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Bisantz, A.[Ann] Co Author Listing * Generation of Handwriting by Active Shape Modeling and Global Local Approximation (GLA) Adaptation

Biscainho, L.W.P. Co Author Listing * Audio Soft Declipping Based on Constrained Weighted Least Squares
* Bayesian Blind Identification of Nonlinear Distortion with Memory for Audio Applications
* Modeling Onset Spectral Features for Discrimination of Drum Sounds
* On the Sparsity-Based Identification and Compensation of Hammerstein Systems
* Volumetric SRP with Refinement Step for Sound Source Localization, A
Includes: Biscainho, L.W.P. Biscainho, L.W.P.[Luiz W. P.]

Biscay, R.J.[Rolando J.] Co Author Listing * Functional Density-Based Nonparametric Approach for Statistical Calibration, A
* Non Bayesian Predictive Approach for Functional Calibration, A
* Performance evaluation of relevance vector machines as a nonlinear regression method in real-world chemical spectroscopic data
* Support Vector Regression Methods for Functional Data

Bischof, H.[Horst] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bischof, H.[Horst]: bischof AT icg tu-graz ac at
* 3D and Infrared Face Reconstruction from RGB data using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* 3D Segmentation by Maximally Stable Volumes (MSVs)
* 3D Teacher for Car Detection in Aerial Images, A
* 3D tracking in unknown environments using on-line keypoint learning for mobile augmented reality
* 3D-MAM: 3D morphable appearance model for efficient fine head pose estimation from still images
* Accurate Object Detection with Joint Classification-Regression Random Forests
* active boosting-based learning framework for real-time hand detection, An
* Active Feature Models
* Active Fingerprint Ridge Orientation Models
* Active sampling via tracking
* Adaptive Combination of PCA and VQ Networks
* Aerial Computer Vision for a 3D Virtual Habitat
* algorithm for minimizing the Mumford-Shah functional, An
* Algorithmic Differentiation: Application to Variational Problems in Computer Vision
* Alternating Decision Forests
* Alternating Regression Forests for Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* Anatomical Landmark Detection in Medical Applications Driven by Synthetic Data
* Anisotropic Huber-L1 Optical Flow
* Annotated Facial Landmarks in the Wild: A large-scale, real-world database for facial landmark localization
* Appearance Models Based on Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Artificial Versus Real Neural Networks
* ASM Driven Snakes in Rheumatoid Arthritis Assessment
* ATGV-Net: Accurate Depth Super-Resolution
* aTGV-SF: Dense Variational Scene Flow through Projective Warping and Higher Order Regularization
* Audio-Visual Co-Training for Vehicle Classification
* Augmented Reality for Construction Site Monitoring and Documentation
* Automatic alignment of 3D reconstructions using a Digital Surface Model
* Automatic Detection and Reading of Dangerous Goods Plates
* Automatic Foreground Propagation in Image Sequences for 3D Reconstruction
* Automatic Fusion of Partial Reconstructions
* Automatic Grid Fitting for Genetic Spot Array Images Containing Guide Spots
* Autonomous Audio-Supported Learning of Visual Classifiers for Traffic Monitoring
* Bag of Optical Flow Volumes for Image Sequence Recognition
* Beyond Pairwise Shape Similarity Analysis
* BIER: Boosting Independent Embeddings Robustly
* Binary Co-occurrences of Weak Descriptors
* Boosting for Model-Based Data Clustering
* Building FaÇade Separation In Vertical Aerial Images
* Camera calibration from a single night sky image
* Catadioptric Silhouette-Based Pose Estimation from Learned Models
* Classifier fusion for robust ICAO compliant face analysis
* Classifier grids for robust adaptive object detection
* Clique of Active Appearance Models by Minimum Description Length, A
* Color Blob Segmentation by MSER Analysis
* Combining pyramidal and fractal image coding
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Complexity Optimization Of Adaptive Rbf Networks
* Computational complexity reduction in eigenspace approaches
* Conditioned Regression Models for Non-blind Single Image Super-Resolution
* Conservative Visual Learning for Object Detection with Minimal Hand Labeling Effort
* Constructing a neural network for the interpretation of the species of trees in aerial photographs
* Construction site monitoring from highly-overlapping MAV images
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Interest Points and Texture Features
* Context information from search engines for document recognition
* Context-driven clustering by multi-class classification in an active learning framework
* Continuous Energy Minimization Via Repeated Binary Fusion
* Convex Approach for Variational Super-Resolution, A
* Convex Formulation of Continuous Multi-label Problems, A
* convex relaxation approach for computing minimal partitions, A
* CP-Census: A Novel Model for Dense Variational Scene Flow from RGB-D Data
* Curvature preserving fingerprint ridge orientation smoothing using Legendre polynomials
* Dealing with Occlusions in the Eigenspace Approach
* Dense appearance modeling and efficient learning of camera transitions for person re-identification
* Dense reconstruction on-the-fly
* Depth coded shape from focus
* Depth Restoration via Joint Training of a Global Regression Model and CNNs
* Detecting Distinguished Regions by Saliency
* Detecting Paper Fibre Cross Sections in Microtomy Images
* Detecting Partially Occluded Objects with an Implicit Shape Model Random Field
* Detecting, Tracking and Recognizing License Plates
* Determining Position and Fine Shape Detail in Radiological Anatomy
* Diffusion Processes for Retrieval Revisited
* Discriminative Hough Forests for Object Detection
* Discriminative Learning of Contour Fragments for Object Detection
* Dual-Layer Visual Vocabulary Tree Hypotheses for Object Recognition
* Duality Based Approach for Realtime TV-L1 Optical Flow, A
* Editorial Special Issue ECCV 2006
* Efficient 3D scene abstraction using line segments
* Efficient alignment of fingerprint images
* Efficient and Globally Optimal Multi View Dense Matching for Aerial Images
* Efficient human action recognition by cascaded linear classifcation
* Efficient Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER) Tracking
* Efficient MDL-Based Construction of RBF Networks, An
* Efficient Minimization of the Non-local Potts Model
* Efficient Model Averaging for Deep Neural Networks
* Efficient Object Detection Using Orthogonal NMF Descriptor Hierarchies
* Efficient Partial Shape Matching of Outer Contours
* Efficient representation of in-plane rotation within a PCA framework
* Efficient Retrieval for Large Scale Metric Learning
* Efficient Sparse 3D Reconstruction by Space Sweeping
* Efficient structure from motion with weak position and orientation priors
* Efficient Tracking as Linear Program on Weak Binary Classifiers
* Eigenboosting: Combining Discriminative and Generative Information
* Encoding based saliency detection for videos and images
* epipolar geometry of the log-polar image plane, The
* Estimating the stretching characteristics of fiber bundles in microscopic images
* Evaluations on multi-scale camera networks for precise and geo-accurate reconstructions from aerial and terrestrial images with user guidance
* Event-driven stereo matching for real-time 3D panoramic vision
* Evolutionary Hough Games for coherent object detection
* Exploiting Redundancy for Aerial Image Fusion Using Convex Optimization
* Eye Blink Based Fatigue Detection for Prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome
* Face inpainting based on high-level facial attributes
* Fast 3D Mean Shift Filter for CT Images
* Fast Active Appearance Model Search Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Fast Anatomical Structure Localization Using Top-Down Image Patch Regression
* Fast and accurate environment modeling using three-dimensional occupancy grids
* Fast and accurate image upscaling with super-resolution forests
* Fast and exact solution of Total Variation models on the GPU
* Fast Approximated SIFT
* Fast human detection in crowded scenes by contour integration and local shape estimation
* Fast Non-Rigid Object Boundary Tracking
* Fast object recognition and pose determination
* Fast variational multi-view segmentation through backprojection of spatial constraints
* Fast-Robust PCA
* feasibility study of on-board data compression for infrared cameras of space observatories, A
* Finding Optimal Neural Networks for Land Use Classification
* Flea, Do You Remember Me?
* Flexible and User-Centric Camera Calibration using Planar Fiducial Markers
* FlowGames
* Framework for Articulated Hand Pose Estimation and Evaluation, A
* Free-Viewpoint Virtual Mirror with Marker-Less User Interaction, A
* From structure-from-motion point clouds to fast location recognition
* Fundamental matrix and slightly overlapping views
* Fusion of Feature- and Area-Based Information for Urban Buildings Modeling from Aerial Imagery
* Fuzzy C-means in an MDL-framework
* Fuzzy curve pyramid
* Generalized sparse MRF appearance models
* Global Relabeling for Continuous Optimization in Binary Image Segmentation
* Global Solutions Of Variational Models With Convex Regularization
* Globally Optimal Algorithm for Robust TV-L1 Range Image Integration, A
* GPSlam: Marrying Sparse Geometric and Dense Probabilistic Visual Mapping
* gradient-based eigenspace approach to dealing with occlusions and non-gaussian noise, A
* Grid Loss: Detecting Occluded Faces
* Guest Editorial: Scale Space and Variational Methods
* Head Detection and Localization from Sparse 3D Data
* Hierarchies of Autoassociators
* Highly Consistent Sequential Segmentation
* Histogram of Oriented Cameras: A New Descriptor for Visual SLAM in Dynamic Environments
* Hough Forests Revisited: An Approach to Multiple Instance Tracking from Multiple Cameras
* Hough Networks for Head Pose Estimation and Facial Feature Localization
* Hough Regions for Joining Instance Localization and Segmentation
* Hough-based tracking of non-rigid objects
* Human detection in groups using a fast mean shift procedure
* Hybrid One-Shot 3D Hand Pose Estimation by Exploiting Uncertainties
* Illumination Insensitive Eigenspaces
* Illumination insensitive recognition using eigenspaces
* Image Guided Depth Upsampling Using Anisotropic Total Generalized Variation
* Image-based building classification and 3D modeling with super-pixels
* Improving classifiers with unlabeled weakly-related videos
* Improving Sparse 3D Models for Man-Made Environments Using Line-Based 3D Reconstruction
* In defense of color-based model-free tracking
* Incremental LDA Learning by Combining Reconstructive and Discriminative Approaches
* Incremental Line-based 3D Reconstruction using Geometric Constraints
* Incremental Surface Extraction from Sparse Structure-from-Motion Point Clouds
* Instant Action Recognition
* Intensity-Based Congealing for Unsupervised Joint Image Alignment
* Interactive Multi-label Segmentation
* Interactive Texture Segmentation using Random Forests and Total Variation
* Inverse Multiple Instance Learning for Classifier Grids
* Irregular lattices for complex shape grammar facade parsing
* Joint Learning of Discriminative Prototypes and Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Joint motion estimation and segmentation of complex scenes with label costs and occlusion modeling
* Kernel and subspace methods for computer vision
* Large scale metric learning from equivalence constraints
* Large-Scale Aerial Image Interpretation Using A Redundant Semantic Classification
* Large-scale, dense city reconstruction from user-contributed photos
* Learn to Move: Activity Specific Motion Models for Tracking by Detection
* Learning Depth Calibration of Time-of-Flight Cameras
* Learning Edge-Specific Kernel Functions For Pairwise Graph Matching
* Learning Features for Tracking
* Learning of Scene-Specific Object Detectors by Classifier Co-Grids
* Learning to recognize faces from videos and weakly related information cues
* level set framework using a new incremental, robust Active Shape Model for object segmentation and tracking, A
* Line3D: Efficient 3D Scene Abstraction for the Built Environment
* Linked edges as stable region boundaries
* Localization and Trajectory Reconstruction in Surveillance Cameras with Nonoverlapping Views
* Localization of 3D Anatomical Structures Using Random Forests and Discrete Optimization
* MANGO: Mobile Augmented Reality with Functional Eating Guidance and Food Awareness
* MDL Principle for Robust Vector Quantisation
* MDL-Based Design of Vector Quantizers
* Memory-efficient Fingerprint Verification
* Microscopic shape from focus with optimal illumination
* MIForests: Multiple-Instance Learning with Randomized Trees
* Minimizing TGV-Based Variational Models with Non-convex Data Terms
* Mobile robot localization under varying illumination
* Modelling fingerprint ridge orientation using Legendre polynomials
* Motion estimation with non-local total variation regularization
* MSCC: Maximally Stable Corner Clusters
* mu-Nect: On using a gaming RGBD camera in micro-metrology applications
* Multi-camera multi-object tracking by robust hough-based homography projections
* Multi-cue learning and visualization of unusual events
* Multiple appearance models
* Multiple eigenspaces
* Multiple Eigenspaces by MDL
* Multiple Instance Boosting for Face Recognition in Videos
* Multiple instance learning from multiple cameras
* Multiple Object Tracking Using Local PCA
* Multispectral Classification of Landsat Images Using Neural Networks
* Mumford-Shah Meets Stereo: Integration of Weak Depth Hypotheses
* Natural, salient image patches for robot localization
* Next-generation 3D visualization for visual surveillance
* Novel Approach for Detection of Tubular Objects and Its Application to Medical Image Analysis, A
* Novel Multi View Structure Estimation Based on Barycentric Coordinates
* novel performance evaluation method of local detectors on non-planar scenes, A
* Novel Robust Tube Detection Filter for 3D Centerline Extraction, A
* Object Reacquisition and Tracking in Large-Scale Smart Camera Networks
* Object recognition using local information content
* Object Tracking by Structure Tensor Analysis
* Occlusion detection for ICAO compliant facial photographs
* Occlusion Geodesics for Online Multi-object Tracking
* omnidirectional Time-of-Flight camera and its application to indoor SLAM, An
* On Cross-Spectral Stereo Matching using Dense Gradient Features
* On Robust Regression in Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* On robustness of on-line boosting: a competitive study
* On-line Boosting and Vision
* On-line boosting-based car detection from aerial images
* On-line Conservative Learning for Person Detection
* On-line Hough Forests
* On-line inverse multiple instance boosting for classifier grids
* On-Line Multi-view Forests for Tracking
* On-line Random Forests
* On-Line Random Naive Bayes for Tracking
* On-line semi-supervised multiple-instance boosting
* On-Line, Incremental Learning of a Robust Active Shape Model
* Online 3D reconstruction using convex optimization
* Online Feedback for Structure-from-Motion Image Acquisition
* Online multi-class LPBoost
* Online object recognition by MSER trajectories
* Optical Flow Guided TV-L1 Video Interpolation and Restoration
* Optimal Sub-Shape Models by Minimum Description Length
* Optimizing 1-Nearest Prototype Classifiers
* Ordinal Random Forests for Object Detection
* OUTLIER: Online learning and visualization of unusual events
* Pairwise linear regression: An efficient and fast multi-view facial expression recognition
* People tracking across two distant self-calibrated cameras
* Performance evaluation metrics for motion detection and tracking
* Person Re-identification by Descriptive and Discriminative Classification
* Person Re-identification by Efficient Impostor-Based Metric Learning
* Piecewise planar scene reconstruction from sparse correspondences
* Pose Estimation of Known Objects by Efficient Silhouette Matching
* Pose-specific non-linear mappings in feature space towards multiview facial expression recognition
* probabilistic approach for tracking fibers, A
* Probabilistic Multi-phase Model for Variational Image Segmentation, A
* Probabilistic Range Image Integration for DSM and True-Orthophoto Generation
* PROST: Parallel robust online simple tracking
* Rapid Skin: Estimating the 3D Human Pose and Shape in Real-Time
* Real time appearance based hand tracking
* Real-Time License Plate Recognition on an Embedded DSP-Platform
* Real-time object recognition using local features on a DSP-based embedded system
* Real-Time Tracking via On-line Boosting
* Recognition of 3D Objects by Learning from Correspondences in a Sequence of Unlabeled Training Images
* Regularized 3D Modeling from Noisy Building Reconstructions
* Regularized multi-class semi-supervised boosting
* Relaxed Pairwise Learned Metric for Person Re-identification
* Representations for Cognitive Vision: A Review of Appearance-Based, Spatio-Temporal, and Graph-Based Approaches
* Revisiting Loss-Specific Training of Filter-Based MRFs for Image Restoration
* Ro(mu)Nect: Hand mounted depth sensing using a commodity gaming sensor
* Robust Active Appearance Models and Their Application to Medical Image Analysis
* Robust DNA microarray image analysis
* Robust Local Features and their Application in Self-Calibration and Object Recognition on Embedded Systems
* Robust Multi-View Boosting with Priors
* Robust PCA Algorithm for Building Representations from Panoramic Images, A
* Robust Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Volumetric Mass Densities
* Robust Recognition of Scaled Eigenimages Through a Hierarchical Approach
* Robust Recognition Using Eigenimages
* Robust Recovery of Eigneimages in the Presence of Outliers and Occlusions
* Robust Subspace Classifier, A
* Robust tracking of spatial related components
* ROI-SEG: Unsupervised Color Segmentation by Combining Differently Focused Sub Results
* Saliency driven total variation segmentation
* Scalable Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds with Extreme Scale and Density Diversity
* Segmentation-based tracking by support fusion
* Semantic classification by covariance descriptors within a randomized forest
* Semantic Classification in Aerial Imagery by Integrating Appearance and Height Information
* Semantic Image Classification using Consistent Regions and Individual Context
* Semantic Image Labelling as a Label Puzzle Game
* Semi-Global 3D Line Modeling for Incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Semi-supervised boosting using visual similarity learning
* Semi-supervised On-Line Boosting for Robust Tracking
* Semi-Supervised Random Forests
* SERBoost: Semi-supervised Boosting with Expectation Regularization
* Shape Guided Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER) Tracking
* Shape Prototype Signatures for Action Recognition
* Shape-based detection of humans for video surveillance applications
* SIFT and Shape Context for Feature-Based Nonlinear Registration of Thoracic CT Images
* Simultaneous Shape and Pose Adaption of Articulated Models Using Linear Optimization
* Skeletal Graph Based Human Pose Estimation in Real-Time
* Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Estimation by Spectral Foreground Detection
* Special issue on Optimization for vision, graphics and medical imaging: Theory and applications
* Special Issue on Visual Tracking
* Structure- and motion-adaptive regularization for high accuracy optic flow
* Structured class-labels in random forests for semantic image labelling
* Structured Labels in Random Forests for Semantic Labelling and Object Detection
* Structured Local Predictors for image labelling
* Supervised local subspace learning for continuous head pose estimation
* Synergy-based Learning of Facial Identity
* Temporal Feature Weighting for Prototype-Based Action Recognition
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Wiki-based Dense City Modeling
* Tracking across non-overlapping views via geometry
* Tracking as Segmentation of Spatial-Temporal Volumes by Anisotropic Weighted TV
* Training sequential on-line boosting classifier for visual tracking
* TransientBoost: On-line boosting with transient data
* TRICam: An Embedded Platform for Remote Traffic Surveillance
* TVSeg: Interactive Total Variation Based Image Segmentation
* UAV-Based Autonomous Image Acquisition with Multi-view Stereo Quality Assurance by Confidence Prediction
* Unbiased Second-Order Prior for High-Accuracy Motion Estimation, An
* Unsupervised Facade Segmentation Using Repetitive Patterns
* Unsupervised Object Discovery and Segmentation in Videos
* Using covariance matrices for unsupervised texture segmentation
* Using Partial Edge Contour Matches for Efficient Object Category Localization
* Using Self-Contradiction to Learn Confidence Measures in Stereo Vision
* Using web search engines to improve text recognition
* Variational Approach to Semiautomatic Generation of Digital Terrain Models, A
* Variational Depth Superresolution Using Example-Based Edge Representations
* Variational Model for Interactive Shape Prior Segmentation and Real-Time Tracking, A
* Variational segmentation of elongated volumetric structures
* View-based object representations using RBF networks
* Visual Landmark-Based Localization for MAVs Using Incremental Feature Updates
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual on-line learning in distributed camera networks
* Visualization methods for neural networks
* Voronoi pyramids and Hopfield networks
* Voronoi Pyramids Controlled by Hopfield Neural Networks
* Weighted and robust incremental method for subspace learning
* Weighted and robust learning of subspace representations
* What can missing correspondences tell us about 3D structure and motion?
Includes: Bischof, H.[Horst] Bischof, H.
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Bischof, J.C. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Electrical Conductivity Contrast Imaging in a Mouse Model of Cancer Using High-Frequency Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction (hfMAT-MI)

Bischof, L. Co Author Listing * Automated Opal Grading by Imaging and Statistical Learning
* Comparison Between Three Sparse Unmixing Algorithms Using a Large Library of Shortwave Infrared Mineral Spectra, A
* Seeded Region Growing

Bischof, L.M. Co Author Listing * Estimating Band-to-Band Misregistrations in Aliased Imagery

Bischof, W.F.[Walter F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bischof, W.F.[Walter F.]: wfb AT cs ualberta ca
* Automatic bi-layer video segmentation based on sensor fusion
* Bayesian Tracking of Linear Structures in Aerial Images
* Detection of Linear Structures in Remote-Sensed Images
* Extracting Lines in Noisy Image Using Directional Information
* Filter-Based Models for Pattern Classification
* Learning how to find patterns or objects in complex scenes
* Learning Relational Structures: Applications to Computer Vision
* Learning Structural Descriptions of Patterns: A New Technique for Conditional Clustering and Rule Generation
* Machine Learning and Image Interpretation
* Machine Learning Paradigms for Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding
* On the Learning of Complex Movement Sequences
* Online Learning With Novelty Detection in Human-Guided Road Tracking
* Parsing Scale-Space and Spatial Stability Analysis
* Road tracking in aerial images based on human-computer interaction and Bayesian filtering
* Robust and Efficient Road Tracking in Aerial Images
* Robust Real-Time Bi-Layer Video Segmentation Using Infrared Video
* Rulegraphs for Graph Matching in Pattern Recognition
* Rulegraphs for Pattern Recognition
* Scene Understanding by Rule Evaluation
Includes: Bischof, W.F.[Walter F.] Bischof, W.F.
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Bischoff, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Fusing vision and odometry for accurate indoor robot localization

Bischoff, J. Co Author Listing * Assignment-Based Approach to Efficient Real-Time City-Scale Taxi Dispatching, An

Bischoff, S. Co Author Listing * Ellipsoid decomposition of 3D-models
* Parameterization-free active contour models with topology control
Includes: Bischoff, S. Bischoff, S.[Stephan]

Biscione, M.[Marilisa] Co Author Listing * Establishing a Remote Sensing Science Center in Cyprus: First Year of Activities of ATHENA Project
* Sensing the Risk: New Approaches and Technologies for Protection and Security of Cultural Heritage. The PRO_CULT Project
Includes: Biscione, M.[Marilisa] Biscione, M.

Biscontin, G.[Guido] Co Author Listing * Tangible versus Intangible in e-Learning on Cultural Heritage: From Online Learning to On-site Study of Historic Sites

Biscop, J.L. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Anastylosis And Reconstruction Of Some Buildings in the Site of Saint-Simeon, Syria

Bise, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Modeling of Dense Capillaries by Multi-objects Tracking
* Automated Mitosis Detection of Stem Cell Populations in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Images
* Cell Detection From Redundant Candidate Regions Under Nonoverlapping Constraints
* Cell image analysis: Algorithms, system and applications
* Virtual Blood Vessels in Complex Background Using Stereo X-Ray Images
* Wetness and Color from a Single Multispectral Image
Includes: Bise, R. Bise, R.[Ryoma]

Bishay, M. Co Author Listing * Fusing Multilabel Deep Networks for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Visual Servoing in ISAC, a Decentralized Robot System for Feeding the Disabled

Bishay, S.T. Co Author Listing * Far-Field Radiated From a Vertical Magnetic Dipole in the Sea With a Rough Upper Surface

Bishnu, A.[Arijit] Co Author Listing * Connectivity Preserving Voxel Transformation
* Content Based Image Retrieval: Related Issues Using Euler Vector
* Determination Of Minutiae Scores For Fingerprint Image Applications
* Euler vector for search and retrieval of gray-tone images
* Linear Boundary and Corner Detection Using Limited Number of Sensor Rows
* Near-linear Time Algorithm for Binarization of Fingerprint Images Using Distance Transform, A
* On-chip Computation of Euler Number of a Binary Image for Efficient Database Search
* Simple algorithms for partial point set pattern matching under rigid motion
* Stacked Euler Vector (SERVE): A Gray-Tone Image Feature Based on Bit-Plane Augmentation
Includes: Bishnu, A.[Arijit] Bishnu, A.
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Bishnu, P.S.[Partha Sarathi] Co Author Listing * K-Means Algorithm to Identify k1-Most Demanding Products
* Volume-based clustering for arbitrary shaped clusters

Bishof, H.[Horst] Co Author Listing * Watertight Multi-view Reconstruction Based on Volumetric Graph-Cuts

Bishofberger, B. Co Author Listing * Computing Motion Using Analog VLSI Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison among Different Approaches

Bishop, A. Co Author Listing * Avignon Bridge: A 3D Reconstruction Project Integrating Archaeological, Historical and Gemorphological Issues, The

Bishop, A.N. Co Author Listing * Radar Target Tracking via Robust Linear Filtering
* Set-Valued State Estimation and Attack Detection for Uncertain Descriptor Systems

Bishop, B. Co Author Listing * Specialized hardware for deformable object modeling

Bishop, B.D.[Brian D.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Plot-Level Fire-Caused Tree Mortality in a Redwood Forest Using Digital Orthophotography and LiDAR

Bishop, B.E. Co Author Listing * Redundant manipulator techniques for partially decentralized path planning and control of a platoon of autonomous vehicles

Bishop, C. Co Author Listing * Non-Linear Bayesian Image Modelling

Bishop, C.M.[Christopher M.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Generative and Discriminative Techniques for Object Detection and Classification
* Feature Representation and Signal Classification in Fluorescence in-Situ Hybridization Image Analysis
* Generative versus Discriminative Methods for Object Recognition
* Hierarchical Latent Variable Model For Data Visualization, A
* Principled Hybrids of Generative and Discriminative Models
Includes: Bishop, C.M.[Christopher M.] Bishop, C.M.

Bishop, G. Co Author Listing * Impact of Dense Range Data on Computer Graphics, The
* Introduction to the Kalman Filter, An
* Plenoptic Modeling: An Image-Based Rendering Approach
* Smooth Interpolation of Rotational Motions
Includes: Bishop, G. Bishop, G.[Gary]

Bishop, J. Co Author Listing * Biomechanical 3-D finite element modeling of the human breast using MRI data
* constrained modulus reconstruction technique for breast cancer assessment, A
* MAD-MEX: Automatic Wall-to-Wall Land Cover Monitoring for the Mexican REDD-MRV Program Using All Landsat Data
* National, Detailed Map of Forest Aboveground Carbon Stocks in Mexico, A
* signal/noise analysis of quasi-static MR elastography, A
Includes: Bishop, J. Bishop, J.[Jesse]

Bishop, J.L. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Simulation and Analytical Model of Remote-Sensing Systems: Application to CRISM

Bishop, J.M. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Mobile Robot Senario: A Sensor-Aided Intelligent Navigation System for Powered Wheelchairs, The
* NAPSAC: High Noise, High Dimensional Robust Estimation - it's in the Bag

Bishop, K.P. Co Author Listing * Evaluating effective resolution of an optical tomographic imaging system using a narrow-band correlation metric

Bishop, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Multiclass classification of distributed memory parallel computations
* Regionally Optimised Mathematical Models of Cardiac Myocyte Orientation in Rat Hearts
Includes: Bishop, M.[Matt] Bishop, M.[Martin]

Bishop, M.J.[Martin J.] Co Author Listing * Application of Diffuse Optical Reflectance to Measure Myocardial Wall Thickness and Presence of Infarct Scar: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
* Interpreting Optical Mapping Recordings in the Ischemic Heart: A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation
* Role of Endocardial Trabeculations in Low-Energy Defibrillation, The

Bishop, M.S.[M. Scott] Co Author Listing * Live capture, rectification, and streaming of stereoscopic internet video for casual users

Bishop, R. Co Author Listing * Radiometer Calibration Using Colocated GPS Radio Occultation Measurements
* Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network

Bishop, R.H.[Robert H.] Co Author Listing * Predicting multiple target tracking performance for applications on video sequences

Bishop, S.R.[Steven R.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of periodic-like motions of chaotic evolutions using detected unstable periodic patterns

Bishop, T.E.[Tom E.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach to shape from coded aperture, A
* Blind restoration of blurred photographs via AR modelling and MCMC
* Full-Resolution Depth Map Estimation from an Aliased Plenoptic Light Field
* Light Field Camera: Extended Depth of Field, Aliasing, and Superresolution, The
* Light field superresolution
* Local Bayesian image restoration using variational methods and Gamma-Normal distributions
* Multiview Active Shape Models with SIFT Descriptors for the 300-W Face Landmark Challenge
* Nonstationary Blind Image Restoration using Variational Methods
* Plenoptic depth estimation from multiple aliased views
Includes: Bishop, T.E.[Tom E.] Bishop, T.E.
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Bishop, T.G.[Thomas Gary] Co Author Listing * Dynamic generation of imperceptible structured light for tracking and acquisition of three dimensional scene geometry and surface characteristics in interactive three dimensional computer graphics applications

Bishop, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Efficient least squares fusion of MRI and CT images using a phase congruency model
* Expert Knowledge Based Automatic Regions-of-Interest (ROI) Selection in Scanned Documents for Digital Image Encryption
Includes: Bishop, W.[William] Bishop, W.

Bisigani, W.T. Co Author Listing * Improved Gray Scale and the Coarse-Fine PCM Systems: Two New Digital TV Bandwidth Reduction Techniques, The
* Redundancy Reduction Applied to Coarse-Fine Encoded Video

Bisio, G.M. Co Author Listing * Man-Machine Communication System Based on the Visual Analysis of Dynamic Gestures, A
* Motion Interpretation Using Adjustable Linear Models.
* Neuromorphic Architecture for Cortical Multilayer Integration of Early Visual Tasks, A
* VLSI Image-Processing Architecture Dedicated to Real-Time Quality-Control Analysis in an Industrial-Plant, A

Bisio, I. Co Author Listing * GPS/HPS-and Wi-Fi Fingerprint-Based Location Recognition for Check-In Applications Over Smartphones in Cloud-Based LBSs
* Heuristic Attack Method to PRH-Based Audio Copy Detectors, A

Biskup, K. Co Author Listing * Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Shipbuilding

Bisla, K.[Kulvinder] Co Author Listing * Do normal pupil diameter differences in the population underlie the color selection of #thedress?

Bismor, D. Co Author Listing * Comments on A New Feedforward Hybrid ANC System
* Comments on A New Feedforward Hybrid ANC System-An addendum

Bismuth, E.[Eliott] Co Author Listing * LiDAR Validation of a Video-Derived Beachface Topography on a Tidal Flat

Bismuth, J. Co Author Listing * Smoothness of Surgical Tool Tip Motion Correlates to Skill in Endovascular Tasks

Bismuth, N. Co Author Listing * Legibility of perceptually-tuned grayscale fonts

Bismuth, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * device enhancing and denoising algorithm for X-ray cardiac fluoroscopy, A
* Elastic registration for stent enhancement in X-ray image sequences

Bisoi, A.K.[Ajay Kumar] Co Author Listing * On calculation of fractal dimension of images

Bisot, V. Co Author Listing * Machine listening techniques as a complement to video image analysis in forensics

Bispo, A.[Aline] Co Author Listing * Use of High-Pass Filters and the Inpainting Method to Clouds Removal and Their Impact on Satellite Images Classification, The

Bispo, E.M. Co Author Listing * Visually Salient 3D Model Acquisition from Range Data

Bisquert, M.[Mar] Co Author Listing * Impact of Land Cover Change Induced by a Fire Event on the Surface Energy Fluxes Derived from Remote Sensing
* Modeling Fire Danger in Galicia and Asturias (Spain) from MODIS Images
* Simple Fusion Method for Image Time Series Based on the Estimation of Image Temporal Validity, A
* Thermal-Infrared Spectral and Angular Characterization of Crude Oil and Seawater Emissivities for Oil Slick Identification
Includes: Bisquert, M.[Mar] Bisquert, M.

Bissacco, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Classification and Recognition of Dynamical Models: The Role of Phase, Independent Components, Kernels and Optimal Transport
* Classifying Human Dynamics Without Contact Forces
* Fast Human Pose Estimation using Appearance and Motion via Multi-Dimensional Boosting Regression
* Hybrid Dynamical Models of Human Motion for the Recognition of Human Gaits
* Large-scale privacy protection in Google Street View
* model (In)validation approach to gait recognition, A
* Modeling and Learning Contact Dynamics in Human Motion
* Modeling and Synthesis of Facial Motion Driven by Speech
* On the Blind Classification of Time Series
* PhotoOCR: Reading Text in Uncontrolled Conditions
* Recognition of Human Gaits
* Tour the world: Building a web-scale landmark recognition engine
Includes: Bissacco, A.[Alessandro] Bissacco, A.
12 for Bissacco, A.

Bissessar, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Recognizing People and Their Activities in Surveillance Video: Technology State of Readiness and Roadmap

Bissi, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Automated defect detection in uniform and structured fabrics using Gabor filters and PCA

Bissonnette, L.C.[Laurent C.] Co Author Listing * Performance measurement system with fluorescent markers for golf equipment

Bist, A.[Anurag] Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization for low bit rate video coding
* Constrained Trellis Based Rate Control Scheme for Low Bit Rate Video Coding

Bista, S.[Sujal] Co Author Listing * Kinetic depth images: flexible generation of depth perception

Bistarelli, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Java Card TM, An
* MOC via TOC Using a Mobile Agent Framework

Bister, M. Co Author Listing * Critical View of Pyramid Segmentation Algorithms, A

Bister, N. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Medical Images

Bistinas, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Highlighting Biome-Specific Sensitivity of Fire Size Distributions to Time-Gap Parameter Using a New Algorithm for Fire Event Individuation

Bistoquet, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Deformation Recovery using a 3D Incompressible Deformable Model
* Left Ventricular Deformation Recovery From Cine MRI Using an Incompressible Model
* Myocardial Deformation Recovery Using a 3D Biventricular Incompressible Model

Bistritz, A.[Aalo] Co Author Listing * Segmenting Brain Tumors with Conditional Random Fields and Support Vector Machines

Biswal, B.B. Co Author Listing * PSO based multi-robot task allocation, A

Biswal, B.N.[Baikuntha Narayan] Co Author Listing * Contradictory graph colouring algorithm to compute slice of concurrent object-oriented programs

Biswal, P.K.[Pradyut Kumar] Co Author Listing * Parallel architecture for accelerating affine transform in high-speed imaging systems

Biswal, S.[Sushmita] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* new filter for removal of salt and pepper noise, A
Includes: Biswal, S.[Sushmita] Biswal, S.[Satyabrata]

Biswan, P. Co Author Listing * Multistage Fuzzy Classifier for Recognition of Handprinted Characters, A

Biswaranjan, K.[Kumar] Co Author Listing * Multi-task Learning of Facial Landmarks and Expression

Biswas, A.[Arindam] Co Author Listing * 3D Curve Skeletonization Method, A
* ACCORD: With Approximate Covering of Convex Orthogonal Decomposition
* Active Image Clustering with Pairwise Constraints from Humans
* Active image clustering: Seeking constraints from humans to complement algorithms
* Active subclustering
* Approximate partitioning of 2D objects into orthogonally convex components
* Architecture Design for Median Filter
* Audio visual isolated Hindi digits recognition using HMM
* Automated Analysis of Orthopaedic X-ray Images based on Digital-Geometric Techniques
* Automated Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Severity Analysis from Brain MRI
* Automated detection of newborn sleep apnea using video monitoring system
* Boundary and Shape Complexity of a Digital Object
* Character Segmentation of Handwritten Bangla Text by Vertex Characterization of Isothetic Covers
* Combinatorial Technique for Construction of Triangular Covers of Digital Objects, A
* Construction of 3D Orthogonal Convex Hull of a Digital Object
* Construction of 3D Orthogonal Cover of a Digital Object
* Construction of an Approximate 3D Orthogonal Convex Skull
* Construction of isothetic covers of a digital object: A combinatorial approach
* crowdsourced approach to student engagement recognition in e-learning environments, A
* Detection of bifurcation angles in a retinal fundus image
* Detection of Micro-calcification to Characterize Malignant Breast Lesion
* Does Rotation Influence the Estimated Contour Length of a Digital Object?
* Efficient Algorithm for Learning Distances that Obey the Triangle Inequality, An
* Enumeration of Shortest Isothetic Paths Inside a Digital Object
* Fast Slicing of Orthogonal Covers Using DCEL
* Finding Largest Rectangle Inside a Digital Object
* Finding Shortest Isothetic Path Inside a 3D Digital Object
* Finding Shortest Triangular Path in a Digital Object
* Finding the Orthogonal Hull of a Digital Object: A Combinatorial Approach
* Generation of Random Triangular Digital Curves Using Combinatorial Techniques
* GeThR-Net: A Generalized Temporally Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network for Multimodal Information Fusion
* human motion database: A cognitive and parametric sampling of human motion, The
* Identification of Distinct Blood Vessels in Retinal Fundus Images
* Leafsnap: A Computer Vision System for Automatic Plant Species Identification
* Long-Bone Fracture Detection in Digital X-ray Images Based on Concavity Index
* Multiresolution Shape Codes with Applications to Image Retrieval
* Number of Shortest Paths in Triangular Grid for 1- and 2-Neighborhoods
* On Finding Shortest Isothetic Path inside a Digital Object
* On the family of shortest isothetic paths in a digital object: An algorithm with applications
* On the representation of a digital contour with an unordered point set for visual perception
* PACE: Polygonal Approximation of Thick Digital Curves Using Cellular Envelope
* Recognition of Hand-Drawn Graphs Using Digital-Geometric Techniques
* Reconstruction of Torn Documents Using Contour Maps
* Segmentation of 3D Articulated Components by Slice-Based Vertex-Weighted Reeb Graph
* Shape Matching of 3D Topologically Segmented Objects
* Simultaneous Active Learning of Classifiers: Attributes via Relative Feedback
* Study on the Properties of 3D Digital Straight Line Segments, A
* Summarization of Neonatal Video EEG for Seizure and Artifact Detection
* Thinning-free Polygonal Approximation of Thick Digital Curves Using Cellular Envelope
* TIPS: On Finding a Tight Isothetic Polygonal Shape Covering a 2D Object
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Heterogeneous Concepts in Videos
* Word Segmentation and Baseline Detection in Handwritten Documents Using Isothetic Covers
Includes: Biswas, A.[Arindam] Biswas, A.[Arijit] Biswas, A. Biswas, A.[Astik] Biswas, A.[Arnab]
52 for Biswas, A.

Biswas, B.[Barun] Co Author Listing * Global-to-Local Approach to Binarization of Degraded Document Images, A
* Medical image registration based on grid matching using Hausdorff Distance and Near set
Includes: Biswas, B.[Barun] Biswas, B.

Biswas, C.[Chandan] Co Author Listing * HMM Based Online Handwritten Bangla Character Recognition Using Dirichlet Distributions
* Limited Angle Tomography Using Volumetric Constraints
* space-frequency algorithm for limited angle tomography, A
Includes: Biswas, C.[Chandan] Biswas, C.

Biswas, D.S.[David S.] Co Author Listing * software pipeline for 3D animation generation using mocap data and commercial shape models, A

Biswas, G. Co Author Listing * Some Experiments in Two-Dimensional Grammatical Inference

Biswas, J.[Jit] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Pervasive Intelligent Environment
* Activity Recognition in Pervasive Intelligent Environments
* Cluster Validation Using Graph-Theoretic Concepts
* Multimodal Sleeping Posture Classification
Includes: Biswas, J.[Jit] Biswas, J.

Biswas, K. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Local Features for Facial Video Compression

Biswas, K.K. Co Author Listing * Affine-structure-based facial image encoding
* Biometric Gait Recognition with Carrying and Clothing Variants
* case-based reasoning approach for detection of salient regions in images, A
* Color and Shape Index for Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Cooperative Integration of Stereopsis and Optic Flow Computation, A
* Dominant color region based indexing for CBIR
* Effective Information and Contrast Based Saliency Detection
* evolutionary learning based fuzzy theoretic approach for salient object detection, An
* Fast Content Aware Image Retargeting
* Fuzzy Rule Based Document Image Segmentation for Component Labeling
* fuzzy theoretic approach for video segmentation using syntactic features, A
* Fuzzy video summarization using key frame extraction
* Human Action Recognition Based on Spatio-temporal Features
* Illumination Invariant Efficient Face Recognition Using a Single Training Image
* Integrated Approach for Range Image Segmentation and Representation, An
* Max-Margin feature selection
* Model-Based Object Recognition: The Role of Affine Invariants
* Quadrics-Based Matching Technique for 3D Object Recognition
* Region-based image retrieval using integrated color, shape, and location index
Includes: Biswas, K.K. Biswas, K.K.[Kanad Kishore]
19 for Biswas, K.K.

Biswas, L. Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Endocardial Propagation Mapping Using Magnetic Resonance Guidance in a Swine Model, and Comparison With Standard Electroanatomic Mapping, The

Biswas, M.[Moyuresh] Co Author Listing * Accurate depth estimation using structured light and passive stereo disparity estimation
* Compressing Video for Networks: Optimized Coding in Resilient Framework
* Compression Artifact Reduction using Support Vector Regression
* DCT-based phase correlation motion estimation
* Dense depth estimation using adaptive structured light and cooperative algorithm
* generalized image denoising method using neighbouring wavelet coefficients, A
* Improved H.264-based video coding using an adaptive transform
* Improved Resilience for Video Over Packet Loss Networks With MDC and Optimized Packetization
* Low Complexity Algorithm for Global Motion Parameter Estimation Targeting Hardware Implementation, A
* Low-Complexity Image Registration Algorithm for Global Motion Estimation, A
* Multiple Description Video Coding With 3D-SPIHT Employing a New Tree Structure
* Multiple Description Wavelet Video Coding Employing a New Tree Structure
* On handling of occlusion for frame rate up-conversion using video in-painting
* Performance Analysis of Motion-Compensated De-Interlacing Systems
* Phase Based Disparity Estimation Using Adaptive Structured Light and Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet
* Real-Time Affine Global Motion Estimation Using Phase Correlation and its Application for Digital Image Stabilization
* Resilient transmission of motion data in multiple description coding of video
* Slice Based Technique for Low-Complexity 3D/2D Registration of CT to Single Plane X-Ray Fluoroscopy, A
Includes: Biswas, M.[Moyuresh] Biswas, M. Biswas, M.[Mantosh] Biswas, M.[Mainak]
18 for Biswas, M.

Biswas, M.K. Co Author Listing * Fractal Dimension Estimation For Texture Images: A Parallel Approach
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation Approach to Classification for Multispectral Imagery, A
* Simple Unsupervised MRF Model Based Image Segmentation Approach, A

Biswas, N. Co Author Listing * Distributed Detection Over Channels with Memory
* parameter independent fuzzy weighted k-Nearest neighbor classifier, A
Includes: Biswas, N. Biswas, N.[Nimagna]

Biswas, P.[Provat] Co Author Listing * Gesture Based English Character Recognition for Human Machine Interaction in Interactive Set Top Box Using Multi-factor Analysis
* Perception Model for People with Visual Impairments
Includes: Biswas, P.[Provat] Biswas, P.[Pradipta]

Biswas, P.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of fuzzy thresholding schemes
* Block DCT to wavelet transcoding in transform domain
* Contrast enhancement of dark images using stochastic resonance
* Cosine-modulated wavelet based texture features for content-based image retrieval
* Cubic Bezier approximation of a digitized curve
* Enhancement of dark and low-contrast images using dynamic stochastic resonance
* Enhancement of low-contrast images by internal noise-induced Fourier coefficient rooting
* Fractal Dimension Estimation For Texture Images: A Parallel Approach
* fuzzy min-max neural network classifier with compensatory neuron architecture, A
* Generative Adversarial Learning for Reducing Manual Annotation in Semantic Segmentation on Large Scale Miscroscopy Images: Automated Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Fundus Image as Test Case
* Image Enhancement and Dynamic Range Compression Using Novel Intensity-Specific Stochastic Resonance-Based Parametric Image Enhancement Model
* Image filtering in the block DCT domain using symmetric convolution
* Improving Video Stabilization in the Presence of Motion Blur
* Internal noise-induced contrast enhancement of dark images
* Investigations on Fuzzy Thresholding Based on Fuzzy Clustering
* Logo Extraction Using Combined Discrete Wavelet Transform and Dynamic Stochastic Resonance
* Logo Extraction Using Dynamic Stochastic Resonance
* Mean shift clustering based outlier removal for global motion estimation
* Mesh denoising by improved 3D geometric bilateral filter
* Mesh Denoising Using Multi-scale Curvature-Based Saliency
* New Framework for Multiclass Classification Using Multiview Assisted Adaptive Boosting, A
* Noise-aided dynamic range compression using selective processing in a statistics-dependent stochastic resonance model
* novel moving object segmentation framework utilizing camera motion recognition for H.264 compressed videos, A
* Object Recognition Using Reflex Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network with Floating Neurons
* Parallel mesh regularization and resampling algorithm for improved mesh registration
* Qualitative Description Of Three-Dimensional Scenes
* Rate distortion optimization using SSIM for 3D video coding
* Reflex Fuzzy Min Max Neural Network for Granular Data Classification, A
* Robust Learning-Based Camera Motion Characterization Scheme With Applications to Video Stabilization
* Rotated complex wavelet based texture features for content based image retrieval
* Rotation and Scale Invariant Texture Classification using Gabor Wavelets
* Rotation and scale invariant texture features using discrete wavelet packet transform
* Rotation invariant texture classification using even symmetric Gabor filters
* Rotation invariant texture features using rotated complex wavelet for content based image retrieval
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Image Retrieval Using Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
* scalable model for knowledge sharing based supervised learning using AdaBoost, A
* Spectral slopes for automated classification of land cover in landsat images
* Texture Image Retrieval Using New Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
* Texture image retrieval using rotated wavelet filters
* Transcoding in the block DCT space
* VLSI Implementation of Fast Connected Component Labeling Using Finite State Machine Based Cell Network
* Wavelet Image Resizing in the Block DCT Space
* Wavelet to DCT transcoding in transform domain
* Wavelet transcoding in the block discrete cosine transform space
Includes: Biswas, P.K. Biswas, P.K.[Prabir Kumar] Biswas, P.K.[Prabir K.]
44 for Biswas, P.K.

Biswas, P.K.R.[Prabir K.R.] Co Author Listing * SIMD Algorithm for Range Image Segmentation, An

Biswas, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach to Detect Warning Traffic Signs Using SOM and Windowed Hough Transform, An
* Construction of Persistent Voronoi Diagram on 3D Digital Plane
* Digital Primitives Defined by Weighted Focal Set
* Fast and Efficient Incremental Algorithms for Circular and Spherical Propagation in Integer Space
* FPGA-based architecture of DSC-SRI units specially for motion blind ultrasound systems, An
* Layer the sphere
* On Finding Spherical Geodesic Paths and Circles in Z3
* On Functionality of Quadraginta Octants of Naive Sphere with Application to Circle Drawing
* On Some Local Topological Properties of Naive Discrete Sphere
* On the Connectivity and Smoothness of Discrete Spherical Circles
* On the Functionality and Usefulness of Quadraginta Octants of Naive Sphere
* Recognizing Activities with Multiple Cues
Includes: Biswas, R. Biswas, R.[Ranita] Biswas, R.[Rakesh] Biswas, R.[Rahul]
12 for Biswas, R.

Biswas, S.[Soma] Co Author Listing * Abnormality detection in crowd videos by tracking sparse components
* Algorithm to Identify Surface Snowfall From GPM DPR Observations, An
* Associative Memory for Gray-Scale Images
* Bayesian Modeling of Temporal Coherence in Videos for Entity Discovery and Summarization
* Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions
* Bézier and Splines in Image Processing and Machine Vision
* Content Independent Writer Identification Using Occurrences of Writing Styles for Bangla Handwritings
* Contour coding through stretching of discrete circular arcs by affine transformation
* coupled discriminative dictionary and transformation learning approach with applications to cross domain matching, A
* Dictionary Alignment for Low-Resolution and Heterogeneous Face Recognition
* Digital Curvatures Applied to 3D Object Analysis and Recognition: A Case Study
* Discriminative Pose-Free Descriptors for Face and Object Matching
* Efficient and Robust Algorithm for Shape Indexing and Retrieval, An
* Efficient Indexing For Articulation Invariant Shape Matching And Retrieval
* Exploring Ridge Curvature for Fingerprint Indexing
* Extraction of Spatial Parameters From Classified Lidar Data and Aerial Photograph for Sound Modeling
* Generalized Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach With Applications to Cross-Modal Matching
* Generalized Semantic Preserving Hashing for N-Label Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Hilbert Scan and Image Compression
* Illumination robust dictionary-based face recognition
* Invariant Geometric Representation of 3D Point Clouds for Registration and Matching
* Low Resolution Face Recognition Across Variations in Pose and Illumination
* Multidimensional Scaling for Matching Low-Resolution Face Images
* Non-generative Approach for Face Recognition Across Aging, A
* Object Tracking Using Background Subtraction and Motion Estimation in MPEG Videos
* On hierarchical segmentation for image compression
* One-dimensional B-B polynomial and Hilbert scan for graylevel image coding
* Pose-robust albedo estimation from a single image
* Pose-Robust Recognition of Low-Resolution Face Images
* Predicting good, bad and ugly match Pairs
* Predicting performance of face recognition systems: An image characterization approach
* Query specific re-ranking for improved cross-modal retrieval
* Real time anomaly detection in H.264 compressed videos
* Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices
* Representation and reconstruction of map regions
* Robust Estimation of Albedo for Illumination-invariant Matching and Shape Recovery
* Segmentation based compression for graylevel images
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching in Canonical Space
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching RGBD Data
* Smoothing of Digital Images Using the Concept of Diffusion Process
* Source color error analysis for robust separation of reflection components
* sparse representation approach to face matching across plastic surgery, A
* Sparse representation based anomaly detection with enhanced local dictionaries
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
* Structured low-rank recovery of piecewise constant signals with performance guarantees
* Super-pixel based crowd flow segmentation in H.264 compressed videos
* Symmetric Objects are Hardly Ambiguous
* Target detection of ISAR data by principal component transform on co-occurrence matrix
* Time-Varying Radiometric Bias Correction for the TRMM Microwave Imager, A
* UMD Experiments with FRGC Data
Includes: Biswas, S.[Soma] Biswas, S. Biswas, S.[Samit] Biswas, S.[Sambhunath] Biswas, S.[Susmit] Biswas, S.[Sovan] Biswas, S.[Sampurna]
50 for Biswas, S.

Biswas, S.K.[Sujoy Kumar] Co Author Listing * Human action recognition in video by meaningful poses
* Intercalibration of Microwave Radiometer Brightness Temperatures for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
* Laplacian object: One-shot object detection by locality preserving projection
* Linear Support Tensor Machine With LSK Channels: Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Infrared Images
* Modeling Sense Disambiguation of Human Pose: Recognizing Action at a Distance by Key Poses
* One Shot Detection with Laplacian Object and Fast Matrix Cosine Similarity
* Recognizing Human Action at a Distance in Video by Key Poses
* Recognizing interactions between human performers by Dominating Pose Doublet
* Redundancy-driven modified Tomek-link based undersampling: A solution to class imbalance
Includes: Biswas, S.K.[Sujoy Kumar] Biswas, S.K. Biswas, S.K.[Saroj K.]
9 for Biswas, S.K.

Biswas, S.N. Co Author Listing * Binary Contour Coding Using Bezier Approximation
* On the Generation of Discrete Circular Objects and Their Properties

Biswas, S.S. Co Author Listing * Region Merging in 3-D Images Using Morphological Operators
* SIMD Algorithm for Range Image Segmentation, An

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