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An, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D holoscopic image coding scheme using HEVC with Gaussian process regression
* adaptive early termination of mode decision using inter-layer correlation in scalable video coding, An
* Ambient Population and Larceny-Theft: A Spatial Analysis Using Mobile Phone Data
* Bit allocation for 3D video coding based on lagrangian multiplier adjustment
* Bivariate analysis of 3D structure for stereoscopic image quality assessment
* Bivariate statistics and binocular energy induced stereo-pair quality evaluator
* CNN oriented fast QTBT partition algorithm for JVET intra coding
* Computational Model for Stereoscopic Visual Saliency Prediction, A
* Content-Based Light Field Image Compression Method With Gaussian Process Regression
* content-based rate control algorithm for screen content video coding, A
* Context-Aware Natural Integration of Advertisement Object
* Damage Signature Generation of Revetment Surface along Urban Rivers Using UAV-Based Mapping
* Depth upsampling method via Markov random fields without edge-misaligned artifacts
* Early SKIP mode decision for MVC using inter-view correlation
* efficient intra coding algorithm based on statistical learning for screen content coding, An
* Efficient Intra Mode Selection for Depth-Map Coding Utilizing Spatiotemporal, Inter-Component and Inter-View Correlations in 3D-HEVC
* Efficient rendering distortion estimation for depth map compression
* Efficient screen content intra coding based on statistical learning
* EMCM: A Novel Binary Edge-Feature-Based Maximum Clique Framework for Multispectral Image Matching
* Explicit Edge Inconsistency Evaluation Model for Color-Guided Depth Map Enhancement
* Explicit measurement on depth-color inconsistency for depth completion
* Fast depth map coding based on virtual view quality
* Fast Intra Coding of High Dynamic Range Videos in SHVC
* Fast mode decision for multiview video coding
* Fast TU size decision algorithm for HEVC encoders using Bayesian theorem detection
* Full Reference Light Field Image Quality Evaluation Based on Angular-Spatial Characteristic
* improved depth map estimation for coding and view synthesis, An
* Improved multi-view depth estimation for view synthesis in 3D video coding
* Joint binocular energy-contrast perception for quality assessment of stereoscopic images
* Just noticeable disparity difference model for 3D displays
* Light Field Compression Using Global Multiplane Representation and Two-Step Prediction
* Low-Complexity CTU Partition Structure Decision and Fast Intra Mode Decision for Versatile Video Coding
* Low-Complexity Mode Decision for MVC
* Method to quality assessment of stereo images
* Metric for Spatial Data Layers in Favorability Mapping for Geological Events, A
* Minimum Spanning Forest With Embedded Edge Inconsistency Measurement Model for Guided Depth Map Enhancement
* Modified Just Noticeable Depth Difference Model Built in Perceived Depth Space, A
* Multi-Scale Frequency Reconstruction for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution via Deep Residual Network
* No-Reference Image Quality Evaluation Based on Power Spectrum, A
* No-Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images Based on Hybrid Region Features Fusion
* Nonlocal Random Walks Algorithm for Semi-Automatic 2D-to-3D Image Conversion
* Novel calibration method for camera array in spherical arrangement
* novel image quality index for stereo image, A
* Novel No-Reference Quality Assessment Model of Tone-Mapped HDR Image, A
* Novel Saliency Model for Stereoscopic Images, A
* Parallax-aware local alignment for image stitching under large occlusion/disocclusion
* Quality Enhancement Network via Multi-Reconstruction Recursive Residual Learning for Video Coding
* Screen content image quality assessment based on convolutional neural networks
* SSIM-based binocular perceptual model for quality assessment of stereoscopic images
* stereoscopic image quality assessment model based on independent component analysis and binocular fusion property, A
* Using independent component analysis and binocular combination for stereoscopic image quality assessment
* View-Adaptive Motion Estimation and Disparity Estimation for Low Complexity Multiview Video Coding
* Virtual Reality Video Quality Assessment Based on 3d Convolutional Neural Networks
* Virtual view distortion estimation for depth map coding
Includes: An, P.[Ping] An, P. An, P.[Puyang] An, P.[Pei]
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An, P.E. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Driver Warning System for Vehicle Collision-Avoidance, An

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