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Bukar, A.M.[Ali Maina] Co Author Listing * Automatic age estimation from facial profile view

Bukata, R.P. Co Author Listing * Remote-Sensing Reflectance and Its Relationship to Optical-Properties of Natural-Waters

Buke, B.[Burak] Co Author Listing * Combining implicit polynomials and geometric features for hand recognition
* Hand Recognition Using Implicit Polynomials and Geometric Features
* One class classification using implicit polynomial surface fitting
Includes: Buke, B.[Burak] BŁke, B.[Burak] (Maybe also Bueke, B.)Buke, B.

Buker, C.[Cordt] Co Author Listing * Die Reform der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik: MŲglichkeiten und Grenzen der Fernerkundungskontrolle
* Zwei-skaliger Ansatz zur Aktualisierung landwirtschaftlicher Referenzkulissen (LPIS)
Includes: Buker, C.[Cordt] BŁker, C.[Cordt] (Maybe also Bueker, C.)

Buker, U. Co Author Listing * communication module for parallel image analysis on the transputer image processing system, A
* Cooperative Agents for Object Recognition
* Knowledge Based View Control of a Neural 3-D Object Recognition System
* Learning in an Active Hybrid Vision System
* Object Representation: on Combining Viewer-centered and Object-centered Elements
Includes: Buker, U. BŁker, U. (Maybe also Bueker, U.)BŁker, U.[Ulrich] (Maybe also Bueker, U.)

Bukhari, A.C.[Ahmad C.] Co Author Listing * Ontology-assisted automatic precise information extractor for visually impaired inhabitants

Bukhari, F.[Faisal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Radial Distortion Estimation from a Single Image
* Robust Radial Distortion from a Single Image

Bukhari, S.S.[Syed Saqib] Co Author Listing * Active Canny: Edge detection and recovery with open active contour models
* anyOCR: A sequence learning based OCR system for unlabeled historical documents
* Border Noise Removal of Camera-Captured Document Images Using Page Frame Detection
* Coupled Snakelet Model for Curled Textline Segmentation of Camera-Captured Document Images
* Coupled Snakelets for Curled Text-Line Segmentation from Warped Document Images
* Decapod: A Flexible, Low Cost Digitization Solution for Small and Medium Archives
* High Performance Layout Analysis of Arabic and Urdu Document Images
* Image Based Performance Evaluation Method for Page Dewarping Algorithms Using SIFT Features, An
* IUPR Dataset of Camera-Captured Document Images, The
* Layout Analysis for Arabic Historical Document Images Using Machine Learning
* Performance evaluation of curled textline segmentation algorithms on CBDAR 2007 dewarping contest dataset
* Ridges Based Curled Textline Region Detection from Grayscale Camera-Captured Document Images
* Robust Binarization of Stereo and Monocular Document Images Using Percentile Filter
* Robust stereo correspondence for documents by matching connected components of text-lines with dynamic programming
* Robust stereo matching for document images using parameter selection of text-line extraction
* Script-Independent Handwritten Textlines Segmentation Using Active Contours
* Semi-automated OCR database generation for Nabataean scripts
* Text-Line Extraction Using a Convolution of Isotropic Gaussian Filter with a Set of Line Filters
* Textline information extraction from grayscale camera-captured document images
* Towards Generic Text-Line Extraction
* Visual appearance based document classification methods: Performance evaluation and benchmarking
Includes: Bukhari, S.S.[Syed Saqib] Bukhari, S.S.
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Bukkapatnam, S. Co Author Listing * Zero knowledge hidden Markov model inference

Bukkapatnam, S.T.S.[Satish T.S.] Co Author Listing * Local recurrence based performance prediction and prognostics in the nonlinear and nonstationary systems

Bukki, T. Co Author Listing * Averaging and Metropolis Iterations For Positron Emission Tomography

Bukoreshtliev, N.V.[Nickolay V.] Co Author Listing * Level Set Methods for Watershed Image Segmentation
* Unified Framework for Automated 3-D Segmentation of Surface-Stained Living Cells and a Comprehensive Segmentation Evaluation, A
Includes: Bukoreshtliev, N.V.[Nickolay V.] Bukoreshtliev, N.V.

Bukosa, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * TCCON Philippines: First Measurement Results, Satellite Data and Model Comparisons in Southeast Asia

Bukovec, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Image registration for visual inspection of imprinted pharmaceutical tablets
* Print registration for automated visual inspection of transparent pharmaceutical capsules

Bukys, L. Co Author Listing * Low Level Image Analysis on an MIMD Architecture

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