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Beis, J.S.[Jeffrey S.] Co Author Listing * email: Beis, J.S.[Jeffrey S.]: jbeis AT knowledgtech ca
* Indexing without Invariants in 3D Object Recognition
* Learning Indexing Functions for 3-D Model-Based Object Recognition
* Shape Indexing Using Approximate Nearest-Neighbour Search in High-Dimensional Spaces

Beise, H.P.[Hans Peter] Co Author Listing * SVIRO: Synthetic Vehicle Interior Rear Seat Occupancy Dataset and Benchmark
Includes: Beise, H.P.[Hans Peter] Beise, H.P.[Hans-Peter]

Beiske, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Complex Immunofluorescence Nuclear Image Segmentation

Beisl, U. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of The Atmospheric Refraction Effect In Airborne Images Using Radiosonde Data
* Reflectance Calibration Scheme for Airborne Frame Camera Images

Beisner, H.M.[Henry M.] Co Author Listing * Celebrating 40 years of Pattern Recognition: Reflections
* recursive Bayesian approach to pattern recognition, A
Includes: Beisner, H.M.[Henry M.] Beisner, H.M.

Beiso, D. Co Author Listing * Hyperion, a space-based imaging spectrometer
* Overview of Hyperion on-orbit instrument performance, stability, and artifacts

Beissinger, S.R.[Steven R.] Co Author Listing * Landscape-Level Associations of Wintering Waterbird Diversity and Abundance from Remotely Sensed Wetland Characteristics of Poyang Lake

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