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Biradar, C. Co Author Listing * Influence of Resolution in Irrigated Area Mapping and Area Estimation
* Mapping evergreen forests in the Brazilian Amazon using MODIS and PALSAR 500-m mosaic imagery
* Mapping paddy rice planting areas through time series analysis of MODIS land surface temperature and vegetation index data
* Mapping tropical forests and rubber plantations in complex landscapes by integrating PALSAR and MODIS imagery
* Simple Algorithm for Large-Scale Mapping of Evergreen Forests in Tropical America, Africa and Asia, A
Includes: Biradar, C. Biradar, C.[Chandrashekhar]

Biradar, C.M.[Chandrashekhar M.] Co Author Listing * Potential and Uptake of Remote Sensing in Insurance: A Review, The

Biral, F. Co Author Listing * Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
* Holistic Approach to the Integration of Safety Applications: The INSAFES Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT, A
* Intelligent intersection support for powered two-wheeled riders: a human factors perspective
* Intersection Support System for Powered Two-Wheeled Vehicles: Threat Assessment Based on a Receding Horizon Approach
* Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed and Safe Distance: The SASPENCE Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT

Biran, V. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Clutter Filtering of Ultrafast Ultrasound Data Highly Increases Doppler and fUltrasound Sensitivity

Birbach, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Multiple Hypothesis Approach for a Ball Tracking System, A

Birbaumer, N.[Niels] Co Author Listing * Classifying Event-Related Desynchronization in EEG, ECoG and MEG Signals

Birbilis, A. Co Author Listing * Recognising Walkers Using Moving Light Displays

Birch, G.E.[Gary E.] Co Author Listing * Simple Approach to Find the Best Wavelet Basis in Classification Problems, A

Birch, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Occupational color vision standards: new prospects

Birch, J.B. Co Author Listing * Robust Variable Order Facet Model For Image Data, A
* Robust Window Operators

Birch, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * adaptive sample count particle filter, An
* Illumination invariant stationary object detection
* implementation and performance evaluation of a space variant OT-MACH filter for a security detection application using FLIR sensor, An
Includes: Birch, P.[Philip] Birch, P.

Birch, R. Co Author Listing * Recognition and verification of postcodes in handwritten and hand-printed addresses

Birchbauer, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Active Fingerprint Ridge Orientation Models
* Curvature preserving fingerprint ridge orientation smoothing using Legendre polynomials
* Memory-efficient Fingerprint Verification
* Modelling fingerprint ridge orientation using Legendre polynomials
* Multi-cue learning and visualization of unusual events
* Next-generation 3D visualization for visual surveillance
* OUTLIER: Online learning and visualization of unusual events
Includes: Birchbauer, J.[Josef] Birchbauer, J.
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Birchbauer, J.A. Co Author Listing * Active video analytics one leap ahead applicability and entering new dimensions
* Automatic Detection and Reading of Dangerous Goods Plates
* Classifier fusion for robust ICAO compliant face analysis
* Construction site monitoring from highly-overlapping MAV images
Includes: Birchbauer, J.A. Birchbauer, J.A.[Josef A.] Birchbauer, J.A.[Josef-Alois]

Bircher, S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Dobson and Mironov Dielectric Models in the SMOS Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm
* L-Band Relative Permittivity of Organic Soil Surface Layers: A New Dataset of Resonant Cavity Measurements and Model Evaluation
* Validation of SMOS L1C and L2 Products and Important Parameters of the Retrieval Algorithm in the Skjern River Catchment, Western Denmark
Includes: Bircher, S. Bircher, S.[Simone]

Birchfield, S.[Stan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hierarchical Graph-Based Segmentation of RGBD Videos

Birchfield, S.T.[Stan T.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Birchfield, S.T.[Stan T.]: stb AT clemson edu
* Adapting Starburst for Elliptical Iris Segmentation
* Adaptive fragments-based tracking of non-rigid objects using level sets
* Algorithm for Discriminating Aggregate Gaze Points: Comparison with Salient Regions-Of-Interest
* Autonomous navigation and mapping using monocular low-resolution grayscale vision
* Correspondence as energy-based segmentation
* Depth Discontinuities by Pixel-to-Pixel Stereo
* Detecting and Measuring Fine Roots in Minirhizotron Images Using Matched Filtering and Local Entropy Thresholding
* Elliptical Head Tracking Using Intensity Gradients and Color Histograms
* Energy Minimization Approach to Automatic Traffic Camera Calibration, An
* Iris segmentation in non-ideal images using graph cuts
* Isomap Tracking with Particle Filtering
* Joint tracking of features and edges
* KLT: An Implementation of the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi Feature Tracker
* Motion Segmentation at Any Speed
* Motion-Based View-Invariant Articulated Motion Detection and Pose Estimation Using Sparse Point Features
* Multiway Cut for Stereo and Motion with Slanted Surfaces
* Non-ideal iris segmentation using graph cuts
* Pixel Dissimilarity Measure That Is Insensitive to Image Sampling, A
* Rapid automated detection of roots in minirhizotron images
* Real-Time Incremental Segmentation and Tracking of Vehicles at Low Camera Angles Using Stable Features
* Real-Time Motion Segmentation of Sparse Feature Points at Any Speed
* Real-time obstacle detection and avoidance in the presence of specular surfaces using an active 3D sensor
* Spatiograms versus Histograms for Region-Based Tracking
* Taxonomy and Analysis of Camera Calibration Methods for Traffic Monitoring Applications, A
* Vehicle Segmentation and Tracking from a Low-Angle Off-Axis Camera
* Visual detection of lintel-occluded doors from a single image
Includes: Birchfield, S.T.[Stan T.] Birchfield, S.T.[Stanley T.] Birchfield, S.T.[Stanley Thomas] Birchfield, S.T.
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Bird, A.C. Co Author Listing * Monitoring landscape change in the National Parks of England and Wales using aerial photo interpretation and GIS

Bird, D. Co Author Listing * Development of the Brican TD100 Small UAS and Payload Trials

Bird, N.[Nathaniel] Co Author Listing * nonintrusive system for behavioral analysis of children using multiple RGB+depth sensors, A

Bird, N.D. Co Author Listing * Detection of Loitering Individuals in Public Transportation Areas

Bird, R.S. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching

Bird, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Natural-Rule-Based-Connection (NRBC) Method for River Network Extraction from High-Resolution Imagery, A
* Shape-Based Vector Watermark for Digital Mapping, A
Includes: Bird, S.[Stephen] Bird, S.[Stefan]

Birdal, T. Co Author Listing * CAD Priors for Accurate and Flexible Instance Reconstruction
* Camera Pose Filtering with Local Regression Geodesics on the Riemannian Manifold of Dual Quaternions
* Online inspection of 3D parts via a locally overlapping camera network
* X-Tag: A Fiducial Tag for Flexible and Accurate Bundle Adjustment

Birdsall, B.J.[Brian J.] Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition apparatus utilizing area linking and region growth techniques

Birdsey, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Improving Species Diversity and Biomass Estimates of Tropical Dry Forests Using Airborne LiDAR

Birdsill, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Method and system for automatic correction of motion artifacts

Birdsong, J.B. Co Author Listing * hexagonal fast fourier transform, The

Birdwell, J.D.[J. Douglas] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Region Competition and the Mumford-Shah Functional
* Preferential Image Segmentation Using Trees of Shapes

Birdwell, R. Co Author Listing * Image Quality in Lossy Compressed Digital Mammograms

Biresaw, T.A.[Tewodros A.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Network for online evaluation of sparse features based multitarget tracking, A
* Dynamic Bayesian Network modeling for self- and cross-correcting tracking
* Online failure detection and correction for Bayesian sparse feature-based object tracking
* Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust Bayesian Visual Tracking
* ViTBAT: Video tracking and behavior annotation tool

Birger, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic interpolation of phenological phases in Germany
* Geometric Accuracy Assessment of Classified Land Use / Land Cover Changes
Includes: Birger, J. Birger, J.[Jens]

Birgin, G. Co Author Listing * Three Dimentional Data Extraction From Radiographs

Birgul, O.[Ozlem] Co Author Listing * Surface reconstruction from multiple images filtering non-Lambert regions

Biri, V.[Venceslas] Co Author Listing * 3D Curvilinear Skeletonization Algorithm with Application to Path Tracing, A
* Autonomous Lighting Agents in Photon Mapping
* Homeomorphic Alignment of Edge-Weighted Trees
* Homeomorphic alignment of weighted trees
* Portal Extraction Based on an Opening Labeling for Ray Tracing
Includes: Biri, V.[Venceslas] Biri, V.

Birinci, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Neighborhood Matching for Image Retrieval
* Perceptual color descriptor based on spatial distribution: A top-down approach
* perceptual scheme for fully automatic video shot boundary detection, A

Biris, O.[Octavian] Co Author Listing * Compression of Probabilistic Volumetric Models using multi-resolution scene flow
* Dynamic Probabilistic Volumetric Models

Biritwum, N.K. Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Environmental Characteristics With Social And Behavioral Conditions That Affect Surface Water Use In Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana
* Linking Satellite Remote Sensing Based Environmental Predictors To Disease: An Application To The Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana

Biriukov, S.A. Co Author Listing * Spurious states detection and basin describing in feedforward neural networks

Birk, A. Co Author Listing * Merging Occupancy Grid Maps From Multiple Robots
* Spectral 6DOF Registration of Noisy 3D Range Data with Partial Overlap

Birk, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Recognition of Hand Alphabet Gestures Using Principal Component Analysis

Birk, J.R. Co Author Listing * Camera Models Based on Data from Two Calibration Planes
* Computation for Robots to Orient and Position Hand Held Workpieces, A
* Error Analysis of Surface Normals Determined by Radiometry
* Estimating Workpiece Pose Using the Feature Points Method
* General Purpose Hands for Bin-Picking Robots
* Identification of Object Symmetry from Multiple Views
* Image Feature Extraction Using Diameter Limited Gradient Direction Histograms
* Matched Filters for Bin Picking
* Robot System Which Acquires Cylindrical Workpieces from Bins, A
* Three Vision Algorithms for Acquiring Workpieces from Bins
* Visually Estimating Workpiece Pose in a Robot Hand Using the Feature Points Method
* Workpiece Orientation Correction with a Robot Arm Using Visual Information
Includes: Birk, J.R. Birk, J.R.[John R.]
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Birk, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * comprehensive comparison of GPU- and FPGA-based acceleration of reflection image reconstruction for 3D ultrasound computer tomography, A

Birk, U.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Motion Correction for In Vivo Optical Projection Tomography

Birk, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Human Laryngeal Dynamics Based on Endoscopic High-Speed Recordings

Birk, W. Co Author Listing * Classification of Driving Direction in Traffic Surveillance Using Magnetometers

Birkbeck, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * 3D Variational Brain Tumor Segmentation using a High Dimensional Feature Set
* Basis constrained 3D scene flow on a dynamic proxy
* Depth and Scene Flow from a Single Moving Camera
* Fast boosting trees for classification, pose detection, and boundary detection on a GPU
* Incremental Free-Space Carving for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction
* interactive graph cut method for brain tumor segmentation, An
* Object Centered Stereo: Displacement Map Estimation Using Texture and Shading
* Realtime Visualization of Monocular Data for 3D Reconstruction
* Tracking human joint motion for turntable-based static model reconstruction
* Variational Shape and Reflectance Estimation Under Changing Light and Viewpoints
* Visual tracking using active appearance models
Includes: Birkbeck, N.[Neil] Birkbeck, N.
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Birke, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Interactive Exploration of Large Dynamic Networks

Birkebak, R.C. Co Author Listing * Polarization, Direction Distribution, and Off-Specular Peak Phenomena in Light Reflected from Roughened Surfaces

Birkelund, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Multidimensional image value assessment and rating for automated albuming and retrieval

Birkett, C. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Global Croplands with Coarse Resolution Earth Observations: The Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project

Birkfellner, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Applied Medical Image Processing: A Basic Course
* Electromagnetic Tracking in Medicine: A Review of Technology, Validation, and Applications
* Fully Automated Calibration Method for an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Operating Microscope With Variable Zoom and Focus, A
* head-mounted operating binocular for augmented reality visualization in medicine-design and initial evaluation, A
* modular software system for computer-aided surgery and its first application in oral implantology, A
* Visualization of Deformable Image Registration Quality Using Local Image Dissimilarity
Includes: Birkfellner, W.[Wolfgang] Birkfellner, W.

Birkholz, P. Co Author Listing * Tongue Contour Reconstruction from Optical and Electrical Palatography

Birkholzer, T. Co Author Listing * Edge Reinforcement Using Parameterized Relaxation Labeling

Birkinshaw, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Integration of Multi-sensor Data for Risk Assessment in Transport Corridor Environments

Birkinshaw, S.J. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Data Integration For Assessing Landslide Hazard On Engineered Slopes
* Remote Sensing Approach for Landslide Hazard Assessment on Engineered Slopes, A

Birklbauer, C. Co Author Listing * Directional Super-Resolution by Means of Coded Sampling and Guided Upsampling
* Display Pixel Caching
* Generalized Depth-of-Field Light-Field Rendering
Includes: Birklbauer, C. Birklbauer, C.[Clemens]

Birman, K.P. Co Author Listing * Rule-Based Learning for More Accurate ECG Analysis

Birman, S. Co Author Listing * Synthesized textures in MPEG-4

Birn, R.M.[Rasmus M.] Co Author Listing * Differential transient MEG and fMRI responses to visual stimulation onset rate

Birnbach, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Rendering Virtual Objects with High Dynamic Range Lighting Extracted Automatically from Unordered Photo Collections

Birnbaum, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Remote Touch: Humanizing Social Interactions in Technology Through Multimodal Interfaces

Birnbaum, L.A. Co Author Listing * Causal Scene Understanding
* Divided we fall: Resolving occlusions using causal reasoning
* Looking for Trouble: Using Causal Semantics to Direct Focus of Attention
* Seeing Physics or, Physics Is for Prediction
* Sensible Scenes: Visual Understanding of Complex Scenes Through Causal Analysis
* Using Causal Scene Analysis to Direct Focus of Attention
Includes: Birnbaum, L.A. Birnbaum, L.A.[Lawrence A.]

Birney, K.A. Co Author Listing * On the modeling of DCT and subband image data for compression

Birngruber, E.[Erich] Co Author Listing * Localization of 3D Anatomical Structures Using Random Forests and Discrete Optimization

Birnstill, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Enforcing privacy through usage-controlled video surveillance
* user study on anonymization techniques for smart video surveillance, A

Birodkar, V.[Vighnesh] Co Author Listing * convolutional approach to reflection symmetry, A

Birol, F.[Florence] Co Author Listing * Multi-Satellite Altimeter Validation along the French Atlantic Coast in the Southern Bay of Biscay from ERS-2 to SARAL

Biros, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Constrained H^1-Regularization Schemes for Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Deformable Registration of Glioma Images Using EM Algorithm and Diffusion Reaction Modeling
* EM algorithm for brain tumor image registration: A tumor growth modeling based approach, An
* Fast Algorithms for Source Identification Problems with Elliptic PDE Constraints
* GLISTR: Glioma Image Segmentation and Registration
* Inexact Newton-Krylov Algorithm for Constrained Diffeomorphic Image Registration, An
Includes: Biros, G.[George] Biros, G.

Birra, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Towards Efficiency in Cloth Simulation

Birrell, S.A. Co Author Listing * Effect of Using an In-Vehicle Smart Driving Aid on Real-World Driver Performance

Birt, A.G.[Andrew G.] Co Author Listing * Computer-Based Synthetic Data to Assess the Tree Delineation Algorithm from Airborne LiDAR Survey

Birtea, P.[Petre] Co Author Listing * Averaging on Manifolds by Embedding Algorithm

Biryukova, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Trunk and Upper Limb Synergies

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