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An, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier Selection Using Classification-Maximization and Its Application to Chroma QP Offset Decision
* Constrained Adaptive Robust Trajectory Tracking for WIP Vehicles Using Model Predictive Control and Extended State Observer
* Deep Wide-Activated Residual Network Based Joint Blocking and Color Bleeding Artifacts Reduction for 4:2:0 JPEG-Compressed Images
* Document Content Extraction Using Automatically Discovered Features
* Document Segmentation Using Pixel-Accurate Ground Truth
* Imbalance and Concentration in k-NN Classification
* Iterated Document Content Classification
* Joint Vessel Segmentation and Deformable Registration on Multi-Modal Retinal Images Based on Style Transfer
* Resource Allocation for Error Resilient Video Coding Over AWGN Using Optimization Approach
Includes: An, C. An, C.[Chang]
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An, C.C.[Chun Chun] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Re-Vegetation on Surface Soil Moisture over the Chinese Loess Plateau Based on Remote Sensing Datasets
* Systematic clustering method to identify and characterise spatiotemporal congestion on freeway corridors
Includes: An, C.C.[Chun Chun] An, C.C.[Chun-Chun] An, C.C.[Cheng-Chuan]

An, C.H.[Cheol Hong] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Utility Functions for Video
* Iterative Rate-Distortion Optimization of H.264 With Constant Bit Rate Constraint
* Statistical learning based intra prediction in H.264
Includes: An, C.H.[Cheol Hong] An, C.H.[Cheol-Hong]

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