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An, K. Co Author Listing * Bi-Level Model to Resolve Conflicting Transit Priority Requests at Urban Arterials, A
* Coordinated Transit Signal Priority Model Considering Stochastic Bus Arrival Time
* Decision-Making Framework for Automated Driving in Highway Environments
* Homogeneity Based Image Objective Quality Metric
* KAIST Multi-Spectral Day/Night Data Set for Autonomous and Assisted Driving
* Linear Color Correction Method for Compressed Images and Videos, A
* Network Partitioning Algorithmic Approach for Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram-Based Hierarchical Traffic Network Management, A
* Partition-Enabled Multi-Mode Band Approach to Arterial Traffic Signal Optimization, A
Includes: An, K. An, K.[Kebin]
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An, K.H.[Kwang Ho] Co Author Listing * Unified Stereo-based 3d Head Tracking Using Online Illumination Modeling

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