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Bo, Y.[Yanchen] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Land Surface Temperature through Blending MODIS and AMSR-E Data with the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method
* Few-Shot Learning of Video Action Recognition Only Based on Video Contents
* Incorporating Metric Learning and Adversarial Network for Seasonal Invariant Change Detection
* Robust Fixed Rank Kriging Method for Improving the Spatial Completeness and Accuracy of Satellite SST Products, A
Includes: Bo, Y.[Yanchen] Bo, Y.

Bo, Y.C.[Yan Chen] Co Author Listing * Classification of C3 and C4 Vegetation Types Using MODIS and ETM+ Blended High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Data
* Evaluating the Spatial Representativeness of the MODerate Resolution Image Spectroradiometer Albedo Product (MCD43) at AmeriFlux Sites
* Exploring semantic elements for urban scene recognition: Deep integration of high-resolution imagery and OpenStreetMap (OSM)
* Land Cover Mapping with Higher Order Graph-Based Co-Occurrence Model
* Object-Based Crop Species Classification Based on the Combination of Airborne Hyperspectral Images and LiDAR Data
* Rubber Identification Based on Blended High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study in Xishuangbanna
* Time Series Remote Sensing Data-Based Identification of the Dominant Factor for Inland Lake Surface Area Change: Anthropogenic Activities or Natural Events?
* Uncertainty Measures for Assessing the Attribute Accuracy of Objected-Based Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery
Includes: Bo, Y.C.[Yan Chen] Bo, Y.C.[Yan-Chen]
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Bo, Y.H.[Yi Hang] Co Author Listing * Salient Edge Detection in Natural Images
* Scale and Rotation Invariant Approach to Tracking Human Body Part Regions in Videos
* Shape-based pedestrian parsing
Includes: Bo, Y.H.[Yi Hang] Bo, Y.H.[Yi-Hang]

Bo, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * Study of a High Spectral Resolution Hyperspectral LiDAR in Vegetation Red Edge Parameters Extraction
Includes: Bo, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Bo, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]

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