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Al abayechi, A.A.A.[Alaa Ahmed Abbas] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Based on Fractional Poisson for Segmentation of Skin Lesions Using the Watershed Transform
Includes: Al abayechi, A.A.A.[Alaa Ahmed Abbas] Al-abayechi, A.A.A.[Alaa Ahmed Abbas]

Al Abdullatif, A.M. Co Author Listing * algorithm to find the best time to tweet, An

Al Absi, H.R.H.[Hamada R. H.] Co Author Listing * Proposed Biologically Inspired Model for Object Recognition, A
Includes: Al Absi, H.R.H.[Hamada R. H.] Al-Absi, H.R.H.[Hamada R. H.]

Al Adwan, A.[Aryaf] Co Author Listing * Image contrast enhancement using geometric mean filter
Includes: Al Adwan, A.[Aryaf] Al-Adwan, A.[Aryaf]

Al Agamy, A.O. Co Author Listing * Greedy framework for optical flow tracking of myocardium contours
* Myocardium segmentation in strain-encoded (SENC) magnetic resonance images using graph-cuts
Includes: Al Agamy, A.O. Al-Agamy, A.O.

Al Aghbari, Z.[Zaher] Co Author Listing * Crowd modeling using social networks
* Hill-manipulation: An effective algorithm for color image segmentation
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
* Region-based Semantic Image Classification
* Silhouette-based human action recognition using SAX-Shapes
* Using SAX representation for human action recognition
Includes: Al Aghbari, Z.[Zaher] al Aghbari, Z.[Zaher]

Al Ahmad, H.[Hussain] Co Author Listing * Computer aided diagnosis system for early lung cancer detection
* Detection and segmentation of sputum cell for early lung cancer detection
Includes: Al Ahmad, H.[Hussain] Al-Ahmad, H.[Hussain]

Al Ahmari, A.[Abdulrahman] Co Author Listing * Iterative optimization for frame-by-frame object pose tracking
* Performance evaluation of vehicular platoons using Webots
Includes: Al Ahmari, A.[Abdulrahman] Al-Ahmari, A.[Abdulrahman]

Al Ajlouni, R. Co Author Listing * Use of Digital Pattern Recognition Techniques for Virtual Reconstruction of Eroded and Visually Complicated Archeological Geometric Patterns, The

Al Ajlouni, S.S. Co Author Listing * Zoom-dependent calibration for consumer grade-cameras
* Zoom-Dependent Camera Calibration in Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry
Includes: Al Ajlouni, S.S. Al-Ajlouni, S.S.

Al Akaidi, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Unicast Video Streaming With Rateless Codes and Feedback
* Automatic production of quantisation matrices based on perceptual modelling of wavelet coefficients for grey scale images
* Error-resilient packet-switched mobile video telephony with channel-adaptive rateless coding and early reference picture selection
* Optimal Packet Loss Protection of Progressively Compressed 3-D Meshes
Includes: Al Akaidi, M. Al-Akaidi, M. Al-Akaidi, M.[Marwan]

Al Akaidi, M.M. Co Author Listing * Unequal Error Protection Using Fountain Codes With Applications to Video Communication
* Wavelet and multiwavelet watermarking
Includes: Al Akaidi, M.M. Al-Akaidi, M.M.

Al Alao, O. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Multi-Structure Segmentation and 3D Nonrigid Pose Estimation in Image-Guided Robotic Surgery
Includes: Al Alao, O. Al-Alao, O.

Al Alaoui, M.A.[M. Adnan] Co Author Listing * Application of constrained generalized inverse to pattern classification
* novel Cooperative Motion Estimation Algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization and its multicore implementation, A
Includes: Al Alaoui, M.A.[M. Adnan] Al-Alaoui, M.A.[M. Adnan] Al-Alaoui, M.A.[Mohamad Adnan]

Al Alawi, R.[Raida] Co Author Listing * FPGA Implementation of Pyramidal Weightless Neural Networks Learning System
* Neural Network Recognition System for Isolated Handwritten Arabic Characters, A
Includes: Al Alawi, R.[Raida] Al-Alawi, R.[Raida] Al-Alawi, R.

Al Alwani, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Thermal Signature Using Non-redundant Temporal Local Binary-Based Features

Al Ameen, Z.[Zohair] Co Author Listing * Attenuating noise from computed tomography medical images using a coefficients-driven total variation denoising algorithm
* novel Zohair filter for deblurring computed tomography medical images, A
Includes: Al Ameen, Z.[Zohair] Al-Ameen, Z.[Zohair]

Al Ammal, H. Co Author Listing * conceptual model for IT Governance: A case study research, A
Includes: Al Ammal, H. Al-Ammal, H.

Al Amoudi, A.[Asharf] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Graph-based Guided Filter for De-noising Cryo-Electron Tomographic Data
Includes: Al Amoudi, A.[Asharf] Al-Amoudi, A.[Asharf]

Al Amouri, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Relative Orientation of Non-Calibrated Historical Photos of Baalbek/Libanon, A
* Quality assessment of historical Baalbek's 3D city model
* Retrieving information Through navigating in historical Baalbek

Al Anezi, T.[Thamer] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Reproducibility of Non-verbal Facial Animations
Includes: Al Anezi, T.[Thamer] Al-Anezi, T.[Thamer]

Al Ani, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Differential evolution based feature subset selection
* Efficient Hybrid Steganography Method Based on Edge Adaptive and Tree Based Parity Check, An
* Evolutionary fuzzy discriminant analysis feature projection technique in myoelectric control
* Feature selection using a mutual information based measure
* MR Brain Image Segmentation Based on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering Methods
* MR Brain Tissue Segmentation Based on Clustering Techniques and Neural Network
* Orthogonal Locality Sensitive Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis in Sleep-Stage Scoring
* penalized likelihood based pattern classification algorithm, A
Includes: Al Ani, A.[Ahmed] Al-Ani, A.[Ahmed] Al-Ani, A.
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Al Ani, M. Co Author Listing * novel image filtering approach for sensor fingerprint estimation in source camera identification, A
* Weighted averaging-based sensor pattern noise estimation for source camera identification
Includes: Al Ani, M. Al-Ani, M.

Al Ani, T. Co Author Listing * Morphology analysis of physiological signals using hidden Markov models
* Non-linear EEG Analysis of Idiopathic Hypersomnia
Includes: Al Ani, T. Al-Ani, T. Al-ani, T.[Tarik]

Al Ansari, A. Co Author Listing * Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion From Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Simultaneous Multi-Structure Segmentation and 3D Nonrigid Pose Estimation in Image-Guided Robotic Surgery
Includes: Al Ansari, A. Al-Ansari, A.

Al Ansari, A.A.[Abdulla A.] Co Author Listing * Pathological liver segmentation using stochastic resonance and cellular automata
Includes: Al Ansari, A.A.[Abdulla A.] Al-Ansari, A.A.[Abdulla A.]

Al Arif, S.M.M.R.[S.M. Masudur Rahman] Co Author Listing * Patch-based corner detection for cervical vertebrae in X-ray images

Al Ashmoery, Y. Co Author Listing * Learning analytics system for assessing students' performance quality and text mining in online communication
Includes: Al Ashmoery, Y. Al-Ashmoery, Y.

Al Ashraf, M.[Mohab] Co Author Listing * From Random to Hierarchical Data through an Irregular Pyramidal Structure

Al Ashwal, N.H.[Nagi H.] Co Author Listing * PDE Method to Segment Image Linear Objects with Application to Lens Distortion Removal, A
* Variational-Based Method to Extract Parametric Shapes from Images
Includes: Al Ashwal, N.H.[Nagi H.] Al-Ashwal, N.H.[Nagi H.]

Al Asmari, A.K. Co Author Listing * Optimum bit rate pyramid coding with low computational and memory requirements
* Progressive edge detection compression for fingerprint images
Includes: Al Asmari, A.K. Al-Asmari, A.K. Al-Asmari, A.K.[Awad K.]

Al Assam, H.[Hisham] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Miscarriage Cases Supported by Decision Strength Using Ultrasound Images of the Gestational Sac
Includes: Al Assam, H.[Hisham] Al-Assam, H.[Hisham]

Al Audah, Y.K. Co Author Listing * real-time license plate recognition system for Saudi Arabia using LabVIEW, A
Includes: Al Audah, Y.K. Al-Audah, Y.K.

Al Azawi, M.[Mayce] Co Author Listing * Character-Level Alignment Using WFST and LSTM for Post-processing in Multi-script Recognition Systems - A Comparative Study
* Combination of multiple aligned recognition outputs using WFST and LSTM

Al Azawi, M.A. Co Author Listing * High-Performance OCR for Printed English and Fraktur Using LSTM Networks
Includes: Al Azawi, M.A. Al-Azawi, M.A.

Al Azzawi, A.K.[Alaa Khamees] Co Author Listing * review of wave-net identical learning and filling-in in a decomposition space of (JPG-JPEG) sampled images, A
Includes: Al Azzawi, A.K.[Alaa Khamees] Al-Azzawi, A.K.[Alaa Khamees]

Al Baddai, S. Co Author Listing * Combined EMD-ICA Analysis of Simultaneously Register EEG-fMRI Data, A
Includes: Al Baddai, S. Al-Baddai, S.

Al Badr, B. Co Author Listing * Generalized Contextual Recognition of Hand-Printed Documents Using Semantic Trees With Lazy Evaluation
* Segmentation-Free Approach to Text Recognition Recognition with Application to Arabic Text, A
Includes: Al Badr, B. Al-Badr, B. Al-Badr, B.[Badr]

Al Badrashiny, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Encoding true-color images with a limited palette via soft vector clustering as an instance of dithering multidimensional signals
Includes: Al Badrashiny, M.[Mohamed] Al-Badrashiny, M.[Mohamed]

Al Badrawi, M.H. Co Author Listing * De-noising Scheme Based on the Null Hypothesis of Intrinsic Mode Functions, A
* Intrinsic Mode Function Based Noise Power Estimation With Applications to Semiblind Spectrum Sensing Methods
Includes: Al Badrawi, M.H. Al-Badrawi, M.H.

Al Bahadly, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Line Detection Algorithm for Road Remarking, A
Includes: Al Bahadly, I.[Ibrahim] Al-Bahadly, I.[Ibrahim]

Al Bakri, M.[Maythm] Co Author Listing * Using Geometric Properties to Evaluate Possible Integration of Authoritative and Volunteered Geographic Information
Includes: Al Bakri, M.[Maythm] Al-Bakri, M.[Maythm]

Al Banna, B.[Basma] Co Author Listing * Interest Aware Location-Based Recommender System Using Geo-Tagged Social Media

Al Barhamtoshy, H.M.[Hassanin M.] Co Author Listing * Rectification of camera captured document images for camera-based OCR technology
Includes: Al Barhamtoshy, H.M.[Hassanin M.] Al-Barhamtoshy, H.M.[Hassanin M.]

Al Bashar, M.S.[M. Shafi] Co Author Listing * Energy constrained frequency-domain normalized LMS algorithm for blind channel identification

Al Battal, A.F. Co Author Listing * Design of 2-D Explicit Depth Extrapolators Using the Cauchy Norm, The
Includes: Al Battal, A.F. Al-Battal, A.F.

Al Bayari, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of DTM and Orthophoto Generated by Airborne Laser Scanning System Using Automated Digital Photogrammetry
Includes: Al Bayari, O.[Omar] Al-Bayari, O.[Omar]

Al Bayaty, R. Co Author Listing * BNB Method for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Al Bayaty, R. Al-Bayaty, R.

Al Berry, M.N. Co Author Listing * Fusing directional wavelet local binary pattern and moments for human action recognition
Includes: Al Berry, M.N. Al-Berry, M.N.

Al Bitar, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.
* Copula-Based Downscaling of Coarse-Scale Soil Moisture Observations With Implicit Bias Correction
* Detection of Irrigated Crops from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data to Estimate Seasonal Groundwater Use in South India
* Extracting Soil Water Holding Capacity Parameters of a Distributed Agro-Hydrological Model from High Resolution Optical Satellite Observations Series
Includes: Al Bitar, A. Al-Bitar, A.[Ahmad]

Al Daoud, E.[Essam] Co Author Listing * new iris localization method based on the competitive chords, A
Includes: Al Daoud, E.[Essam] Al-Daoud, E.[Essam]

Al Deek, H. Co Author Listing * Diversion during unexpected congestion on toll roads: the role of traffic information displayed on dynamic message signs
Includes: Al Deek, H. Al-Deek, H.

Al Dharhani, G.S.[Ghassan Saleh] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Based Shapelets for Mining Climate Change Time Series Patterns
Includes: Al Dharhani, G.S.[Ghassan Saleh] Al-Dharhani, G.S.[Ghassan Saleh]

Al Diri, B. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Model for Segmenting and Measuring Retinal Vessels, An
* Bayesian Framework for the Local Configuration of Retinal Junctions, A
* Probabilistic Model for the Optimal Configuration of Retinal Junctions Using Theoretically Proven Features, A
Includes: Al Diri, B. Al-Diri, B. Al-Diri, B.[Bashir]

Al Dmour, H.[Hayat] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hybrid Steganography Method Based on Edge Adaptive and Tree Based Parity Check, An
* MR Brain Image Segmentation Based on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering Methods
* MR Brain Tissue Segmentation Based on Clustering Techniques and Neural Network
Includes: Al Dmour, H.[Hayat] Al-Dmour, H.[Hayat]

Al Doori, B. Co Author Listing * Impact of Efficient Transport Blocks Management on the Downlink Power in MIMO Spatial Multiplexing of LTE-A, The
Includes: Al Doori, B. Al-Doori, B.

Al Doori, M.[Mulhim] Co Author Listing * story of DB4GeO: A service-based geo-database architecture to support multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization, The
Includes: Al Doori, M.[Mulhim] Al-Doori, M.[Mulhim]

Al Dujaili, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * GraphBPT: An Efficient Hierarchical Data Structure for Image Representation and Probabilistic Inference
Includes: Al Dujaili, A.[Abdullah] Al-Dujaili, A.[Abdullah]

Al Dulaimi, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of HEp-2 cell Fluorescence microscope images using level set method via geometric active contours
* White Blood Cell Nuclei Segmentation Using Level Set Methods and Geometric Active Contours
Includes: Al Dulaimi, K. Al-Dulaimi, K.

Al Durgham, K. Co Author Listing * novel quality control procedure for the evaluation of laser scanning data segmentation, A
* Performance of parameter-domain and spatial-domain pole-like feature segmentation using single and multiple terrestrial laser scans
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Toward an Automatic Calibration of Dual Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems
Includes: Al Durgham, K. Al-Durgham, K. Al-Durgham, K.[Kaleel]

Al Durgham, M.[Mohannad] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Two Triangle-Based Multi-Surface Registration Algorithms of Irregular Point Clouds
* Automatic 3d Building Model Generation From Lidar And Image Data Using Sequential Minimum Bounding Rectangle
* Error Budget of LIDAR Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Point Cloud
* Framework For An Automatic Seamline Engine, A
* LIDAR Strip Adjustment using Conjugate Linear Features in Overlapping Strips
* Procedure for the Registration and Segmentation of Heterogeneous Lidar Data, A
Includes: Al Durgham, M.[Mohannad] Al-Durgham, M.[Mohannad] Al-durgham, M. Al-Durgham, M.

Al Duwaish, H. Co Author Listing * Competitive learning/ reflected residual vector quantization for coding angiogram images
Includes: Al Duwaish, H. Al-Duwaish, H.

Al Emami, S. Co Author Listing * On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Characters
Includes: Al Emami, S. Al-Emami, S.

Al Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos] Co Author Listing * multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition, A
Includes: Al Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos] Al-Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos]

Al Fahoum, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Quantization Table Design for Echocardiac Images
Includes: Al Fahoum, A. Al-Fahoum, A.

Al Fahoum, A.S. Co Author Listing * Combined edge crispiness and statistical differencing for deblocking jpeg compressed images
Includes: Al Fahoum, A.S. Al-Fahoum, A.S.

Al Gashaam, F. Co Author Listing * Periocular Recognition Under Expression Variation Using Higher Order Spectral Features

Al Ghamdi, K.A.[Khalid A.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modeling of Urban Growth Predictions Based on Driving Force Factors in Five Saudi Arabian Cities
Includes: Al Ghamdi, K.A.[Khalid A.] Al-Ghamdi, K.A.[Khalid A.]

Al Ghamdi, M.[Manal] Co Author Listing * Manifold Matching with Application to Instance Search Based on Video Queries
* Spatio-temporal Manifold Embedding for Nearly-Repetitive Contents in a Video Stream
* Spatio-temporal SIFT and Its Application to Human Action Classification
* Spatio-temporal Video Representation with Locality-Constrained Linear Coding

Al Ghoneim, K.[Khaled] Co Author Listing * Unified decision combination framework
Includes: Al Ghoneim, K.[Khaled] Al-Ghoneim, K.[Khaled]

Al Ghorani, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Development of E-learning Tools and Methods In Digital Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for Non Experts From Academia And Industry
Includes: Al Ghorani, N. Al-Ghorani, N.

Al Gurrani, H. Co Author Listing * Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
Includes: Al Gurrani, H. Al-Gurrani, H.

Al Habashneh, A.A.[Al Abbass] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method of Wave Spectrum Estimation Using X-Band Nautical Radar, An
Includes: Al Habashneh, A.A.[Al Abbass] Al-Habashneh, A.A.[Al-Abbass]

Al haddad, S.A.R. Co Author Listing * Denoising of natural images through robust wavelet thresholding and genetic programming
Includes: Al haddad, S.A.R. Al-haddad, S.A.R.

Al Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.] Co Author Listing * Client-Driven Price Selection for Scalable Video Streaming with Advertisements
Includes: Al Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.] Al-Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.]

Al Hafeedh, A.[Anisa] Co Author Listing * comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms, A
Includes: Al Hafeedh, A.[Anisa] Al-Hafeedh, A.[Anisa]

Al Haj, A. Co Author Listing * watermarking scheme for DIBR images, A
Includes: Al Haj, A. Al-Haj, A.

Al Haj, M.[Murad] Co Author Listing * Reactive Object Tracking with a Single PTZ Camera
* Robust and Efficient Multipose Face Detection Using Skin Color Segmentation

Al Haj, R.[Ruba] Co Author Listing * Hill-manipulation: An effective algorithm for color image segmentation
Includes: Al Haj, R.[Ruba] Al-Haj, R.[Ruba]

Al Halah, Z. Co Author Listing * Action unit intensity estimation using hierarchical partial least squares
* Automatic Discovery, Association Estimation and Learning of Semantic Attributes for a Thousand Categories
* Fashion Forward: Forecasting Visual Style in Fashion
* How to Transfer? Zero-Shot Object Recognition via Hierarchical Transfer of Semantic Attributes
* Important stuff, everywhere! Activity recognition with salient proto-objects as context
* Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs
* Recovering the Missing Link: Predicting Class-Attribute Associations for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
* Transfer metric learning for action similarity using high-level semantics
* What to Transfer? High-Level Semantics in Transfer Metric Learning for Action Similarity
Includes: Al Halah, Z. Al-Halah, Z. Al-Halah, Z.[Ziad]
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Al Halawani, S.[Sawsan] Co Author Listing * Congestion-Aware Warehouse Flow Analysis and Optimization
* Constraint-aware interior layout exploration for pre-cast concrete-based buildings

Al Hamad, A. Co Author Listing * Smartphones Based Mobile Mapping Systems
* Video-based Mobile Mapping System Using Smartphones
Includes: Al Hamad, A. Al-Hamad, A.

Al Hamad, H.A.[Husam A.] Co Author Listing * Development of an efficient neural-based segmentation technique for Arabic handwriting recognition

Al Hamadi, A. Co Author Listing * Approach for Arabic Handwriting Synthesis Based on Active Shape Models, An
* Audio-Visual Data Fusion Using a Particle Filter in the Application of Face Recognition
* Automatic heart rate estimation from painful faces
* Automatic Pain Assessment with Facial Activity Descriptors
* Automatic Pain Recognition from Video and Biomedical Signals
* Automatic User-Specific Avatar Parametrisation and Emotion Mapping
* Boosted human head pose estimation using kinect camera
* Coded 3d Calibration Method for Line-Scan Cameras, A
* Color-based skin segmentation: An evaluation of the state of the art
* Continuous low latency heart rate estimation from painful faces in real time
* CRFs and HCRFs Based Recognition for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting
* Cubic-splines neural network- based system for Image Retrieval
* Defect Recognition System for Automated Inspection of Non-rigid Surfaces, A
* Discriminative Models-Based Hand Gesture Recognition
* Entropic Image Segmentation: A Fuzzy Approach Based on Tsallis Entropy
* Facial expression recognition based on geometric and optical flow features in colour image sequences
* Flow Modeling and skin-based Gaussian pruning to recognize gestural actions using HMM
* framework for joint facial expression recognition and point localization, A
* Hand trajectory-based gesture spotting and recognition using HMM
* Handling Data Imbalance in Automatic Facial Action Intensity Estimation
* Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach with an Adaptive Threshold Model for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Hidden Markov Model-based continuous gesture recognition system for hand motion trajectory, A
* Human action recognition via affine moment invariants
* Human Activity Recognition: A Scheme Using Multiple Cues
* Human bodypart classification using geodesic descriptors and random forests
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
* Improving Hand Gesture Recognition Using 3D Combined Features
* Improving of Gesture Recognition Using Multi-hypotheses Object Association
* Incorporating Social Entropy for Crowd Behavior Detection Using SVM
* Integrating statistical and cognitive model for multi-object tracking in realistic scenarios
* Interpreting Dynamic Meanings by Integrating Gesture and Posture Recognition System
* Locale Group Based Line Segmentation Approach for Non Uniform Skewed and Curved Arabic Handwritings, A
* Low cost calibration of stereo line scan camera systems
* Multi hypotheses based object tracking in HCI environments
* Multiple Camera Approach for SLAM Based Ultrasonic Tank Roof Inspection
* New Approach for Hand Augmentation Based on Patch Modelling, A
* New Multi-camera Based Facial Expression Analysis Concept, A
* novel public key self-embedding fragile watermarking technique for image authentication, A
* OIF: An Online Inferential Framework for Multi-object Tracking with Kalman Filter
* Pain recognition and intensity rating based on Comparative Learning
* Quantitative Analysis of Surface Reconstruction Accuracy Achievable with the TSDF Representation
* Real vs. Fake Emotion Challenge: Learning to Rank Authenticity from Facial Activity Descriptors
* Robust facial expression recognition based on 3-d supported feature extraction and SVM classification
* Robust Method for Hand Gesture Segmentation and Recognition Using Forward Spotting Scheme in Conditional Random Fields, A
* Robust Neural System for Objectionable Image Recognition, A
* Robust Stereoscopic Head Pose Estimation in Human-Computer Interaction and a Unified Evaluation Framework
* Secure Self-Recovery Image Authentication Using Randomly-Sized Blocks
* Semi-fragile Image Authentication Using Robust Image Hashing with Localization
* Solutions for Model-Based Analysis of Human Gait
* Speaker Tracking Using Multi-modal Fusion Framework
* Stereo and Color-based Method for Face Pose Estimation and Facial Feature Extraction, A
* Stereo-Camera-Based Urban Environment Perception Using Occupancy Grid and Object Tracking
* SVM approach for activity recognition based on chord-length-function shape features, An
* Toward Robust Action Retrieval in Video
* Towards completely rotated Simplified Gabor Wavelets for fast facial feature point detection
* Tracking of a Handheld Ultrasonic Sensor for Corrosion Control on Pipe Segment Surfaces
* Truncated Signed Distance Function: Experiments on Voxel Size
* Upper-Body Pose Estimation Using Geodesic Distances and Skin-Color
* Using Conditional Random Field for Crowd Behavior Analysis
* Utilizing Invariant Descriptors for Finger Spelling American Sign Language Using SVM
* Utilizing the Bezier descriptors for hand gesture recognition
* Variable block-size image authentication with localization and self-recovery
Includes: Al Hamadi, A. Al-Hamadi, A. Al-Hamadi, A.[Ayoub]
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Al Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Automatic Traffic Accident Recognition Using HFG
Includes: Al Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub] Al-Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub]

Al Hamdan, M. Co Author Listing * Effects of Spatial and Spectral Resolutions on Fractal Dimensions in Forested Landscapes
* Forest Stand Size-Species Models Using Spatial Analyses of Remotely Sensed Data
Includes: Al Hamdan, M. Al-Hamdan, M. Al-Hamdan, M.[Mohammad]

Al Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.] Co Author Listing * Using Landsat, MODIS, and a Biophysical Model to Evaluate LST in Urban Centers
Includes: Al Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.] Al-Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.]

Al Hames, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modal Graphical Model for Robust Recognition of Group Actions in Meetings from Disturbed Videos, A
* Robust Multi-Modal Group Action Recognition in Meetings from Disturbed Videos with the Asynchronous Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Al Hames, M. Al-Hames, M. Al-Hames, M.[Marc]

Al Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Co Author Listing * Curvelet Transform and Local Texture Based Image Forgery Detection
* Image forgery detection using steerable pyramid transform and local binary pattern
Includes: Al Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Al-Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Al-Hammadi, M.H.[Munner H.]

Al Hanbali, N. Co Author Listing * Image-based virtual reconstruction of complex architectures using sophisticated automated procedures: The Artemis temple in Jerash, Jordan
* Quality Assessment of DTM and Orthophoto Generated by Airborne Laser Scanning System Using Automated Digital Photogrammetry
Includes: Al Hanbali, N. Al-Hanbali, N. Al-Hanbali, N.[Nedal]

Al Harbi, N.[Nouf] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Human Body Segmentation from Video Stream
* Spatio-temporal Video Representation with Locality-Constrained Linear Coding

Al Hasan, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Robust partitional clustering by outlier and density insensitive seeding

Al Hashemy, B.A.R. Co Author Listing * Explicit Fuzzy Supervised Classification Method for Multispectral Remote Sensing Images, An

Al Hawamdeh, S. Co Author Listing * Image Information Retrieval System
Includes: Al Hawamdeh, S. Al-Hawamdeh, S.

Al Hazeam, S. Co Author Listing * Image Fusion Applied To Satellite Imagery For The Improved Mapping And Monitoring Of Coral Reefs: A Proposal

Al Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.] Co Author Listing * Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR): A Survey
Includes: Al Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.] Al-Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.]

Al Hilo, E.A. Co Author Listing * Speeding-Up Fractal Colored Image Compression Using Moments Features
Includes: Al Hilo, E.A. Al-Hilo, E.A.

Al Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak] Co Author Listing * Assessment of bilateral filter on low NEX open MRI views
Includes: Al Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak] Al-Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak]

Al Hmouz, R.[Rami] Co Author Listing * License plate localization based on a probabilistic model
Includes: Al Hmouz, R.[Rami] Al-Hmouz, R.[Rami]

Al Hudhud, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic production of quantisation matrices based on perceptual modelling of wavelet coefficients for grey scale images
Includes: Al Hudhud, G. Al-Hudhud, G.

Al Hudhud, G.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Removal of Power Frequency Artifacts Using a Fourier Space Median Filter

Al Hujazi, E. Co Author Listing * Range Image Segmentation with Applications to Robot Bin-Picking Using Vacuum Gripper
Includes: Al Hujazi, E. Al-Hujazi, E.

Al Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Co Author Listing * Gait Learning-Based Regenerative Model: A Level Set Approach
* Level Set Gait Analysis for Synthesis and Reconstruction
* Robust Rigid Shape Registration Method Using a Level Set Formulation
* Shape registration using characteristic functions
* Similarity Registration for Shapes Based on Signed Distance Functions
Includes: Al Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Al-Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Al-Huseiny, M.S.

Al Ibrahim, M.M. Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a new efficient median filtering algorithm
Includes: Al Ibrahim, M.M. Al-Ibrahim, M.M.

Al Ismaeil, K.[Kassem] Co Author Listing * Bilateral filter evaluation based on exponential kernels
* Dynamic super resolution of depth sequences with non-rigid motions
* Enhancement of dynamic depth scenes by upsampling for precise super-resolution (UP-SR)
* Real-Time Enhancement of Dynamic Depth Videos with Non-Rigid Deformations
* Real-time non-rigid multi-frame depth video super-resolution
Includes: Al Ismaeil, K.[Kassem] Al-Ismaeil, K.[Kassem]

Al Jafary, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * Variational approach for segmentation of lung nodules
Includes: Al Jafary, S.[Sahar] Al-Jafary, S.[Sahar]

Al Janobi, A.[Abdulrahman] Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of cross-diagonal texture matrix method of texture analysis
Includes: Al Janobi, A.[Abdulrahman] Al-Janobi, A.[Abdulrahman]

Al Jarrah, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Recognition of gestures in Arabic sign language using neuro-fuzzy systems
Includes: Al Jarrah, O.[Omar] Al-Jarrah, O.[Omar]

Al Jarwan, I.A. Co Author Listing * Image Compression Using Adaptive Variable Degree Variable Segment Length Chebyshev Polynomials
Includes: Al Jarwan, I.A. Al-Jarwan, I.A.

Al Jassar, H.K. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry For Digital Elevation Model Of Kuwait Desert: Analysis Of Errors

Al Jewad, B.Z. Co Author Listing * De-noising Scheme Based on the Null Hypothesis of Intrinsic Mode Functions, A
* Intrinsic Mode Function Based Noise Power Estimation With Applications to Semiblind Spectrum Sensing Methods
Includes: Al Jewad, B.Z. Al-Jewad, B.Z.

Al Jhayyish, A.M.H. Co Author Listing * Feedforward Strategies for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in Heterogeneous Vehicle Strings
Includes: Al Jhayyish, A.M.H. Al-Jhayyish, A.M.H.

Al Jobouri, L.[Laith] Co Author Listing * Engineering wireless broadband access to IPTV
* Packet loss visibility across SD, HD, 3D, and UHD video streams
Includes: Al Jobouri, L.[Laith] Al-Jobouri, L.[Laith] Al-Jobouri, L.

Al Jumaily, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Bio-driven system-based virtual reality for prosthetic and rehabilitation systems
* Differential evolution based feature subset selection
* Evolutionary fuzzy discriminant analysis feature projection technique in myoelectric control
* Point Tracking on a thin elastomer to emulate Skin-stretch induced motion artifacts in Electrocardiogram measurements
Includes: Al Jumaily, A.[Adel] Al-Jumaily, A.[Adel] Al-Jumaily, A.

Al Jumaily, M. Co Author Listing * Applied machine learning classifiers for medical applications: Clarifying the behavioural patterns using a variety of datasets
Includes: Al Jumaily, M. Al-Jumaily, M.

Al Jumeily, D. Co Author Listing * Advance flood detection and notification system based on sensor technology and machine learning algorithm
* Applied machine learning classifiers for medical applications: Clarifying the behavioural patterns using a variety of datasets
* dynamic cost-centric risk impact metrics development, A
* Improving the barrier of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients using a Prescription Tracking System
* Mean Predictive Block Matching (MPBM) for fast block-matching motion estimation
* Methods and techniques to support the development of fraud detection system
* Supporting young students to learn computer programming in an early schooling
* utilisation of social media for bridging the gap between patients and pharmaceutical companies, The
Includes: Al Jumeily, D. Al-Jumeily, D. Al-Jumeily, D.[Dhiya]
8 for Al Jumeily, D.

Al Junaid, H.[Hessa] Co Author Listing * High performance architecture for real-time HDTV broadcasting
Includes: Al Junaid, H.[Hessa] Al-Junaid, H.[Hessa]

Al Juraifani, A.K. Co Author Listing * real-time license plate recognition system for Saudi Arabia using LabVIEW, A
Includes: Al Juraifani, A.K. Al-Juraifani, A.K.

Al Kachouh, Z. Co Author Listing * Efficient restoration technique for missing blocks in images
* Exact DCT-Based Spatial Domain Interpolation of Blocks in Images
* Fast DCT-Based Spatial Domain Interpolation of Blocks in Images
* Transmission error detection and concealment in JPEG images
Includes: Al Kachouh, Z. Al-Kachouh, Z. Al-Kachouh, Z.[Ziad]

Al Kadi, O.S.[Omar S.] Co Author Listing * fractal dimension based optimal wavelet packet analysis technique for classification of meningioma brain tumours, A
* Multiscale Nakagami parametric imaging for improved liver tumor localization
* Texture measures combination for improved meningioma classification of histopathological images
Includes: Al Kadi, O.S.[Omar S.] Al-Kadi, O.S.[Omar S.] Al-Kadi, O.S.

Al Kaff, A.[Abdulla] Co Author Listing * Homography-Based Navigation System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Al Kaff, A.[Abdulla] Al-Kaff, A.[Abdulla]

Al Kamal, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * H.264/SVC memory architecture supporting spatial and course-grained quality scalabilities, An

Al khafaji, S.L. Co Author Listing * Spectral-Spatial Scale Invariant Feature Transform for Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Al khafaji, S.L. Al-khafaji, S.L.

Al Khaffaf, H.S.M.[Hasan S.M.] Co Author Listing * Empirical Performance Evaluation of Raster-to-Vector Conversion Methods: A Study on Multi-Level Interactions between Different Factors
* On the performance of Decapod's digital font reconstruction
* Removing salt-and-pepper noise from binary images of engineering drawings
* Salt and Pepper Noise Removal from Document Images
Includes: Al Khaffaf, H.S.M.[Hasan S.M.] Al-Khaffaf, H.S.M.[Hasan S.M.] Al-Khaffaf, H.S.M.[Hasan S. M.]

Al Khaiyat, M. Co Author Listing * Planar Curve Representation and Matching
Includes: Al Khaiyat, M. Al-Khaiyat, M.

Al Khalili, A.J. Co Author Listing * Depth Perception Using Blurring and Its Application in VLSI Wafer Probing
* Low-power data-dependent 8x8 DCT/IDCT for video compression
* Parallel Algorithms for Low level Vision on the Homogeneous Multiprocessor
Includes: Al Khalili, A.J. Al-Khalili, A.J.

Al Khateeb, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Automatic change detection in an indoor environment
* extended fuzzy SOM for anomalous behaviour detection, An
Includes: Al Khateeb, H.[Hussein] Al-Khateeb, H.[Hussein]

Al Khateeb, J.H.[Jawad H.] Co Author Listing * Offline handwritten Arabic cursive text recognition using Hidden Markov Models and re-ranking

Al Khatib, W.[Wasfi] Co Author Listing * Arabic ligatures: Analysis and application in text recognition
* Models for Motion-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval
Includes: Al Khatib, W.[Wasfi] Al-Khatib, W.[Wasfi] Al-Khatib, W.

Al Khatib, W.G.[Wasfi G.] Co Author Listing * Arabic handwriting synthesis system, An
* Database for Offline Arabic Handwritten Text Recognition, A
* KHATT: An open Arabic offline handwritten text database
* KHATT: Arabic Offline Handwritten Text Database
* Survey on handwritten documents word spotting, A
Includes: Al Khatib, W.G.[Wasfi G.] Al-Khatib, W.G.[Wasfi G.]

Al Khawand, W. Co Author Listing * Accurate, swift and noiseless image binarization
Includes: Al Khawand, W. Al-Khawand, W.

Al Khudhairy, D.H.A. Co Author Listing * Structural Damage Assessments from Ikonos Data Using Change Detection, Object-Oriented Segmentation, and Classification Techniques
Includes: Al Khudhairy, D.H.A. Al-Khudhairy, D.H.A.

Al Kindi, G.A.[Ghassan A.] Co Author Listing * Feasibility assessment of vision-based surface roughness parameters acquisition for different types of machined specimens
* vision-based approach for surface roughness assessment at micro and nano scales, A
Includes: Al Kindi, G.A.[Ghassan A.] Al-Kindi, G.A.[Ghassan A.] Al-Kindi, G.A.

Al Kitbi, N.[Nasir] Co Author Listing * Deblocking Algorithms with Edge Filters for DCT Compressed Images

Al Kofahi, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Historical comparison of vehicles using scanned x-ray images
* Image Change Detection Algorithms: A Systematic Survey
Includes: Al Kofahi, O.[Omar] Al-Kofahi, O.[Omar] Al-Kofahi, O.

Al Kork, S.[Samer] Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition Based on Modified Phase Only Correlation

Al Ma'adeed, S. Co Author Listing * data base for arabic handwritten text recognition research, A
* Recognition of off-line handwritten Arabic words using hidden Markov model approach
Includes: Al Ma'adeed, S. Al-Ma'adeed, S.

Al Maadeed, N.[Noor] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition from scrambled facial images via many graph embedding
Includes: Al Maadeed, N.[Noor] Al-Maadeed, N.[Noor]

Al Maadeed, S.[Somaya] Co Author Listing * Automatic prediction of age, gender, and nationality in offline handwriting
* Classification of EEG signals for detection of epileptic seizure activities based on LBP descriptor of time-frequency images
* Direct Unsupervised Text Line Extraction from Colored Historical Manuscript Images Using DCT
* Emotion recognition from scrambled facial images via many graph embedding
* ICDAR 2011 Writer Identification Contest
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Handwriting Stroke Recovery from Offline Data
* ICDAR2015 competition on Multi-script Writer Identification and Gender Classification using QUWI Database
* Improved Palmprint Recognition System Using Iris Features, An
* Low-quality facial biometric verification via dictionary-based random pooling
* novel approach for handedness detection from off-line handwriting using fuzzy conceptual reduction, A
* Off-line writer identification using an ensemble of grapheme codebook features
* QUWI: An Arabic and English Handwriting Dataset for Offline Writer Identification
* Robust human silhouette extraction with Laplacian fitting
* Round-Robin sequential forward selection algorithm for prostate cancer classification and diagnosis using multispectral imagery
* Undecimated wavelet-based Bayesian denoising in mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise with application on medical and biological images
Includes: Al Maadeed, S.[Somaya] Al-Maadeed, S.[Somaya] Al Maadeed, S. Al-Maadeed, S. Al-maadeed, S.
15 for Al Maadeed, S.

Al Machot, F. Co Author Listing * Real time complex event detection for resource-limited multimedia sensor networks
* Smart Resource-Aware Multi-Sensor Network
* Smart resource-aware multimedia sensor network for automatic detection of complex events
Includes: Al Machot, F. Al Machot, F.[Fadi]

Al Maeeni, S. Co Author Listing * Distributed Differential Modulation Over Asymmetric Fading Channels

Al Maisary, S.[Sameer] Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Assessment of the Mitral Valve Coaptation Zone from 4D Ultrasound
Includes: Al Maisary, S.[Sameer] Al-Maisary, S.[Sameer]

Al Majhad, E.M. Co Author Listing * algorithm to find the best time to tweet, An

Al Mallah, R. Co Author Listing * Distributed Classification of Urban Congestion Using VANET

Al Mamun, A. Co Author Listing * Aligning movies with scripts by exploiting temporal ordering constraints
* Weighted locally linear embedding for dimension reduction
Includes: Al Mamun, A. Al Mamun, A.[Abdullah]

Al Manasir, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic registration of terrestrial laserscanner data via imagery
Includes: Al Manasir, K. Al-Manasir, K.

Al Marzooqi, Y.[Yousuf] Co Author Listing * Free-form object segmentation and representation from registered range and color images
Includes: Al Marzooqi, Y.[Yousuf] Al-Marzooqi, Y.[Yousuf]

Al Marzouqi, H.[Hasan] Co Author Listing * Curvelet transform with learning-based tiling
* Efficient neural network training using curvelet features
Includes: Al Marzouqi, H.[Hasan] Al-Marzouqi, H.[Hasan] Al-Marzouqi, H.

Al Mazeed, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Classifiers Combination for Improved Motion Segmentation
Includes: Al Mazeed, A.[Ahmad] Al-Mazeed, A.[Ahmad]

Al Mazeed, A.H. Co Author Listing * Fusing Complementary Operators to Enhance Foreground/Background Segmentation
Includes: Al Mazeed, A.H. Al-Mazeed, A.H.

Al Megren, S.[Shiroq] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Investigations on Augmented Reality for the Literacy Development of Deaf Children
Includes: Al Megren, S.[Shiroq] Al-Megren, S.[Shiroq]

Al Mohamad, H.A. Co Author Listing * 3D shape classification using the R-transform
Includes: Al Mohamad, H.A. Al-Mohamad, H.A.

Al Momani, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Elevation Data into Satellite Image Classification Using Refined Production Rules

Al Mualla, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Illumination Invariant Robust Likelihood Estimator for Particle Filtering Based Target Tracking
* micro-UAV Based Dynamic Target Tracking for Surveillance and Exploration
* Optimized Selective Encryption for Video Confidentiality, An
* Posed Facial Expression Detection Using Reflection Symmetry and Structural Similarity
* Towards a theoretical framework for an active cyber situational awareness model
Includes: Al Mualla, M.[Mohammed] Al-Mualla, M.[Mohammed] Al-Mualla, M.

Al Mualla, M.E. Co Author Listing * Contrast Sensitivity of the Wavelet, Dual Tree Complex Wavelet, Curvelet, and Steerable Pyramid Transforms
* Error concealment using motion field interpolation
* Image Denoising Using Dual Tree Statistical Models for Complex Wavelet Transform Coefficient Magnitudes
* Motion field interpolation for temporal error concealment
* On the Performance of Fast Motion Estimation for Multiple-Reference Motion Compensated Prediction
* On the Performance of Temporal Error Concealment for Long-term Motion-compensated Prediction
* Perceptual Image Fusion Using Wavelets
* Simplex minimization for single- and multiple-reference motion estimation
* Undecimated Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and its application to bivariate image denoising using a Cauchy model, The
* Undecimated Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Al Mualla, M.E. Al-Mualla, M.E.
10 for Al Mualla, M.E.

Al Muhairi, H. Co Author Listing * 3D constrained local model with independent component analysis and non-Gaussian shape prior distribution: Application to 3D facial landmark detection
* computationally efficient evaluation environment for image segmentation, A
Includes: Al Muhairi, H. Al-Muhairi, H.

Al Muhtaseb, H.[Husni] Co Author Listing * Offline handwritten Arabic cursive text recognition using Hidden Markov Models and re-ranking
Includes: Al Muhtaseb, H.[Husni] Al-Muhtaseb, H.[Husni]

Al Mukhtar, M.[Muzahim] Co Author Listing * Preservation and Valorisation of Morocco's Ancient Heritage: Volubilis
* SACRE Project: A Diagnosis Tool of Built Heritage, The
* Valmod Project: Historical and Realistic 3D Models for the Touristic Development of the Château de Chambord, The
Includes: Al Mukhtar, M.[Muzahim] Al-Mukhtar, M.[Muzahim]

Al Mulla, F. Co Author Listing * Statistical Class Separation Using sEMG Features Towards Automated Muscle Fatigue Detection and Prediction
Includes: Al Mulla, F. Al-Mulla, F.

Al Mulla, M.R. Co Author Listing * Statistical Class Separation Using sEMG Features Towards Automated Muscle Fatigue Detection and Prediction
Includes: Al Mulla, M.R. Al-Mulla, M.R.

Al Musawi, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision for Head Pose Estimation: Review of a Competition
Includes: Al Musawi, M.[Mohammed] Al-Musawi, M.[Mohammed]

Al Muscati, H.[Hussain] Co Author Listing * Temporal transcoding of H.264/AVC video to the scalable format
Includes: Al Muscati, H.[Hussain] Al-Muscati, H.[Hussain]

Al Na'mneh, R.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Improvements on the BDND Filtering Algorithm for the Removal of High-Density Impulse Noise

Al Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filters with Error Nonlinearities: Mean-Square Analysis and Optimum Design
* Constrained Perturbation Regularization Approach for Signal Estimation Using Random Matrix Theory
* Distributed Estimation Based on Observations Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Mean Weight Behavior of the NLMS Algorithm for Correlated Gaussian Inputs
* Numerically Stable Evaluation of Moments of Random Gram Matrices With Applications
* SNR Estimation in Linear Systems With Gaussian Matrices
Includes: Al Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Al-Naffouri, T.Y.[Tareq Y.] Al-Naffouri, T.Y.

Al Naimi, K. Co Author Listing * Improved line spectral frequency estimation through anti-aliasing filtering
Includes: Al Naimi, K. Al-Naimi, K.

Al Naimi, N.[Noora] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Gulf
Includes: Al Naimi, N.[Noora] Al-Naimi, N.[Noora]

Al Najdawi, N. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical stochastic fast search motion estimation algorithm
* survey of cast shadow detection algorithms, A
Includes: Al Najdawi, N. Al-Najdawi, N. Al-Najdawi, N.[Nijad]

Al Naji, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Contactless Cardiac Activity Detection Based on Head Motion Magnification
* Quality index evaluation of videos based on fuzzy interface system
Includes: Al Naji, A.[Ali] Al-Naji, A.[Ali]

Al Najjar, M.[Mayssaa] Co Author Listing * fast discrete transform architecture for Frequency Domain Motion Estimation, A
* High-performance asic architecture for hysteresis thresholding and component feature extraction in limited-resource applications
* Memory-Efficient Architecture for Hysteresis Thresholding and Object Feature Extraction
* Robust object tracking using correspondence voting for smart surveillance visual sensing nodes

Al Nashash, H. Co Author Listing * New Insights into Image Processing of Cortical Blood Flow Monitors Using Laser Speckle Imaging
Includes: Al Nashash, H. Al-Nashash, H.

Al Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Co Author Listing * Constrained Smoothness Cost in Markov Random Field Based Stereo Matching
* Semi-guided bilateral filter
Includes: Al Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Al-Nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad] Al-nasrawi, M.[Mukhalad]

Al Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar] Co Author Listing * Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
* Robust feature extraction and salvage schemes for finger texture based biometrics
Includes: Al Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar] Al-Nima, R.R.O.[Raid Rafi Omar]

Al Noman, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * High-Frame-Rate Vision System with Automatic Exposure Control, A

Al Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Co Author Listing * 6DOF decoupled roto-translation alignment of large-scale indoor point clouds
* 6DOF point cloud alignment using geometric algebra-based adaptive filtering
* Fully Automatic and Frame-Accurate Video Synchronization Using Bitrate Sequences
* Geometric-Algebra LMS Adaptive Filter and Its Application to Rotation Estimation
* Mobile Visual Location Recognition
Includes: Al Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Al-Nuaimi, A.[Anas] Al-Nuaimi, A.

Al Nuaimy, W. Co Author Listing * Detection of Deeply Buried UXO Using CPT Magnetometers
* Detection of landmines and underground utilities from acoustic and GPR images with a cepstral approach
Includes: Al Nuaimy, W. Al-Nuaimy, W. Al-Nuaimy, W.[Waleed]

Al Nuzaili, Q.[Qais] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Verification Using the Texture of Fingerprint Image
Includes: Al Nuzaili, Q.[Qais] Al-Nuzaili, Q.[Qais]

Al Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali] Co Author Listing * Pixel distribution-based features for offline Arabic handwritten word recognition
Includes: Al Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali] Al-Nuzaili, Q.A.[Qais Ali]

Al Obaedi, J. Co Author Listing * Microsimulation Model for Motorway Merges With Ramp-Metering Controls
Includes: Al Obaedi, J. Al-Obaedi, J.

Al Ohali, Y.[Yousef] Co Author Listing * Databases for recognition of handwritten Arabic cheques
* Dynamic observations and dynamic state termination for off-line handwritten word recognition using HMM
* Efficient estimation of pen trajectory from off-line handwritten words
* Introducing termination probabilities to HMM
Includes: Al Ohali, Y.[Yousef] Al-Ohali, Y.[Yousef] Al-Ohali, Y.

Al Omari, H. Co Author Listing * Markovian Engine for Text Recognition: Cursive Arabic Text, Statistical Features and Interconnected HMMs, A
Includes: Al Omari, H. Al-Omari, H.

Al Osaimi, F.R.[Faisal R.] Co Author Listing * Expression Deformation Approach to Non-rigid 3D Face Recognition, An
* Illumination Normalization for Color Face Images
* Illumination normalization of facial images by reversing the process of image formation
* Integration of local and global geometrical cues for 3D face recognition
* Interest-point Based Face Recognition from Range Images
* Novel Multi-Purpose Matching Representation of Local 3D Surfaces: A Rotationally Invariant, Efficient, and Highly Discriminative Approach With an Adjustable Sensitivity, A
* On Decomposing an Unseen 3D Face into Neutral Face and Expression Deformations
* Spatially Optimized Data-Level Fusion of Texture and Shape for Face Recognition
* View-Based 3D Objects Recognition with Expectation Propagation Learning
Includes: Al Osaimi, F.R.[Faisal R.] Al-Osaimi, F.R.[Faisal R.] Al-Osaimi, F.R.
9 for Al Osaimi, F.R.

Al Otaibi, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Gender Recognition Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and WLD Descriptor
Includes: Al Otaibi, S.[Sarah] Al-Otaibi, S.[Sarah]

Al Otum, H.M.[Hazem Munawer] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of reconstruction quality in image vector quantisation using existing and new measures
* novel set of image morphological operators using a modified vector distance measure with color pixel classification, A
* Semi-fragile watermarking for grayscale image authentication and tamper detection based on an adjusted expanded-bit multiscale quantization-based technique
Includes: Al Otum, H.M.[Hazem Munawer] Al-Otum, H.M.[Hazem Munawer]

Al Qadi, I.L. Co Author Listing * Calibration of FDTD Simulation of GPR Signal for Asphalt Pavement Compaction Monitoring
Includes: Al Qadi, I.L. Al-Qadi, I.L.

Al Qahtani, M. Co Author Listing * efficient information retrieval technique for e-health systems, An
Includes: Al Qahtani, M. Al-Qahtani, M.

Al Qaness, M.A.A.[Mohammed Abdulaziz Aide] Co Author Listing * WiGeR: WiFi-Based Gesture Recognition System
Includes: Al Qaness, M.A.A.[Mohammed Abdulaziz Aide] Al-Qaness, M.A.A.[Mohammed Abdulaziz Aide]

Al Qaralleh, E.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Binary Motion Estimation Algorithm and its Architecture for MPEG-4 Shape Encoding, An
* Fast Variable Block Size Motion Estimation by Adaptive Early Termination

Al Qarni, G.F.[Garsah Farhan] Co Author Listing * Explicit Integration of Identity Information from Skin Regions to Improve Face Recognition
Includes: Al Qarni, G.F.[Garsah Farhan] Al-Qarni, G.F.[Garsah Farhan]

Al Qatshan, A.S. Co Author Listing * Matched filtering-based estimation of ground elevation using laser altimetry

Al Qershi, O.M.[Osamah M.] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Matching Method for Copy-Move Forgery Detection by Means of Zernike Moments
Includes: Al Qershi, O.M.[Osamah M.] Al-Qershi, O.M.[Osamah M.]

Al Qunaieer, F.S.[Fares S.] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution level set image segmentation using wavelets
Includes: Al Qunaieer, F.S.[Fares S.] Al-Qunaieer, F.S.[Fares S.]

Al Rajab, M.[Moaath] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Using Zernike Velocity Moments and Hidden Markov Models for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
Includes: Al Rajab, M.[Moaath] Al-Rajab, M.[Moaath]

Al Rajhi, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Change Detection Using High Resolution Stereo Images and a GIS Database
* Building Monitoring with Differential DSMS

Al Rawabdeh, A. Co Author Listing * Planar Constraints for an Improved UAV-Image-Based Dense Point Cloud Generation
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp Recognition
Includes: Al Rawabdeh, A. Al-Rawabdeh, A. Al-Rawabdeh, A.[Abdulla]

Al Rawas, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion From Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Al Rawas, S. Al-Rawas, S.

Al Rawi, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Illumination Invariant Recognition of Color Texture Using Correlation and Covariance Functions
Includes: Al Rawi, M.[Mohammed] Al-Rawi, M.[Mohammed]

Al Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Co Author Listing * 3D (pseudo) Zernike moments: Fast computation via symmetry properties of spherical harmonics and recursive radial polynomials
* Fast computation of pseudo Zernike moments
* Fast Zernike moments
* Functional Brain Mapping by Methods of Evolutionary Natural Selection
* Intensity normalization of sidescan sonar imagery
* Numerical Stability Quality-Factor for Orthogonal Polynomials: Zernike Radial Polynomials Case Study
* Using Permutation Tests to Study How the Dimensionality, the Number of Classes, and the Number of Samples Affect Classification Analysis
Includes: Al Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed Sadiq] Al-Rawi, M.S.[Mohammed Sadeq] Al-Rawi, M.S.
7 for Al Rawi, M.S.

Al Razgan, O.S. Co Author Listing * Protecting Patient Privacy against Unauthorized Release of Medical Images Using Weighted Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Includes: Al Razgan, O.S. Al-Razgan, O.S.

Al Raziqi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Group Activity Detection by Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Includes: Al Raziqi, A.[Ali] Al-Raziqi, A.[Ali]

Al Regib, G. Co Author Listing * Air-Writing Recognition Part I: Modeling and Recognition of Characters, Words, and Connecting Motions
* Air-Writing Recognition Part II: Detection and Recognition of Writing Activity in Continuous Stream of Motion Data
* Automatic fault tracking across seismic volumes via tracking vectors
* Block-overlap-based validity metric for hybrid de-interlacing
* comparative study of computational aesthetics, A
* Completed local derivative pattern for rotation invariant texture classification
* Cooperative Delivery Techniques to Support Video-on-Demand Service in IPTV Networks
* CSV: Image quality assessment based on color, structure, and visual system
* Curvelet transform with learning-based tiling
* curvelet-based distance measure for seismic images, A
* Feature Processing and Modeling for 6D Motion Gesture Recognition
* Joint Framework for Motion Validity and Estimation Using Block Overlap
* PerSIM: Multi-resolution image quality assessment in the perceptually uniform color domain
* Reduced-reference perceptual quality assessment for video streaming
* ReSIFT: Reliability-weighted sift-based image quality assessment
* Tensor-based subspace learning for tracking salt-dome boundaries
* UNIQUE: Unsupervised Image Quality Estimation
* Weakly-supervised labeling of seismic volumes using reference exemplars
Includes: Al Regib, G. Al Regib, G.[Ghassan]
18 for Al Regib, G.

Al Regib, G.I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Resolution Coding for 3D Scenes using Vector Quantization
* BaTex3: Bit Allocation for Progressive Transmission of Textured 3-D Models
* Bit allocation for joint source and channel coding of progressively compressed 3-D models
* Context-adaptive hybrid variable length coding in H.264/AVC
* Hierarchical motion estimation with content-based meshes
* Improved DCT coefficient distribution modeling for H.264-like video coders based on block classification
* Improved Selective Encryption Techniques for Secure Transmission of MPEG Video Bit-Streams
* joint source and channel coding approach for progressively compressed 3-d mesh transmission, A
* Joint Source and Channel Coding for 3-D Scene Databases Using Vector Quantization and Embedded Parity Objects
* MIQM: A Multicamera Image Quality Measure
* Multi-Streaming of Visual Scenes with Scalable Partial Reliability
* Multimedia Quality Assessment
* Multistreaming of 3-D Scenes With Optimized Transmission and Rendering Scalability
* On-demand transmission of 3D models over lossy networks
* Parity-Object Embedded Streaming for Synthetic Graphics
* Three-dimensional position and amplitude VLC coding in H.264/AVC
* Vector Quantization in Multiresolution Mesh Compression
* Vector Quantization in Multiresolution Mesh Compression
Includes: Al Regib, G.I. Al-Regib, G.I. Al Regib, G.I.[Ghassan I.] Al-Regib, G.I.[Ghassan I.]
18 for Al Regib, G.I.

Al Rousan, M. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Arabic Sign Language Alphabet Using Polynomial Classifiers
* Spatio-Temporal Feature-Extraction Techniques for Isolated Gesture Recognition in Arabic Sign Language
Includes: Al Rousan, M. Al-Rousan, M.

Al Rozz, M. Co Author Listing * Parallel Architectures Adapted to Image Processing and Their Limits

Al Ruzouq, R.[Rami] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric and Lidar Data Registration Using Linear Features
* Semi-Automatic Registration of Multi-Source Satellite Imagery with Varying Geometric Resolutions
Includes: Al Ruzouq, R.[Rami] Al-Ruzouq, R.[Rami]

Al Sabbagh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * RapidScat Cross-Calibration Using the Double Difference Technique
Includes: Al Sabbagh, A.[Ali] Al-Sabbagh, A.[Ali]

Al Saddik, H.[Hania] Co Author Listing * efficiency improved recognition algorithm for highly overlapping ellipses: Application to dense bubbly flows, An
* multiscale method for shape recognition of overlapping elliptical particles, A
Includes: Al Saddik, H.[Hania] Al-Saddik, H.[Hania] Al Saddik, H.

Al Sadoun, H.B. Co Author Listing * Hand-Printed Arabic Character Recognition System
* Hand-Printed Arabic Character-Recognition System Using an Artificial Network
* new segmentation technique of Arabic text, A
* new structural technique for recognizing printed Arabic text, A
Includes: Al Sadoun, H.B. Al-Sadoun, H.B.

Al Saeed, D.H.[Duaa H.] Co Author Listing * new image segmentation method based On 3-dimensional entropic thresholding using a 3-dimensional (GLLALE) histogram, A

Al Safadi, E. Co Author Listing * Generalized activity recognition using accelerometer in wearable devices for IoT applications

Al Sagban, M. Co Author Listing * Neural-based navigation of a differential-drive mobile robot
Includes: Al Sagban, M. Al-Sagban, M.

Al Sahaf, H. Co Author Listing * Binary image classification using genetic programming based on local binary patterns
* hybrid Genetic Programming approach to feature detection and image classification, A
Includes: Al Sahaf, H. Al-Sahaf, H. Al-Sahaf, H.[Harith]

Al Salmi, H. Co Author Listing * Role Assessment of GIS Analysis and Its Reliability While Ranking Urban Sustainability Using Scenarios Specific to Regional Climate, Community and Culture

Al Sarayreh, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Detection and spatial analysis of fairy circles
* Detection of Adulteration in Red Meat Species Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Includes: Al Sarayreh, M.[Mahmoud] Al-Sarayreh, M.[Mahmoud]

Al Sarraf, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * approach for evaluating robustness of edge operators using real-world driving scenes, An
* Ground Truth and Performance Evaluation of Lane Border Detection
Includes: Al Sarraf, A.[Ali] Al-Sarraf, A.[Ali]

Al Sarray, B.[Basad] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Prony's method by nuclear norm penalization and extension to missing data

Al Sayel, M. Co Author Listing * International Boundary Making: Three Case Studies

Al Semari, S.A.[Saud A.] Co Author Listing * Improved Selective Encryption Techniques for Secure Transmission of MPEG Video Bit-Streams
Includes: Al Semari, S.A.[Saud A.] Al-Semari, S.A.[Saud A.]

Al Shabili, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Optimal Sparsity Tradeoff in L_0-NLMS Algorithm
Includes: Al Shabili, A.[Abdullah] Al-Shabili, A.[Abdullah]

Al Shagoor, B.[Balkees] Co Author Listing * Automatic diacritization of Arabic text using recurrent neural networks
Includes: Al Shagoor, B.[Balkees] Al-Shagoor, B.[Balkees]

Al Shaher, A.A.[Abdullah A.] Co Author Listing * Arabic Character Recognition Using Structural Shape Decomposition
* Arabic Character Recognition with Shape Mixtures
* Articulated Shape Mixtures for Object Recognition
* Fast on-line learning of point distribution models
* Hierarchical Framework for Shape Recognition Using Articulated Shape Mixtures, A
* Learning mixtures of point distribution models with the EM algorithm
* Probabilistic Framework for Articulated Shape Recognition, A
Includes: Al Shaher, A.A.[Abdullah A.] Al-Shaher, A.A.[Abdullah A.] Al-Shaher, A.A.
7 for Al Shaher, A.A.

Al Shahri, M. Co Author Listing * Line Matching in Wide-Baseline Stereo: A Top-Down Approach
Includes: Al Shahri, M. Al-Shahri, M.

Al Shaikhli, S.D.S.[Saif Dawood Salman] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor classification using sparse coding and dictionary learning
* Coupled Dictionary Learning for Automatic Multi-Label Brain Tumor Segmentation in Flair MRI images
* Medical Image Segmentation Using Multi-level Set Partitioning with Topological Graph Prior
Includes: Al Shaikhli, S.D.S.[Saif Dawood Salman] Al-Shaikhli, S.D.S.[Saif Dawood Salman]

Al Shakarji, N.[Noor] Co Author Listing * Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Al Shakarji, N.[Noor] Al-Shakarji, N.[Noor]

Al Shamakhi, N. Co Author Listing * Image compression using transformed vector quantization
Includes: Al Shamakhi, N. Al-Shamakhi, N.

Al Shamisi, A. Co Author Listing * Towards a theoretical framework for an active cyber situational awareness model
Includes: Al Shamisi, A. Al-Shamisi, A.

Al Shammari, E.T. Co Author Listing * Protecting Patient Privacy against Unauthorized Release of Medical Images Using Weighted Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Includes: Al Shammari, E.T. Al-Shammari, E.T.

Al Sharadqah, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Renormalization Returns: Hyper-renormalization and Its Applications
* Second-Order Performance Analysis and Unbiased Estimation for the Fitting of Concentric Circles
Includes: Al Sharadqah, A.[Ali] Al-Sharadqah, A.[Ali]

Al Sharari, H.D. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Change Detection in Multispectral Remotely Sensed Imagery With Level Set Methods
Includes: Al Sharari, H.D. Al-Sharari, H.D.

Al Sharif, S.M.S.[Sharif M. S.] Co Author Listing * fast Geodesic Active Contour model for medical images segmentation using prior analysis, A

Al Shaykh, O.K. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the special issue on multimedia implementation
* Invariant Image-Analysis Based on Radon-Transform and SVD
* Lossy Compression of Images Corrupted by Film Grain Noise
* Lossy Compression of Noisy Images
* Minimum-Drift Digital Video Downconversion
* Restoration of Lossy Compressed Noisy Images
* Video Compression Using Matching Pursuits
Includes: Al Shaykh, O.K. Al-Shaykh, O.K. Al-Shaykh, O.K.[Osama K.]
7 for Al Shaykh, O.K.

Al Shehhi, B. Co Author Listing * GIS-based Multi-criteria Evaluation System For Selection Of Landfill Sites: a case study from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, A

Al Shiha, A.A.M.[Abeer A. Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Multi-linear neighborhood preserving projection for face recognition
Includes: Al Shiha, A.A.M.[Abeer A. Mohamad] Al-Shiha, A.A.M.[Abeer A. Mohamad]

Al Shuhail, A.A.[Abdullatif A.] Co Author Listing * Seismic array response in the presence of a dipping shallow layer
Includes: Al Shuhail, A.A.[Abdullatif A.] Al-Shuhail, A.A.[Abdullatif A.]

Al Shukri, H.[Haydar] Co Author Listing * Attribute analyses of GPR data for heavy minerals exploration
* Texture analysis of GPR data as a tool for depicting soil mineralogy
Includes: Al Shukri, H.[Haydar] Al-Shukri, H.[Haydar]

Al Shuwaihi, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of LULC changes and urban expansion of the resort city of Al Ain using remote sensing and GIS

Al Smadi, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Fitting ARMA models to linear non-Gaussian processes using higher order statistics
Includes: Al Smadi, A.[Adnan] Al-Smadi, A.[Adnan]

Al Ssulami, A.M.[Abdulrakeeb M.] Co Author Listing * Discovering common recurrent patterns in multiple strings over large alphabets
Includes: Al Ssulami, A.M.[Abdulrakeeb M.] Al-Ssulami, A.M.[Abdulrakeeb M.]

Al Subari, K. Co Author Listing * Combined EMD-ICA Analysis of Simultaneously Register EEG-fMRI Data, A
Includes: Al Subari, K. Al-Subari, K.

Al Suhail, G.A. Co Author Listing * Error-Resilience of TCP-Friendly Video Transmission over Wireless Channel
Includes: Al Suhail, G.A. Al-Suhail, G.A.

Al Suhili, R.[Rafea] Co Author Listing * Guidance Index for Shallow Landslide Hazard Analysis
Includes: Al Suhili, R.[Rafea] Al-Suhili, R.[Rafea]

Al Sukker, A.[Akram] Co Author Listing * Orthogonal Locality Sensitive Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis in Sleep-Stage Scoring

Al Sulaiti, F. Co Author Listing * National Commitment Towards Conserving the Heritage (Documentation of Historical and Cultural Sites in GCC Countries), The

Al Sultan, K.S.[Khaled S.] Co Author Listing * global algorithm for the fuzzy clustering problem, A
* Tabu search approach to the clustering problem, A
* TABU Search Based Algorithm for the Fuzzy Clustering Problem, A
Includes: Al Sultan, K.S.[Khaled S.] Al-Sultan, K.S.[Khaled S.]

Al Sumaidaee, S.A.M.[Saadoon A.M.] Co Author Listing * Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
* Robust feature extraction and salvage schemes for finger texture based biometrics
Includes: Al Sumaidaee, S.A.M.[Saadoon A.M.] Al-Sumaidaee, S.A.M.[Saadoon A.M.]

Al Suwailem, U. Co Author Listing * Multichannel Image Identification and Restoration Using Continuous Spatial Domain Modeling
Includes: Al Suwailem, U. Al-Suwailem, U.

Al Taee, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Automatic diacritization of Arabic text using recurrent neural networks
Includes: Al Taee, M.[Majid] Al-Taee, M.[Majid]

Al Tahir, R. Co Author Listing * Integrating UAV into Geomatics Curriculum
Includes: Al Tahir, R. Al-Tahir, R.

Al Takrouri, S.[Saleh] Co Author Listing * model validation approach to texture recognition and inpainting, A
Includes: Al Takrouri, S.[Saleh] Al-Takrouri, S.[Saleh]

Al Tam, F.[Faroq] Co Author Listing * Iterative illumination correction with implicit regularization
Includes: Al Tam, F.[Faroq] Al-Tam, F.[Faroq]

Al Tarawneh, R. Co Author Listing * 3DintEx: A tool to explore interactively the structural and behavioral aspects of system models in 3D environments
* Reflection Layer Extension to the Stereoscopic Highlight Technique for Node-Link Diagrams: An Empirical Study, The
* Utilization of variation in stereoscopic depth for encoding aspects of non-spatial data
Includes: Al Tarawneh, R. Al Tarawneh, R.[Ragaad]

Al Tarazi, K. Co Author Listing * Large System Decision Fusion Performance in Inhomogeneous Sensor Networks
Includes: Al Tarazi, K. Al-Tarazi, K.

Al Tayyan, A.[Amer] Co Author Listing * Decision-level fusion for single-view gait recognition with various carrying and clothing conditions
Includes: Al Tayyan, A.[Amer] Al-Tayyan, A.[Amer]

Al Temeemy, A.A.[Ali A.] Co Author Listing * Invariant chromatic descriptor for LADAR data processing
Includes: Al Temeemy, A.A.[Ali A.] Al-Temeemy, A.A.[Ali A.]

Al Waisy, A.S.[Alaa S.] Co Author Listing * multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition, A
Includes: Al Waisy, A.S.[Alaa S.] Al-Waisy, A.S.[Alaa S.]

Al Yaari, A.[Amen] Co Author Listing * Global-Scale Evaluation of Roughness Effects on C-Band AMSR-E Observations
* Long Term Global Surface Soil Moisture Fields Using an SMOS-Trained Neural Network Applied to AMSR-E Data
* Rebuilding Long Time Series Global Soil Moisture Products Using the Neural Network Adopting the Microwave Vegetation Index
* SMOS-IC: An Alternative SMOS Soil Moisture and Vegetation Optical Depth Product
Includes: Al Yaari, A.[Amen] Al-Yaari, A.[Amen]

Al Yaseen, W.L.[Wathiq Laftah] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-agent system for an adaptive intrusion detection system
Includes: Al Yaseen, W.L.[Wathiq Laftah] Al-Yaseen, W.L.[Wathiq Laftah]

Al Yousefi, H. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Arabic Characters
Includes: Al Yousefi, H. Al-Yousefi, H.

al Zahir, S.[Saif] Co Author Listing * Color maps and graphs compression

Al Zaid, F.A. Co Author Listing * Empirical Model of Volume Scattering From Dry Sand-Covered Surfaces at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies, An
Includes: Al Zaid, F.A. Al-Zaid, F.A.

Al Zaydi, Z.Q.H.[Zeyad Q.H.] Co Author Listing * adaptive people counting system with dynamic features selection and occlusion handling, An
Includes: Al Zaydi, Z.Q.H.[Zeyad Q.H.] Al-Zaydi, Z.Q.H.[Zeyad Q.H.]

Al Zoubi, K. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the effectiveness of portable variable message signs in work zones in United Arab Emirates
Includes: Al Zoubi, K. Al-Zoubi, K.

Al Zoubi, M.B.[Moh'd B.] Co Author Listing * Image contrast enhancement using geometric mean filter
Includes: Al Zoubi, M.B.[Moh'd B.] Al-Zoubi, M.B.[Moh'd B.]

Al Zoubi, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Detecting Naturalistic Expressions of Nonbasic Affect Using Physiological Signals

Al Zubaidy, H. Co Author Listing * Reliable Video Streaming With Strict Playout Deadline in Multihop Wireless Networks
Includes: Al Zubaidy, H. Al-Zubaidy, H.

Al Zubi, S. Co Author Listing * Deformable structural models
* Extending Active Shape Models to Incorporate a-priori Knowledge about Structural Variability
* Generalizing the Active Shape Model by Integrating Structural Knowledge to Recognize Hand Drawn Sketches
* Learning Deformations of Human Arm Movement to Adapt to Environmental Constraints
* Learning to Imitate Human Movement to Adapt to Environmental Changes
* Learning to Mimic Motion of Human Arm and Hand Grabbing for Constraint Adaptation
* Segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions from mr brain images using the principles of fuzzy-connectedness and artificial neuron networks
* Segmenting Microorganisms in Multi-modal Volumetric Datasets Using a Modified Watershed Transform
* Using an Active Shape Structural Model for Biometric Sketch Recognition
Includes: Al Zubi, S. Al-Zubi, S. Al-Zubi, S.[Stephan]
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