapping by object-based classification using high resolution satellite data, A
* Plane Matching With Object-space Searching Using Independently Rectified Images

Akamine, M. Co Author Listing * Voice Activity Detection: Merging Source and Filter-based Information

Akan, O.B. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Framework for QoS Support in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Akansu, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Oblivious Watermarking Scheme, A

Akansu, A.N. Co Author Listing * Capacity estimates for data hiding in compressed images
* Cover Noise Interference Suppression In Multimedia Data Hiding
* DCT coding for motion video storage using adaptive arithmetic coding
* Graph-Based Object Description for Information Retrieval in Digital Image and Video Libraries, A
* Human Activity Detection in MPEG Sequences
* Multi-Modal Dialog Scene Detection Using Hidden Markov Models for Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
* Multiplierless PR Quadrature Mirror Filters for Subband Image-coding
* new perspective for embedding-detection methods with distortion compensation and thresholding processing techniques, A
* Optimization of Dynamic UEP Schemes for Embedded Image Sources in Noisy Channels
* Performance evaluation and optimization of embedded image sources over noisy channels
* Progressive optimality in hierarchical filter banks
* Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Images Using DFT, A
* Special Issue on Theory and Application of Filter Banks and Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Akansu, A.N. Akansu, A.N.[Ali N.]
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Akar, G.B.[Gozde Bozdagi] Co Author Listing * abstraction based reduced reference depth perception metric for 3D video, An
* Architectures for multi-threaded MVC-compliant multi-view video decoding and benchmark tests
* Atmospheric Effects Removal for the Infrared Image Sequences
* Coding Algorithms for 3DTV: A Survey
* Context based super resolution image reconstruction
* Directionally adaptive super-resolution
* Distributed 3D dynamic mesh coding
* Driver aggressiveness detection using visual information from forward camera
* End-to-end stereoscopic video streaming with content-adaptive rate and format control
* Enhanced spatio-temporal video copy detection by combining trajectory and spatial consistency
* Error Resilient Layered Stereoscopic Video Streaming
* Evaluation of stereo video coding schemes for mobile devices
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Impact of scalability in video transmission in promotion-capable differentiated services networks
* Improved prediction for layered predictive animated mesh compression
* Improved prediction methods for scalable predictive animated mesh compression
* Mobile 3D video broadcast
* Multi-View Video Codec Based on H.264, A
* Multiple Description Coding of 3D Geometry with Forward Error Correction Codes
* Multiple description coding of animated meshes
* Multiple Description Scalar Quantization Based 3D Mesh Coding
* Occluded face recognition based on gabor wavelets
* Packet Loss Resilient Transmission of 3D Models
* parametric video quality model based on source and network characteristics, A
* Relaxed Spatio-Temporal Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Fake Expression Prediction
* spatiotemporal no-reference video quality assessment model, A
* Super-resolution using multiple quantized images
* Texture and edge preserving multiframe super-resolution
* Texture preserving multi frame super resolution with spatially varying image prior
* Three-Dimensional Media for Mobile Devices
* Towards Compound Stereo-Video Quality Metric: A Specific Encoder-Based Framework
* Transport Methods in 3DTV: A Survey
* User directed view synthesis on OMAP processors
* Vertex partitioning based Multiple Description Coding of 3D dynamic meshes
* Visual Group Binary Signature for Video Copy Detection
Includes: Akar, G.B.[Gozde Bozdagi] Akar, G.B. Akar, G.B.[Gozde B.]
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Akar, M. Co Author Listing * Switching Rollover Controller Coupled With Closed-Loop Adaptive Vehicle Parameter Identification, A

Akar, N. Co Author Listing * Impact of scalability in video transmission in promotion-capable differentiated services networks

Akarun, L.[Lale] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Akarun, L.[Lale]: akarun AT boun edu tr
* 3D Face Recognition System for Expression and Occlusion Invariance, A
* 3D Facial Feature Localization for Registration
* 3D Facial Landmarking under Expression, Pose, and Occlusion Variations
* 3D shape-based face recognition using automatically registered facial surfaces
* 3D shape-based face representation and feature extraction for face recognition
* Adaptive Decimated Median Filtering
* Adaptive Methods for Dithering Color Images
* Adaptive Registration for Occlusion Robust 3D Face Recognition
* Alternative face models for 3D face registration
* Automated Lip Synchronized Speech Driven Facial Animation
* Automatic personality prediction from audiovisual data using random forest regression
* Automatic sign segmentation from continuous signing via multiple sequence alignment
* belief-based sequential fusion approach for fusing manual signs and non-manual signals, A
* Color quantization with genetic algorithms
* Comparative Analysis of Decision-level Fusion Algorithms for 3D Face Recognition
* Component-based registration with curvature descriptors for expression insensitive 3d face recognition
* Coupling Fall Detection and Tracking in Omnidirectional Cameras
* Detection of Realistic Facial Occlusions for Robust 3D Face Recognition
* Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images Using Supervised Ridge Descent
* Feature selection for pose invariant face recognition
* fuzzy algorithm for color quantization of images, A
* Fuzzy algorithms for combined quantization and dithering
* Fuzzy Error Diffusion
* Fuzzy Error Diffusion of Color Images
* Generalization in Holistic versus Analytic Processing of Faces
* Gesture Recognition Using Template Based Random Forest Classifiers
* Hand Pose Estimation and Hand Shape Classification Using Multi-layered Randomized Decision Forests
* Hand vein biometry based on geometry and appearance methods
* Hierarchically constrained 3D hand pose estimation using regression forests from single frame depth data
* Joint quantization and dithering of color images
* Learning the best subset of local features for face recognition
* Multi-class classification strategies for Fisher scores of gesture and sign sequences
* multi-class classification strategy for Fisher scores: Application to signer independent sign language recognition, A
* Multimodal 3D Healthcare Communication System, A
* Multimodal Human Computer Interaction with MIDAS Intelligent Infokiosk
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* Nasal Region-Based 3D Face Recognition under Pose and Expression Variations
* Optimal gabor kernel location selection for face recognition
* Randomized decision forests for static and dynamic hand shape classification
* Rank-Based Decision Fusion for 3D Shape-Based Face Recognition
* Real time hand pose estimation using depth sensors
* Robust 2D/3D Face Landmarking
* Robust Facial Landmarking for Registration
* Selective Attention-Based Method for Visual Pattern Recognition with Application to Handwritten Digit Recognition and Face Recognition, A
* Sequential Belief-Based Fusion of Manual and Non-manual Information for Recognizing Isolated Signs
* Sign Language Recognition for Assisting the Deaf in Hospitals
* SignTutor: An Interactive System for Sign Language Tutoring
* STARS: Sign tracking and recognition system using input-output HMMs
Includes: Akarun, L.[Lale] Akarun, L.
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Akasaka, K.[Kiyotaka] Co Author Listing * Elastic convolved ICP for the registration of deformable objects
* Sensor for Simultaneously Capturing Texture and Shape by Projecting Structured Infrared Light, A

Akash, F.R.[Fazly Rabby] Co Author Listing * Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork

Akashi, R. Co Author Listing * Scattering tomography using ellipsoidal mirror

Akashi, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Fast Affine Template Matching over Galois Field
* High-Speed and Local-Changes Invariant Image Matching
* Robust Non-Parametric Template Matching with Local Rigidity Constraints
* Robust Projective Template Matching
* Robust Visual Tracking via Coupled Randomness
* Two-Side Agreement Learning for Non-Parametric Template Matching

Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Co Author Listing * Separation of Reflection Components by Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Includes: Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Akashi, Y.S.[Yasu-Shi]

Akata, Z.[Zeynep] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of output embeddings for fine-grained image classification
* Exploiting Saliency for Object Segmentation from Image Level Labels
* Gaze Embeddings for Zero-Shot Image Classification
* Generating Visual Explanations
* Good Practice in Large-Scale Learning for Image Classification
* Label-Embedding for Attribute-Based Classification
* Label-Embedding for Image Classification
* Latent Embeddings for Zero-Shot Classification
* Learning Deep Representations of Fine-Grained Visual Descriptions
* Multi-cue Zero-Shot Learning with Strong Supervision
* Towards good practice in large-scale learning for image classification
* Zero-Shot Learning: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Includes: Akata, Z.[Zeynep] Akata, Z.
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Akatsuka, H.[Hidehiko] Co Author Listing * Position analyzer for vehicle drivers

Akatsuka, M.[Masayuki] Co Author Listing * Optical Character Reading System

Akatsuka, T. Co Author Listing * Cerebral Perfusion Imaging of Live Mice by Fluorescent X-Ray CT
* Detecting Head Pose from Stereo Image Sequence for Active Face Recognition
* Reconstruction Method for Compensation of Surface Effects in Transillumination Laser CT

Akay, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Wii Remote calibration using the sensor bar

Akay, B.[Bahriye] Co Author Listing * survey on the applications of artificial bee colony in signal, image, and video processing, A

Akay, D. Co Author Listing * Making Tactile Textures with Predefined Affective Properties
* Texture features corresponding to human touch feeling
Includes: Akay, D. Akay, D.[Diyar]

Akay, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced Technologies for Brain Research
* Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents

Akay, S.S. Co Author Listing * Urban Land Cover/use Change Detection Using High Resolution Spot 5 And Spot 6 Images And Urban Atlas Nomenclature

Akay, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents

Akazawa, T.[Tsuneya] Co Author Listing * Prediction of sweetness and amino acid content in soybean crops from hyperspectral imagery

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