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Arbab Zavar, B.[Banafshe] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Computer Vision for the Detection of Multi-scale Crowd Physical Motions and Behavior in Confined Spaces
* On guided model-based analysis for ear biometrics
* On hierarchical modelling of motion for workflow analysis from overhead view
* On Model-Based Analysis of Ear Biometrics
* On Shape-Mediated Enrolment in Ear Biometrics
* On Supervised Human Activity Analysis for Structured Environments
* Robust log-Gabor filter for ear biometrics
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows
Includes: Arbab Zavar, B.[Banafshe] Arbab-Zavar, B.[Banafshe]
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Arbab, B. Co Author Listing * Mask: An Object Identification Algorithm

Arbabi, E. Co Author Listing * Weighted Vote Fusion in prototype random subspace for thermal to visible face recognition

Arbabmir, M.V.[Mohammad Vali] Co Author Listing * Improving night sky star image processing algorithm for star sensors

Arbabzadah, F.[Farhad] Co Author Listing * Identifying Individual Facial Expressions by Deconstructing a Neural Network

Arbeiter, J.H.[James H.] Co Author Listing * Multiplexed real-time pyramid signal processing system
* Real-time hierarchal pyramid signal processing apparatus

Arbel, D. Co Author Listing * Landsat TM Satellite Image Restoration Using Kalman Filters

Arbel, E.[Eli] Co Author Listing * Shadow Removal Using Intensity Surfaces and Texture Anchor Points
* Texture-Preserving Shadow Removal in Color Images Containing Curved Surfaces

Arbel, R.[Reuven] Co Author Listing * Classifier evaluation under limited resources

Arbel, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Arbel, T.[Tal]: taly AT cim mcgill ca
* Active bayesian color constancy with non-uniform sensors
* Anytime similarity measures for faster alignment
* Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI Using Conditional Random Fields
* Bayesian MS Lesion Classification Modeling Regional and Local Spatial Information
* Combinatorial and Probabilistic Fusion of Noisy Correlation Measurements for Untracked Freehand 3-D Ultrasound
* Deep LDA-Pruned Nets for Efficient Facial Gender Classification
* Detecting and Localizing 3D Object Classes using Viewpoint Invariant Reference Frames
* Detecting, Localizing and Classifying Visual Traits from Arbitrary Viewpoints Using Probabilistic Local Feature Modeling
* Detection Over Viewpoint via the Object Class Invariant
* Detection, Localization, and Sex Classification of Faces from Arbitrary Viewpoints and under Occlusion
* Editorial on Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Biomedical Image Analysis
* Efficient Discriminant Viewpoint Selection for Active Bayesian Recognition
* Entropy-based gaze planning
* Entropy-of-likelihood feature selection for image correspondence
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Exploring Cortical Folding Pattern Variability Using Local Image Features
* fast discriminant approach to active object recognition and pose estimation, A
* Fundamental Matrix Estimation via TIP: Transfer of Invariant Parameters
* Gender classification from unconstrained video sequences
* Generalizing Inverse Compositional and ESM Image Alignment
* Generalizing inverse compositional image alignment
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Probabilistic Graphical Model with Multiple Feature Fusion for Binary Facial Attribute Classification in Real-World Face Videos
* Hierarchical temporal graphical model for head pose estimation and subsequent attribute classification in real-world videos
* importance of scale when selecting pixels for image registration, The
* Informative Views and Sequential Recognition
* Interactive Visual Dialog
* Iterative Multilevel MRF Leveraging Context and Voxel Information for Brain Tumour Segmentation in MRI
* Multi-layer temporal graphical model for head pose estimation in real-world videos
* Multi-Modal Image Registration Based on Gradient Orientations of Minimal Uncertainty
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* On the Sequential Accumulation of Evidence
* Optimization over Random and Gradient Probabilistic Pixel Sampling for Fast, Robust Multi-resolution Image Registration
* Parametric Shape-Recognition Using a Probabilistic Inverse-Theory
* Probabilistic Temporal Head Pose Estimation Using a Hierarchical Graphical Model
* Recognizing Objects From Curvilinear Motion
* Recognizing Volumetric Objects in the Presence of Uncertainty
* sequential Bayesian approach to color constancy using non-uniform filters, A
* Shannon information based adaptive sampling for action recognition
* Soft biometric trait classification from real-world face videos conditioned on head pose estimation
* Spatial and probabilistic codebook template based head pose estimation from unconstrained environments
* Statistical Parts-Based Model of Anatomical Variability, A
* SymBA: Diffeomorphic Registration Based on Gradient Orientation Alignment and Boundary Proximity of Sparsely Selected Voxels
* Temporal Hierarchical Adaptive Texture CRF for Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI
* Temporally Consistent Probabilistic Detection of New Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI
* Uncertainty Driven Probabilistic Voxel Selection for Image Registration
* Viewpoint Selection by Navigation through Entropy Maps
Includes: Arbel, T.[Tal] Arbel, T.
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Arbelaez, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Aligning 3D models to RGB-D images of cluttered scenes
* Articulated Pose Estimation Using Discriminative Armlet Classifiers
* Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark, The
* Boundary Extraction in Natural Images Using Ultrametric Contour Maps
* Context by region ancestry
* Context by region ancestry
* Contour Detection and Hierarchical Image Segmentation
* Convolutional Oriented Boundaries
* Finding Semantic Structures in Image Hierarchies Using Laplacian Graph Energy
* From contours to regions: An empirical evaluation
* Hypercolumns for object segmentation and fine-grained localization
* Indoor Scene Understanding with RGB-D Images: Bottom-up Segmentation, Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Learning Rich Features from RGB-D Images for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Learning to segment moving objects in videos
* Multi-component Models for Object Detection
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for Image Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation
* Object Instance Segmentation and Fine-Grained Localization Using Hypercolumns
* Occlusion boundary detection and figure/ground assignment from optical flow
* Perceptual Organization and Recognition of Indoor Scenes from RGB-D Images
* Recognition using regions
* Semantic contours from inverse detectors
* Semantic segmentation using regions and parts
* Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation
* three R's of computer vision: Recognition, reconstruction and reorganization, The
* Using contours to detect and localize junctions in natural images
* Volumetric Semantic Segmentation Using Pyramid Context Features
Includes: Arbelaez, P.[Pablo] ArbelŠez, P.[Pablo]
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Arbelaez, P.A.[Pablo Andres] Co Author Listing * email: Arbelaez, P.A.[Pablo Andres]: arbelaez AT ceremade dauphine fr
* Constrained image segmentation from hierarchical boundaries
* Energy Partitions and Image Segmentation
* Extrema Edges, The
* Generalized Voronoi Tesselations for Vector-Valued Image Segmentation
* Metric Approach to Vector-Valued Image Segmentation, A
* Segmentation d'Images Couleur par partitions de Voronoi
Includes: Arbelaez, P.A.[Pablo Andres] ArbelŠez, P.A.[Pablo Andrťs] Arbelaez, P.A.[Pablo A.] ArbelŠez, P.A.[Pablo A.]
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Arbelaitz, O.[Olatz] Co Author Listing * Analysis of several decision fusion strategies for clustering validation. Strategy definition, experiments and validation
* Combining multiple class distribution modified subsamples in a single tree
* extensive comparative study of cluster validity indices, An
* SEP/COP: An efficient method to find the best partition in hierarchical clustering based on a new cluster validity index
* Towards a standard methodology to evaluate internal cluster validity indices

Arbelo, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Fusion of WorldView-2 and LiDAR Data to Map Fuel Types in the Canary Islands
* Palm Trees Detection from High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a New Contextual Classification Method with Constraints
* Plant Species Monitoring In The Canary Islands Using Worldview-2 Imagery
Includes: Arbelo, M.[Manuel] Arbelo, M.

Arberet, S. Co Author Listing * Compressive Source Separation: Theory and Methods for Hyperspectral Imaging
* Hyper-DEMIX: Blind source separation of hyperspectral images using local ML estimates
* Reverberant Audio Source Separation via Sparse and Low-Rank Modeling
Includes: Arberet, S. Arberet, S.[Simon]

Arbi, T. Co Author Listing * Proposal of a multi-standard transceiver for the WBAN Internet of Things

Arbib, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * algorithm for competitive learning in clustering problems, An
* Color Image Segmentation Using Competitive Learning
* Computational Techniques in the Visual Segmentation of Static Scenes
* Computing the Optic Flow: The MATCH Algorithm and Prediction
* Object Extraction System from a Color Image
* Vision and Action in the Language-Ready Brain: From Mirror Neurons to SemRep
* Vision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation
Includes: Arbib, M.A.[Michael A.] Arbib, M.A.
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Arbiol, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Airborne Photogrammetry: A New Tool for Quantitative Remote Sensing?: A State-of-the-Art Review On Radiometric Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Images
* EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric images: Results of empirical phase
* Image fusion with additive multiresolution wavelet decomposition. Applications to SPOT and Landsat images
* Multiresolution-Based Image Fusion with Additive Wavelet Decomposition
* Status report of the EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric airborne images
* Wavelet-Based Method for the Determination of the Relative Resolution Between Remotely Sensed Images, A
Includes: Arbiol, R. Arbiol, R.[Roman]

Arbogast, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Structure Inference from Image Sequences
* Curved Contours and Surface Reconstruction
* Egomotion Algorithm Based on the Tracking of Arbitrary Curves, An
* It Can Be Done Without Camera Calibration

Arboleda, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluating an energy balance setting and random forest-based downscaling for the estimation of daily ET at sub-kilometer spatial resolution
* Retrieving daily evapotranspiration from the combination of geostationary and polar-orbit satellite data

Arboleda, J.P. Co Author Listing * Driver Behaviour Evaluation System, A

Arboleya, P. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for Multirate Railway Traction Systems Analysis

Arbter, K. Co Author Listing * Active self-calibration of robotic eyes and hand-eye relationships with model identification
* Application of Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptors to Recognition of 3-D Objects

Arbuckle, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Security identification system

Arbuckle, T.D.[Thomas D.] Co Author Listing * Method of recognizing images of faces or general images using fuzzy combination of multiple resolutions

Arbuckle, T.K. Co Author Listing * Human Velocity Control of Admittance-Type Robotic Devices With Scaled Visual Feedback of Device Motion

Arbuckle, W.S.[William S.] Co Author Listing * Security identification system

Arbuzov, S.A. Co Author Listing * UAV Aerial Survey: Accuracy Estimation For Automatically Generated Dense Digital Surface Model And Orthothoto Plan

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