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Atia, G.[George] Co Author Listing * High Performance and Efficient Facial Recognition Using Norm of ICA/Multiwavelet Features

Atia, G.K. Co Author Listing * Change Detection with Compressive Measurements
* Robust and Scalable Column/Row Sampling from Corrupted Big Data
* Spatial Random Sampling: A Structure-Preserving Data Sketching Tool
* Strong Impossibility Results for Sparse Signal Processing
* Subspace Clustering via Optimal Direction Search
Includes: Atia, G.K. Atia, G.K.[George K.]

Atia, M.M. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Lane-Determination System Using GNSS/IMU Fusion and HMM-Based Multistage Map Matching, A

Atiampo, A.K.[Armand Kodjo] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Segmentation with Pairwise Markov Chains Based on Nonparametric Estimation of Copula Using Orthogonal Polynomials

Atici, A.A. Co Author Listing * Heuristic Algorithm for Optical Character Recognition of Arabic Script, A

Atick, J.J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Approach to Shape from Shading: Reconstruction of 3-Dimensional Face Surfaces from Single 2-Dimensional Images

Atienza Vanacloig, V. Co Author Listing * Background modelling in demanding situations with confidence measure
* Combined Self-Configuring Method for Object Tracking in Colour Video, A
* Locating People in Images by Optimal Cue Integration
* People and luggage recognition in airport surveillance under real-time constraints
Includes: Atienza Vanacloig, V. Atienza-Vanacloig, V. Atienza-Vanacloig, V.[Vicente]

Atienza, D. Co Author Listing * Markov Decision Process Based Energy-Efficient On-Line Scheduling for Slice-Parallel Video Decoders on Multicore Systems

Atif, I. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Simulation of Glacier Avalanche: A Case Study of Gayari Sector Glaciers Hazards Assessment

Atif, J.[Jamal] Co Author Listing * ALC(F): A New Description Logic for Spatial Reasoning in Images
* Copula-set measures on topographic maps for change detection
* Explanatory Reasoning for Image Understanding Using Formal Concept Analysis and Description Logics
* Fuzzy 'Along' Spatial Relation in 3D. Application to Anatomical Structures in Maxillofacial CBCT
* Hausdorff Distances Between Distributions Using Optimal Transport and Mathematical Morphology
* Image Classification Using Marginalized Kernels for Graphs
* Kernel Fusion for Image Classification Using Fuzzy Structural Information
* Local Reasoning in Fuzzy Attribute Graphs for Optimizing Sequential Segmentation
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Class Application to Structural Recognition in Images, A
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Measure for Fuzzy Sets: And Associated Fuzzy Attribute Openings, A
* Sequential model-based segmentation and recognition of image structures driven by visual features and spatial relations
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Atil, I.[Ilkay] Co Author Listing * Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The
* Learning Affordances for Categorizing Objects and Their Properties

Atila, U. Co Author Listing * Correction Of Faulty Lines In Muscle Model, To Be Used In 3d Building Network Construction
* Genetic Algorithm-Aided Routing on 3D Dynamic Networks
Includes: Atila, U. Atila, ‹.[‹mit]

Atillah, A.[Abderrahman] Co Author Listing * Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling fronts in SST images using the microcanonical multiscale formalism
* Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling in SST images using the Expectation-Maximization
* On Detectability of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling in Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

Atine, J. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Clustering Approach for Supervision of Biological Processes by Image Processing, A

Atine, J.C.[Jean Charles] Co Author Listing * People Action Recognition in Image Sequences Using a 3D Articulated Object
Includes: Atine, J.C.[Jean Charles] Atine, J.C.[Jean-Charles]

Atiq, H.M.[Hafiz Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of an Image Processing Based Adaptive Traffic Control System with GSM Interface

Atiquzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Complete Line Segment Description Using the Hough Transform
* Congestion Control for Interactive Video-on-Demand over ATM
* Guest Editorial: Adaptive Real-Time Multimedia Transmission over Packet Switching Networks
* Multiresolution Hough Transform -- An Efficient Method of Detecting Patterns in Images
* Parallel Pipeline Based Multiprocessor System for Real-Time Measurement of Road Traffic Parameters, A
* Pipelined Implementation of the Multiresolution Hough Transform in a Pyramid Multiprocessor
* System Design and Network Requirements for Interactive Multimedia
Includes: Atiquzzaman, M. Atiquzzaman, M.[Mohammed]
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Atitallah, A.B.[A. Ben] Co Author Listing * FPGA Codesign Implementation of Vector Directional Filter

Atitar, M. Co Author Listing * NOAA-AVHRR Orbital Drift Correction From Solar Zenithal Angle Data

Atiya, A. Co Author Listing * Corner-based background segmentation using Adaptive Resonance Theory

Atiya, A.F.[Amir F.] Co Author Listing * DCT of Spatially Adaptive Subsampled Interframes for Image Sequence Coding
* Fuzzy Gaussian Process Classification Model
* Lowering Frame-Buffering Requirements of 3-D Wavelet Transform Coding of Interactive Video
* penalized likelihood based pattern classification algorithm, A
* Self-generating prototypes for pattern classification
* Three-Dimensional Video Compression Using Subband/Wavelet Transform with Lower Buffering Requirements

Atiya, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision-Based Robot Localization

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