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Brea, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of massively parallel embedded hardware architectures for retinal image processing

Brea, V.M.[Victof M.] Co Author Listing * Cellular neural networks and active contours: A tool for image segmentation
* Discrete-Time CNN for Image Segmentation by Active Contours
* Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
* Pixel-level Snakes
* System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
Includes: Brea, V.M.[Victof M.] Brea, V.M.

Breaban, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * unifying criterion for unsupervised clustering and feature selection, A

Breakspear, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Can body expressions contribute to automatic depression analysis?
* Cross-cultural detection of depression from nonverbal behaviour
* Eye movement analysis for depression detection
* Neural-net classification for spatio-temporal descriptor based depression analysis
* Video-Based Facial Behaviour Analysis Approach to Melancholia, A
Includes: Breakspear, M.[Michael] Breakspear, M.

Breaux, N.[Nancy] Co Author Listing * Halftoning For Color-Indexed Displays

Breaz, R.[Radu] Co Author Listing * Inverse kinematics of a 7 DOF manipulator using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems

Breazeal, C. Co Author Listing * Active vision for sociable robots
* context-dependent attention system for a social robot, A
* Function meets style: insights from emotion theory applied to HRI
* Social interactions in HRI: the robot view

Breazu, M. Co Author Listing * Region-based fractal image compression using deterministic search

Brecelj, J.[Jelka] Co Author Listing * Chromatic visual evoked potential responses in preschool children
* Chromatic visual evoked potentials in young patients with demyelinating disease

Brechbuhler, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of MR angiography volume data leading to the structural description of the cerebral vessel tree
* Consistent Site Modeling: Imposing Hard Constraints on Deformable Models
* Imposing Hard Constraints on Deformable Models Through Optimization in Orthogonal Subspaces
* Imposing Hard Constraints on Soft Snakes
* Model-Based Initialisation for Segmentation
* Parameterization of Closed Surfaces for Parametric Surface Description
* Parametric estimate of intensity inhomogeneities applied to MRI
* Parametrization of Closed Surfaces for 3-D Shape-Description
* Segmentation of 3D Objects from MRI Volume Data Using Constrained Elastic Deformations of Flexible Fourier Surface Models
Includes: Brechbuhler, C. Brechbühler, C. (Maybe also Brechbuehler, C.)Brechbühler, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Brechbuehler, C.)
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Brecheisen, R. Co Author Listing * Illustrative uncertainty visualization of DTI fiber pathways

Brecher, V. Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in the Automatic Inspection of Integrated-Circuits for Pattern Defects

Brecher, V.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Defect Classification for Semiconductor Manufacturing
* P300: A System for Automatic Pattern Wafer Inspection, The

Brechin, F. Co Author Listing * Structural Simulations and Conservation Analysis: Historic Building Information Model (HBIM)

Brechmann, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Finding Landmarks in the Functional Brain using Feature Reduction and Alignment Techniques
* Parcellation of the Auditory Cortex into Landmark-Related Regions of Interest
* Part-based localisation and segmentation of landmark-related auditory cortical regions
* Two-level Dynamic Model for The Representation And Recognition of Cortical Folding Patterns, A
Includes: Brechmann, A.[Andre] Brechmann, A.[André]

Brechner, E.L.[Eric L.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
* Method for creating spatially balanced bounding volume hierarchies for use in a computer generated display of a complex structure

Brechner, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic System for the Classification of Microfossils, An

Brecht, H.P. Co Author Listing * Imaging Model Incorporating Ultrasonic Transducer Properties for Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Tomography, An

Brecht, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-frame packet reservation multiple access using oscillation-scaled histogram-based Markov modelling of video codecs

Brechtken, R. Co Author Listing * Visualization of a Necropolis on the Basis of a Portable Aerial Photogrammetric System and Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Breckon, T. Co Author Listing * Constant-time bilateral filter using spectral decomposition
* Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing: A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab
Includes: Breckon, T. Breckon, T.[Toby]

Breckon, T.P.[Toby P.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Breckon, T.P.[Toby P.]: t breckon AT cranfield ac uk
* 3D extension to cortex like mechanisms for 3D object class recognition, A
* 3D object classification in baggage computed tomography imagery using randomised clustering forests
* Amodal volume completion: 3D visual completion
* application of support vector machine classification to detect cell nuclei for automated microscopy, The
* Automatic real-time road marking recognition using a feature driven approach
* Automatic Road Environment Classification
* Back to Butterworth: A Fourier basis for 3D surface relief hole filling within RGB-D imagery
* classifier based approach for the detection of potential threats in CT based Baggage Screening, A
* comparison of 3D interest point descriptors with application to airport baggage object detection in complex CT imagery, A
* comparison of classification approaches for threat detection in CT based baggage screening, A
* Dense gradient-based features (DEGRAF) for computationally efficient and invariant feature extraction in real-time applications
* Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing, Second Edition
* distance driven method for metal artefact reduction in computed tomography, A
* empirical comparison of real-time dense stereo approaches for use in the automotive environment, An
* Environment Authentication Through 3D Structural Analysis
* foreground object based quantitative assessment of dense stereo approaches for use in automotive environments, A
* From On-Road to Off: Transfer Learning Within a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Segmentation and Classification of Off-Road Scenes
* Fully automatic 3D Threat Image Projection: Application to densely cluttered 3D Computed Tomography baggage images
* Generalized dynamic object removal for dense stereo vision based scene mapping using synthesised optical flow
* hierarchical extension to 3D non-parametric surface relief completion, A
* Improved 3D sparse maps for high-performance SFM with low-cost omnidirectional robots
* Improved Depth Recovery In Consumer Depth Cameras via Disparity Space Fusion within Cross-spectral Stereo
* Improved raindrop detection using combined shape and saliency descriptors with scene context isolation
* Materials-based 3D segmentation of unknown objects from dual-energy computed tomography imagery in baggage security screening
* Noise robust image edge detection based upon the automatic anisotropic Gaussian kernels
* Non-parametric 3D surface completion
* non-temporal texture driven approach to real-time fire detection, A
* novel intensity limiting approach to Metal Artefact Reduction in 3D CT baggage imagery, A
* Object classification in 3D baggage security computed tomography imagery using visual codebooks
* Object Recognition Using 3D SIFT in Complex CT Volumes
* On Cross-Spectral Stereo Matching using Dense Gradient Features
* Real-Time Traversable Surface Detection by Colour Space Fusion and Temporal Analysis
* Real-time visual saliency by Division of Gaussians
* Three-Dimensional Surface Relief Completion Via Nonparametric Techniques
* Transfer learning using convolutional neural networks for object classification within X-ray baggage security imagery
Includes: Breckon, T.P.[Toby P.] Breckon, T.P.
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Brede, B. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Range Accuracy and the Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Terrestrial Laser Scanning Instruments for Data Interoperability

Bredeche, N. Co Author Listing * Wrapper for object detection in an autonomous mobile robot

Bredies, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Artifact-Free Variational MPEG Decompression
* Convex Relaxation of a Class of Vertex Penalizing Functionals
* Evaluation of Parallel Level Sets and Bowsher's Method as Segmentation-Free Anatomical Priors for Time-of-Flight PET Reconstruction
* Guest Editorial: Scale Space and Variational Methods
* Joint MR-PET Reconstruction Using a Multi-Channel Image Regularizer
* Non-local Total Generalized Variation for Optical Flow Estimation
* Preconditioned Douglas-Rachford Algorithms for TV- and TGV-Regularized Variational Imaging Problems
* Recovering Piecewise Smooth Multichannel Images by Minimization of Convex Functionals with Total Generalized Variation Penalty
* TGV Regularized Wavelet Based Zooming Model, A
* TGV-Based Framework for Variational Image Decompression, Zooming, and Reconstruction. Part I: Analytics, A
* TGV-Based Framework for Variational Image Decompression, Zooming, and Reconstruction. Part II: Numerics, A
* Total Generalized Variation
* Total Generalized Variation in Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Includes: Bredies, K.[Kristian] Bredies, K.
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Bredif, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Reconstruction with Parametric Roof Superstructures
* 3D Octree Based Watertight Mesh Generation from Ubiquitous Data
* 3D roof details by 3D aerial vision
* 3D Watertight Mesh Generation with Uncertainties from Ubiquitous Data
* Accuracy Assessment of Automated Photogrammetric Techniques for 3D Modeling of Complex Interiors, An
* Building Footprint Database Improvement for 3D Reconstruction: A Direction Aware Split and Merge Approach
* Building footprint database improvement for 3D reconstruction: A split and merge approach and its evaluation
* Classification-Segmentation Framework for the Detection of Individual Trees in Dense MMS Point Cloud Data Acquired in Urban Areas, A
* Combining meshes and geometric primitives for accurate and semantic modeling
* Detecting And Correcting Motion Blur from Images Shot with Channel-Dependent Exposure Time
* Detecting blind building façades from highly overlapping wide angle aerial imagery
* Distributed Dimensonality-Based Rendering of LIDAR Point Clouds
* Efficient Approach to Building Superstructure Reconstruction Using Digital Elevation Maps, An
* efficient stochastic approach for building footprint extraction from digital elevation models, An
* EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric images: Results of empirical phase
* Extracting polygonal building footprints from digital surface models: A fully-automatic global optimization framework
* hybrid framework for single tree detection from airborne laser scanning data: A case study in temperate mature coniferous forests in Ontario, Canada, A
* Hybrid multi-view reconstruction by Jump-Diffusion
* Hybrid Multiview Stereo Algorithm for Modeling Urban Scenes, A
* Insertion of 3-D-Primitives in Mesh-Based Representations: Towards Compact Models Preserving the Details
* Iqmulus Urban Showcase: Automatic Tree Classification And Identification In Huge Mobile Mapping Point Clouds, The
* Joint inpainting of depth and reflectance with visibility estimation
* Librjmcmc: An Open-source Generic C++ Library For Stochastic Optimization
* Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera
* Motion blur detection in aerial images shot with channel-dependent exposure time
* Reconstruction of Sky Illumination Domes From Ground-based Panoramas
* Street environment change detection from mobile laser scanning point clouds
* Visibility estimation and joint inpainting of lidar depth maps
Includes: Bredif, M. Brédif, M.[Mathieu] Bredif, M.[Mathieu] Brédif, M.
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Bredin, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Speech, Faces and Text for Person Identification in TV Broadcast
* GMM-based SVM for face recognition
* Hierarchical Late Fusion for Concept Detection in Videos
* Person instance graphs for mono-, cross- and multi-modal person recognition in multimedia data: application to speaker identification in TV broadcast
Includes: Bredin, H.[Herve] Bredin, H.[Hervé]

Bredno, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * General Discrete Contour Model in Two, Three, and Four Dimensions for Topology-Adaptive Multichannel Segmentation, A

Breebaart, J.[Jeroen] Co Author Listing * Baby-Posture Classification from Pressure-Sensor Data
* Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Bit Error Probability under Gaussian Assumption
* Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Performance Curves Under Gaussian Assumption
* Multi-algorithm fusion with template protection
* Pitfall of the Detection Rate Optimized Bit Allocation within template protection and a remedy
Includes: Breebaart, J.[Jeroen] Breebaart, J.

Breeding, K.J. Co Author Listing * Aircraft Identification by Moment Invariants
* Automatic Recognition of Human Faces from Profile Silhouettes, The
* pattern description language: PADEL, A
Includes: Breeding, K.J. Breeding, K.J.[Kenneth J.]

Breen, A.[Allen] Co Author Listing * Vertebrae Tracking in Lumbar Spinal Video-fluoroscopy Using Particle Filters with Semi-automatic Initialisation

Breen, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Robust Segmentation of Aerial Image Data Recorded for Landscape Ecology Studies

Breen, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Robust Segmentation of Aerial Image Data Recorded for Landscape Ecology Studies
* Video Analysis Algorithms for Automated Categorization of Fly Behaviors
Includes: Breen, D.[Daniel] Breen, D.[David]

Breen, D.E.[David E.] Co Author Listing * email: Breen, D.E.[David E.]: david AT ecrc de
* Automated camera calibration and 3D egomotion estimation for augmented reality applications
* Confluence of Computer Vision and Interactive Graphics for Augmented Reality
* Temporal Computational Objects: A Process for Dynamic Surface Generation
* Visualization of Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Includes: Breen, D.E.[David E.] Breen, D.E.

Breen, E.J. Co Author Listing * Attribute Openings, Thinnings, and Granulometries
* Recursive Implementation of Erosions and Dilations Along Discrete Lines at Arbitrary Angles

Breen, K. Co Author Listing * Large Scale Labelled Video Data Augmentation for Semantic Segmentation in Driving Scenarios

Breen, M.S. Co Author Listing * Volume registration using needle paths and point landmarks for evaluation of interventional MRI treatments
* X-ray computed tomography methods for in vivo evaluation of local drug release systems

Breen, S.L.[Stephen L.] Co Author Listing * Full orientation invariance and improved feature selectivity of 3D SIFT with application to medical image analysis

Breese, J.S. Co Author Listing * Probability intervals over influence diagrams

Breeuwer, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Contour Propagation in Cine Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images
* Fractal coding of monochrome images
* Invertible Orientation Scores of 3D Images
* Method and apparatus for merging images into a composite image
* Segmentation of Thrombus in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms From CTA With Nonparametric Statistical Grey Level Appearance Modeling
Includes: Breeuwer, M. Breeuwer, M.[Marcel]

Brefeld, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Efficient Classification of Images with Taxonomies

Brega, J.R.F.[Jose Remo Ferreira] Co Author Listing * ARISupport: Interaction Support for Augmented Reality Systems
Includes: Brega, J.R.F.[Jose Remo Ferreira] Brega, J.R.F.[José Remo Ferreira]

Bregier, R. Co Author Listing * Symmetry Aware Evaluation of 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation in Scenes of Many Parts in Bulk
Includes: Bregier, R. Brégier, R.

Bregler, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bregler, C.[Chris]: chris bregler AT nyu edu
* 3D Human pose and shape estimation from multi-view imagery
* 3D skeletal reconstruction from low-resolution multi-view images
* Automatic Non-rigid 3D Modeling from Video
* Body Motion Analysis for Multi-modal Identity Verification
* Convolutional Learning of Spatio-temporal Features
* Efficient ConvNet-based marker-less motion capture in general scenes with a low number of cameras
* Efficient object localization using Convolutional Networks
* Eigen-Points
* Finding Naked People
* Finding Objects in Image Databases by Grouping
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* Hands by hand: Crowd-sourced motion tracking for gesture annotation
* Large displacement optical flow
* Learning and Recognizing Human Dynamics in Video Sequences
* Learning invariance through imitation
* Learning Visual Models for Lipreading
* MARCOnI: ConvNet-Based MARker-Less Motion Capture in Outdoor and Indoor Scenes
* MoDeep: A Deep Learning Framework Using Motion Features for Human Pose Estimation
* Nonlinear Manifold Learning for Visual Speech Recognition
* Nonrigid Structure-from-Motion: Estimating Shape and Motion with Hierarchical Priors
* Recovering Non-Rigid 3D Shape from Image Streams
* Space-Time Tracking
* Towards Accurate Multi-person Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Tracking and Modeling Non-Rigid Objects with Rank Constraints
* Tracking People with Twists and Exponential Maps
* Twist Based Acquisition and Tracking of Animal and Human Kinematics
* Video Rewrite: Driving Visual Speech with Audio
Includes: Bregler, C.[Chris] Bregler, C.[Christoph] Bregler, C. Bregler, C.[Christopher]
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Bregon, A. Co Author Listing * Integration of Simulation and State Observers for Online Fault Detection of Nonlinear Continuous Systems

Bregonzio, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Topics Modelling for Action Feature Selection and Recognition
* Multi-Modal Particle Filtering Tracking using Appearance, Motion and Audio Likelihoods
* Recognising action as clouds of space-time interest points

Bregovic, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Analysis and optimization of pixel usage of light-field conversion from multi-camera setups to 3D light-field displays
* Anti-aliasing filtering of 2D images for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays
* Image based rendering technique via sparse representation in shearlet domain
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Shearlet Transform
* Measurement of perceived spatial resolution in 3D light-field displays
* Overview of the applicability of H.264/MVC for real-time light-field applications
* Shearlet-domain light field reconstruction for holographic stereogram generation
Includes: Bregovic, R.[Robert] Bregovic, R.
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Bregt, A.[Arnold] Co Author Listing * Evolving Spatial Data Infrastructures and the Role of Adaptive Governance

Bregt, A.K.[Arnold K.] Co Author Listing * Open Data and Beyond
* Users' Assessment of Orthoimage Photometric Quality for Visual Interpretation of Agricultural Fields

Brehard, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Initialization of Particle Filter and Posterior Cramér-Rao Bound for Bearings-Only Tracking in Modified Polar Coordinate System
Includes: Brehard, T.[Thomas] Bréhard, T.[Thomas]

Brehelin, L.[Laurend] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Models with Patterns to Learn Boolean Vector Sequences and Application to the Built-In Self-Test for Integrated Circuits
Includes: Brehelin, L.[Laurend] Bréhélin, L.[Laurend]

Brehinier, M.[Morgan] Co Author Listing * Texmix: an automatically generated news navigation portal
Includes: Brehinier, M.[Morgan] Bréhinier, M.[Morgan]

Brehm, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * FPGA-Based Verification Framework for Real-Time Vision Systems, An

Brehm, T. Co Author Listing * Measurements of Sea Clutter at Low Grazing Angle in Mediterranean Coastal Environment
* Multibaseline Interferometric SAR at Millimeterwaves
* Radar Propagation Experiment in the North Sea: The Sylt Campaign
* Towards Airborne Single Pass Decimeter Resolution SAR Interferometry over Urban Areas
Includes: Brehm, T. Brehm, T.[Thorsten]

Brehovska, J. Co Author Listing * Digitization Of Cultural Heritage Of Slovak Republic
Includes: Brehovska, J. Brehovská, J.

Breiby, D.W.[Dag W.] Co Author Listing * High-resolution coherent x-ray diffraction imaging of metal-coated polymer microspheres

Breide, S. Co Author Listing * Wideband MAC-compatible HDTV transmission system

Breidenbach, J. Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Bark Beetle Green Attack Using TerraSAR-X and RapidEye Data
* Influence of DEM Quality on Mapping Accuracy of Coniferous- and Deciduous-Dominated Forest Using TerraSAR-X Images, The
* Mixed Effects Model to Estimate Stand Volume by Means of Small Footprint Airborne Lidar Data for an American and German Study Site, A
* Object-Based Analysis of Aerial Photogrammetric Point Cloud and Spectral Data for Land Cover Mapping
* Statistical Properties of Mean Stand Biomass Estimators in a Lidar-Based Double Sampling Forest Survey Design

Breidt, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Markerless 3D Face Tracking
* Robust semantic analysis by synthesis of 3D facial motion

Breier, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Have we underestimated the power of image undistortion?
* Skew correction and line extraction in binarized printed text images

Breiman, L. Co Author Listing * Bagging Predictors
* Random Forests

Breit, H.[Helko] Co Author Listing * Analysis of ground moving objects using SRTM/X-SAR data
* Automatic Extraction of Traffic Flows Using TerraSAR-X Along-Track Interferometry
* Efficient Evaluation of Multichannel SAR Data Recombination Filters
* flexible multimodal object tracking system, A
* Improved Person Tracking Using a Combined Pseudo-2D-HMM and Kalman Filter Approach with Automatic Background State Adaptation
* Noise-Related Radiometric Correction in the TerraSAR-X Multimode SAR Processor
* Robust tracking of persons in real-world scenarios using a statistical computer vision approach
* Spaceborne Spotlight SAR Interferometry With TerraSAR-X
* TerraSAR-X SAR Processing and Products
Includes: Breit, H.[Helko] Breit, H. Breit, H.[Harald]
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Breit, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Gestures to Intuitively Control Large Displays

Breitbarth, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Planning for Simultaneous Coverage and Accuracy Optimisation

Breiteneder, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Query Generation for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Film Analysis of Archived Documentaries
* Graph-Based Shape Similarity of Petroglyphs
* Group Feature Selection for Audio-Based Video Genre Classification
* Recurring Element Detection in Movies
* Unsupervised group feature selection for media classification

Breitenreicher, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Fast and Exact Primal-Dual Iterations for Variational Problems in Computer Vision
* Intrinsic Second-Order Geometric Optimization for Robust Point Set Registration without Correspondence
* Model-Based Multiple Rigid Object Detection and Registration in Unstructured Range Data
* Robust 3D object registration without explicit correspondence using geometric integration

Breitenstein, M.D.[Michael D.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pose Estimation for Range Images on the GPU
* Fast and automatic object pose estimation for range images on the GPU
* Head Pose Estimation from Passive Stereo Images
* Hunting Nessie: Real-time abnormality detection from webcams
* Mining from large image sets
* Online Multiperson Tracking-by-Detection from a Single, Uncalibrated Camera
* Probabilistic Parameter Selection for Learning Scene Structure from Video
* Real-Time Face Pose Estimation from Single Range Images
* Robust tracking-by-detection using a detector confidence particle filter
* What's going on? Discovering spatio-temporal dependencies in dynamic scenes
Includes: Breitenstein, M.D.[Michael D.] Breitenstein, M.D.
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Breiter, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Neurofeedback using functional spectroscopy

Breithaupt, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * Classification of Fingerprints Captured Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Breitinger, F. Co Author Listing * On application of bloom filters to iris biometrics

Breitkopf, U. Co Author Listing * ISPRS Benchmark On Urban Object Classification And 3d Building Reconstruction, The
* Multiple-Model Based Verification of Road Data
* Multitemporal Quality Assessment Of Grassland And Cropland Objects Of A Topographic Dataset
* Results of the ISPRS benchmark on urban object detection and 3D building reconstruction
* Status Of Topographic Mapping In The World A Unggim-ISPRS Project 2012-2015, The
Includes: Breitkopf, U. Breitkopf, U.[Uwe]

Breitman, K.K.[Karin K.] Co Author Listing * Video Processing in the Cloud

Breitner, J. Co Author Listing * Validation of a Regression Technique for Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities in Alzheimer's Disease

Breivik, G.M.[Goril M.] Co Author Listing * motion based real-time foveation control loop for rapid and relevant 3D laser scanning, A
* Pipeline landmark detection for autonomous robot navigation using time-of-flight imagery

Breivik, L. Co Author Listing * Use of C-Band Scatterometer for Sea Ice Edge Identification

Brejcha, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * GeoPose3K: Mountain landscape dataset for camera pose estimation in outdoor environments

Brejl, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Directional 3D Edge Detection in Anisotropic Data: Detector Design and Performance Assessment
* Object localization and border detection criteria design in edge-based image segmentation: automated learning from examples
Includes: Brejl, M.[Marek] Brejl, M.

Brekke, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Evolving Oil Spills in Full-Polarimetric and Hybrid-Polarity SAR
* Assessment of RISAT-1 and Radarsat-2 for Sea Ice Observations from a Hybrid-Polarity Perspective
* Characterization of Marine Surface Slicks by Radarsat-2 Multipolarization Features
* Comparing Near-Coincident C- and X-Band SAR Acquisitions of Marine Oil Spills
* Emulating Sentinel-1 Doppler Radial Ice Drift Measurements Using Envisat ASAR Data
* Feature Extraction for Oil Spill Detection Based on SAR Images
* Iceberg Detection in Open and Ice-Infested Waters Using C-Band Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Robust CFAR Detector Based on Truncated Statistics in Multiple-Target Situations
* Segmentation-Based CFAR Detection Algorithm Using Truncated Statistics, A
Includes: Brekke, C. Brekke, C.[Camilla]
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Brell, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Assessment of Habitat Quality for Spectral Ecosystem Monitoring
* Hyperspectral and Lidar Intensity Data Fusion: A Framework for the Rigorous Correction of Illumination, Anisotropic Effects, and Cross Calibration
* Hyperspectral REE (Rare Earth Element) Mapping of Outcrops: Applications for Neodymium Detection
* Improving Sensor Fusion: A Parametric Method for the Geometric Coalignment of Airborne Hyperspectral and Lidar Data
* Ready-to-Use Methods for the Detection of Clouds, Cirrus, Snow, Shadow, Water and Clear Sky Pixels in Sentinel-2 MSI Images
* Reduction of Uncorrelated Striping Noise: Applications for Hyperspectral Pushbroom Acquisitions
* Spectral Unmixing of Forest Crown Components at Close Range, Airborne and Simulated Sentinel-2 and EnMAP Spectral Imaging Scale
Includes: Brell, M.[Maximilian] Brell, M. Brell, M.[Max]
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Brelstaff, G. Co Author Listing * Color and Luminance Information in Natural Scenes
* Computing Lightness
* Detecting Specular Reflection Using Lambertian Constraints
* Geometry from Specularities
* Inferring Surface Shape from Specular Reflections
* Specular Stereo

Brelstaff, G.J. Co Author Listing * Edge-region integration for segmentation of MR images

Brem, L. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision System for Enhancing the Teleoperation of an Industrial Robot, A

Bremananlh, R. Co Author Listing * Rotation invariant palmprint recognition: An overview and implementation

Bremananth, R. Co Author Listing * Verification of bank cheque images using Hamming measures

Bremer, M.[Magnus] Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of a Detailed Architectural Canopy Model Reconstruction for the Simulation of Synthetic Hemispherical Images and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Comprehensive Spectral Signal Investigation Of A Larch Forest Combining Ground- And Satellite-based Measurements
* Derivation of tree skeletons and error assessment using LiDAR point cloud data of varying quality
Includes: Bremer, M.[Magnus] Bremer, M.

Bremer, P.T. Co Author Listing * Automatic image annotation using inverse maps from semantic embeddings
* Image segmentation using consensus from hierarchical segmentation ensembles
* Poisson Disk Sampling on the Grassmannnian: Applications in Subspace Optimization
* Randomized Ensemble Approach to Industrial CT Segmentation, A
* Two-dimensional shape retrieval using the distribution of extrema of Laplacian eigenfunctions
Includes: Bremer, P.T. Bremer, P.T.[Peer-Timo]

Bremer, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3D Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Archaeological Artifacts
* Interacting with Simulated Archaeological Assets
* Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data
Includes: Bremer, T.[Thomas] Bremer, T.[Timo]

Bremm, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Opening up the black box of medical image segmentation with statistical shape models

Bremner, W.[William] Co Author Listing * email: Bremner, W.[William]: bremner AT mds lmco com
* Integration of Image Understanding Exploitation Algorithms in the RADIUS Testbed
* RADIUS Phase II Program, The

Bremond, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bremond, F.[Francois]: francois bremond AT sophia inria fr
* 3D trajectories for action recognition
* Activity Monitoring System for Real Elderly at Home: Validation Study, An
* Activity recognition and uncertain knowledge in video scenes
* Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Multi-object Tracker
* Appearance based retrieval for tracked objects in surveillance videos
* Applying 3D human model in a posture recognition system
* APRIORI-based Method for Frequent Composite Event Discovery in Videos, An
* Automatic tracker selection w.r.t object detection performance
* Automatic Video Interpretation: A Novel Algorithm for Temporal Scenario Recognition
* Automatic Video Interpretation: A Recognition Algorithm for Temporal Scenarios Based on Pre-compiled Scenario Models
* Background subtraction in people detection framework for RGB-D cameras
* Bayesian Framework for Video Surveillance Application
* BEHAVE: Behavioral Analysis of Visual Events for Assisted Living Scenarios
* Body Parts Detection for People Tracking Using Trees of Histogram of Oriented Gradient Descriptors
* Boosted human re-identification using Riemannian manifolds
* Brownian descriptor: A rich meta-feature for appearance matching
* Cognitive Vision System for Nuclear Fusion Device Monitoring, A
* Commentary Paper 2 on Action Signature: A Novel Holistic Representation for Action Recognition
* Commentary Paper on Learning and Classification of Trajectories in Dynamic Scenes: A General Framework for Live Video Analysis
* Contextual Statistics of Space-Time Ordered Features for Human Action Recognition
* Crowd Behavior Recognition for Video Surveillance
* Crowd event recognition using HOG tracker
* Data-Driven Motion Pattern Segmentation in a Crowded Environments
* Design and Assessment of an Intelligent Activity Monitoring Platform
* ETISEO, performance evaluation for video surveillance systems
* Evaluation of a monitoring system for event recognition of older people
* Evaluation of Local Descriptors for Action Recognition in Videos
* Event Detection and Analysis from Video Streams
* Exploiting Feature Correlations by Brownian Statistics for People Detection and Recognition
* Exploring depth information for head detection with depth images
* Extraction of activity patterns on large video recordings
* Framework Dealing with Uncertainty for Complex Event Recognition, A
* Gait Recognition Based on Modified Phase Only Correlation
* Generic Framework for Video Understanding Applied to Group Behavior Recognition, A
* Gesture recognition by learning local motion signatures
* Global tracker: An online evaluation framework to improve tracking quality
* Globality: Locality-Based Consistent Discriminant Feature Ensemble for Multicamera Tracking
* Group behavior recognition with multiple cameras
* Human Behaviour Visualisation and Simulation for Automatic Video Understanding
* Human violence recognition and detection in surveillance videos
* hybrid framework for online recognition of activities of daily living in real-world settings, A
* Image-based gender estimation from body and face across distances
* Improving person re-identification by viewpoint cues
* Incremental Video Event Learning
* Intelligent Video Systems: A Review of Performance Evaluation Metrics that Use Mapping Procedures
* Learning to Match Appearances by Correlations in a Covariance Metric Space
* Minimizing hallucination in histogram of Oriented Gradients
* Modeling spatial layout of features for real world scenario RGB-D action recognition
* Monitoring Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) of Elderly Based on 3D Key Human Postures
* Multi-object tracking of pedestrian driven by context
* Multi-shot Person Re-Identification Using Part Appearance Mixture
* Multi-target tracking by discriminative analysis on Riemannian manifold
* Multiple-shot human re-identification by Mean Riemannian Covariance Grid
* Multisensor Fusion for Monitoring Elderly Activities at Home
* New Evaluation Approach for Video Processing Algorithms, A
* Object Tracking and Scenario Recognition for Video-Surveillance
* On-Line Video Recognition and Counting of Harmful Insects
* Online Learning of Activities from Video
* Online parameter tuning for object tracking algorithms
* Online tracking parameter adaptation based on evaluation
* Optimizing trajectories clustering for activity recognition
* Person Re-identification Using Haar-based and DCD-based Signature
* Person Re-identification Using Spatial Covariance Regions of Human Body Parts
* Probabilistic Recognition of Complex Event
* Qualitative Evaluation of Detection and Tracking Performance
* Real-time control of video surveillance systems with program supervision techniques
* Real-Time Scene Understanding System for Airport Apron Monitoring, A
* Recognizing Gestures by Learning Local Motion Signatures of HOG Descriptors
* Recovering People Tracking Errors Using Enhanced Covariance-Based Signatures
* Recurrent Bayesian Network for the Recognition of Human Behaviors from Video
* Relative dense tracklets for human action recognition
* Representation and Optimal Recognition of Human Activities
* Representing visual appearance by video Brownian covariance descriptor for human action recognition
* Robust global tracker based on an online estimation of tracklet descriptor reliability
* Scenario Recognition in Airborne Video Imagery
* Scene Understanding and Activity Recognition
* Semantic Event Fusion of Different Visual Modality Concepts for Activity Recognition
* Semi-supervised understanding of complex activities from temporal concepts
* Shadow Removal in Indoor Scenes
* Shape recognition based on a video and multi-sensor system
* Statistics of Pairwise Co-occurring Local Spatio-temporal Features for Human Action Recognition
* Toward Abnormal Trajectory and Event Detection in Video Surveillance
* Tracking HoG Descriptors for Gesture Recognition
* Tracking Multiple Individuals for Video Communication
* Tracking Multiple Non-Rigid Objects in a Cluttered Scene
* Tracking Multiple Nonrigid Objects In Video Sequences
* Trajectory Based Activity Discovery
* Trajectory based Primitive Events for learning and recognizing activity
* Uncertainty Modeling Framework for Constraint-Based Elementary Scenario Detection in Vision Systems
* Unsupervised Activity Analysis and Monitoring Algorithms for Effective Surveillance Systems
* Unsupervised Activity Extraction on Long-Term Video Recordings Employing Soft Computing Relations
* Unsupervised data association for metric learning in the context of multi-shot person re-identification
* Unsupervised discovery of human activities from long-time videos
* Unsupervised Discovery, Modeling, and Analysis of Long Term Activities
* Video Activity Extraction and Reporting with Incremental Unsupervised Learning
* Video surveillance for aircraft activity monitoring
* Video Surveillance: Past, Present, and Now the Future
* Video understanding for complex activity recognition
* Video-based event recognition: activity representation and probabilistic recognition methods
* Visual Surveillance for Aircraft Activity Monitoring
Includes: Bremond, F.[Francois] Brémond, F.[François] Brémond, F.[Francois] Bremond, F. Bremond, F.[François] Brémond, F.
102 for Bremond, F.

Bremond, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Enhanced fog detection and free-space segmentation for car navigation
* Estimating Meteorological Visibility Using Cameras: A Probabilistic Model-Driven Approach
* Free Space Detection for Autonomous Navigation in Daytime Foggy Weather
* Quantitative model of the driver's reaction time during daytime fog: Application to a head up display-based advanced driver assistance system
* unified CSF-based framework for edge detection and edge visibility, A
Includes: Bremond, R.[Roland] Brémond, R.[Roland] Bremond, R.

Bremont, J. Co Author Listing * Monocular depth perception by evaluation of the blur in defocused images
* Visual Depth Perception Based on Optical Blur

Brena, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Contextualized Hand Gesture Recognition with Smartphones

Brena, R.F.[Ramon F.] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Meetings with One and Two Kinect Sensors

Brendan, C. Co Author Listing * Technical challenges of protecting digital entertainment content

Brendel, B. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Photon-Counting Based K-Edge Imaging in X-ray Computed Tomography
* Statistical Reconstruction of Material Decomposed Data in Spectral CT

Brendel, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Beyond the Kodak image set: A new reference set of color image sequences
* Crosstalk correction technique for single sensor camera provided with Bayer color filter array

Brendel, M. Co Author Listing * probabilistic, hierarchical, and discriminant framework for rapid and accurate detection of deformable anatomic structure, A

Brendel, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Homology Computations via Acyclic Subspace

Brendel, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Activities as Time Series of Human Postures
* Learning spatiotemporal graphs of human activities
* Multiobject tracking as maximum weight independent set
* Probabilistic event logic for interval-based event recognition
* Video object segmentation by tracking regions

Brenden, B. Co Author Listing * Imaging Techniques for Testing and Inspection

Brending, S. Co Author Listing * distributed online learning tracking algorithm, A

Brendon, K.[Khoo] Co Author Listing * Modular-based classification system for weed classification using mixture of features

Breneman, C.M.[Curt M.] Co Author Listing * Fast Bundle Algorithm for Multiple-Instance Learning

Breneman, E.J. Co Author Listing * Modeling Light Reflection for Computer Color Vision

Breneman, J.[John] Co Author Listing * model for estimating spectral properties of water from RGB images, A

Brenguier, J.L.[Jean Louis] Co Author Listing * Approaches to transnational access for airborne platforms: EUFAR and the United States
* Development of airborne instrument data processing toolbox and format standards
* Development of an international forum which coordinates airborne science platform capabilities
* International conference on airborne research for the environment: ICARE-2010.
Includes: Brenguier, J.L.[Jean Louis] Brenguier, J.L.[Jean-Louis]

Brenier, Y. Co Author Listing * computational fluid mechanics solution to the Monge-Kantorovich mass transfer problem, A

Brenna, M. Co Author Listing * e-Mobility Forecast for the Transnational e-Corridor Planning
* Exploitation of Vehicle-to-Grid Function for Power Quality Improvement in a Smart Grid, The

Brennan, D. Co Author Listing * Effect of intelligent speed adaptation technology on older drivers: driving performance
* Wireless technology applications to enhance traveller safety

Brennan, J.I. Co Author Listing * Aerosol-Cloud Interaction: Misclassification of MODIS Clouds in Heavy Aerosol

Brennan, K.C. Co Author Listing * Tracking Monotonically Advancing Boundaries in Image Sequences Using Graph Cuts and Recursive Kernel Shape Priors

Brennan, M. Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing Approach to Multistatic Radar Change Imaging, A
* Feasibility study for the development of a motion imagery quality metric
* Image georegistration methods: A framework for application guidelines

Brennan, M.J. Co Author Listing * Optimized Tropical Cyclone Winds From QuikSCAT: A Neural Network Approach

Brennan, M.P.[Matthew P.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Complex Vascular Structures using Polar Neighborhood Intensity Profile

Brennan, P.C. Co Author Listing * iCAP: An Individualized Model Combining Gaze Parameters and Image-Based Features to Predict Radiologists Decisions While Reading Mammograms

Brennan, P.V.[Paul V.] Co Author Listing * Improving Performance of a Noise Reduction Algorithm by Switching the Analysis Filter Bank

Brennan, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Co-Tracking Using Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines
* Differential EMD Tracking
* Dynamic Prediction of Vehicle Cluster Distribution in Mixed Traffic: A Statistical Mechanics-Inspired Method
Includes: Brennan, S.[Shane] Brennan, S.

Brennan, S.N. Co Author Listing * Analytical Prediction of Self-Organized Traffic Jams as a Function of Increasing ACC Penetration
* Lateral Vehicle State and Environment Estimation Using Temporally Previewed Mapped Lane Features
* Robust Extrema Features for Time-Series Data Analysis
* Vehicle Localization Using In-Vehicle Pitch Data and Dynamical Models
Includes: Brennan, S.N. Brennan, S.N.[Sean N.]

Brennan, T. Co Author Listing * Testing Equality of Cell Populations Based on Shape and Geodesic Distance

Brenneman, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicarrier OFDM SAR Signal Processing

Brennemann, A.E. Co Author Listing * Sensor-Based Registration and Stacking of Electronic Substrate Layers

Brennenstuhl, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * WeBest: Automatic correction and mapping of façade thermography on 3D building models

Brenner, A. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Detection of Ground and Canopy Cover in Micropulse Photon-Counting Lidar Altimeter Data in Preparation for the ICESat-2 Mission

Brenner, A.C. Co Author Listing * Precision and Accuracy of Satellite Radar and Laser Altimeter Data Over the Continental Ice Sheets

Brenner, A.R. Co Author Listing * Bistatic SAR Processing and Experiments
* Radar Imaging of Urban Areas by Means of Very High-Resolution SAR and Interferometric SAR
* Wide-Area Traffic Monitoring With the SAR/GMTI System PAMIR

Brenner, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Feature Point Extraction From Lidar Data Using A Neural Network
* Accuracy Assessment Of Mobile Mapping Point Clouds Using The Existing Environment As Terrestrial Reference
* Aggregation of LoD 1 building models as an optimization problem
* Analysis of Score Functions for the Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans
* Analysis Of Spatio-temporal Traffic Patterns Based On Pedestrian Trajectories
* Automatic Relative Orientation of Terrestrial Laser Scans Using Planar Structures and Angle Constraints
* Building Reconstruction Using a Structural Description Based on a Formal Grammar
* CAD-based Object Recognition for a Sensor/Actor Measurement Robot
* Coarse orientation of terrestrial laser scans in urban environments
* Constraints for Modelling Complex Objects
* Data Driven Rule Proposal for Grammar Based Facade Reconstruction
* Evaluation of inertial measurement systems using laser scanners and known landmarks
* Evaluation of Structure Recognition Using Labelled Facade Images
* Experimentical Measurement System for Industrial Inspection of 3D Parts, An
* Extracting Landmarks for Car Navigation Systems using Existing GIS Databases and Laser Scanning
* Extraction of buildings and trees in urban environments
* Extraction of Facades using rjMCMC and Constraint Equations
* Forest point processes for the automatic extraction of networks in raster data
* Generalization of 3D City Models as a Service
* generative statistical approach to automatic 3D building roof reconstruction from laser scanning data, A
* Global Localization of Vehicles Using Local Pole Patterns
* GPS-Aided Video Tracking
* HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving, The
* Interpretation of Urban Surface Models Using 2d Building Information
* Photogrammetric calibration and accuracy evaluation of a cross-pattern stripe projector
* Point Based Registration of Terrestrial Laser Data Using Intensity and Geometry Features
* Reconstruction of Façade Structures Using a Formal Grammar and RjMCMC
* Registration of terrestrial laserscanning data using planar patches and image data
* Stereo Ground Truth with Error Bars
* Terrain-dependent aggregation of 3D city models
* Towards Fully Automated 3D City Model Generation
* Vehicle Localization By Lidar Point Correlation Improved By Change Detection
* Vehicle Localization using Landmarks obtained by a Lidar Mobile Mapping System
* Virtual City Models from Laser Altimeter and 2D Map Data
Includes: Brenner, C. Brenner, C.[Claus]
34 for Brenner, C.

Brenner, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Correction of Count Rate Reduction During Simultaneous MR-PET Measurements With the BrainPET Scanner

Brenner, J.F.[John F.] Co Author Listing * Local transforms for biomedical image analysis
* Pattern Recognition of Nucleated Cells from the Peripheral Blood
* Scene Segmentation in Automated Histopathology: Techniques Evolved from Cytology Automation
Includes: Brenner, J.F.[John F.] Brenner, J.F.

Brenner, K.H. Co Author Listing * Digital Optics

Brenner, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Joint People Recognition across Photo Collections Using Sparse Markov Random Fields
* Recognizing people by face and body in Photo Collections
* Social event detection and retrieval in collaborative photo collections
* Temporal face embedding and propagation in photo collections

Brenner, R.[Rorry] Co Author Listing * Perfect Accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop Object Detection
* Third Eye: A Shopping Assistant for the Visually Impaired
Includes: Brenner, R.[Rorry] Brenner, R.

Brenning, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Constructing satellite-derived hyperspectral indices sensitive to canopy structure variables of a Cordilleran Cypress (Austrocedrus chilensis) forest
* Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?
* Potential of Space-Borne Hyperspectral Data for Biomass Quantification in an Arid Environment: Advantages and Limitations
* Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture in Vineyards Using Airborne and Ground-Based Thermal Inertia Data
* Using spectrotemporal indices to improve the fruit-tree crop classification accuracy
Includes: Brenning, A.[Alexander] Brenning, A.

Brenova, M. Co Author Listing * Methods For The Update And Verification of Forest Surface Model

Brent Seales, W. Co Author Listing * Petroglyph digitization: enabling cultural heritage scholarship

Brentjens, M. Co Author Listing * KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Breon, F. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Directional Variations of Land Surface Reflectance From MODIS

Breon, F.M.[Francois Marie] Co Author Listing * sub km resolution global database of surface reflectance and emissivity based on 10-years of MODIS data, A
* Using Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service Products to Constrain the Aerosol Type in the Atmospheric Correction Processor MAJA
Includes: Breon, F.M.[Francois Marie] Bréon, F.M.[François-Marie]

Brepoels, L. Co Author Listing * Performance of MAP Reconstruction for Hot Lesion Detection in Whole-Body PET/CT: An Evaluation With Human and Numerical Observers

Bres, S. Co Author Listing * 3D shape retrieval by visual parts similarity
* Analysis and interpretation of visual saliency for document functional labeling
* Ancient Handwritings Decomposition Into Graphemes and Codebook Generation Based on Graph Coloring
* Automatic Selection of Illustrations for Teaching Image Processing
* Biological inspired tools for patrimonial handwriting denoising and categorization
* Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Conditions of Similarity between Hermite and Gabor Filters as Models of the Human Visual System
* Curvelets Based Queries for CBIR Application in Handwriting Collections
* Directions analysis in grey-level images
* Document page similarity based on layout visual saliency: application to query by example and document classification
* Handwriting Similarities as Features for the Characterization of Writer's Style Invariants and Image Compression
* Hermite and Gabor transforms for noise reduction and handwriting classification in ancient manuscripts
* Hermite Filter-Based Texture Analysis with Application to Handwriting Document Indexing
* Indexation of Syriac manuscripts using directional features
* Key Points-based Indexing for Pre-attentive Similarities: The KIWI System
* Local Orientation Extraction for Wordspotting in Syriac Manuscripts
* Localisation and augmented reality for mobile applications in Cultural Heritage
* Markerless Outdoor Localisation Based on SIFT Descriptors for Mobile Applications
* Multimodal recognition of visual concepts using histograms of textual concepts and selective weighted late fusion scheme
* Multiscale Handwriting Characterization for Writers' Classification
* Panoramic mosaicing optimization
* Printed Text Featuring Using the Visual Criteria of Legibility and Complexity
* Spatio-temporal Primitive Extraction Using Hermite and Laguerre Filters for Early Vision Video Indexing
* Temporal Video Indexing Based on Early Vision Using Laguerre Filters
* Texture feature extraction and indexing by hermite filters
* Transparency quantification. Application to composite materials quality controls by image processing
* Unsupervised clustering of text entities in heterogeneous grey level documents
* Visual Concept Detection and Annotation via Multiple Kernel Learning of Multiple Models
* Writer Identification Using Steered Hermite Features and SVM
Includes: Bres, S. Bres, S.[Stéphane] Bres, S.[Stephane]
29 for Bres, S.

Bresch, E. Co Author Listing * Region Segmentation in the Frequency Domain Applied to Upper Airway Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Images

Bresch, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Invariant texture segmentation with reduced illumination sensitivity
* Optimizing filter banks for supervised texture recognition

Breschi, L. Co Author Listing * Comments on Frequency Decomposition and Computing of Ultrasound Medical Images with Wavelet Packets

Bresciani, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Mapping Submerged Habitats and Mangroves of Lampi Island Marine National Park (Myanmar) from in Situ and Satellite Observations

Bresin, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Genuine Scratch Performance
* Effects of Interactive Sonification on Emotionally Expressive Walking Styles
* From Acoustic Cues to an Expressive Agent
Includes: Bresin, R.[Roberto] Bresin, R.

Breslav, M.[Mikhail] Co Author Listing * 3D pose estimation of bats in the wild
* Discovering useful parts for pose estimation in sparsely annotated datasets

Bresler, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Detection of Arrows in On-Line Sketched Diagrams Using Relative Stroke Positioning
* MfrDB: Database of Annotated On-Line Mathematical Formulae
* Modeling Flowchart Structure Recognition as a Max-Sum Problem
* Online recognition of sketched arrow-connected diagrams
Includes: Bresler, M.[Martin] Bresler, M.

Bresler, Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis of feature extraction criteria for vector field visualization
* Asymptotic Global Confidence Regions for 3-D Parametric Shape Estimation in Inverse Problems
* Bayesian Approach to Reconstruction from Incomplete Projections of a Multiple Object 3D Domain, A
* Complexity regularized shape estimation from noisy Fourier data
* Compressive Diffuse Optical Tomography: Noniterative Exact Reconstruction Using Joint Sparsity
* Cramer-Rao bounds for parametric shape estimation in inverse problems
* Efficient Algorithms for the Blind Recovery of Images Blurred by Multiple Filters
* Efficient Blind Compressed Sensing Using Sparsifying Transforms with Convergence Guarantees and Application to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Efficient edge-preserving regularization for limited-angle tomography
* Electromagnetic impedance tomography (EMIT): A new method for impedance imaging
* Error analysis and performance optimization of fast hierarchical backprojection algorithms
* Exact Image Deconvolution from Multiple FIR Blurs
* fast and accurate Fourier algorithm for iterative parallel-beam tomography, A
* Fast feldkamp algorithm for cone-beam computer tomography
* Fast hierarchical backprojection for helical cone-beam tomography
* Feasibility of Tomography with Unknown View Angles
* Feature-Extraction Techniques for Exploratory Visualization of Vector-Valued Imagery
* Further results on spectrum blind sampling of 2D signals
* Globally Convergent Edge-Preserving Regularized Reconstruction: An Application to Limited-Angle Tomography
* Guest Editorial Compressive Sensing for Biomedical Imaging
* Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Reconstruction from Projections of a Multiple Object 3-D Scene, A
* Joint Adaptive Sparsity and Low-Rankness on the Fly: An Online Tensor Reconstruction Scheme for Video Denoising
* Learning doubly sparse transforms for image representation
* Learning Doubly Sparse Transforms for Images
* Learning flipping and rotation invariant sparsifying transforms
* Learning overcomplete sparsifying transforms with block cosparsity
* Learning sparsifying transforms for image processing
* Model-based estimation techniques for 3-D reconstruction from projections
* Motion Adaptive Patch-Based Low-Rank Approach for Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine MRI
* MR Image Reconstruction From Highly Undersampled k-Space Data by Dictionary Learning
* Multilevel Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Fast O(N2 log N) Reprojection of Tomographic Images, A
* Multiresolution tomographic reconstruction using wavelets
* O(N^2/log2 N) Filtered Backprojection Reconstruction Algorithm for Tomography
* O(N^3/log N) backprojection algorithm for the 3-D radon transform
* Optimal sampling in parallel magnetic resonance imaging
* Optimal scan for time-varying tomography: I. Theoretical analysis and fundamental limitations
* Optimal scan for time-varying tomography: II. Efficient design and experimental validation
* Perfect Blind Restoration of Images Blurred by Multiple Filters: Theory and Efficient Algorithms
* Range-space based identification of parametric linear systems
* Recursive Image Registration with Application to Motion Estimation
* Self-Referencing Level-Set Method for Image Reconstruction from Sparse Fourier Samples, A
* Shear-Based Fast Hierarchical Backprojection for Parallel-Beam Tomography
* Spectrum-Blind Minimum-Rate Sampling and Reconstruction of 2-D Multiband Signals
* Structured Overcomplete Sparsifying Transform Learning with Convergence Guarantees and Applications
* Theoretical analysis of a multiscale algorithm for the direct segmentation of tomographic images
* Theoretical Analysis of Multispectral Image Segmentation Criteria
* Uniqueness of Tomography with Unknown View Angles
* Vector field visualization: analysis of feature extraction methods
* Video denoising by online 3D sparsifying transform learning
Includes: Bresler, Y. Bresler, Y.[Yoram]
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Bresnahan, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Airborne Lidar-Derived Elevation: Empirical Assessment and Error Budget

Bresolin, A.[Adriano] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis between Wavelets for the Identification of Pathological Voices

Bressan, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Adapted Vocabularies for Generic Visual Categorization
* analysis of the relationship between painters based on their work, An
* Bayesian Classification of Cork Stoppers Using Class-Conditional Independent Component Analysis
* Feature Extraction Methods for Real-Time Face Detection and Classification
* Independent Modes of Variation in Point Distribution Models
* Nonparametric discriminant analysis and nearest neighbor classification
* On the selection and classification of independent features
* Tone-mapping high dynamic range images by novel histogram adjustment
* Using an ICA Representation of High Dimensional Data for Object Recognition and Classification
* Using an ICA representation of local color histograms for object recognition
* Weighted Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Local Representations, A
Includes: Bressan, M.[Marco] Bressan, M.
11 for Bressan, M.

Bressmann, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach to Tongue Motion Analysis in 2D Ultrasound Image Sequences, A

Bresson, G. Co Author Listing * Real-time Decentralized Monocular SLAM
* Real-Time Monocular SLAM With Low Memory Requirements

Bresson, J. Co Author Listing * Towards interactive authoring tools for composing spatialization

Bresson, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Active Contours Based on Chambolle's Mean Curvature Motion
* Adaptive Regularization With the Structure Tensor
* Bregmanized Nonlocal Regularization for Deconvolution and Sparse Reconstruction
* Color Image Restoration Using Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers
* Completely Convex Formulation of the Chan-Vese Image Segmentation Model
* Efficient Algorithm for Level Set Method Preserving Distance Function
* Enhanced Compressed Sensing Recovery With Level Set Normals
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
* Fast Geodesic Active Fields for Image Registration Based on Splitting and Augmented Lagrangian Approaches
* Fast Global Minimization of the Active Contour/Snake Model
* Fast texture segmentation model based on the shape operator and active contour
* Functional correspondence by matrix completion
* Geodesic Active Fields on the Sphere
* Geodesic Active Fields: A Geometric Framework for Image Registration
* Geometric moments in scale-spaces
* Harmonic Active Contours
* Harmonic active contours for multichannel image segmentation
* Histogram Based Segmentation Using Wasserstein Distances
* Image Segmentation Model using Active Contour and Image Decomposition
* Local Histogram Based Segmentation Using the Wasserstein Distance
* Multi-class Transductive Learning Based on L_1 Relaxations of Cheeger Cut and Mumford-Shah-Potts Model
* Multiscale Active Contours
* Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers for Color Image Restoration
* priori information in image segmentation: energy functional based on shape statistical model and image information, A
* Representing Diffusion MRI in 5-D Simplifies Regularization and Segmentation of White Matter Tracts
* Robust Principal Component Analysis on Graphs
* Scale Space Analysis and Active Contours for Omnidirectional Images
* Segmentation for Hyperspectral Images with Priors
* Semi-supervised Segmentation Based on Non-local Continuous Min-Cut
* Source localization on graphs via L_1 recovery and spectral graph theory
* Variational Model for Object Segmentation Using Boundary Information and Shape Prior Driven by the Mumford-Shah Functional, A
Includes: Bresson, X.[Xavier] Bresson, X.
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Brestel, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Brestel, C.[Chen]: chen AT wisdom weizmann ac il
* Multi-View Modeling and Synthesis

Bretar, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of forest structure using a mean-shift based algorithm
* Analysis of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data for an Accurate Classification of Urban Areas
* Canopy Density Model: A New ALS-Derived Product to Generate Multilayer Crown Cover Maps
* Digital Terrain Model on Vegetated Areas: Joint Use of Airborne LIDAR Data and Optical Images
* Full-waveform topographic lidar: State-of-the-art
* Hybrid image segmentation using LiDAR 3D planar primitives
* LIDAR Data Classification Using Hierarchical K-Means Clustering
* Lidar waveform modeling using a marked point process
* Managing Full Waveform LIDAR Data: A Challenging Task for the Forthcoming Years
* Marked Point Process for Modeling Lidar Waveforms, A
* Pathway detection and geometrical description from ALS data in forested mountaneous area
* Processing Fine Digital Terrain Models by Markovian Regularization from 3D Airborne Lidar Data
* Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
* Recognition of Building Roof Facets by Merging Aerial Images and 3D Lidar Data in a Hierarchical Segmentation Framework
* stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms, A
* Terrain modeling from Lidar data: Hierarchical K-means filtering and Markovian regularization
* Terrain Modeling From Lidar Range Data in Natural Landscapes: A Predictive and Bayesian Framework
Includes: Bretar, F.[Frederic] Bretar, F. Bretar, F.[Frédéric]
17 for Bretar, F.

Breteler, M.M.B. Co Author Listing * Automated Brain Structure Segmentation Based on Atlas Registration and Appearance Models

Brethes, L.[Ludovic] Co Author Listing * Multi-view dense 3D modelling of untextured objects from a moving projector-cameras system
* Particle filtering strategies for data fusion dedicated to visual tracking from a mobile robot
* Precise Registration of 3D Images Acquired from a Hand-Held Visual Sensor
Includes: Brethes, L.[Ludovic] Brèthes, L.[Ludovic]

Bretier, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Modeling Gaze Behavior for a 3D ECA in a Dialogue Situation

Bretin, E. Co Author Listing * Localization, Stability, and Resolution of Topological Derivative Based Imaging Functionals in Elasticity
* Regularization of Discrete Contour by Willmore Energy
* Volume Reconstruction from Slices
Includes: Bretin, E. Bretin, E.[Elie]

Bretl, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * ChromaTag: A Colored Marker and Fast Detection Algorithm
* Probabilistic Language Model for Hand Drawings, A

Breton, G.[Gaspard] Co Author Listing * Adapted Active Appearance Models
* Modeling Gaze Behavior for a 3D ECA in a Dialogue Situation
* Modeling Short-Term Dynamics and Variability for Realistic Interactive Facial Animation

Breton, H.L. Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field Modeling for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac Angiography

Breton, P. Co Author Listing * Shading Flows and Scenel Bundles: A New Approach to Shape from Shading
* Shadows and Shading Flow Fields
Includes: Breton, P. Breton, P.[Pierre]

Breton, R.[Rodolphe] Co Author Listing * Discrete analytical curve reconstruction without patches

Bretschneider, T.[Till] Co Author Listing * Local Shape Representation in 3D: From Weighted Spherical Harmonics to Spherical Wavelet

Bretschneider, T.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Analysis of Cos-7 Binding Assay Imagery for Malaria Vaccination Experiments
* Content Separation Image Fusion Approach: Toward Conformity Between Spectral and Spatial Information, A
* Effective Multi-dimdimensional Index Strategy for Cluster Architectures, An
* Estimating Malaria Parasitaemia from Blood Smear Images
* Semantic-Sensitive Satellite Image Retrieval
Includes: Bretschneider, T.R. Bretschneider, T.R.[Timo R.]

Brett, A.D.[Alan D.] Co Author Listing * Framework for Automatic Landmark Identification Using a New Method of Nonrigid Correspondence, A
* method of 3D surface correspondence and interpolation for merging shape examples, A
* Method of 3D Surface Correspondence for Automated Landmark Generation, A
* Method of Automated Landmark Generation for Automated 3D PDM Construction, A
Includes: Brett, A.D.[Alan D.] Brett, A.D.

Brett, M. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Methods for Characterising Mono- and Poly-fractal Noise Structures in Shortish Time Series: an Application to Functional MRI

Brett, P.T.B. Co Author Listing * Earthquake Damage Detection in Urban Areas Using Curvilinear Features

Brette, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Optimized single site update algorithms for image deblurring

Brettel, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Domain of metamers exciting intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) and rods
* Verriest Lecture: Visual properties of metameric blacks beyond cone vision, The

Brettle, D.S. Co Author Listing * Synthesis of texture from clinical images

Bretto, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Application of Adaptive Hypergraph Model to Impulsive Noise Detection
* Combinatorics and Image Processing
* Comparability Graphs and Digital Topology
* Hypergraph Imaging: An Overview
* Hypergraph Reduction Algorithm for Joint Segmentation and Classification of Satellite Image Content, A
* Mathematical morphology on hypergraphs, application to similarity and positive kernel
* Mathematical Morphology on Hypergraphs: Preliminary Definitions and Results
* Random walks in directed hypergraphs and application to semi-supervised image segmentation
* Similarity between Hypergraphs Based on Mathematical Morphology
Includes: Bretto, A.[Alain] Bretto, A.
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Bretzner, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking with Automatic Selection of Spatial Scales
* Hand gesture recognition using multi-scale colour features, hierarchical models and particle filtering
* Local Fourier phase and disparity estimates: An analytical study
* Many-to-Many Feature Matching Using Spherical Coding of Directed Graphs
* Many-to-Many Matching of Scale-Space Feature Hierarchies Using Metric Embedding
* Object Recognition as Many-to-Many Feature Matching
* On the Handling of Spatial and Temporal Scales in Feature Tracking
* On the Representation and Matching of Qualitative Shape at Multiple Scales
* Qualitative Multiscale Feature Hierarchies for Object Tracking
* Real-Time Scale Selection in Hybrid Multi-scale Representations
* representation and matching of categorical shape, The
* Stable Bounded Canonical Sets and Image Matching
* Use Your Hand as a 3-D Mouse or Relative Orientation from Extended Sequences of Sparse Point and Line Correspondences Using the Affine Trifocal Tensor
Includes: Bretzner, L.[Lars] Bretzner, L.
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Breu, H. Co Author Listing * Linear-Time Euclidean Distance Transform Algorithms

Breu, J. Co Author Listing * Object Matching for Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: An IMM-Based Track Association Approach With Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Test

Breuß, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Continuous-Scale Morphology for Matrix Fields
* Adaptive Filters for Color Images: Median Filtering and Its Extensions
* Analytic Existence and Uniqueness Results for PDE-Based Image Reconstruction with the Laplacian
* Anisotropic Continuous-Scale Morphology
* Can Variational Models for Correspondence Problems Benefit from Upwind Discretisations?
* Classic Wave Equation Can Do Shape Correspondence, The
* Differential Equations for Morphological Amoebas
* Directional Rouy-Tourin Scheme for Adaptive Matrix-Valued Morphology, A
* Efficient Linearisation Approach for Variational Perspective Shape from Shading, An
* Fast Shape from Shading for Phong-Type Surfaces
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading in Spherical Coordinates
* Highly Accurate PDE-Based Morphology for General Structuring Elements
* Highly Accurate Schemes for PDE-Based Morphology with General Convex Structuring Elements
* Hyperbolic Numerics for Variational Approaches to Correspondence Problems
* Improved Eikonal Method for Surface Normal Integration, An
* Innovations for Shape Analysis: Models and Algorithms
* Intermediate Flow Field Filtering in Energy Based Optic Flow Computations
* Lattice Boltzmann Model for Rotationally Invariant Dithering, A
* Making Shape from Shading Work for Real-World Images
* Mathematically Justified Algorithm for Shape from Texture, A
* Matrix-Valued Levelings for Colour Images
* Modern shape from shading and beyond
* Morphological Amoebas Are Self-snakes
* Non-adaptive and Amoeba Quantile Filters for Colour Images
* Novel Schemes for Hyperbolic PDEs Using Osmosis Filters from Visual Computing
* Optimised Anisotropic Poisson Denoising
* PDE-Based Color Morphology Using Matrix Fields
* PDE-Driven Adaptive Morphology for Matrix Fields
* Perspective Shape from Shading with Non-Lambertian Reflectance
* Shape Matching by Time Integration of Partial Differential Equations
* Shock-Capturing Algorithm for the Differential Equations of Dilation and Erosion, A
* Stabilised Nonlinear Inverse Diffusion for Approximating Hyperbolic PDEs
* Variational Perspective Shape from Shading
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Breub, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Shape from shading with specular highlights: Analysis of the Phong model

Breuckmann, B. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the Weary Herakles statue with a coded structured light system

Breuel, G. Co Author Listing * Cutting-in vehicle recognition for ACC systems: Towards Feasible Situation Analysis Methodologies

Breuel, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Breuel, T.[Thomas]: tmb AT iupr net
* Classification using a hierarchical bayesian approach
* hOCR Microformat for OCR Workflow and Results, The
* Recognizable units in Pashto language for OCR
* Scale and rotation invariant OCR for Pashto cursive script using MDLSTM network
* Spatial Statistics for Tumor Cell Counting and Classification
Includes: Breuel, T.[Thomas] Breuel, T.
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Breuel, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Active Canny: Edge detection and recovery with open active contour models
* Adaptive Model Base Indexing
* algorithm for finding maximal whitespace rectangles at arbitrary orientations for document layout analysis, An
* Anomaly detection by combining decision trees and parametric densities
* Automated Ground Truth Data Generation for Newspaper Document Images
* Background variability modeling for statistical layout analysis
* Bayes-true data generator for evaluation of supervised and unsupervised learning methods, A
* Bibliographic Meta-Data Extraction Using Probabilistic Finite State Transducers
* Binarization-free OCR for historical documents using LSTM networks
* Border Noise Removal of Camera-Captured Document Images Using Page Frame Detection
* Can Motion Segmentation Improve Patch-Based Object Recognition?
* Character recognition by adaptive statistical similarity
* Character-Level Alignment Using WFST and LSTM for Post-processing in Multi-script Recognition Systems - A Comparative Study
* Combination of multiple aligned recognition outputs using WFST and LSTM
* Combined orientation and skew detection using geometric text-line modeling
* Comparison of Search Strategies for Geometric Branch and Bound Algorithms, A
* Constructing a Hierarchical Structure from Symbol Alphabets of Technical Line Drawings
* Coupled Snakelet Model for Curled Textline Segmentation of Camera-Captured Document Images
* Coupled Snakelets for Curled Text-Line Segmentation from Warped Document Images
* Decapod: A Flexible, Low Cost Digitization Solution for Small and Medium Archives
* Deepdocclassifier: Document classification with deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Discriminative learning for script recognition
* Distance Measures for Layout-Based Document Image Retrieval
* Document Capture using Stereo Vision
* Document cleanup using page frame detection
* Document Image Dewarping using Robust Estimation of Curled Text Lines
* Effect of Border Noise on the Performance of Projection-Based Page Segmentation Methods, The
* Efficient Correspondence Based Algorithm for 2D and 3D Model Based Recognition, An
* Evaluation of HMM-Based Techniques for the Recognition of Screen Rendered Text, An
* Example-Based Logical Labeling of Document Title Page Images
* Fast Recognition Using Adaptive Subdivisions of Transformation Space
* Finding Lines under Bounded Error
* Geometric Aspects of Visual Object Recognition
* Graphical symbol retrieval using a branch and bound algorithm
* High Performance Layout Analysis of Arabic and Urdu Document Images
* High-Performance OCR for Printed English and Fraktur Using LSTM Networks
* Higher-Order Statistics in Object Recognition
* Identifying relevant frames in weakly labeled videos for training concept detectors
* Image Based Performance Evaluation Method for Page Dewarping Algorithms Using SIFT Features, An
* Image-Matching for Revision Detection in Printed Historical Documents
* Implementation techniques for geometric branch-and-bound matching methods
* Implicit Manipulation of Constraint Sets for Geometric Matching under 2D Translation and Rotation
* Indexing for Visual Recognition from a Large Model Base
* IUPR Dataset of Camera-Captured Document Images, The
* Layout Analysis for Arabic Historical Document Images Using Machine Learning
* Learning automatic concept detectors from online video
* Learning feature weights of symbols, with application to symbol spotting
* Learning Visual Contexts for Image Annotation From Flickr Groups
* Local Discriminative Model for Background Subtraction, A
* Lookapp: interactive construction of web-based concept detectors
* Model Based Recognition Using Pruned Correspondence Search
* Oblivious Document Capture and Real-Time Retrieval
* OCR Based Thresholding
* Offline Printed Urdu Nastaleeq Script Recognition with Bidirectional LSTM Networks
* On the performance of Decapod's digital font reconstruction
* On the use of interval arithmetic in geometric branch and bound algorithms
* Optimal Dominant Motion Estimation Using Adaptive Search of Transformation Space
* Optimal Geometric Matching for Patch-Based Object Detection
* Page Frame Detection for Marginal Noise Removal from Scanned Documents
* Paper to PDA
* Parallel sequence classification using recurrent neural networks and alignment
* Performance Comparison of Six Algorithms for Page Segmentation
* Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Six-Page Segmentation Algorithms
* Performance evaluation of curled textline segmentation algorithms on CBDAR 2007 dewarping contest dataset
* Pixel-Accurate Representation and Evaluation of Page Segmentation in Document Images
* Recognition Driven Page Orientation Detection
* Representations and metrics for off-line handwriting segmentation
* Response to Projection Methods Require Black Border Removal
* Ridges Based Curled Textline Region Detection from Grayscale Camera-Captured Document Images
* Robust Binarization of Stereo and Monocular Document Images Using Percentile Filter
* Robust stereo correspondence for documents by matching connected components of text-lines with dynamic programming
* Robust stereo matching for document images using parameter selection of text-line extraction
* Satellite Tracks Removal in Astronomical Images
* Scene analysis by mid-level attribute learning using 2D LSTM networks and an application to web-image tagging
* Scene labeling with LSTM recurrent neural networks
* Script-Independent Handwritten Textlines Segmentation Using Active Contours
* Segmentation by combining parametric optical flow with a color model
* Segmentation of handprinted letter strings using a dynamic programming algorithm
* segmentation-free approach for printed Devanagari script recognition, A
* Semi-automated OCR database generation for Nabataean scripts
* sequence learning approach for multiple script identification, A
* Statistical Grouping for Segmenting Symbols Parts from Line Drawings, with Application to Symbol Spotting
* Style modeling for tagging personal photo collections
* Supervised texture segmentation using 2D LSTM networks
* system for the off-line recognition of handwritten text, A
* System That Learns to Tag Videos by Watching Youtube, A
* Text-line examination for document forgery detection
* Text-Line Extraction Using a Convolution of Isotropic Gaussian Filter with a Set of Line Filters
* Textline information extraction from grayscale camera-captured document images
* Texture Classification Using 2D LSTM Networks
* Towards Generic Text-Line Extraction
* Two Geometric Algorithms for Layout Analysis
* Visual cortex inspired features for object detection in X-ray images
* Visual Words on Baggage X-Ray Images
Includes: Breuel, T.M.[Thomas M.] Breuel, T.M.
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Breuer, C.K.[Christopher K.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Complex Vascular Structures using Polar Neighborhood Intensity Profile

Breuer, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Noise Correlation in MRI Coil Arrays Loaded With Metamaterial Magnetoinductive Lenses

Breuer, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of bat flight kinematics from sparse multiple views

Breuer, M. Co Author Listing * Optical 3d Measuring Technique For A Detailed Non-Contact Data Acquisition Of Object Surfaces In The Fields Of Cultural Heritage, Archaeology And The Care And Preservation Of Historic Monuments, An

Breuer, P.[Pia] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D face reconstruction from single images or video
* Hand Gesture Recognition with a Novel IR Time-of-Flight Range Camera: A Pilot Study
* Self-Adapting Feature Layers

Breuer, T. Co Author Listing * Estimating Body Pose of Infants in Depth Images Using Random Ferns

Breuers, S. Co Author Listing * Exploring bounding box context for multi-object tracker fusion
* Towards a Principled Integration of Multi-camera Re-identification and Tracking Through Optimal Bayes Filters

Breugnot, J. Co Author Listing * Asplünds metric defined in the Logarithmic Image Processing (LIP) framework: A new way to perform double-sided image probing for non-linear grayscale pattern matching
* Morphological Texture Description from Multispectral Skin Images in Cosmetology
Includes: Breugnot, J. Breugnot, J.[Josselin]

Breuhahn, K. Co Author Listing * Tumor Cell Load and Heterogeneity Estimation From Diffusion-Weighted MRI Calibrated With Histological Data: an Example From Lung Cancer

Breun, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Robust MEG Source Localization of Event Related Potentials: Identifying Relevant Sources by Non-Gaussianity

Breunesse, E.A. Co Author Listing * Predictive Traffic Controller for Sustainable Mobility Using Parameterized Control Policies, A

Breunig, M. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of Kriging Methods In Mobile GIS To Estimate Damage To Buildings In Crisis Scenarios
* Normalization of TanDEM-X DSM Data in Urban Environments With Morphological Filters
* Representation and Analysis of Topology in Multi-Representation Databases
* story of DB4GeO: A service-based geo-database architecture to support multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization, The
* Story of the GeoToolKit: An Object-Oriented Geodatabase Kernel System, The
Includes: Breunig, M. Breunig, M.[Martin]

Breuninger, M. Co Author Listing * Novel Multiple-Instance Learning-Based Approach to Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis on Chest X-Rays, A

Breuss, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Surface Normal Integration by a Discrete Eikonal Equation
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading with Oren-Nayar Reflectance
* Perspective Shape from Shading: Ambiguity Analysis and Numerical Approximations
* Shape from Shading for Rough Surfaces: Analysis of the Oren-Nayar Model

Brevdo, L. Co Author Listing * simple approach to the problem of 3-D reconstruction, A

Breveglieri, L. Co Author Listing * Window-based dedicated parallel architectures for image processing

Brew, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Vector Quantization Mappings for Speaker Verification

Brewer, B.R. Co Author Listing * Visual-Feedback Distortion in a Robotic Rehabilitation Environment

Brewer, C.A.[Cynthia A.] Co Author Listing * Mastering map scale: balancing workloads using display and geometry change in multi-scale mapping

Brewer, C.K.[C. Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Classifying and Mapping Wildfire Severity: A Comparison of Methods

Brewer, I. Co Author Listing * Speech-gesture driven multimodal interfaces for crisis management

Brewer, K.[Ken] Co Author Listing * Forest Inventory and Analysis in the United States: Remote Sensing and Geospatial Activities (Adobe PDF 202Kb)

Brewer, M.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Confocal Microendoscope Images for Automatic Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Brewer, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Lodging Severity over an Experimental Maize (Zea mays L.) Field Using UAS Images

Brewer, N. Co Author Listing * Computerized Dungeons and Randomly Generated Worlds: From Rogue to Minecraft
* Featureless 2D-3D pose estimation by minimising an illumination-invariant loss
* Matching 2-D ellipses to 3-D circles with application to vehicle pose identification
* Novel Illumination-Invariant Loss for Monocular 3D Pose Estimation, A
* Stereo disparity calculation in real-world scenes with Informative Image Partitioning
* User-driven lossy compression for images and video
* Using the Shape Characteristics of Rain to Identify and Remove Rain from Video
Includes: Brewer, N. Brewer, N.[Nathan]
7 for Brewer, N.

Brewer, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * openModeller: A Generic Approach to Species' Potential Distribution modelling
* Using behavior analysis algorithms to anticipate security threats before they impact mission critical operations
Includes: Brewer, P.[Peter] Brewer, P.

Brewer, P.C.[Paul C.] Co Author Listing * OVVV: Using Virtual Worlds to Design and Evaluate Surveillance Systems

Brewer, R.C. Co Author Listing * MRF-based algorithms for segmentation of SAR images

Brewer, T. Co Author Listing * application of remote sensing to identify and measure sealed areas in urban environments, The

Brewer, T.R. Co Author Listing * Monitoring landscape change in the National Parks of England and Wales using aerial photo interpretation and GIS

Brewer, W.L. Co Author Listing * Brightness Modification Proposals for Televising Color Film

Brewin, R.J.W.[Robert J.W.] Co Author Listing * On the temporal consistency of chlorophyll products derived from three ocean-colour sensors

Brewington, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * multidimensional smoothing algorithm with applications to digital color printer calibration, A

Brewster, S.A.[Stephen A.] Co Author Listing * Investigating Gesture and Pressure Interaction with a 3D Display

Breysse, P.N.[Patrick N.] Co Author Listing * Canadian Forest Fires and the Effects of Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on Hospitalizations among the Elderly

Brezeale, D.[Darin] Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Classification: A Survey of the Literature
* Learning Video Preferences Using Visual Features and Closed Captions

Brezinski, M.E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the adaptive speckle suppression filter for coronary optical coherence tomography imaging
* Monitoring Osteoarthritis in the Rat Model Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Brezis, H.[Haim] Co Author Listing * On the Optimality of Shape and Data Representation in the Spectral Domain

Breznan, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Method of 3-D Image Reconstruction from Stereo Pictures

Breznitz, Z.[Zvia] Co Author Listing * Time-resolved and spatio-temporal analysis of complex cognitive processes and their role in disorders like developmental dyscalculia

Brezovan, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method for Efficient Detection of Salient Visual Object from Color Images, An
* Creating New Medical Ontologies for Image Annotation: A Case Study
* Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms from the Perspective of Salient Region Detection
* New Algorithm for Segmentation of Images Represented as Hypergraph Hexagonal-Grid
* New Method for Segmentation of Images Represented in a HSV Color Space, A
* Threshold of Graph-Based Volumetric Segmentation
Includes: Brezovan, M.[Marius] Brezovan, M.

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