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Bi, X. Co Author Listing * 2D-LBP: An Enhanced Local Binary Feature for Texture Image Classification
* Cancelable PalmCode generated from randomized Gabor Filters for palmprint protection
* Energy-based adaptive matching pursuit algorithm for binary sparse signal reconstruction in compressed sensing
* Initial Results of Microwave Radiometric Imaging With Mirrored Aperture Synthesis
* Light Dual-Task Neural Network for Haze Removal, A
* Logistical Planning for Electric Vehicles Under Time-Dependent Stochastic Traffic
* Medical Image Compressed Sensing Based on Contourlet
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion by Hessian Matrix Based Decomposition
* Reverse-Time Migration Based Optical Imaging
Includes: Bi, X. Bi, X.[Xue]
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Bi, X.H.[Xiao Han] Co Author Listing * Joint entropy based learning model for image retrieval
* Weighted-learning-instance-based retrieval model using instance distance
Includes: Bi, X.H.[Xiao Han] Bi, X.H.[Xiao-Han]

Bi, X.L.[Xiu Li] Co Author Listing * Fast copy-move forgery detection using local bidirectional coherency error refinement
* Scaling and rotation invariant analysis approach to object recognition based on Radon and Fourier-Mellin transforms
Includes: Bi, X.L.[Xiu Li] Bi, X.L.[Xiu-Li]

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