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Betro, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs: The Case of MIDAN05
Includes: Betro, M. Betrņ, M.

Betrouni, M. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks Inspection System for Glass Bottles Production: A Comparative-Study

Betrouni, N.[Nacim] Co Author Listing * Automatic MRI Brain Segmentation with Combined Atlas-Based Classification and Level-Set Approach
* Fast Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Active Contours Model Driven by Bhattacharyya Gradient Flow
* Local fractal and multifractal features for volumic texture characterization
* New Method for Volume Segmentation of PET Images, Based on Possibility Theory, A
* Ultrasound image guided patient setup for prostate cancer conformal radiotherapy
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using active contours driven by the Chernoff gradient flow
Includes: Betrouni, N.[Nacim] Betrouni, N.

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