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Amr, M.[May] Co Author Listing * Affectiva-MIT Facial Expression Dataset (AM-FED): Naturalistic and Spontaneous Facial Expressions Collected In-the-Wild

Amr, M.F. Co Author Listing * Towards a model of adaptation and interfacing based on a middleware layer SOA for interoperability of several different information systems

Amrahov, S.E. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Rule-Based Image Segmentation technique for rock thin section images

Amran, M.F.M.[Mohd Fahmi Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Computer Aided System Preoperative Planning for High Tibial Osteotomy, A
* Knowledge Driven Interface to Determine Degree of Exposure of Young Adult to Pedophile Online

Amran, Z.A.[Zamratul Asyikin] Co Author Listing * Designing an Interactive Learning to Enrich Children's Experience in Museum Visit

Amrani, N. Co Author Listing * Lossless coding of hyperspectral images with principal polynomial analysis
* Regression Wavelet Analysis for Lossless Coding of Remote-Sensing Data

Amrani, R.E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid strategy based on MAS for an intelligent energy management: Application to an electric vehicle

Amresh, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Methods for Approximating Loop Subdivision Using Tessellation Enabled GPUs
* Semi-uniform, 2-Different Tessellation of Triangular Parametric Surfaces

Amri, F.[Fadli] Co Author Listing * Alternative Quality Control Technique for Mineral Chemistry Analysis of Portland Cement-Grade Limestone Using Shortwave Infrared Spectroscopy, An

Amri, R.[Rim] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover in a Mediterranean Region through the Use of SPOT-VGT and TERRA-MODIS Long Time Series
* FAO-56 Dual Model Combined with Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing for Regional Evapotranspiration Estimations

Amri, S.[Slim] Co Author Listing * efficient image-mosaicing method based on multifeature matching, An

Amro, B. Co Author Listing * Enhancing privacy in collaborative traffic-monitoring systems using autonomous location update

Amro, I.[Israa] Co Author Listing * Bayesian super-resolution pansharpening using contourlets
* Parameter estimation in Bayesian super-resolution pansharpening using contourlets

Amrouch, M. Co Author Listing * Off-Line Arabic Handwritten Characters Recognition Based on a Hidden Markov Models

Amrouche, A.[Abderrahmane] Co Author Listing * Micro-Doppler Classification for Ground Surveillance Radar Using Speech Recognition Tools
* SVM Based GMM Supervector Speaker Recognition Using LP Residual Signal

Amroui, A.E. Co Author Listing * new framework for autonomic mobile cloud computing, A

Amrous, A.I.[Anissa Imen] Co Author Listing * Robust Arabic Multi-stream Speech Recognition System in Noisy Environment

Amrutur, B. Co Author Listing * Memory Bandwidth and Power Reduction Using Lossy Reference Frame Compression in Video Encoding
* Skip Decision and Reference Frame Selection for Low-Complexity H.264/AVC Surveillance Video Coding
* Speeded up Gaussian Mixture Model algorithm for background subtraction

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