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Amon, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Adaptation of Streaming Multimedia Content in a Dynamic and Distributed Environment
* Cross-layer architecture for scalable video transmission in wireless network
* Deep Network Pruning for Object Detection
* Detecting closely spaced and occluded pedestrians using specialized deep models for counting
* Edge modeling prediction for computed tomography images
* Efficient coding of video sequences by non-local in-loop denoising of reference frames
* File Format for Scalable Video Coding
* In-loop denoising of reference frames for lossless coding of noisy image sequences
* In-Loop Noise-Filtered Prediction for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Low-complexity block size decision for HEVC intra coding using binary image feature descriptors
* Massively parallel lossless compression of medical images using least-squares prediction and arithmetic coding
* Model based analysis for quantization parameter cascading in hierarchical video coding
* Pixel-based averaging predictor for HEVC lossless coding
* Probability Distribution Estimation for Autoregressive Pixel-Predictive Image Coding
* Real-Time System for Adaptive Video Streaming Based on SVC
* Reliable pedestrian detection using a deep neural network trained on pedestrian counts
Includes: Amon, P. Amon, P.[Peter]
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Amonou, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Improving DCT-Based Coders Through Block Oriented Transforms
* Iterative Backward Segmentation for Hierarchical Wavelet Image Coding
* Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction with Quality Layers
* Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction With Quality Layers in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC
Includes: Amonou, I.[Isabelle] Amonou, I.

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