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Blaauw, D. Co Author Listing * Low complexity optical flow using neighbor-guided semi-global matching

Blache, L.[Ludovic] Co Author Listing * Robust motion flow for mesh tracking of freely moving actors
* Time-Varying Surface Reconstruction of an Actor's Performance

Black, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of remotely sensed water stages from LiDAR, topographic contours and SRTM
* Investigation of the effects of finite precision conversion on linear predictive coefficients
* Using Airborne Lidar for the Assessment of Canopy Structure Influences on CO2 Fluxes

Black, D. Co Author Listing * Scalable audio coding for compression and loss resilient streaming

Black, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hydrological Modeling in Drylands with TRMM Based Rainfall
* Use of Remotely Sensed Rainfall for Managing Drought Risk: A Case Study of Weather Index Insurance in Zambia, The

Black, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Black, J.[John]: john black AT asu edu
* Bridging the gaps between cameras
* DSP-based system for the detection of vehicles parked in prohibited areas, A
* Multi Camera Image Tracking
* Multi view image surveillance and tracking
* real time surveillance system for metropolitan railways, A
* Systematic Requirements Analysis and Development of an Assistive Device to Enhance the Social Interaction of People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, A
* Texture Characterization for Joint Compression and Classification Based on Human Perception in the Wavelet Domain
* Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Person-Specific Gabor Feature Detectors for Face Indexing and Recognition
* Validation of blind region learning and tracking
Includes: Black, J.[John] Black, Jr., J.[John] Black, J. Black, J.[James]
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Black, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Method for Evaluating the Performance of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems Based on Subjectively Determined Similarity between Images, A
* method for evaluating the performance of content-based image retrieval systems, A
* Note-Taker: An assistive technology that allows students who are legally blind to take notes in the classroom, The
Includes: Black, J.A.[John A.] Black, Jr., J.A.[John A.]

Black, K. Co Author Listing * Type Classification of Fingerprints

Black, M. Co Author Listing * Detailed, Accurate, Human Shape Estimation from Clothed 3D Scan Sequences
* On the Atmospheric Correction of Antarctic Airborne Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Black, M. Black, M.[Martin]

Black, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Black, M.J.[Michael J.]: black AT cs brown edu
* 2D Human Body Model Dressed in Eigen Clothing, A
* 3D Human Limb Detection using Space Carving and Multi-View Eigen Models
* 3D Menagerie: Modeling the 3D Shape and Pose of Animals
* Adaptive Appearance Model Approach for Model-based Articulated Object Tracking, An
* Analysis of Gesture and Action in Technical Talks
* Apparatus and method for identifying and tracking objects with view-based representations
* Apparatus and method for recognizing facial expressions and facial gestures in a sequence of images
* Apparatus and method for tracking facial motion through a sequence of images
* Automatic Detection and Tracking of Human Motion with a View-Based Representation
* Bayesian Inference of Visual Motion Boundaries
* Bayesian population coding of motor cortical activity using a Kalman filter
* Cardboard people: a parameterized model of articulated image motion
* Combining intensity and motion for incremental segmentation and tracking over long image sequences
* Computational and Evolutionary Perspective on the Role of Representation in Vision, A
* Constraints for the Early Detection of Discontinuity from Motion
* Contour people: A parameterized model of 2D articulated human shape
* Coregistration: Simultaneous Alignment and Modeling of Articulated 3D Shape
* Database and Evaluation Methodology for Optical Flow, A
* Deep Representation Learning for Human Motion Prediction and Classification
* Denoising Archival Films using a Learned Bayesian Model
* Dense Estimation of Motion and Appearance in Layers, The
* Design and Use of Linear Models for Image Motion Analysis
* Detailed Full-Body Reconstructions of Moving People from Monocular RGB-D Sequences
* Detailed Human Shape and Pose from Images
* Dynamic Coupled Component Analysis
* Dynamic FAUST: Registering Human Bodies in Motion
* Edges as Outliers: Anisotropic Smoothing using Local Image Statistics
* Efficient Belief Propagation with Learned Higher-Order Markov Random Fields
* Efficient sparse-to-dense optical flow estimation using a learned basis and layers
* EigenTracking: Robust Matching and Tracking of Articulated Objects Using a View-Based Representation
* Estimating Human Pose with Flowing Puppets
* Estimating Human Shape and Pose from a Single Image
* Estimating Optical-Flow in Segmented Images Using Variable-Order Parametric Models with Local Deformations
* Explaining Optical Flow Events with Parameterized Spatio-temporal Models
* FAUST: Dataset and Evaluation for 3D Mesh Registration
* Fields of Experts
* Fields of Experts: A Framework for Learning Image Priors
* Flow-Based Approach to Vehicle Detection and Background Mosaicking in Airborne Video, A
* FlowCap: 2D Human Pose from Optical Flow
* Framework for Modeling Appearance Change in Image Sequences, A
* Framework for Modeling the Appearance of 3D Articulated Figures, A
* Framework for Robust Subspace Learning, A
* Framework for the Robust Estimation of Optical Flow, A
* From Pictorial Structures to deformable structures
* Fully-Connected Layered Model of Foreground and Background Flow, A
* Gibbs likelihoods for Bayesian tracking
* Grassmann Averages for Scalable Robust PCA
* Guest Editorial: Computational Vision at Brown
* Guest Editorial: State of the Art in Image- and Video-Based Human Pose and Motion Estimation
* Home 3D body scans from noisy image and range data
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset and Baseline Algorithm for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* Image segmentation using robust mixture models
* Image statistics and anisotropic diffusion
* Implicit Probabilistic Models of Human Motion for Synthesis and Tracking
* Intrinsic Depth: Improving Depth Transfer with Intrinsic Images
* Intrinsic Video
* Keep It SMPL: Automatic Estimation of 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Single Image
* Layered Motion Representation with Occlusion and Compact Spatial Support, A
* Layered segmentation and optical flow estimation over time
* Learning from Synthetic Humans
* Learning Image Statistics for Bayesian Tracking
* Learning Optical Flow
* Learning Parameterized Models of Image Motion
* Learning the Statistics of People in Images and Video
* Lessons and Insights from Creating a Synthetic Optical Flow Benchmark
* Lie Bodies: A Manifold Representation of 3D Human Shape
* Loose-limbed People: Estimating 3D Human Pose and Motion Using Non-parametric Belief Propagation
* Measure Locally, Reason Globally: Occlusion-sensitive Articulated Pose Estimation
* Mixture Models for Optical Flow Computation
* Model for the Detection of Motion over Time, A
* Model Transport: Towards Scalable Transfer Learning on Manifolds
* Model-based anthropometry: Predicting measurements from 3D human scans in multiple poses
* Modeling and decoding motor cortical activity using a switching Kalman filter
* Modeling Blurred Video with Layers
* Motion Feature Detection Using Steerable Flow Fields
* Naked Truth: Estimating Body Shape Under Clothing, The
* Naturalistic Open Source Movie for Optical Flow Evaluation, A
* Occlusion Boundary Detection via Deep Exploration of Context
* On Human Motion Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks
* On the Spatial Statistics of Optical Flow
* On The Unification of Line Processes, Outlier Rejection, and Robust Statistics with Applications in Early Vision
* On the variability of manual spike sorting
* OpenDR: An Approximate Differentiable Renderer
* Optical Flow Estimation Using a Spatial Pyramid Network
* Optical Flow Estimation with Channel Constancy
* Optical Flow in Mostly Rigid Scenes
* Optical Flow with Semantic Segmentation and Localized Layers
* Outlier Process: Unifying Line Processes and Robust Statistics, The
* Parameterized Modeling and Recognition of Activities
* Patches, Planes and Probabilities: A Non-Local Prior for Volumetric 3D Reconstruction
* PLAYBOT: A Visually-Guided Robot for Physically Disabled Children
* Pose-conditioned joint angle limits for 3D human pose reconstruction
* Predicting 3D People from 2D Pictures
* Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Motion Boundaries
* Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Motion Discontinuities
* Probabilistic Framework for Matching Temporal Trajectories: CONDENSATION-Based Recognition of Gestures and Expressions, A
* Quantitative Analysis of Current Practices in Optical Flow Estimation and the Principles Behind Them, A
* Quantitative Evaluation of Video-based 3D Person Tracking, A
* Recognizing Facial Expressions in Image Sequences Using Local Parameterized Models of Image Motion
* Recognizing Human Motion using Parameterized Models of Optical Flow
* Recognizing Temporal Trajectories Using the CONDENSATION Algorithm
* Reconstruction and Purpose: Response
* Recursive Non-Linear Estimation of Discontinuous Flow Fields
* Representing cyclic human motion using functional analysis
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion and Sharpening of Scalar and Vector Images
* Robust Dynamic Motion Estimation Over Time
* Robust Estimation of Multiple Motions: Affine and Piecewise-Smooth Flow-Fields, The
* Robust Estimation of Multiple Motions: Parametric and Piecewise-Smooth Flow-Fields, The
* Robust Estimation of Multiple Surface Shapes from Occluded Textures
* Robust Incremental Optical Flow
* Robust Parameterized Component Analysis
* Robust Parameterized Component Analysis: Theory and Applications to 2D Facial Appearance Models
* Robust Principal Component Analysis for Computer vision
* Robustly Estimating Changes in Image Appearance
* Scalable Robust Principal Component Analysis Using Grassmann Averages
* Secrets of optical flow estimation and their principles
* Semantic Multi-view Stereo: Jointly Estimating Objects and Voxels
* Shape- and Pose-Invariant Correspondences Using Probabilistic Geodesic Surface Embedding
* Shining a Light on Human Pose: On Shadows, Shading and the Estimation of Pose and Shape
* Skin and Bones: Multi-layer, Locally Affine, Optical Flow and Regularization with Transparency
* Slow Flow: Exploiting High-Speed Cameras for Accurate and Diverse Optical Flow Reference Data
* Specular Flow and the Recovery of Surface Structure
* Steerable Random Fields
* stitched puppet: A graphical model of 3D human shape and pose, The
* Stochastic Tracking of 3D Human Figures using 2D Image Motion
* Summary of Videotaped Presentations: Automatic-Analysis of Motion and Gesture
* Towards Understanding Action Recognition
* Tracking and Recognizing Rigid and Non-Rigid Facial Motions Using Local Parametric Models of Image Motion
* Tracking loose-limbed people
* Tracking people interacting with objects
* Unite the People: Closing the Loop Between 3D and 2D Human Representations
* Video Segmentation via Object Flow
Includes: Black, M.J.[Michael J.] Black, M.J. Black, M.J.[Michael Julian]
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Black, N. Co Author Listing * Identification of Choroidal Neovascularisation on Fluorescein Angiograms Using Gradient Vector Flow Active Contours

Black, N.D. Co Author Listing * Second-Generation Image-Coding: An Overview
* Wavelet-based nonlinear AGC method for hearing aid loudness compensation

Black, N.F. Co Author Listing * Experimental Comparison of Lesion Detectability for Four Fully-3D PET Reconstruction Schemes

Black, P. Co Author Listing * integrated visualization system for surgical planning and guidance using image fusion and an open MR, An

Black, P.C. Co Author Listing * Statistical Biomechanical Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions

Black, T.A. Co Author Listing * Modeling Gross Primary Production for Sunlit and Shaded Canopies Across an Evergreen and a Deciduous Site in Canada
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
* Soil respiration mapped by exclusively use of MODIS data for forest landscapes of Saskatchewan, Canada
* Using Stochastic Ray Tracing to Simulate a Dense Time Series of Gross Primary Productivity
Includes: Black, T.A. Black, T.A.[T. Andrew]

Black, W. Co Author Listing * General-Purpose Follower for Line-Structured Data, A

Blackall, J.M. Co Author Listing * Alignment of sparse freehand 3-D ultrasound with preoperative images of the liver using models of respiratory motion and deformation
* study of the motion and deformation of the heart due to respiration, A
* Tracking Liver Motion Using 3-D Ultrasound and a Surface-Based Statistical Shape Model

Blackband, S.J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Interlaced Multi-Shell Sampling Scheme for Reconstruction of Diffusion Propagators, An

Blackbourn, R. Co Author Listing * Using a Combined Stereo/Temporal Matcher to Determine Ego-motion

Blackburn, D. Co Author Listing * FRVT 2002: Overview and Summary

Blackburn, D.M. Co Author Listing * Face recognition vendor test 2002
* Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 Performance Metrics

Blackburn, G.A. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 MSI Data

Blackburn, J.[Jaron] Co Author Listing * Human Motion Recognition Using Isomap and Dynamic Time Warping
* Two-dimensional geometric lifting
Includes: Blackburn, J.[Jaron] Blackburn, J.[Joshua]

Blackburn, L.[Landen] Co Author Listing * Potential Benefits of Combining Anomaly Detection with View Planning for UAV Infrastructure Modeling

Blackburn, M.R.[Michael R.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Visual Control of a Mobile Robot
* Learning in Robot Vision Directed Reaching: A Comparison of Methods
* Robotic Sensor-Motor Transformations

Blackett, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Early Analysis of Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor Imagery of Volcanic Activity

Blackford, E.B. Co Author Listing * Impact of Video Compression on Remote Cardiac Pulse Measurement Using Imaging Photoplethysmography, The

Blackman, B. Co Author Listing * Tracking sunflower circumnutation using affine parametric active contours

Blackmore, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Swept Volumes via Lie Groups and Differential Equations

Blackmore, T.A. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Satellite Radiance Biases Using NWP Models

Blacknell, D. Co Author Listing * Extracting information from shadows in SAR imagery

Blacksberg, J. Co Author Listing * Fast Classification Scheme in Raman Spectroscopy for the Identification of Mineral Mixtures Using a Large Database With Correlated Predictors, A

Blackshaw, R.E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Segmentation: Artificial Neural Network Classification of High Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery for Site-Specific Herbicide Management in Agriculture

Blackwell, C. Co Author Listing * Identifying the writer of ancient inscriptions and Byzantine codices. A novel approach
* New mathematical and algorithmic schemes for pattern classification with application to the identification of writers of important ancient documents

Blackwell, C.A. Co Author Listing * Compendium of Redundancy Removal Processes

Blackwell, F.W. Co Author Listing * Image Correlation: Part I
* Image Correlation: Part II Theoretical Basis

Blackwell, K.T. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Edge Detection and Feature Binding: An Integrated Approach
* new approach to hand-written character recognition, A

Blackwell, M.K. Co Author Listing * Image Guided Navigation System for Accurate Alignment in Total Hip Replacement Surgery, An
* Towards More Capable and Less Invasive Robotic Surgery in Orthopaedics
* Uranus Mobile Robot, The

Blackwell, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Making the Geoweb truly participatory: the development of Geolive

Blackwell, W.J. Co Author Listing * Foreword to the Special Issue on Radio Frequency Interference: Identification, Mitigation, and Impact Assessment
* Overview of Intercalibration of Satellite Instruments
* Radiometer Calibration Using Colocated GPS Radio Occultation Measurements

Blade, E.[Ernest] Co Author Listing * Envisat/ASAR Images for the Calibration of Wind Drag Action in the Doñana Wetlands 2D Hydrodynamic Model
Includes: Blade, E.[Ernest] Bladé, E.[Ernest]

Blaer, P. Co Author Listing * AVENUE: Automated site modeling in urban environments
* Design, Architecture, and Control of a Mobile Site Modeling Robot

Blaer, P.S.[Paul S.] Co Author Listing * Two Stage View Planning for Large-Scale Site Modeling

Blaes, X. Co Author Listing * Estimate yield at parcel level from S2 time serie in sub-Saharan smallholder farming systems
* Quantifying Fertilizer Application Response Variability with VHR Satellite NDVI Time Series in a Rainfed Smallholder Cropping System of Mali
Includes: Blaes, X. Blaes, X.[Xavier]

Blaesius, K.H. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Document Analysis

Blaettermann, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient Fine Granular Scalable Video Coding

Blaffert, T. Co Author Listing * Laplace Integral for a Watershed Segmentation, The
* Multiscale Contrast Enhancement for Radiographies: Laplacian Pyramid versus Fast Wavelet Transform
* Recognition of Anatomically Relevant Objects with Binary Partition Trees

Blaha, M.[Maros] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Semantic 3D Reconstruction: An Adaptive Multi-resolution Model for Multi-class Volumetric Labeling
* On the Role of Representations for Reasoning in Large-Scale Urban Scenes
* Semantically Informed Multiview Surface Refinement
Includes: Blaha, M.[Maros] Bláha, M.[Maroš] Bláha, M.

Blaha, S.[Svatopluk] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the effectiveness of features selected by discriminant analysis methods
* Multistage Pattern Recognition with Reject Option
Includes: Blaha, S.[Svatopluk] Bláha, S.[Svatopluk] Blaha, S.

Blaho, M.[Miklos] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of sun localization in the second step of sky-polarimetric Viking navigation for north determination: a planetarium experiment

Blahova, J. Co Author Listing * influence of short-term memory in subjective image quality assessment, The
Includes: Blahova, J. Blahová, J.

Blahusch, G. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Curvature of Field for Depth from Focus

Blahut, R.E. Co Author Listing * Information-Theoretic Image-Formation

Blaikie, A. Co Author Listing * Synthesising Wider Field Images from Narrow-Field Retinal Video Acquired Using a Low-Cost Direct Ophthalmoscope (Arclight) Attached to a Smartphone

Blain, C.[Camilla] Co Author Listing * Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Multiple-Class Multiple-Kernel Learning for Neuroimaging Data

Blain, M.E.[Mary E.] Co Author Listing * comparison of vector quantization techniques in transform and subband coding of imagery, A

Blaiotta, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Variational inference for medical image segmentation

Blair, C.G. Co Author Listing * Video Anomaly Detection in Real Time on a Power-Aware Heterogeneous Platform

Blair, I. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Contrast Measures and Clutter Distribution Determinants of Human Target Detection

Blair, J.B. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Canopy Layering in Forested Ecosystems Using Full Waveform Lidar
* Validation of SRTM Elevations Over Vegetated and Non-vegetated Terrain Using Medium-Footprint Lidar
Includes: Blair, J.B. Blair, J.B.[J. Bryan]

Blair, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * DSP Approach to the Design of Nonlinear Optical Devices

Blair, S.L. Co Author Listing * Extended Lifetime In Vivo Pulse Stimulated Ultrasound Imaging

Blair, S.R.[Stuart R.] Co Author Listing * Data management for rotated sampled images

Blair, W.D. Co Author Listing * IMM Algorithms and Aperiodic Data, The
* IMM Algorithms for Tracking Targets that Maneuver Through Coordinated Turns
* Tracking Maneuvering Targets with Multiple Sensors: Does More Data Always Mean Better Estimates?

Blais, F. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D acquisition of freely moving objects
* Characterizing the impact of optically induced blurring of a high-resolution phase-shift 3D scanner
* Detection of Depth and Orientation Discontinuities in Range Images Using Mathematical Morphology
* Digital 3D imaging system for rapid response on remote sites
* Efficient representation of the variant PSF of structured light system
* High Resolution Projector for 3D Imaging
* Model-Based Calibration of a Range Camera
* Object Model Creation From Multiple Range Images
* Optimized position sensors for flying-spot active triangulation systems
* Position sensitive light spot detector
* Range Image Segmentation, Free Space Determination, and Position Estimate for a Mobile Vehicle
* Range Imaging Sensors Development at NRC Laboratories
* Real world modelling through high resolution digital 3D imaging of objects and structures
* Real-time geometrical tracking and pose estimation using laser triangulation and photogrammetry
* Recent Developments in 3D Multi-modal Laser Imaging Applied to Cultural Heritage
* Recursive model optimization using ICP and free moving 3D data acquisition
* review of 20 years of range sensor development, A
* Sensors and Algorithms for the Construction of Digital 3-D Colour Models of Real Objects
Includes: Blais, F. Blais, F.[François] Blais, F.[Francois]
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Blais, G. Co Author Listing * Registering Multiview Range Data to Create 3D Computer Objects

Blais, P. Co Author Listing * bag of words approach for semantic segmentation of monitored scenes, A

Blake, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Blake, A.[Andrew]: ablake AT microsoft com
* Accurate, Real-Time, Unadorned Lip Tracking
* Active Contours: The Application of Techniques from Graphics, Vision, Control Theory and Statistics to Visual Tracking of Shapes in Motion
* Active Vision
* Affine-Invariant Contour Tracking with Automatic Control of Spatiotemporal Scale
* Articulated Body Motion Capture by Annealed Particle Filtering
* Bayesian color constancy revisited
* Bayesian Object Localisation in Images
* Bi-Layer Segmentation of Binocular Stereo Video
* Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video
* Boundary Conditions for Lightness Computation in Mondrian World
* Branch-and-Mincut: Global Optimization for Image Segmentation with High-Level Priors
* C-Conditional Density Propagation for Visual Tracking
* Classification of Human Body Motion
* Comparison of the Efficiency of Deterministic and Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Reconstruction
* Computational Modelling of Hand-Eye Coordination
* Computationally Efficient Face Detection
* Computer Tracking of Tagged H MR Images for Motion Analysis
* Computing Lightness
* Contour Tracking by Stochastic Propagation of Conditional Density
* Contour-Based Learning for Object Detection
* Cosegmentation of Image Pairs by Histogram Matching: Incorporating a Global Constraint into MRFs
* Dense Stereo Matching over the Panum Band
* Design for a Visual-Motion Transducer, A
* Detecting Specular Reflection Using Lambertian Constraints
* Digital Tapestry
* Dynamic Analysis of Apparent Contours, The
* Efficient Dense Stereo with Occlusions for New View-Synthesis by Four-State Dynamic Programming
* Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Efficiently Combining Contour and Texture Cues for Object Recognition
* Eliciting qualitative structure from image curve deformations
* Epipolar geometry for trinocular active range-sensors
* Error-Tolerant Visual Planning of Planar Grasp
* Exploiting shadows in a visual, hand-driven user interface
* Framework for Spatiotemporal Control in the Tracking of Visual Contours, A
* Fusion Moves for Markov Random Field Optimization
* Gaze manipulation for one-to-one teleconferencing
* Geodesic star convexity for interactive image segmentation
* Geometry from Specularities
* GeoS: Geodesic Image Segmentation
* Grasping the Apparent Contour
* Grasping Visual Symmetry
* Guest Editorial: Computer Vision Research at Microsoft Corporation
* HMM-Based Segmentation Method for Traffic Monitoring Movies, An
* ICONDENSATION: Unifying Low-Level and High-Level Tracking in a Stochastic Framework
* Image Divergence and Deformation from Closed Curves
* Image Segmentation by Branch-and-Mincut
* Information Available to a Moving Observer from Specularities, The
* Integrated tracking with vision and sound
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using an Adaptive GMMRF Model
* Introduction to Active Contours and Visual Dynamics
* Invariant Surface Reconstruction Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* Isoperimetric Normalization of Planar Curves
* JetStream: Probabilistic Contour Extraction with Particles
* Knowledge Source for Describing Stereoscopically Viewed Textured Surfaces
* Learning and Classification of Complex Dynamics
* Learning Dynamics of Complex Motions from Image Sequences
* Learning priors for calibrating families of stereo cameras
* Learning to Track the Visual-Motion of Contours
* Least Disturbance Principle amd Weak Constraints, The
* Localizing Discontinuities Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* LogCut: Efficient Graph Cut Optimization for Markov Random Fields
* Mixed-State Condensation Tracker with Automatic Model-Switching, A
* Motion Deblurring and Super-Resolution from an Image Sequence
* Multiscale Categorical Object Recognition Using Contour Fragments
* Novel Approach to Motion Segmentation, A
* Object Localization by Bayesian Correlation
* On compositional Image Alignment, with an application to Active Appearance Models
* Panum Proxy Algorithm for Dense Stereo Matching over a Volume of Interest, The
* Parallel Implementation of Lagrangian Dynamics for Real-time Snakes
* Planar Region Detection and Motion Recovery
* Poisson Image Editing
* Poisson image editing
* Practical Method for Estimation of Point Light-Sources, A
* Probabilistic Background Model for Tracking, A
* Probabilistic Contour Discriminant for Object Localisation, A
* Probabilistic Exclusion Principle for Tracking Multiple Objects, A
* Probabilistic exemplar-based pattern tracking
* Probabilistic Fusion of Stereo with Color and Contrast for Bi-Layer Segmentation
* Probabilistic Tracking in a Metric Space
* Probabilistic Tracking with Exemplars in a Metric Space
* Quantitative Planar Region Detection
* Rapid Summarisation and Browsing of Video Sequences
* Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
* Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications
* Real-time tracking of surfaces with structured light
* Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
* Real-Time Visual Tracking for Surveillance and Path Planning
* Reconstructing a Visible Surface
* Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
* Relaxation Labeling: The Principle of Least Disturbance
* Robust Contour Tracking in Echocardiographic Sequences
* Robust ego-motion estimation
* Robust Estimation of Egomotion from Normal Flow
* Robust Estimation of Surface Curvature from Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Robust Real Time Tracking and Classification of Facial Expressions
* Separability of Pose and Expression in Facial Tracing and Animation
* Sequential Monte Carlo Fusion of Sound and Vision for Speaker Tracking
* Shape from Texture: Estimation, Isotropy and Moments
* Shape from Texture: The Homogeneity Hypothesis
* Smoothing Filter for CONDENSATION, A
* Sparse and Semi-supervised Visual Mapping with the S^3GP
* Sparse Bayesian Learning for Efficient Visual Tracking
* Sparse Finite Element Level-Sets for Anisotropic Boundary Detection in 3D Images
* Sparse Finite Elements for Geodesic Contours with Level-Sets
* sparse probabilistic learning algorithm for real-time tracking, A
* Spatial dependence in the observation of visual contours
* Specular Stereo
* SPS algorithm: patching figural continuity and transparency by split-patch search, The
* Statistical Background Modelling for Tracking with a Virtual Camera
* Statistical Feature Modelling for Active Contours
* Statistical Foreground Modelling for Object Localisation
* Statistical Learning of Multi-view Face Detection
* Statistical Models of Visual Shape and Motion
* Statistical Mosaics for Tracking
* Stereo vision and segmentation
* Surface Descriptions from Stereo and Shading
* Surface Orientation and Time to Contact from Image Divergence and Deformation
* Surface Shape from the Deformation of Apparent Contours
* Towards a Complete Dense Geometric and Photometric Reconstruction under Varying Pose and Illumination
* Towards Improved Observation Models for Visual Tracking: Selective Adaptation
* Towards qualitative vision: motion parallax
* Towards the automatic analysis of complex human body motions
* Tracking through Singularities and Discontinuities by Random Sampling
* Trinocular Active Range-Sensing
* Using Expectation-Maximisation to Learn a Dynamical Model for a Tracker from Measurement Sequences
* Using Expectation-Maximisation to Learn Dynamical Models from Visual Data
* Virtual image artifact detection
* Virtual image generation
* Visual Reconstruction
Includes: Blake, A.[Andrew] Blake, A.
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Blake, B. Co Author Listing * What Is The Future Of Metric Heritage Documentation And Its Skills?

Blake, E.[Edwin] Co Author Listing * Using Visualizations to Support Design and Debugging in Virtual Reality

Blake, E.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive spline-wavelet image encoding and real-time synthesis

Blake, I.F. Co Author Listing * On the Performance of Fractal Compression with Clustering

Blake, M.[Madison] Co Author Listing * User-Independent and Sensor-Tolerant Wearable Activity Classifier, A

Blake, M.B. Co Author Listing * IGSTK: an open source software toolkit for image-guided surgery

Blake, P.L. Co Author Listing * Quantitative fusion of performance results from actual and simulated image data

Blake, R. Co Author Listing * Anisotropies in Visual Motion Perception: A Fresh Look

Blake, R.A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Langley and NASA-GISS Calibration Techniques for MFRSR Aerosol Retrieval

Blake, R.E.[Richard E.] Co Author Listing * Convergent matching for model-based computer vision
* Experiments in dynamic programming inference of Markov networks with strings representing speech data
* Partitioning Graph Matching with Constraints
* Software support for the construction of syntactic pattern recognisers by a research engineer
Includes: Blake, R.E.[Richard E.] Blake, R.E.

Blake, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * 6DOF calibration of a camera with respect to the wrist of a 5-axis machine tool
* New Microslice Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging
Includes: Blake, S.[Stephen] Blake, S.

Blake, S.L. Co Author Listing * Efficient techniques for two-layer coding of video sequences

Blakeley, N.D. Co Author Listing * Image Recovery from Irregularly Located Spectral Samples
* Recovery of limited-extent images aliased because of spectral undersampling
Includes: Blakeley, N.D. Blakeley, N.D.[Nicholas D.]

Blakely, V.R.[Victoria R.] Co Author Listing * Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions

Blakemore, A. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphic Modeling of American Sign Language

Blakey, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Exploring rooftop photovoltaic cell feasibility through web-GIS

Blakey, T.[Tara] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification of Benthic Reflectance in Shallow Subtropical Waters Using a Generalized Pixel-Based Classifier across a Time Series

Blakley, D.R.[Daniel R.] Co Author Listing * Using the vectorcardiogram to remove ECG noise

Blanc Feraud, L.[Laure] Co Author Listing * A/1-Unified Variational Framework for Image Restoration
* Adaptive Gaussian Model for Satellite Image Deblurring, An
* Continuous Exact L_0 Penalty (CEL0) for Least Squares Regularized Problem, A
* contrast equalization procedure for change detection algorithms: Applications to remotely sensed images of urban areas, A
* Detecting Codimension: Two Objects in an Image with Ginzburg-Landau Models
* Detection and Completion of Filaments: A Vector Field and PDE Approach
* deterministic algorithm for edge-preserving computed imaging using Legendre transform, A
* Deterministic Edge-Preserving Regularization in Computed Imaging
* Estimation of Adaptive Parameters for Satellite Image Deconvolution
* Formal Gamma-Convergence Approach For The Detection of Points in 2-D Images, A
* Gamma-convergence of discrete functionals with non convex perturbation for image classification
* Hyperparameter estimation for satellite image restoration using a MCMC maximum-likelihood method
* Image Decomposition Application to SAR Images
* Image Decomposition into a Bounded Variation Component and an Oscillating Component
* Image decomposition: application to textured images and SAR images
* Image disocclusion using a probabilistic gradient orientation
* Level Set Model for Image Classification, A
* Mathematical Statement to One Dimensional Phase Unwrapping: A Variational Approach
* Microwave Imaging: Reconstructions from Experimental-Data Using Conjugate-Gradient and Enhancement by Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Motion-based segmentation by means of active contours
* Nonlinear image processing: modeling and fast algorithm for regularization with edge detection
* Nonlinear Regularization Using Constrained Edges in Image Reconstruction
* On The Illumination Invariance Of The Level Lines Under Directed Light: Application To Change Detection
* Poisson statistic and half-quadratic regularization for emission tomography reconstruction algorithm
* Satellite Image Deblurring Using Complex Wavelet Packets
* Satellite Image Deconvolution Using Complex Wavelet Packets
* Segmentation and Edge-Preserving Restoration
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Restoration Using a Variational Approach
* Some Remarks on the Equivalence between 2D and 3D Classical Snakes and Geodesic Active Contours
* Space Variant Blind Image Restoration
* Sparse Poisson Noisy Image Deblurring
* Sparse reconstruction from Multiple-Angle Total Internal Reflection fluorescence Microscopy
* Supervised classification for textured images
* Two constrained formulations for deblurring Poisson noisy images
* Two deterministic half-quadratic regularization algorithms for computed imaging
* Two Variational Models for Multispectral Image Classification
* Unsupervised deconvolution of satellite images
* Variational Approach for Edge-Preserving Regularization Using Coupled PDEs
* variational approach to one dimensional phase unwrapping, A
* Variational Model for Image Classification and Restoration, A
* Wavelet-based level set evolution for classification of textured images
Includes: Blanc Feraud, L.[Laure] Blanc-Féraud, L.[Laure] Blanc-Feraud, L.[Laure] Blanc-Feraud, L. Blanc-Féraud, L.
41 for Blanc Feraud, L.

Blanc Firaud, L. Co Author Listing * Filtering interferometric phase images by anisotropic diffusion
Includes: Blanc Firaud, L. Blanc-Firaud, L.

Blanc Kalray, F. Co Author Listing * Demo: MPPA: manycore processor towards future ADAS system solutions

Blanc Talon, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * email: Blanc Talon, J.[Jacques]: mirage blanc-talon AT club-internet fr
* Are Multifractal Multipermuted Multinomial Measures Good Enough for Unsupervised Image Segmentation?
* Atmospheric Turbulence Effects Removal on Infrared Sequences Degraded by Local Isoplanatism
* Compressive Pattern Matching on Multispectral Data
* Game-Theoretic Analysis of a Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme Based on SCS
* Imaging and Vision Systems: Theory, Assessment and Applications
* Improvement of Classification Using a Joint Spectral Dimensionality Reduction and Lower Rank Spatial Approximation for Hyperspectral Images
* Main flattening directions and Quadtree decomposition for multi-way Wiener filtering
* Metric tensor for multicomponent edge detection
* Minimum Dispersion Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Unmix Hyperspectral Data
* Multidimensional Noise Removal Based on Fourth Order Cumulants
* Multidimensional Noise Removal Method Based on Best Flattening Directions
* Multidimensional Noise Removal Method Based on PARAFAC Decomposition
* Multiway Filtering Applied on Hyperspectral Images
* Reduced selective encryption of intra and inter frames of H.264/AVC using psychovisual metrics
* Restoration of Videos Degraded by Local Isoplanatism Effects in the Near-Infrared Domain
* Robust Target Detection by Spatial/Spectral Restoration Based on Tensor Modelling
* Simultaneous Inpainting and Motion Estimation of Highly Degraded Video-Sequences
Includes: Blanc Talon, J.[Jacques] Blanc-Talon, J.[Jacques] Blanc-Talon, J.
18 for Blanc Talon, J.

Blanc, A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Behavior of Joint Least-Square Estimation in the Phase Diversity Context

Blanc, A.P. Co Author Listing * Geometric Invariant Shape Representations Using Morphological Multiscale Analysis

Blanc, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Handling missing weak classifiers in boosted cascade: application to multiview and occluded face detection
* multi-cue spatio-temporal framework for automatic frontal face clustering in video sequences., A
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking in an Urban Environment Using a Multilayer Laser Scanner
* SLAM process using Polynomial Extended Kalman Filter: Experimental assessment
* Using k-nearest neighbors to handle missing weak classifiers in a boosted cascade
Includes: Blanc, C.[Christophe] Blanc, C.

Blanc, J.[Juliette] Co Author Listing * Smart road that warns its network manager when it begins cracking
* Towards Fast and Realistic Image Synthesis from Real Views
Includes: Blanc, J.[Juliette] Blanc, J.

Blanc, K. Co Author Listing * Singlets: Multi-resolution Motion Singularities for Soccer Video Abstraction

Blanc, L. Co Author Listing * use of Landsat time series for identification of forest degradation levels in the eastern Brazilian Amazon (Paragominas), The

Blanc, P. Co Author Listing * Method to Better Account for Modulation Transfer Functions in ARSIS-Based Pansharpening Methods, A
* Validation of the Surface Downwelling Solar Irradiance Estimates of the HelioClim-3 Database in Egypt
Includes: Blanc, P. Blanc, P.[Philippe]

Blanc, R. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Texture Stationarity Using the Asymptotic Behavior of the Empirical Mean and Variance
* Confidence Regions for Statistical Model Based Shape Prediction From Sparse Observations

Blanch, C. Co Author Listing * Generalized inpainting method for hyperspectral image acquisition

Blanch, S. Co Author Listing * UWB Tomographic Radar Imaging of Penetrable and Impenetrable Objects

Blanchard Lapierre, A.[Alexia] Co Author Listing * JDTDOA algorithm applied to signal recovery: a performance analysis, The
* Joint delay and direction of arrivals estimation in mobile communications
Includes: Blanchard Lapierre, A.[Alexia] Blanchard-Lapierre, A.[Alexia]

Blanchard, B. Co Author Listing * CueVideo: a system for cross-modal search and browse of video databases

Blanchard, C.[Chuck] Co Author Listing * Looktel: A comprehensive platform for computer-aided visual assistance

Blanchard, F. Co Author Listing * Connectivity feature extraction for spatio-functional clustering of fMRI data

Blanchard, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Early stopping for mutual information based feature selection
* Simple Extension of Stability Feature Selection, A
Includes: Blanchard, G.[Gilles] Blanchard, G.

Blanchard, J.D. Co Author Listing * Recovery Guarantees for Rank Aware Pursuits

Blanchard, S. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis of Downed Logs in Disturbed Forested Landscapes Using Lidar
* Terrestrial Remotely Sensed Imagery in Support of Public Health: New Avenues of Research Using Object-Based Image Analysis

Blanchart, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Cascaded active learning for object retrieval using multiscale coarse to fine analysis
* Local integrity constraints for structure detection and segmentation in high-resolution earth observation images

Blanchet, G. Co Author Listing * 2d Sub-pixel Disparity Measurement Using Qpec / Medicis
* Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB(R)
* Discarding moving objects in quasi-simultaneous stereovision
* Fattening Free Block Matching
* Linear Prefilter for Image Sampling with Ringing Artifact Control, A
* Measuring the Global Phase Coherence of an image
* Pansharpening by a nonlocal channel-decoupled variational method
* Pleiades HR in Flight Geometrical Calibration: Location and Mapping of The Focal Plane
* Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning
* Pleiades-HR Innovative Techniques For Radiometric Image Quality Commissioning
* Star-based Methods For Pleiades HR Commissioning
* survey of pansharpening methods with a new band-decoupled variational model, A
Includes: Blanchet, G. Blanchet, G.[Gerard] Blanchet, G.[Gwendoline]
12 for Blanchet, G.

Blanchet, J.[Juliette] Co Author Listing * Markov random fields for textures recognition with local invariant regions and their geometric relationships
* Triplet Markov Fields for the Classification of Complex Structure Data

Blanchette, D.[Damon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spectral Mapping for Real-time Dispersive Refraction

Blanchette, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An
* Multisensor Hough Transform and Logic-Based Track Initiation Techniques

Blanchfield, A.L. Co Author Listing * Method of Wavelength Selection and Spectral Discrimination of Hyperspectral Reflectance Spectrometry, A

Blanchfield, P. Co Author Listing * Hybrid De-Interlacing Algorithm Based on Motion Vector Reliability

Blanco del Campo, A. Co Author Listing * Traffic Surveillance System Based on a High-Resolution Radar
Includes: Blanco del Campo, A. Blanco-del-Campo, A.

Blanco Gonzalo, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Automatic usability and stress analysis in mobile biometrics
* Blind subjects faces database
* Performance evaluation of handwritten signature recognition in mobile environments
Includes: Blanco Gonzalo, R.[Ramon] Blanco-Gonzalo, R.[Ramon] Blanco-Gonzalo, R.

Blanco Sanchez, P. Co Author Listing * Synthesis, Construction, and Validation of a Fractal Surface
Includes: Blanco Sanchez, P. Blanco-Sanchez, P.

Blanco Velasco, M. Co Author Listing * P2P Multiuser Low-Cost Universal Solution for On-Demand GPS Positioning and Tracking in Large Environments
Includes: Blanco Velasco, M. Blanco-Velasco, M.

Blanco, A. Co Author Listing * Framework For Capacity Building In Mapping Coastal Resources Using Remote Sensing In The Philippines, A
* ReMagicMirror: Action Learning Using Human Reenactment with the Mirror Metaphor
Includes: Blanco, A. Blanco, A.[Ambrosio]

Blanco, A.C. Co Author Listing * 3DGIS-Based Multi-Agent Geosimulation and Visualization of Building Evacuation Using GAMA Platform
* Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability To Sea Level Rise of Bolinao, Pangasinan Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
* Extraction of Benthic Cover Information From Video Tows and Photographs Using Object-based Image Analysis
* Landsat-Based Detection and Severity Analysis of Burned Sugarcane Plots in Tarlac, Philippines Using Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR)
* Nationwide Natural Resource Inventory Of The Philippines Using Lidar: Strategies, Progress, And Challenges
* Rs-based Water Resources Inventory Of The Philippines: Capacity Building Efforts For Nationwide Implementation

Blanco, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Home Monitoring Musculo-skeletal Disorders with a Single 3D Sensor

Blanco, D. Co Author Listing * Compact Modeling Technique for Outdoor Navigation

Blanco, D.C.[David Cabaneros] Co Author Listing * OBEliSK: Novel Knowledgebase of Object Features and Exchange Strategies
Includes: Blanco, D.C.[David Cabaneros] Blanco, D.C.[David Cabañeros]

Blanco, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Collision Detection Through Deconstruction of Articulated Objects

Blanco, J.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Validation Of Grid Dem Generation Based On Gaussian Markov Random Field
* Efficient Closed-Form Solution to Probabilistic 6D Visual Odometry for a Stereo Camera, An
* New Method for Robust and Efficient Occupancy Grid-Map Matching, A
* Probabilistic Observation Model for Stereo Vision Systems: Application to Particle Filter-Based Mapping and Localization, A
Includes: Blanco, J.L. Blanco, J.L.[Jose-Luis] Blanco, J.L.[Jose Luis]

Blanco, P. Co Author Listing * Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study

Blanco, R.[Rolando] Co Author Listing * High performance location-based services in a main-memory database
* Information extraction from multimedia web documents: An open-source platform and testbed
Includes: Blanco, R.[Rolando] Blanco, R.[Roi]

Bland, G. Co Author Listing * Foreword to the Special Issue on Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) Sensing Systems for Earth Observations

Bland, P.A. Co Author Listing * Automated crater detection and counting using the hough transform

Bland, P.H. Co Author Listing * Application of robust sequential edge detection and linking to boundaries of low contrast lesions in medical images
* Construction of an abdominal probabilistic atlas and its application in segmentation
* Method for quantifying volumetric lesion change in interval liver CT examinations
* Retrospective Correction of MRI Amplitude Inhomogeneities

Blane, M.M.[Michael M.] Co Author Listing * 3L Algorithm for Fitting Implicit Polynomial Curves and Surfaces to Data, The
* 3L Fitting of Higher Degree Implicit Polynomials

Blanes, I. Co Author Listing * Analysis-Driven Lossy Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Cost and Scalability Improvements to the Karhunen-Loêve Transform for Remote-Sensing Image Coding
* Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Hyperspectral Image Processing: A Review of Their Benefits and Advantages
* Iso-range Pairwise Orthogonal Transform
* Lightweight Contextual Arithmetic Coder for On-Board Remote Sensing Data Compression, A
* Lossless Compression of Color Filter Array Mosaic Images With Visualization via JPEG 2000
* Mitigating discontinuities in segmented Karhunen-Loeve Transforms
* Pairwise Orthogonal Transform for Spectral Image Coding
* Progressive Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Quality evaluation of progressive lossy-to-lossless remote-sensing image coding
* Stationary model of probabilities for symbols emitted by bitplane image coders
Includes: Blanes, I. Blanes, I.[Ian]
11 for Blanes, I.

Blaney, D. Co Author Listing * AEGIS autonomous targeting for the Curiosity rover's ChemCam instrument

Blanford, R.P.[Ronald P.] Co Author Listing * Bright-Spot Detection in Pyramids
* Pyramid Machine Simulator for the Symbolics 3600, A
Includes: Blanford, R.P.[Ronald P.] Blanford, R.P.

Blank, M.[Moshe] Co Author Listing * Actions as Space-Time Shapes

Blank, V. Co Author Listing * Evaluating imaging quality of the offner hyperspectrometer

Blank, V.D. Co Author Listing * Computer visualization of pressure distribution and substance flow in diamond anvil cells

Blanke, M.[Mogens] Co Author Listing * Design of a Vision-Based Sensor for Autonomous Pig House Cleaning

Blanke, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * YaDiV: An open platform for 3D visualization and 3D segmentation of medical data

Blanke, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * I spy with my little eye: Learning optimal filters for cross-modal stereo under projected patterns
* Improving the Kinect by Cross-Modal Stereo
* Naturalistic Recognition of Activities and Mood Using Wearable Electronics
* tutorial on human activity recognition using body-worn inertial sensors, A
Includes: Blanke, U.[Ulf] Blanke, U.

Blanken, P.D.[Peter D.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the North American Great Lakes Turbulent Fluxes Using Satellite Remote Sensing and MERRA Reanalysis Data, The
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
* Remote Sensing of the North American Laurentian Great Lakes' Surface Temperature

Blankenbach, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D UWB radar super-resolution imaging for a bi-static antenna configuration

Blankenberg, L. Co Author Listing * Tight Integration of GNSS Post-processed Virtual Reference Station with Inertial Data for Increased Accuracy and Productivity of Airborne Mapping

Blankenburg, C. Co Author Listing * Parameter free torsion estimation of curves in 3D images

Blankenhorn, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * Determination of Suitable Areas for the Generation of Wind Energy in Germany: Potential Areas of the Present and Future

Blankenship, C.B. Co Author Listing * Assimilation of SMOS Retrievals in the Land Information System

Blankenship, D.D. Co Author Listing * Interferometric Approach to Cross-Track Clutter Detection in Two-Channel VHF Radar Sounders, An

Blankenship, G.C. Co Author Listing * In-picture search algorithm for content-based image retrieval
Includes: Blankenship, G.C. Blankenship, Jr., G.C.

Blankenship, M. Co Author Listing * Context-aware Analysis, Geovisualisation And Virtual Globes For Managing Earth Resources

Blankers, V.L.[Vivian L.] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2009 Signature Verification Competition

Blankertz, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Importance-Weighted Cross-Validation for Covariate Shift
* Neurally informed assessment of perceived natural texture image quality
* Toward a Direct Measure of Video Quality Perception Using EEG
Includes: Blankertz, B.[Benjamin] Blankertz, B.

Blanksby, A.J.[Andrew John] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for correcting fixed column noise in images acquired by a fingerprint sensor

Blanpied, G.S. Co Author Listing * Statistical Reconstruction for Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography

Blansche, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison between two coevolutionary feature weighting algorithms in clustering
* MACLAW: A modular approach for clustering with local attribute weighting
Includes: Blansche, A. Blansché, A.

Blanton, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Human and Automated Face Verification Accuracy on Unconstrained Image Sets, A
* IARPA Janus Benchmark-B Face Dataset
* Pushing the frontiers of unconstrained face detection and recognition: IARPA Janus Benchmark A
Includes: Blanton, A. Blanton, A.[Austin]

Blanton, K.A.[Keith A.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for sampling images to simulate movement within a multidimensional space

Blanton, W.B.[W. Brendan] Co Author Listing * Texture-Based Infrared Image Segmentation by Combined Merging and Partitioning

Blanz, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape and 2D Surface Textures of Human Faces: The Role of Averages in Attractiveness and Age
* Automated 3D Face Reconstruction from Multiple Images Using Quality Measures
* Automatic 3D face reconstruction from single images or video
* Component-Based Face Recognition with 3D Morphable Models
* Efficient and Robust Inverse Lighting of a Single Face Image Using Compressive Sensing
* Estimating Coloured 3-D Face Models from Single Images: An Example-Based Approach
* Exploration of the correlations of attributes and features in faces
* Face identification across different poses and illuminations with a 3D morphable model
* Face Identification by Fitting a 3D Morphable Model Using Linear Shape and Texture Error Functions
* Face Recognition based on a 3D Morphable Model
* Face recognition based on fitting a 3D morphable model
* Face Recognition Based on Frontal Views Generated from Non-Frontal Images
* Face Reconstruction from a Small Number of Feature Points
* Fast Face Detector Training Using Tailored Views
* Fitting a Morphable Model to 3D Scans of Faces
* Hallucination of facial details from degraded images using 3D face models
* Lighting design for portraits with a virtual light stage
* Method and apparatus for the processing of images
* morphable model for the synthesis of 3-D Faces, A
* Pose-insensitive nose detection in TOF-scans
* Realistic inverse lighting from a single 2D image of a face, taken under unknown and complex lighting
* Regularized 3D morphable models
* Self-Adapting Feature Layers
* statistical method for robust 3D surface reconstruction from sparse data, A
* To What Extent Do Unique Parts Influence Recognition Across Changes in Viewpoint
Includes: Blanz, V. Blanz, V.[Volker]
25 for Blanz, V.

Blanz, W.E. Co Author Listing * Combined Decision Theoretic and Syntactic Approach to Image Segmentation
* Connectionist Architectures in Low Level Image Segmentation
* connectionist classifier architecture applied to image segmentation, A
* Control Free, Low-Level Image Segmentation: Theory, Architecture, and Experimentation
* Design and Implementation of a Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture -- LISA
* Image Analysis Methods for Solder-Ball Inspection in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
* Image Segmentation by Pixel Classification
* Machine Vision Applications in Character Recognition and Industrial Inspection
* Nonparametric feature selection for multiple class processes
9 for Blanz, W.E.

Blanzieri, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * About Neighborhood Counting Measure Metric and Minimum Risk Metric
* Nearest Neighbor Classification of Remote Sensing Images With the Maximal Margin Principle
Includes: Blanzieri, E.[Enrico] Blanzieri, E.

Blas, M.R.[Morten Rufus] Co Author Listing * CenSurE: Center Surround Extremas for Realtime Feature Detection and Matching

Blasch, E. Co Author Listing * Bandelet transformation based image registration
* Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Combining Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Human Skin Detection
* Contourlet image preprocessing for enhanced control point selection in airborne image registration
* Covert photo classification by deep convolutional neural networks
* Emerging Trends in Persistent Surveillance Information Fusion
* Modified deconvolution using wavelet image fusion
* Moving object detection for vehicle tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery using 4D filtering
* Multi-resolution deblurring
* Multi-scale decomposition tool for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Objective Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms for Context Enhancement in Night Vision: A Comparative Study
* ROC curve analysis for validating objective image fusion metrics
* Simultaneous Trajectory Association and Clustering for Motion Segmentation
Includes: Blasch, E. Blasch, E.[Erik]
13 for Blasch, E.

Blasch, E.P.[Erik P.] Co Author Listing * cloud infrastructure for target detection and tracking using audio and video fusion, A
* container-based elastic cloud architecture for real-time full-motion video (FMV) target tracking, A
* Context-driven moving vehicle detection in wide area motion imagery
* Efficient Minimum Error Bounded Particle Resampling L1 Tracker with Occlusion Detection
* Encoding color information for visual tracking: Algorithms and benchmark
* Minimum error bounded efficient L1 tracker with occlusion detection
* Multi-source Multi-modal Activity Recognition in Aerial Video Surveillance
* non-cooperative long-range biometric system for maritime surveillance, A
* Real-Time Probabilistic Covariance Tracking With Efficient Model Update
* Unmanned Vehicles Come of Age: The DARPA Grand Challenge
* Video-based activity analysis using the L1 tracker on VIRAT data
* Visual Tracking Based on Log-Euclidean Riemannian Sparse Representation
* Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) exploitation tools for enhanced situation awareness
Includes: Blasch, E.P.[Erik P.] Blasch, E.P.
13 for Blasch, E.P.

Blasch, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * Organic Matter Modeling at the Landscape Scale Based on Multitemporal Soil Pattern Analysis Using RapidEye Data

Blaschke, C. Co Author Listing * Online Driver Distraction Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory

Blaschke, S. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Domain Optical Tomographic Imaging of Arthritic Finger Joints

Blaschke, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Are We in Boswash Yet? A Multi-Source Geodata Approach to Spatially Delimit Urban Corridors
* Automatic Geographic Object Based Mapping of Streambed and Riparian Zone Extent from LiDAR Data in a Temperate Rural Urban Environment, Australia
* Bridging Remote Sensing and GIS: Which are the main supportive pillars?
* Building Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanning Data: An Analysis of the State of the Art
* Collective Sensing: Integrating Geospatial Technologies to Understand Urban Systems: An Overview
* comparison of three image-object methods for the multiscale analysis of landscape structure, A
* Detecting informal settlements from QuickBird data in Rio de Janeiro using an object based approach
* Detection of Gully-Affected Areas by Applying Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) in the Region of Taroudannt, Morocco
* Developing a Semantic Model of Glacial Landforms for Objectbased Terrain Classification: The Example of Glacial Cirques
* Evaluation of Feature Selection Methods for Object-Based Land Cover Mapping of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery Using Random Forest and Support Vector Machine Classifiers
* Full GIS-Based Workflow for Tree Identification and Tree Crown Delineation using Laser Scanning, A
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: Towards a new paradigm
* Global Inventory of Urban Corridors Based on Perceptions and Night-Time Light Imagery, A
* Hierarchical Object Representation: Comparative Multi-Scale Mapping of Anthropogenic and Natural Features
* Is Spatial Resolution Critical in Urbanization Velocity Analysis? Investigations in the Pearl River Delta
* New Look at Public Services Inequality: The Consistency of Neighborhood Context and Citizens' Perception across Multiple Scales, A
* Object-Based Change Detection in Urban Areas: The Effects of Segmentation Strategy, Scale, and Feature Space on Unsupervised Methods
* Object-based Image Analysis Beyond Remote Sensing: The Human Perspective
* Object-Based Image Analysis: Spatial Concepts for Knowledge-Driven Remote Sensing Applications
* Object-Based Semantic Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Ontology, An
* Ontology-Based Classification of Building Types Detected from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Remote Sensing-Based Characterization of Settlement Structures for Assessing Local Potential of District Heat
* Urban Change Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image
Includes: Blaschke, T.[Thomas] Blaschke, T.
23 for Blaschke, T.

Blaschko, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Learning a category independent object detection cascade
* Learning equivariant structured output SVM regressors

Blaschko, M.B.[Matthew B.] Co Author Listing * Automatic In Situ Identification of Plankton
* Beyond sliding windows: Object localization by efficient subwindow search
* Branch and Bound Strategies for Non-maximal Suppression in Object Detection
* Combining Local and Global Image Features for Object Class Recognition
* Correlational spectral clustering
* Discriminative training of CRF models with probably submodular constraints
* Efficient Subwindow Search: A Branch and Bound Framework for Object Localization
* Encoder Based Lifelong Learning
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Structured Prediction and Inference
* Learning to Localize Objects with Structured Output Regression
* Multiple Kernel Learning Approach to Joint Multi-class Object Detection, A
* Non Maximal Suppression in Cascaded Ranking Models
* O(nlogn) Cutting Plane Algorithm for Structured Output Ranking, An
* Object Localization with Global and Local Context Kernels
* Semi-supervised kernel canonical correlation analysis with application to human fMRI
* Taxonomic Multi-class Prediction and Person Layout Using Efficient Structured Ranking
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
* Unsupervised Object Discovery: A Comparison
* Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Segmentation with Sparse Spectral-Clustering
Includes: Blaschko, M.B.[Matthew B.] Blaschko, M.B.
19 for Blaschko, M.B.

Blasco, J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Citrus Fruit Quality Using a Real-time Machine Vision System
* Development of a Computer Vision System for the Automatic Quality Grading of Mandarin Segments
* Magnetic resonance imaging detects seeds in mandarins
* new method to analyse mosaics based on Symmetry Group theory applied to Islamic Geometric Patterns, A
* Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images for the Detection of Rotten Mandarins
* Survey of Wearable Biometric Recognition Systems, A
* Virtual Coiling Technique for Image-Based Aneurysm Models by Dynamic Path Planning, A
Includes: Blasco, J. Blasco, J.[José] Blasco, J.[Jorge]
7 for Blasco, J.

Blasechi, V. Co Author Listing * Automating the Photogrammetric Bridging Based on MMS Image Sequence Processing

Blasen, E. Co Author Listing * Extension of no-reference deblurring methods through image fusion

Blaser, M. Co Author Listing * Improved higher order motion compensation in HEVC with block-to-block translational shift compensation
Includes: Blaser, M. Bläser, M. (Maybe also Blaeser, M.)

Blasi, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Assessment of PM10 and O3 Removal by Woody Vegetation at Urban and Regional Level

Blasi, S.G. Co Author Listing * Context adaptive mode sorting for fast HEVC mode decision
* Enhanced Inter-Prediction Via Shifting Transformation in the H.264/AVC
* Frequency-Domain Intra Prediction Analysis and Processing for High-Quality Video Coding
* HEVC encoder optimisations using adaptive coding unit visiting order
* Inter-prediction optimisations for fast HEVC encoding of ultra high definition content
* Inter-Prediction Optimizations for Video Coding Using Adaptive Coding Unit Visiting Order
* Masking of transformed intra-predicted blocks for high quality image and video coding
* Mode decision with enhanced inter-prediction in HEVC
Includes: Blasi, S.G. Blasi, S.G.[Saverio G.]
8 for Blasi, S.G.

Blasiak, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient wavelet coding of motion compensated prediction residuals
* Generalized Scalar Quantizer Design Using Dynamic Programming

Blasinski, H. Co Author Listing * Designing Illuminant Spectral Power Distributions for Surface Classification
* iterative algorithm for spectral estimation with spatial smoothing, An
* model for estimating spectral properties of water from RGB images, A
* Per-Colorant-Channel Color Barcodes for Mobile Applications: An Interference Cancellation Framework
Includes: Blasinski, H. Blasinski, H.[Henryk]

Blask, S.G.[Steven G.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous 3D Photogrammetric Approach to Airborne Video Geo-Registration, An

Blaskovics, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field model for extracting near-circular shapes, A

Blaskow, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis and correction of the dependency between laser scanner intensity values and range
* Potential Of UAV-based Laser Scanner And Multispectral Camera Data In Building Inspection
* UAV-Based Acquisition of 3D Point Cloud: A Comparison of a Low-Cost Laser Scanner and SFM-Tools

Blaslak, D. Co Author Listing * Motion filter vector quantization

Blass, M.[Micha] Co Author Listing * Online User Analysis Regarding the Usage of Mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices in the Field of Robotics, An
Includes: Blass, M.[Micha] Bläss, M.[Micha] (Maybe also Blaess, M.)

Blass, W.E. Co Author Listing * Convolution Connection Paradigm Neural Network Enables Linear-System Theory-Based Image-Enhancement

Blasse, C.[Corinna] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for Moral Lineage Tracing
* Moral Lineage Tracing

Blaszak, L. Co Author Listing * Fine granularity in multi-loop hybrid coders with multi-layer scalability
* Simple AVC-based codecs with spatial scalability
* Spiral Coding Order of Macroblocks with Applications to SNR-Scalable Video Compression

Blaszka, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * model based method for characterization and location of curved image features, A
* Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
Includes: Blaszka, T.[Thierry] Blaszka, T.

Blat, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Merging Geographic Datasets Based on the Spatial Distributions of Their Values, An
* Big Data Analysis for Media Production
* Combined 2D and 3D web-based visualisation of on-set big media data
* Reusable Model for Emotional Biped Walk-Cycle Animation with Implicit Retargeting, A
Includes: Blat, J.[Josep] Blat, J.

Blatt, D. Co Author Listing * Convergent incremental optimization transfer algorithms: Application to tomography

Blatt, J. Co Author Listing * BrainTrek: An immersive environment for investigating neuronal tissue

Blatt, J.E. Co Author Listing * MRI-Based Medial Axis Extraction and Boundary Segmentation of Cranial Nerves Through Discrete Deformable 3D Contour and Surface Models

Blatt, J.H. Co Author Listing * Real-time Optically Processed Face Recognition System Based on Arbitrary Moire Contours

Blatt, N. Co Author Listing * Canonical Coordinates Method for Pattern-Recognition II: Isomorphisms with Affine Transformations, The

Blattermann, G. Co Author Listing * Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding in JVT/H.26L
* Two-Layered Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Efficient Lossless and Lossy Image Compression, A
* Video Compression Using Context-based Adaptive Arithmetic Coding
Includes: Blattermann, G. Blättermann, G. (Maybe also Blaettermann, G.)

Blattman, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Parameterization of Closed Surfaces for Parametric Surface Description

Blau, H.M. Co Author Listing * Global Linking of Cell Tracks Using the Viterbi Algorithm

Blauensteiner, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Improved motion segmentation based on shadow detection
* Motion Detection Using an Improved Colour Model
* socio-technical approach for event detection in security critical infrastructure, A

Blauth, D.A.[Dante A.] Co Author Listing * Voice activity detection and speaker localization using audiovisual cues

Blavier, J.F. Co Author Listing * Preflight Spectral Calibration of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2

Blayvas, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Efficient Computation of Adaptive Threshold Surfaces for Image Binarization
* Rehashing for Bayesian geometric hashing
* Role of optics in the accuracy of depth-from-defocus systems
Includes: Blayvas, I.[Ilya] Blayvas, I.

Blazek, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study for Known Item Visual Search Using Position Color Feature Signatures, A
* Enhanced Signature-Based Video Browser
* Multi-sketch Semantic Video Browser
* Signature-Based Video Browser
* Video Hunter at VBS 2017
Includes: Blazek, A.[Adam] Blažek, A.[Adam]

Blazek, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * M3art: A Database of Models of Canvas Paintings
* Removing the artifacts from artwork cross-section images
Includes: Blazek, J.[Jan] Blažek, J.[Jan]

Blazek, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * On the Diffusion Process for Heart Rate Estimation from Face Videos Under Realistic Conditions

Blazevic, B.[Bojan] Co Author Listing * Myocardial Stiffness Estimation: A Novel Cost Function for Unique Parameter Identification
* Quality Metrics for High Order Meshes: Analysis of the Mechanical Simulation of the Heart Beat
Includes: Blazevic, B.[Bojan] Blazevic, B.

Blazevic, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Legged Robots at RoboCup-98

Blazquez Parra, E.B. Co Author Listing * Multicriteria Robust Fitting of Elliptical Primitives
* Robust Fitting of Circle Arcs
* Robust Fitting of Ellipsoids by Separating Interior and Exterior Points During Optimization
Includes: Blazquez Parra, E.B. Blázquez-Parra, E.B. Blázquez-Parra, E.B.[Elidia Beatriz]

Blazquez, A.V.[Almudena Velazquez] Co Author Listing * CM SAF TOA Radiation Data Record Using MVIRI and SEVIRI, The
* Spectral Aging Model Applied to Meteosat First Generation Visible Band

Blazquez, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * ASTROLABE: A Rigorous, Geodetic-Oriented Data Model for Trajectory Determination Systems
* Fast AT: A simple procedure for quasi direct orientation
* First Results of a Tandem Terrestrial-Unmanned Aerial mapKITE System with Kinematic Ground Control Points for Corridor Mapping
* mapkite: A New Paradigm For Simultaneous Aerial And Terrestrial Geodata Acquisition And Mapping
* Method for Simultaneous Aerial and Terrestrial Geodata Acquisition for Corridor Mapping, A
* Navigation and Remote Sensing Payloads and Methods of the Sarvant Unmanned Aerial System
* Need And Keys For A New Generation Network Adjustment Software, The
* New Approach to Spatio-Temporal Calibration of Multi-sensor Systems, A
* On INS/GNSS-based Time Synchronization in Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Multi-Sensor Systems
* Performance Analysis of Fast AT for Corridor Aerial Mapping
* Pose Versus State: Are Sensor Position and Attitude Sufficient for Modern Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing?
* Precision Analysis of Point-and-Scale Photogrammetric Measurements for Corridor Mapping: Preliminary Results
* Relative INS/GNSS aerial control in integrated sensor orientation: Models and performance
* Simultaneous Orientation And Calibration Of Images And Laser Point Clouds With Straight Segments
Includes: Blazquez, M.[Marta] Blázquez, M.[Marta] Blázquez, M.
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