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Amiel, F. Co Author Listing * IRIS features extraction using wavelet packets
* Iris Identification and Robustness Evaluation of a Wavelet Packets Based Algorithm
* Reliable Eyelid Localization for Iris Recognition
Includes: Amiel, F. Amiel, F.[Frederic]

Amiel, M. Co Author Listing * Textural boundary detection using local spatial frequency analysis

Amielh, M. Co Author Listing * Bitstream syntax description language for 3D MPEG-4 view-dependent texture streaming
* Bitstream Syntax Description: A Tool for Multimedia Resource Adaptation within MPEG-21
Includes: Amielh, M. Amielh, M.[Myriam]

Amies, A.C.[Alexander C.] Co Author Listing * National Mapping of New Zealand Pasture Productivity Using Temporal Sentinel-2 Data

Amieva, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Detection of Risky Situations for Frail Adults With Hybrid Neural Networks on Multimodal Health Data
* Multimodal Sensor Data Analysis for Detection of Risk Situations of Fragile People in @home Environments
* Pooling Transformer for Detection of Risk Events in In-The-Wild Video Ego Data
Includes: Amieva, H.[Helene] Amieva, H.[Hélène]

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