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Ambadar, Z. Co Author Listing * AAM Derived Face Representations for Robust Facial Action Recognition
* Automatic recognition of eye blinking in spontaneously occurring behavior
* Comparative Study of Alternative FACS Coding Algorithms, A
* Extended Cohn-Kanade Dataset (CK+): A complete dataset for action unit and emotion-specified expression, The
* Multimodal coordination of facial action, head rotation, and eye motion during spontaneous smiles
* Observer-based measurement of facial expression with the Facial Action Coding System
* painful face: Pain expression recognition using active appearance models, The
* Temporal Segmentation of Facial Behavior
Includes: Ambadar, Z. Ambadar, Z.[Zara]
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Ambai, M.[Mitsuru] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Feature Representation for Object Recognition in Client Server System
* Augmenting Training Samples with a Large Number of Rough Segmentation Datasets
* Binary-Decomposed DCNN for Accelerating Computation and Compressing Model Without Retraining
* CARD: Compact And Real-time Descriptors
* Dimensionality Reduction for Histogram Features Based on Supervised Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Keypoint detection by cascaded FAST
* Multiple-Hypothesis Affine Region Estimation with Anisotropic LoG Filters
* SPADE: Scalar Product Accelerator by Integer Decomposition for Object Detection
Includes: Ambai, M.[Mitsuru] Ambai, M.
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Ambale Venkatesh, B.[Bharath] Co Author Listing * Orthogonal Shape Modes Describing Clinical Indices of Remodeling
Includes: Ambale Venkatesh, B.[Bharath] Ambale-Venkatesh, B.[Bharath]

Ambardekar, A.[Amol] Co Author Listing * Genetic Approach to Training Support Vector Data Descriptors for Background Modeling in Video Data, A
* Vehicle classification framework: a comparative study

Ambasamudram, R.[Rajagopalan] Co Author Listing * HDR Imaging under Non-uniform Blurring

Ambastha, A.K.[Abhinit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Automated Prediction of Glasgow Outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury

Ambati, V.[Vamshi] Co Author Listing * Digitizing a Million Books: Challenges for Document Analysis

Ambeck Madsen, J. Co Author Listing * Predicting the Perceptual Demands of Urban Driving with Video Regression
Includes: Ambeck Madsen, J. Ambeck-Madsen, J.

Ambekar, O.[Onkar] Co Author Listing * Distance Measures for Gabor Jets-Based Face Authentication: A Comparative Evaluation

Ambellouis, A. Co Author Listing * Equisolid Fisheye Stereovision Calibration and Point Cloud Computation

Ambellouis, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * 1D approach to correlation-based stereo matching, A
* Altered Image Alignment Technique for 3D Motion Estimation of a Reflective Sphere, An
* Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation
* bottom-up, view-point invariant human detector, A
* Data Association in Multi-Target Tracking Using Belief Theory: Handling Target Emergence and Disappearance Issue
* Exploiting 3D geometric primitives for multicamera pedestrian detection
* HHMM-Based Approach for Robust Fall Detection, A
* Joint audio-video people tracking using belief theory
* Real-Time, Multiview Fall Detection System: A LHMM-Based Approach, A
* robust appearance model for tracking human motions, A
* Velocity Selective Filters Recursively Implemented in the Spatiotemporal Domain
* Velocity selective spatio-temporal filters for motion analysis in image sequence
Includes: Ambellouis, S.[Sebastien] Ambellouis, S.[Sébastien] Ambellouis, S.
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Amberg, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Model for Pose and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition, A
* Expression invariant 3D face recognition with a Morphable Model
* Face Reconstruction from Skull Shapes and Physical Attributes
* GraphTrack: Fast and globally optimal tracking in videos
* On compositional Image Alignment, with an application to Active Appearance Models
* Optimal landmark detection using shape models and branch and bound
* Optimal Step Nonrigid ICP Algorithms for Surface Registration
* Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
* Weight, Sex, and Facial Expressions: On the Manipulation of Attributes in Generative 3D Face Models
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Amberg, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Local Regression Based Statistical Model Fitting

Amberg, V. Co Author Listing * Attitude Assessment Using Pleiades-HR Capabilities
* Geolocation Assessment of MERIS GlobCover Orthorectified Products
* Pleiades HR in Flight Geometrical Calibration: Location and Mapping of The Focal Plane
* Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning
* Pleiades-HR Innovative Techniques For Geometric Image Quality Commissioning

Amberker, B.B. Co Author Listing * Steganographic Scheme For Gray-level Image Using Pixel Neighborhood And LSB Substitution

Ambika, D.R. Co Author Listing * Periocular authentication based on FEM using Laplace-Beltrami eigenvalues

Ambikairajah, E.[Eliathamby] Co Author Listing * Combining Cepstral and Prosodic Features in Language Identification
* Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Gene Finding in Eukaryotes
* Multi-lingual Phoneme Recognition and Language Identification Using Phonotactic Information
* Speaker Verification Using A Novel Set of Dynamic Features
* Study of Voice Source and Vocal Tract Filter Based Features in Cognitive Load Classification, A

Ambikapathi, A. Co Author Listing * Chance-Constrained Robust Minimum-Volume Enclosing Simplex Algorithm for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Hyperspectral Data Geometry-Based Estimation of Number of Endmembers Using p-Norm-Based Pure Pixel Identification Algorithm
* Identifiability of the Simplex Volume Minimization Criterion for Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing: The No-Pure-Pixel Case
* Reliable Age Estimation Based on Apt Gabor Features Selection and SVM
* Robust Affine Set Fitting and Fast Simplex Volume Max-Min for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
* Signal Processing Perspective on Hyperspectral Unmixing: Insights from Remote Sensing, A
* Simplex Volume Maximization Framework for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction, A
Includes: Ambikapathi, A. Ambikapathi, A.[Arul_Murugan]
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Ambikasaran, S. Co Author Listing * Fast Direct Methods for Gaussian Processes

Ambikumar, A.S. Co Author Listing * Extending the depth of field in microscopy: A review

Amblard, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Classification trees for time series
Includes: Amblard, C.[Cecile] Amblard, C.[Cécile]

Amblard, P.O. Co Author Listing * Combining An Adapted Wavelet Analysis with 4th-Order Statistics for Transient Detection
* Information-Estimation Relationship in Mismatched Gaussian Channels
* Revisiting the Estimation of the Mean Using Order-Statistics

Ambler, A.P. Co Author Listing * Forming Models of Plane-and-Cylinder Faced Bodies from Light Stripes
* Inferring the Position of Bodies from Specified Spatial Relationships
* Interpreter for a Language for Describing Assemblies, An
* Reasoning about the Spatial Relationships Derived from a RAPT Program for Describing Assembly by Robot
* Some Techniques for Recognizing Structures in Pictures

Ambrogi, F. Co Author Listing * Cluster-based visualisation with scatter matrices

Ambroise, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Clustering based on random graph model embedding vertex features
* Convergence of an EM-type algorithm for spatial clustering
* Driving Hierarchy Construction via Supervised Learning: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database
* Fast online graph clustering via Erdos-Renyi mixture
* Feature selection for semi supervised learning applied to image retrieval
* Feature selection in robust clustering based on Laplace mixture
* Image Retrieval Using Mixture Models and EM Algorithm
* Supervised Learning for Guiding Hierarchy Construction: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database
Includes: Ambroise, C.[Christophe] Ambroise, C.
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Ambros, I. Co Author Listing * Machine learning framework incorporating expert knowledge in tissue image annotation

Ambros, P. Co Author Listing * Machine learning framework incorporating expert knowledge in tissue image annotation

Ambrosch, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Accurate hardware-based stereo vision
* Algorithmic Considerations for Real-Time Stereo Vision Applications
* Distortion Compensation for Movement Detection Based on Dense Optical Flow
* Extending two non-parametric transforms for FPGA based stereo matching using bayer filtered cameras
* Gradient-Based Modified Census Transform for Optical Flow
* Hardware implementation of an SAD based stereo vision algorithm
* Optimized Software-Based Implementation of a Census-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm, An
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Ambrosi, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Aerial Photographs and Satellite SAR Interferometry for the Inventory of Landslides

Ambrosia, V. Co Author Listing * Foreword to the Special Issue on Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) Sensing Systems for Earth Observations
* Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Remote Sensing and Scientific Research: Classification and Considerations of Use

Ambrosini, D. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Optoelectronic System for Three-Dimensional Artwork Texture Measurement

Ambrosini, P. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model for 3D Catheter Tip Tracking With 2D X-ray Catheterization Sequence and 3D Rotational Angiography, A

Ambrosino, R. Co Author Listing * Extended Kalman Filter for Multichannel InSAR Height Reconstruction

Ambrosio, A.F.[Antonio Francisco] Co Author Listing * Retinal Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease: Insights from Transgenic Mouse Models
Includes: Ambrosio, A.F.[Antonio Francisco] Ambrósio, A.F.[António Francisco]

Ambrosio, G. Co Author Listing * Applying Image Analysis and Probabilistic Techniques for Counting Olive Trees in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Extracting and Matching Perceptual Groups for Hierarchical Stereo Vision
Includes: Ambrosio, G. Ambrosio, G.[Gregorio]

Ambrosio, L. Co Author Listing * Approximation of functionals depending on jumps by elliptic functionals via ..-convergence
* Existence theory for a new class of variational problems
* Functions of bounded variation and free discontinuity problems
* On the approximation of free discontinuity problems

Ambroszkiewicz, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * Primitive and compound patterns

Ambroze, A. Co Author Listing * Turbo code protection of video watermark channel

Ambroze, M.A. Co Author Listing * DWT-based high-capacity blind video watermarking, invariant to geometrical attacks

Ambrozova, K. Co Author Listing * Process Of Digitizing Of Old Globe, The
Includes: Ambrozova, K. Ambrožová, K.

Amburn, E.P.[E. Philip] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Its Variations

Amburn, P. Co Author Listing * User Experience of Hurricane Visualization in an Immersive 3D Environment

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