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An, S.[Shuqing] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Phenology Estimated from Reflectance-Based Indices and Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) Observations in a Temperate Forest Using GPP-Based Phenology as the Standard
* Coral classification with hybrid feature representations
* Deep Reconstruction Models for Image Set Classification
* Efficient algorithms for subwindow search in object detection and localization
* Efficient subwindow search with submodular score functions
* Exploiting Monge structures in optimum subwindow search
* Exploration of Terrain Effects on Land Surface Phenology across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using Landsat ETM+ and OLI Data, An
* Finding Causes of Irregular Headways Integrating Data Mining and AHP
* Global Regularizer and Temporal-Aware Cross-Entropy for Skeleton-Based Early Action Recognition
* Human Interaction Prediction Using Deep Temporal Features
* Learning Clip Representations for Skeleton-Based 3D Action Recognition
* Learning Latent Global Network for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction
* Learning Non-linear Reconstruction Models for Image Set Classification
* Leveraging Structural Context Models and Ranking Score Fusion for Human Interaction Prediction
* Manifold-respecting discriminant nonnegative matrix factorization
* MCF Model: Utilizing Multiple Colors for Face Recognition, The
* Multi-Task Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* New Representation of Skeleton Sequences for 3D Action Recognition, A
* Precipitation and Minimum Temperature are Primary Climatic Controls of Alpine Grassland Autumn Phenology on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Quarter-Point Product Quantization for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Recursive algorithm, architectures and FPGA implementation of the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform
* ResFeats: Residual network based features for image classification
* ResFeats: Residual network based features for underwater image classification
* Response to Ghost Numbers
* Revealing Recurrent Urban Congestion Evolution Patterns with Taxi Trajectories
* Reverse Training: An Efficient Approach for Image Set Classification
* RotateView: A Video Composition System for Interactive Product Display
* SkeletonNet: Mining Deep Part Features for 3-D Action Recognition
* Spatial Layout and Scale Invariant Feature Representation for Indoor Scene Classification, A
* Spatio-temporal metric learning for individual recognition from locomotion
* Tensor based robust color face recognition
* Three-Dimensional Cumulant-Based Coherent Integration Method to Enhance First-Break Seismic Signals
* Tracking the Land Use/Land Cover Change in an Area with Underground Mining and Reforestation via Continuous Landsat Classification
Includes: An, S.[Shuqing] An, S. An, S.[Senjian] An, S.[Shuai] An, S.[Shi] An, S.[Shounan] An, S.[Shan] An, S.[Simin]
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An, S.J.[Sen Jian] Co Author Listing * Contractive Rectifier Networks for Nonlinear Maximum Margin Classification
* Efficient Cross-validation of the Complete Two Stages in KFD Classifier Formulation
* Exploiting side information in locality preserving projection
* Face Recognition Using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Fast cross-validation algorithms for least squares support vector machine and kernel ridge regression
* Quantitative Error Analysis of Bilateral Filtering
* Statistical Texture Analysis-Based Approach for Fake Iris Detection Using Support Vector Machines
* Unified formulation of linear discriminant analysis methods and optimal parameter selection
Includes: An, S.J.[Sen Jian] An, S.J.[Sen-Jian] An, S.J.[Shu-Juan]
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An, S.Q.[Shi Quan] Co Author Listing * Image seamless stitching and straightening based on the image block
Includes: An, S.Q.[Shi Quan] An, S.Q.[Shi-Quan]

An, S.W.[Sang Woo] Co Author Listing * Novel Imaging Method for Cell Phone Camera in Low Ambient Light Conditions Using Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs, A
Includes: An, S.W.[Sang Woo] An, S.W.[Sang-Woo]

An, S.Y.[Su Yong] Co Author Listing * SLAM with salient line feature extraction in indoor environments
Includes: An, S.Y.[Su Yong] An, S.Y.[Su-Yong]

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