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Bu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Contactless palmprint verification based on SIFT and iterative RANSAC
* Learning Collaborative Model for Visual Tracking
* Optic Disc Localization Using Directional Models
* Optic disc segmentation based on variational model with multiple energies
* Retinal vessel segmentation via Iterative Geodesic Time Transform
* Segmentation-Guided Tracking with Prior Map Decision
* SIFT-based contactless palmprint verification approach using iterative RANSAC and local palmprint descriptors, A
Includes: Bu, W.[Wei] Bu, W.
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Bu, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Hadamard relaxation method to MMW and THz Imaging with compressive sensing
Includes: Bu, W.H.[Wei Hua] Bu, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Bu, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Co Author Listing * Level Set Segmentation of Cellular Images Based on Topological Dependence
Includes: Bu, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Bu, W.Y.[Wen-Yu]

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