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Boba, M. Co Author Listing * Impact of an Optimized Position and Orientation System on the Final Accuracy of LIDAR Data
* Performance Characterization of an Airborne LIDAR System: Bridging System Specifications and Expected Performance

Bobach, T. Co Author Listing * Issues and Implementation of C1 and C2 Natural Neighbor Interpolation

Bobadilla, J.C.M.[Julio Cesar Mendoza] Co Author Listing * Lung Nodule Classification Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Bobarshad, H. Co Author Listing * Analytical Modeling for Delay-Sensitive Video Over WLAN
* Low-Complexity Analytical Modeling for Cross-Layer Adaptive Error Protection in Video Over WLAN, A

Bobbia, S. Co Author Listing * Remote photoplethysmography based on implicit living skin tissue segmentation

Bobbitt, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient 24/7 object detection in surveillance videos
* Recognition of repetitive sequential human activity
* Video Analytics in Urban Environments
* Visual item verification for fraud prevention in retail self-checkout
Includes: Bobbitt, R. Bobbitt, R.[Russell]

Bobda, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Efficient network clustering for traffic reduction in embedded smart camera networks
* hardware/software prototyping system for driving assistance investigations, A

Bobek Billewicz, B. Co Author Listing * DALSA: Domain Adaptation for Supervised Learning From Sparsely Annotated MR Images
Includes: Bobek Billewicz, B. Bobek-Billewicz, B.

Boben, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Adding discriminative power to a generative hierarchical compositional model using histograms of compositions
* Adding Discriminative Power to Hierarchical Compositional Models for Object Class Detection
* bottom-up and top-down optimization framework for learning a compositional hierarchy of object classes, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Taxonomy of Constellations for Fast Multi-class Object Detection, A
* Learning statistically relevant edge structure improves low-level visual descriptors
* Optimization framework for learning a hierarchical shape vocabulary for object class detection
* Real-time coarse-to-fine topologically preserving segmentation
* Similarity-based cross-layered hierarchical representation for object categorization
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Bobenage, J.[Judith] Co Author Listing * affective mobile robot educator with a full-time job, An

Bober, M. Co Author Listing * Can DMD obtain a Scene Background in color?
* Component hashing of variable-length binary aggregated descriptors for fast image search
* Curvature Scale Space Representation: Theory, Applications, and MPEG-7 Standardization
* Dual LDA: An effective feature space reduction method for face recognition
* Estimating translation/deformation motion through phase correlation
* Estimation of Complex Multimodal Motion: An Approach Based on Robust Statistics and Hough Transform
* Face Recognition by Fisher and Scatter Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Fast and robust image identification
* Fast, Compact, and Discriminative: Evaluation of Binary Descriptors for Mobile Applications
* Feature Space Reduction for Face Recognition with Dual Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Fuzzy chamfer distance and its probabilistic formulation for visual tracking
* hybrid codec for very low bit rate video coding, A
* Improved Hamming Distance Search Using Variable Length Hashing
* Improving Large-Scale Image Retrieval Through Robust Aggregation of Local Descriptors
* Learning About A Scene Using an Active Vision System
* Motion and intensity-based segmentation and its application to traffice monitoring
* Motion Based Image Segmentation for Video Coding
* Motion Compensation: The Selection of Optimal Motion Estimation Technique and Quantization Levels
* Movement correction in DCE-MRI through windowed and reconstruction dynamic mode decomposition
* MPEG-7 Video Signature Tools for Content Identification, The
* MPEG-7 visual shape descriptors
* MPEG-7: Evolution or Revolution?
* Multiresolution Motion Segmentation
* Nonlinear Motion Estimation Using The Supercoupling Approach
* On Accurate and Robust Estimation of Fundamental Matrix
* On Combining the Hough Transform and Multiresolution MRFs for Robust Analysis of Complex Motion
* Real-time face detection and tracking for mobile videoconferencing
* Real-Time Multi-Frame Analysis of Dominant Translation
* Robust and scalable aggregation of local features for ultra large-scale retrieval
* Robust Motion Analysis
* Robust Motion Estimation and Multistage VQ for Sequence Compression
* Semantic segmentation of images exploiting DCT based features and random forest
* Special issue on visual search and augmented reality
* Texture analysis using level-crossing statistics
* Variable Block Size Video Coding with Motion Prediction and Motion Segmentation
* Video Coding Using Affine Motion Compensated Prediction
* Vision of Movement
Includes: Bober, M. Bober, M.[Miroslaw]
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Boberg, J.[Jill] Co Author Listing * Automatic audiovisual behavior descriptors for psychological disorder analysis
* Automatic behavior descriptors for psychological disorder analysis
* Felt emotion and social context determine the intensity of smiles in a competitive video game
* General formulation and evaluation of agglomerative clustering methods with metric and non-metric distances
* Representative Noise-Free Complete-Link Classification with Application to Protein Structures
Includes: Boberg, J.[Jill] Boberg, J.[Jorma]

Bobet, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Auto-Calibration by Direct Observation of Objects
* Auto-Calibration of a Stereo Head to Object Centered Reference Frames
* Dynamic Calibration of an Active Stereo Head
* Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo
* Gaze Control for a Binocular Camera Head
* Image Oriented CAD Approach, An
* Layered Control of a Binocular Camera Head
* Maintaining Stereo Calibration by Tracking Image Points
* Obstacle Detection Analysis
Includes: Bobet, P.[Philippe] Bobet, P.
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Bobichon, Y. Co Author Listing * analysis of SAR images by multiscale methods, The
* Restoration of lossy compressed astronomical images
Includes: Bobichon, Y. Bobichon, Y.[Yves]

Bobick, A. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual flow: A variational approach to multi-modal flow estimation
* Performance Analysis of Time-Distance Gait Parameters under Different Speeds
Includes: Bobick, A. Bobick, A.[Aaron]

Bobick, A.F.[Aaron F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bobick, A.F.[Aaron F.]: afb AT cc gatech edu
* Action Recognition Using Probabilistic Parsing
* Action Recognition Using Temporal Templates
* Appearance-Based Representation of Action, An
* Approximate World Models: Incorporating Qualitative and Linguistic Information into Vision Systems
* Automatic cascade training with perturbation bias
* Better computer vision under video compression, an example using mean shift tracking
* Categorical Representation and Recognition of Oscillatory Motion Patterns
* Classifying Objects from Visual Information
* Closed-World Tracking
* Computers Seeing Action
* Controlling View-Based Algorithms Using Approximate World Models and Action Information
* Detection and Explanation of Anomalous Activities: Representing Activities as Bags of Event n-Grams
* Direct Computation of Height from Shading, The
* Disparity-Space Images and Large Occlusion Stereo
* Divide and Conquer: Using Approximate World Models to Control View-Based Algorithms
* Exploiting Contextual Information for Tracking by Using Closed Worlds
* Fast Constraint Propagation on Specialized Allen Networks and its Application to Action Recognition and Control
* Fast Lighting Independent Background Subtraction
* Framework for Recognizing Multi-Agent Action from Visual Evidence, A
* From Stochastic Grammar to Bayes Network: Probabilistic Parsing of Complex Activity
* Gait Recognition from Time-normalized Joint-angle Trajectories in the Walking Plane
* Gait Recognition Using Static, Activity-Specific Parameters
* GraphCut textures: image and video synthesis using graph cuts
* Human Action Detection Using PNF Propagation of Temporal Constraints
* Hybrid Approach to Structure-from-Motion, A
* Incorporating Intensity Edges in the Recovery of Occlusion Regions
* Intelligent Studios: Modeling Space and Action to Control TV Cameras
* Invariant features for 3-D gesture recognition
* KidsRoom, The
* KidsRoom: A Perceptually-Based Interactive and Immersive Story Environment, The
* Large Occlusion Stereo
* Learning Temporal Sequence Model from Partially Labeled Data
* Learning Visual Behavior for Gesture Analysis
* Modelling the effects of walking speed on appearance-based gait recognition
* Movement, Activity, and Action: The Role of Knowledge in the Perception of Motion
* Multi-view Method for Gait Recognition Using Static Body Parameters, A
* Multiscale 3-D Shape Representation and Segmentation Using Spherical Wavelets
* Natural Object Categorization
* Nonlinear PHMMs for the Interpretation of Parameterized Gesture
* novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of human activities, A
* Parametric Hidden Markov Models for Gesture Recognition
* Parsing Multi-Agent Interactions
* PNF Calculus and the Detection of Actions Described by Temporal Intervals
* PNF Propagation and the Detection of Actions Described by Temporal Intervals
* Predicting Large Population Data Cumulative Match Characteristic Performance from Small Population Data
* Probabilistic Parsing in Action Recognition
* Propagation networks for recognition of partially ordered sequential action
* Real Time Closed World Tracking
* Real-Time Recognition of Activity Using Temporal Templates
* Realtime Online Adaptive Gesture Recognition
* Recognition and Interpretation of Parametric Gesture
* Recognition of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints
* Recognition of Human Movement Using Temporal Templates, The
* Recognition of Multi-Agent Interaction in Video Surveillance
* Recognition of Visual Activities and Interactions by Stochastic Parsing
* Recognizing Planned, Multiperson Action
* Recovering the Temporal Structure of Natural Gesture
* Relationship between identification metrics: Expected confusion and area under a ROC curve
* Representation and Recognition of Action Using Temporal Templates, The
* Representation and Visual Recognition of Complex, Multi-Agent Actions Using Belief Networks
* Representation Space Paradigm of Concurrent Evolving Object Descriptions, The
* Representation Space: An Approach to the Integration of Visual Information
* Robust Surveillance on Compressed Video: Uniform Performance from High to Low Bitrates
* Sequential Interval Network for parsing complex structured activity
* State Based Approach to the Representation and Recognition of Gesture, A
* State Based Technique for the Summarization and Recognition of Gesture, A
* State-Based Recognition of Gesture
* Structure from Statistics: Unsupervised Activity Analysis using Suffix Trees
* Target Tracking Using Residual Vector Quantization
* Temporal Classification of Natural Gesture with Application to Video Coding
* Temporal Integration of Multiple Silhouette-based Body-part Hypotheses
* Tracking Head Yaw by Interpolation of Template Responses
* Unsupervised analysis of activity sequences using event-motifs
* Using Approximate Models as Source of Contextual Information for Vision Processing
* Using Computer Vision to Control a Reactive Computer Graphics Character in a Theater Play
* Using Configuration States for the Representation and Recognition of Gesture
* Using similarity scores from a small gallery to estimate recognition performance for larger galleries
* Using Stability of Interpretation as Verification for Low Level Processing: An Example from Egomotion and Optic Flow
* Video Surveillance of Interactions
* Visual Integration from Multiple Cameras
* Visual Recognition of Multi-agent Action Using Binary Temporal Relations
* Visual Tracking Using Closed-Worlds
* VSAM at the MIT Media laboratory and CBCL: Learning and Understanding Action in Video Imagery
* VSAM at the MIT Media Laboratory and CBCL: Learning and Understanding Action in Video Imagery PI Report 1998
Includes: Bobick, A.F.[Aaron F.] Bobick, A.F.
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Bobick, T.W.[Thomas W.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive threshold document duplication

Bobier, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Registration of the Prokudin-Gorskii Colour Photographs Using a Multiresolution SSIM Algorithm
* Suppression of Noise in Historical Photographs Using a Fuzzy Truncated-Median Filter

Bobillet, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Multichannel AR parameter estimation from noisy observations as an errors-in-variables issue

Bobin, J. Co Author Listing * Astronomical Data Analysis and Sparsity: From Wavelets to Compressed Sensing
* Blind source separation based anomaly detection in multi-spectral images
* fast and accurate first-order algorithm for compressed sensing, A
* Hyperspectral BSS Using GMCA With Spatio-Spectral Sparsity Constraints
* Image Decomposition and Separation Using Sparse Representations: An Overview
* Morphological Component Analysis: An Adaptive Thresholding Strategy
* Morphological Diversity and Sparsity for Multichannel Data Restoration
* Nesta: A Fast And Accurate First-Order Method For Sparse Recovery
* NMF with Sparse Regularizations in Transformed Domains
* Robust Sparse Blind Source Separation
* Source separation in cosmology, from global to local models
* Sparse blind source separation for partially correlated sources
* Sparsity and morphological diversity for hyperspectral data analysis
* Sparsity and Morphological Diversity in Blind Source Separation
Includes: Bobin, J. Bobin, J.[Jerome] Bobin, J.[Jérôme]
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Bobkov, A. Co Author Listing * Mapping Of The Land Cover Spatiotemporal Characteristics In Northern Russia Caused By Climate Change

Bobkov, D. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Multistory Buildings Using Inertial Sensors

Bobo, B.[Bobby] Co Author Listing * Developing a Real-Time Identify-and-Locate System for the Blind

Bobrinev, V.I.[Vladimir Ivanovich] Co Author Listing * Depth resolution and displayable depth of a scene in three-dimensional images
* Distortion analysis in stereoscopic images
Includes: Bobrinev, V.I.[Vladimir Ivanovich] Bobrinev, V.I.

Bobrov, P.P. Co Author Listing * Impact of the Soil Moisture Distribution in the Top Layer on the Accuracy Moisture Retrieval by Microwave Radiometer Data
* Wideband Frequency Domain Method of Soil Dielectric Property Measurements

Bobrov, S.[Saar] Co Author Listing * Image-based prediction of imaging and vision performance

Bobrovsky, B.Z.[Ben Zion] Co Author Listing * Analytic threshold calculation of frequency estimation for OFDM communication
* Novel Approach for Modeling Land Vehicle Kinematics to Improve GPS Performance Under Urban Environment Conditions, A
* Scene based non-uniformity correction in thermal images using Kalman filter
Includes: Bobrovsky, B.Z.[Ben Zion] Bobrovsky, B.Z.

Bobrow, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Vehicle load estimation from observation of vibration response

Bobrowski, L.[Leon] Co Author Listing * Design of piecewise linear classifiers from formal neurons by a basis exchange technique
* Feature selection based on some homogeneity coefficient
* Linear classifiers by window training and basis exchange
* Linear discrimination with symmetrical models
* method of synthesis of linear discriminant function in the case of nonseparability, A
* Piecewise-Linear Classifiers, Formal Neurons and Separability of the Learning Sets
Includes: Bobrowski, L.[Leon] Bobrowski, L.

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