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Bos, D.P.O. Co Author Listing * How Much Control Is Enough? Influence of Unreliable Input on User Experience

Bos, P.J. Co Author Listing * Review of Phased Array Steering for Narrow-Band Electrooptical Systems, A

Bos, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Severity of Wind Gusts with Lidar
* Likelihood-Based Hypothesis Tests for Brain Activation Detection From MRI Data Disturbed by Colored Noise: A Simulation Study
Includes: Bos, R.[Rene] Bos, R.[René] Bos, R.

Bosa, P.K. Co Author Listing * Planning Flight Paths in Dynamic Situations with Incomplete Knowledge

Bosaghzadeh, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Combining Linear Dimensionality Reduction and Locality Preserving Projections with Feature Selection for Recognition Tasks
* Exponential Local Discriminant Embedding and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Generalized Local Discriminant Embedding for Face Recognition
* Linear Dimensionality Reduction through Eigenvector Selection for Object Recognition
* Locality Constrained Encoding Graph Construction and Application to Outdoor Object Classification
* Multi-observation face recognition in videos based on label propagation
* On Solving the Small Sample Size Problem for Marginal Fisher Analysis
* Parameter-Free Locality Sensitive Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Coarse 3D Head Pose Estimation, A
* Recognizing multiple observations using adaptive graph based label propagation
* Reducing circular hough transform parameters using morphological operations
Includes: Bosaghzadeh, A.[Alireza] Bosaghzadeh, A.
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Bosc, E.[Emilie] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate allocation between texture and depth: Influence of data sequence characteristics
* Bit-rate allocation for multi-view video plus depth
* Can 3D synthesized views be reliably assessed through usual subjective and objective evaluation protocols?
* Exploring the effects of 3D visual discomfort on viewers' emotions
* How visual discomfort affects 3DTV viewers' emotional arousal
* Objective image quality assessment of 3D synthesized views
* Reliability of 2D quality assessment methods for synthesized views evaluation in stereoscopic viewing conditions
Includes: Bosc, E.[Emilie] Bosc, E.
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Bosc, M. Co Author Listing * Statistical atlas-based sub-voxel segmentation of 3d brain MRI
* Using Multimodal MR Data for Segmentation and Topology Recovery of the Cerebral Superficial Venous Tree

Boscain, U. Co Author Listing * Association Fields via Cuspless Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SE(2)
* Hypoelliptic Diffusion and Human Vision: A Semidiscrete New Twist

Boscaini, D. Co Author Listing * Geodesic Convolutional Neural Networks on Riemannian Manifolds
* Geometric Deep Learning on Graphs and Manifolds Using Mixture Model CNNs
* sparse coding approach for local-to-global 3D shape description, A
Includes: Boscaini, D. Boscaini, D.[Davide]

Bosch Lluis, X. Co Author Listing * Common Mathematical Framework for Real and Synthetic Aperture by Interferometry Radiometers
* Description and Performance of an L-Band Radiometer with Digital Beamforming
* Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
Includes: Bosch Lluis, X. Bosch-Lluis, X.

Bosch, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Breast Tissue
* Image Classification using Random Forests and Ferns
* Learning Framework for Object Recognition on Image Understanding, A
* Modeling and Classifying Breast Tissue Density in Mammograms
* new approach to the classification of mammographic masses and normal breast tissue, A
* Object and Scene Classification: What does a Supervised Approach Provide us?
* Representing shape with a spatial pyramid kernel
* Review of Methods to Predict Social Image Interestingness and Memorability
* Scene Classification Using a Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Approach
* Scene Classification Via pLSA
* Segmentation and description of natural outdoor scenes
* Using Appearance and Context for Outdoor Scene Object Classification
* Which is the best way to organize/classify images by content?
Includes: Bosch, A.[Anna] Bosch, A.
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Bosch, D. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product

Bosch, D.D.[David D.] Co Author Listing * Data Assimilation to Extract Soil Moisture Information from SMAP Observations

Bosch, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Discriminative sparse representations in hyperspectral imagery
* Learning Discriminative Sparse Representations for Modeling, Source Separation, and Mapping of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multiscale and multidirectional tight frames for image analysis

Bosch, H.G. Co Author Listing * Multistage hybrid active appearance model matching: segmentation of left and right ventricles in cardiac MR images

Bosch, I. Co Author Listing * Change detection with texture segmentation and nonlinear filtering in optical remote sensing images
* Infrared image processing and its application to forest fire surveillance
Includes: Bosch, I. Bosch, I.[Ignacio]

Bosch, J. Co Author Listing * Fast Solvers for Cahn-Hilliard Inpainting
* Fractional Inpainting Model Based on the Vector-Valued Cahn-Hilliard Equation, A
Includes: Bosch, J. Bosch, J.[Jessica]

Bosch, J.G. Co Author Listing * 3-D active appearance models: segmentation of cardiac MR and ultrasound images
* Anatomical model matching with fuzzy implicit surfaces for segmentation of thoracic volume scans
* Automatic segmentation of echocardiographic sequences by active appearance motion models
* Local Wall-Motion Classification in Echocardiograms Using Shape Models and Orthomax Rotations
* Lumen Segmentation and Motion Estimation in B-Mode and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Images of the Carotid Artery in Patients With Atherosclerotic Plaque
* Multi-agent segmentation of IVUS images
* Registration of Free-Hand Ultrasound and MRI of Carotid Arteries through Combination of Point-Based and Intensity-Based Algorithms
* Sparse Registration for Three-Dimensional Stress Echocardiography
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* User-Agent Cooperation in Multiagent IVUS Image Segmentation
Includes: Bosch, J.G. Bosch, J.G.[Johan G.]
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Bosch, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Combining global and local features for food identification in dietary assessment
* image analysis system for dietary assessment and evaluation, An
* Perceptual quality evaluation for texture and motion based video coding
* Spatial Texture Models for Video Compression
* two-stage video object segmentation using motion and color information, A
* Video coding using motion classification

Bosch, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Engagement Using Video-Based Estimation of Facial Expressions and Heart Rate

Bosch, P.M.[Patrick M.] Co Author Listing * Public Transit Route Mapping for Large-Scale Multimodal Networks
Includes: Bosch, P.M.[Patrick M.] Bösch, P.M.[Patrick M.] (Maybe also Boesch, P.M.)

Bosch, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Historical Document Handwriting Transcription End-to-end System, A
* Influence of text line segmentation in Handwritten Text Recognition
* Statistical Text Line Analysis in Handwritten Documents

Bosch, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Arctic Seas: How Satellite Altimetry Can Be Used to Detect Open Water in Sea-Ice Regions
* Multi-Mission Cross-Calibration of Satellite Altimeters: Constructing a Long-Term Data Record for Global and Regional Sea Level Change Studies

Bosch, X. Co Author Listing * Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation

Bosche, F. Co Author Listing * Haarlet-based hand gesture recognition for 3D interaction

Boschen, F. Co Author Listing * Analytical Calculation of Volumes-of-Intersection for Iterative, Fully 3-D PET Reconstruction
* Comparison of Approaches for Automated Text Extraction from Scholarly Figures, A
Includes: Boschen, F. Böschen, F.[Falk] (Maybe also Boeschen, F.)

Boschetti, A. Co Author Listing * Flexible and effective High Dynamic Range image coding
* Image coding with face descriptors embedding
Includes: Boschetti, A. Boschetti, A.[Alberto]

Boschetti, L. Co Author Listing * method for extracting burned areas from Landsat TM/ETM+ images by soft aggregation of multiple Spectral Indices and a region growing algorithm, A
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 1: Introduction
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 2: Novel system Architecture, Information/Knowledge Representation, Algorithm Design and Implementation
* Probability Sampling Protocol for Thematic and Spatial Quality Assessment of Classification Maps Generated From Spaceborne/Airborne Very High Resolution Images
* Quality Assessment of Pre-Classification Maps Generated from Spaceborne/Airborne Multi-Spectral Images by the Satellite Image Automatic Mapper™ and Atmospheric/Topographic Correction™-Spectral Classification Software Products: Part 2: Experimental Results
* Separability Analysis of Sentinel-2A Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data for Burned Area Discrimination
* Spectral Indices Accurately Quantify Changes in Seedling Physiology Following Fire: Towards Mechanistic Assessments of Post-Fire Carbon Cycling
Includes: Boschetti, L. Boschetti, L.[Luigi]
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Boschetti, M.[Mirco] Co Author Listing * Analysis of earth observation time series to investigate the relation between rainfall, vegetation dynamic and streamflow in the Uele' basin (Central African Republic)
* Conceptual Architecture and Service-Oriented Implementation of a Regional Geoportal for Rice Monitoring
* Evaporative Fraction as an Indicator of Moisture Condition and Water Stress Status in Semi-Arid Rangeland Ecosystems
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Identification of environmental anomaly hot spots in West Africa from time series of NDVI and rainfall
* Integration of Optical and SAR Data for Burned Area Mapping in Mediterranean Regions
* method for extracting burned areas from Landsat TM/ETM+ images by soft aggregation of multiple Spectral Indices and a region growing algorithm, A
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* Neural Adaptive Algorithm for Feature Selection and Classification of High Dimensionality Data, A
* Nitrogen Status Assessment for Variable Rate Fertilization in Maize through Hyperspectral Imagery
* Rapid Assessment of Crop Status: An Application of MODIS and SAR Data to Rice Areas in Leyte, Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
* Spatial Data Infrastructure Integrating Multisource Heterogeneous Geospatial Data and Time Series: A Study Case in Agriculture, A
Includes: Boschetti, M.[Mirco] Boschetti, M.
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Boschetto, D. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Generation of Myocardial Blood: Oxygen-Level-Dependent MRI Time Series Via Structural Sparse Decomposition Modeling

Boschi, E.[Enzo] Co Author Listing * laser scanning-based method for fast estimation of seismic-induced building deformations, A

Boschini, M. Co Author Listing * Improving the reliability of 3D people tracking system by means of deep-learning

Bosco, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Noise Level Estimation using a Convergent Multiframe Approach
* Low-cost surveys of the Domus of Stallius Eros in Pompeii
* Psychovisual and statistical optimization of quantization tables for DCT compression engines
* Texture Sensitive Denoising for Single Sensor Color Imaging Devices
Includes: Bosco, A. Bosco, A.[Angelo]

Bosco, C. Co Author Listing * Statistical Modeling of Huffman Tables Coding

Bosco, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and classification of 3-D spots in FISH images
* Size-invariant cell nucleus segmentation in 3-D microscopy

Bosdogianni, P. Co Author Listing * Classification of Sets of Mixed Pixels with the Hypothesis-Testing Hough Transform
* Image Processing: The Fundamentals
* Mixed Pixel Classification in Remote Sensing
* Mixed Pixel Classification with Robust Statistics
* Mixed Pixel Classification with the Randomized Hough Transform
* Mixture-Models with Higher-Order Moments
* Robust Unmixing of Large Sets of Mixed Pixels
Includes: Bosdogianni, P. Bosdogianni, P.[Panagiota]
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Bose, A.[Ankita] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-based artificial bee colony optimization for gray image segmentation
* ISURE: User authentication in mobile devices using ocular biometrics in visible spectrum
Includes: Bose, A.[Ankita] Bose, A.

Bose, B.[Biswajit] Co Author Listing * Detecting and tracking multiple interacting objects without class-specific models
* Detecting Cortical Surface Regions in Structural MR Data
* From video sequences to motion panoramas
* Improving object classification in far-field video
* Multi-class object tracking algorithm that handles fragmentation and grouping
Includes: Bose, B.[Biswajit] Bose, B.

Bose, C.B. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Fiducial Shapes for Machine Vision Registration, A
* Connected and Degraded Text Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model
* Design of Fiducials for Accurate Registration Using Machine Vision
* Subpixel Registration Using a Concentric Ring Fiducial

Bose, L. Co Author Listing * Visual Odometry for Pixel Processor Arrays

Bose, N.K. Co Author Listing * Classified zerotree wavelet image coding and adaptive packetization for low-bit-rate transport
* Constrained total least-squares computations for high-resolution image reconstruction with multisensors
* Fast Algorithm for Image Super-Resolution from Blurred Observations, A
* Fast color image restoration with multisensors
* Generating fuzzy membership function with self-organizing feature map
* High resolution image formation from low resolution frames using Delaunay triangulation
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction with Multisensors
* HR Image from Multiframes by Delaunay Triangulation: A Synopsis
* Locally adaptive regularized super-resolution on video with arbitrary motion
* Motion Compensated Spatiotemporal Filter for Image Sequences with Signal Dependent Noise, A
* Multidimensional Generalized Sampling Theorem for wavelet Based Image Superresolution
* Multispectral Image Restoration with Multisensors
* Performance analysis of the TLS algorithm for image reconstruction from a sequence of undersampled noisy and blurred frames
* Properties determining choice of mother wavelet
* second-generation wavelet framework for super-resolution with noise filtering, A
* Simultaneous Noise Filtering and Super-Resolution With Second-Generation Wavelets
* Spatiotemporal-Bandwidth Product of m-Dimensional Signals
* Special Issue On Multidimensional Signal Processing: Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing: Problems, Progress, And Future Scopes
* Superresolution and Noise Filtering Using Moving Least Squares
* Superresolution from image sequence
* Superresolution with second generation wavelets
Includes: Bose, N.K. Bose, N.K.[Nirmal K.]
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Bose, P.[Prosenjit] Co Author Listing * Augmented reality on cloth with realistic illumination
* Drawing Nice Projections of Objects in Space
* Feature Based Cut Detection with Automatic Threshold Selection
* Formalization of the General Video Temporal Synchronization Problem
* General Framework to Generate Sizing Systems from 3D Motion Data Applied to Face Mask Design, A
* Global Context Descriptors for SURF and MSER Feature Descriptors
* On the Incorporation of Time-delay Regularization into Curvature-Based Diffusion
* Posture invariant correspondence of triangular meshes in shape space
* Spiking Neural Networks for Crop Yield Estimation Based on Spatiotemporal Analysis of Image Time Series
* Temporal Synchronization of Video Sequences in Theory and in Practice
Includes: Bose, P.[Prosenjit] Bose, P.[Paromita] Bose, P.[Pritam]
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Bose, R. Co Author Listing * Toward an Ecosystem for Developing and Programming Assistive Environments

Bose, S. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for X-ray Scatter, Beam-Hardening, and Beam Profile Correction in Diagnostic (Kilovoltage) and Treatment (Megavoltag
* Cramer-Rao Bounds for Broadband Dispersion Extraction of Borehole Acoustic Modes
* Generalized quadratic discriminant analysis
* New Generalized Computational Framework for Finding Object Orientation Using Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint, A
* Shape from Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint
Includes: Bose, S. Bose, S.[Smarajit]

Bose, S.K. Co Author Listing * Automated maze solving using fluid mechanics based numerical approach
* Integrated Approach for Range Image Segmentation and Representation, An
* Model-Based Object Recognition: The Role of Affine Invariants

Bose, T. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration Using a Conjugate Gradient-Based Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
* Two-dimensional periodic digital filters

Bosek, B. Co Author Listing * High performance GPGPU based system for matching people in a live video feed

Bosemann, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Industrial Photogrammetry: Accepted Metrology Tool Or Exotic Niche
Includes: Bosemann, W.[Werner] Bösemann, W.[Werner] (Maybe also Boesemann, W.)

Boser, B. Co Author Listing * Back-Propagation Applied to Handwritten Zip Code Recognition
* Capacity control in linear classifiers for pattern recognition
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Application of Neural Network Chips and Automatic Learning
* Handwritten zip code recognition with multilayer networks

Bosetti, P. Co Author Listing * Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
* Holistic Approach to the Integration of Safety Applications: The INSAFES Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT, A
* On Curve Negotiation: From Driver Support to Automation

Boshra, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Accommodating uncertainty in pixel-based verification of 3-D object hypotheses
* Bounding Fundamental Performance of Feature-Based Object Recognition
* Constraint-Satisfaction Approach for 3-D Object Recognition by Integrating 2-D and 3-D Data, A
* indexing scheme for efficient data-driven verification of 3D pose hypotheses, An
* Localizing a polyhedral object in a robot hand by integrating visual and tactile data
* Logical Templates for Feature Extraction in Fingerprint Images
* Performance Prediction and Validation for Object Recognition
* Predicting object recognition performance under data uncertainty, occlusion and clutter
* Predicting Performance of Object Recognition
* Recognition of occluded polyhedra from range images
Includes: Boshra, M.[Michael] Boshra, M.
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Boshtayeva, M.[Madina] Co Author Listing * focus fusion framework with anisotropic depth map smoothing, A
* Focus Fusion with Anisotropic Depth Map Smoothing

Bosica, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * On the topology preservation of Gneiting's functions in image registration

Bosilj, P.[Petra] Co Author Listing * Attribute Profiles from Partitioning Trees
* Beyond MSER: Maximally Stable Regions using Tree of Shapes
* Hierarchical Image Representation Simplification Driven by Region Complexity
* Local 2D Pattern Spectra as Connected Region Descriptors
* Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images with Pattern Spectra Descriptors
* Short local descriptors from 2D connected pattern spectra

Bosisio, A.V. Co Author Listing * Sky Status Indicator to Detect Rain-Affected Atmospheric Thermal Emissions Observed at Ground, A

Boskamp, T. Co Author Listing * Context conditioning and run-length coding for hybrid, embedded progressive image coding
* Fast variable run-length coding for embedded progressive wavelet-based image compression

Bosley, E.J.[Emile J.] Co Author Listing * Image Motion and Change Transducers

Bosman, D. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reconstruction of Buried Heat Sources from a Surface Thermogram

Bosman, P.A.N. Co Author Listing * Towards a Real-Time Minimally-Invasive Vascular Intervention Simulation System

Bosman, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Virtual Community Based Secure Service Discovery and Access for 3D Video Streaming Applications

Bosmans, G. Co Author Listing * Improving physical behavior in image registration

Bosmans, H. Co Author Listing * Development of a Rat Computational Phantom Using Boundary Representation Method for Monte Carlo Simulation in Radiological Imaging

Bosnjak, D.[Darijo] Co Author Listing * method to simulate spatial-temporal spread of influenza using transportation and travel modeling approaches, A

Boss, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Recognition and classification of red blood cells using digital holographic microscopy and data clustering with discriminant analysis

Boss, M. Co Author Listing * Spatial Data Quality and a Workflow Tool

Bossa, M.[Matias] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Tensor-Based Morphometry with a Right-Invariant Riemannian Distance on GL+(n)

Bossa, M.N.[Matias N.] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing the group exponential of diffeomorphisms: Performance evaluation
* Left-Invariant Riemannian Geodesics on Spatial Transformation Groups
* Registration of anatomical images using geodesic paths of diffeomorphisms parameterized with stationary vector fields
* Registration of Anatomical Images Using Paths of Diffeomorphisms Parameterized with Stationary Vector Field Flows
* Statistical Model of Similarity Transformations: Building a Multi-Object Pose

Bossan, F. Co Author Listing * Scalable Shape Representation for Content-Based Visual Data Compression

Bossard, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Some Issues in Sign Language Processing

Bossard, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Apparel Classification with Style
* Augmented faces
* Event Recognition in Photo Collections with a Stopwatch HMM
* Food-101: Mining Discriminative Components with Random Forests
* Hello neighbor: Accurate object retrieval with k-reciprocal nearest neighbors
* I Know What You Did Last Summer: Object-level Auto-annotation of Holiday Snaps
* Server-side object recognition and client-side object tracking for mobile augmented reality
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Bossart, P.L. Co Author Listing * Finite element analysis of human joints: image processing and meshing issues

Bosse, E. Co Author Listing * Convex optimization approach to identity fusion for multisensor target tracking
* Fusion of Identity Declarations from Dissimilar Sources Using the Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Iterative Refinement of Possibility Distributions by Learning for Pixel-Based Classification
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Joint Image Registration and Fusion, A
* Registration of Mobile Sensors Using the Parallelized Extended Kalman Filter
Includes: Bosse, E. Bossé, É.[Éloi] Bosse, É.

Bosse, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Calibrated, Registered Images of an Extended Urban Area
* Non-Metric Image-Based Rendering for Video Stabilization
* Placeless Place-Recognition
* Trajectory-Based Place-Recognition for Efficient Large Scale Localization
* Vanishing points and three-dimensional lines from omni-directional video
Includes: Bosse, M.[Michael] Bosse, M.

Bosse, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Efficiency Video Coding for Multi-View Video and Depth Data
* deep neural network for image quality assessment, A
* Deep Neural Networks for No-Reference and Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Extension of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for Multiview Video and Depth Data
* Haar wavelet-based perceptual similarity index for image quality assessment, A
* Neurally informed assessment of perceived natural texture image quality
* Shearlet-based reduced reference image quality assessment
* Toward a Direct Measure of Video Quality Perception Using EEG
* Video Compression Using Nested Quadtree Structures, Leaf Merging, and Improved Techniques for Motion Representation and Entropy Coding
Includes: Bosse, S.[Sebastian] Bosse, S.
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Bosse, T. Co Author Listing * Challenges in Computational Modeling of Affective Processes
* Do Prospect-Based Emotions Enhance Believability of Game Characters? A Case Study in the Context of a Dice Game

Bossen, F. Co Author Listing * Context-Based Arithmetic Encoding of 2D Shape Sequences
* Digital Watermarking of Color Images Using Amplitude Modulation
* Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression
* Efficient coding of segmentation maps based on MPEG-4 shape coding
* HEVC Complexity and Implementation Analysis
* Intra Coding of the HEVC Standard
* Region-based coding of motion fields for low-bitrate video compression
* Shape compression of moving objects using context-based arithmetic encoding
* Video Coding Using a Simplified Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques
Includes: Bossen, F. Bossen, F.[Frank]
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Bosser, P. Co Author Listing * Lightweight UAV with on-board photogrammetry and single-frequency GPS positioning for metrology applications
* Study of Lever-Arm Effect Using Embedded Photogrammetry and On-Board GPS Receiver on UAV for Metrological Mapping Purpose and Proposal of a Free Ground Measurements Calibration Procedure
* UAV Onboard Photogrammetry and GPS Positionning for Earthworks

Bossi, S. Co Author Listing * Semi-Fragile Watermarking for Video Quality Evaluation in Broadcast Scenario

Bossler, J.D. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Cartography: The NOS Experience

Bossoletti, L. Co Author Listing * Image segmentation for appearance-based self-localisation

Bossomaier, T. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image coding using Spectral Prediction Modelling in HEVC coding framework

Bosson, A.[Alison] Co Author Listing * Non-retrieval: Blocking Pornographic Images
* robustness of some scale-spaces, The
* Some Morphological Scale-Space Filters and Their Properties
* Using occlusion models to evaluate scale-space processors
Includes: Bosson, A.[Alison] Bosson, A.

Bossu, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Development of a machine vision system for a real time precision sprayer
* Meteorological Conditions Processing for Vision-based Traffic Monitoring
* Rain or Snow Detection in Image Sequences Through Use of a Histogram of Orientation of Streaks
Includes: Bossu, J.[Jeremie] Bossu, J.[Jérémie]

Bossung, C. Co Author Listing * Retrieving the Bioenergy Potential from Maize Crops Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Bossuyt, A. Co Author Listing * Workstation Environment for Image-Processing in Nuclear-Medicine

Bossyut, F. Co Author Listing * Finite Element Simulation of 2.5/3D Shaped and Rigid Electronic Circuits

Bost, J.M. Co Author Listing * Integration of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Cues for Visual Attention Using Non-Linear Relaxation
* Temporal precedence in asynchronous visual indexing
Includes: Bost, J.M. Bost, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Bost, V.[Veronique] Co Author Listing * Combining spaceborne SAR images with 3D point clouds for infrastructure monitoring applications
Includes: Bost, V.[Veronique] Bost, V.[Véronique]

Bost, W. Co Author Listing * Optoacoustic Imaging of Subcutaneous Microvasculature With a Class one Laser

Bostain, D.R.[David R.] Co Author Listing * Image processing system

Bostan, E. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Denoising: From MAP to MMSE Using Consistent Cycle Spinning
* Divergence-Free Wavelet Frames
* Improved Variational Denoising of Flow Fields with Application to Phase-Contrast MRI Data
* Phase retrieval by using transport-of-intensity equation and differential interference contrast microscopy
* Sparse Stochastic Processes and Discretization of Linear Inverse Problems
* Statistics of Wavelet Coefficients for Sparse Self-Similar Images
* Variational Justification of Cycle Spinning for Wavelet-Based Solutions of Inverse Problems
* Variational Phase Imaging Using the Transport-of-Intensity Equation
* Wavelet Shrinkage With Consistent Cycle Spinning Generalizes Total Variation Denoising
* Wavelet Statistics of Sparse and Self-Similar Images
Includes: Bostan, E. Bostan, E.[Emrah]
10 for Bostan, E.

Bostanci, E.[Erkan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation Method, Dataset Size or Dataset Content: How to Evaluate Algorithms for Image Matching?
* Matching corners using the informative arc
* Spatial Statistics of Image Features for Performance Comparison
Includes: Bostanci, E.[Erkan] Bostanci, E.

Bostani, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Modification of supervised OPF-based intrusion detection systems using unsupervised learning and social network concept

Bostater, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Optimal spectral image fusion for detection of shoreline targets

Bostelman, J. Co Author Listing * Systematic Bundle Adjustment of HRSC Image Data

Bostelman, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * 3D Ground-Truth Systems for Object/Human Recognition and Tracking

Bostelmann, J. Co Author Listing * Global Bundle Adjustment With Variable Orientation Point Distance For Precise Mars Express Orbit Reconstruction
* Landsafe: Landing Site Risk Analysis Software Framework
* Modeling spacecraft oscillations in HRSC images of Mars Express

Bosten, J.M. Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation flicker photometry: Phenotypic and genotypic associations
* Empirical evidence for unique hues?
* Individual differences provide psychophysical evidence for separate on- and off-pathways deriving from short-wave cones
* No difference in variability of unique hue selections and binary hue selections
Includes: Bosten, J.M. Bosten, J.M.[Jenny M.]

Boston, N.[Nigel] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Summation Invariants in 3D Human Face Recognition
* Optimal Linear Combination of Facial Regions for Improving Identification Performance

Bostrom, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Site Modelling and Verification of Plant Design for Nuclear Security Applications
* Acquisition, modelling and rendering of very large urban environments
* Automatic laser-based identification for UF6 cylinders
* Controlled 3D Data Fusion using Error-bounds
* Multisensor fusion for volumetric reconstruction of large outdoor areas
* Urban 3D modelling using terrestrial laserscanners
Includes: Bostrom, G. Boström, G.[Gunnar] (Maybe also Bostroem, G.)Bostrom, G.[Gunnar] Boström, G. (Maybe also Bostroem, G.)

Bostrom, P.J. Co Author Listing * Diffusion weighted imaging of prostate cancer: Prediction of cancer using texture features from parametric maps of the monoexponential and kurtosis functions
Includes: Bostrom, P.J. Boström, P.J. (Maybe also Bostroem, P.J.)

Bostrom, V.S.[Vareck S.] Co Author Listing * Creating high resolution images
* Implementation of a Real-time Foreground/Background Segmentation System on the Intel Architecture

Bostwick, R.[Renu] Co Author Listing * Overhead-Based Image and Video Geo-localization Framework

Bosveld, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical coding of HDTV
* Rate constrained multiresolution transmission of video
Includes: Bosveld, F.[Frank] Bosveld, F.

Bosveld, J. Co Author Listing * Boosted Particle Swarm Optimization of Gabor Filter Feature Vector
* Constrained Metric Learning by Permutation Inducing Isometries

Boswell, K.M. Co Author Listing * Estuarine Plume: A Case Study by Satellite SAR Observations and In Situ Measurements

Bosworth, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Morphological Lomo Filter for Multiscale Image Processing, The

Bosworth, R.G.[Rain G.] Co Author Listing * Image Statistics of American Sign Language: Comparison with Faces and Natural Scenes

Bosworth, R.H. Co Author Listing * Companded One-Bit Coder for Television Transmission, A

Boszormenyi, L.[Laszlo] Co Author Listing * AAU Video Browser: Non-Sequential Hierarchical Video Browsing without Content Analysis
* Analysis of Time Drift in Hand-Held Recording Devices, An
* Frame-Based Classification of Operation Phases in Cataract Surgery Videos
* Level of service classification for smart cameras
* Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project
* Robust Traffic State Estimation on Smart Cameras
* Summarization and Presentation of Real-Life Events Using Community-Contributed Content
* Synchronization Ground Truth for the Jiku Mobile Video Dataset, A
* Video Browsing with a 3D Thumbnail Ring Arranged by Color Similarity
* Vision of the crowds
Includes: Boszormenyi, L.[Laszlo] Böszörmenyi, L.[Laszlo] (Maybe also Boeszoermenyi, L.)Böszörményi, L.[László] Boszormenyi, L.
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