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Bar Aviv, E. Co Author Listing * Functional 3D Object Classification Using Simulation of Embodied Agent
Includes: Bar Aviv, E. Bar-Aviv, E.

Bar David, I.[Israel] Co Author Listing * Ghost cancellation of analog TV signals: with applications to IDTV, EDTV, and HDTV
Includes: Bar David, I.[Israel] Bar-David, I.[Israel]

Bar El, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * System for implanting an image into a video stream
Includes: Bar El, D.[Dan] Bar-El, D.[Dan]

Bar Hille, A.[Aharon] Co Author Listing * Extended Lucas-Kanade Tracking
* Real-time tracking-with-detection for coping with viewpoint change
Includes: Bar Hille, A.[Aharon] Bar-Hille, A.[Aharon]

Bar Hillel, A.[Aharon] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Ferns Ensemble for Hand Pose Recognition
* Efficient Learning of Relational Object Class Models
* Enhancing Image and Video Retrieval: Learning via Equivalence Constraints
* Fast Multiple-Part Based Object Detection Using KD-Ferns
* Fusing visual and range imaging for object class recognition
* Learning distance functions for image retrieval
* Locally Orderless Tracking
* Object Class Recognition by Boosting a Part-Based Model
* Part-Based Feature Synthesis for Human Detection
* Recent progress in road and lane detection: a survey
Includes: Bar Hillel, A.[Aharon] Bar-Hillel, A.[Aharon] Bar-Hillel, A.
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Bar Joseph, Z.[Ziv] Co Author Listing * Modeling Variation in Motion Data
Includes: Bar Joseph, Z.[Ziv] Bar-Joseph, Z.[Ziv]

Bar Lev, A.[Adi] Co Author Listing * Virtual marionettes: a system and paradigm for real-time 3D animation
Includes: Bar Lev, A.[Adi] Bar-Lev, A.[Adi]

Bar Maor, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Airborne Non-metric Video Image Orientation Determination Using Two GPS Receivers
Includes: Bar Maor, A.[Amir] Bar-Maor, A.[Amir]

Bar Noy, A. Co Author Listing * Robust multi-agent decision making in faulty environment
Includes: Bar Noy, A. Bar-Noy, A.

Bar Shalom, R. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution in PET Imaging
Includes: Bar Shalom, R. Bar-Shalom, R.

Bar Shalom, Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection Threshold Optimization for Tracking in Clutter
* IMM Estimation for Multitarget-Multisensor Air-Traffic Surveillance
* Interacting Multiple Model Methods in Target Tracking: A Survey
* Low Observable Target Motion Analysis Using Amplitude Information
* Nonlinear Observation Models With Additive Gaussian Noises and Efficient MLEs
* Particle Filter for Tracking Two Closely Spaced Objects Using Monopulse Radar Channel Signals, A
* Precision Tracking Based on Segmentation with Optimal Layering for Imaging Sensors
* Precision Tracking with Segmentation for Imaging Sensors
* Tracking a Maneuvering Target Using Input Estimation Versus the Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm
* Tracking Maneuvering Targets with Multiple Sensors: Does More Data Always Mean Better Estimates?
* Use of Measurements from an Imaging Sensor for Precision Target Tracking
Includes: Bar Shalom, Y. Bar-Shalom, Y. Bar-Shalom, Y.[Yaakov]
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Bar Yam, Y. Co Author Listing * self stabilizing robust region finder applied to color and optical flow pictures, A
Includes: Bar Yam, Y. Bar-Yam, Y.

Bar Yosef, I.[Itay] Co Author Listing * Adaptive shape prior for recognition and variational segmentation of degraded historical characters
* Binarization, character extraction, and writer identification of historical Hebrew calligraphy documents
* Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results
* Extraction of specified objects from binary images using object based erosion transform: application to Hebrew calligraphic manuscripts
* Input sensitive thresholding for ancient Hebrew manuscript
* Line Segmentation for Degraded Handwritten Historical Documents
* Unified Framework Based on the Level Set Approach for Segmentation of Unconstrained Double-Sided Document Images Suffering from Bleed-Through, A
Includes: Bar Yosef, I.[Itay] Bar-Yosef, I.[Itay] Bar-Yosef, I.
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Bar Zion, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Vascular Ultrasound Imaging With Enhanced Spatial Resolution and Background Rejection
* Improved Contrast-Enhanced Power Doppler Using a Coherence-Based Estimator
Includes: Bar Zion, A. Bar-Zion, A.

Bar, A.A.[Abraham A.] Co Author Listing * Color correction system employing reference pictures

Bar, L.[Leah] Co Author Listing * Beltrami-Mumford-Shah Functional, The
* Blind Space-Variant Single-Image Restoration of Defocus Blur
* Continuum Mechanical Approach to Geodesics in Shape Space, A
* Deblurring of Color Images Corrupted by Impulsive Noise
* Generalized Newton methods for energy formulations in image procesing
* Generalized Newton-Type Methods For Energy Formulations In Image Processing
* Geodesics in Shape Space via Variational Time Discretization
* Hierarchical invariant sparse modeling for image analysis
* Image Deblurring in the Presence of Impulsive Noise
* Image Deblurring in the Presence of Salt-and-Pepper Noise
* Restoration of Images with Piecewise Space-Variant Blur
* Semi-Blind Image Restoration Via Mumford-Shah Regularization
* Variational Framework for Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Restoration of Motion-Blurred Video, A
* Variational Pairing of Image Segmentation and Blind Restoration
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Bar, M. Co Author Listing * FMRI signal modeling using laguerre polynomials

Bar, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Robust, Marker-Based Head Tracking for Testing Cognitive Vehicles in the Loop
Includes: Bar, T.[Tobias] Bär, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Baer, T.)

Bar, Y.[Yaniv] Co Author Listing * Classification of Artistic Styles Using Binarized Features Derived from a Deep Neural Network
* Congruency-Based Reranking

Bara, M. Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR Signal Analysis in the Presence of Squint

Bara, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Poisson denoising for photography
* Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape
Includes: Bara, S. Bará, S.[Salvador]

Baraas, R.[Rigmor] Co Author Listing * Color Vision: Introduction
* Color vision: Introduction by the feature editors
* Color vision: introduction by the feature editors 2016

Baraas, R.C.[Rigmor C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive optics retinal imaging reveals S-cone dystrophy in tritan color-vision deficiency
* Performance of normal females and carriers of color-vision deficiencies on standard color-vision tests

Barabas, J.[James] Co Author Listing * How to build a holographic television system

Barabino, B. Co Author Listing * Application of Mobility Management: A Web structure for the optimisation of the mobility of working staff of big companies
* Offline Framework for Handling Automatic Passenger Counting Raw Data, An
* Offline Framework for the Diagnosis of Time Reliability by Automatic Vehicle Location Data, An
* Regularity analysis on bus networks and route directions by automatic vehicle location raw data
* Rethinking Transit Time Reliability by Integrating Automated Vehicle Location Data, Passenger Patterns, and Web Tools

Barache, D. Co Author Listing * Multiscale shape analysis using the continuous wavelet transform
* Shape Characterization With the Wavelet Transform

Baracos, V. Co Author Listing * Body Composition Assessment in Axial CT Images Using FEM-Based Automatic Segmentation of Skeletal Muscle

Barad, H. Co Author Listing * Textural Neural Network and Version Space Classifiers for Remote Sensing

Baradaran Shokouhi, S.[Shahriar] Co Author Listing * New Region-Based Active Contour Model with Skewness Wavelet Energy for Segmentation of SAR Images, A
* Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns
* Study of Facial Features Combination Using a Novel Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Fusion Model

Baradarani, A.[Aryaz] Co Author Listing * efficient illumination invariant face recognition framework via illumination enhancement and DD-DTWT filtering, An
* Efficient Segmentation of Lung Abnormalities in CT Images
* Human Action Recognition Using Non-separable Oriented 3D Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets
* Illumination invariant human face recognition: frequency or resonance?
* Moving object segmentation using the 9/7-10/8 dual-tree complex filter bank
* On the Design of a Class of Odd-Length Biorthogonal Wavelet Filter Banks for Signal and Image Processing
* Tunable halfband-pair wavelet filter banks and application to multifocus image fusion
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Baradel, F. Co Author Listing * Discrepancy-Based Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: A Comparative Study
* Human Action Recognition: Pose-Based Attention Draws Focus to Hands

Baradez, M.O. Co Author Listing * Robust and automated unimodal histogram thresholding and potential applications
* Thresholding based on linear diffusion for feature segmentation

Baragchizadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Automated Identity Masking Method (AIM) in Naturalistic Driving Study (ND

Barai, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Dynamic and clinical PET data reconstruction: A nonparametric Bayesian approach

Barajas, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * In-Vivo IVUS Tissue Classification: A Comparison Between RF Signal Analysis and Reconstructed Images

Barajas, L.G.[Leandro G.] Co Author Listing * Local recurrence based performance prediction and prognostics in the nonlinear and nonstationary systems

Barak Shimron, E.[Efrat] Co Author Listing * Local versus Global in Quasi-Conformal Mapping for Medical Imaging
Includes: Barak Shimron, E.[Efrat] Barak-Shimron, E.[Efrat]

Baraka, N. Co Author Listing * Video Image Compression using Zerotree Wavelets Coding

Barakat, H. Co Author Listing * Training with positive and negative data samples: Effects on a classifier for hand-drawn geometric shapes

Barakat, H.F.[Hazem F.] Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Invariance and Photogrammetry for Image and Object Transfer
* Object Model Construction by Invariance and Photogrammetry
* Photogrammetric Analysis of Image Invariance

Barakat, M. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Coding Using 3-D I.F.S.

Barakat, M.L. Co Author Listing * fractal-based image encryption system, A
* Hardware stream cipher with controllable chaos generator for colour image encryption

Barakat, N. Co Author Listing * Minimal-Bracketing Sets for High-Dynamic-Range Image Capture
* Rule Extraction from Support Vector Machines: Measuring the Explanation Capability Using the Area under the ROC Curve
* tradeoff between SNR and exposure-set size in HDR imaging, The
Includes: Barakat, N. Barakat, N.[Nahla] Barakat, N.[Neil]

Barakat, V. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Tikhonov-Miller Image Restoration

Barakli, B.[Burhan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reversible video watermarking based on motion-compensated prediction error expansion with pixel selection
* Reversible video watermarking using motion-compensated frame interpolation error expansion

Barakova, E.[Emilia] Co Author Listing * Left/right hand segmentation in egocentric videos

Barakova, E.I. Co Author Listing * Automatic Interpretation of Affective Facial Expressions in the Context of Interpersonal Interaction
* Dynamic Approach and a New Dataset for Hand-detection in First Person Vision, A
* GPU Accelerated Left/Right Hand-Segmentation in First Person Vision
Includes: Barakova, E.I. Barakova, E.I.[Emilia I.]

Baral, C. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Modeling and Querying in Multimedia Databases

Baral, S. Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Annotation Scheme for Bangla Online Mixed Cursive Handwriting Samples, A

Baraldi, A. Co Author Listing * Alternative Form of the Lee Filter for Speckle Suppression in SAR Images, An
* Automatic Spectral Rule-Based Preliminary Mapping of Calibrated Landsat TM and ETM+ Images
* Badly Posed Classification of Remotely Sensed Images: An Experimental Comparison of Existing Data Labeling Systems
* Comparison of the multilayer perceptron with neuro-fuzzy techniques in the estimation of cover class mixture in remotely sensed data
* Contextual clustering for image labeling: an application to degraded forest assessment in Landsat TM images of the Brazilian Amazon
* Fuzzification of a Crisp Near-Real-Time Operational Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary Classifier of Multisource Multispectral Remotely Sensed Images
* Multiscale Expectation-Maximization Semisupervised Classifier Suitable for Badly Posed Image Classification, A
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 1: Introduction
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 2: Novel system Architecture, Information/Knowledge Representation, Algorithm Design and Implementation
* Operational Performance of an Automatic Preliminary Spectral Rule-Based Decision-Tree Classifier of Spaceborne Very High Resolution Optical Images
* Operational Two-Stage Stratified Topographic Correction of Spaceborne Multispectral Imagery Employing an Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary Classifier
* Probability Sampling Protocol for Thematic and Spatial Quality Assessment of Classification Maps Generated From Spaceborne/Airborne Very High Resolution Images
* Quality Assessment of Classification and Cluster Maps Without Ground Truth Knowledge
* Quality Assessment of Pre-Classification Maps Generated from Spaceborne/Airborne Multi-Spectral Images by the Satellite Image Automatic Mapper™ and Atmospheric/Topographic Correction™-Spectral Classification Software Products: Part 2: Experimental Results
* Single Linkage Region Growing Algorithms Based on the Vector Degree of Match
Includes: Baraldi, A. Baraldi, A.[Andrea]
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Baraldi, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Context Change Detection for an Ultra-Low Power Low-Resolution Ego-Vision Imager
* deep multi-level network for saliency prediction, A
* Gesture Recognition in Ego-centric Videos Using Dense Trajectories and Hand Segmentation
* Hierarchical Boundary-Aware Neural Encoder for Video Captioning
* Historical document digitization through layout analysis and deep content classification
* Measuring Scene Detection Performance
* Multi-level Net: A Visual Saliency Prediction Model
* Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction
* Recognizing and Presenting the Storytelling Video Structure With Deep Multimodal Networks
* Shot and Scene Detection via Hierarchical Clustering for Re-using Broadcast Video
* Towards Video Captioning with Naming: A Novel Dataset and a Multi-modal Approach
* YACCLAB: Yet Another Connected Components Labeling Benchmark
Includes: Baraldi, L.[Lorenzo] Baraldi, L.
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Baraldi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * wikiTable: finger driven interaction for collaborative knowledge-building workspaces

Baram, Y. Co Author Listing * Diffusion Mechanism for Obstacle Detection from Size-Change Information, A
* geometric approach to consistent classification, A
* Head motion anticipation for virtual-environment applications using kinematics and EMG energy
* On Two-Dimensional Data Representation by Radial Base Functions
* Partial Classification Can Be Beneficial Even for Ideal Separation
* Partial Classification: The Benefit of Deferred Decision
* Random Embedding Machines for Low-complexity Pattern Recognition
Includes: Baram, Y. Baram, Y.[Yoram]
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Baran, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation
* modification to the Goldstein radar interferogram filter, A
* New Functional Model for Determining Minimum and Maximum Detectable Deformation Gradient Resolved by Satellite Radar Interferometry, A
Includes: Baran, I.[Ilya] Baran, I.

Baran, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Attractor-Shape for Dynamical Analysis of Human Movement: Applications in Stroke Rehabilitation and Action Recognition

Baran, M.S.[Matthew S.] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range (HDR) video processing for the exploitation of high bit-depth sensors in human-monitored surveillance
* Point cloud processing strategies for noise filtering, structural segmentation, and meshing of ground-based 3D Flash LIDAR images
* Using full motion 3D Flash LIDAR video for target detection, segmentation, and tracking

Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecilia C.] Co Author Listing * FISIR: A Flexible Framework for Interactive Search in Image Retrieval Systems
* Kinect-Based Wearable Face Recognition System to Aid Visually Impaired Users, A
Includes: Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecilia C.] Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecília C.] Baranauskas, M.C.C.

Baranczuk, Z. Co Author Listing * Conjoint Analysis for Evaluating Parameterized Gamut Mapping Algorithms

Baranda, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Efficiency improvement of human body detection with histograms of oriented gradients

Barandela, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of new techniques to obtain quality training sets
* Dynamic and Static Weighting in Classifier Fusion
* Fast hierarchical clustering based on compressed data
* Strategies for learning in class imbalance problems
Includes: Barandela, R. Barandela, R.[Ricardo]

Barandiaran, I.[Inigo] Co Author Listing * Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* Real-time optical markerless tracking for augmented reality applications
* Statistical Tuning of Adaptive-Weight Depth Map Algorithm
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms
Includes: Barandiaran, I.[Inigo] Barandiaran, I.[Iñigo]

Barandiaran, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification
* Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* temporally consistent grid-based visual odometry framework for multi-core architectures, A
Includes: Barandiaran, J. Barandiaran, J.[Javier]

Baraniuk, R. Co Author Listing * Fast Alternating Direction Optimization Methods
* FlatCam: Replacing Lenses with Masks and Computation
* Realization of hybrid compressive imaging strategies
* Signal processing for computational photography and displays
* STOne Transform: Multi-Resolution Image Enhancement and Compressive Video, The
Includes: Baraniuk, R. Baraniuk, R.[Richard]

Baraniuk, R.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighted Highpass Filters Using Multiscale Analysis
* Applications of Sparse Representation and Compressive Sensing
* Approximation and compression of piecewise smooth images using a wavelet/wedgelet geometric model
* Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Bayesian tree-structured image modeling using wavelet-domain hidden markov models
* Bayesian Wavelet-Domain Image Modeling using Hidden Markov Trees
* Blind Error-Free Detection of Transform-Domain Watermarks
* BM3D-AMP: A new image recovery algorithm based on BM3D denoising
* BM3D-PRGAMP: Compressive phase retrieval based on BM3D denoising
* Coherent Multiscale Image Processing Using Dual-Tree Quaternion Wavelets
* Compression Color Space Estimation of JPEG Images Using Lattice Basis Reduction
* Compressive Acquisition of Dynamic Scenes
* Compressive Acquisition of Linear Dynamical Systems
* Compressive Sensing for Background Subtraction
* Compressive Video Sensing: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
* CS-MUVI: Video compressive sensing for spatial-multiplexing cameras
* Distributed image compression for sensor networks using correspondence analysis and super-resolution
* Imaging with THZ Pulses
* Joint Manifolds for Data Fusion
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
* Kronecker Compressive Sensing
* Lensless Imaging: A computational renaissance
* Locally Competitive Algorithms for Sparse Approximation
* Low-Dimensional Models for Dimensionality Reduction and Signal Recovery: A Geometric Perspective
* Model-based Inverse Halftoning with Wavelet-vaguelette Deconvolution
* Multiple Basis Wavelet Denoising using Besov Projections
* Multiple Wavelet Basis Image Denoising Using Besov Ball Projections
* Multiscale Classification Using Complex Wavelets and Hidden Markov Tree Models
* Multiscale Edge Grammars for Complex Wavelet Transforms
* Multiscale Image Disparity Estimation using the Quaternion Wavelet Transform
* Multiscale image processing using normal triangulated meshes
* Multiscale image segmentation using wavelet-domain hidden Markov models
* Multiscale Random Projections for Compressive Classification
* Multiscale wedgelet image analysis: fast decompositions and modeling
* Nonlinear wavelet transforms for image coding via lifting
* Quaternion wavelets for image analysis and processing
* Rate-distortion optimized image compression using wedgelets
* Sparsity and Structure in Hyperspectral Imaging: Sensing, Reconstruction, and Target Detection
* Texas Two-Step: A Framework for Optimal Multi-Input Single-Output Deconvolution
* Toward Compressive Camera Networks
* Tuning Support Vector Machines for Minimax and Neyman-Pearson Classification
* Video Compressive Sensing for Spatial Multiplexing Cameras Using Motion-Flow Models
* Wavelet soft-thresholding of time-frequency representations
* Wavelet-Based Statistical Signal-Processing Using Hidden Markov-Models
* Wavelet-Domain Approximation and Compression of Piecewise Smooth Images
* Wavelet-Domain Filtering for Photon Imaging Systems
* Wavelet-Domain Regularized Deconvolution for Ill-Conditioned Systems
Includes: Baraniuk, R.G. Baraniuk, R.G.[Richard G.] Baraniuk, R.G.[Ricard G.]
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Barankov, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * High-resolution 3D phase imaging using a partitioned detection aperture: a wave-optic analysis

Baranoski, G.V.G. Co Author Listing * Reducing the dimensionality of plant spectral databases
* State Of The Art In The Realistic Modeling Of Plant Venation Systems
Includes: Baranoski, G.V.G. Baranoski, G.V.G.[Gladimir V. G.]

Baranov, V.G. Co Author Listing * Estimating the geometrical parameters of branches of tree-like and netlike structures

Baranowski, J. Co Author Listing * Developing The Stabilized Mapping System For The Gyrocopter: Report From The First Tests

Baranski, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * Disparity Map Based Procedure for Collision-Free Guidance through Unknown Environments

Baranyi, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Opto-Mechanical Oriented Edge Filtering
Includes: Baranyi, P.[Peter] Baranyi, P.[Péter]

Barao, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Alignment of velocity fields for video surveillance
* Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Space-Variant Mixture of Vector Fields
* Information Geometric Algorithm for Estimating Switching Probabilities in Space-Varying HMM
* Trajectory Analysis Using Switched Motion Fields: A Parametric Approach
Includes: Barao, M.[Miguel] Barão, M.[Miguel] Barao, M.

Bararwandika, A. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Baras, I.S. Co Author Listing * Tool wear estimation from acoustic emissions: A model incorporating wear-rate

Baras, J.S.[John S.] Co Author Listing * email: Baras, J.S.[John S.]: baras AT isr umd edu
* Further results on MAP optimality and strong consistency of certain classes of morphological filters
* On morphological openings and closings of signals in shaped noise
* On Optimal Watermarking Schemes in Uncertain Gaussian Channels
* Optimal Filtering of Digital Binary Images Corrupted by Union/Intersection Noise
* Reliable Attribute-Based Object Recognition Using High Predictive Value Classifiers
Includes: Baras, J.S.[John S.] Baras, J.S.

Barash, D. Co Author Listing * accurate operator splitting scheme for nonlinear diffusion filtering, An
* Bilateral Filtering and Anisotropic Diffusion: Towards a Unified Viewpoint
* common framework for nonlinear diffusion, adaptive smoothing, bilateral filtering and mean shift, A
* Common Viewpoint on Broad Kernel Filtering and Nonlinear Diffusion, A
* Fundamental Relationship between Bilateral Filtering, Adaptive Smoothing, and the Nonlinear Diffusion Equation, A
* Multiplicative Operator Splittings in Nonlinear Diffusion: From Spatial Splitting to Multiple Timesteps
* Pattern Recognition Method to Detect Vulnerable Spots in an RNA Sequence for Bacterial Resistance to the Antibiotic Spectinomycin
Includes: Barash, D. Barash, D.[Danny]
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Barash, E. Co Author Listing * Multiplexed Analysis of Proteins in Tissue Using Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging

Barat, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Color Descriptors
* Feature Correspondences from Multiple Views of Coplanar Ellipses
* Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis for text-image combination in multimedia information retrieval
* Global Bilateral Symmetry Detection Using Multiscale Mirror Histograms
* Multiple Reflection Symmetry Detection via Linear-Directional Kernel Density Estimation
* Pattern matching using morphological probing
* Spatial histograms of soft pairwise similar patches to improve the bag-of-visual-words model
* Spatial orientations of visual word pairs to improve Bag-of-Visual-Words model
* String representations and distances in deep Convolutional Neural Networks for image classification
* Virtual double-sided image probing: A unifying framework for non-linear grayscale pattern matching
* Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color Histograms
* Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color Histograms: Algorithm and Results
Includes: Barat, C.[Cecile] Barat, C. Barat, C.[Cécile]
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Barat, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * discrete-continuous Bayesian model for Emission Tomography, A
* Fast Digital Filtering of Spectrometric Data for Pile-up Correction
Includes: Barat, E.[Eric] Barat, E.

Barat, T.[Tibor] Co Author Listing * Adaptive cartooning for privacy protection in camera networks

Barata, C.[Catarina] Co Author Listing * Bag-of-Features Classification Model for the Diagnose of Melanoma in Dermoscopy Images Using Color and Texture Descriptors
* Clinically inspired analysis of dermoscopy images using a generative model
* Color Detection in Dermoscopy Images Based on Scarce Annotations
* Development of a clinically oriented system for melanoma diagnosis
* Evaluation of Color Based Keypoints and Features for the Classification of Melanomas Using the Bag-of-Features Model
* Improving dermoscopy image analysis using color constancy
* Local Features Applied to Dermoscopy Images: Bag-of-Features versus Sparse Coding
* Role of Keypoint Sampling on the Classification of Melanomas in Dermoscopy Images Using Bag-of-Features, The
* What Is the Role of Color in Dermoscopy Analysis?
* What Is the Role of Color Symmetry in the Detection of Melanomas?
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Barata, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Saliency-Based Obstacle Detection and Ground-Plane Estimation for Off-Road Vehicles
Includes: Barata, J.[Jose] Barata, J.[José]

Barata, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * O.G.R.E.: Open Gestures Recognition Engine, a Platform for Gesture-Based Communication and Interaction

Barata, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Impact Craters on the Surface of Mars
* Dolphins Who's Who: A Statistical Perspective
* Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours
* Improving classification rates by modelling the clusters of trainings sets in features space using mathematical morphology operators
* Morphological recognition of the spatial patterns of olive trees
* Segmenting at Higher Scales to Classify at Lower Scales: A Mathematical Morphology Based Methodology Applied to Forest Cover Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Barata, T.[Teresa] Barata, T.

Barate, A.[Adriano] Co Author Listing * Towards a Topological Fingerprint of Music
Includes: Barate, A.[Adriano] Baratè, A.[Adriano]

Barath, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Energy-based topological outlier filtering
* Minimal Solution for Two-View Focal-Length Estimation Using Two Affine Correspondences, A
* theory of point-wise homography estimation, A
Includes: Barath, D.[Daniel] Barath, D.

Barati, A.A.[Ali Akbar] Co Author Listing * Land-Use Suitability in Northeast Iran: Application of AHP-GIS Hybrid Model

Barati, M.N.[Mahdi Nasrollah] Co Author Listing * Content-based obscene video recognition by combining 3D spatiotemporal and motion-based features

Baratin, L. Co Author Listing * Art of War Frieze in Urbino: A Blend of Virtual Reconstruction and Scientific Accuracy, The
* Fortification System of the City of Urbino: The Case Study of Valbona Gate from 3D Surveys to GIS Applications for Dynamic Maps, The
* GIS Applications for a New Approach to the Analysis of Panel Paintings
Includes: Baratin, L. Baratin, L.[Laura]

Baratoff, G. Co Author Listing * Changes in Surface Convexity and Topology Caused by Distortions of Stereoscopic Visual Space
* Distortion of Steroscopic Visual Space
* Distortions of stereoscopic visual space and quadratic Cremona transformations
* Interactive Vision-Based Tool for Model-Based Scene Calibration of Augmented Reality Environments, An
* On the Sensitivity of Estimating Ordinal and Metric Structure of Smooth Surfaces from Parallax
* Online Distance Recovery for a Sewer Inspection Robot
* Pedestrian Detection by Probabilistic Component Assembly
* Robot Navigation by Combining Central and Peripheral Optical Flow Detection on a Space-Variant Map
Includes: Baratoff, G. Baratoff, G.[Gregory]
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Baratti, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Recording for 2D Delivering: The Employment of 3D Models for Studies and Analyses

Baravalle, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Multifractal characterisation and classification of bread crumb digital images

Baravdish, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Mapping-Based Image Diffusion
* On Tensor-Based PDEs and Their Corresponding Variational Formulations with Application to Color Image Denoising
* Source Localization of Reaction-Diffusion Models for Brain Tumors
* Targeted Iterative Filtering
* Tensor Variational Formulation of Gradient Energy Total Variation, A

Barazande Pour, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive MHDCT coding of images
Includes: Barazande Pour, M. Barazande-Pour, M.

Barazandeh, F.[Farshad] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and classification of the ceramic tiles' surface defects

Baraznji Sassoon, D.M. Co Author Listing * Localized Measurement of Optical Attenuation Coefficients of Atherosclerotic Plaque Constituents by Quantitative Optical Coherence Tomography

Barazzetti, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling From Gnomonic Projections
* Automated and Accurate Orientation of Complex Image Sequences
* Automatic Façade Segmentation for Thermal Retrofit
* Automatic orientation of image sequences for 3-D object reconstruction: First results of a method integrating photogrammetric and computer vision algorithms
* Automatic registration of multi-source medium resolution satellite data
* Automatic Registration of Multiple Laser Scans Using Panoramic RGB and Intensity Images
* Automation in 3-D Reconstruction: Results on Different Kinds of Close-Range Blocks
* Beyond Crude 3D Models: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Information Modeling via NURBS
* BIM from Laser Clouds and Finite Element Analysis: Combining Structural Analysis and Geometric Complexity
* Crack measurement: Development, testing and applications of an automatic image-based algorithm
* Development and Testing of a Method for Tunnel Monitoring Via Vision Metrology
* Extraction of accurate tie points for automated pose estimation of close-range blocks
* Fully automatic UAVs image-based sensor orientation
* Geometric and Radiometric Analysis of Paintings
* Georeferencing Accuracy Analysis Of A Single Worldview-3 Image Collected Over Milan
* HBIM and augmented information: towards a wider user community of image and range-based reconstructions
* Historic BIM in the Cloud
* Mapping Infrared Data on Terrestrial Laser Scanning 3D Models of Buildings
* Monitoring Riverbank Erosion in Mountain Catchments Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* One-to-Many Registration of Landsat Imagery
* Photogrammetric reconstruction of the My Son G1 temple in Vietnam
* Problems Related to the Generation of True-Orthophotos with Lidar DDSMs
* RC-Heli and Structure and Motion techniques for the 3-D reconstruction of a Milan Dome spire
* Scan registration using planar features
* Targetless Camera Calibration
* Towards a virtual hub approach for landscape assessment and multimedia ecomuseum using multitemporal-maps
* Virtual Hub Brokering Approach For Integration Of Historical And Modern Maps, A
Includes: Barazzetti, L. Barazzetti, L.[Luigi]
27 for Barazzetti, L.

Barb, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Genetic Optimization for Associative Semantic Ranking Models of Satellite Images by Land Cover

Barb, A.S.[Adrian S.] Co Author Listing * GeoIRIS: Geospatial Information Retrieval and Indexing System - Content Mining, Semantics Modeling, and Complex Queries

Barba Milanes, J. Co Author Listing * Operational Ship Monitoring System Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing
Includes: Barba Milanes, J. Barba Milanés, J.

Barba, D. Co Author Listing * 1-D Mosaics as a Tool for Structuring and Navigation in Digital Video Content
* Active Contours Approach to Object Tracking in Image Sequences With Complex Background
* Adaptive and global optimization methods for weighted vector median filters
* Automatic Region Construction by Edge Detection and Contour Following in Image Segmentation
* Automation of Pavement Surface Crack Detection using the Continuous Wavelet Transform
* Coding of Structure in the Region-Based Coder as a Problem of Optimization on Graphs
* Coherent Computational Approach to Model Bottom-Up Visual Attention, A
* Design and Evaluation of an Entirely Psychovisual-Based Coding Scheme
* Do video coding impairments disturb the visual attention deployment?
* Does where you Gaze on an Image Affect your Perception of Quality? Applying Visual Attention to Image Quality Metric
* Efficient Saliency-Based Repurposing Method
* Extraction of the relative depth information of objects in video sequences
* fast multiresolution text line and non text-line structures extraction and discrimination scheme for document image analysis, A
* From SD to HD Television: Effects of H.264 Distortions Versus Display Size on Quality of Experience
* Grouping video shots into scenes based on 1D mosaic descriptors
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Video Sequences for Content Manipulation and Adaptive Coding
* Image coding in the context of a psychovisual image representation with vector quantization
* image quality assessment method based on perception of structural information, An
* Image segmentation by region-contour cooperation for image coding
* Impact of the Resolution on the Difference of Perceptual Video Quality Between CRT and LCD
* Joint Tracking of Polygonal and Triangulated Meshes of Objects in Moving Sequences with Time Varying Content
* Markov random field for rectilinear structure extraction in pavement distress image analysis, A
* Masking and quantization laws in a visual subband coding scheme
* Motion and Structure Based Image Segmentation for Object-Oriented Time-Varying Sequences Coding
* Objective quality assessment of color images based on a generic perceptual reduced reference
* Optimization of a monochrome picture coding scheme based on a two-component model
* Overt visual attention for free-viewing and quality assessment tasks: Impact of the regions of interest on a video quality metric
* Performance assessment of a visual attention system entirely based on a human vision modeling
* Rectilinear Structure Extraction in Textured Images with an Irregular Graph-Based Markov Random Field Model
* Relative depth estimation of video objects for image interpolation
* robust quality metric for color image quality assessment, A
* Robust Segmentation of Moving Image Sequences
* Spatio-Temporal Model of the Selective Human Visual Attention, A
* Spatio-temporal segmentation and regions tracking of high definition video sequences based on a Markov Random Field model
* Spatio-temporal segmentation of image sequences for object-oriented low bit-rate image coding
* Special issue on Image and Video Quality Assessment
* Tracking of Objects in Video Scenes with Time Varying Content
* Video Coding for Wireless Varying Bit-Rate Communications Based on Area of Interest and Region Representation
* Visual Features for Image Quality Assessment with Reduced Reference
* Which semi-local visual masking model for wavelet based image quality metric?
Includes: Barba, D. Barba, D.[Dominique]
40 for Barba, D.

Barba, E. Co Author Listing * Here We Are! Where Are We? Locating Mixed Reality in The Age of the Smartphone

Barba, J. Co Author Listing * Composite NTSC Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A
* Minimum Entropy Restoration of Star Field Images
* Optimal Segmentation of Cell Images

Barba, S. Co Author Listing * 3D-Antlers: Virtual Reconstruction and Three-Dimensional Measurement
* Application For Cultural Heritage In Erasmus Placement. Surveys And 3D Cataloging Archaeological Finds In MÉrida (Spain), An
* Approach to 3D Digital Modeling of Surfaces with Poor Texture by Range Imaging Techniques. Shape from Stereo vs. Shape from Silhouette in Digitizing Jorge Oteiza's Sculptures, An

Barback, C.V. Co Author Listing * Extended Lifetime In Vivo Pulse Stimulated Ultrasound Imaging

Barbadillo, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Interactive Multimodal Platform for Digital Signage

Barbancho, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Optical Music Recognition for Scores Written in White Mensural Notation

Barbano, P.E. Co Author Listing * Toward Automatic Phenotyping of Developing Embryos From Videos

Barbarar, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Pose Normalisation for 3D Vehicles

Barbarella, M. Co Author Listing * Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area
* Landslide Monitoring Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner: Georeferencing And Canopy Filtering Issues In A Case Study
* Quality Assessment of DTM and Orthophoto Generated by Airborne Laser Scanning System Using Automated Digital Photogrammetry
* Uncertainty in Terrestrial Laser Scanner Surveys of Landslides
Includes: Barbarella, M. Barbarella, M.[Maurizio]

Barbaresco, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Echographic Data Segmentation and Carotid Artery Turbulences Mapping by Doppler Velocimetry by a Common Approach Based on Calculus of Variations
* Interactions between Symmetric Cone and Information Geometries: Bruhat-Tits and Siegel Spaces Models for High Resolution Autoregressive Doppler Imagery
* Motion-Based Segmentation and Tracking of Dynamic Radar Clutters
* Process for separating dynamic and static components of a sequence of images
* Rain Clouds Tracking with Radar Image Processing Based on Morphological Skeleton Matching
Includes: Barbaresco, F. Barbaresco, F.[Frederic] Barbaresco, F.[Frédéric]

Barbarien, J.[Joeri] Co Author Listing * Constant quality rate-control for video encoding based on activity segmentation
* Constant quality video coding using video content analysis
* Distributed coding of endoscopic video
* In-band motion compensated temporal filtering
* Motion and texture rate-allocation for prediction-based scalable motion-vector coding
* Motion vector coding for in-band motion compensated temporal filtering
* Performing Deblocking in Video Coding Based on Spatial-Domain Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Scalable motion vector coding
* Scalable video coding based on motion-compensated temporal filtering: complexity and functionality analysis
* Side-Information-Dependent Correlation Channel Estimation in Hash-Based Distributed Video Coding
* Spatio-temporal-SNR scalable wavelet coding with motion compensated DCT base-layer architectures
* Wavelet coding of volumetric medical datasets
Includes: Barbarien, J.[Joeri] Barbarien, J.
12 for Barbarien, J.

Barbarino, M. Co Author Listing * Low-cost surveys of the Domus of Stallius Eros in Pompeii

Barbaro, C.C.[C. Conati] Co Author Listing * UAV Surveying For A Complete Mapping And Documentation Of Archaeological Findings. The Early Neolithic Site Of Portonovo

Barbaro, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Low-Power Integrated Smart Sensor with on-Chip Real-Time Image Processing Capabilities, A

Barbarossa, S. Co Author Listing * Distributed Spectrum Estimation for Small Cell Networks Based on Sparse Diffusion Adaptation

Barbastathis, G. Co Author Listing * Novel diffractive optical elements and algorithms for real-time 3D and hyperspectral imaging
* Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging with Volume Holographic Optical Elements

Barbati, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Changes on the Gross Primary Production of Italian Forests

Barbati, N. Co Author Listing * Variometric Tests for Accelerometer Sensors

Barbato, L.S.[Lucia S.] Co Author Listing * Using Remotely Sensed Imagery to Document How Land Use Drives Turbidity of Playa Waters in Texas

Barbato, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Body patterns in cephalopods: Polyphenism as a way of information exchange

Barbe, A. Co Author Listing * Fractional Fourier and Radon-Wigner Transforms Of Periodic Signals

Barbe, D.F. Co Author Listing * Smart Sensors

Barbe, E. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis Method for Monitoring Land Conversion by Artificial Sprawl Use of RapidEye and IRS Data, An

Barbedo, J.G.A.[Jayme Garcia Arnal] Co Author Listing * 3D Plant Modeling: Localization, Mapping and Segmentation for Plant Phenotyping Using a Single Hand-held Camera

Barbehenn, M. Co Author Listing * Note on the Complexity of Dijkstras Algorithm for Graphs with Weighted Vertices, A

Barbeiro, S. Co Author Listing * Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: I. The Linear Case
* Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: II. The Nonlinear Case
* Explicit and Semi-implicit Complex-Diffusion Schemes for Optical Coherence Tomography Despeckling
Includes: Barbeiro, S. Barbeiro, S.[Sílvia]

Barbello, B. Co Author Listing * Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices: Recent progress and remaining challenges
* Partial face detection for continuous authentication

Barber, C.B. Co Author Listing * Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hulls, The

Barber, C.M. Co Author Listing * Sketch-based robot programming

Barber, C.P.[Christopher P.] Co Author Listing * Ten-Year Landsat Classification of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Brazilian Amazon

Barber, D. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Classification With Gaussian Processes
* Image Reconstruction Algorithm for 3-D Electrical Impedance Mammography, An

Barber, D.C.[David C.] Co Author Listing * Constrained image reconstruction for magnetic detection electrical impedance tomography
* Imaging the complex conductivity in electrical impedance tomography
* Method of Generalized Projections (MGP) Ghost Correction Algorithm for Interleaved EPI, A
Includes: Barber, D.C.[David C.] Barber, D.C.

Barber, D.G. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Detection Case Study on Crude Oil Injection in a Young Sea Ice Environment, An
* Evaluating Scattering Contributions to C-Band Radar Backscatter From Snow-Covered First-Year Sea Ice at the Winter-Spring Transition Through Measurement and Modeling
* Modeling and Measurement of C-Band Radar Backscatter From Snow-Covered First-Year Sea Ice
* Monte Carlo Method for Simulating Scattering From Sea Ice Using FVTD, A
* Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Terrestrial LiDAR for Parameterizing Centimeter-Scale Sea Ice Surface Roughness
* Observations of Snow Water Equivalent Change on Landfast First-Year Sea Ice in Winter Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrieval From C-Band SAR Images Without Wind Direction Input
* Open-Ended Coaxial Probe Technique for Dielectric Spectroscopy of Artificially Grown Sea Ice
* Parameterization of Centimeter-Scale Sea Ice Surface Roughness Using Terrestrial LiDAR
* Sea Ice Motion Tracking From Sequential Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 Images
* Study on the C-Band Polarimetric Scattering and Physical Characteristics of Frost Flowers on Experimental Sea Ice, A
Includes: Barber, D.G. Barber, D.G.[David G.]
11 for Barber, D.G.

Barber, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Geometric validation of a ground-based mobile laser scanning system
* Maintaining momentum in terrestrial laser scanning: A UK case study
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Assessing the Risk of Slope Instability along Transport Corridors
Includes: Barber, D.M.[David M.] Barber, D.M.

Barber, H.B. Co Author Listing * Surgical probe design for a coincidence imaging system without a collimator

Barber, J. Co Author Listing * Visual Perception in Familiar, Complex Tasks

Barber, M.E.[Matias Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Effects of Spatial Sampling Interval on Roughness Parameters and Microwave Backscatter over Agricultural Soil Surfaces
Includes: Barber, M.E.[Matias Ernesto] Barber, M.E.[Matías Ernesto]

Barber, P. Co Author Listing * Qualitative image based localization in indoors environments

Barber, R.F. Co Author Listing * Spectral CT Method to Directly Estimate Basis Material Maps From Experimental Photon-Counting Data, A

Barber, R.J.[Ron J.] Co Author Listing * Automatic and Semiautomatic Methods for Image Annotation and Retrieval in Query by Image Content (QBIC)
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content -- Report
* Image query system and method
* Indexing for Complex Queries on a Query-by-Content Image Database
* QBIC Project: Querying Image by Content Using Color, Texture, and Shape, The
* Query by image content using multiple objects and multiple features: user interface issues
Includes: Barber, R.J.[Ron J.] Barber, R.J. Barber, R.J.[Ronald J.]
7 for Barber, R.J.

Barbera, M.J.[Maria J.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous System to Take Angular Thermal-Infrared Measurements for Validating Satellite Products, An
Includes: Barbera, M.J.[Maria J.] Barberà, M.J.[Maria J.]

Barberio, A. Co Author Listing * Transcranial Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Image Fusion With Virtual Navigator

Barberis, L. Co Author Listing * Recognition Experiments of Cursive Dynamic Handwriting with Self-Organizing Networks

Barbero, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Clipping algorithms for solving the nearest point problem over reduced convex hulls

Barbero, M. Co Author Listing * bit-rate reduction system for HDTV transmission, A
* Method for encoding and transmitting video signals as overall motion vectors and local motion vectors
Includes: Barbero, M. Barbero, M.[Marzio]

Barbero, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Comparison of real and computer-simulated outcomes of LASIK refractive surgery
* Simulating real-world scenes viewed through ophthalmic lenses

Barbetta, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * River Discharge Estimation by Using Altimetry Data and Simplified Flood Routing Modeling

Barbhuiya, F. Co Author Listing * Eye center localization and detection using radial mapping
* ISURE: User authentication in mobile devices using ocular biometrics in visible spectrum

Barbhuiya, F.A.[Ferdous A.] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural networks for ocular smartphone-based biometrics
* preliminary study of CNNs for iris and periocular verification in the visible spectrum, A
Includes: Barbhuiya, F.A.[Ferdous A.] Barbhuiya, F.A.

Barbi, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Coincidence Detector Properties of Small Networks of Interneurons

Barbier, B. Co Author Listing * 3D boundary extraction of the left ventricle by a deformable model with a priori information

Barbier, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Multi-Chromatic Analysis of SAR Images for Coherent Target Detection
* Split-Band Interferometry-Assisted Phase Unwrapping for the Phase Ambiguities Correction

Barbier, J.[Johann] Co Author Listing * Non-malleable Schemes Resisting Adaptive Adversaries
* Steganalysis of Multi Bit Plane Image Steganography
* Universal JPEG Steganalysis in the Compressed Frequency Domain

Barbier, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Estimation in French Guiana with LiDAR ICESat/GLAS Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Random Forest Regressions
* Inverting Aboveground Biomass-Canopy Texture Relationships in a Landscape of Forest Mosaic in the Western Ghats of India Using Very High Resolution Cartosat Imagery
* Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana

Barbier, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Volume-preserving FFD for programmable graphics hardware
Includes: Barbier, S.[Sebastien] Barbier, S.[Sébastien]

Barbieri, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Cortical-Inspired Geometry for Contour Perception and Motion Integration, A

Barbieri, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Database of Segmented MRI Images of the Wrist and the Hand in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases, A
* MRI Study of Bone Erosions Healing in the Wrist and Metacarpophalangeal Joints of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An
* Novel Automatic Tool for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Quantification of Bone Erosion Scoring in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Barbieri, I. Co Author Listing * ACTS Project-AC077. Scalable architectures with hardware extensions for low bitrate variable bandwidth realtime videocommunications (SCALAR)
* Search window size decision for motion estimation algorithm in H.264 video coder

Barbieri, L.[Loris] Co Author Listing * Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools to Improve the Exploitation of Underwater Archaeological Sites by Diver and Non-diver Tourists

Barbieri, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Complementarity of Two Rice Mapping Approaches: Characterizing Strata Mapped by Hypertemporal MODIS and Rice Paddy Identification Using Multitemporal SAR
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Multimedia content analysis for consumer electronics
* Rapid Assessment of Crop Status: An Application of MODIS and SAR Data to Rice Areas in Leyte, Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
* Synchronization of Multiple Camera Videos Using Audio-Visual Features
* Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project
* Video Quality Analysis for Concert Video Mashup Generation
Includes: Barbieri, M.[Massimo] Barbieri, M.[Mauro]
7 for Barbieri, M.

Barbieri, S.[Sebastiano] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Graph-Based Approach for Boundary Estimation of Fiber Bundles Relying on Fractional Anisotropy Maps, A
* Variational registration of tensor-valued images

Barbieux, K. Co Author Listing * Correction Of Airborne Pushbroom Images Orientation Using Bundle Adjustment Of Frame Images

Barbin, Y. Co Author Listing * Empirical Forecasting of HF-Radar Velocity Using Genetic Algorithms
* HF Bistatic Ocean Doppler Spectra: Simulation Versus Experimentation

Barbone, P.E. Co Author Listing * Linear and Nonlinear Elastic Modulus Imaging: An Application to Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Barbosa Santillan, L.I.[Liliana Ibeth] Co Author Listing * Neuro-Fuzzy Data Mining Mexico's Economic Data
Includes: Barbosa Santillan, L.I.[Liliana Ibeth] Barbosa-Santillán, L.I.[Liliana Ibeth]

Barbosa, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Parametrization and calibration of a quasi-analytical algorithm for tropical eutrophic waters
Includes: Barbosa, C.[Claudio] Barbosa, C.[Cláudio]

Barbosa, C.C.F.[Claudio C. F.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of MERIS Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Chlorophyll-a Concentration in a Brazilian Reservoir
* SNR (Signal-To-Noise Ratio) Impact on Water Constituent Retrieval from Simulated Images of Optically Complex Amazon Lakes
Includes: Barbosa, C.C.F.[Claudio C. F.] Barbosa, C.C.F.[Cláudio C. F.] Barbosa, C.C.F.[Claudio C.F.]

Barbosa, D. Co Author Listing * Anatomical Image Registration Using Volume Conservation to Assess Cardiac Deformation From 3D Ultrasound Recordings
* Aortic Valve Tract Segmentation From 3D-TEE Using Shape-Based B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces
* B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces: An Efficient Framework for Real-Time 3-D Region-Based Segmentation
* Detailed Evaluation of Five 3D Speckle Tracking Algorithms Using Synthetic Echocardiographic Recordings
* Elastic Image Registration Versus Speckle Tracking for 2-D Myocardial Motion Estimation: A Direct Comparison In Vivo
* level-set approach for tracking objects in image sequences using a level conservation constraint: Application to cardiac sequences, A
* Radio Astronomy Demonstrator: Assessment of the Appropriate Sites through a GIS Open Source Application
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* Towards real-time 3D region-based segmentation: B-spline explicit active surfaces
Includes: Barbosa, D. Barbosa, D.[Domingos]
9 for Barbosa, D.

Barbosa, I.B.[Igor Barros] Co Author Listing * Closed Form Solution for the Self-Calibration of Heterogeneous Sensors, A
* On the use of fingernail images as transient biometric identifiers
* Re-identification with RGB-D Sensors

Barbosa, I.O. Co Author Listing * Use of Soil-Landscape Relationships Modelling and Geotechnologies for Detailing the Soil Map Of Distrito Federal in Brazil, The

Barbosa, J.G.[Jorge G.] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Bi-planar Radiography with a Rangefinder and a Small Calibration Object
* Fast 3D Reconstruction of the Spine Using User-Defined Splines and a Statistical Articulated Model
* Pedicle Detection in Planar Radiographs Based on Image Descriptors

Barbosa, J.M.[Jomar M.] Co Author Listing * Determining Subcanopy Psidium cattleianum Invasion in Hawaiian Forests Using Imaging Spectroscopy
* Remotely sensed biomass over steep slopes: An evaluation among successional stands of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
Includes: Barbosa, J.M.[Jomar M.] Barbosa, J.M.[Jomar Magalhães]

Barbosa, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Screen reflections impact on HDR video tone mapping for mobile devices: an evaluation study

Barbosa, M.P.[Marx P.] Co Author Listing * Vegetation Greenness in Northeastern Brazil and Its Relation to ENSO Warm Events

Barbosa, M.S.[Marconi S.] Co Author Listing * Graph Rigidity, Cyclic Belief Propagation, and Point Pattern Matching

Barbosa, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * New Marker-Less 3D Kinect-Based System for Facial Anthropometric Measurements, A

Barbosa, P.M. Co Author Listing * Performance of Several Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper (TM) Image Classification Methods for Crop Extent Estimates in an Irrigation District

Barbosa, S.D.J.[Simone D. J.] Co Author Listing * Mining the Criminal Data of Rio de Janeiro: Analyzing the Impact of the Pacifying Police Units Deployment

Barbosa, V.[Vitor] Co Author Listing * Platform for Context-Aware and Digital Rights Management-Enabled Content Adaptation, A

Barbosa, V.C.[Valmir C.] Co Author Listing * Finding approximate palindromes in strings
* Two-dimensional cellular automata and the analysis of correlated time series

Barbot, J.P. Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing With Chaotic Sequence
* On the Hybrid Cramer Rao Bound and Its Application to Dynamical Phase Estimation

Barbot, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic and Precise Orthorectification, Coregistration, and Subpixel Correlation of Satellite Images, Application to Ground Deformation Measurements

Barbour, B. Co Author Listing * DASM: An open source active shape model for automatic registration of objects
* What Are Soft Biometrics and How Can They Be Used?
Includes: Barbour, B. Barbour, B.[Benjamin]

Barbour, G.S. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Edge Detection and Feature Binding: An Integrated Approach
* new approach to hand-written character recognition, A

Barbour, R.L. Co Author Listing * Imaging of spatiotemporal coincident states by DC optical tomography
* Optical imaging of anatomical maps derived from magnetic resonance images using time-independent optical sources
* wavelet-based multiresolution regularized least squares reconstruction approach for optical tomography, A

Barbour, S.L.S. Co Author Listing * Optical imaging of anatomical maps derived from magnetic resonance images using time-independent optical sources

Barboux, C.[Chloe] Co Author Listing * Mapping slope movements in Alpine environments using TerraSAR-X interferometric methods
Includes: Barboux, C.[Chloe] Barboux, C.[Chloé]

Barbu, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Accurate polyp segmentation for 3D CT colongraphy using multi-staged probabilistic binary learning and compositional model
* Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Lymph Nodes From CT Data
* Editorial introduction to the CVIU special issue on 'Generative models in computer vision and medical imaging'
* Fast Automatic Heart Chamber Segmentation from 3D CT Data Using Marginal Space Learning and Steerable Features
* Feature Selection with Annealing for Computer Vision and Big Data Learning
* Four-Chamber Heart Modeling and Automatic Segmentation for 3-D Cardiac CT Volumes Using Marginal Space Learning and Steerable Features
* Generalizing Swendsen-Wang to Sampling Arbitrary Posterior Probabilities
* Graph partition by Swendsen-Wang cuts
* Hierarchical Learning of Curves Application to Guidewire Localization in Fluoroscopy
* Hierarchical Object Parsing from Structured Noisy Point Clouds
* Incorporating Visual Knowledge Representation in Stereo Reconstruction
* Learning a Quality-Based Ranking for Feature Point Trajectories
* Learning real-time MRF inference for image denoising
* Learning-based hypothesis fusion for robust catheter tracking in 2D X-ray fluoroscopy
* Motion Estimation by Swendsen-Wang Cuts
* Motion Segmentation by Velocity Clustering with Estimation of Subspace Dimension
* Multigrid and Multi-Level Swendsen-Wang Cuts for Hierarchic Graph Partition
* On the Relationship Between Image and Motion Segmentation
* Probabilistic 3D Polyp Detection in CT Images: The Role of Sample Alignment
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* Saying What You're Looking For: Linguistics Meets Video Search
* Seeing is Worse than Believing: Reading People's Minds Better than Computer-Vision Methods Recognize Actions
* Seeing What You're Told: Sentence-Guided Activity Recognition in Video
* Simultaneous Detection and Registration for Ileo-Cecal Valve Detection in 3D CT Colonography
* Training an Active Random Field for Real-Time Image Denoising
Includes: Barbu, A.[Adrian] Barbu, A. Barbu, A.[Andrei]
25 for Barbu, A.

Barbu, C.[Costin] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Approach to Robust Biometrics Fusion, An

Barbu, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Ground-truth Generation for Document Image Analysis and Understanding
* Clustering document images using a bag of symbols representation
* Frequent Graph Discovery: Application to Line Drawing Document Images
* Graph Classification Approach Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Application to Symbol Recognition, A
* Graph Classification Using Genetic Algorithm and Graph Probing Application to Symbol Recognition
* Medical Image Categorization using a Texture Based Symbolic Description
* Using texture-based symbolic features for medical image representation
Includes: Barbu, E. Barbu, E.[Eugen]
7 for Barbu, E.

Barbu, T. Co Author Listing * nonlinear fourth-order PDE-based image denoising technique, A

Barbulescu, A.[Adela] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation using 2D body part detectors

Barbur, J.L.[John L.] Co Author Listing * Changes in color vision with decreasing light level: Separating the effects of normal aging from disease

Barbuzza, R. Co Author Listing * Metropolis monte carlo for tomographic reconstruction with prior smoothness information

Barbuzzi, D.[Donato] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking of Update Learning Strategies on Digit Classifier Systems
* CLICK TEATRO Project: Augmented Reality and Promotion of Theater Events
* Learning Iterative Strategies in Multi-Expert Systems Using SVMs for Digit Recognition
* Learning Strategies for Knowledge-Base Updating in Online Signature Verification Systems
* Multi-classifier System Configuration Using Genetic Algorithms
* novel prototype generation technique for handwriting digit recognition, A
* Similarity-based regularization for semi-supervised learning for handwritten digit recognition
* Voronoi Tessellation for Effective and Efficient Handwritten Digit Classification
Includes: Barbuzzi, D.[Donato] Barbuzzi, D.
8 for Barbuzzi, D.

Barca, L. Co Author Listing * Cat is on the Mat. or is it a Dog? Dynamic Competition in Perceptual Decision Making, The

Barcaglioni, R. Co Author Listing * Virtual Reconstruction Of Lost Architectures: From the TLS Survey to AR Visualization

Barcellos Hoff, M.H.[Mary Helen] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of Mammospheres for Localization Studies
* BioSig: An Imaging Bioinformatic System for Studying Phenomics
* BioSig: An Imaging Bioinformatics System for Phenotypic Analysis
* Geometric Approach to Segmentation and Protein Localization in Cell Cultured Assays
* Iterative Voting for Inference of Structural Saliency and Characterization of Subcellular Events
* Localization of saliency through iterative voting
* Tool for the Quantitative Spatial Analysis of Complex Cellular Systems, A
Includes: Barcellos Hoff, M.H.[Mary Helen] Barcellos-Hoff, M.H.[Mary Helen] Barcellos-Hoff, M.H.
7 for Barcellos Hoff, M.H.

Barcellos, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Stochastic shadow detection using a hypergraph partitioning approach

Barcelo, A.C.[Alain Claude] Co Author Listing * Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation
Includes: Barcelo, A.C.[Alain Claude] Barcelo, A.C.[Alain-Claude]

Barcelo, G.[Grettel] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Linguistic Information to Statistical Word-Level Alignment
Includes: Barcelo, G.[Grettel] Barceló, G.[Grettel]

Barcelo, J.[Joaquim] Co Author Listing * Optimally Discriminant Moments for Speckle Detection in Real B-Scan Images
Includes: Barcelo, J.[Joaquim] Barceló, J.[Joaquim]

Barcelo, L.[Lluis] Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Method for Parametric Video Registration, An
* Contextual Soccer Detection Using Mosaicing Techniques
* Polynomial Fiber Description of Motion for Video Mosaicing
* Robust Dominant Motion Estimation Using MPEG Information in Sport Sequences
* Robust Methods and Representations for Soccer Player Tracking and Collision Resolution
Includes: Barcelo, L.[Lluis] Barceló, L.[Lluís] Barceló, L.[Lluis] Barcelo, L.

Barcelo, M.A. Co Author Listing * Improving retinal artery and vein classification by means of a minimal path approach
Includes: Barcelo, M.A. Barceló, M.A.

Barcelos, C.A.Z.[Celia A.Z.] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic diffusion for effective shape corner point detection
* Bregman Divergence Applied to Hierarchical Segmentation Problems
* Effective Salience-Based Algorithm for Shape Matching, An
* effective salience-based algorithm for shape retrieval, An
* Enhanced Watermarking Scheme Based on Texture Analysis
* Image restoration using digital inpainting and noise removal
* Multi-Dimensional Similarity Modeling and Relevance Feedback Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval., A
* Retrieval of textured images through the use of quantization and modal analysis
* shape contour descriptor based on salience points, A
* Smoothing and Edge Detection by Time-Varying Coupled Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
* soft multiphase segmentation model via Gaussian mixture, A
* Texture Characterization via Automatic Threshold Selection on Image-Generated Complex Network
* Texture characterization via deterministic walks' direction histogram applied to a complex network-based image transformation
* Texture characterization via improved deterministic walks on image-generated complex network
* well-balanced flow equation for noise removal and edge detection, A
Includes: Barcelos, C.A.Z.[Celia A.Z.] Barcelos, C.A.Z.[Celia A. Zorzo] Barcelos, C.A.Z.[Celia A. Z.] Barcelos, C.A.Z.
15 for Barcelos, C.A.Z.

Barcelos, E.Z. Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Similarity Modeling and Relevance Feedback Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval., A

Barcena Humanes, J.L. Co Author Listing * non-parametric CFAR detector based on SAR sea clutter statistical modeling, A
* Passive Radar Array Processing with Non-Uniform Linear Arrays for Ground Target's Detection and Localization
* Statistical Analysis of SAR Sea Clutter for Classification Purposes
Includes: Barcena Humanes, J.L. Barcena-Humanes, J.L. Bárcena-Humanes, J.L.[Jose-Luis] Bárcena-Humanes, J.L.[José-Luis]

Barchiesi, D. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Scene Classification: Classifying environments from the sounds they produce
* Lycurgus Cup: Inverse problem using photographs for characterization of matter
* new image encryption scheme based on a chaotic function, A
Includes: Barchiesi, D. Barchiesi, D.[Dominique]

Barchunova, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Simple 3D Geometrical Objects under Partial Occlusion

Barco, R. Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Vision-Based System for Real-Time Traffic Monitoring, A

Barcucci, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Results in the Characterization of hv-convex Polyominoes from Projections
* BCIF: Another Algorithm for Lossless True Color Image Compression
* Medians of Polyominoes: A Property for Reconstruction
* PCIF: An Algorithm for Lossless True Color Image Compression
* Reconstructing digital sets from X-rays
* Solving the Two Color Problem: An Heuristic Algorithm
Includes: Barcucci, E.[Elena] Barcucci, E.

Barcza, Z.[Zoltan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Quality of NDVI3g Dataset against Collection 6 MODIS NDVI in Central Europe between 2000 and 2013
Includes: Barcza, Z.[Zoltan] Barcza, Z.[Zoltán]

Barczak, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment and comparison on images of petri dishes containing cell colonies
* Coarse-to-fine multiclass learning and classification for time-critical domains
* New Ensemble-Based Cascaded Framework for Multiclass Training with Simple Weak Learners, A
Includes: Barczak, A. Barczak, A.[Andre]

Barczak, A.L.C. Co Author Listing * Colour segmentation for multiple low dynamic range images using boosted cascaded classifiers

Barczi, J.F. Co Author Listing * Simulation of Multitemporal and Hyperspectral Vegetation Canopy Bidirectional Reflectance Using Detailed Virtual 3-D Canopy Models

Barczi, K.[Krisztina] Co Author Listing * Isoperimetrically Optimal Polygons in the Triangular Grid

Bard, C. Co Author Listing * Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing

Bard, J.M.[Jean Michel] Co Author Listing * Device for estimation of movement
Includes: Bard, J.M.[Jean Michel] Bard, J.M.[Jean-Michel]

Bard, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Multicomponent Signal Processing for Rayleigh Wave Ellipticity Estimation : Application to Seismic Hazard Assessment

Bardage, S.[Stig] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Highly Lignified Zones in Wood Fiber Cross-Sections

Bardagjy, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Estimating Motion and size of moving non-line-of-sight objects in cluttered environments

Bardaji, I.[Itziar] Co Author Listing * Computing the Barycenter Graph by Means of the Graph Edit Distance
* generic framework for median graph computation based on a recursive embedding approach, A
* Graph-Based k-Means Clustering: A Comparison of the Set Median versus the Generalized Median Graph
Includes: Bardaji, I.[Itziar] Bardají, I.

Bardaji, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Citizen Bio-Optical Observations from Coast- and Ocean and Their Compatibility with Ocean Colour Satellite Measurements

Barddal, J.P. Co Author Listing * benchmark of classifiers on feature drifting data streams, A
* Overcoming feature drifts via dynamic feature weighted k-nearest neighbor learning

Bardeen, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Detection and Segmentation of Vine Canopy in Ultra-High Spatial Resolution RGB Imagery Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): A Case Study in a Commercial Vineyard
* Selecting Canopy Zones and Thresholding Approaches to Assess Grapevine Water Status by Using Aerial and Ground-Based Thermal Imaging

Bardelli, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking via Prediction and Filtering with a Sobolev-Type Metric on Curves

Barden, C.J.[Charles J.] Co Author Listing * Mid-Season High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Forecasting Site-Specific Corn Yield

Bardera, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Analysis of image informativeness measures
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological Brain MR Images
* Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological MR Brain Images Using a Model of Lesion Growth
* High-Dimensional Normalized Mutual Information for Image Registration Using Random Lines
* Image Segmentation Using Information Bottleneck Method
* Medical Image Registration Based on BSP and Quad-Tree Partitioning
* Medical Image Registration Based on Random Line Sampling
* Quantification of computed tomography pork carcass images
* Registration-Based Segmentation Using the Information Bottleneck Method
* Tsallis entropy-based information measures for shot boundary detection and keyframe selection
Includes: Bardera, A.[Anton] Bardera, A.
10 for Bardera, A.

Bardestani, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Predicting turbulent flow friction coefficient using ANFIS technique

Bardet, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Illumination Aware MCMC Particle Filter for Long-term Outdoor Multi-object Simultaneous Tracking and Classification
Includes: Bardet, F.[Francois] Bardet, F.[François]

Bardi, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Rapid-Moving Reactivation of Earth Flows by Means of GB-InSAR: The April 2013 Capriglio Landslide (Northern Appennines, Italy)
* Space-Borne and Ground-Based InSAR Data Integration: The Åknes Test Site

Bardia, R.[Rishabh] Co Author Listing * Investigating the feasibility of image-based nose biometrics

Bardies, M. Co Author Listing * OSSI-PET: Open-Access Database of Simulated 11C Raclopride Scans for the Inveon Preclinical PET Scanner: Application to the Optimization of Reconstruction Methods for Dynamic Studies
Includes: Bardies, M. Bardiès, M.

Bardin, S. Co Author Listing * Background Fluorescence Estimation and Vesicle Segmentation in Live Cell Imaging With Conditional Random Fields
* Computational Geometry-Based Scale-Space and Modal Image Decomposition Application to Light Video-Microscopy Imaging
Includes: Bardin, S. Bardin, S.[Sabine]

Bardinet, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Automated Piecewise Affine Registration of Biological Images
* Differentiation of sCJD and vCJD Forms by Automated Analysis of Basal Ganglia Intensity Distribution in Multisequence MRI of the Brain: Definition and Evaluation of New MRI-Based Ratios
* Fitting 3-D Data Using Superquadrics and Free-Form Deformations
* Fusion of autoradiographies with an MR volume using 2-D and 3-D linear transformations
* Iconic feature based nonrigid registration: the PASHA algorithm
* Object Representation and Comparison Inferred from Its Medial Axis
* Parametric Deformable Model to Fit Unstructured 3D Data, A
* Reconstruction of Digital Terrain Model with a Lake
* Superquadrics and Free-Form Deformations: A Global Model to Fit and Track 3D Medical Data
* Tracking Medical 3D Data with a Deformable Parametric Model
* Tracking Medical 3D Data with a Parametric Deformable Model
Includes: Bardinet, E.[Eric] Bardinet, É.[Éric] Bardinet, E.
11 for Bardinet, E.

Bardins, S.[Stanislavs] Co Author Listing * Gaze-based interaction in various environments

Bardonnet, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Using steerable wavelets and minimal paths to reconstruct automatically filaments in fluorescence imaging

Bardossy, A. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy rule-based classification of remotely sensed imagery
* Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using a Modified k-NN Technique

Bardot, A. Co Author Listing * Recovery of the metric structure of a pattern of points using minimal information

Bardow, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Optical Flow and Intensity Estimation from an Event Camera

Bardsley, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Gabor Feature Selection for Face Recognition Using Improved AdaBoost Learning

Bardsley, J.M.[Johnathan M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Phase and Object Estimation Scheme for Phase-Diversity Time Series Data, An
* limited-memory, quasi-Newton preconditioner for nonnegatively constrained image reconstruction, A

Bardsley, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Imaging with Power Controlled Source Pairs

Barducci, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Noise Amplitude in Remotely Sensed Images Using Bit-Plane and Scatterplot Approaches
* Emissivity and Temperature Assessment Using a Maximum Entropy Estimator: Structure and Performance of the MaxEnTES Algorithm
* Estimation of Normalized Atmospheric Point Spread Function and Restoration of Remotely Sensed Images
* Information-theoretic assessment of sampled hyperspectral imagers
* Object recognition in floor plans by graphs of white connected components
Includes: Barducci, A. Barducci, A.[Alessio]

Bardyn, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Wavelet Based Lattice QIM Techniques and Robustness against AWGN and JPEG Attacks

Bare, B.[Bahetiyaer] Co Author Listing * Learning quality assessment of retargeted images

Barea, R. Co Author Listing * Commands Generation by Face Movements Applied to the Guidance of a Wheelchair for Handicapped People
* E.O.G Guidance of a Wheelchair Using Neural Networks
* Real-Time Hierarchical Outdoor SLAM Based on Stereovision and GPS Fusion
* Real-time system for monitoring driver vigilance

Barecke, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Video Navigation Based on Self-Organizing Maps
* VideoSOM: A SOM-Based Interface for Video Browsing
Includes: Barecke, T.[Thomas] Bärecke, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Baerecke, T.)

Bareja, M.N.[Milan N.] Co Author Listing * Improved Iterative Back Projection Based Single Image Super Resolution Approach, An

Barekatain, M. Co Author Listing * Okutama-Action: An Aerial View Video Dataset for Concurrent Human Action Detection
* Speedup of deep learning ensembles for semantic segmentation using a model compression technique
Includes: Barekatain, M. Barekatain, M.[Mohammadamin]

Barel, S. Co Author Listing * Sparse Phase Retrieval from Short-Time Fourier Measurements

Barenbrug, B. Co Author Listing * Enabling Introduction of Stereoscopic (3D) Video: Formats and Compression Standards

Barentsz, J. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Detection of Prostate Cancer in MRI

Barequet, G.[Gill] Co Author Listing * email: Barequet, G.[Gill]: barequet AT math tau ac il
* Image flows and one-liner graphical image representation
* Optimizing a Strip Separating Two Polygons
* Partial Surface and Volume Matching in Three Dimensions
* Piecewise-Linear Interpolation between Polygonal Slices
* Using geometric hashing to repair CAD objects
Includes: Barequet, G.[Gill] Barequet, G.

Bares, J. Co Author Listing * AMBLER: An Autonomous Rover for Planetary Exploration

Baret, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR Land Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record and Its Application to Wheat Yield Monitoring, A
* Assessment of Three Methods for Near Real-Time Estimation of Leaf Area Index From AVHRR Data
* CACAO Method for Smoothing, Gap Filling, and Characterizing Seasonal Anomalies in Satellite Time Series, The
* Data Service Platform for Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance and Value-Added Products: System Use and Examples
* Enhanced Automated Canopy Characterization from Hyperspectral Data by a Novel Two Step Radiative Transfer Model Inversion Approach
* Evaluation of Agreement Between Space Remote Sensing SPOT-VEGETATION fAPAR Time Series
* Generic Algorithm to Estimate LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER Variables from SPOT4_HRVIR and Landsat Sensors: Evaluation of the Consistency and Comparison with Ground Measurements, A
* Global Gap-Free MERIS LAI Time Series (2002-2012)
* Intercalibration of vegetation indices from different sensor systems
* Land Cover and Crop Type Classification along the Season Based on Biophysical Variables Retrieved from Multi-Sensor High-Resolution Time Series
* Local Vegetation Trends in the Sahel of Mali and Senegal Using Long Time Series FAPAR Satellite Products and Field Measurement (1982-2010)
* Monitoring crop growth inter-annual variability from MODIS time series: Performance comparison between crop specific green area index and current global leaf area index products
* On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products
* Quantification of LAI interannual anomalies by adjusting climatological patterns
* Using 3D Point Clouds Derived from UAV RGB Imagery to Describe Vineyard 3D Macro-Structure
* Using First- and Second-Order Variograms for Characterizing Landscape Spatial Structures From Remote Sensing Imagery
* Using Thermal Time and Pixel Purity for Enhancing Biophysical Variable Time Series: An Interproduct Comparison
Includes: Baret, F.[Frederic] Baret, F. Baret, F.[Frédéric]
17 for Baret, F.

Baret, O. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model Based Word Recognition and Its Application to Legal Amount Reading on French Checks
* Industrial bank check processing: the A2iA CheckReaderTM
* Recognition of unconstrained legal amounts handwritten on Chinese bank checks
* Regularities and Singularities in Line Pictures
* System for the Recognition of Handwritten Literal Amounts of Checks, A
Includes: Baret, O. Baret, O.[Olivier]

Bareth, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Crop Reflectance for Estimating Biomass in Rice Canopies at Different Phenological Stages
* Analysis of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Data for Crop Rotation Mapping
* Angular Dependency of Hyperspectral Measurements over Wheat Characterized by a Novel UAV Based Goniometer
* Assessing Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices for Estimating Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration of Summer Barley
* Best Accuracy Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Classification to Derive Crop Types Using Multitemporal, Multisensor, and Multi-Polarization SAR Satellite Images
* Comparison of UAV- and TLS-derived Plant Height for Crop Monitoring: Using Polygon Grids for the Analysis of Crop Surface Models (CSMs), A
* Comparison Of Uncalibrated RGBVI With Spectrometer-based NDVI Derived From UAV Sensing Systems On Field Scale
* Development of A Metadata Management System for An Interdisciplinary Research Project
* Estimate Leaf Chlorophyll of Rice Using Reflectance Indices and Partial Least Squares
* Estimating Biomass of Barley Using Crop Surface Models (CSMs) Derived from UAV-Based RGB Imaging
* Estimating leaf chlorophyll of barley at different growth stages using spectral indices to reduce soil background and canopy structure effects
* Evaluating Dense 3d Reconstruction Software Packages For Oblique Monitoring Of Crop Canopy Surface
* Evaluating Multispectral and Hyperspectral Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Estimating Winter Wheat Growth Parameters at Regional Scale in the North China Plain
* Evaluating the potential of consumer-grade smart cameras for low-cost stereo-photogrammetric Crop-Surface Monitoring
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Facilitating Integrated Spatio-temporal Visualization and Analysis Of Heterogeneous Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Research Data
* Fusion of high resolution remote sensing images and terrestrial laser scanning for improved biomass estimation of maize
* Fusion of Plant Height and Vegetation Indices for the Estimation of Barley Biomass
* Generating 3D hyperspectral information with lightweight UAV snapshot cameras for vegetation monitoring: From camera calibration to quality assurance
* Georeferencing Multi-source Geospatial Data Using Multi-temporal TerraSAR-X Imagery: a Case Study in Qixing Farm, Northeast China
* Hyperspectral Analysis Of Rice Phenological Stages In Northeast China
* Implementation Of An Agricultural Environmental Information System (aeis) For The Sanjiang Plain, Ne-china
* In Memoriam: Gunter Menz
* Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Basic Geodata at Different Scale Levels for Improved Land Use Analyses
* Introducing A Low-cost Mini-uav For Thermal- And Multispectral-imaging
* Introduction and preliminary results of a calibration for full-frame hyperspectral cameras to monitor agricultural crops with UAVs
* Investigating the Influence of Different DEMs on GIS-Based Cost Distance Modeling for Site Catchment Analysis of Prehistoric Sites in Andalusia
* Investigating Within-Field Variability of Rice from High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Qixing Farm County, Northeast China
* Investigation of Leaf Diseases and Estimation of Chlorophyll Concentration in Seven Barley Varieties Using Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Indices
* Low-weight and UAV-based Hyperspectral Full-frame Cameras for Monitoring Crops: Spectral Comparison with Portable Spectroradiometer Measurements
* Multi-temporal Crop Surface Models Combined With The Rgb Vegetation Index From Uav-based Images For Forage Monitoring In Grassland
* Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral and Radar Remote Sensing for Estimating Winter Wheat Biomass in the North China Plain
* Non-destructive Monitoring Of Rice By Hyperspectral In-field Spectrometry And Uav-based Remote Sensing: Case Study Of Field-grown Rice In North Rhine-westphalia, Germany
* Potential Of Multitemporal Tandem-x Derived Crop Surface Models For Maize Growth Monitoring
* Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages
* Regionalization of Agricultural Management by Using the Multi-Data Approach (MDA)
* Remotely detecting canopy nitrogen concentration and uptake of paddy rice in the Northeast China Plain
* Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Coastal Geomorphologic Research In Western Greece
* Terrestrial laser scanning for plant height measurement and biomass estimation of maize
* UAV-based Imaging for Multi-Temporal, very high Resolution Crop Surface Models to monitor Crop Growth Variability
* Very high resolution crop surface models (CSMs) from UAV-based stereo images for rice growth monitoring In Northeast China
Includes: Bareth, G.[Georg] Bareth, G. Bareth, G.[George]
42 for Bareth, G.

Barezi, E.J.[Elham J.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Label learning in the independent label sub-spaces

Barfield, W. Co Author Listing * Relationship Between Monocular and Binocular Depth Cues for Judgments of Spatial Information and Spatial Instrument Design

Barfoot, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Light at the End of the Tunnel: High-Speed LiDAR-Based Train Localization in Challenging Underground Environments

Barfoot, T.D.[Timothy D.] Co Author Listing * At all Costs: A Comparison of Robust Cost Functions for Camera Correspondence Outliers
* Being in Two Places at Once: Smooth Visual Path Following on Globally Inconsistent Pose Graphs
* Blinded by the Light: Exploiting the Deficiencies of a Laser Rangefinder for Rover Attitude Estimation
* Comparison of the EKF, SPKF, and the Bayes Filter for Landmark-Based Localization, A
* Exploiting Reusable Paths in Mobile Robotics: Benefits and Challenges for Long-term Autonomy
* Eyes in the Back of Your Head: Robust Visual Teach and Repeat Using Multiple Stereo Cameras
* Gaussian Process Gauss-Newton: Non-Parametric State Estimation
* Optimizing Camera Perspective for Stereo Visual Odometry
* Proof-of-Concept Demonstration of Visual Teach and Repeat on a Quadrocopter Using an Altitude Sensor and a Monocular Camera, A
* Proof-of-Concept, Rover-Based System for Autonomously Locating Methane Gas Sources on Mars, A
* Speed Daemon: Experience-Based Mobile Robot Speed Scheduling
* Towards Estimating Bias in Stereo Visual Odometry
12 for Barfoot, T.D.

Bargal, S.A.[Sarah Adel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hashing for Fast Similarity Search
* Do less and achieve more: Training CNNs for action recognition utilizing action images from the Web
* MIHash: Online Hashing with Mutual Information
* Online supervised hashing
* Online supervised hashing

Bargar, W.L. Co Author Listing * Image-Directed Robotic System For Precise Orthopedic-Surgery, An

Bargary, G. Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation flicker photometry: Phenotypic and genotypic associations
* Individual differences provide psychophysical evidence for separate on- and off-pathways deriving from short-wave cones
Includes: Bargary, G. Bargary, G.[Gary]

Bargas Avila, J.A. Co Author Listing * Role of Visual Complexity in Affective Reactions to Webpages: Subjective, Eye Movement, and Cardiovascular Responses, The
Includes: Bargas Avila, J.A. Bargas-Avila, J.A.

Barge, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Graph-based approach for Kite recognition, A
* Kite Recognition by Means of Graph Matching

Barger, P.J. Co Author Listing * On the Performance and Use of Speaker Recognition Systems for Surveillance

Bargeron, D. Co Author Listing * Boosting-based transductive learning for text detection
* Sharing video annotations

Bargi, A.[Ava] Co Author Listing * Infinite Adaptive Online Learning Model for Segmentation and Classification of Streaming Data, An
* online HDP-HMM for joint action segmentation and classification in motion capture data, An

Bargiel, D. Co Author Listing * Higher Order Dynamic Conditional Random Fields Ensemble for Crop Type Classification in Radar Images
* Multi-Temporal Land-Cover Classification of Agricultural Areas in Two European Regions with High Resolution Spotlight TerraSAR-X Data

Bargiela, A. Co Author Listing * Cybernetics of Vision Systems: Toward an Understanding of Putative Functions of the Outer Retina
* Fuzzy clustering with semantically distinct families of variables: Descriptive and predictive aspects
Includes: Bargiela, A. Bargiela, A.[Andrzej]

Bargiotas, D. Co Author Listing * Measurement System for a Magnetostrictive Torque Sensor
* Scalable Low-Cost Automated Storage and Retrieval System, A

Bargteil, A.W.[Adam W.] Co Author Listing * Guide to the Carnegie Mellon University Multimodal Activity (CMU-MMAC) Database

Barhate, K.A. Co Author Listing * Robust shape based two hand tracker

Barhen, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Information Fusion Methods Based on Physical Laws
* TRUST: A Deterministic Algorithm for Global Optimization

Barhomi, Y.[Youssef] Co Author Listing * Comparing state-of-the-art visual features on invariant object recognition tasks
* New Biologically Inspired Color Image Descriptor, A

Barhoumi, W.[Walid] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Skeletal Shape Trajectories for Person Re-Identification
* Automated photo-consistency test for voxel colouring based on fuzzy adaptive hysteresis thresholding
* Content-Based Mammogram Retrieval Using Mixed Kernel PCA and Curvelet Transform
* Detection of highly articulated moving objects by using co-segmentation with application to athletic video sequences
* efficient image-mosaicing method based on multifeature matching, An
* Fully Automated Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Morphable Model and Mesh-Local Binary Pattern
* Locality-sensitive hashing for region-based large-scale image indexing
* Multimodal Registration of PET/MR Brain Images Based on Adaptive Mutual Information
* online approach for multi-sprite generation based on camera parameters estimation, An
Includes: Barhoumi, W.[Walid] Barhoumi, W.
9 for Barhoumi, W.

Barhumi, I.[Imad] Co Author Listing * License plate detection and recognition in complex scenes using mathematical morphology and support vector machines

Bari, M. Co Author Listing * Simple Features for Separating CPFSK from QAM and PSK Modulations

Bari, R.[Rajendra] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Approach to Recovering the Structure of a Plant from Images, A

Bari, Z. Co Author Listing * MAS based energy-coordination for decentralized control of the hybrid electrical system, A

Bariamis, D.G.[Dimitris G.] Co Author Listing * Dedicated Hardware for Real-Time Computation of Second-Order Statistical Features for High Resolution Images
* FPGA-based architecture for real time image feature extraction, An
Includes: Bariamis, D.G.[Dimitris G.] Bariamis, D.G.

Bariani, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Efficient SIMD Implementation of the H.265 Decoder for Mobile Architecture, An
* Learning for feature selection and shape detection
* Search window size decision for motion estimation algorithm in H.264 video coder
Includes: Bariani, M.[Massimo] Bariani, M.[Michele] Bariani, M.

Baribeau, R. Co Author Listing * Color Reflectance Modeling Using a Polychromatic Laser Range Sensor
* Influence of Speckle on Laser Range Finders
* Model-Based Calibration of a Range Camera
* Optimized spectral estimation methods for improved colorimetry with laser scanning systems
* Sensors and Algorithms for the Construction of Digital 3-D Colour Models of Real Objects
Includes: Baribeau, R. Baribeau, R.[Rejean]

Baricco, G.A. Co Author Listing * Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory and Applications

Baricevic, D. Co Author Listing * Densification of Semi-Dense Reconstructions for Novel View Generation of Live Scenes

Barichivich, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Temperature and Snow-Mediated Moisture Controls of Summer Photosynthetic Activity in Northern Terrestrial Ecosystems between 1982 and 2011

Barille, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Toward Sentinel-2 High Resolution Remote Sensing of Suspended Particulate Matter in Very Turbid Waters: SPOT4 (Take5) Experiment in the Loire and Gironde Estuaries
Includes: Barille, L.[Laurent] Barillé, L.[Laurent]

Barillot, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barillot, C.[Christian]: Christian Barillot AT irisa fr
* 3-D Reconstruction of Cerebral Blood Vessels
* Adaptive Pixon Represented Segmentation (APRS) for 3D MR Brain Images Based on Mean Shift and Markov Random Fields
* Block-Matching Distortion Correction of Echo-Planar Images With Opposite Phase Encoding Directions
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Cooperation Between Level Set Techniques and Dense 3d Registration for the Segmentation of Brain Structures
* Coupling Dense and Landmark-Based Approaches for Non Rigid Registration
* Energy-based Framework for Dense 3D Registration of Volumetric Brain Images, An
* Hierarchical estimation of a dense deformation field for 3-D robust registration
* Information Processing in Medical Imaging
* Local Approach for Inter-individual Functional Registration, A
* MRI Estimation of T1 Relaxation Time Using a Constrained Optimization Algorithm
* MRI-Based Automated Computer Classification of Probable AD Versus Normal Controls
* Nonlocal Means-Based Speckle Filtering for Ultrasound Images
* Novel Temporal Calibration Method for 3-D Ultrasound, A
* Optimized Blockwise Nonlocal Means Denoising Filter for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Quality Assessment of Electromagnetic Localizers in the Context of 3D Ultrasound
* Quantitative Evaluation of Three Calibration Methods for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Retrospective evaluation of intersubject brain registration
* Robust Cerebral Blood Flow Map Estimation in Arterial Spin Labeling
* Robust multi-scale non-rigid registration of 3D ultrasound images
* Robust Multiscale Deformable Registration of 3d Ultrasound Images
* Robust statistical registration of 3D ultrasound images using texture information
* Shape Analysis and Fuzzy Control for 3D Competitive Segmentation of Brain Structures with Level Sets
* Towards Free-Hand 3-D Ultrasound
* Trimmed-Likelihood Estimation for Focal Lesions and Tissue Segmentation in Multisequence MRI for Multiple Sclerosis
* Use of a Probabilistic Shape Model for Non-linear Registration of 3d Scattered Data
Includes: Barillot, C.[Christian] Barillot, C.
28 for Barillot, C.

Barillot, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * noise-resistant algorithm for grid finding in microarray image analysis, A

Barilotti, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Curvature Analysis of Lidar Data for Single Tree Species Classification in alpine Latitude Forests
* Curvature Analysis of Lidar Data for Single Tree Species Classification in alpine Latitude Forests

Barimani, N. Co Author Listing * Real time adaptive non-linear estimator/predictor design for traffic systems with inadequate detectors

Barina, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Diagonal vectorisation of 2-D wavelet lifting
* Minimum Memory Vectorisation of Wavelet Lifting
* Single-Loop Architecture for JPEG 2000

Baringer, W.B. Co Author Listing * Computer vision hardware using the Radon transform

Barinov, A.E. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Human Pose from Images Based on Graph Spectra

Barinova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Efficient Road Mapping via Interactive Image Segmentation
* Fast and accurate scene text understanding with image binarization and off-the-shelf OCR
* Fast Automatic Single-View 3-d Reconstruction of Urban Scenes
* Geometric Image Parsing in Man-Made Environments
* Image Binarization for End-to-End Text Understanding in Natural Images
* Large-Lexicon Attribute-Consistent Text Recognition in Natural Images
* Non-associative Markov networks for 3D point cloud classification
* On Detection of Multiple Object Instances Using Hough Transforms
Includes: Barinova, O.[Olga] Barinova, O.
8 for Barinova, O.

Baris, U. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Thresholding Algorithms for Document Processing
* performance evaluation of thresholding algorithms for optical character recognition, The

Barish, M.A. Co Author Listing * Texture Feature Extraction and Analysis for Polyp Differentiation via Computed Tomography Colonography

Baritaux, J.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Method for General L_{p} Regularization in Fluorescence Molecular Tomography, An
* High-resolution 3D phase imaging using a partitioned detection aperture: a wave-optic analysis
* Sparsity-Driven Reconstruction for FDOT With Anatomical Priors
Includes: Baritaux, J.C. Baritaux, J.C.[Jean-Charles]

Bariya, P.[Prabin] Co Author Listing * 3D Geometric Scale Variability in Range Images: Features and Descriptors
* Scale of Geometric Texture, The
* Scale-hierarchical 3D object recognition in cluttered scenes

Barja, J.M. Co Author Listing * Methodology for the registration of whole SLO sequences

Barjat, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Deformation Based Morphometry Analysis of Serial Magnetic Resonance Images of Mouse Brains
Includes: Barjat, H.[Herve] Barjat, H.[Hervé]

Barjatya, A.[Aroh] Co Author Listing * Using lidar and rockets to explore turbulence in the atmosphere

Barjenbruch, M. Co Author Listing * Tracking of Extended Objects with High-Resolution Doppler Radar

Barkan, E.[Ella] Co Author Listing * Detection and Segmentation of Antialiased Text in Screen Images
* Generic Form Processing Approach for Large Variant Templates, A
* Semantic Description of Medical Image Findings: Structured Learning approach

Barkan, O.[Oren] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compressed Tomography Sensing
* Fast High Dimensional Vector Multiplication Face Recognition

Barkana, A. Co Author Listing * Discriminative Common Vectors for Face Recognition

Barkana, B.D. Co Author Listing * SKINcure: A real time image analysis system to aid in the malignant melanoma prevention and early detection

Barkana, D.E.[Duygun Erol] Co Author Listing * Vision-based game design and assessment for physical exercise in a robot-assisted rehabilitation system

Barkat, B.[Braham] Co Author Listing * Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signal for content integrity verification
* Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signals for content authentication

Barkat, M. Co Author Listing * CFAR Detection for Two Correlated Targets

Barker, A.M. Co Author Listing * Recursive Multiscale Correlation-Averaging Algorithm for an Automated Distributed Road-Condition-Monitoring System, A

Barker, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Wheat Yield Forecasting for Punjab Province from Vegetation Index Time Series and Historic Crop Statistics

Barker, B.A. Co Author Listing * Stereo-Video Surveys of Deep Water Habitats

Barker, G.J. Co Author Listing * Classification of disease subgroup and correlation with disease severity using magnetic resonance imaging whole-brain histograms: application to magnetization transfer ratios and multiple sclerosis
* Estimating distributed anatomical connectivity using fast marching methods and diffusion tensor imaging

Barker, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Tissue Section Images Using Directional Fractal Dimension Features
* Radiometric Calibration of LANDSAT
* Speech Spectral Envelope Enhancement by HMM-Based Analysis/Resynthesis

Barker, J.W.[Joseph W.] Co Author Listing * Temporally-Dependent Dirichlet Process Mixtures for Egocentric Video Segmentation

Barker, K.[Kathryn] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Two Independent Mapping Exercises in the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago, Mozambique

Barker, R.C. Co Author Listing * Bit-Plane Encoding: A Technique for Source Encoding
* Image processing by self-generated spatial and spectral masks

Barker, S.A. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised image segmentation using Markov random field models

Barker, S.P. Co Author Listing * analysis of hole detection schemes, An

Barkhausen, J. Co Author Listing * Augmented Likelihood Image Reconstruction
* Magnetic Particle Imaging: A Resovist Based Marking Technology for Guide Wires and Catheters for Vascular Interventions

Barkhoda, W.[Wafa] Co Author Listing * Implementation of Three Text to Speech Systems for Kurdish Language
* Retina Identification Based on the Pattern of Blood Vessels Using Angular and Radial Partitioning

Barkhof, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Large Margin Algorithm for White Matter Hyperintensity Segmentation, A

Barki, H.[Hichem] Co Author Listing * New Geometric Constraint Solving Formulation: Application to the 3D Pentahedron

Barkol, O.[Omer] Co Author Listing * robust similarity measure for automatic inspection, A

Barkoula, K.[Konstantina] Co Author Listing * Event Based Offline Signature Modeling Using Grid Source Probabilistic Coding
* Online signature verification based on signatures turning angle representation using longest common subsequence matching
Includes: Barkoula, K.[Konstantina] Barkoula, K.

Barkovich, A.J. Co Author Listing * Bias Field Inconsistency Correction of Motion-Scattered Multislice MRI for Improved 3D Image Reconstruction
* Intersection Based Motion Correction of Multislice MRI for 3-D in Utero Fetal Brain Image Formation

Barkowsky, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * Analysis and improvement of a paired comparison method in the application of 3DTV subjective experiment
* Does H.265 based peri and para-foveal quality flicker disrupt natural viewing patterns?
* Histogram-Based Prefiltering for Luminance and Chrominance Compensation of Multiview Video
* impact of complexity in the rate-distortion optimization: A visualization tool, The
* Influence of the Presentation Time on Subjective Votings of Coded Still Images
* Low-Complexity Transcoding of Inter Coded Video Frames from H.264 to H.263
* Measurement of Individual Changes in the Performance of Human Stereoscopic Vision for Disparities at the Limits of the Zone of Comfortable Viewing
* On the perceptual similarity of realistic looking tone mapped High Dynamic Range images
* Optimizing feature pooling and prediction models of VQA algorithms
* Selecting scenes for 2D and 3D subjective video quality tests
* Subjective quality assessment of MPEG-4 Scalable Video Coding in a mobile scenario
* Subjective quality of SVC-coded videos with different error-patterns concealed using spatial scalability
* Video quality assessment: From 2D to 3D - Challenges and future trends
Includes: Barkowsky, M.[Marcus] Barkowsky, M.
13 for Barkowsky, M.

Barksdale, S. Co Author Listing * Optimization Approach to Scanning Skin Direct Immunofluorescence Specimens, An

Barla, A. Co Author Listing * Building Kernels from Binary Strings for Image Matching
* Hausdorff Kernel for 3D Object Acquisition and Detection
* Histogram intersection kernel for image classification
* Old fashioned state-of-the-art image classification
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* Vector valued regression for iron overload estimation
Includes: Barla, A. Barla, A.[Annalisa]

Barla, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Curves: A Vector Representation for Smooth-Shaded Images

Barlach, F.[Flemming] Co Author Listing * linear classifier design approach, A
* Payphone coin validation using pattern recognition

Barland, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Attentional mechanisms driven adaptive quantization and selective bit allocation scheme for H.264/AVC
* Blind Quality Metric using a Perceptual Importance Map for JPEG-20000 Compressed Images
Includes: Barland, R.[Remi] Barland, R.

Barlas, P.[Philippine] Co Author Listing * Language identification from handwritten documents
* Learning to Detect Tables in Scanned Document Images Using Line Information
Includes: Barlas, P.[Philippine] Barlas, P.

Barlaud, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * email: Barlaud, M.[Michel]: barlaud AT i3s unice fr
* 3-Step Algorithm Using Region-Based Active Contours for Video Objects Detection, A
* 3D Scan-Based Wavelet Transform and Quality Control for Video Coding
* Active Contour Segmentation with a Parametric Shape Prior: Link with the Shape Gradient
* Attenuation map segmentation without reconstruction using a level set method in nuclear medicine imaging
* B-Spline Active Contour with Handling of Topology Changes for Fast Video Segmentation
* B-spline Active Contours for Fast Video Segmentation
* Biomedical Images Classification by Universal Nearest Neighbours Classifier Using Posterior Probability
* Boosting Bayesian MAP Classification
* Boosting k-NN for Categorization of Natural Scenes
* Boosting Stochastic Newton with Entropy Constraint for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Channel adapted multiple description coding scheme using wavelet transform
* Classification of biological cells using bio-inspired descriptors
* Combining shape prior and statistical features for active contour segmentation
* Design of signal-adapted multidimensional lifting scheme for lossy coding
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects Using a New Level Set Based Method
* deterministic algorithm for edge-preserving computed imaging using Legendre transform, A
* Deterministic Edge-Preserving Regularization in Computed Imaging
* Distortion-Rate Models for Entropy-Coded Lattice Vector Quantization
* DREAM 2 S: Deformable Regions Driven by an Eulerian Accurate Minimization Method for Image and Video Segmentation
* EBWIC: A Low Complexity and Efficient Rate Constrained Wavelet Image Coder
* Entropy-Based Distortion Measure and Bit Allocation for Wavelet Image Compression
* Entropy-Based Distortion Measure for Image Coding
* Fast k nearest neighbor search using GPU
* Fractal Image Compression Based on Delaunay Triangulation and Vector Quantization
* Gentle Nearest Neighbors Boosting over Proper Scoring Rules
* High Dimensional Framework for Joint Color-Spatial Segmentation, A
* High-dimensional statistical distance for region-of-interest tracking: Application to combining a soft geometric constraint with radiometry
* High-Dimensional Statistical Measure for Region-of-Interest Tracking
* Hybrid weighted-stego detection using machine learning
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transform
* Image restoration using a kNN-variant of the mean-shift
* Intraframe image decoding based on a nonlinear variational approach
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Vector Quantization: Guest Editorial
* Inward and Outward Curve Evolution Using Level Set Method
* Joint Appearance and Deformable Shape for Nonparametric Segmentation
* JPEG2000-Compatible Scalable Scheme for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* K-nearest neighbor search: Fast GPU-based implementations and application to high-dimensional feature matching
* Microwave Imaging: Reconstructions from Experimental-Data Using Conjugate-Gradient and Enhancement by Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Minimum-Entropy Procedure for Robust Motion Estimation, A
* model-based motion compensated video coder with JPEG2000 compatibility, A
* Motion and Appearance Nonparametric Joint Entropy for Video Segmentation
* Motion estimation based on Markov random fields
* Motion Vector Estimation and Encoding for Motion Compensated DWT
* Motion-based segmentation by means of active contours
* Multi-class Leveraged k-NN for Image Classification
* Multiple description coding for internet video streaming
* Multiple description image and video coding for wireless channels
* Multiresolution edge adaptive algorithm for low bit rate image coding
* Multispectral image coding using lattice VQ and the wavelet transform
* Mutual information-based context quantization
* Nonconvex Regularization in Remote Sensing
* Nonlinear image processing: modeling and fast algorithm for regularization with edge detection
* Nonlinear Regularization Using Constrained Edges in Image Reconstruction
* Object-based Motion Method for Video Coding, An
* Optimal Joint Decoding/ Deblurring Method for Optical Images
* Optimal JPEG decoding
* Optimal Motion Estimation for Wavelet Motion Compensated Video Coding
* Optimal weighted model-based bit allocation for quincunx sampled images
* Optimization of the Joint Coding/decoding Structure
* Optimized Lifting Scheme for Two-dimensional Quincunx Sampling Images
* Outer-Layer Based Tracking using Entropy as a Similarity Measure
* Patch confidence k-nearest neighbors denoising
* Poisson statistic and half-quadratic regularization for emission tomography reconstruction algorithm
* Puzzle Temporal Lifting for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* Pyramidal lattice vector quantization for multiscale image coding
* Quantization noise removal for optimal transform decoding
* Quincunx Lifting Scheme for Lossy Image Compression
* Region-based Active Contours for Video Object Segmentation with Camera Compensation
* Region-based active contours using geometrical and statistical features for image segmentation
* Regular Spatial B-Spline Active Contour for Fast Video Segmentation
* Robust Motion-Based Segmentation in Video Sequences using Entropy Estimator
* Robust Real-Time Segmentation of Images and Videos Using a Smooth-Spline Snake-based algorithm
* Segmentation and Edge-Preserving Restoration
* Segmentation of a Vector Field: Dominant Parameter and Shape Optimization
* Segmentation of Vectorial Image Features Using Shape Gradients and Information Measures
* Shape gradient for multi-modal image segmentation using mutual information
* Shape gradients for histogram segmentation using active contours
* Smoothing B-spline active contour for fast and robust image and video segmentation
* Space-Time Segmentation Based on a Joint Entropy with Estimation of Nonparametric Distributions
* Space-time segmentation using level set active contours applied to myocardial gated SPECT
* Sparse Multiscale Patches for Image Processing
* Spatio-frequency Noise Distribution a Priori for Satellite Image Joint Denoising/deblurring
* Stripe-based MSE control in image coding
* Towards entropy constrained lattice vector quantization
* Tracking video objects using active contours
* Two deterministic half-quadratic regularization algorithms for computed imaging
* Using the Shape Gradient for Active Contour Segmentation: From the Continuous to the Discrete Formulation
* Variational Approach for Edge-Preserving Regularization Using Coupled PDEs
* Video Objects Segmentation Using Eulerian Region-Based Active Contours
* Video segmentation using active contours on a group of pictures
Includes: Barlaud, M.[Michel] Barlaud, M.
91 for Barlaud, M.

Barletta, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Digital curvature estimation for left ventricular shape analysis

Barlit, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Iterative Orientation Tuning in V1: A Simple Cell Circuit with Cross-Orientation Suppression
* Iterative Tuning of Simple Cells for Contrast Invariant Edge Enhancement

Barlos, F. Co Author Listing * Hermes Autonomous Vision System: The Flat Quadtree Model

Barlovatz Meimon, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
Includes: Barlovatz Meimon, G. Barlovatz-Meimon, G.

Barlow, J.[Jesse] Co Author Listing * Efficient Block Noise Removal Based on Nonlinear Manifolds
* High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, DEM Derivatives, and Image Segmentation for the Detection of Mass Wasting Processes
* Moving Towards Dynamic Ocean Management: How Well Do Modeled Ocean Products Predict Species Distributions?
* Ten-Year Landsat Classification of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Brazilian Amazon
Includes: Barlow, J.[Jesse] Barlow, J.[John] Barlow, J.[Jay] Barlow, J.[Jos]

Barlow, M. Co Author Listing * ATOMS: Air Traffic Operations and Management Simulator

Barmada, B. Co Author Listing * Combined turbo coding and hierarchical QAM for unequal error protection of H.264 coded video
* Prioritized Transmission of Data Partitioned H.264 Video With Hierarchical QAM

Barman, A. Co Author Listing * SHaPE: A Novel Graph Theoretic Algorithm for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Person Re-identification Systems

Barman, B.[Bishal] Co Author Listing * Shadowed c-means: Integrating fuzzy and rough clustering

Barman, D. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Barman, H. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Curvature in 3D Images Using Tensor Field Filtering
* Estimation of Velocity, Acceleration and Disparity in Time Sequences
* Hierarchical Curvature Estimation in Computer Vision
Includes: Barman, H. Bårman, H. Bårman, H.[Håkan]

Barman, R.[Rod] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring dwell time of objects in an environment
* Silt: A distributed bit-parallel architecture for early vision
* Silt: the bit-parallel approach

Barman, R.A. Co Author Listing * Photometric Stereo: Lambertian Reflectance and Light Sources with Unknown Direction and Strength

Barman, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tortuosity-Based Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening System
* Extraction of Venation from Leaf Images by Evolved Vein Classifiers and Ant Colony Algorithms, The
* Object detection with feature stability over scale space
* Plant Texture Classification Using Gabor Co-occurrences
* Shape and Texture Based Plant Leaf Classification
* Venation Pattern Analysis of Leaf Images

Barman, S.A. Co Author Listing * Ensemble Classification System Applied for Retinal Vessel Segmentation on Child Images Containing Various Vessel Profiles
* Maximum likelihood estimation of vessel parameters from scale space analysis
* Microaneurysm detection in retinal images using an ensemble classifier
* Retinal Vessel Extraction Using First-Order Derivative of Gaussian and Morphological Processing

Barman, U. Co Author Listing * OCR system for the Meetei Mayek script, An

Barmawi, A.M.[Ari Moesriami] Co Author Listing * Increasing Secret Data Hiding Capacity in QR Code Using 3X3 Subcells

Barmet, C. Co Author Listing * Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring Using Rapid Re-Excitation of NMR Probe Sets
* Fast Higher-Order MR Image Reconstruction Using Singular-Vector Separation

Barmettler, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * From Historical City Models to Interactive 3D GIS Requirements and Approaches Using the Example of the City of Solothurn
* Stereovision Mobile Mapping: System Design and Performance Evaluation
Includes: Barmettler, A.[Andreas] Barmettler, A.

Barmpounakis, E.N. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Transportation Systems and Powered Two Wheelers Traffic

Barmpoutis, A.[Angelos] Co Author Listing * Analytical Mapping of Linear Walk from Infinite Virtual Space to Finite Real Space
* Approximating Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Tensors of Even Order
* Beyond the Lambertian assumption: A generative model for Apparent BRDF fields of faces using anti-symmetric tensor splines
* Information Theoretic Methods for Diffusion-Weighted MRI Analysis
* Multi-fiber reconstruction from DW-MRI using a continuous mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions
* Non-Lambertian Reflectance Modeling and Shape Recovery of Faces Using Tensor Splines
* novel framework for 3D reconstruction and analysis of ancient inscriptions, A
* Robust Tensor Splines for Approximation of Diffusion Tensor MRI Data
* Tensor Body: Real-Time Reconstruction of the Human Body and Avatar Synthesis From RGB-D
* Tensor Splines for Interpolation and Approximation of DT-MRI With Applications to Segmentation of Isolated Rat Hippocampi
Includes: Barmpoutis, A.[Angelos] Barmpoutis, A.
10 for Barmpoutis, A.

Barmpoutis, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Automated detection and classification of nuclei in PAX5 and H&E-stained tissue sections of follicular lymphoma
* Higher Order Linear Dynamical Systems for Smoke Detection in Video Surveillance Applications
* Real time video fire detection using spatio-temporal consistency energy
* Spatio-Temporal Flame Modeling and Dynamic Texture Analysis for Automatic Video-Based Fire Detection
Includes: Barmpoutis, P.[Panagiotis] Barmpoutis, P.

Barnachon, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Human actions recognition from streamed Motion Capture
* Ongoing human action recognition with motion capture
* real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, A

Barnada, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Motion Priors Estimation for Robust Matching Initialization in Automotive Applications

Barnard, C.J. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Classification of Aerospace Radar Targets Using Neural Networks

Barnard, E. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Classification of Aerospace Radar Targets Using Neural Networks
* Related Approaches to Gradient-Based Thresholding

Barnard, K.[Kobus] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barnard, K.[Kobus]: kobus AT cs arizona edu
* Bayesian 3D Tracking from Monocular Video
* Bayesian geometric modeling of indoor scenes
* Branching Gaussian Processes with Applications to Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of 3D Trees
* Building Models of Animals from Video
* Camera characterization for color research
* Clustering Art
* Color Constancy for Scenes with Varying Illumination
* Color Constancy Under Varying Illumination
* Colour by Correlation in a Three-Dimensional Colour Space
* Comparison of Computational Color Constancy Algorithms-Part I: Methodology and Experiments with Synthesized Data, A
* Comparison of Computational Color Constancy Algorithms-Part II: Experiments with Image Data, A
* Computational Color Constancy: Taking Theory into Practice
* Cross Modal Disambiguation
* Data Set for Colour Research, A
* Detecting, Localizing and Recovering Kinematics of Textured Animals
* effects of segmentation and feature choice in a translation model of object recognition, The
* Estimating the scene illumination chromaticity by using a neural network
* Evaluating Image Retrieval
* Evaluation of Localized Semantics: Data, Methodology, and Experiments
* fast connected components labeling algorithm and its application to real-time pupil detection, A
* Finding trails
* Gaussian Process Shape Models for Bayesian Segmentation of Plant Leaves
* generative statistical model for tracking multiple smooth trajectories, A
* Improvements to Gamut Mapping Colour Constancy Algorithms
* Improving and Aligning Speech with Presentation Slides
* Inferring Grammar-based Structure Models from 3D Microscopy Data
* Is machine colour constancy good enough?
* Learning the Semantics of Words and Pictures
* Method of Estimating Chromaticity of Illumination Using Neural Networks
* Object Recognition as Machine Translation: Learning a Lexicon for a Fixed Image Vocabulary
* Practical Color Constancy
* Reducing correspondence ambiguity in loosely labeled training data
* Robust Spatiotemporal Matching of Electronic Slides to Presentation Videos
* Sampling bedrooms
* Sensor sharpening for computational color constancy
* Statistical Inference of Biological Structure and Point Spread Functions in 3D Microscopy
* Statistical Model for General Contextual Object Recognition, A
* Statistical Model for Recreational Trails in Aerial Images, A
* Understanding Bayesian Rooms Using Composite 3D Object Models
Includes: Barnard, K.[Kobus] Barnard, K.
41 for Barnard, K.

Barnard, K.J. Co Author Listing * Fourier Spectral Filter Array for Optimal Multispectral Imaging
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction from a Sequence of Rotated and Translated Frames and Its Application to an Infrared Imaging System
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction from Digital Video with Global and Non-Global Scene Motion
* Joint MAP Registration and High Resolution Image Estimation Using a Sequence of Undersampled Images

Barnard, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion-Based Gesture Recognition Interface for Mobile Phones
* Audio Assisted Robust Visual Tracking With Adaptive Particle Filtering
* Automatic Analysis of Multimodal Group Actions in Meetings
* evaluation of bags-of-words and spatio-temporal shapes for action recognition, An
* Gradient field descriptor for sketch based retrieval and localization
* Lipreading With Local Spatiotemporal Descriptors
* LP norm multiple kernel Fisher discriminant analysis for object and image categorisation
* Mean-Shift and Sparse Sampling-Based SMC-PHD Filtering for Audio Informed Visual Speaker Tracking
* Motion-Based Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Interaction
* On automatic annotation of meeting databases
* On Bin Configuration of Shape Context Descriptors in Human Silhouette Classification
* Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis With Spectral Regression, A
* Robust Multi-Speaker Tracking via Dictionary Learning and Identity Modeling
* Robust playfield segmentation using map adaptation
* University of Surrey Visual Concept Detection System at ImageCLEF@ICPR: Working Notes, The
* Unusual Activity Recognition in Noisy Environments
* Vision-Based Approach for Controlling User Interfaces of Mobile Devices, A
Includes: Barnard, M.[Mark] Barnard, M.
17 for Barnard, M.

Barnard, S.[Shanis] Co Author Listing * Kernelized Structural Classification for 3D Dogs Body Parts Detection

Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.] Co Author Listing * email: Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.]: barnard AT ai sri com
* Automated Inspection Using Gray-Scale Statistics
* Choosing a Basis for Perceptual Space
* Computational and Biological Models of Stereo Vision
* Computational Stereo
* Computational Stereo from an IU Perspective
* Disparity Analysis of Images
* Image Correspondence Problem, The
* Interpreting Perspective Images
* Lower-level Estimates and Interpretation of Visual Motion
* Methods for Interpreting Perspective Images
* Modeling and Using Physical Constraints in Scene Analysis
* Recent Progress in CYCLOPS: A System for Stereo Cartography
* Stereo Matching by Hierarchial, Microcanonical Annealing
* Stochastic Approach to Stereo Vision, A
* Stochastic Stereo Matching over Scale
* Three-Dimensional Shape from Line Drawings
Includes: Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.] Barnard, S.T.
17 for Barnard, S.T.

Barnard, Y. Co Author Listing * Infrastructure-Assisted Message Dissemination for Supporting Heterogeneous Driving Patterns

Barnathan, M. Co Author Listing * Representation and Classification Scheme for Tree-Like Structures in Medical Images: Analyzing the Branching Pattern of Ductal Trees in X-ray Galactograms, A

Barnden, L.R. Co Author Listing * Practical aspects of a data-driven motion correction approach for brain SPECT

Barnea, D.I. Co Author Listing * Class of Algorithms for Fast Digital Image Registration, A

Barnea, E.[Ehud] Co Author Listing * Computer vision for fruit harvesting robots: State of the art and challenges ahead
* Depth Based Object Detection from Partial Pose Estimation of Symmetric Objects

Barnea, O. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of center-line extraction algorithms in quantitative coronary angiography

Barnea, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Sequence Registration Based on a Linear Solution and Scale Invariant Keypoint Matching
* Extraction of Objects from Terrestrial Laser Scans by Integrating Geometry Image and Intensity Data with Demonstration on Trees
* Geometry-image-intensity combined features for registration of terrestrial laser scans
* Keypoint based autonomous registration of terrestrial laser point-clouds
* Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans via Image Based Features
* Segmentation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data by Integrating Range and Image Content
* Segmentation of terrestrial laser scanning data using geometry and image information
* Supervised Approach for Object Extraction from Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Demonstrated on Trees, A
Includes: Barnea, S. Barnea, S.[Shahar]
8 for Barnea, S.

Barnell, M. Co Author Listing * architecture for sensor data fusion target tracking, An
* Using optical imagery to enhance radar tracking performance

Barner, F. Co Author Listing * Automated DSM based Georeferencing of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Scenes

Barner, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Classification of Histology Sections via Multispectral Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Color Image Segmentation Using Watersheds and Joint Homogeneity-Edge Integrity Region Merging Criteria
* Joint Region Merging Criteria for Watershed-based Image Segmentation
* Multiresolution Permutation Filters Based on Decision Trees
* Nonlinear Image Interpolation Through Extended Permutation Filters
* Stacked Predictive Sparse Decomposition for Classification of Histology Sections
Includes: Barner, K.[Kenneth] Barner, K.

Barner, K.E.[Kenneth E.] Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Super-Resolution Algorithm for Video Processing Using Partition Filters, A
* Despeckling Utilizing M-Estimators
* Extended Permutation Filters and Their Application to Edge Enhancement
* Extended permutation filters and their application to image edge enhancement
* Fuzzy Ordering Theory and Its Use in Filter Generalization
* Fuzzy Rank LUM Filters
* Fuzzy transformation and its applications
* fuzzy transformation and its applications in image processing, The
* Kernel-based sparse representation for gesture recognition
* Label consistent recursive least squares dictionary learning for image classification
* Locality Constrained Dictionary Learning for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Maximum Correntropy Based Dictionary Learning Framework for Physical Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
* Multiresolution permutation filter implementations based on acyclic connected graphs
* Optimization of Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters and Their Application to Image Denoising
* Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration
* Permutation weighted order statistic filter lattices
* Polynomial Weighted Median Image Sequence Prediction
* Polynomial Weighted Median Predictors for Image Sequences
* Quadratic Weighted Median Filters for Edge Enhancement of Noisy Images
* Rank Conditioned Rank Selection Filters for Signal Restoration
* Rayleigh-Maximum-Likelihood Filtering for Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound Images
* Special Issue on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Part I
* Special Issue on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Part II
* Subspace Partition Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration
* Texture-Based Infrared Image Segmentation by Combined Merging and Partitioning
* View: Visual Information Extraction Widget for improving chart images accessibility
* Wavelet-based multiresolution edge detection utilizing gray level edge maps
Includes: Barner, K.E.[Kenneth E.] Barner, K.E.
27 for Barner, K.E.

Barner, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Integral Histograms Using an Adaptive Approach

Barnerias, C. Co Author Listing * Hedges and tree rows detection with E-Cognition for the use of the French national forest inventory

Barnes, A. Co Author Listing * Attenuation Correction Synthesis for Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application to Brain Studies
* PET Reconstruction With an Anatomical MRI Prior Using Parallel Level Sets

Barnes, B.B. Co Author Listing * Cross-Sensor Continuity of Satellite-Derived Water Clarity in the Gulf of Mexico: Insights Into Temporal Aliasing and Implications for Long-Term Water Clarity Assessment
* EOF-Based Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll a Concentrations in Taihu Lake from MODIS Land-Band Measurements: Implications for Near Real-Time Applications and Forecasting Models, An
* Hybrid Cloud Detection Algorithm to Improve MODIS Sea Surface Temperature Data Quality and Coverage Over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, A
Includes: Barnes, B.B. Barnes, B.B.[Brian B.]

Barnes, C.[Chloe] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK
* Better computer vision under video compression, an example using mean shift tracking
* Camouflaging an Object from Many Viewpoints
* Generalized PatchMatch Correspondence Algorithm, The
* Individual Tree Crown Delineation from Airborne Laser Scanning for Diseased Larch Forest Stands
* PatchMatch Randomized Matching Algorithm for Image Manipulation, The
* Robust Surveillance on Compressed Video: Uniform Performance from High to Low Bitrates
* Target Tracking Using Residual Vector Quantization
Includes: Barnes, C.[Chloe] Barnes, C.[Christopher] Barnes, C.[Connelly]
8 for Barnes, C.

Barnes, C.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive successive approximation quantization of image waveforms with efficient codebook updates
* Advances in Residual Vector Quantization: A Review
* Hurricane Disaster Assessments With Image-Driven Data Mining in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Image coding using entropy-constrained residual vector quantization
* Image-Driven Data Mining for Image Content Segmentation, Classification, and Attribution
* Slant Plane CSAR Processing Using Householder Transform
* Vector Quantization in SPIHT Image Codec
Includes: Barnes, C.F. Barnes, C.F.[Christopher F.]
7 for Barnes, C.F.

Barnes, C.S. Co Author Listing * Binary Decision Clustering for Neural-Network-Based Optical Character-Recognition

Barnes, C.W. Co Author Listing * Object Restoration in a Diffraction Limited Imaging System

Barnes, D. Co Author Listing * Characterization of dynamic 3-D PET imaging for functional brain mapping
* Combining support vector machines and information gain ranking for classification of Mars McMurdo panorama images
* Fuzzy-rough feature selection aided support vector machines for Mars image classification
* new shape from shading technique with application to Mars Express HRSC images, A
Includes: Barnes, D. Barnes, D.[Dave]

Barnes, E.M. Co Author Listing * Opportunities and Limitations for Image Based Remote Sensing in Precision Crop Management

Barnes, E.R. Co Author Listing * Near Real-Time Fuel-Optimal En Route Conflict Resolution

Barnes, G.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing

Barnes, J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Model Selection for Pathological Neuroimaging Data Applied to White Matter Lesion Segmentation
* Nonlinear Elastic Spline Registration: Evaluation with Longitudinal Huntington's Disease Data
Includes: Barnes, J. Barnes, J.[Josephine]

Barnes, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Boosting minimalist classifiers for blemish detection in potatoes
* Minimalist AdaBoost for Blemish Identification in Potatoes

Barnes, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Agent Reasoning Transparency on Automation Bias: An Analysis of Response Performance, The
* Human-Agent Teaming for Multirobot Control: A Review of Human Factors Issues
Includes: Barnes, M.J.[Michael J.] Barnes, M.J.

Barnes, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * 1-Point Rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
* Data-driven road detection
* DSD: Depth Structural Descriptor for Edge-Based Assistive Navigation
* Efficient transductive semantic segmentation
* Exploiting Large Image Sets for Road Scene Parsing
* Exploiting Sparsity for Real Time Video Labelling
* Large-scale semantic co-labeling of image sets
* Learning Camera Pose from Optical Colonoscopy Frames Through Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
* Learning RGB-D Salient Object Detection Using Background Enclosure, Depth Contrast, and Top-Down Features
* Local Background Enclosure for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Maximal Cliques Based Rigid Body Motion Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
* Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function Based Volumetric Surfaces
* Photo-Realistic Simulation of Road Scene for Data-Driven Methods in Bad Weather
* Simple and Practical Solution to the Rigid Body Motion Segmentation Problem Using a RGB-D Camera, A
* Stereo Matching Using Sub-segmentation and Robust Higher-Order Graph Cut
* Surface Extraction from Iso-disparity Contours
Includes: Barnes, N.[Nick] Barnes, N.
16 for Barnes, N.

Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.]: Nick Barnes AT nicta com au
* 3-D Shape Matching and Non-Rigid Correspondence for Hippocampi Based on Markov Random Fields
* Applying Sum and Max Product Algorithms of Belief Propagation to 3D Shape Matching and Registration
* Asymmetric Totally-Corrective Boosting for Real-Time Object Detection
* Direction Control for an Active Docking Behaviour based on the Rotational Component of Log-Polar Optic Flow
* Directions of egomotion from antipodal points
* Embodied categorisation for vision-guided mobile robots
* Estimating Relative Camera Motion from the Antipodal-Epipolar Constraint
* Estimation of the Epipole using Optical Flow at Antipodal Points
* Fast Shape-based Road Sign Detection for a Driver Assistance System
* Glass object localization by joint inference of boundary and depth
* Glass object segmentation by label transfer on joint depth and appearance manifolds
* Identifying Anatomical Shape Difference by Regularized Discriminative Direction
* Knowledge-Based Shape-from-Shading
* Knowledge-based Vision-Guided Robots
* Laplacian Margin Distribution Boosting for Learning from Sparsely Labeled Data
* Learning Hough Forest with Depth-Encoded Context for Object Detection
* Learning Hough Transform with Latent Structures for Joint Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* Learning Structured Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Occlusion Reasoning
* MAP ZDF segmentation and tracking using active stereo vision: Hand tracking case study
* MRF and Gaussian Curvature Based Shape Representation for Shape Matching, An
* Non-linear voting in the space variant Hough transform
* overview of vision processing in implantable prosthetic vision, An
* Perspective Invariant Angle Ordering
* Principal flow for tubular objects with non-circular cross-sections
* Real-time radial symmetry for speed sign detection
* Real-Time Speed Sign Detection Using the Radial Symmetry Detector
* Regular Polygon Detection
* regular polygon detector, The
* role of computer vision in prosthetic vision, The
* Rotation Averaging with Application to Camera-Rig Calibration
* Semantic labeling for prosthetic vision
* Sparse Update for Loopy Belief Propagation: Fast Dense Registration for Large State Spaces
* Totally-Corrective Multi-class Boosting
* Towards a Hazard Perception Assistance System using Visual Motion
* Towards log-polar fixation for mobile robots: Analysis of corner tracking on the log-polar camera
* Unified Strategy for Landing and Docking Using Spherical Flow Divergence, A
* Vision guided circumnavigating autonomous robots
Includes: Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.] Barnes, N.M.
39 for Barnes, N.M.

Barnes, R.A. Co Author Listing * Calibration Strategy for the Earth Observing System (EOS)-AM1 Platform

Barnes, R.D. Co Author Listing * Simple, effective rate control for video distribution in heterogeneous intelligent transportation system networks

Barnes, R.R.[Robert R.] Co Author Listing * Driver alert system

Barnes, W. Co Author Listing * Terra and Aqua MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands On-Orbit Calibration and Performance

Barnes, W.E. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Image Sequnces of Overlapping Homogeneous Transparent Radiating Objects

Barnes, W.L.[William L.] Co Author Listing * MODIS Onboard Blackbody Function and Performance
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
* On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Aqua MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Terra MODIS on-orbit spatial characterization and performance
* Terra MODIS On-Orbit Spectral Characterization and Performance
Includes: Barnes, W.L.[William L.] Barnes, W.L.

Barnet, C.D. Co Author Listing * Methodology and Information Content of the NOAA NESDIS Operational Channel Selection for the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)
* Validation of Atmospheric Profile Retrievals From the SNPP NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System. Part 1: Temperature and Moisture
* Validation of Atmospheric Profile Retrievals from the SNPP NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System. Part 2: Ozone
* Vertical Resolution Estimates in Version 5 of AIRS Operational Retrievals

Barnett, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Rapid Solution of the Cryo-EM Reconstruction Problem by Frequency Marching

Barnett, B. Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensated Visual-Pattern Image Sequence Coding for Full-Motion Multisession Videoconferencing on Multimedia Workstations
* stereo visual pattern image coding system, A

Barnett, J. Co Author Listing * Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration of the HIRDLS Flight Instrument: Results and Use in On-Orbit Data Processing

Barnett, J.A. Co Author Listing * Calculating Dempster-Shafer Plausibility

Barnett, J.J. Co Author Listing * Overview of the EOS Aura Mission

Barnett, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Thermal Infrared and Visual Images for Industrial Inspection Tasks

Barnett, R. Co Author Listing * Attack Operators for Digitally Watermarked Images
* Postreconstruction Nonlocal Means Filtering of Whole-Body PET With an Anatomical Prior

Barnett, S.J. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Shannon's Entropy Modeling of Orientation and Distance in Steel Fiber Micro-Tomography Data

Barneva, R.P.[Reneta P.] Co Author Listing * Advances in combinatorial image analysis
* Combining ubiquitous direction-sensitive digitizing with a multimedia electronic dictionary for enhanced understanding
* Digital Geometry Algorithms
* Digital Stars and Visibility of Digital Objects
* Guest editorial: Contemporary challenges in combinatorial image analysis
* Linear Time Constant-Working Space Algorithm for Computing the Genus of a Digital Object
* Minimal Offsets That Guarantee Maximal or Minimal Connectivity of Digital Curves in nD
* Number of Gaps in Binary Pictures, The
* Object Discretizations in Higher Dimensions
* Offset Approach to Defining 3D Digital Lines
* Polyhedrization of Discrete Convex Volumes
* Theoretical Issues of Cluster Pattern Interfaces
12 for Barneva, R.P.

Barney Smith, E.H.[Elisa H.] Co Author Listing * Ballot mark detection
* Camera-Based Ballot Counter
* DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
* Effects of clustering algorithms on typographic reconstruction
* Enhancement of historical printed document images by combining Total Variation regularization and Non-local Means filtering
* Estimating degradation model parameters from character images
* Evaluation of Voting with Form Dropout Techniques for Ballot Vote Counting
* Extending Page Segmentation Algorithms for Mixed-Layout Document Processing
* Human Image Preference and Document Degradation Models
* Pre-Processing of Degraded Printed Documents by Non-local Means and Total Variation
* Relating Statistical Image Differences and Degradation Features
* Reports of the DAS02 working groups
* Statistical image differences, degradation features, and character distance metrics
* Style-Based Ballot Mark Recognition
* Text degradations and OCR training
* Towards Improved Paper-Based Election Technology
Includes: Barney Smith, E.H.[Elisa H.] Barney-Smith, E.H.
16 for Barney Smith, E.H.

Barney, D.[Dane] Co Author Listing * Near-lossless and lossy compression of imaging spectrometer data: comparison of information extraction performance
* Near-Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Barney, D.[Dane] Barney, D.

Barngrover, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * JBoost Optimization of Color Detectors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation

Barnhart, C. Co Author Listing * Comparing Optimal Relocation Operations With Simulated Relocation Policies in One-Way Carsharing Systems

Barnhart, T.B.[Theodore B.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Two Methods of Surface Change Detection on an Evolving Thermokarst Using High-Temporal-Frequency Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Selawik River, Alaska

Barnhill, R.E. Co Author Listing * marching method for parametric surface/surface intersection, A
* New Twist in Computer Aided Geometric Design, A
* Surface/Surface Intersection
* Survey of the Representation and Design of Surfaces, A

Barnhill, S.D.[Stephen D.] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided image analysis

Barni, M. Co Author Listing * Capacity of Full Frame DCT Image Watermarks
* Color-Based Detection of Defects on Chicken Meat
* compressive-sensing based watermarking scheme for sparse image tampering identification, A
* Copyright Protection of Digital Images by Embedded Unperceivable Marks
* Counter-forensics of SIFT-based copy-move detection by means of keypoint classification
* Craters Detection Via Possibilistic Shell Clustering
* Data hiding technologies for digital radiography
* DCT Domain System for Robust Image Watermarking, A
* DCT-Based Watermark Recovering without Resorting to the Uncorrupted Original Image
* Detection of ±1 LSB steganography based on the amplitude of histogram local extrema
* Discrete cosine transform of encrypted images
* Effectiveness of Exhaustive Search and Template Matching Against Watermark Desynchronization
* efficient protocol for private iris-code matching by means of garbled circuits, An
* Emerging cryptographic challenges in image and video processing
* Error-Resilient and Low-Complexity Onboard Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images by Means of Distributed Source Coding
* Exploiting the Cross-Correlation of RGB-channels for Rubust Watermarking of Color Images
* Fast Algorithm for 1-Norm Vector Median Filtering, A
* From watermark detection to watermark decoding: a PPM approach
* Full-Reference Quality Metric for Geometrically Distorted Images, A
* fuzzy approach to deal with uncertainty in image forensics, A
* Image authentication techniques for surveillance applications
* Image Segmentation and Region Filling for Virtual Restoration of Artworks
* improved H.263 video coder relying on weighted median filtering of motion vectors, An
* Improved Low-Complexity Intraband Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images by Means of Slepian-Wolf Coding
* Improved wavelet-based watermarking through pixel-wise masking
* Information theoretic aspects in digital watermarking
* Integration of spatio-temporal information for motion detection by means of fuzzy reasoning
* intelligent perception system for food quality inspection using color analysis, An
* Joint near-lossless compression and watermarking of still images for authentication and tamper localization
* Low-complexity lossy compression of hyperspectral images via informed quantization
* Mask building for perceptually hiding frequency embedded watermarks
* Multichannel M-filtering for Color Image Restoration
* Multichannel watermarking of color images
* Multiple parenting identification in image phylogeny
* new decoder for the optimum recovery of nonadditive watermarks, A
* new possibilistic clustering algorithm for line detection in real world imagery, A
* New Self-Recovery Technique for Image Authentication, A
* Objective Evaluation of the Perceptual Quality of 3D Watermarking
* Optimum linear approximation of the Euclidean norm to speed up vector median filtering
* Privacy Protection in Biometric-Based Recognition Systems: A marriage between cryptography and signal processing
* Quasi-Euclidean Norm to Speed Up Vector Median Filtering, A
* Regularization of Optic Flow Estimates by Means of Weighted Vector Median Filtering
* Robust Watermarking of Cartographic Images
* Second-Order Statistics Analysis to Cope With Contrast Enhancement Counter-Forensics
* Special Issue: Emerging Applications of Multimedia Data Hiding
* Text-based Geometric Normalization for Robust Watermarking of Digital Maps
* Universal Counterforensics of Multiple Compressed JPEG Images
* Unsupervised detection of straight lines through possibilistic clustering
* Using a wavelet-based fractal feature to improve texture discrimination on SAR images
* vision system for automatic inspection of meat quality, A
* Watermark Embedding and Recovery in the Presence of C-LPCD De-synchronization Attacks
* Watermarked 3-D Mesh Quality Assessment
Includes: Barni, M. Barni, M.[Mauro]
52 for Barni, M.

Barnich, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Combining Color, Depth, and Motion for Video Segmentation
* Design of Statistical Measures for the Assessment of Image Segmentation Schemes
* Frontal-view gait recognition by intra- and inter-frame rectangle size distribution
* platform for the fast interpretation of movements and localization of users in 3D applications driven by a range camera, A
* Robust Analysis of Silhouettes by Morphological Size Distributions
* ViBe: A Universal Background Subtraction Algorithm for Video Sequences
* Virtual Curtain for the Detection of Humans and Access Control, A
Includes: Barnich, O.[Olivier] Barnich, O.
7 for Barnich, O.

Barniv, Y. Co Author Listing * Head motion anticipation for virtual-environment applications using kinematics and EMG energy

Barnsley, M.F.[Michael F.] Co Author Listing * Fractal Image Compression
* How to Transform and Filter Images Using Iterated Function Systems
* Measure-Valued Images, Associated Fractal Transforms, and the Affine Self-Similarity of Images
Includes: Barnsley, M.F.[Michael F.] Barnsley, M.F.

Barnsley, M.J. Co Author Listing * Improvements in Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Using Multiangle CHRIS/PROBA Images

Barnum, P.C.[Peter C.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Rain and Snow in Frequency Space
* Fast reactive control for illumination through rain and snow
* projector-camera system for creating a display with water drops, A
Includes: Barnum, P.C.[Peter C.] Barnum, P.C.

Barnwell, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Instant replay using high speed motion capture and projected overlay

Barnwell, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * non-linear shape abstraction technique, A

Baro, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * email: Baro, X.[Xavier]: xbaro AT cvc uab cat
* Apparent and Real Age Estimation in Still Images with Deep Residual Regressors on Appa-Real Database
* BoVDW: Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for gesture recognition
* ChaLearn Joint Contest on Multimedia Challenges Beyond Visual Analysis: An overview
* ChaLearn LAP 2016: First Round Challenge on First Impressions: Dataset and Results
* ChaLearn Looking at People 2015 challenges: Action spotting and cultural event recognition
* ChaLearn Looking at People 2015: Apparent Age and Cultural Event Recognition Datasets and Results
* ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and Challenge 2016
* ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge 2014: Dataset and Results
* Dominant and Complementary Multi-Emotional Facial Expression Recognition Using C-Support Vector Classification
* Evolutionary Object Detection by Means of Naïve Bayes Models Estimation
* Exploiting feature Representations Through Similarity Learning and Ranking Aggregation for Person Re-identification
* Genetic Inspired Optimization for ECOC, A
* Gesture and Action Recognition by Evolved Dynamic Subgestures
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Multimodal Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis
* Joint Challenge on Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition Using Micro Emotion Features and Head-Pose Estimation: Databases
* Minimal design of error-correcting output codes
* Non-verbal communication analysis in Victim-Offender Mediations
* Occlusion Aware Hand Pose Recovery from Sequences of Depth Images
* On the design of an ECOC-Compliant Genetic Algorithm
* Probability-based Dynamic Time Warping and Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for Human Gesture Recognition in RGB-D
* Results and Analysis of ChaLearn LAP Multi-modal Isolated and Continuous Gesture Recognition, and Real Versus Fake Expressed Emotions Challenges
* Survey on Deep Learning Based Approaches for Action and Gesture Recognition in Image Sequences, A
* Traffic Sign Recognition Using Evolutionary Adaboost Detection and Forest-ECOC Classification
* Traffic-Sign Recognition Systems
* Visualizing Apparent Personality Analysis with Deep Residual Networks
* Weighted Dissociated Dipoles: An Extended Visual Feature Set
Includes: Baro, X.[Xavier] Baró, X.[Xavier] Baro, X. Baró, X.
27 for Baro, X.

Barocas, V.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Mechanically Inhomogeneous Tissues Based on Deformation Gradient Jump

Baroffio, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Bamboo: A fast descriptor based on AsymMetric pairwise BOOsting
* Briskola: BRISK optimized for low-power ARM architectures
* Coding binary local features extracted from video sequences
* Coding Local and Global Binary Visual Features Extracted From Video Sequences
* Coding video sequences of visual features
* Coding Visual Features Extracted From Video Sequences
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for pedestrian detection
* Enabling visual analysis in wireless sensor networks
* First Steps Toward Camera Model Identification With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Hybrid coding of visual content and local image features
* Rate-accuracy optimization of binary descriptors
* Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition
Includes: Baroffio, L.[Luca] Baroffio, L.
12 for Baroffio, L.

Baroglio, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Use of IFS Codes for Learning 2D Isolated-Object Classification Systems

Barolo, B. Co Author Listing * Colorimetric Calibration of Color Scanners by Back-Propagation

Baron Cohen, S. Co Author Listing * Expressive visual text-to-speech as an assistive technology for individuals with autism spectrum conditions
Includes: Baron Cohen, S. Baron-Cohen, S.

Baron, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Satellite- and Model-Based Crop Phenology in West Africa, A

Baron, D. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Variable Length Compression of Codeword Indices for Lossy Compression

Baron, I.[Ivo] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Characterisation and Kinematic Analysis of Large Slope Failures: Debre Sina Landslide, Main Ethiopian Rift Escarpment

Baron, J.C. Co Author Listing * Fully automatic identification of AC and PC landmarks on brain MRI using scene analysis

Baron, L. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional optical tomographic imaging of breast in a human subject

Baron, M. Co Author Listing * Movie dimensionalization via sparse user annotations

Baron, P. Co Author Listing * At the Dawn of a New Era in Terahertz Technology

Baron, R. Co Author Listing * On-Line Recognition of Handprint Schematic Pseudocode for Automatic Fortran Code Generation

Baron, R.J. Co Author Listing * Mechanisms of Human Facial Recognition

Baron, R.V.[Robert V.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Synergy of Humans and Machines in Extreme Video Retrieval

Baron, T. Co Author Listing * Exploring with a Foveated Robot Eye System

Baron, V. Co Author Listing * dedicated lightweight binocular stereo system for real-time depth-map generation, A

Barona, P.C.[Pablo Cabrera] Co Author Listing * New Look at Public Services Inequality: The Consistency of Neighborhood Context and Citizens' Perception across Multiple Scales, A

Baroncini Turricchia, G. Co Author Listing * Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
Includes: Baroncini Turricchia, G. Baroncini-Turricchia, G.

Baroncini, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * Quality of multimedia experience
* Special issue on Image and Video Quality Assessment
* Subjective evaluation of MPEG-4 video codec proposals: Methodological approach and test procedures
* Variable frame rate control jerkiness-driven
* Video Quality Evaluation Methodology and Verification Testing of HEVC Compression Performance
Includes: Baroncini, V.[Vittorio] Baroncini, V.

Barone Rochette, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Joint Segmentation of Myocardium on Rest and Stress Spect Images
* Myocardium segmentation on 3D spect images
Includes: Barone Rochette, G.[Gilles] Barone-Rochette, G.[Gilles] Barone-Rochette, G.

Barone, C. Co Author Listing * Hardware Implementation of RAM Neural Networks

Barone, D.A.C. Co Author Listing * comparison of junction tree and relaxation algorithms for point matching using different distance metrics, A
* Do mixture models in chromaticity space improve skin detection?
* Graphical Models and Point Pattern Matching
* Graphical models for graph matching
* novel 2D shape signature method based on complex network spectrum, A
* probabilistic model for the human skin color, A
Includes: Barone, D.A.C. Barone, D.A.C.[Dante A. C.] Barone, D.A.C.[Dante Augusto Couto]

Barone, P.[Piero] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Human Brain Connectivity from Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Segmentation, Classification and Denoising of a Time Series Field by a Variational Method
* Solving an Inverse Diffusion Problem for Magnetic Resonance Dosimetry by a Fast Regularization Method

Barone, R.E. Co Author Listing * Architecture for parking management in smart cities

Barone, S. Co Author Listing * Experimentation of structured light and stereo vision for underwater 3D reconstruction
* Three-dimensional point cloud alignment detecting fiducial markers by structured light stereo imaging
Includes: Barone, S. Barone, S.[Sandro]

Baroni, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Digital curvature estimation for left ventricular shape analysis
* Symbolic indexing of cardiological sequences through dynamic curve representations
Includes: Baroni, M.[Maurizio] Baroni, M.

Baroni, M.D.V.[Marcos Daniel Valadao] Co Author Listing * Shuffled Complex Evolution Algorithm For the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem, A
Includes: Baroni, M.D.V.[Marcos Daniel Valadao] Baroni, M.D.V.[Marcos Daniel Valadão]

Baronia, S. Co Author Listing * Ink-Bleed Reduction Using Layer Separation

Baronti, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Bi-cubic interpolation for shift-free pan-sharpening
* Blind Image Estimation Through Fuzzy Matching Pursuits
* Coherence estimation from multilook incoherent SAR imagery
* Content-driven differential encoding of an enhanced image pyramid
* Context modeling for near-lossless image coding
* Context-driven fusion of high spatial and spectral resolution images based on oversampled multiresolution analysis
* Effects of multitemporal scene changes on pansharpening fusion
* Estimation Based on Entropy Matching for Generalized Gaussian PDF Modeling
* Filtering of Interferometric SAR Phase Images as a Fuzzy Matching-Pursuit Blind Estimation
* Full-Scale Assessment of Pansharpening Through Polynomial Fitting of Multiscale Measurements
* Generalized Laplacian Pyramid-Based Fusion of MS + P Image Data with Spectral Distortion Minimization
* Image fusion: The ARSIS concept and some successful implementation schemes
* Improving Component Substitution Pansharpening Through Multivariate Regression of MS+Pan Data
* Information-theoretic assessment of sampled hyperspectral imagers
* Information-Theoretic Heterogeneity Measurement for SAR Imagery
* Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Multiband Lookup Tables
* Lossless Compression of Multi/Hyper-Spectral Imagery Based on a 3-D Fuzzy Prediction
* Lossless image compression based on a fuzzy linear prediction with context based entropy coding
* Lossless Image Compression based on Enhanced Fuzzy Regression Prediction
* Lossless Image Compression by Quantization Feedback in a Content-Driven Enhanced Laplacian Pyramid
* MTF-tailored Multiscale Fusion of High-resolution MS and Pan Imagery
* Multiresolution Adaptive Filtering of Signal-Dependent Noise Based on a Generalized Laplacian Pyramid
* Multiresolution approaches to adaptive speckle reduction in synthetic aperture radar images
* Multiresolution Local-Statistics Speckle Filtering Based on a Ratio Laplacian Pyramid
* Multispectral and Panchromatic Data Fusion Assessment Without Reference
* Near-lossless compression of 3-d optical data
* Near-lossless Compression of Coherent Image Data
* Near-Lossless Image Compression by Relaxation Labeled Prediction
* Nonparametric Change Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images Based on Mean-Shift Clustering
* novel approach to the suppression of false contours originated from Laplacian-of-Gaussian zero-crossings, A
* Pyramid-Based Error-Bounded Encoder: An Evaluation on X-Ray Chest Images
* Pyramid-based multi-sensor image data fusion with enhancement of textural features
* Pyramid-Based Multiresolution Adaptive Filters for Additive and Multiplicative Image Noise
* robust change detection feature for Cosmo-SkyMed detected SAR images, A
* Segmentation of multispectral images of works of art through principal component analysis
* Sensitivity of Pansharpening Methods to Temporal and Instrumental Changes Between Multispectral and Panchromatic Data Sets
* Spatial Methods for Multispectral Pansharpening: Multiresolution Analysis Demystified
* Three-Dimensional Lossless Compression Based on a Separable Generalized Recursive Interpolation
* Variable Pyramid Structures for Image Segmentation
* Virtually Lossless Compression of Astrophysical Images
Includes: Baronti, S.[Stefano] Baronti, S.
40 for Baronti, S.

Barooah, P. Co Author Listing * PEGUS: An Image-Based Robust Pose Estimation Method

Baroody, A.J.[Anthony J.] Co Author Listing * Image rotation
Includes: Baroody, A.J.[Anthony J.] Baroody, Jr., A.J.[Anthony J.]

Barot, C.[Camille] Co Author Listing * Wonderland Builder: Using storytelling to guide dream-like interaction, The

Barotti, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-module switching and fusion for robust video surveillance

Baroud, G. Co Author Listing * Assessment of trabecular bone structure using fuzzy distance transform based on Min-Max operations

Baroud, Y. Co Author Listing * Visually lossless image compression extension for JPEG based on just-noticeable distortion evaluation

Baroud, Y.O. Co Author Listing * Resource-Efficient Hardware Architecture for Connected Component Analysis, A

Baroudi, U.[Uthman] Co Author Listing * Immersive Environment: An Emerging Future of Telecommunications

Barouni, F. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Spatial Proximity System Using Neurofuzzy Classifiers and Contextual Information, An

Barpanda, S.S.[Soubhagya Sankar] Co Author Listing * Contradictory graph colouring algorithm to compute slice of concurrent object-oriented programs

Barquero, H. Co Author Listing * Small Animal In Vivo X-Ray Tomosynthesis: Anatomical Relevance of the Reconstructed Images

Barquero, L.M.D.R. Co Author Listing * 3D-DXA: Assessing the Femoral Shape, the Trabecular Macrostructure and the Cortex in 3D from DXA images

Barr, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Performance and User Preference of Various Functions for Mapping Hand Position to Movement Velocity in a Virtual Environment
* Using Airborne Lidar for the Assessment of Canopy Structure Influences on CO2 Fluxes
Includes: Barr, A.[Alan] Barr, A.

Barr, A.H. Co Author Listing * Elastically Deformable Models
* Energy constraints on parameterized models
* Global and Local Deformations of Solid Primitives
* Partial Volume Bayesian Classification of Material Mixtures in MR Volume Data Using Voxel Histograms
* Superquadrics and Angle-Preserving Transformations
* Teleological computer graphics modeling

Barr, J.R.[Jeremiah R.] Co Author Listing * Active Clustering with Ensembles for Social structure extraction
* Detecting questionable observers using face track clustering
* effectiveness of face detection algorithms in unconstrained crowd scenes, The
* Real Estate Image Classification
Includes: Barr, J.R.[Jeremiah R.] Barr, J.R.[Joseph R.]

Barr, M. Co Author Listing * Matching SAR Imagery with Terrain Feature Models

Barr, R.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantification and Longitudinal Analysis of Pulmonary Emphysema With a Hidden Markov Measure Field Model
* Explaining Radiological Emphysema Subtypes with Unsupervised Texture Prototypes: MESA COPD Study
Includes: Barr, R.G. Barr, R.G.[R. Graham]

Barr, S. Co Author Listing * Commercial Off-the-Shelf Digital Cameras on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Multitemporal Monitoring of Vegetation Reflectance and NDVI

Barr, S.L. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Data Integration For Assessing Landslide Hazard On Engineered Slopes
* Integrated Approach to Level-of-Detail Building Extraction and Modelling Using Airborne LIDAR an Optical Imagery, An
* Intelligent Integration of Multi-sensor Data for Risk Assessment in Transport Corridor Environments
* Remote Sensing Approach for Landslide Hazard Assessment on Engineered Slopes, A
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Assessing the Risk of Slope Instability along Transport Corridors
* Transport Accessibility Analysis Using GIS: Assessing Sustainable Transport in London
* UAV-Borne Thermal Imaging for Forest Health Monitoring: Detection of Disease-Induced Canopy Temperature Increase
* Use of Miniature Thermal Cameras for Detection of Physiological Stress in Conifers
Includes: Barr, S.L. Barr, S.L.[Stuart L.]
8 for Barr, S.L.

Barra, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Interpolation of GPS and Geological Data Using InSAR Deformation Maps: Method and Application to Land Subsidence in the Alto Guadalentín Aquifer (SE Spain)
* Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images, A
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Using Sentinel-1 Data
Includes: Barra, A.[Anna] Barra, A.

Barra, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration Algorithm for Multi-camera Visual Surveillance Systems Based on Single-View Metrology, A
* EEG/ECG Signal Fusion Aimed at Biometric Recognition
* Joint Head Pose/Soft Label Estimation for Human Recognition In-The-Wild
* Kurtosis and skewness at pixel level as input for SOM networks to iris recognition on mobile devices
* Lightweight Mamdani Fuzzy Controller for Noise Removal on Iris Images, A
* Quis-Campi: Extending in the Wild Biometric Recognition to Surveillance Environments
* SKIPSOM: Skewness kurtosis of iris pixels in Self Organizing Maps for iris recognition on mobile devices
* Ubiquitous iris recognition by means of mobile devices
Includes: Barra, S. Barra, S.[Silvio]
8 for Barra, S.

Barra, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * 3D shape retrieval and classification using multiple kernel learning on extended Reeb graphs
* 3D shape retrieval using Kernels on Extended Reeb Graphs
* Analysis of Thermal Video for Coarse to Fine Particle Tracking in Volcanic Explosion Plumes
* Automatic segmentation of subcortical brain structures in MR images using information fusion
* Markov Chain Monte Carlo Modular Ensemble Tracking
* Modular Ensemble Tracking
* Segmentation, Tracking and Characterization of Solar Features from EIT Solar Corona Images
* Tool for Topographic Analysis of Electrode Contacts in Human Cortical Stimulation, A
Includes: Barra, V.[Vincent] Barra, V.
8 for Barra, V.

Barrachina, S. Co Author Listing * Speeding up the Computation of the Edit Distance for Cyclic Strings

Barraclough, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Methane Isotopologues by Solar Occultation (MISO) Nanosatellite Mission: Spectral Channel Optimization and Early Performance Analysis, The

Barradas, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Leaks Detection in a Pipeline Using Artificial Neural Networks

Barrado, C. Co Author Listing * New Technique Based on Mini-UAS for Estimating Water and Bottom Radiance Contributions in Optically Shallow Waters, A
* UAV Flight Experiments Applied to the Remote Sensing of Vegetated Areas
Includes: Barrado, C. Barrado, C.[Cristina]

Barrado, M.[Mikel] Co Author Listing * Efficient Full-Reference Assessment of Image and Video Quality

Barragan, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * EA-Based Method for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix, An

Barragan, L.A. Co Author Listing * Choice of Word Length in the Design of a Specialized Hardware for Lossless Wavelet Compression of Medical Images
* VLSI Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Lossless Compression of Medical Images

Barragan, W. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Building Mapping Using Digital, Vertical And Aerial High Resolution Photographs And Lidar Point Clouds
Includes: Barragan, W. Barragán, W.

Barral, A.E.[Adrien E.] Co Author Listing * MDL region-based image registration

Barral, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Externalized Fingerprint Matching

Barranco Gutierrez, A.I.[Alejandro Israel] Co Author Listing * Approach for Utility Pole Recognition in Real Conditions, An
Includes: Barranco Gutierrez, A.I.[Alejandro Israel] Barranco-Gutiérrez, A.I.[Alejandro Israel]

Barranco, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Contour Detection and Characterization for Asynchronous Event Sensors
* Contour Motion Estimation for Asynchronous Event-Driven Cameras
* Hierarchical architecture for motion and depth estimations based on color cues
* High-Performance Optical-Flow Architecture Based on a Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Phase-Based Model
* Massive Parallel-Hardware Architecture for Multiscale Stereo, Optical Flow and Image-Structure Computation
* multi-resolution approach for massively-parallel hardware-friendly optical flow estimation, A
* On-chip semidense representation map for dense visual features driven by attention processes
* Visual System Based on Artificial Retina for Motion Detection
Includes: Barranco, F.[Francisco] Barranco, F.
8 for Barranco, F.

Barranquero, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Dependent binary relevance models for multi-label classification
* On the study of nearest neighbor algorithms for prevalence estimation in binary problems
* Quantification-oriented learning based on reliable classifiers

Barraquand, J. Co Author Listing * Numerical Potential Field Techniques for Robot Path Planning

Barras, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Speaker Identification: The LIMSI CLEAR'07 System
* Combination of Cepstral and Phonetically Discriminative Features for Speaker Verification
* Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast
* LIMSI RT07 Lecture Transcription System, The
* Multi-stage Speaker Diarization for Conference and Lecture Meetings
* Person instance graphs for mono-, cross- and multi-modal person recognition in multimedia data: application to speaker identification in TV broadcast
Includes: Barras, C.[Claude] Barras, C.

Barras, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Levee crest elevation profiles derived from airborne lidar-based high resolution digital elevation models in south Louisiana

Barrass, S. Co Author Listing * survey of MPEG-1 audio, video and semantic analysis techniques, A

Barrat, M. Co Author Listing * Recursive Wavelet Transform for 2D Signals

Barrat, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Accurate junction detection and characterization in line-drawing images
* Accurate junction detection and reconstruction in line-drawing images
* Automatic annotation extension and classification of documents using a probabilistic graphical model
* Automatic Images Annotation Extension Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
* Bayesian network for combining descriptors: Application to symbol recognition, A
* Classification and Automatic Annotation Extension of Images Using Bayesian Network
* Contour-Based Method for Logo Detection, A
* Efficient Indexing Scheme Based on Linked-Node m-Ary Tree Structure, An
* efficient tree structure for indexing feature vectors, An
* Histogram of radon transform. A useful descriptor for shape retrieval
* Modeling, Classifying and Annotating Weakly Annotated Images Using Bayesian Network
* Robust Symbol Localization Based on Junction Features and Efficient Geometry Consistency Checking
* Visual features with semantic combination using Bayesian network for a more effective image retrieval
Includes: Barrat, S.[Sabine] Barrat, S.
13 for Barrat, S.

Barratt, D. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Biomechanical Model Based Registration Method for Aligning Prone and Supine MR Breast Images, A

Barratt, D.C.[Dean C.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Electromagnetic Tracking Accuracy for Endoscopic Ultrasound
* Freehand Ultrasound Image Simulation with Spatially-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks
* Modelling Prostate Motion for Data Fusion During Image-Guided Interventions
* Operator Dependence of 3-D Ultrasound-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Carotid Bifurcation
* Reconstruction and quantification of the carotid artery bifurcation from 3-D ultrasound images
* Self-calibrating 3D-ultrasound-based bone registration for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery
Includes: Barratt, D.C.[Dean C.] Barratt, D.C.

Barratt, S.T. Co Author Listing * GeoCDX: An Automated Change Detection and Exploitation System for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Barrau, E. Co Author Listing * MPEG video transcoding to a fine-granular scalable format

Barrdez, D. Co Author Listing * Modular neural networks for seismic tomography

Barreau, G. Co Author Listing * Belief Network for the Recognition of 3D Geometric Primitives, A

Barreau, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * Combination of 3D Scanning, Modeling and Analyzing Methods around the Castle of Coatfrec Reconstitution
* Digital and Handcrafting Processes Applied to Sound-Studies of Archaeological Bone Flutes
* Study of a Wreck in Foreshore Context
Includes: Barreau, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Barreau, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste] Barreau, J.B.

Barreda Angeles, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Exploring the effects of 3D visual discomfort on viewers' emotions
* How visual discomfort affects 3DTV viewers' emotional arousal
* Towards QOE estimation of 3D contents through non-invasive methods
Includes: Barreda Angeles, M.[Miguel] Barreda-Angeles, M.[Miguel] Barreda-Angeles, M.

Barreda, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Bayes covariant multi-class classification

Barreira, N.[Noelia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Topological Active Net Division in a Genetic-Greedy Hybrid Approach
* Break-Up Analysis of the Tear Film Based on Time, Location, Size and Shape of the Rupture Area
* Conversion into Three-Dimensional Implicit Surface Representation from Topological Active Volumes Based Segmentation
* Directional Gaze Analysis in Webcam Video Sequences
* Genetic approaches for topological active nets optimization
* Handling Topological Changes in the Topological Active Volumes Model
* Improving retinal artery and vein classification by means of a minimal path approach
* On the Automatic Computation of the Arterio-Venous Ratio in Retinal Images: Using Minimal Paths for the Artery/Vein Classification
* On the use of a minimal path approach for target trajectory analysis
* Significance of the Vessel Registration for a Reliable Computation of Arteriovenous Ratio, The
* Topological Active Nets Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
* Topological Active Volumes
* Topological Active Volumes for Segmentation and Shape Reconstruction of Medical Images
* Topological active volumes: A topology-adaptive deformable model for volume segmentation
* Using Retinex Image Enhancement to Improve the Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images
Includes: Barreira, N.[Noelia] Barreira, N.
15 for Barreira, N.

Barreiro Megino, F. Co Author Listing * Visual Tools for ROI Montage in an Image2Video Application
Includes: Barreiro Megino, F. Barreiro-Megino, F.

Barreiro, J.[Joaquin] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision and Classification Techniques on the Surface Finish Control in Machining Processes
* Surface Finish Control in Machining Processes Using Haralick Descriptors and Neuronal Networks
Includes: Barreiro, J.[Joaquin] Barreiro, J.[Joaquín]

Barreiro, J.C. Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in the Capture and Display of Macroscopic and Microscopic 3-D Scenes by Integral Imaging

Barreiro, R.B. Co Author Listing * Detection of Point Sources on Two-Dimensional Images Based on Peaks

Barrena Arroyo, V. Co Author Listing * Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and Removals

Barrena, M. Co Author Listing * Qatris iManager: a general purpose CBIR system
* vManager, Developing a Complete CBVR System
Includes: Barrena, M. Barrena, M.[Manuel]

Barrenechea, E. Co Author Listing * Comment on: Image thresholding using type II fuzzy sets. Importance of this method
* DRCW-OVO: Distance-based relative competence weighting combination for One-vs-One strategy in multi-class problems
* Dynamic classifier selection for One-vs-One strategy: Avoiding non-competent classifiers
* EUSBoost: Enhancing ensembles for highly imbalanced data-sets by evolutionary undersampling
* overview of ensemble methods for binary classifiers in multi-class problems: Experimental study on one-vs-one and one-vs-all schemes, An
* Relationship between restricted dissimilarity functions, restricted equivalence functions and normal EN-functions: Image thresholding invariant
* Study on the Cardinality of Ordered Average Pooling in Visual Recognition, A
Includes: Barrenechea, E. Barrenechea, E.[Edurne]
7 for Barrenechea, E.

Barrenetxea, G. Co Author Listing * Distributed Successive Refinement of Multiview Images Using Broadcast Advantage
* Event-driven video coding for outdoor wireless monitoring cameras
* How is the weather: Automatic inference from images
Includes: Barrenetxea, G. Barrenetxea, G.[Guillermo]

Barrera, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Similarity Functions in Multimodal Stereo
* Multimodal Stereo from Thermal Infrared and Visible Spectrum
* Multimodal template matching based on gradient and mutual information using scale-space
* Multispectral piecewise planar stereo using Manhattan-world assumption
* Piecewise Planar Decomposition of 3D Point Clouds Obtained from Multiple Static RGB-D Cameras

Barrera, J.[Junior] Co Author Listing * Analytical Solutions for the Minkowski Addition Equation
* Automatic Programming of Binary Morphological Machines by Design of Statistically Optimal Operators in the Context of Computational Learning Theory
* Combinatorial Optimization Technique for the Sequential Decomposition of Erosions and Dilations, A
* Design of optimal binary filters under joint multiresolution-envelope constraint
* Exact Algorithm for Optimal MAE Stack Filter Design, An
* fast Branch-and-Bound algorithm for U-curve feature selection, A
* Feature selection algorithms to find strong genes
* From the Sup-Decomposition to Sequential Decompositions
* Greedy Algorithm for Decomposing Convex Structuring Elements, A
* MMACH: A Mathematical Morphology Toolbox for the Khoros System
* Multiresolution Analysis for Optimal Binary Filters
* Multiresolution Design of Aperture Operators
* Nonlinear Filter Design Using Envelopes
* Note on Park and Chin's Algorithm, A
* Pattern Recognition Theory in Nonlinear Signal Processing
* Segmentation of Microarray Images by Mathematical Morphology
* Set Operations on Closed Intervals and Their Applications to the Automatic Programming of Morphological Machines
* Solving Problems in Mathematical Morphology through Reductions to the U-Curve Problem
* Special Section on Nonlinear Image-Processing: Guest Editorial
* switching algorithm for design of optimal increasing binary filters over large windows, A
* U-curve: A branch-and-bound optimization algorithm for U-shaped cost functions on Boolean lattices applied to the feature selection problem
* unifying view for stack filter design based on graph search methods, A
Includes: Barrera, J.[Junior] Barrera, J.
22 for Barrera, J.

Barrero, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Inference of tree grammars using negative samples
* Measure of Scene Content, A
* Unranked tree languages
Includes: Barrero, A.[Alejandro] Barrero, A.

Barrero, F. Co Author Listing * Environmental wireless sensor network for road traffic applications
* License Plate Extraction Algorithm Based on Edge Statistics and Region Growing, A
Includes: Barrero, F. Barrero, F.[Federico]

Barrero, F.J. Co Author Listing * Dual-rate background subtraction approach for estimating traffic queue parameters in urban scenes

Barreto Alexandre, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Color Skin Segmentation Based on Non-linear Distance Metrics
Includes: Barreto Alexandre, E.[Eduardo] Barreto-Alexandre, E.[Eduardo]

Barreto Flores, A.[Aldrin] Co Author Listing * Simple View-Based Software Architecture for an Autonomous Robot Navigation System, A
* Towards a Supervised Incremental Learning System for Automatic Recognition of the Skeletal Age
Includes: Barreto Flores, A.[Aldrin] Barreto-Flores, A.[Aldrin]

Barreto, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Affective Assessment by Digital Processing of the Pupil Diameter
* computational efficient iris extraction approach in unconstrained environments, A
* highly accurate and computationally efficient approach for unconstrained iris segmentation, A
* Non-intrusive Physiological Monitoring for Automated Stress Detection in Human-Computer Interaction
* Real-time gesture detection for multi-touch devices
Includes: Barreto, A.[Armando] Barreto, A.

Barreto, C.S. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Zerotree Wavelet Transform Image Coding Exploiting Similarities Inside Subbands

Barreto, D. Co Author Listing * Decision Boundaries Using Bayes Factors: The Case of Cloud Masks

Barreto, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Camera Models and Fundamental Concepts Used in Geometric Computer Vision
* Time-Offset Conversations on a Life-Sized Automultiscopic Projector Array
Includes: Barreto, J.[Joao] Barreto, J.[João] Barreto, J.[Joseph]

Barreto, J.A. Co Author Listing * Iterative reweighted least squares and the design of two-dimensional FIR digital filters

Barreto, J.P.[Joao P.] Co Author Listing * email: Barreto, J.P.[Joao P.]: jpbar AT isr uc pt
* Active stereo tracking of multiple free-moving targets
* Automatic Camera Calibration Applied to Medical Endoscopy
* Calibration of Central Catadioptric Cameras Using a DLT-Like Approach
* Camera Pose Estimation Using Images of Planar Mirror Reflections
* Dense Lightfield Disparity Estimation Using Total Variation Regularization
* Description and Classification of Confocal Endomicroscopic Images for the Automatic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* DLT-Like Calibration for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Efficient Stereo Matching Using Histogram Aggregation with Multiple Slant Hypotheses
* Epipolar Geometry of Central Projection Systems Using Veronese Maps
* Extrinsic calibration of multi-modal sensor arrangements with non-overlapping field-of-view
* Fast and Accurate Calibration of a Kinect Sensor
* Fitting conics to paracatadioptric projections of lines
* Fundamental Matrix for Cameras with Radial Distortion
* General Framework for the Selection of World Coordinate Systems in Perspective and Catadioptric Imaging Applications, A
* General Imaging Geometry for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Geometric Properties of Central Catadioptric Line Images
* Geometric Properties of Central Catadioptric Line Images and Their Application in Calibration
* Global Approach for the Detection of Vanishing Points and Mutually Orthogonal Vanishing Directions, A
* Improving 3D Active Visual Tracking
* Issues on the Geometry of Central Catadioptric Image Formation
* Minimal Solution for Camera Calibration Using Independent Pairwise Correspondences, A
* Minimal Solution for Computing Pairs of Lines in Non-central Cameras
* Minimal Solution for the Extrinsic Calibration of a Camera and a Laser-Rangefinder, A
* Model Predictive Control to Improve Visual Control of Motion: Applications in Active Tracking of Moving Targets
* Non Parametric Distortion Correction in Endoscopic Medical Images
* Paracatadioptric camera calibration using lines
* Perspective Shape from Shading for Wide-FOV Near-Lighting Endoscopes
* pi-Match: Monocular vSLAM and Piecewise Planar Reconstruction Using Fast Plane Correspondences
* Piecewise-planar reconstruction using two views
* Piecewise-Planar StereoScan: Structure and Motion from Plane Primitives
* Plane Surface Detection and Reconstruction using Induced Stereo Symmetry
* Plane-based calibration of central catadioptric cameras
* Ray-based Calibration of Rigid Medical Endoscopes
* Real-time HD image distortion correction in heterogeneous parallel computing systems using efficient memory access patterns
* Semi-dense Piecewise Planar Stereo Reconstruction Using SymStereo and PEARL
* Single-image estimation of the camera response function in near-lighting
* Special issue on omnidirectional vision, camera networks and non-conventional cameras
* Stereo estimation of depth along virtual cut planes
* SymStereo: Stereo Matching using Induced Symmetry
* Theory and Practice of Structure-From-Motion Using Affine Correspondences
* Tracking Feature Points in Uncalibrated Images with Radial Distortion
* unifying geometric representation for central projection systems, A
* Unsupervised Intrinsic Calibration from a Single Frame Using a Plumb-Line Approach
* Unsupervised Vanishing Point Detection and Camera Calibration from a Single Manhattan Image with Radial Distortion
Includes: Barreto, J.P.[Joao P.] Barreto, J.P.[João P.] Barreto, J.P.[João Pedro] Barreto, J.P.
45 for Barreto, J.P.

Barreto, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Plume Segmentation from UV Camera Images for SO2 Emission Rate Quantification on Cloud Days

Barreto, P. Co Author Listing * Fast Binary Image Resolution Increasing by K-nearest Neighbor Learning

Barreto, P.S.L.M. Co Author Listing * Toward a Secure Public-key Blockwise Fragile Authentication Watermarking
* Toward secure public-key blockwise fragile authentication watermarking

Barreto, R. Co Author Listing * Using group behaviors to detect Hofstede cultural dimensions

Barreto, R.M.[Rafael M.] Co Author Listing * L2-Norm metric learning applied to unconstrained face pair-matching

Barreto, T.L.M.[Thiago Luiz Morais] Co Author Listing * Estimating accurate water levels for rivers and reservoirs by using SAR products: A multitemporal analysis

Barrett Lennard, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Image analysis for meat
Includes: Barrett Lennard, D.[David] Barrett-Lennard, D.[David]

Barrett, A. Co Author Listing * Active-Constraint Robotics for Surgery

Barrett, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Global Soil Moisture Product from Finer Spatial Resolution SAR Data and Ground Measurements at Irish Sites
* Quality Assessment of the CCI ECV Soil Moisture Product Using ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Data over Spain, Ireland and Finland

Barrett, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
* Toward Vicarious Calibration of Microwave Remote-Sensing Satellites in Arid Environments
Includes: Barrett, D.[David] Barrett, D.

Barrett, D.P.[Daniel Paul] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition by Time Series of Retinotopic Appearance and Motion Features
* Collecting and annotating the large continuous action dataset
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* Saying What You're Looking For: Linguistics Meets Video Search
* Seeing is Worse than Believing: Reading People's Minds Better than Computer-Vision Methods Recognize Actions
* Seeing What You're Told: Sentence-Guided Activity Recognition in Video
Includes: Barrett, D.P.[Daniel Paul] Barrett, D.P.[Daniel P.]

Barrett, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Contextual Media: Multimedia and Interpretation
* Hyperspectral aural cueing
* Multiple-aperture imaging spectrometer: Computer simulation and experimental validation
Includes: Barrett, E.[Edward] Barrett, E.

Barrett, E.B.[Eamon B.] Co Author Listing * email: Barrett, E.B.[Eamon B.]: EBarrett AT svl ems lmco com
* 3-D Model Alignment without Computing Pose
* Algorithms for Invariant Model Transfer and Object Reconstruction
* Closed-Form Extension of the Anharmonic Ratio to N-Space
* Extension of Three-Dimensional Invariant Methods to Noncentral-Projection Imaging Systems
* FOCUS: A Shared Vision Project Report on Progress in 1997-1998
* FOCUS: A Shared Vision Technology Transfer Project
* General Methods for Determining Projective Invariants in Imagery
* Geometric Interpretations of Algebraic Invariants in Images of 3D Scenes
* Image Understanding and the Man-Machine Interface
* Image Understanding and the Man-Machine Interface III
* Integrating Photogrammetric Techniques with Scene Analysis and Machine Vision
* Invariant Linear Methods in Photogrammetry and Model-Matching
* Invariant Methods for Model Transfer and Object Reconstruction Based on Multiple Reference Images
* Invariant Relationships in Side-Looking Synthetic Aperture Imagery
* Invariants Under Image Perspective Transformations: Theory and Examples
* Linear Resection, Intersection, and Perspective-Independent Model-Matching in Photogrammetry: Theory
* Lockheed Martin Report: Progress in Image Invariants Research--1995
* Machine-Vision Applications of Image Invariants: Real-Time Processing Experiments
* Objective performance evaluation of a moving object super-resolution system
* Projective Invariants for Curves in Two and Three Dimensions
* Projectively Invariant Structures in Multi-Sensor Imagery
* Recognizing 3-D Curves from a Stereo Pair of Images: A Semi-differential Approach
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Object Structure as Cross-Ratios of Determinants of Stereo Image Points
* Robust Algebraic Invariant Methods with Applications in Geometry and Imaging
* Semi-Differential Invariants for Nonplanar Curves
* Some Invariant Linear Methods in Photogrammetry and Model-Matching
* Synthesizing Maps of 3D Scenes From Multiple Reference Views Without Constructing the DEM
* Synthesizing Perspective Views of 3D Scenes From Multiple Reference Images Using a Synergy of Point and Line Invariant Transfer Algorithms
Includes: Barrett, E.B.[Eamon B.] Barrett, E.B. Barrett, E.B.[Eamon B]
29 for Barrett, E.B.

Barrett, F.[Fred] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Facial Expression Abnormality in Schizophrenia by Combining 2D and 3D Features

Barrett, H.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive SPECT
* Application of the Hotelling and ideal observers to detection and localization of exoplanets
* Channelized-ideal observer using Laguerre-Gauss channels in detection tasks involving non-Gaussian distributed lumpy backgrounds and a Gaussian signal
* Characteristic functionals in imaging and image-quality assessment: tutorial
* Chemical-shift imaging utilizing the positional shifts along the readout gradient direction
* Experimental determination of object statistics from noisy images
* Information content of a photon and how to extract it
* Information content of data types in time-domain optical tomography
* Linear Discriminants and Image Quality
* List-Mode Likelihood: EM Algorithm and Image Quality Estimation Demonstrated on 2-D PET
* Multiple-Hit Parameter Estimation in Monolithic Detectors
* Objective Assessment of Image Quality: III, ROC Metrics, Ideal Observers, And Likelihood-Generating Functions
* Objective comparison of quantitative imaging modalities without the use of a gold standard
* Reconstruction of MR images from data acquired on a general nonregular grid by pseudoinverse calculation
* Reconstruction of two- and three-dimensional images from synthetic-collimator data
* Singular-value decomposition for through-focus imaging systems
* Special Issue: Information Processing in Medical Imaging
* Surgical probe design for a coincidence imaging system without a collimator
* Task-Based Approach to Adaptive and Multimodality Imaging, A
Includes: Barrett, H.H. Barrett, H.H.[Harrison H.]
19 for Barrett, H.H.

Barrett, J.[Janet] Co Author Listing * HRSC on Mars Express: Photogrammetric and Cartographic Research

Barrett, J.M. Co Author Listing * Semi-rigorous Sensor Model For Precision Geometric Processing Of Mini-rf Bistatic Radar Images Of The Moon, A

Barrett, K.[Kirsten] Co Author Listing * Individual Tree Crown Delineation from Airborne Laser Scanning for Diseased Larch Forest Stands
* Sub-Pixel Classification of MODIS EVI for Annual Mappings of Impervious Surface Areas

Barrett, P. Co Author Listing * Iconic Transform for Sketch Completion and Shape Abstraction, An
* Use of Range and Reflectance Data to Find Planar Surface Regions

Barrett, R.C. Co Author Listing * Cell Organized Raster Display for Line Drawings, A
* Scan Conversion Algorithms for a Cell Organized Raster Display

Barrett, S.F. Co Author Listing * Automated lesion data base building for the treatment of retinal disorders

Barrett, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * email: Barrett, T.[Tom]: barrett AT toons mds lmco com
* Image Understanding at Lockheed Martin Valley Forge
* Voxel-Based Spatial Filtering Method for Canopy Height Retrieval from Airborne Single-Photon Lidar
Includes: Barrett, T.[Tom] Barrett, T.[Terence]

Barrett, W.[William] Co Author Listing * recursive Otsu thresholding method for scanned document binarization, A

Barrett, W.A.[William A.] Co Author Listing * Confidence Measure for Boundary Detection and Object Selection, A
* Connected Component Level Discrimination of Handwritten and Machine-Printed Text Using Eigenfaces
* Consensus-based table form recognition
* Consensus-based table form recognition of low-quality historical documents
* DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
* Digital mountain: from granite archive to global access
* Fast Focal Length Solution in Partial Panoramic Image Stitching
* Fast registration of tabular document images using the Fourier-Mellin transform
* Fourier-Mellin registration of line-delineated tabular document images
* Houghing the Hough: Peak Collection for Detection of Corners, Junctions and Line Intersections
* Intelligent selection tools
* Interactive Segmentation with Intelligent Scissors
* Just-in-time browsing for digitized microfilm and other similar image collections
* Offline signature verification and forgery detection using a 2-D geometric warping approach
* Separating Lines of Text in Free-Form Handwritten Historical Documents
* Toboggan-Based Intelligent Scissors with a Four Parameter Edge Model
* Word Warping for Offline Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Barrett, W.A.[William A.] Barrett, W.A.
17 for Barrett, W.A.

Barrho, J. Co Author Listing * Finger Localization and Classification in Images based on Generalized Hough Transform and Probabilistic Models

Barri, A. Co Author Listing * From Sparse Coding Significance to Perceptual Quality: A New Approach for Image Quality Assessment
* Interactive demonstrations of the locally adaptive fusion for combining objective quality measures
* Locally Adaptive System for the Fusion of Objective Quality Measures, A
Includes: Barri, A. Barri, A.[Adriaan]

Barria, E.A. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Functions To Estimate Velocity In Spatiotemporal Signals

Barria, J.A. Co Author Listing * Detection and Classification of Traffic Anomalies Using Microscopic Traffic Variables
* Distributed Classification of Traffic Anomalies Using Microscopic Traffic Variables
* Spatial Inference of Traffic Transition Using Micro-Macro Traffic Variables
* Structural Generative Descriptions for Time Series Classification

Barrick, D.[Donald] Co Author Listing * Brahan Project High Frequency Radar Ocean Measurements: Currents, Winds, Waves and Their Interactions
* High Frequency (HF) Radar Detection of the Weak 2012 Indonesian Tsunamis
* Tsunami Arrival Detection with High Frequency (HF) Radar
Includes: Barrick, D.[Donald] Barrick, D.

Barrie, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Extended fast compressive tracking with weighted multi-frame template matching for fast motion tracking
* Selective Sampling Importance Resampling Particle Filter Tracking With Multibag Subspace Restoration
Includes: Barrie, P.[Peter] Barrie, P.

Barriello, G.[Gaetano] Co Author Listing * Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing

Barrientos Lozano, L.[Ludivina] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Use-Cover Changes and Successional Stages of Vegetation in the Natural Protected Area Altas Cumbres, Northeastern Mexico, Using Landsat Satellite Imagery
Includes: Barrientos Lozano, L.[Ludivina] Barrientos-Lozano, L.[Ludivina]

Barrientos Martinez, R.E.[Rocio Erandi] Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of Chronic Idiopathic Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using Bayesian Networks
Includes: Barrientos Martinez, R.E.[Rocio Erandi] Barrientos-Martínez, R.E.[Rocío-Erandi]

Barrientos, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Method to Detect and Track Moving Objects (DATMO) from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV

Barrientos, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Cross-Calibration of the Chilean Satellite FASat-C Using RapidEye and EO-1 Hyperion Data and a Simultaneous Nadir Overpass Approach

Barriere, C. Co Author Listing * Handwritten sentence recognition: from signal to syntax
* Human Identification of Letters in Mixed-Script Handwriting: An Upper Bound on Recognition Rates
* Methodologies for Evaluating Thinning Algorithms for Character Recognition

Barriere, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Terrain Modeling with Multifractional Brownian Motion and Self-regulating Processes
Includes: Barriere, O.[Olivier] Barrière, O.[Olivier]

Barriga, E. Co Author Listing * Clinical utilization of automated image analysis software for improving retinal reader's performance
* Multiscale AM-FM Methods for Diabetic Retinopathy Lesion Detection

Barriga, E.S.[Eduardo S.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale AM-FM analysis of pneumoconiosis x-ray images
* Multiscale AM-FM decompositions with GPU acceleration for diabetic retinopathy screening
* Spatiotemporal Independent Component Analysis for the Detection of Functional Responses in Cat Retinal Images
Includes: Barriga, E.S.[Eduardo S.] Barriga, E.S.[E. Simon] Barriga, E.S.

Barriga, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Automated image quality evaluation of retinal fundus photographs in diabetic retinopathy screening
* Detection of hard exudates and red lesions in the macula using a multiscale approach
* Real-time diabetic retinopathy patient screening using multiscale AM-FM methods
* thermoregulation model to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy, A
Includes: Barriga, S.[Simon] Barriga, S.

Barrile, V. Co Author Listing * Remote detection of cerebral pathologies in magnetic resonance imagery: an unsupervised heuristic approach

Barrio, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Incremental manifold learning by spectral embedding methods

Barrionuevo, P.A.[Pablo A.] Co Author Listing * Contributions of rhodopsin, cone opsins, and melanopsin to postreceptoral pathways inferred from natural image statistics

Barrios, J.M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating an energy balance setting and random forest-based downscaling for the estimation of daily ET at sub-kilometer spatial resolution
* Retrieving daily evapotranspiration from the combination of geostationary and polar-orbit satellite data
* Sketch based Image Retrieval using Learned KeyShapes (LKS)
Includes: Barrios, J.M. Barrios, J.M.[Juan Manuel]

Barrios, R. Co Author Listing * influence of the in situ camera calibration for direct georeferencing of aerial imagery, The

Barrios, W. Co Author Listing * SCC: Semantic Context Cascade for Efficient Action Detection

Barriuso, A.[Adela] Co Author Listing * Scene Parsing through ADE20K Dataset

Barro, S. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy constraint networks for signal pattern recognition

Barrodale, I. Co Author Listing * Control Point Matching Algorithm, A
* Warping Digital Images Using Thin Plate Splines

Barroga, M.I.[Mabel I.] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project

Barrois, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose Estimation Based on Multiple Monocular Cues
* Resolving stereo matching errors due to repetitive structures using model information

Barron Cano, O. Co Author Listing * Addressing the illumination challenge in two-dimensional face recognition: a survey
Includes: Barron Cano, O. Barron-Cano, O.

Barron, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Estimating Anthropometry and Pose from a Single Image
* Estimating Anthropometry and Pose from a Single Uncalibrated Image
* Improvement of Anthropomery and Pose Estimation from a Single Uncalibrated Image, The
* On the Improvement of Anthropometry and Pose Estimation from a Single Uncalibrated Image
Includes: Barron, C.[Carlos] Barrón, C.[Carlos]

Barron, J.L.[John L.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barron, J.L.[John L.]: barron AT csd uwo ca
* 3d Regularized Velocity from 3d Doppler Radial Velocity
* 3D velocity from 3D Doppler radial velocity
* Binocular estimation of motion and structure from long sequences using optical flow without correspondence
* Computation of Optical-Flow, The
* Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement
* Computing Motion and Structure from Noisy, Time-Varying Image Velocity Information
* Dense Range Flow from Depth and Intensity Data
* Determination of Egomotion and Environmental Layout from Noisy Time-Varying Velocity in Binocular Image Sequences
* Determination of Egomotion and Environmental Layout from Noisy Time-Varying Velocity in Monocular Image Sequences
* Estimating Expansion Rates from Range Data Sequences
* Evaluating certainties in image intensity differentation for optical flow
* Evaluating the range flow motion constraint
* Experience with 3D optical flow on gated MRI cardiac datasets
* Feasibility Of Motion And Structure Computations, The
* Feasibility of Motion and Structure from Noisy Time-Varying Image Velocity Information, The
* Frequency Structure of 1D Occluding Image Signals, The
* Fusion of Image and Range Flow, The
* Fuzzy points: algebra and application
* High Accuracy Optical Flow Method Based on a Theory for Warping: 3D Extension
* High Accuracy Optical Flow Method Based on a Theory for Warping: Implementation and Qualitative/Quantitative Evaluation
* Method for Global Non-rigid Registration of Multiple Thin Structures, A
* Motion and Structure in rigid Multi-Surfaced Stationary Environments Using Time-Varying Image Velocity: Linear Solutions
* On the Fourier Properties of Discontinuous Motion
* Optical Flow at Occlusion
* Performance characterization in computer vision: A guide to best practices
* Performance of Optical Flow Techniques
* Petri Net-Based Cooperation In Multi-Agent Systems
* Quantitative color optical flow
* Quantitative Comparison of 4 Algorithms for Recovering Dense Accurate Depth, A
* Quantitative Depth Recovery from Time-Varying Optical Flow in a Kalman Filter Framework
* Range Flow Estimation
* Recursive Estimation of Time-Varying Motion and Structure Parameters
* Regularised Range Flow
* Sensitivity of Motion and Structure Computations, The
* Skeleton-Based Tornado Hook Echo Detection
* Sound from Gramophone Record Groove Surface Orientation
* Spatio-Temporal Edge Focusing
* Storm tracking in Doppler radar images
* Survey of Approaches for Determining Optic Flow, Environmental Layout and Egomotion, A
* Tracking fuzzy storm centers in Doppler radar images
* Tracking Severe Storms Using a Pseudo Storm Concept
* Tracking Severe Weather Storms in Doppler Radar Images
* Tracking Weather Storms Using 3D Doppler Radial Velocity Information
* Using 3D Spline Differentiation to Compute Quantitative Optical Flow
Includes: Barron, J.L.[John L.] Barron, J.L.
46 for Barron, J.L.

Barron, J.T.[Jonathan T.] Co Author Listing * Boundary Cues for 3D Object Shape Recovery
* category-level 3-D object dataset: Putting the Kinect to work, A
* Color Constancy, Intrinsic Images, and Shape Estimation
* Convolutional Color Constancy
* Fast Bilateral Solver, The
* Fast bilateral-space stereo for synthetic defocus
* Fast Fourier Color Constancy
* Geometric calibration for mobile, stereo, autofocus cameras
* High-frequency shape and albedo from shading using natural image statistics
* Intrinsic Scene Properties from a Single RGB-D Image
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping
* Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for Image Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation
* Scene Intrinsics and Depth from a Single Image
* Semantic Image Segmentation with Task-Specific Edge Detection Using CNNs and a Discriminatively Trained Domain Transform
* Shape, albedo, and illumination from a single image of an unknown object
* Shape, Illumination, and Reflectance from Shading
* Volumetric Semantic Segmentation Using Pyramid Context Features
Includes: Barron, J.T.[Jonathan T.] Barron, J.T. Barron, J.T.[Jon T.]
17 for Barron, J.T.

Barron, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Training Multi-layered Morphological Networks, A
* New Unsupervised Learning for Clustering Using Geometric Associative Memories, A
* Scene Retrieval of Natural Images
Includes: Barron, R.[Ricardo] Barrón, R.[Ricardo] Barrón, R.

Barros de Mello, C.A.[Carlos Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Restoring images of ancient color postcards

Barros Filho, M.N. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Lacunarity Algorithms in Texture Classification of High Spatial Resolution Images from Urban Areas

Barros Sousa, D.O.[Davy Oliveira] Co Author Listing * Fast 2D and 3D image processing with OpenCL
* Fast multidimensional image processing with OpenCL

Barros, A.K.[Allan Kardec] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Depth-of-Field Images Based on the Response of ICA Filters

Barros, A.P. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Multispectral Snowpack Reflectivity With Changing Snow Correlation Lengths
* Evaluating Passive Microwave Radiometry for the Dynamical Transition From Dry to Wet Snowpacks
* Understanding How Low-Level Clouds and Fog Modify the Diurnal Cycle of Orographic Precipitation Using In Situ and Satellite Observations
Includes: Barros, A.P. Barros, A.P.[Ana P.]

Barros, H.S.[Heather Stoddart] Co Author Listing * Where Do People Draw Lines?

Barros, J. Co Author Listing * Mobile Sensing Approach to Stress Detection and Memory Activation for Public Bus Drivers, A
* Neighbor-Aided Localization in Vehicular Networks

Barros, J.M.D.[Jilliam Maria Diaz] Co Author Listing * Computer vision-based approach for rite decryption in old societies

Barros, L. Co Author Listing * Framework to Investigate Behavioural Models, A

Barros, O.[Oton] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Horizontal Resolution of SRTM Elevation Data

Barros, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * dynamic gesture recognition and prediction system using the convexity approach, A

Barros, R.M.L.[Ricardo M.L.] Co Author Listing * Background recovering in outdoor image sequences: An example of soccer players segmentation
* multiple camera methodology for automatic localization and tracking of futsal players, A
* Tracking soccer players aiming their kinematical motion analysis
* Tracking soccer players using the graph representation
Includes: Barros, R.M.L.[Ricardo M.L.] Barros, R.M.L.

Barros, R.S. Co Author Listing * Planialtimetric Accuracy Evaluation Of Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DT
* Planialtimetric Evaluation Of A Cartosat-1 Stereo Pair: Case Study: SÃo SebastiÃo, Sp, Brazil

Barros, R.S.M. Co Author Listing * Perceptual video quality assessment for adaptive streaming encoding

Barroso, B. Co Author Listing * Retrieving ClipArt Images by Content

Barroso, E. Co Author Listing * Parallel processing and scheduling techniques applied to the quality control of bill sheets

Barroso, G.A.[Guillermo Andrade] Co Author Listing * Real time ultrasound image denoising

Barroso, R.F.[Rodrigo F.] Co Author Listing * Using Boundary Conditions for Combining Multiple Descriptors in Similarity Based Queries

Barroso, T.M.[Tony Marrero] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the performance and correlation of colour invariant local image feature detectors

Barrouil, C. Co Author Listing * Use of a priori descriptions in a high-level language and management of the uncertainty in a scene recognition system

Barrow, H.G. Co Author Listing * Computational Vision
* Experiments in Interpretation Guided Segmentation
* Experments in Map-Guided Photo Interpretation
* IGS: A Paradigm for Integrating Image Segmentation and Interpretation
* Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photo-Interpretation
* Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photo-Interpretation: Progress Report
* Interpreting Line Drawings as Three-Dimensional Surfaces
* Map-Guided Interpretation of Remotely-Sensed Data
* Map-Guided Interpretation of Remotely-Sensed Imagery
* MSYS: A System for Reasoning about Scenes
* Parametric Correspondence and Chamfer Matching: Two New Techniques for Image Matching
* Reconstructing Smooth Surfaces from Partial, Noisy Information
* Recovering Intrinsic Scene Characteristics from Images
* Relational Descriptions in Picture Processing
* Research in Interactive Scene Analysis
* Retrospective on Interpreting Line Drawings as Three-Dimensional Surfaces
* Scene Modeling: A Structural Basis for Image Description
* Some Techniques for Recognizing Structures in Pictures
* SRI Road Expert: An Overview, The
* Subgraph Isomorphism, Matching Relational Structures and Maximal Cliques
Includes: Barrow, H.G. Barrow, H.G.[Harry G.]
20 for Barrow, H.G.

Barrowclough, O. Co Author Listing * Locally Refined Splines Representation for Geospatial Big Data

Barrowes, B.E. Co Author Listing * Camp Butner Live-Site UXO Classification Using Hierarchical Clustering and Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* High-Frequency Electromagnetic Induction Sensing of Nonmetallic Materials
* Orthonormalized Volume Magnetic Source Model for Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance, The
* Real-Time Processing of Electromagnetic Induction Dynamic Data Using Kalman Filters for Unexploded Ordnance Detection
* Simultaneous Identification of Multiple Unexploded Ordnance Using Electromagnetic Induction Sensors

Barrows, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Rapid omnidirectional vision acquisition using an intelligent linear scanning technique

Barrows, G.L.[Geoffrey L.] Co Author Listing * Toward Wide-Angle Microvision Sensors
* Wide-angle micro sensors for vision on a tight budget

Barry, A. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality in a Public Space: The Natural History Museum, London

Barry, C. Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis of Retinal Images to Determine Nerve Fibre Loss

Barry, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Framework for Video Time and Pitch Scale Modification, A

Barry, J.[Jessie] Co Author Listing * Building a bird recognition app and large scale dataset with citizen scientists: The fine print in fine-grained dataset collection
* Feasibility of Endocardial Propagation Mapping Using Magnetic Resonance Guidance in a Swine Model, and Comparison With Standard Electroanatomic Mapping, The
Includes: Barry, J.[Jessie] Barry, J.

Barry, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Poppy Crop Height and Capsule Volume Estimation from a Single UAS Flight

Barry, M. Co Author Listing * Characterisation of Network Objects in Natural and Anthropic Environments
* Comparison of ARTMAP Neural Networks for Classification for Face Recognition from Video
* Comparison Of Multi-scale Digital Elevation Models For Defining Waterways And Catchments Over Large Areas
* Direct Extraction of Normal Mapped Meshes from Volume Data
* multi-level geometric reasoning system for vision, A
Includes: Barry, M. Barry, M.[Mark] Barry, M.[Michele]

Barry, O. Co Author Listing * Robust Motion-Compensated Orthogonal Video Coding Using EBCOT

Barry, P. Co Author Listing * Field Accuracy Test of RPAS Photogrammetry

Barry, P.S. Co Author Listing * Hyperion, a space-based imaging spectrometer

Bars, J.M.L.[J. M. Le] Co Author Listing * Literature review of fingerprint quality assessment and its evaluation

Barsai, G.[Gabor] Co Author Listing * View-Geometric Approach To View And Occlusion Invariant Shape Recognition and Retrieval, A

Barschdorf, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Cardiac CTs - Personalized Atrial Models Augmented with Electrophysiological Structures
* Hybrid Method for Automatic Anatomical Variant Detection and Segmentation, A
* Modeling Atrial Fiber Orientation in Patient-Specific Geometries: A Semi-automatic Rule-Based Approach

Barshan, B.[Billur] Co Author Listing * Comparative analysis of different approaches to target differentiation and localization with sonar
* Comparative study on classifying human activities with miniature inertial and magnetic sensors
* Differentiating Sonar Reflections from Corners and Planes by Employing an Intelligent Sensor
* Fuzzy clustering and enumeration of target type based on sonar returns
* Morphological surface profile extraction with multiple range sensors
* Reliability measure assignment to sonar for robust target differentiation
* Target differentiation with simple infrared sensors using statistical pattern recognition techniques
Includes: Barshan, B.[Billur] Barshan, B.
7 for Barshan, B.

Barshan, E.[Elnaz] Co Author Listing * Learning an Efficient Texture Model by Supervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods
* Learning Efficient Deep Feature Representations via Transgenerational Genetic Transmission of Environmental Information During Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks
* Scalable learning for restricted Boltzmann machines
* Supervised principal component analysis: Visualization, classification and regression on subspaces and submanifolds
Includes: Barshan, E.[Elnaz] Barshan, E.

Barsi, A.[Attila] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Visualization on the Holovizio¿ System
* Analysis and optimization of pixel usage of light-field conversion from multi-camera setups to 3D light-field displays
* Artificial Neural Networks for the Detection of Road Junctions in Aerial Images
* City structure analysis on Quickbird imagery by multiscale radon transformation
* Crowdsourcing Based 3d Modeling
* Documentation of Roman Excavations by Laserscanning
* Freehand interaction with large-scale 3D map data
* Holovizio 3D Display System
* Inspection Of A Medieval Wood Sculpture Using Computer Tomography
* Junction Extraction by Artificial Neural Network System - JEANS
* Measurement of perceived spatial resolution in 3D light-field displays
* Orthoprojection with contrast equalization using terrestrial laserscanning
* Overview of the applicability of H.264/MVC for real-time light-field applications
* Pedestrian Detection By Laser Scanning And Depth Imagery
* Perceived quality of angular resolution for light field displays and the validy of subjective assessment
* Photogrammetric Pavement Detection System
* Rendering multi-view plus depth data on light-field displays
* Road Detection By Neural And Genetic Algorithm In Urban Environment
* Road Network Detection by Growing Neuron Gas
* Subjective quality assessment of zooming levels and image reconstructions based on region of interest for light field displays
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Deformation Measurement of Structures
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Civil Engineering Applications
* Towards mixed reality applications on light-field displays
* Tracking Vehicle in GSM Network to Support Intelligent Transportation Systems
* View synthesis for lightfield displays using region based non-linear image warping
Includes: Barsi, A.[Attila] Barsi, A. Barsi, A.[Arpad]
25 for Barsi, A.

Barsi, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Estimating wide-angle, spatially varying reflectance using time-resolved inversion of backscattered light
* Frequency Analysis of Transient Light Transport with Applications in Bare Sensor Imaging
* Imaging the Propagation of Light Through Scenes at Picosecond Resolution
* Skin perfusion photography
* Sub-pixel Layout for Super-Resolution with Images in the Octic Group
* Ultra-fast Lensless Computational Imaging through 5D Frequency Analysis of Time-resolved Light Transport
Includes: Barsi, C.[Christopher] Barsi, C.

Barsi, F. Co Author Listing * Angular Spline: A New Approach to the Interpolation Problem in Computer Graphics

Barsi, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) Radiometric Performance On-Orbit
* Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager Radiometric Calibration and Stability

Barsi, J.A.[Julia A.] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) Vicarious Radiometric Calibration
* Procedure for Radiometric Recalibration of Landsat 5 TM Reflective-Band Data, A
* Spectral Response of the Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager, The
* Updated Radiometric Calibration for the Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper Reflective Bands
Includes: Barsi, J.A.[Julia A.] Barsi, J.A.

Barsi, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of structural changes in single channel long time-span brain MRI images using saliency map and active contour methods

Barski, L.L.[Lori L.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for thinning alphanumeric characters for optical character recognition
* Optical character recognition neural network system for machine-printed characters
* Skew detector for digital image processing system

Barsky, B.A.[Brian A.] Co Author Listing * B-Spline Curves and Surfaces Viewed as Digital Filters
* Determining a Set of B-Spline Control Vertices to Generate an Interpolating Surface
* Exponential and Polynomial Methods for Applying Tension to an Interpolating Spline Curve
* Local Control of Bias and Tension in Beta-Splines
* Vision Correcting Displays Based on Inverse Blurring and Aberration Compensation
Includes: Barsky, B.A.[Brian A.] Barsky, B.A.

Barsky, S.[Svetlana] Co Author Listing * 4-source photometric stereo technique for three-dimensional surfaces in the presence of highlights and shadows, The
* Colour Photometric Stereo: Simultaneous Reconstruction of Local Gradient and Colour of Rough Textured Surfaces
* Design Issues for a Colour Photometric Stereo System
* Generalisation of Photometric Stereo technique to Q-illuminants
* On the Reliability of Computing Wigner Texture Features
* Photometric stereo with an arbitrary number of illuminants
* Shadow Function for Rough Surfaces, The
* Shadows and Highlights Detection in 4-source Colour Photometric Stereo
* Surface Texture Using Photometric Stereo Data: Classification and Direction of Illumination Detection
9 for Barsky, S.

Barsness, K.A. Co Author Listing * Automated and Objective Assessment of Surgical Training: Detection of Procedural Steps on Videotaped Performances

Barsocchi, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Forecast-Driven Enhancement of Received Signal Strength (RSS)-Based Localization Systems
* stigmergic approach to indoor localization using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, A
Includes: Barsocchi, P.[Paolo] Barsocchi, P.

Bart, E.[Evgeniy] Co Author Listing * Class-Based Feature Matching Across Unrestricted Transformations
* Class-Based Matching of Object Parts
* Cross-Generalization: Learning Novel Classes from a Single Example by Feature Replacement
* Image normalization by mutual information
* Single-example learning of novel classes using representation by similarity
* Unsupervised learning of visual taxonomies
* Unsupervised Organization of Image Collections: Taxonomies and Beyond
* View-Invariant Recognition Using Corresponding Object Fragments
Includes: Bart, E.[Evgeniy] Bart, E.
8 for Bart, E.

Bart, H.L.[Henry L.] Co Author Listing * Outlier Detection with the Kernelized Spatial Depth Function
Includes: Bart, H.L.[Henry L.] Bart, Jr., H.L.[Henry L.]

Bart, S. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology

Bart, T.E.[Theodor E.] Co Author Listing * T.V. motion detector with false alarm immunity

Barta, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of sun localization in the second step of sky-polarimetric Viking navigation for north determination: a planetarium experiment

Barta, E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Constraint Equation for Motion Extraction, The

Barta, P. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Model for Studying the Laminar Structure of Cortex From MRI, A

Bartak, P. Co Author Listing * Use Of Image Based Modelling For Documentation Of Intricately Shaped Objects
Includes: Bartak, P. Barták, P.

Bartakke, P.P. Co Author Listing * Refining structural texture synthesis approach

Bartalos, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Does The Data Resolution/origin Matter? Satellite, Airborne And UAV Imagery To Tackle Plant Invasions
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Alien Plant Species Detection and Monitoring
Includes: Bartalos, T.[Tomas] Bartaloš, T.[Tomáš] Bartaloš, T.

Bartcus, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Non-parametric Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture for Clustering

Bartczack, B. Co Author Listing * 3D-TV LDV content generation with a hybrid ToF-multicamera RIG

Bartczak, B.[Bogumil] Co Author Listing * Analysis-by-Synthesis Camera Tracking Approach Based on Free-Form Surfaces, An
* Combined Approach for Estimating Patchlets from PMD Depth Images and Stereo Intensity Images, A
* Comparison of PMD-Cameras and Stereo-Vision for the Task of Surface Reconstruction using Patchlets, A
* Dense Depth Maps from Low Resolution Time-of-Flight Depth and High Resolution Color Views
* Extraction of 3D freeform surfaces as visual landmarks for real-time tracking
* Generation of 3D-TV LDV-content with Time-Of-Flight Camera
* MixIn3D: 3D Mixed Reality with ToF-Camera
* Real-Time Neighborhood Based Disparity Estimation Incorporating Temporal Evidence
* Robust GPU-assisted camera tracking using free-form surface models
* Supporting Structure from Motion with a 3D-Range-Camera
10 for Bartczak, B.

Bartel, S.[Sigrid] Co Author Listing * 3D-GIS for Urban Purposes

Bartels, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised kernel canonical correlation analysis with application to human fMRI

Bartels, C. Co Author Listing * Direct Motion Estimation in the Radon Transform Domain using Match-Profile Backprojections
* Smoothness Constraints in Recursive Search Motion Estimation for Picture Rate Conversion

Bartels, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Deformable Statistical Shape Model Applied to Three-Dimensional Lumbar Vertebra Images, A

Bartels, K.A. Co Author Listing * Multifrequency eddy current image processing techniques for nondestructive evaluation

Bartels, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Analysis of LIDAR Data Fused with Co-Registered Bands
* DTM Generation from LIDAR Data using Skewness Balancing
* Threshold-free object and ground point separation in LIDAR data
* Unsupervised Segmentation Using Gabor Wavelets and Statistical Features in LIDAR Data Analysis
* Wavelet packets and co-occurrence matrices for texture-based image segmentation
Includes: Bartels, M.[Marc] Bartels, M.

Bartels, P.H. Co Author Listing * Automated Microscopy in Diagnostic Histopathology: From Image-Processing to Automated Reasoning
* Computer discrimination of splenocytes and peripheral blood lymphocytes from mice infected with friend murine leukemia virus
* Introduction to the special issue on Pattern Recognition of Cell Images: Part two
* Introduction to the special issue on the pattern recognition of cell images: Part one
Includes: Bartels, P.H. Bartels, P.H.[Peter H.]

Bartelsen, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Automated 3D Reconstruction of Urban Areas from Networks of Wide-Baseline Image Sequences
* Dense 3D Reconstruction from Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Orientation and Dense Reconstruction from Unordered Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Orientation and Dense Reconstruction of Unordered Terrestrial And Aerial Wide Baseline Image Sets

Bartesaghi, A. Co Author Listing * Energy-Based Three-Dimensional Segmentation Approach for the Quantitative Interpretation of Electron Tomograms, An
* Non-photorealistic rendering from multiple images
* Performance Evaluation of an Automatic Fingerprint Classification Algorithm Adapted to a Vucetich Based Classification System
* Tracking of Moving Objects Under Severe and Total Occlusions
Includes: Bartesaghi, A. Bartesaghi, A.[Alberto]

Bartfeld, E. Co Author Listing * Measuring hepatocytes reaction to dimethylnitrosamine using computerized microscope

Barth, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Driving State of Oncoming Vehicles From a Moving Platform Using Stereo Vision
* Probabilistic Multi-class Scene Flow Segmentation for Traffic Scenes
* Robust Head Detection and Tracking in Cluttered Workshop Environments Using GMM
* Simultaneous Estimation of Pose and Motion at Highly Dynamic Turn Maneuvers
* Spatial predictive mapping using artificial neural networks
Includes: Barth, A.[Alexander] Barth, A.

Barth, E. Co Author Listing * Analysing superimposed oriented patterns
* Analysis of motion and curvature in image sequences
* Analysis of Superimposed Oriented Patterns
* Analytic Solutions for Multiple Motions
* Deictic Gestures with a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Direct Detection of Flow Discontinuities by 3D Curvature Operators
* Efficient Visual Representation and Reconstruction from Generalized Curvature Measures
* Estimation of Multiple Orientations at Corners and Junctions
* Estimation of multiple orientations in multi-dimensional signals
* Face Detection Using a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Global Topological Properties of Images Derived from Local Curvature Features
* Image Encoding, Labeling and Reconstruction from Differential Geometry
* Intrinsic Dimensionality Predicts the Saliency of Natural Dynamic Scenes
* Intrinsic Two Dimensional Features as Textons
* On the Uniqueness of Curvature Features
* One-Class Classification with Subgaussians
* Scale-invariant range features for time-of-flight camera applications
* Self-Organizing Maps for Pose Estimation with a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Sensing Forest for Pattern Recognition
* Shading constraint improves accuracy of time-of-flight measurements
* Spatial and spectral analysis of occluded motions
* Spatio-temporal motion estimation for transparency and occlusions
* Special issue on Time-of-Flight camera based computer vision
* ToF-sensors: New dimensions for realism and interactivity
Includes: Barth, E. Barth, E.[Erhardt]
24 for Barth, E.

Barth, G. Co Author Listing * Analytical Comparison of Two String Searching Algorithms, An
* High Level Document Analysis Guided by Geometric Aspects

Barth, K. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3-D-reconstruction algorithm for C-arm systems suitable for interventional procedures

Barth, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barth, M.[Matthew]: barth AT ee ucr edu
* Baseline Detection and Localization for Invisible Omnidirectional Cameras
* Explorative signal processing in functional MR imaging
* Real-Time Computer Vision/DGPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System for Lane-Level Vehicle Navigation
Includes: Barth, M.[Matthew] Barth, M.[Markus] Barth, M.

Barth, M.J. Co Author Listing * Determining Robot Egomotion from Motion Parallax Observed by an Active Camera
* Development and Evaluation of an Evolutionary Algorithm-Based OnLine Energy Management System for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
* Development and Evaluation of an Intelligent Energy-Management Strategy for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
* Eco-Routing Navigation System Based on Multisource Historical and Real-Time Traffic Information
* Egomotion Determination Through an Intelligent Gaze Control Strategy
* Identifying and Localizing Robots with Omnidirectional Vision Sensors
* Modal Activity-Based Stochastic Model for Estimating Vehicle Trajectories from Sparse Mobile Sensor Data
* Next-Generation Automated Vehicle Location Systems: Positioning at the Lane Level
* Power-Based Optimal Longitudinal Control for a Connected Eco-Driving System
* Qualitative Route Scene Description Using Autonomous Landmark Detection
* Rapid omnidirectional vision acquisition using an intelligent linear scanning technique
* Real-Time Video-Based Traffic Measurement and Visualization System for Energy/Emissions
Includes: Barth, M.J. Barth, M.J.[Matthew J.]
12 for Barth, M.J.

Barth, R.J. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Electrical Impedance Variations in Women With and Without Breast Cancer

Barth, W.G. Co Author Listing * Robust Memoryless Quantization for Minimum Signal Distortion

Barthe, H. Co Author Listing * Development of an Innovative, Two-Processor Data Processing Unit for the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Onboard the Cassini Mission to Saturn--Part I: Hardware Architecture

Barthel, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Shape priors in variational image segmentation: Convexity, Lipschitz continuity and globally optimal solutions

Barthel, K.[Knut] Co Author Listing * Satellite and Ground Observations of Snow Cover in Tibet during 2001-2015
* Zerotree Wavelet Coding Using Fractal Prediction
Includes: Barthel, K.[Knut] Barthel, K.

Barthel, K.U. Co Author Listing * Adaptation to nonstationarity of embedded wavelet code stream
* Blocking Artifact Free Video Coding Based on a Bilinear Forward Image Warping Model
* Combining Wavelet and Fractal Coding for 3-D Video Coding
* Fusing Keyword Search and Visual Exploration for Untagged Videos
* Graph-Based Browsing for Large Video Collections
* ImageMap: Visually Browsing Millions of Images
* ImageX - Explore and Search Local/Private Images
* Navigating a Graph of Scenes for Exploring Large Video Collections
* new image coding technique unifying fractal and transform coding, A
* Piecewise 2D autoregression for predictive image coding
* Three-dimensional fractal video coding
Includes: Barthel, K.U. Barthel, K.U.[Kai-Uwe] Barthel, K.U.[Kai Uwe]
11 for Barthel, K.U.

Barthelemy, Q.[Quentin] Co Author Listing * 3D Rotation Invariant Decomposition of Motion Signals
* About QLMS Derivations
* Color Sparse Representations for Image Processing: Review, Models, and Prospects
Includes: Barthelemy, Q.[Quentin] Barthélemy, Q.[Quentin] Barthelemy, Q.

Barthelmie, R.J.[Rebecca J.] Co Author Listing * Wind Turbine Wake Characterization from Temporally Disjunct 3-D Measurements

Barthet, M. Co Author Listing * Genre-Adaptive Semantic Computing and Audio-Based Modelling for Music Mood Annotation

Bartholdy, N.J. Co Author Listing * 3D Localisation from DSA Images using the Leksell Stereotactic Frame

Bartholic, J.F. Co Author Listing * Two-Stage Cross Correlation Approach to Template Matching, A

Bartholomaus, S. Co Author Listing * Classification-Based Record Linkage With Pseudonymized Data for Epidemiological Cancer Registries
Includes: Bartholomaus, S. Bartholomäus, S. (Maybe also Bartholomaeus, S.)

Bartholome, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Analysis of earth observation time series to investigate the relation between rainfall, vegetation dynamic and streamflow in the Uele' basin (Central African Republic)
* Identification of environmental anomaly hot spots in West Africa from time series of NDVI and rainfall
Includes: Bartholome, E.[Etienne] Bartholomé, E.[Etienne]

Bartholomeus, H.[Harm] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Hyperspectral Mapping System and Photogrammetric Processing Chain for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
* Overview of UAV Activities in Wageningen Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility
Includes: Bartholomeus, H.[Harm] Bartholomeus, H.

Bartholomeus, H.M.[Harm M.] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Reflectance Anisotropy Measurements Using a Pushbroom Spectrometer on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Results for Barley, Winter Wheat, and Potato
* Mapping Reflectance Anisotropy of a Potato Canopy Using Aerial Images Acquired with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Reflectance Anisotropy Measurements Using a Pushbroom Spectrometer Mounted on UAV and a Laboratory Goniometer: Preliminary Results

Bartholomew, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * SculptUp: A rapid, immersive 3D modeling environment
* Virtual exertions: A user interface combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback for virtual object manipulation

Bartie, P.[Phil] Co Author Listing * Combined thermal-LIDAR imagery for urban mapping

Bartin, B. Co Author Listing * Determining the Optimal Configuration of Highway Routes for Real-Time Traffic Information: A Case Study

Bartkowiak, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * Simple Algorithm for Ordering and Compression of Vector Codebooks, A

Bartl, R. Co Author Listing * Information Fusion In Image Understanding

Bartle, A.[Aron] Co Author Listing * Multi-Instrument Inter-Calibration (MIIC) System

Bartlett, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Modelling Respiration Induced Torso Deformation Using a Mesh Fitting Algorithm

Bartlett, J.C. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape and 2D Surface Textures of Human Faces: The Role of Averages in Attractiveness and Age

Bartlett, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of non-posed facial action units
* DISFA: A Spontaneous Facial Action Intensity Database

Bartlett, M.[Marian] Co Author Listing * discriminative parts based model approach for fiducial points free and shape constrained head pose normalisation in the wild, A
* Hand Gestures for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Dataset, Techniques and Evaluation
* Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning
* Towards Automated Understanding of Student-Tutor Interactions Using Visual Deictic Gestures
Includes: Bartlett, M.[Marian] Bartlett, M.

Bartlett, M.S.[Marian S.] Co Author Listing * Action unit recognition transfer across datasets
* approach to automatic recognition of spontaneous facial actions, An
* Automated measurement of children's facial expressions during problem solving tasks
* Automatic coding of facial expressions displayed during posed and genuine pain
* Automatic facial expression recognition for intelligent tutoring systems
* Best of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2011
* Classification and weakly supervised pain localization using multiple segment representation
* Classifying Facial Actions
* comparison of gabor filter methods for automatic detection of facial landmarks, A
* Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox
* computer expression recognition toolbox (CERT), The
* Discrimination of Moderate and Acute Drowsiness Based on Spontaneous Facial Expressions
* Drowsy Driver Detection Through Facial Movement Analysis
* Dynamics of Facial Expression Extracted Automatically from Video
* Emotion Mirror: A Novel Intervention for Autism Based on Real-Time Expression Recognition
* Exemplar Hidden Markov Models for classification of facial expressions in videos
* Exploring Bag of Words Architectures in the Facial Expression Domain
* Exploring the Facial Expression Perception-Production Link Using Real-Time Automated Facial Expression Recognition
* Face Image Analysis by Unsupervised Learning
* Face recognition by independent component analysis
* Facial expression recognition using Gabor motion energy filters
* Fully Automatic Facial Action Recognition in Spontaneous Behavior
* Image Statistics of American Sign Language: Comparison with Faces and Natural Scenes
* LOMo: Latent Ordinal Model for Facial Analysis in Videos
* Measuring Facial Expressions by Computer Image Analysis
* motion in emotion: A CERT based approach to the FERA emotion challenge, The
* Multilayer Architectures for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Recent Advances in Face Recognition
* Recognizing faces with PCA and ICA
* Recognizing Facial Expression: Machine Learning and Application to Spontaneous Behavior
* Toward Practical Smile Detection
* Towards an Optimal Affect-Sensitive Instructional System of cognitive skills
* Weakly supervised pain localization using multiple instance learning
Includes: Bartlett, M.S.[Marian S.] Bartlett, M.S. Bartlett, M.S.[Marian Stewart]
33 for Bartlett, M.S.

Bartlett, P.L. Co Author Listing * New Support Vector Algorithms

Bartlett, S.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Solder Joint Inspection
* Camera Stability Problem and Dynamic Stereo Vision, The
* Motion Stereo Using Ego-Motion Complex Logarithmic Mapping

Bartley, D.H.[David Harold] Co Author Listing * Compression of information from one detector as a function of information from another detector

Bartley, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Assessment of UAV and Ground-Based Structure from Motion with Multi-View Stereo Photogrammetry in a Gullied Savanna Catchment

Bartliff, D.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Procedure for Image Segmentation, An

Bartlow, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * automated method for predicting iris segmentation failures, An
* Identifying sensors from fingerprint images
* preliminary study on identifying sensors from iris images, A

Bartmann, R. Co Author Listing * new design and algorithm for lenticular lenses display, A
* Simulation of autostereoscopic displays by geometrical ray tracing and implication of optical effects
* Subpixel-area based simulation for autostereoscopic displays with lenticular arrays
* Validation of subpixel area based simulation for autostereoscopic displays with parallax barriers
Includes: Bartmann, R. Bartmann, R.[Roland]

Bartneck, N. Co Author Listing * Colour segmentation with polynomial classification
* Document Analysis: From Pixels to Contents

Bartnik, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Efficiency Video Coding for Multi-View Video and Depth Data
* Extension of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for Multiview Video and Depth Data
* Probability interval partitioning entropy coding using systematic variable-to-variable length codes

Bartnik, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Postal Reply Card Processing

Bartocci, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Handling Complex Events in Surveillance Tasks

Bartold, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Carbon Flux and Soil Moisture in Wetlands Applying Sentinel-1 Data
* Monitoring Wetlands Ecosystems Using ALOS PALSAR (L-Band, HV) Supplemented by Optical Data: A Case Study of Biebrza Wetlands in Northeast Poland

Bartoli, A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction
* Computer-Aided Classification of Gastrointestinal Lesions in Regular Colonoscopy
* Fast shape-from-template using local features
* Noise modelling in time-of-flight sensors with application to depth noise removal and uncertainty estimation in three-dimensional measurement
* Non-parametric depth calibration of a TOF camera
* probabilistic approach to printed document understanding, A
Includes: Bartoli, A. Bartoli, A.[Adrien] Bartoli, A.[Alberto]

Bartoli, A.E.[Adrien E.] Co Author Listing * 3D Line Motion Matrix and Alignment of Line Reconstructions, The
* Affine Approximation for Direct Batch Recovery of Euclidian Structure and Motion from Sparse Data
* Algebraic Line Search for Bundle Adjustment
* Algorithms for Batch Matrix Factorization with Application to Structure-from-Motion
* Analysis of Errors in Graph-Based Keypoint Matching and Proposed Solutions, An
* As-Rigid-as-Possible Volumetric Shape-from-Template
* Augmenting images of non-rigid scenes using point and curve correspondences
* Automatic Hair Detection in the Wild
* Batch Algorithm for Implicit Non-rigid Shape and Motion Recovery, A
* Bi-Objective Bundle Adjustment with Application to Multi-Sensor SLAM
* Calibrating an Optical See-Through Rig with Two Non-overlapping Cameras: The Virtual Camera Framework
* Can We Jointly Register and Reconstruct Creased Surfaces by Shape-from-Template Accurately?
* Closed-form solutions to multiple-view homography estimation
* Coarse-to-fine low-rank structure-from-motion
* Constant Flow Sampling: A Method to Automatically Select the Regularization Parameter in Image Registration
* Constrained Structure and Motion from Multiple Uncalibrated Views of a Piecewise Planar Scene
* Contour-Based Registration and Retexturing of Cartoon-Like Videos
* Deformable 3D Reconstruction with an Object Database
* Dense Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion and Shading with Unknown Albedos
* Depth Correction for Depth Camera From Planarity
* Direct Estimation of Non-Rigid Registration
* Direct Estimation of Nonrigid Registrations with Image-Based Self-Occlusion Reasoning
* EasyFlow: Increasing the Convergence Basin of Variational Image Matching with a Feature-Based Cost
* Editorial for the Special Issue on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
* Efficient Camera Smoothing in Sequential Structure-from-Motion Using Approximate Cross-Validation
* Energy-Based Reconstruction of 3D Curves for Quality Control
* Estimating the Pose of a 3D Sensor in a Non-rigid Environment
* Euclidean Bundle Adjustment Independent on Camera Intrinsic Parameters
* Fast Explicit Diffusion for Accelerated Features in Nonlinear Scale Spaces
* Feature-Based Deformable Surface Detection with Self-Occlusion Reasoning
* Feature-Driven Direct Non-Rigid Image Registration
* Framework for Pencil-of-Points Structure-from-Motion, A
* From video sequences to motion panoramas
* General Dense Image Matching Framework Combining Direct and Feature-Based Costs, A
* Generalized Thin-Plate Spline Warps
* Generalizing the Prediction Sum of Squares Statistic and Formula, Application to Linear Fractional Image Warp and Surface Fitting
* Generic Rolling Shutter Camera Model and its Application to Dynamic Pose Estimation, A
* Geometry of Dynamic Scenes: On Coplanar and Convergent Linear Motions Embedded in 3D Static Scenes, The
* Global optimization for optimal generalized procrustes analysis
* Global Optimization of Object Pose and Motion from a Single Rolling Shutter Image with Automatic 2D-3D Matching
* Groupwise Geometric and Photometric Direct Image Registration
* Handling Missing Data in the Computation of 3D Affine Transformations
* Image Registration by Combining Thin-Plate Splines with a 3D Morphable Model
* Implicit Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with Priors
* Industrial Phase-Shifting Profilometry in Motion
* Inextensible Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion by Second-Order Cone Programming
* Infinitesimal Plane-Based Pose Estimation
* Is Dual Linear Self-calibration Artificially Ambiguous?
* Isometric Non-rigid Shape-from-Motion in Linear Time
* Joint Reconstruction and Registration of a Deformable Planar Surface Observed by a 3D Sensor
* KAZE Features
* Kinematics from Lines in a Single Rolling Shutter Image
* Light-invariant fitting of active appearance models
* linear least-squares solution to elastic Shape-from-Template, A
* Maximizing the Predictivity of Smooth Deformable Image Warps through Cross-Validation
* Metric corrections of the affine camera
* Monocular Template-Based 3D Reconstruction of Extensible Surfaces with Local Linear Elasticity
* Monocular template-based 3D surface reconstruction: Convex inextensible and nonconvex isometric methods
* Monocular Template-based Reconstruction of Inextensible Surfaces
* Monocular Template-Based Reconstruction of Smooth and Inextensible Surfaces
* Motion from 3D Line Correspondences: Linear and Non-Linear Solutions
* Motion Panoramas
* Multiple-view structure and motion from line correspondences
* Multiview 3D warps
* Noise Modelling and Uncertainty Propagation for TOF Sensors
* Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion for Isometric Surfaces using Infinitesimal Planarity
* Nonlinear Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix with Minimal Parameters
* Nurbs Warps
* On Aligning Sets of Points Reconstructed from Uncalibrated Affine Cameras
* On Computing the Prediction Sum of Squares Statistic in Linear Least Squares Problems with Multiple Parameter or Measurement Sets
* On Constant Focal Length Self-Calibration From Multiple Views
* On template-based reconstruction from a single view: Analytical solutions and proofs of well-posedness for developable, isometric and conformal surfaces
* On the Non-linear Optimization of Projective Motion Using Minimal Parameters
* Particle-SfT: A Provably-Convergent, Fast Shape-from-Template Algorithm
* Piecewise Planar Segmentation for Automatic Scene Modeling
* pixel-based approach to template-based monocular 3D reconstruction of deformable surfaces, A
* Planar Structure-from-Motion with Affine Camera Models: Closed-Form Solutions, Ambiguities and Degeneracy Analysis
* Pools of AAMs: Towards Automatically Fitting any Face Image
* Projective Structure and Motion from Two Views of a Piecewise Planar Scene
* Quasi-Minimal Model for Paper-Like Surfaces, A
* random sampling strategy for piecewise planar scene segmentation, A
* Rank-Constrained Fundamental Matrix Estimation by Polynomial Global Optimization Versus the Eight-Point Algorithm
* Reconstruction of 3D Curves for Quality Control
* Reducing Drift in Mosaicing Slit-Lamp Retinal Images
* Robust Analytical Solution to Isometric Shape-from-Template with Focal Length Calibration, A
* Schwarps: Locally Projective Image Warps Based on 2D Schwarzian Derivatives
* Semantic Shape Context for the Registration of Multiple Partial 3d Views
* Sequential Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with the 3D-Implicit Low-Rank Shape Model
* Shadow Resistant Direct Image Registration
* Shape-from-Template
* Shape-from-Template in Flatland
* Simultaneous Image Registration and Monocular Volumetric Reconstruction of a Fluid Flow
* Simultaneous in-plane motion estimation and point matching using geometric cues only
* Single-view Perspective Shape-from-Texture with Focal Length Estimation: A Piecewise Affine Approach
* Stable Analytical Framework for Isometric Shape-from-Template by Surface Integration, A
* Stable Template-Based Isometric 3D Reconstruction in All Imaging Conditions by Linear Least-Squares
* Stratified Generalized Procrustes Analysis
* Structure and motion from two uncalibrated views using points on planes
* Structure-from-motion using lines: Representation, triangulation, and bundle adjustment
* System for Augmented Reality Guided Laparoscopic Tumour Resection with Quantitative Ex-vivo User Evaluation, A
* Template-Based Isometric Deformable 3D Reconstruction with Sampling-Based Focal Length Self-Calibration
* Template-based paper reconstruction from a single image is well posed when the rulings are parallel
* Three New Algorithms for Projective Bundle Adjustment with Minimum Parameters
* Towards Gauge Invariant Bundle Adjustment: A Solution Based on Gauge Dependent Damping
* Tracking by Detection for Interactive Image Augmentation in Laparoscopy
* Triangulation for Points on Lines
* unified framework for quasi-linear bundle adjustment, A
* Using Isometry to Classify Correct/Incorrect 3D-2D Correspondences
* Using Priors for Improving Generalization in Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion
* Using Shading to Register an Intraoperative CT Scan to a Laparoscopic Image
* Visire: Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences
Includes: Bartoli, A.E.[Adrien E.] Bartoli, A.E.
111 for Bartoli, A.E.

Bartoli, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * MuseumVisitors: A dataset for pedestrian and group detection, gaze estimation and behavior understanding
* Unsupervised Scene Adaptation for Faster Multi-scale Pedestrian Detection
* User interest profiling using tracking-free coarse gaze estimation

Bartoli, M. Co Author Listing * Attributed Tree Homomorphism Using Association Graphs

Bartolina, F. Co Author Listing * Capacity of Full Frame DCT Image Watermarks

Bartolini, F.[Franco] Co Author Listing * Copyright Protection of Digital Images by Embedded Unperceivable Marks
* Counting People Getting in and out of a Bus by Real-Time Image-Sequence Processing
* Data hiding technologies for digital radiography
* DCT Domain System for Robust Image Watermarking, A
* DCT-Based Watermark Recovering without Resorting to the Uncorrupted Original Image
* Direct Estimate of Motion Parameters by Means of Markov Random Fields
* Encoding-Interleaved Hierarchical Interpolation for Lossless Image Compression
* Exploiting the Cross-Correlation of RGB-channels for Rubust Watermarking of Color Images
* Extracting femoral medulla ducts from radiographic images based on a model of the projection of femur section
* From watermark detection to watermark decoding: a PPM approach
* HGIS And Archive Researches: A Tool For The Study Of The Ancient Mill Channel Of Cesena (italy)
* Image authentication techniques for surveillance applications
* Image Sequence Analysis for Counting in Real Time People Getting in and out of a Bus
* improved H.263 video coder relying on weighted median filtering of motion vectors, An
* Improved wavelet-based watermarking through pixel-wise masking
* Information theoretic aspects in digital watermarking
* Integration of spatio-temporal information for motion detection by means of fuzzy reasoning
* Mask building for perceptually hiding frequency embedded watermarks
* Median Based Relaxation of Smoothness Constraints in Optic Flow Computation
* Model-based extraction of femoral medulla ducts from radiographic images
* Motion estimation and tracking for urban traffic monitoring
* Multichannel watermarking of color images
* new decoder for the optimum recovery of nonadditive watermarks, A
* New Self-Recovery Technique for Image Authentication, A
* Optimum linear approximation of the Euclidean norm to speed up vector median filtering
* Quasi-Euclidean Norm to Speed Up Vector Median Filtering, A
* Regularization of Optic Flow Estimates by Means of Weighted Vector Median Filtering
* Robust Watermarking of Cartographic Images
* segmentation-based motion-compensated scheme for low-rate video coding, A
* Self Recovery Authentication Of Images In The Dwt Domain
* Simultaneous Optic Flow Estimation and Segmentation by Means of LS Techniques
* Special Issue: Emerging Applications of Multimedia Data Hiding
* Text-based Geometric Normalization for Robust Watermarking of Digital Maps
Includes: Bartolini, F.[Franco] Bartolini, F.
33 for Bartolini, F.

Bartolini, I.[Ilaria] Co Author Listing * Recommending Multimedia Objects in Cultural Heritage Applications
* WARP: Accurate Retrieval of Shapes Using Phase of Fourier Descriptors and Time Warping Distance

Bartolo, R.[Renee] Co Author Listing * Mangrove Species Identification: Comparing WorldView-2 with Aerial Photographs

Bartolo, R.E.[Renee E.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in a Tropical Wetland Using High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery
Includes: Bartolo, R.E.[Renee E.] Bartolo, R.E.[Renée E.]

Bartolomei, C.[Cristiana] Co Author Listing * Digital Documentation: Villa Borghese
* Digital Survey and Documentation of La Habana Vieja in Cuba

Bartolozzi, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Embedded neuromorphic vision for humanoid robots
* Event-driven embodied system for feature extraction and object recognition in robotic applications
* Worthy Outcomes from a System Advancing the Sharing of CH Data and Stakeholders' Relations
Includes: Bartolozzi, C.[Chiara] Bartolozzi, C.[Carla]

Bartolozzi, R. Co Author Listing * How the Autonomic Nervous System and Driving Style Change With Incremental Stressing Conditions During Simulated Driving

Bartolucci, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Comment on the paper 'On the memory complexity of the forward-backward algorithm,'

Barton, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * faster and more accurate heuristic for cyclic edit distance computation, A

Barton, G.G.[George G.] Co Author Listing * Linearized static panoramic optical mirror

Barton, M.P. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study of the Possible Bandwidth Compression of Visual Image Signals, An

Barton, R.R.[Russell R.] Co Author Listing * Vehicle tracking system

Barton, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation methods for curvilinear feature extraction

Bartos, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient JPEG decompression by the alternating direction method of multipliers
Includes: Bartos, M. Bartoš, M.

Bartoschek, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Gazetteers: Learning from the Implicit Semantics of Geotags

Bartovsky, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Efficient FPGA architecture for oriented 1-D opening and pattern spectrum
* GPU implementation of linear morphological openings with arbitrary angle
* One-scan algorithm for arbitrarily oriented 1-D morphological opening and slope pattern spectrum
* Parallel implementation of sequential morphological filters
* Pipeline architecture for compound morphological operators
* Real-time implementation of morphological filters with polygonal structuring elements
Includes: Bartovsky, J.[Jan] Bartovský, J.[Jan]

Bartram, L. Co Author Listing * What Makes Motion Meaningful? Affective Properties of Abstract Motion

Bartrina Rapesta, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Diagnostically lossless compression of X-ray angiography images based on automatic segmentation using ray-casting and alpha-shapes
* Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Hyperspectral Image Processing: A Review of Their Benefits and Advantages
* Encoding scheme for multi-component images containing no-data regions
* Enhanced Quality Scalability for JPEG2000 Code-Streams by the Characterization of the Rate-Distortion Slope
* JPEG2000 Coding Techniques Addressed to Images Containing No-Data Regions
* JPEG2000 ROI coding through component priority for digital mammography
* JPEG2000 ROI Coding With Fine-Grain Accuracy Through Rate-Distortion Optimization Techniques
* Lightweight Contextual Arithmetic Coder for On-Board Remote Sensing Data Compression, A
* Stationary model of probabilities for symbols emitted by bitplane image coders
Includes: Bartrina Rapesta, J.[Joan] Bartrina-Rapesta, J.[Joan] Bartrina-Rapesta, J.
9 for Bartrina Rapesta, J.

Bartsch, A.[Annett] Co Author Listing * Assessing Seasonal Backscatter Variations with Respect to Uncertainties in Soil Moisture Retrieval in Siberian Tundra Regions
* Capability of C-Band SAR for Operational Wetland Monitoring at High Latitudes
* Impact of Backscatter Variations Over Water Bodies on Coarse-Scale Radar Retrieved Soil Moisture and the Potential of Correcting With Meteorological Data
* Land Cover Mapping in Northern High Latitude Permafrost Regions with Satellite Data: Achievements and Remaining Challenges
* Statistical Test of Phase Closure to Detect Influences on DInSAR Deformation Estimates Besides Displacements and Decorrelation Noise: Two Case Studies in High-Latitude Regions, A
Includes: Bartsch, A.[Annett] Bartsch, A.

Bartsch, D.U.[Dirk Uwe] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Blood Vessels in the Ocular Fundus from Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope ICG Angiography
Includes: Bartsch, D.U.[Dirk Uwe] Bartsch, D.U.[Dirk-Uwe]

Bartsch, I.[Inka] Co Author Listing * Submerged Kelp Detection with Hyperspectral Data

Bartunek, J.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement With Emphasis on Preprocessing of Data
* On histograms and spatiograms: Introduction of the mapogram
Includes: Bartunek, J.S. Bartunek, J.S.[Josef Strom]

Bartusek, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic 3D Glioma Extraction in Multi-contrast MRI

Bartyzel, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Kuwahara filter

Bartz, D. Co Author Listing * Generation of Decomposition Hierarchies for Efficient Occlusion Culling of Large Polygonal Models
* iterative classification method of 2D CT head data based on statistical and spatial information, An
Includes: Bartz, D. Bartz, D.[Dirk]

Bartz, K.K.[Krista K.] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Turbidity in a Glacially Influenced Lake Using the Landsat TM and ETM+ Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record Archive, Lake Clark, Alaska

Bartz, M.R. Co Author Listing * IBM 1975 Optical Page Reader, Part II: Video Thresholding, The

Baru, C. Co Author Listing * Seamless Synthetic Aperture Radar Archive for Interferometry Analysis

Barua, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D reconstruction and automatic fusion of edge maps from different modalities of an object
* Feature level fusion of range and intensity images of an object
Includes: Barua, A. Barua, A.[Alok]

Barua, S. Co Author Listing * Direct face detection and video reconstruction from event cameras

Baruah, H.K.[Hemanta K.] Co Author Listing * Finding calendar-based periodic patterns

Baruch, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Detection of gullies in roughly textured terrain using airborne laser scanning data
* Detection of Subtle Ridgelines from Laser Scanning Data

Baruch, J. Co Author Listing * Template Model for Defect Simulation for Evaluating Nondestructive Testing in X-Radiography, A

Baruch, O. Co Author Listing * Line Thinning by Line Following
* Segmentation of Two-Dimensional Boundaries Using the Chain Code
Includes: Baruch, O. Baruch, O.[Orit]

Baruffa, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Automated defect detection in uniform and structured fabrics using Gabor filters and PCA
* Backward-Compatible Interleaving Technique for Robust JPEG2000 Wireless Transmission
* Error Protection and Interleaving for Wireless Transmission of JPEG 2000 Images and Video
* GNSS/Cellular Hybrid Positioning System for Mobile Users in Urban Scenarios
* Objective and subjective quality assessment between JPEG XR with overlap and JPEG 2000
* optimal method for searching UEP profiles in wireless JPEG 2000 video transmission, An
* Robust Infants Face Tracking Using Active Appearance Models: A Mixed-State CONDENSATION Approach
Includes: Baruffa, G.[Giuseppe] Baruffa, G.
7 for Baruffa, G.

Baruh, L.[Lemi] Co Author Listing * Online Anomaly Detection With Nested Trees

Barus, C. Co Author Listing * Easily Mechanized Scheme for an Adaptive Pattern Recognizer, An

Barut, O.[Oner] Co Author Listing * Real-time collision-free linear trajectory generation on GPU for crowd simulations

Barut, R.A.[R. Alac] Co Author Listing * Analysing Post-seismic Deformation Of Izmit Earthquake With Insar, GNSS And Coulomb Stress Modelling

Baruth, B. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Processing of 1-km Spatial Resolution fAPAR Time Series for Sugarcane Yield Forecasting and Monitoring

Baruthio, J. Co Author Listing * Cerebral Vascular Atlas Generation for Anatomical Knowledge Modeling and Segmentation Purpose
* Thickness Estimation of Discrete Tree-Like Tubular Objects: Application to Vessel Quantification
* Using Multimodal MR Data for Segmentation and Topology Recovery of the Cerebral Superficial Venous Tree
* Watershed and multimodal data for brain vessel segmentation: Application to the superior sagittal sinus

Barwick, D.S.[D. Shane] Co Author Listing * Very Fast Best-Fit Circular and Elliptical Boundaries by Chord Data

Barwicz, A. Co Author Listing * Improvement of Stereo Disparity Estimation Through Balanced Filtering: The Sliding-Block Approach

Barwolff, G.[Gunter] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Extraction of Dynamic Pedestrian Density Fields
* Trajectory Extraction and Density Analysis of Intersecting Pedestrian Flows from Video Recordings
Includes: Barwolff, G.[Gunter] Bärwolff, G.[Günter] (Maybe also Baerwolff, G.)

Baryolo, R.A.[Raul Alonso] Co Author Listing * Gait-Based Carried Object Detection Using Persistent Homology
* Human Gait Identification Using Persistent Homology

Barysheva, M. Co Author Listing * Fluid Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images Using Information Theory

Baryshnikov, Y.[Yuliy] Co Author Listing * Mahalanobis-based Adaptive Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
* Range-space based identification of parametric linear systems
Includes: Baryshnikov, Y.[Yuliy] Baryshnikov, Y.

Barz, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Spectra Using Empirical Basis Functions
Includes: Barz, J.[Jakob] Bärz, J.[Jakob] (Maybe also Baerz, J.)

Barzaghi, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Submillimeter Accuracy of InSAR Time Series: Experimental Validation

Barzegar Parizi, S. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Analysis From 2-D Periodic Rough Surfaces Using Complex Images Technique
Includes: Barzegar Parizi, S. Barzegar-Parizi, S.

Barzelay, Z.[Zohar] Co Author Listing * Harmony in Motion

Barzic, R. Co Author Listing * Toward Hardware Building Blocks for Software-Only Real-Time Video Processing: The MOVIE Approach

Barzigar, N.[Nafise] Co Author Listing * SCoBeP: Dense image registration using sparse coding and belief propagation
* Video Super-Resolution Framework Using SCoBeP, A
Includes: Barzigar, N.[Nafise] Barzigar, N.

Barzilay, M.A.J. Co Author Listing * Subjective Quality Analysis of Bit Rate Exchange Between Temporal and SNR Scalability in the MPEG4 SVC Extension

Barzilay, O.[Ofir] Co Author Listing * On domain knowledge and feature selection using a support vector machine

Barzily, Z.[Zeev] Co Author Listing * linguistic approach to classification of bacterial genomes, A
* statistical model of cluster stability, A
Includes: Barzily, Z.[Zeev] Barzily, Z.

Barzohar, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic and Robust Aerial Road Detection Based on Multihypothesis Generalized Kalman Filter Using Fully and Partially Occluded Models
* Automatic Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Geometric-Stochastic Models and Estimation
* Completely Automatic Reliable Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Bayesian Methods
* Fast Robust Tracking of Curvy Partially Occluded Roads in Clutter in Aerial Images
* Local-to-Global Point Cloud Registration Using a Dictionary of Viewpoint Descriptors
* New Geometric Stochastic Technology for Finding and Recognizing Roads and Their Features in Aerial Images
* Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials
* Recognizing Groups of Curves Based on New Affine Mutual Geometric Invariants, with Applications to Recognizing Intersecting Roads in Aerial Images
* Robust Fitting of Implicit Polynomials with Quantized Coefficients to 2d Data
* Stable Fitting of 2D Curves and 3D Surfaces by Implicit Polynomials
Includes: Barzohar, M. Barzohar, M.[Meir]
10 for Barzohar, M.

Barzykina, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Removal of Blocking Artifacts using Random Pattern Filtering

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