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Boda, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automated Digital Hair Removal by Threshold Decomposition and Morphological Analysis

Bodammer, N. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions from mr brain images using the principles of fuzzy-connectedness and artificial neuron networks

Bodansky, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Approximation of a Polyline with a Sequence of Geometric Primitives
* Closing Gaps of Discontinuous Lines: A New Criterion for Choosing the Best Prolongation
* Reconstruction of Orthogonal Polygonal Lines
* Using local deviations of vectorization to enhance the performance of raster-to-vector conversion systems
* Vectorization with the voronoi L-diagram
Includes: Bodansky, E.[Eugene] Bodansky, E.

Bodart, C. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain
* Pre-processing of a sample of multi-scene and multi-date Landsat imagery used to monitor forest cover changes over the tropics
Includes: Bodart, C. Bodart, C.[Catherine]

Boddaert, N. Co Author Listing * primal sketch of the cortex mean curvature: a morphogenesis based approach to study the variability of the folding patterns, A

Boddeke, F. Co Author Listing * Fluorescence Lifetime Determination for Application in Microscopy

Boddeti, N.[Naresh] Co Author Listing * Extended Depth of Field Iris Recognition with Correlation Filters
* Extended-Depth-of-Field Iris Recognition Using Unrestored Wavefront-Coded Imagery

Boddeti, V.N.[Vishnu Naresh] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose-by-Detection of Vehicles via Discriminatively Reduced Ensembles of Correlation Filters
* Biometric Key-Binding and Template Protection Framework Using Correlation Filters, A
* Correlation Filters for Object Alignment
* Coupled Marginal Fisher Analysis for Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* Face Alignment Refinement
* Framework for Binding and Retrieving Class-Specific Information to and from Image Patterns Using Correlation Filters, A
* Learning scene-specific pedestrian detectors without real data
* Local Binary Convolutional Neural Networks
* Maximum Margin Correlation Filter: A New Approach for Localization and Classification
* Privacy-Preserving Visual Learning Using Doubly Permuted Homomorphic Encryption
* Zero-Aliasing Correlation Filters for Object Recognition
Includes: Boddeti, V.N.[Vishnu Naresh] Boddeti, V.N.
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Bodduna, K.[Kireeti] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Data Terms for Variational Multi-frame Super-Resolution
* expeditious cum efficient algorithm for salt-and-pepper noise removal and edge-detail preservation using cardinal spline interpolation, An

Bode, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Story of the GeoToolKit: An Object-Oriented Geodatabase Kernel System, The

Boden, C.[Charlotte] Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction of Rotating Objects from Monocular Video

Boden, M.[Mikael] Co Author Listing * It's about time: Signal recognition in staged models of protein translocation

Bodenhagen, L.[Leon] Co Author Listing * Stereo and Active-Sensor Data Fusion for Improved Stereo Block Matching
* Using multi-modal 3D contours and their relations for vision and robotics

Bodenheimer, B.[Bobby] Co Author Listing * Fast depth from defocus from focal stacks

Bodenhofer, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic identification of print layers from a sequence of sample images: A case study from banknote print inspection

Bodenmueller, T. Co Author Listing * Online surface reconstruction from unorganized 3D-points for the DLR hand-guided scanner system

Bodenmuller, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Efficient next-best-scan planning for autonomous 3D surface reconstruction of unknown objects
* Self-Referenced DLR 3D-Modeler, The
Includes: Bodenmuller, T.[Tim] Bodenmüller, T.[Tim] (Maybe also Bodenmueller, T.)Bodenmüller, T. (Maybe also Bodenmueller, T.)

Bodenstedt, S. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction

Bodenstein, M. Co Author Listing * Impact of Model Shape Mismatch on Reconstruction Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography

Bodensteiner, C. Co Author Listing * Local multi-modal image matching based on self-similarity
* Local Region Descriptors for Active Contours Evolution
* Monocular Camera Trajectory Optimization using LiDAR data
* Moving object reconstruction in monocular video data using boundary generation
* Person re-identification in multi-camera networks
* Real-time 2D video/3D LiDAR registration
* Single Frame Based Video Geo-Localisation Using Structure Projection
Includes: Bodensteiner, C. Bodensteiner, C.[Christoph]
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Bodenstorfer, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * High-speed line-scan camera with multi-line CMOS color sensor

Boder, M. Co Author Listing * Segmenting Traffic Scenes from Grey Level and Motion Information

Bodesheim, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Active learning and discovery of object categories in the presence of unnameable instances
* Approximations of Gaussian Process Uncertainties for Visual Recognition Problems
* Divergence-Based One-Class Classification Using Gaussian Processes
* Kernel Null Space Methods for Novelty Detection
* Labeling Examples That Matter: Relevance-Based Active Learning with Gaussian Processes
* Large-Scale Gaussian Process Classification with Flexible Adaptive Histogram Kernels
* Large-Scale Gaussian Process Inference with Generalized Histogram Intersection Kernels for Visual Recognition Tasks
* Local Novelty Detection in Multi-class Recognition Problems
* Rapid Uncertainty Computation with Gaussian Processes and Histogram Intersection Kernels
* Spectral Clustering of ROIs for Object Discovery
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Bodik, P. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Video Analytics: The Killer App for Edge Computing
Includes: Bodik, P. Bodík, P.

Bodin, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Reusable road condition information system for traffic safety and targeted maintenance

Bodine, D.J. Co Author Listing * SimRadar: A Polarimetric Radar Time-Series Simulator for Tornadic Debris Studies

Bodington, R.M. Co Author Listing * Consistent Labelling of Image Features Using an Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System
* Experiments on the Use of the ATMS to Lagel Features for Object Recognition

Bodini, O. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Analysis and Random Sampling of Digitally Convex Polyominoes
* Distances on Lozenge Tilings
* Optimal Partial Tiling of Manhattan Polyominoes
* Z-Tilings of Polyominoes and Standard Basis
Includes: Bodini, O. Bodini, O.[Olivier]

Bodis Szomoru, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * 3D Saliency for Finding Landmark Buildings
* Architectural decomposition for 3D landmark building understanding
* Class-Specific Object Pose Estimation and Reconstruction Using 3D Part Geometry
* Efficient architectural structural element decomposition
* Efficient edge-aware surface mesh reconstruction for urban scenes
* Efficient volumetric fusion of airborne and street-side data for urban reconstruction
* Fast, Approximate Piecewise-Planar Modeling Based on Sparse Structure-from-Motion and Superpixels
* Learning Where to Classify in Multi-view Semantic Segmentation
* Superpixel meshes for fast edge-preserving surface reconstruction
Includes: Bodis Szomoru, A.[Andras] Bódis-Szomorú, A.[András] Bodis-Szomoru, A. Bodis-Szomoru, A.[Andras]
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Bodla, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Heterogeneous Feature Fusion for Template-Based Face Recognition
* Deep Learning for Understanding Faces: Machines May Be Just as Good, or Better, than Humans
* Soft-NMS: Improving Object Detection with One Line of Code
* VLAD encoded Deep Convolutional features for unconstrained face verification

Bodmann, B.G. Co Author Listing * SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles

Bodnar, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Convexity Measure for Gray-Scale Images Based on hv-Convexity, A
* Extension of a One-Dimensional Convexity Measure to Two Dimensions
* Improved Directional Convexity Measure for Binary Images, An
* New Shape Descriptor Based on a Q-convexity Measure, A
* Novel Method for Barcode Localization in Image Domain, A
* QR Code Localization Using Boosted Cascade of Weak Classifiers
Includes: Bodnar, P.[Peter] Bodnár, P.[Péter]

Bodnar, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Calibrated, Registered Images of an Extended Urban Area

Bodnari, E. Co Author Listing * Physiologically-based detection of computer generated faces in video

Bodnariuc, E.[Ecaterina] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dictionary-Based Spatio-temporal Flow Estimation for Echo PIV
* Local Spatio-Temporal Approach to Plane Wave Ultrasound Particle Image Velocimetry, A
* Parametric Dictionary-Based Velocimetry for Echo PIV

Bodnarova, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Improved Technologies for Detection of Textile Defects
* Optimal Gabor filters for textile flaw detection
* Suitability Analysis of Techniques for Flaw Detection in Textiles using Texture Analysis
* Textile Flaw Detection Using Optimal Gabor Filters
Includes: Bodnarova, A.[Adriana] Bodnarova, A.

Bodo, Y. Co Author Listing * human skin detector combining mean shift analysis and watershed algorithm, A
* Watermarking video, hierarchical embedding in motion vectors

Bodoque, J.M.[Jose Maria] Co Author Listing * Flood Damage Analysis: First Floor Elevation Uncertainty Resulting from LiDAR-Derived Digital Surface Models
Includes: Bodoque, J.M.[Jose Maria] Bodoque, J.M.[José María]

Bodor, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Euclidean reconstruction for turn-table sequences by indirect epipolar search between pairs of views
* Creating a three-dimensional model from two-dimensional images
* Multi-camera positioning to optimize task observability
* View-independent human motion classification using image-based reconstruction
Includes: Bodor, R.[Robert] Bodor, R.

Bodria, L. Co Author Listing * Plant disease detection based on data fusion of hyper-spectral and multi-spectral fluorescence imaging using Kohonen maps

Bodson, D. Co Author Listing * Error Sensitivity of CCITT Standard Facsimile Coding Techniques
* Measurement of Data Compression in Advanced Group 4 Facsimile Systems

Bodson, P. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Identification of Passenger Car Dynamics Using Robotics Formalism

Bodum, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Features in a 3D City Model As an Energy System

Bodurka, J.[Jerzy] Co Author Listing * Artifactual time-course correlations in echo-planar fMRI with implications for studies of brain function

Bodvarsson, B. Co Author Listing * Determination of Myosin Filament Orientations in Electron Micrographs of Muscle Cross Sections
* morphological image processing method for locating myosin filaments in muscle electron micrographs, A

Body, M.[Mathurin] Co Author Listing * Seeded region growing: an extensive and comparative study

Body, N.B. Co Author Listing * Efficient representation and decoding of static Huffman code tables in a very low bit rate environment

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