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Bi, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * Active Contours Driven by Local Rayleigh Distribution Fitting Energy for Ultrasound Image Segmentation
* Active Deep Learning Approach for Minimally Supervised PolSAR Image Classification, An
* Automatic and Accurate 3D Measurement Based on RGBD Saliency Detection
* Complex-Image-Based Sparse SAR Imaging and its Equivalence
* Comprehensive Analysis of Rough Soil Surface Scattering and Emission Predicted by AIEM With Comparison to Numerical Simulations and Experimental Measurements, A
* Extended Chirp Scaling-Baseband Azimuth Scaling-Based Azimuth: Range Decouple L_1 Regularization for TOPS SAR Imaging via CAMP
* Fast segmentation of ultrasound images by incorporating spatial information into Rayleigh mixture model
* From Theory to Application: Real-Time Sparse SAR Imaging
* Graph-Based Semisupervised Deep Learning Model for PolSAR Image Classification, A
* Joint Prediction for Kinematic Trajectories in Vehicle-Pedestrian-Mixed Scenes
* L_1 -Regularization-Based SAR Imaging and CFAR Detection via Complex Approximated Message Passing
* Motion Compensated Transform Coding of Video Using Hierarchical Displacement Field and Global Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Multi-Scale Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Face Sketch Synthesis, A
* Preliminary Evaluation of the SMAP Radiometer Soil Moisture Product Over United States and Europe Using Ground-Based Measurements, A
* Rate-Distortion Optimization of Hierarchical Displacement-Fields
* Robust Non-saliency Guided Watermarking
* STGAT: Modeling Spatial-Temporal Interactions for Human Trajectory Prediction
* Unsupervised PolSAR Image Classification Using Discriminative Clustering
* Wavenumber Domain Algorithm-Based FMCW SAR Sparse Imaging
Includes: Bi, H.[Hui] Bi, H. Bi, H.[Hao]
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Bi, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * Directional Spreading Function of the Gravity-Capillary Wave Spectrum Derived from Radar Observations
Includes: Bi, H.B.[Hai Bo] Bi, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

Bi, H.J.[Hong Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel learning for detection of clustered microcalcifications in mammograms
* near-infrared imaging method for capturing the interior of a vehicle through windshield, A
Includes: Bi, H.J.[Hong Jun] Bi, H.J.[Hong-Jun]

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