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Alobeid, A. Co Author Listing * Building Height Estimation in Urban Areas from Very High Resolution Satellite Stereo Images
* Building Monitoring with Differential DSMS
* Influence of DEM in Watershed Management As Flood Zonation Mapping
* Influence of GSD for 3D City Modeling And Visualization From Aerial Imagery
* Updating Maps Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Alobeid, A. Alobeid, A.[Abdalla]

Aloimonos, J. Co Author Listing * Direct perception of three-dimensional motion from patterns of visual motion

Aloimonos, J.Y.[John Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Shading into texture and texture into shading: An active approach

Aloimonos, Y.[Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Aloimonos, Y.[Yiannis]: Early listings under J Aloimonos
* email: Aloimonos, Y.[Yiannis]: yiannis AT cfar umd edu
* 3D Motion and Shape Representations in Visual Servo Control
* 3D Motion Representations in Visual Servo Control
* Action Attribute Detection from Sports Videos with Contextual Constraints
* Active Egomotion Estimation: A Qualitative Approach
* Active Perception
* Active scene recognition with vision and language
* Active Segmentation with Fixation
* Active Vision
* Active Vision Revisited
* Active Visual Segmentation
* Algorithm-Independent Stability Analysis of Structure from Motion
* Ambiguity in Structure from Motion: Sphere Versus Plane
* Analysis of Reconstruction from Multiple Views
* Attribute-Based Transfer Learning for Object Categorization with Zero/One Training Example
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Beyond the Epipolar Constraint: Integrating 3D Motion and Structure Estimation
* Changes in Surface Convexity and Topology Caused by Distortions of Stereoscopic Visual Space
* Closed Form Solution to the Structure from Motion Problem from Line Correspondences
* Code: Active Segmentation With Fixation
* Cognitive Dialogue: A new model for vision implementing common sense reasoning, The
* Combining Information In Low-Level Vision
* Complete Calibration of a Multi-camera Network
* Computer Vision
* Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing: Recent Approaches in Multimedia and Robotics
* Confounding of Translation and Rotation in Reconstruction from Multiple Views, The
* Contour Detection and Characterization for Asynchronous Event Sensors
* Contour Motion Estimation for Asynchronous Event-Driven Cameras
* Contour Orientation and Motion
* Coordinated Motion Planning: The Warehousman's Problem with Constraints on Free Space
* Correspondenceless Stereo and Motion: Planar Surfaces
* Deformation and Viewpoint Invariant Color Histograms
* Designing Visual Systems: Purposive Navigation
* Detecting Independent Motion: The Statistics of Temporal Continuity
* Detecting Reflectional Symmetries in 3D Data Through Symmetrical Fitting
* Detection and Segmentation of 2D Curved Reflection Symmetric Structures
* Detection of Manipulation Action Consequences (MAC)
* Determining the 3-D Motion of a Rigid Planar Patch Without Correspondence, under Perspective Projection
* Determining the 3-D Motion of a Rigid Planar Patch Without Correspondence, under Perspective Projection, I. Planar Surfaces, II. Curved Surfaces
* Direct Motion Perception
* Direct Processing of Curvilinear Sensor Motion from a Sequence of Perspective Images
* Directions of Motion Fields Are Hardly Ever Ambiguous
* Early Detection of Independent Motion from Active Control of Normal Image Flow Patterns
* Effects of Errors in the Viewing Geometry on Shape Estimation
* Estimating The Heading Direction Using Normal Flow
* Experimental Study of Color-Based Segmentation Algorithms Based on the Mean-Shift Concept, An
* Exploratory Active Vision
* Exploratory Active Vision: Theory
* Eye design in the plenoptic space of light rays
* Eyes from Eyes
* Eyes from Eyes: Analysis of Camera Design Using Plenoptic Video Geometry
* Eyes from Eyes: New Cameras for Structure from Motion
* Families of Stationary Patterns Producing Illusory Movement: Insights into the Visual System
* Fast 2D border ownership assignment
* Finding Motion Parameters from Spherical Flow Fields (or the Advantages of Having Eyes in the Back of Your Head)
* Geometry and Statistics of Visual Space-Time
* Geometry of Eye Design: Biology and Technology
* geometry of visual interception, The
* Global Rigidity Constraints in Image Displacement Fields
* Grasp type revisited: A modern perspective on a classical feature for vision
* Harmonic Computational Geometry: A new tool for visual correspondence
* hierarchy of cameras for 3D photography, A
* How Normal Flow Constrains Relative Depth for an Active Observer
* Image Transformations and Blurring
* Image Understanding Research at the University of Maryland (January 1988-February 1989)
* Independent Motion: The Importance of History
* influence of shape on image correspondence, The
* Information in the Direction of Image Flow, The
* Integration of Visual and Inertial Information for Egomotion: A Stochastic Approach
* Integration of Visual Modules: An Extension of the Marr Paradigm
* Interaction Between 3D Shape and Motion: Theory and Applications
* Is Correspondence Necessary for the Perception of Structure from Motion?
* Iso-Distortion Contours and Egomotion Estimation
* Language for Human Action, A
* Learning Early-Vision Computations
* Learning shift-invariant sparse representation of actions
* Maryland Progress in Image Understanding
* Medusa Synthesized
* Motion Segmentation for a Binocular Observer
* Motion segmentation using occlusions
* Motion Segmentation: A Synergistic Approach
* Multi-Camera Networks: Eyes from Eyes
* Multi-frame Approach to Visual Motion Perception, A
* Multi-Modality Stereo with Varying Spatial, Temporal, and Spectral Resolution
* Multiple View Image Reconstruction: A Harmonic Approach
* Non-) Rigid Motion Interpretation: A Regularized Approach
* Object Recognition by a Robotic Agent: The Purposive Approach
* Observability of 3D Motion
* Obstacle Avoidance Using Flow Field Divergence
* On the Geometry of Visual Correspondence
* On the Kinetic Depth Effect
* On the Visual Mathematics of Tracking
* Optimal Computing of Structure from Motion Using Point Correspondences in Two Frames
* Optimal Motion Estimation
* Optimal Visual Motion Estimation: A Note
* Ordinal Representations of Visual Space
* Perception of Structure from Motion: I: Optic Flow vs. Discrete Displacements; II: Lower Bound Results
* Perceptual Computational Advantages of Tracking
* Perspective Approximations
* Polydioptric camera design and 3D motion estimation
* Polydioptric Cameras: New Eyes for Structure from Motion
* Principles of Computer Vision
* Probabilistic Analysis of Some Navigation Strategies in a Dynamic Environment
* Probabilistic Framework for Correspondence and Egomotion, A
* Probabilistic Notion of Camera Geometry: Calibrated vs. Uncalibrated, A
* Probabilistic Notion of Correspondence and the Epipolar Constraint, A
* Progress on Vision Through Learning
* Purposive and Qualitative Active Vision
* Purposive, Qualitative, Active Vision
* Qualitative Egomotion
* Qualitative Vision
* Ray Carving with Gradients and Motion
* Relationship Between Optical Flow and Surface Orientation, The
* Relative Depth from Motion Using Normal Flow: An Active and Purposive Solution
* Response to Ignorance, Myopia, and Naivete in Computer Vision Systems by R. C. Jain and T. O. Binford, A
* Roadmap to the Integration of Early Visual Modules, A
* Robust Computations of Intrinsic Images from Multiple Cues
* Robust contrast invariant stereo correspondence
* Robust, Correspondenceless, Translation-Determining Algorithm, A
* Role of Fixation in Visual-Motion Analysis, The
* Rotations, Lines, and Multilinear Constraints
* Seeing and Understanding: Representing the Visual World
* Shadow free segmentation in still images using local density measure
* Shape and 3-D Motion from Contour without Point to Point Correspondences: General Principles
* Shape and the Stereo Correspondence Problem
* Shape for Video: Beyond the Epipolar Constraint
* Shape from Patterns: Regularization
* Shape from Texture
* Shape from Video
* Signals on Pencils of Lines
* Simultaneous estimation of viewing geometry and structure
* Spatio-Temporal Stereo Using Multi-Resolution Subdivision Surfaces
* Spatiotemporal Representations for Visual Navigation
* Spherical Eye from Multiple Cameras (Makes Better Models of the World), A
* Statistical Biases in Optic Flow
* Statistics Explains Geometrical Optical Illusions
* Statistics of Optical Flow, The
* Statistics of Optical Flow: Implications for the Process of Correspondence in Vision, The
* Stereo Correspondence with Slanted Surfaces: Critical Implications of Horizontal Slant
* Structure from Motion of Parallel Lines
* Structure from Motion Using Line Correspondences
* Structure from Motion: Beyond the Epipolar Constraint
* Talking Heads: Introducing the tool of 3D motion fields in the study of action
* Texture, Contour, Shape, and Motion
* Towards a Theory of Direct Perception
* Tracking in a complex visual environment
* Unification and Integration of Visual Modules: An Extension of the Marr Paradigm
* Unified Theory of Structure from Motion, A
* Unifying Shading and Texture Through an Active Observer
* Using Flow Field Divergence for Obstacle Avoidance: Towards Qualitative Vision
* View-Invariant Modeling and Recognition of Human Actions Using Grammars
* Vision and Action
* Visual Motion Analysis under Interceptive Behavior
* Visual Navigation
* Visual Navigation: Flies, Bees, and UGV's
* Visual Navigation: From Biological Systems to Unmanned Ground Vehicles
* Visual Shape Computation
* Visual Space Distortion
* Visual space-time geometry: A tool for perception and the imagination
* What I Have Learned: Reply
* What Is Computed by Structure from Motion Algorithms?
* Which Shape from Motion?
* Who killed the directed model?
Includes: Aloimonos, Y.[Yiannis] Aloimonos, Y. Aloimonos, Y.[Yannis] Aloimonos, Y.[Yiannis (John)]
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Aloise, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * NP-Hardness of balanced minimum sum-of-squares clustering
* VNS heuristic for escaping local extrema entrapment in normalized cut clustering, A

Aloisio, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Near real-time parallel processing and advanced data management of SAR images in grid environments

Alokozai, W.U. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Widely Linear Reduced-Rank Beamforming Based on Joint Iterative Optimization

Alolfe, M.A.[Mohammed A.] Co Author Listing * Computer aided diagnosis in digital mammography using combined support vector machine and linear discriminant analyasis classification

Alom, M.Z.[M. Zahangir] Co Author Listing * fast single-image super-resolution via directional edge-guided regularized extreme learning regression, A

Alomari, R.S.[Raja S.] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of stromal tissue in histology images using a voting Bayesian model
* Labeling of Lumbar Discs Using Both Pixel- and Object-Level Features With a Two-Level Probabilistic Model
* Segmentation and localisation of whole slide images using unsupervised learning
Includes: Alomari, R.S.[Raja S.] Alomari, R.S.

Alon, E. Co Author Listing * Design of Energy- and Cost-Efficient Massive MIMO Arrays
* Reliable Next-Generation Cortical Interfaces for Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces and Neuroscience

Alon, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Gesture Spotting via Pruning and Subgesture Reasoning
* BoostMap: a method for efficient approximate similarity rankings
* BoostMap: An Embedding Method for Efficient Nearest Neighbor Retrieval
* Discovering clusters in motion time-series data
* Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classification Using a Cascade of Approximate Similarity Measures
* Estimating 3D Body Pose using Uncalibrated Cameras
* Online and offline character recognition using alignment to prototypes
* Recursive Estimation of Motion and Planar Structure
* Simultaneous Localization and Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures
* Tracking, analysis, and recognition of human gestures in video
* Unified Framework for Gesture Recognition and Spatiotemporal Gesture Segmentation, A
* View registration using interesting segments of planar trajectories
Includes: Alon, J.[Jonathan] Alon, J.
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Alon, Y.[Yaniv] Co Author Listing * Off-road Path Following using Region Classification and Geometric Projection Constraints

Aloni, D.[Doron] Co Author Listing * Integral imaging for 3D object detection

Alonso Arroyo, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * On the Synergy of Airborne GNSS-R and Landsat 8 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Retrieval of Significant Wave Height and Mean Sea Surface Level Using the GNSS-R Interference Pattern Technique: Results From a Three-Month Field Campaign
* Sea Ice Detection Using U.K. TDS-1 GNSS-R Data
Includes: Alonso Arroyo, A.[Alberto] Alonso-Arroyo, A.[Alberto] Alonso-Arroyo, A.

Alonso Atienza, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Contributions of the 12 Segments of Left Ventricular Myocardium to the Body Surface Potentials
* Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography: Estimating the Location of Cardiac Ischemia in a 3D Realistic Geometry
* Numerical Analysis of the Resolution of Surface Electrocardiographic Lead Systems
Includes: Alonso Atienza, F.[Felipe] Alonso-Atienza, F.[Felipe]

Alonso Ayuso, A. Co Author Listing * Collision Avoidance in Air Traffic Management: A Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization Approach
Includes: Alonso Ayuso, A. Alonso-Ayuso, A.

Alonso Baryolo, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Pedestrian Height Using Uncalibrated Cameras
* Persistent homology-based gait recognition robust to upper body variations
Includes: Alonso Baryolo, R.[Raul] Alonso-Baryolo, R.[Raúl] Alonso-Baryolo, R.

Alonso Bayal, J.C. Co Author Listing * Real-time tracking and identification on an intelligent IR-based surveillance system
Includes: Alonso Bayal, J.C. Alonso-Bayal, J.C.

Alonso Benito, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Fusion of WorldView-2 and LiDAR Data to Map Fuel Types in the Canary Islands
Includes: Alonso Benito, A.[Alfonso] Alonso-Benito, A.[Alfonso]

Alonso Betanzos, A.[Amparo] Co Author Listing * Analysis and evaluation of hard and fuzzy clustering segmentation techniques in burned patient images
* ensemble of filters and classifiers for microarray data classification, An
* Fault detection via recurrence time statistics and one-class classification
* framework for cost-based feature selection, A
* Minimum Volume Covering Approach with a Set of Ellipsoids, A
* new convex objective function for the supervised learning of single-layer neural networks, A
* Nonlinear single layer neural network training algorithm for incremental, nonstationary and distributed learning scenarios
Includes: Alonso Betanzos, A.[Amparo] Alonso-Betanzos, A.[Amparo] Alonso-Betanzos, A.
7 for Alonso Betanzos, A.

Alonso Cruz, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology
Includes: Alonso Cruz, J.[Juan] Alonso-Cruz, J.[Juan]

Alonso de Diego, D. Co Author Listing * Unambiguous Techniques Modernized GNSS Signals: Surveying the solutions

Alonso Fernandez, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Measures for Predicting Performance in Off-Line Signature
* Best regions for periocular recognition with NIR and visible images
* Compact multi-scale periocular recognition using SAFE features
* Comparison of fingerprint quality measures using an optical and a capacitive sensor
* Experimental analysis regarding the influence of iris segmentation on the recognition rate
* Forensic Writer Identification Using Allographic Features
* Fusion of static image and dynamic information for signature verification
* Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation, A
* Iris Super-Resolution Using Iterative Neighbor Embedding
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* On the Effects of Time Variability in Iris Recognition
* Periocular Recognition Using Retinotopic Sampling and Gabor Decomposition
* Quality-Based Conditional Processing in Multi-Biometrics: Application to Sensor Interoperability
* Real-time AdaBoost cascade face tracker based on likelihood map and optical flow
* Robustness of Signature Verification Systems to Imitators with Increasing Skills
* Scenario-based score fusion for face recognition at a distance
* Sensor Interoperability and Fusion in Fingerprint Verification: A Case Study using Minutiae-and Ridge-Based Matchers
* Sensor Interoperability and Fusion in Signature Verification: A Case Study Using Tablet PC
* survey on periocular biometrics research, A
Includes: Alonso Fernandez, F. Alonso-Fernandez, F. Alonso-Fernandez, F.[Fernando]
19 for Alonso Fernandez, F.

Alonso Gonzalez, A. Co Author Listing * Agricultural monitoring with polarimetric SAR time series
* Assessment and Estimation of the RVoG Model in Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
* Bilateral Distance Based Filtering for Polarimetric SAR Data
* Filtering and Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Data Based on Binary Partition Trees
* Perturbation Analysis of Eigenvector-Based Target Decomposition Theorems in Radar Polarimetry
* PolSAR Time Series Processing With Binary Partition Trees
* Processing Multidimensional SAR and Hyperspectral Images With Binary Partition Tree
* Processing polarimetric SAR time series over urban areas with binary partition trees
Includes: Alonso Gonzalez, A. Alonso-Gonzalez, A. Alonso-González, A.[Alberto]
8 for Alonso Gonzalez, A.

Alonso Gonzalez, C.J. Co Author Listing * Integration of Simulation and State Observers for Online Fault Detection of Nonlinear Continuous Systems
Includes: Alonso Gonzalez, C.J. Alonso-Gonzalez, C.J.

Alonso Hermira, N. Co Author Listing * Off-line Signature Verification System Based on Fusion of Local and Global Information, An

Alonso Hernandez, J.B.[Jesus B.] Co Author Listing * Improving Spider Recognition Based on Biometric Web Analysis
* Offline Signature Verification Based on Pseudo-Cepstral Coefficients
Includes: Alonso Hernandez, J.B.[Jesus B.] Alonso-Hernández, J.B.[Jesús B.] Alonso Hernandez, J.B.[Jesus Bernandino]

Alonso Martirena, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Brahan Project High Frequency Radar Ocean Measurements: Currents, Winds, Waves and Their Interactions
Includes: Alonso Martirena, A.[Andres] Alonso-Martirena, A.[Andres]

Alonso Monasterio, P.[Pau] Co Author Listing * AR-Immersive Cinema at the Aula Natura Visitors Center
Includes: Alonso Monasterio, P.[Pau] Alonso-Monasterio, P.[Pau]

Alonso Montes, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Certainty Measure of Pairwise Line Segment Perceptual Relations Using Fuzzy Logic
* Industrial Non-intrusive Coded-Target Identification and Decoding Application
Includes: Alonso Montes, C.[Carmen] Alonso-Montes, C.[Carmen]

Alonso Moreno, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic remote evaluation system for biometric testing
* Evaluation methodology for analyzing environment influence in biometrics
Includes: Alonso Moreno, R. Alonso-Moreno, R.

Alonso Perez, V. Co Author Listing * foveation technique applied to face de-identification, A
Includes: Alonso Perez, V. Alonso-Pérez, V.

Alonso Ramirez, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Perspective Reconstruction by Determining Vanishing Points for Autonomous Mobile Robot Visual Localization on Supermarkets
Includes: Alonso Ramirez, O.[Oscar] Alonso-Ramirez, O.[Oscar]

Alonso Sarria, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Improving Classification Accuracy of Multi-Temporal Landsat Images by Assessing the Use of Different Algorithms, Textural and Ancillary Information for a Mediterranean Semiarid Area from 2000 to 2015
* Optimal Combination of Classification Algorithms and Feature Ranking Methods for Object-Based Classification of Submeter Resolution Z/I-Imaging DMC Imagery
Includes: Alonso Sarria, F.[Francisco] Alonso-Sarría, F.[Francisco]

Alonso, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * cytoskeleton linearity measure, A
* Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Cloud Scheduling Strategies in Distributed Videoconferencing Systems, A
* Use of Landsat and SRTM Data to Detect Broad-Scale Biodiversity Patterns in Northwestern Amazonia
Includes: Alonso, A.[Alejandra] Alonso, Á. Alonso, A.

Alonso, A.G.[Andres Gago] Co Author Listing * ACONS: A New Algorithm for Clustering Documents
Includes: Alonso, A.G.[Andres Gago] Alonso, A.G.[Andrés Gago]

Alonso, C. Co Author Listing * Handling Topological Changes in the Topological Active Volumes Model

Alonso, C.J. Co Author Listing * Rotation Forest: A New Classifier Ensemble Method

Alonso, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of microaneurysms in diabetic retinopathy fundus images using the L*a*b color space
* Robust Vehicle Detection Through Multidimensional Classification for on Board Video Based Systems
Includes: Alonso, D.[Diego] Alonso, D.[Daniel]

Alonso, E. Co Author Listing * Conditional Regressive Random Forest Stereo-Based Hand Depth Recovery
* Hand Pose Estimation Using Deep Stereovision and Markov-Chain Monte Carlo
* HandyDepth: Example-based stereoscopic hand depth estimation using Eigen Leaf Node Features
* Phenotypic Integrated Framework for Classification of ADHD Using fMRI
Includes: Alonso, E. Alonso, E.[Eduardo]

Alonso, I. Co Author Listing * Coral-Segmentation: Training Dense Labeling Models with Sparse Ground Truth

Alonso, J. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Maneuvering in Close Environments Among Cybercars and Dual-Mode Cars
* Empirical Evaluation of Different Feature Representations for Social Circles Detection
Includes: Alonso, J. Alonso, J.[Jesús]

Alonso, J.B.[Jesus B.] Co Author Listing * Fused intra-bimodal face verification approach based on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and a vocabulary tree
* Off-line Handwritten Signature GPDS-960 Corpus
* Off-line Signature Verification Based on Gray Level Information Using Wavelet Transform and Texture Features
* Off-line signature verification based on grey level information using texture features
* Off-line Signature Verification System Performance against Image Acquisition Resolution
* Offline geometric parameters for automatic signature verification using fixed-point arithmetic
* Review of Automatic Fault Diagnosis Systems Using Audio and Vibration Signals
* Using a Discrete Hidden Markov Model Kernel for lip-based biometric identification
* Wide band spectroscopic skin detection for contactless hand biometrics
Includes: Alonso, J.B.[Jesus B.] Alonso, J.B.[Jesús B.] Alonso, J.B.
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Alonso, J.I. Co Author Listing * Through-the-Wall Surveillance With Millimeter-Wave LFMCW Radars

Alonso, K. Co Author Listing * Cloud based N-dimensional weather forecast visualization tool with image analysis capabilities

Alonso, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * 2013 FLEX: US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA, The
* Affine Illumination Compensation on Hyperspectral/Multiangular Remote Sensing Images
* Angular Dependency of Hyperspectral Measurements over Wheat Characterized by a Novel UAV Based Goniometer
* Assessment of Approximations in Aerosol Optical Properties and Vertical Distribution into FLEX Atmospherically-Corrected Surface Reflectance and Retrieved Sun-Induced Fluorescence
* Behavior of the Laplacian of Gaussian Extrema
* Diurnal Cycle Relationships between Passive Fluorescence, PRI and NPQ of Vegetation in a Controlled Stress Experiment
* FLEX End-to-End Mission Performance Simulator
* Gridding Artifacts on Medium-Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: MERIS Case Study
* How Universal Is the Relationship between Remotely Sensed Vegetation Indices and Crop Leaf Area Index? A Global Assessment
* Impact of Atmospheric Inversion Effects on Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence: Exploitation of the Apparent Reflectance as a Quality Indicator
* Multitemporal fusion of Landsat and MERIS images
* Optimizing LUT-Based RTM Inversion for Semiautomatic Mapping of Crop Biophysical Parameters from Sentinel-2 and -3 Data: Role of Cost Functions
* RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarized Time Series for Monitoring Crop and Soil Conditions in Barrax, Spain, A
Includes: Alonso, L.[Luis] Alonso, L.
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Alonso, M. Co Author Listing * Developing human-machine interaction components for a driver assistance system for safe speed and safe distance
* Patterns of use, perceived benefits and reported effects of access to navigation support systems: an inter-European field operational test
* Scanning Scallops in 3-D
Includes: Alonso, M. Alonso, M.[Marta]

Alonso, M.C.[Maria C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Classification of Pole-Like Objects in Urban Point Cloud Data Using an Anomaly Detection Algorithm
* Classification of High Resolution Satellite Images Using Texture from the Panchromatic Band
* Classification of Multispectral High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using LIDAR Elevation Data
* Morphological Operations to Extract Urban Curbs in 3D MLS Point Clouds
* projection pursuit algorithm for anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery, A
* Semi-Automatic Detection of Swimming Pools from Aerial High-Resolution Images and LIDAR Data
* Spatial Contextual Postclassification Method for Preserving Linear Objects in Multispectral Imagery, A
Includes: Alonso, M.C.[Maria C.] Alonso, M.C.[María C.] Alonso, M.C.
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Alonso, M.T. Co Author Listing * Time and energy modeling of an INTRA-ONLY HEVC encoder

Alonso, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy mathematical morphology for color images defined by fuzzy preference relations

Alonso, R. Co Author Listing * Eliminating redundancy and irrelevance using a new MLP-based feature selection method
* Toward a combined tool to assist dermatologists in melanoma detection from dermoscopic images of pigmented skin lesions
Includes: Alonso, R. Alonso, R.[Rodrigo]

Alonso, T. Co Author Listing * On TB-SVQ based motion compensated DCT coding of videoconference sequences
* Qatris iManager: a general purpose CBIR system
* Testing Geodesic Active Contours

Alorf, A.[Abdulaziz] Co Author Listing * Improved Face and Head Detection Based on Traditional Middle Eastern Clothing

Alotaibi, A.[Aziz] Co Author Listing * Deep face liveness detection based on nonlinear diffusion using convolution neural network

Alotaibi, K. Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a high level programming environment for FPGA-based image processing
* environment for generating FPGA architectures for image algebra-based algorithms, An

Alotaibi, M.[Munif] Co Author Listing * Improved gait recognition based on specialized deep convolutional neural network
* Improved Gait recognition based on specialized deep convolutional neural networks
* Reducing covariate factors of gait recognition using feature selection and dictionary-based sparse coding

Alotaibi, S. Co Author Listing * Biophysical 3D Morphable Model of Face Appearance, A
* Empirical Comparison of Visual Descriptors for Multiple Bleeding Spots Recognition in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Video
Includes: Alotaibi, S. Alotaibi, S.[Sarah]

Alotaibi, Y.A.[Yousef Ajami] Co Author Listing * Speech Recognition System of Arabic Alphabet Based on a Telephony Arabic Corpus

Alotaiby, F.[Fahad] Co Author Listing * Speech Recognition System of Arabic Alphabet Based on a Telephony Arabic Corpus

Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki Hadj] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised 3D reconstruction of the knee joint from MR images using a volumetric Active Appearance Model
Includes: Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki Hadj] Alouane, M. .T.H.[M. Turki-Hadj]

Alouani, A.T. Co Author Listing * Multisensor Tracking System with an Image-Based Maneuver Detector, A

Aloui, K. Co Author Listing * New biometric approach based on geometrical humain brain patterns recognition: Some preliminary results

Aloui, N.[Noureddine] Co Author Listing * Smartphone application for medical images secured exchange based on encryption using the matrix product and the exclusive addition

Aloui, S.[Soraya] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Based on Riesz Transform

Alouini, M.S. Co Author Listing * Bit Error-Rate Minimizing Detector for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems Using Generalized Gaussian Kernel
* Distributed Estimation Based on Observations Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Joint Preprocesser-Based Detector for Cooperative Networks with Limited Hardware Processing Capability
* Numerically Stable Evaluation of Moments of Random Gram Matrices With Applications
* Receive Antenna Selection for Underlay Cognitive Radio with Instantaneous Interference Constraint
* Suboptimal Scheme for Multi-User Scheduling in Gaussian Broadcast Channels, A

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