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Cam, A. Co Author Listing * GeoEtrim, SharpQ and Epix: Trio of Tools for Geospatial Image Analysis
* Geometric And Radiometric Evaluation Of Rasat Images
* Georeferencing Accuracy Assessment of Pléiades 1A Images Using Rational Function Model
* Geospatial Analysis Using Remote Sensing Images: Case Studies Of Zonguldak Test Field
* Image Quality Assessment of Pléiades-1A Triplet Bundle and Pan-sharpened Images
* Pléiades Project: Assessment Of Georeferencing Accuracy, Image Quality, Pansharpening Performence And DSM/DTM Quality
* Radiometric and geometric characteristics of Pleiades images
* Spatial Distrubiton Of Children Treated By Cancer In Zonguldak, Turkey
Includes: Cam, A. Cam, A.[Ali]
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Camacho Bello, C. Co Author Listing * Angle Estimation Using Hahn Moments for Image Analysis
* High-precision and fast computation of Jacobi-Fourier moments for image description
* Krawtchouk Moments for Gait Phase Detection
Includes: Camacho Bello, C. Camacho-Bello, C.

Camacho deCoca, F. Co Author Listing * Directional Spectral Mixture Analysis Method: Application to Multiangular Airborne Measurements, A
Includes: Camacho deCoca, F. Camacho-deCoca, F.

Camacho Nieto, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Handwritten Digit Classification Based on Alpha-Beta Associative Model
* Pattern classification using smallest normalized difference associative memory
* Thresholded Learning Matrix for Efficient Pattern Recalling
Includes: Camacho Nieto, O.[Oscar] Camacho-Nieto, O.[Oscar]

Camacho Torregrosa, F.J. Co Author Listing * Application of global positioning system and questionnaires data for the study of driver behaviour on two-lane rural roads
* Influence of highway three-dimensional coordination on drivers perception of horizontal curvature and available sight distance
Includes: Camacho Torregrosa, F.J. Camacho-Torregrosa, F.J.

Camacho, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * maximum a posteriori estimate for the source separation problem with statistical knowledge about the mixing matrix, A
* Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
Includes: Camacho, A.[Andres] Camacho, A.[Antonio]

Camacho, E.F. Co Author Listing * Global Versus Local MPC Algorithms in Freeway Traffic Control With Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limits
* Macroscopic Modeling and Control of Reversible Lanes on Freeways

Camacho, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Empirical and Physical Estimation of Canopy Water Content from CHRIS/PROBA Data
* Geostatistics for Mapping Leaf Area Index over a Cropland Landscape: Efficiency Sampling Assessment
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products
* Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 and MODIS C5 & C6 fAPAR Products in a Deciduous Beech Forest Site in Italy
Includes: Camacho, F.[Fernando] Camacho, F.

Camacho, P.[Pelegrin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fovea structures for space-variant sensors
* Generalization of shifted fovea multiresolution geometries applied to object detection
* Hardware architecture for hierarchical segmentation in foveal images
* Multifoveal imager for stereo applications
* Shifted fovea multiresolution geometries
* VLSI implementation of a foveal polygon segmentation algorithm
Includes: Camacho, P.[Pelegrin] Camacho, P.[Pelegrín] Camacho, P.

Camacho, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * High Scrambling Degree in Audio Through Imitation of an Unintelligible Signal

Camahort, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using Two Concentric Circles

Camaioni, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Post-Ablation Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression

Camapum Wanderley, J.F.[Juliana F.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation using spatial-feature clustering from image sequences
* Spatial-Feature Parametric Clustering Applied to Motion-Based Segmentation in Camouflage

Camara Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Vehicle License Plate Detection at Higher Matching Degree, An
* Building semantic understanding beyond deep learning from sound and vision
* Detection of Groups of People in Surveillance Videos Based on Spatio-Temporal Clues
* Fusion of Deep Learning Descriptors for Gesture Recognition
* GPUs and Multicore CPUs Implementations of a Static Video Summarization
* interactive video content-based retrieval system, An
* Real-Time Brand Logo Recognition
* robust gesture recognition using hand local data and skeleton trajectory, A
* Spatial Pyramid Matching for Finger Spelling Recognition in Intensity Images
Includes: Camara Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Cámara-Chávez, G.[Guillermo] Camara-Chavez, G.[Guillermo] Camara-Chavez, G.
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Camara, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Domain-Specific Codesign for Automated Visual Inspection Systems
* New texture descriptor for high-speed web inspection applications
Includes: Camara, A.[Antonio] Cámara, A.[Antonio] Camara, A.

Camara, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * Spectral imaging using consumer-level devices and kernel-based regression

Camara, G.[Gilberto] Co Author Listing * Bridging Ontologies and Conceptual Schemas in Geographic Information Integration
* Geographical Approach to Self-Organizing Maps Algorithm Applied to Image Segmentation, A
* Interpreting Images with Geodma
* TABU Search Heuristic for Point-Feature Cartographic Label Placement
* Yet Another Map Algebra
Includes: Camara, G.[Gilberto] Câmara, G.[Gilberto]

Camara, M.S. Co Author Listing * Consistency preserving for evolving megamodels through axiomatic semantics
* Definition of the database anonymization method for open data
* methodology for prior management of temporal data quality in a data mining process, A

Camara, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Deformation from Electro-Anatomical Mapping Data: Application to Scar Characterization
* Computational modeling of thoracic and abdominal anatomy using spatial relationships for image segmentation
* Effect of Scar Development on Fast Electrophysiological Models of the Human Heart: In-Silico Study on Atlas-Based Virtual Populations
* Estimation of Local Conduction Velocity from Myocardium Activation Time: Application to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
* Explicit Incorporation of Prior Anatomical Information Into a Nonrigid Registration of Thoracic and Abdominal CT and 18-FDG Whole-Body Emission PET Images
* Fusion of spatial relationships for guiding recognition, example of brain structure recognition in 3D MRI
* Generalized Overlap Measures for Evaluation and Validation in Medical Image Analysis
* In Silico Analysis of Haemodynamics in Patient-Specific Left Atria with Different Appendage Morphologies
* Integration of fuzzy spatial relations in deformable models: Application to brain MRI segmentation
* Phenomenological Model of Diffuse Global and Regional Atrophy Using Finite-Element Methods
* Quantification of Gaps in Ablation Lesions Around the Pulmonary Veins in Delayed Enhancement MRI
* Quantitative Analysis of Lead Position vs. Correction of Electrical Dyssynchrony in an Experimental Model of LBBB/CRT
* Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular Outflow Tract Arrhythmias, A
* Sensitivity Analysis of Mesh Warping and Subsampling Strategies for Generating Large Scale Electrophysiological Simulation Data
* Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Electrophysiological Modeling: An Alternative to Finite Element Methods
* Using anatomical knowledge expressed as fuzzy constraints to segment the heart in CT images
Includes: Camara, O.[Oscar] Cámara, O.[Oscar] Camara, O.
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Camarasu Pop, S.[Sorina] Co Author Listing * CreaTools: A Framework to Develop Medical Image Processing Software: Application to Simulate Pipeline Stent Deployment in Intracranial Vessels with Aneurysms
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A
Includes: Camarasu Pop, S.[Sorina] Camarasu-Pop, S.[Sorina] Camarasu-Pop, S.

Camarda, M. Co Author Listing * Development Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle At Padova University
* Health Monitoring of Complex Structure Using TLS and Photogrammetry
* low cost RC-Heli UAV for mapping applications, A
Includes: Camarda, M. Camarda, M.[Martina]

Camarda, P. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Downlink Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Services in LTE Networks

Camardo, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Assessment of Hemodynamics in the Conjunctival Microvasculature Network

Camarena Ibarrola, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Brief Index for Proximity Searching, A
* Fast Automatic Detection of Wildlife in Images from Trap Cameras
* Feature Extraction as Ellipse of Wild-Life Images
* Improving the permutation-based proximity searching algorithm using zones and partial information
* On the Use of Locality Sensitive Hashing for Audio Following
* Robust Radio Broadcast Monitoring Using a Multi-Band Spectral Entropy Signature
Includes: Camarena Ibarrola, A.[Antonio] Camarena-Ibarrola, A.[Antonio]

Camarena Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio] Co Author Listing * Fixed Height Queries Tree Permutation Index for Proximity Searching
Includes: Camarena Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio] Camarena-Ibarrola, J.A.[J. Antonio]

Camarena, J.G.[Joan Gerard] Co Author Listing * Fast detection and removal of impulsive noise using peer groups and fuzzy metrics
* Fuzzy Bilateral Filtering for Color Images
* New Method for Fast Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise Using Fuzzy Metrics
* Some improvements for image filtering using peer group techniques
* Two-step fuzzy logic-based method for impulse noise detection in colour images
Includes: Camarena, J.G.[Joan Gerard] Camarena, J.G.[Joan-Gerard]

Camargo Olivares, J.L. Co Author Listing * Maternal Abdominal ECG as Input to MICA in the Fetal ECG Extraction Problem, The
Includes: Camargo Olivares, J.L. Camargo-Olivares, J.L.

Camargo, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Image Mosaicking from Uncooled Thermal IR Video Captured by a Small UAV
* Super-Resolution Mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Surveillance Video Using Levenberg Marquardt (L

Camargo, F.F. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Approaches and Optical Multispectral Data for Semiautomated Classification of Landforms in a Rugged Mountainous Area
* Similarity Metrics for Genetic Adaptation of Segmentation Parameters

Camargo, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Colombian Bird Species from Audio Recordings
* Multi-class Kernel Alignment Method for Image Collection Summarization, A

Camargo, P.O.[Paulo O.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Non-Linear Ground Movement in an Open Pit Iron Mine Based on an Integration of Advanced DInSAR Techniques Using TerraSAR-X Data
* Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery
Includes: Camargo, P.O.[Paulo O.] Camargo, P.O.

Camarillo, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Deformable Image Mosaicing for Optical Biopsy

Camassa, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Landmark Shooting Algorithm for Template Matching and Its Applications, A

Camastra, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Cursive character recognition by learning vector quantization
* Data dimensionality estimation methods: a survey
* Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms by a Fuzzy Decision Support System
* Estimating the Intrinsic Dimension of Data with a Fractal-Based Method
* Novel Kernel Method for Clustering, A
* Offline Cursive Character Challenge: a New Benchmark for Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Algorithms.
* Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Color Glove
* survey of kernel and spectral methods for clustering, A
* SVM-based cursive character recognizer, A
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Camba, J.D.[Jorge D.] Co Author Listing * Proposal for the Selection of Eye-Tracking Metrics for the Implementation of Adaptive Gameplay in Virtual Reality Based Games, A

Cambanis, S. Co Author Listing * Simple Class of Asymptotically Optimal Quantizers, A

Cambareri, V. Co Author Listing * Case Study in Low-Complexity ECG Signal Encoding: How Compressing is Compressed Sensing?, A
* Consistent Basis Pursuit for Signal and Matrix Estimates in Quantized Compressed Sensing
* Generalized inpainting method for hyperspectral image acquisition

Cambero, I.[Inocente] Co Author Listing * Robust Method for Filling Holes in 3D Meshes Based on Image Restoration, A

Cambier, J.L.[James L.] Co Author Listing * Iris imaging telephone security module and method
* Method and apparatus for obtaining the topography of an object
* Portable authentication device and method using iris patterns
* System and method of animal identification and animal transaction authorization using iris patterns

Camboim, S.P.[Silvana Philippi] Co Author Listing * Investigation into the Completeness of, and the Updates to, OpenStreetMap Data in a Heterogeneous Area in Brazil, An

Cambou, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Morphological Operations on Delaunay Triangulations
* Object Detection Using a Multiscale Probability Model
* Original Multi-Sensor Approach to Scale-Based Image Analysis for Aerial and Satellite Images, An
Includes: Cambou, N.[Nicole] Cambou, N.

Cambra Lopez, M. Co Author Listing * Assessing Contextual Descriptive Features for Plot-Based Classification of Urban Areas
* Efficiency of Context-Based Attributes for Land Use Classification of Urban Environments
* methodology to select particle morpho-chemical characteristics to use in source apportionment of particulate matter from livestock houses, A
Includes: Cambra Lopez, M. Cambra-López, M. Cambra López, M.

Cambra, A. Co Author Listing * Coral-Segmentation: Training Dense Labeling Models with Sparse Ground Truth

Cambra, A.B. Co Author Listing * Towards robust and efficient text sign reading from a mobile phone

Cambria, E. Co Author Listing * Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis
* Affective Reasoning for Big Social Data Analysis
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation with superpixel embedding

Cambridge, V.J.[Vivien J.] Co Author Listing * Digital data registration and differencing compression system

Cambron, M.E. Co Author Listing * Visual Servoing in ISAC, a Decentralized Robot System for Feeding the Disabled

Camburu, O.[Oana] Co Author Listing * Generation and Comprehension of Unambiguous Object Descriptions

Camci, F.[Fatih] Co Author Listing * General support vector representation machine for one-class classification of non-stationary classes

Cameirao, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Volume estimation of 3D particles with known convex shapes from its projected areas

Camelli, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Creating building ground plans via robust K-way union: A step toward large-scale simulation in urban environment
* Generating seamless surfaces for transport and dispersion modeling in GIS

Cament, L.A.[Leonardo A.] Co Author Listing * Active Clustering with Ensembles for Social structure extraction
* Face recognition under pose variation with active shape model to adjust Gabor filter kernels and to correct feature extraction location
* Face recognition under pose variation with local Gabor features enhanced by Active Shape and Statistical Models
* Fusion of local normalization and Gabor entropy weighted features for face identification
* Local matching Gabor entropy weighted face recognition
* Methodological improvement on local Gabor face recognition based on feature selection and enhanced Borda count

Camerada, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating Snow Cover From Publicly Available Images

Camerlenghi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Optimal Bandwidth of the Minkowski Content-Based Estimator of the Mean Density of Random Closed Sets: Theoretical Results and Numerical Experiments

Cameron Jones, M. Co Author Listing * Learnt combination in object detector ensembles
Includes: Cameron Jones, M. Cameron-Jones, M.

Cameron, A. Co Author Listing * Apparent Ultra-High b-Value Diffusion-Weighted Image Reconstruction via Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* Bayesian Approach to Optimal Sensor Placement, A
* Bayesian Decision Theoretic Approach for Adaptive Goal-Directed Sensing, A

Cameron, B.M. Co Author Listing * Surface generation for virtual reality displays with a limited polygonal budget

Cameron, C. Co Author Listing * Computer-Generated Holography as a Generic Display Technology

Cameron, G.G. Co Author Listing * Application of Genetic Algorithms to Geometric Model-Guided Interpretation of Brain Anatomy, An
* Designing Fourier Descriptor-Based Geometric-Models for Object Interpretation in Medical Images Using Genetic Algorithms
* Designing Texture Filters with Genetic Algorithms: An Application to Medical Images
* Genetic Algorithm Implementation of Stack Filter Design for Image-Restoration

Cameron, I. Co Author Listing * Combining Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality Towards an Integrated Facility Management System for the Oil Industry

Cameron, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Biometric Identification of Mice
* Estimating Human Skeleton Parameters and Configuration in Real-Time from Markered Optical Motion Capture
* Foot Contact Detection for Sprint Training
* Predicting Missing Markers to Drive Real-Time Centre of Rotation Estimation
* SLP: A Zero-contact Non-invasive Method for Pulmonary Function Testing
Includes: Cameron, J.[Jens] Cameron, J.[Jonathan]

Cameron, K.B. Co Author Listing * Reed-Solomon VLSI codec for advanced television

Cameron, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Line Detection Algorithm for Road Remarking, A

Cameron, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition by Computer
* Parameterising Images for Recognition and Reconstruction

Cameron, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Advanced Guided Vehicles: Aspects of the Oxford AGV Project
* Comparison of 2 Fast Algorithms for Computing the Distance Between Convex Polyhedra, A
* Determining Directional Contact Range of Two Convex Polyhedra
* Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning
* Self-Organizing Neural-Network Architecture for Navigation Using Optic Flow, A
* Simpler editing of graph-based segmentation hierarchies using zipping algorithms
Includes: Cameron, S.[Stephen] Cameron, S.

Cameron, S.A. Co Author Listing * Two tree-based methods for the waterfall

Cameron, W.L. Co Author Listing * Conservative Polarimetric Scatterers and Their Role in Incorrect Extensions of the Cameron Decomposition
* Heuristics for Intermediate-Level Road Finding Algorithms
* Polarimetric SAR Signature Detection Using the Cameron Decomposition

Camgoz, N.C.[Necati Cihan] Co Author Listing * Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images Using Supervised Ridge Descent
* Gesture Recognition Using Template Based Random Forest Classifiers
* Particle Filter Based Probabilistic Forced Alignment for Continuous Gesture Recognition
* Sign Language Recognition for Assisting the Deaf in Hospitals
* SubUNets: End-to-End Hand Shape and Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Using Convolutional 3D Neural Networks for User-independent continuous gesture recognition
Includes: Camgoz, N.C.[Necati Cihan] Camgöz, N.C.[Necati Cihan] (Maybe also Camgoez, N.C.)Camgoz, N.C.

Cami, A.[Aurel] Co Author Listing * Mining aggregates of over-the-counter products for syndromic surveillance

Camillerapp, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Access by Content to Handwritten Archive Documents: Generic Document Recognition Method and Platform for Annotations
* Contribution of Multiresolution Description for Archive Document Structure Recognition
* generic recognition system for making archives documents accessible to public, A
* IMISketch: An interactive method for sketch recognition
* Kalman filtering for segment detection: application to music scores analysis
* Making handwritten archives documents accessible to public with a generic system of document image analysis
* Multiresolution cooperation makes easier document structure recognition
* Recovery of a drawing order from off-line isolated letters dedicated to on-line recognition
* Robust Detector for Music Staves, A
* Text Line Extraction in Handwritten Document with Kalman Filter Applied on Low Resolution Image
Includes: Camillerapp, J.[Jean] Camillerapp, J.
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Camilleri, K.P.[Kenneth P.] Co Author Listing * Model-based head pose-free gaze estimation for assistive communication
* Model-Free Head Pose Estimation Based on Shape Factorisation and Particle Filtering
* Model-free non-rigid head pose tracking by joint shape and pose estimation
* Multiple Hypothesis Tracking with Sign Language Hand Motion Constraints
* Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces
* Spectral Unmixing of Mixed Pixels for Texture Boundary Refinement
* Vectorisation of Sketched Drawings Using Co-occurring Sample Circles
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Camilleri, L. Co Author Listing * Dual Adaptive Dynamic Control of Mobile Robots Using Neural Networks

Camilleri, T.A.[Tracey A.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces

Camilli, F. Co Author Listing * Approximation Scheme for the Maximal Solution of the Shape-from-Shading Model, An
* Unified Approach to the Well-Posedness of Some Non-Lambertian Models in Shape-from-Shading Theory, A
* Unifying and Rigorous Shape from Shading Method Adapted to Realistic Data and Applications, A
* Unifying Approaches and Removing Unrealistic Assumptions in Shape from Shading: Mathematics Can Help
* viscosity method for Shape-from-Shading without boundary data, A
Includes: Camilli, F. Camilli, F.[Fabio]

Camilo, E.N.R.[Eduardo Nery Rossi] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Detect Use of Alcohol Through Iris Videos Using Computer Vision, A

Camilo, J.A. Co Author Listing * Large Comparison of Feature-Based Approaches for Buried Target Classification in Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar, A

Caminiti, L. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Collision Avoidance at Intersections: Algorithms and Experiments

Camion, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Interpolating Splines

Camis, T. Co Author Listing * Electrophotographic process embedded in direct binary search

Cammalleri, C.[Carmelo] Co Author Listing * On the Role of Land Surface Temperature as Proxy of Soil Moisture Status for Drought Monitoring in Europe

Cammarano, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Robustness of Vegetation Indices to Estimate Wheat N in Mediterranean Environments

Cammas, N. Co Author Listing * Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction with Quality Layers
* Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction With Quality Layers in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC

Cammoun, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison and validation of tissue modelization and statistical classification methods in T1-weighted MR brain images
* Region-Based Satellite Image Classification: Method and Validation

Camoglu, O.[Orhan] Co Author Listing * efficient fashion-driven learning approach to model user preferences in on-line shopping scenarios, An

Camolesi, L.[Luiz] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Time Series Distance Functions in the Task of Detecting Remote Phenology Patterns

Camozzato, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Procedural floor plan generation from building sketches

Camp Valls, G. Co Author Listing * Semisupervised One-Class Support Vector Machines for Classification of Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Camp Valls, G. Camp-Valls, G.

Camp, G. Co Author Listing * Large Structures: Which Solutions for Health Monitoring?

Campa, G.[Giampiero] Co Author Listing * Addressing corner detection issues for machine vision based UAV aerial refueling
* Comparison of point matching algorithms for the UAV aerial refueling problem
* Machine Vision/GPS Integration Using EKF for the UAV Aerial Refueling Problem
* Real-time machine-vision-based position sensing system for UAV aerial refueling

Campadelli, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * email: Campadelli, P.[Paola]: campadelli AT dsi unimi it
* Approximation of the Hunt94 Color Appearance Model by Means of Feed-Forward Neural Networks
* Automatic Abdominal Organ Segmentation from CT images
* Automatic features detection for overlapping face images on their 3D range models
* Automatic liver segmentation from abdominal CT scans
* Automatic Monitoring of Waste-water in Industrial Plants Basins
* Boosted Tracking in Video
* Color Image Segmentation Using Hopfield Networks
* Curvature Estimation and Curve Inference with Tensor Voting: A New Approach
* DANCo: An intrinsic dimensionality estimator exploiting angle and norm concentration
* efficient method to detect facial fiducial points for face recognition, An
* Face and Facial Feature Localization
* face recognition system based on automatically determined facial fiducial points, A
* Face Recognition System Based on Local Feature Analysis, A
* face recognition system dealing with expression variant faces, A
* feature-based face recognition system, A
* Fiducial point localization in color images of face foregrounds
* Fully Automated Method for Lung Nodule Detection From Postero-Anterior Chest Radiographs, A
* IDEA: Intrinsic Dimension Estimation Algorithm
* Linear Regularized Compression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Local Intrinsic Dimensionality Based Features for Clustering
* Lung Nodules Detection and Classification
* Neighborhood Selection for Dimensionality Reduction
* Novel Fisher discriminant classifiers
* Precise eye localization through a general-to-specific model definition
* Quantitative Evaluation of Color Image Segmentation Results
* Real-Time Probabilistic Tracking of Faces in Video
* Robust identification and matching of fiducial points for the reconstruction of 3D human faces from raw video sequences
* system for the automatic selection of conspicuous color sets for qualitative data display, A
* Tensor Voting Fields: Direct Votes Computation and New Saliency Functions
* Using Hopfield networks in the nominal color coding of classified images
* Using Hopfield networks to segment color images
Includes: Campadelli, P.[Paola] Campadelli, P.
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Campagna, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technologies for the Built Heritage Management: Experiences in Sardinia, Italy

Campagnoli, D.[Donato] Co Author Listing * technology platform for automatic high-level tennis game analysis, A
* Tennis Player Segmentation for Semantic Behavior Analysis
Includes: Campagnoli, D.[Donato] Campagnoli, D.

Campagnolo, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Imaging of Degraded Parchment

Campagnolo, M.L. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Effective Resolution for Daily MODIS Gridded Surface Reflectance Products
* Reliable Crop Identification with Satellite Imagery in the Context of Common Agriculture Policy Subsidy Control
Includes: Campagnolo, M.L. Campagnolo, M.L.[Manuel L.]

Campaigne, W.R. Co Author Listing * Frozen-State Hierarchical Annealing
* Frozen-State Hierarchical Annealing
Includes: Campaigne, W.R. Campaigne, W.R.[Wesley R.]

Campalani, P.[Piero] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieval from Satellite Observation Using Support Vector Regression
* Multitemporal data management and exploitation infrastructure
Includes: Campalani, P.[Piero] Campalani, P.

Campana, L. Co Author Listing * In Situ Measurement of Bedrock Erosion

Campana, M. Co Author Listing * Cells Segmentation From 3-D Confocal Images of Early Zebrafish Embryogenesis

Campana, O. Co Author Listing * H.264/AVC Video Coder Based on a Multiple Description Scalar Quantizer, An

Campana, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling a Romanesque church in Tuscany: Geomatics techniques and archaeological aims

Campanella, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Future-Viewer Visual Environment for Semantic Characterization of Video Sequences, The
* Interactive visualization of video content and associated description for semantic annotation

Campanella, O.[Osvaldo] Co Author Listing * method for change detection with multi-temporal satellite images based on Principal Component Analysis, A

Campanelli, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Empirical Ocean Colour Algorithm for Estimating the Contribution of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in North-Central Western Adriatic Sea, An

Campani, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Procedure for the Computation of Optical Flow from First Order Derivatives of the Image Brightness, An
* Computing Optical Flow from an Overconstrained System of Linear Algebraic Equations
* Extraction of Vanishing Points from Images of Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Identifying Multiple Motions from Optical Flow
* Learning to Recognize Visual Dynamic Events from Examples
* Motion Analysis from First-Order Properties of Optical Flow
* Recovery and Understanding of a Line Drawing from Indoor Scenes, The
* Robust Method for Road Sign Detection and Recognition
* Robust Method for Road Sign Detection and Recognition, A
* Three-Dimensional Iconic Environment for Image Database Querying, A
* Use of Optical Flow for the Autonomous Navigation, The
* Using Geometrical Rules and a Priori Knowledge for the Understanding of Indoor Scenes
Includes: Campani, M.[Marco] Campani, M.
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Campanini, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Texture classification using invariant ranklet features

Campbell West, F. Co Author Listing * Independent Moving Object Detection Using a Colour Background Model
* Where is It? Object Reacquisition in Surveillance Video
Includes: Campbell West, F. Campbell-West, F.

Campbell, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Salt Marsh Monitoring in Jamaica Bay, New York from 2003 to 2013: A Decade of Change from Restoration to Hurricane Sandy

Campbell, A.W.[Andrew W.] Co Author Listing * Prototype Indexing Approach to 2-D Object Description and Recognition, A

Campbell, B.A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Radar Polarimetry Data of the Moon From the LRO Mini-RF Instrument and Earth-Based Systems, A
* Geologic Studies of Planetary Surfaces Using Radar Polarimetric Imaging

Campbell, C.L. Co Author Listing * Measurement of canopy geometry characteristics using LiDAR laser altimetry: a feasibility study

Campbell, C.W. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Registration Method Using Boundary Maps

Campbell, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Data Representation for Robust Point-Set Registration and Merging, An
* Globally-Optimal Inlier Set Maximisation for Simultaneous Camera Pose and Feature Correspondence
* Go-ICP: A Globally Optimal Solution to 3D ICP Point-Set Registration
* Go-ICP: Solving 3D Registration Efficiently and Globally Optimally
* GOGMA: Globally-Optimal Gaussian Mixture Alignment
* Matrix Method for Finding Sets of Contiguous Non-Zero Elements in a 2-Dimensional Array II
* Multi-Objective Four-Dimensional Vehicle Motion Planning in Large Dynamic Environments
Includes: Campbell, D. Campbell, D.[Dylan] Campbell, D.[Douglas]
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Campbell, D.B. Co Author Listing * Geologic Studies of Planetary Surfaces Using Radar Polarimetric Imaging

Campbell, D.R. Co Author Listing * Image Registration Using an Adaptive LMS Algorithm
* Intelligibility improvements using binaural diverse sub-band processing applied to speech corrupted with automobile noise

Campbell, D.S.[Derrick S.] Co Author Listing * Scalable Video Stabilization Algorithm for Multi-camera Systems, A

Campbell, G. Co Author Listing * Measuring The Particulate Backscattering Of Inland Waters: A Comparison Of Techniques

Campbell, I.C. Co Author Listing * Phase-Contrast Micro-Computed Tomography Measurements of the Intraocular Pressure-Induced Deformation of the Porcine Lamina Cribrosa

Campbell, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Attributing Accelerated Summertime Warming in the Southeast United States to Recent Reductions in Aerosol Burden: Indications from Vertically-Resolved Observations
* automated and integrated framework for dust storm detection based on OGC web processing services, An
* IR Spectral Mapping Of The Martian South Polar Residual Cap Using Crism
* Model-based Edge Tracking for Segmentation of Low Contrast Images
* Mutual information of image intensity and gradient flux for markerless pose estimation
Includes: Campbell, J.[James] Campbell, J. Campbell, J.[Jacqueline] Campbell, J.[Jonathan] Campbell, J.[Jordan]

Campbell, J.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Delineation of Drainage Basins Within Digital Elevation Data Using the Topographic Primal Sketch
* Automatic Inference of Elevation and Drainage Models from a Satellite Image
* Characterizing major agricultural land change trends in the Western Corn Belt
* Comparing Urban Impervious Surface Identification Using Landsat and High Resolution Aerial Photography
* Comparison of Segment and Pixel-based Non-parametric Land Cover Classification in the Brazilian Amazon Using Multi-temporal Landsat TM/ETM+ Imagery
* Detection of Urban Damage Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms: Revisiting the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
* Estimation of SOS and EOS for Midwestern US Corn and Soybean Crops
* Extraction of Drainage Networks by Using the Consistent Labeling Technique
* Multispectral Image Context Classification Using Stochastic Relaxation
* Origins of Aerial Photographic Interpretation, U.S. Army, 1916 to 1918
* Relative Elevation Determination from Landsat Imagery
* Spatial Reasoning in Remotely Sensed Data
Includes: Campbell, J.B. Campbell, J.B.[James B.]
12 for Campbell, J.B.

Campbell, J.G. Co Author Listing * Linear Flaw Detection in Woven Textiles Using Model Based Clustering
* Model-based methods for textile fault detection

Campbell, J.P. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Special Issue on Biometric Systems
* Iris Biometric Security Challenges and Possible Solutions: For your eyes only? Using the iris as a key

Campbell, J.S.W.[Jennifer S. W.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Scalar Maps for the Segmentation of the Corpus Callosum in Diffusion Tensor Fields

Campbell, K.D. Co Author Listing * Semiautonomous Vehicular Control Using Driver Modeling

Campbell, L.W. Co Author Listing * Invariant features for 3-D gesture recognition
* KidsRoom, The
* KidsRoom: A Perceptually-Based Interactive and Immersive Story Environment, The
* Recognition of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints
Includes: Campbell, L.W. Campbell, L.W.[Lee W.]

Campbell, M. Co Author Listing * Event Mining in Multimedia Streams
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Spectral CT
* Hybrid Tagging and Browsing Approaches for Efficient Manual Image Annotation
* learning-based hybrid tagging and browsing approach for efficient manual image annotation, A
* Multi-query interactive image and video retrieval: Theory and practice
* Real-time Environmental Sensors To Improve Health In The Sensing City
* Sketch Interface for Robust and Natural Robot Control, A
* To Drive Is Human
Includes: Campbell, M. Campbell, M.[Murray]
8 for Campbell, M.

Campbell, M.C.W.[Melanie C. W.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing image quality in a scanning laser ophthalmoscope with differing pinholes and induced scattered light
* Improved scanning laser fundus imaging using polarimetry

Campbell, N.[Neill] Co Author Listing * Automatic Augmentation and Meshing of Sparse 3D Scene Structure
* Automatic individual holstein friesian cattle identification via selective local coat pattern matching in RGB-D imagery
* Empirical Models for Radiometric Calibration of Digital Aerial Frame Mosaics
* Techniques for BRDF Correction of Hyperspectral Mosaics
* Towards automating visual in-field monitoring of crop health
* Using a Tensor Framework for the Analysis of Facial Dynamics
Includes: Campbell, N.[Neill] Campbell, N.

Campbell, N.A. Co Author Listing * Calibrating images from different dates to like-value digital counts

Campbell, N.D.F. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Object Segmentation in Multiple Views using Volumetric Graph-Cuts
* Direct, Dense, and Deformable: Template-Based Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction from RGB Video
* Fully-Connected CRFs with Non-Parametric Pairwise Potential
* Hierarchical Subquery Evaluation for Active Learning on a Graph
* Modeling object appearance using Context-Conditioned Component Analysis
* Patch Based Synthesis for Single Depth Image Super-Resolution
* User Directed Multi-view-stereo
* Using Multiple Hypotheses to Improve Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo
Includes: Campbell, N.D.F. Campbell, N.D.F.[Neill D. F.] Campbell, N.D.F.[Neill D.F.]
8 for Campbell, N.D.F.

Campbell, N.W.[Neill W.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sampling for Low Latency Vision Processing
* Automatic Interpretation of Outdoor Scenes
* Efficient Layout of Comic-Like Video Summaries
* Employing Region Features for Searching an Image Database
* Estimating Gait Phase using Low-Level Motion
* Estimating pose of articulated objects using low-level motion
* Extraction of Motion Data from Image Sequences to Assist Animators
* Facial Movement Based Recognition
* ICBR: Multimedia Management System for Intelligent Content Based Retrieval
* Identifying Quadruped Gait in Wildlife Video
* Interpreting Image Databases by Region Classification
* Lane Boundary Tracking for an Autonomous Road Vehicle
* Monocular 3D human pose estimation using sparse motion features
* Practical Generation of Video Textures using the Auto-Regressive Process
* Quadruped gait analysis using sparse motion information
* Real-time pose estimation of articulated objects using low-level motion
* Segmentation of Natural Images Using Self-Organising Feature Maps
* Visual Abstraction of Wildlife Footage using Gaussian Mixture Models
* Visual abstraction of wildlife footage using gaussian mixture models and the minimum description length criterion
* Visual Extraction of Motion-based Information from Image Sequences
Includes: Campbell, N.W.[Neill W.] Campbell, N.W.
20 for Campbell, N.W.

Campbell, P.[Petya] Co Author Listing * Detection of Spatio-Temporal Changes of Norway Spruce Forest Stands in Ore Mountains Using Landsat Time Series and Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery

Campbell, P.A.[Patrick A.] Co Author Listing * FM filters for modulation domain image processing
* Frequency guided phase unwrapping for improved AM-FM reconstruction
Includes: Campbell, P.A.[Patrick A.] Campbell, P.A.

Campbell, P.G.[Phil G.] Co Author Listing * Online Tracking of Migrating and Proliferating Cells Imaged with Phase-Contrast Microscopy

Campbell, P.K.[Petya K.] Co Author Listing * EO-1 Data Quality and Sensor Stability with Changing Orbital Precession at the End of a 16 Year Mission

Campbell, P.K.E.[Petya K. E.] Co Author Listing * 2013 FLEX: US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA, The
* Integrating Solar Induced Fluorescence and the Photochemical Reflectance Index for Estimating Gross Primary Production in a Cornfield

Campbell, Q.P. Co Author Listing * Using visual texture analysis to classify raw coal components

Campbell, R. Co Author Listing * WWW-Accessible 3D Image and Model Database for Computer Vision Research, A

Campbell, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * Eigenshapes for 3D Object Recognition in Range Data
* Experiments in transform-based range image compression
* Object Recognition for an Intelligent Room
* Recognition of free-form objects in dense range data using local features
* Survey of Free-Form Object Representation and Recognition Techniques, A
Includes: Campbell, R.J.[Richard J.] Campbell, R.J.

Campbell, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report

Campbell, S.D. Co Author Listing * system for digital reconstruction of gypsum dental casts, A

Campbell, S.E. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Path Optimization for the Reduced Environmental Impact of Air Transportation

Campbell, S.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Changes in Bone in Serial MR Images of Joints
* Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Lesions in Serial MR Images of Joints
Includes: Campbell, S.P. Campbell, S.P.[Simon P.]

Campbell, T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Global Point Cloud Alignment Using Bayesian Nonparametric Mixtures
* Small-variance nonparametric clustering on the hypersphere
Includes: Campbell, T. Campbell, T.[Trevor]

Campbell, T.A. Co Author Listing * Introducing the Edges Paradigm: A P300 Brain-Computer Interface for Spelling Written Words

Campbell, T.G. Co Author Listing * Efficient mode selection for block-based motion compensated video coding
* Quantative Evaluation of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Techniques, A
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Mode Selection for Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding and the Emerging H.263 Standard

Campbell, W.J. Co Author Listing * automated parallel image registration technique based on the correlation of wavelet features, An
* Image Segmentation by Integration of Edge and Region Data: The Influence of Edge Detection Algorithms
Includes: Campbell, W.J. Campbell, W.J.[William J.]

Campeanu, R.I. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Perspective Invariant Features

Campedel, M.[Marine] Co Author Listing * Method of Clustering Combination Applied to Satellite Image Analysis, A

Campello de Souza, R.M. Co Author Listing * Cosine transforms over fields of characteristic 2: Fast computation and application to image encryption

Campello, R.J.G.B.[Ricardo J.G.B.] Co Author Listing * Automatic aspect discrimination in data clustering
* fuzzy extension of the Rand index and other related indexes for clustering and classification assessment, A
* Generalized external indexes for comparing data partitions with overlapping categories
* Survey of Evolutionary Algorithms for Clustering, A
Includes: Campello, R.J.G.B.[Ricardo J.G.B.] Campello, R.J.G.B.

Campen, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Efficient Computation of Shortest Path-Concavity for 3D Meshes
* Polygon mesh repairing: An application perspective

Campi, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Profile Detection in Medical and Astronomical Images by Means of the Hough Transform of Special Classes of Curves
* Spinal Canal and Spinal Marrow Segmentation by Means of the Hough Transform of Special Classes of Curves

Campi, F. Co Author Listing * low-power system-on-chip for the documentation of road accidents, A

Campi, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Survey Of The San Carlo Theatre In Naples
* Discovering hidden architectures of ancient time: 3d data survey to reveal the myth of mithra in Santa Maria Capua Vetere
* Gothic Churches in Paris St. Gervais et St. Protais Image Matching 3D Reconstruction to Understand the Vaults System Geometry
* Knowledge And Valorization Of Historical Sites Through 3d Documentation And Modeling
* Methods and tools to enjoy and to study inaccessible Heritage

Campigotto, P. Co Author Listing * Personalized and Situation-Aware Multimodal Route Recommendations: The FAVOUR Algorithm

Campilho, A.[Aurelio] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Campilho, A.[Aurelio]: campilho AT fe up pt
* 3D Cell Nuclei Fluorescence Quantification Using Sliding Band Filter
* 3D lung nodule candidate detection in multiple scales
* Adversarial Synthesis of Retinal Images from Vessel Trees
* Arabidopsis Thaliana Automatic Cell File Detection and Cell Length Estimation
* Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes Through Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio Calculation
* Automatic Classification of Retinal Vessels Using Structural and Intensity Information
* Automatic Estimation of the Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio in Retinal Images Using a Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification
* Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images, An
* Automatic Lane and Band Detection in Images of Thin Layer Chromatography
* Automatic Lane Detection in Chromatography Images
* Automatic Localization of the Optic Disc in Retinal Images Based on the Entropy of Vascular Directions
* Automatic Tracking of Arabidopsis thaliana Root Meristem in Confocal Microscopy
* Automatic Tracking of Arabidopsis thaliana Root Meristem in Confocal Microscopy
* Cancer cell detection and invasion depth estimation in brightfield images
* Cell Division Detection on the Arabidopsis Thaliana Root
* Cell Nuclei and Cytoplasm Joint Segmentation Using the Sliding Band Filter
* Central Medialness Adaptive Strategy for 3D Lung Nodule Segmentation in Thoracic CT Images
* Chromatographic Pattern Recognition Using Optimized One-Class Classifiers
* Class Imbalance Problem in TLC Image Classification, The
* Classification Approach for Measurement of Atherosclerosis Using B-Mode Ultrasound Carotid Images
* Classification-Based Segmentation of the Region of Interest in Chromatographic Images
* Convolutional bag of words for diabetic retinopathy detection from eye fundus images
* Correction of Geometrical Distortions in Bands of Chromatography Images
* Deep Neural Network for Vessel Segmentation of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy Images, A
* Detection of Lung Nodule Candidates in Chest Radiographs
* Detection of Rib Borders on X-ray Chest Radiographs
* Evaluation of Contrast Enhancement Filters for Lung Nodule Detection
* Evaluation of Symmetry Enhanced Sliding Band Filter for Plant Cell Nuclei Detection in Low Contrast Noisy Fluorescent Images
* Feature Extraction for Classification of Thin-Layer Chromatography Images
* Genetic Model-Based Segmentation of Chest X-Ray Images Using Free Form Deformations
* Gradient convergence filters and a phase congruency approach for in vivo cell nuclei detection
* Hand Detection and Tracking Using the Skeleton of the Blob for Medical Rehabilitation Applications
* Hybrid Approach for Arabidopsis Root Cell Image Segmentation, A
* Hybrid Approach for Arabidopsis Root Cell Image Segmentation, A
* Improving Convolutional Neural Network Design via Variable Neighborhood Search
* Joint Detection of the Carotid Boundaries in Longitudinal B-Mode Images
* Lane Background Removal for the Classification of Thin-Layer Chromatography Images
* Lung Parenchyma Segmentation from CT Images Based on Material Decomposition
* Minimizing the Imbalance Problem in Chromatographic Profile Classification with One-Class Classifiers
* Multiclassifier Approach for Lung Nodule Classification, A
* On the Automatic Normalization of Plaque Regions in Ultrasound Images of the Carotid
* Optic Disk Localization for Gray-Scale Retinal Images Based on Patch Filtering
* Optical Flow Based Approach for Automatic Cardiac Cycle Estimation in Ultrasound Images of the Carotid
* Optical Flow Based Arabidopsis Thaliana Root Meristem Cell Division Detection
* Region and Graph-Based Motion Segmentation
* Reliable Lung Segmentation Methodology by Including Juxtapleural Nodules
* Ribcage Boundary Delineation in Chest X-ray Images
* Segmentation of the carotid intima-media region in B-mode ultrasound images
* Segmentation of Ultrasonic Images of the Carotid
* Spatial Enhancement by Dehazing for Detection of Microcalcifications with Convolutional Nets
* Supervised Content Based Image Retrieval Using Radiology Reports
* Tracking of Arabidopsis thaliana root cells in time-lapse microscopy
* Watershed framework to region-based image segmentation
Includes: Campilho, A.[Aurelio] Campilho, A.[Aurélio] Campilho, A.[Ana] Campilho, A.
55 for Campilho, A.

Campilho, A.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Data Acquisition and Scene Segmentation System
* Cellular Neural Networks for Motion Estimation
* Combining Independent and Unbiased Classifiers Using Weighted Average
* Introduction: Selected Papers from the 11th Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition
* new method for the detection of singular points in fingerprint images, A
* On combining classifiers using sum and product rules
* Optical Flow Techniques Applied to the Calibration of Visual Perception Experiments
* Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation
* Pipelined Real-Time Optical Flow Algorithm, A
* Real-time implementation of an optical flow algorithm
* Spectral Methods in Image Segmentation: A Combined Approach
Includes: Campilho, A.C. Campilho, A.C.[Aurelio C.] Campilho, A.C.[Aurélio C.]
11 for Campilho, A.C.

Campilho, A.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of microaneurysms in retinal angiograms of diabetic patients
* new similarity criterion for retinal image registration, A
* Segmentation of retinal blood vessels by combining the detection of centerlines and morphological reconstruction
Includes: Campilho, A.J. Campilho, A.J.[Aurélio J.]

Campino, G.A. Co Author Listing * Demonstration of a Remote Optical Measurement Configuration That Correlates With Breathing, Heart Rate, Pulse Pressure, Blood Coagulation, and Blood Oxygenation

Campins, J. Co Author Listing * efficient technique of texture representation in segmentation-based image coding schemes, An

Campion, C.[Collette] Co Author Listing * Annealing and the normalized N-cut

Campion, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Efficient Mining of Repetitions in Large-Scale TV Streams with Product Quantization Hashing
* Texmix: an automatically generated news navigation portal
Includes: Campion, S.[Sebastien] Campion, S.[Sébastien]

Campion, S.P. Co Author Listing * Mixed Reality Telepresence System for Collaborative Space Operation, A

Campisi, H.A.[Hugo Amilio] Co Author Listing * Sleep Warning Device

Campisi, P. Co Author Listing * analysis based, perceptually lossless, texture compression method, An
* Artistic Edge and Corner Enhancing Smoothing
* Cancelable Biometrics for HMM-based Signature Recognition
* Cancelable Templates for Sequence-Based Biometrics with Application to On-line Signature Recognition
* Closed form of the steered elongated Hermite-Gauss wavelets
* Cognitive biometric cryptosystems a case study on EEG
* Compressive Data Hiding: An Unconventional Approach for Improved Color Image Coding
* Contour Detection by Multiresolution Surround Inhibition
* Dual Domain Watermarking for Authentication and Compression of Cultural Heritage Images
* EEG Biometrics Using Visual Stimuli: A Longitudinal Study
* EEG for Automatic Person Recognition
* EEG signal preprocessing for biometric recognition
* Feature Selection and Binarization for On-Line Signature Recognition
* Future trends in biometric processing
* Fuzzy Commitment for Function Based Signature Template Protection
* High-capacity watermarking of high dynamic range images
* Implementation of Fixed-Length Template Protection Based on Homomorphic Encryption with Application to Signature Biometrics
* Lossless Image Compression and Selective Encryption using a Discrete Radon Transform
* Model based rotation-invariant texture classification
* Multi-biometric template protection based on Homomorphic Encryption
* Multichannel blind image deconvolution using the bussgang algorithm: Spatial and multiresolution approaches
* Multichannel bussgang algorithm for blind restoration of natural images
* multiresolution approach for texture synthesis using the circular harmonic functions, A
* New Families of Fourier Eigenfunctions for Steerable Filtering
* Nonlinear Prediction in the 2d Wold Decomposition for Texture Modeling
* Object-based quality of service assessment using semi-fragile tracing watermarking in MPEG-4 video cellular services
* Parsimonious texture representation employing binary Gaussian processes and binomial linear prediction
* Perceptually Lossless, Model-Based, Texture Compression Technique, A
* Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images
* Reduced Complexity Modeling and Reproduction of Colored Textures
* Reduced Complexity Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using a Blind Deconvolution Approach
* Robust Digital Watermarking in the Ridgelet Domain
* Robust rotation-invariant texture classification using a model based approach
* Signal-dependent film grain noise generation using homomorphic adaptive filtering
* single input three output model based approach to color texture generation, A
* Steerable Filtering Using Novel Circular Harmonic Functions with Application to Edge Detection
* Synthetic Summaries of Video Sequences Using a Multiresolution Based Key Frame Selection Technique in a Perceptually Uniform Color Space
* Template protection for HMM-based on-line signature authentication
* Three Dimensional Wavelet Based Approach for a Scalable Video Conference System
* Using disparity for quality assessment of stereoscopic images
* Video texture modelling and synthesis using fractal processes
* Video Textures Fractal Modeling
* Video Watermarking in the 3D-DWT Domain Using Perceptual Masking
Includes: Campisi, P. Campisi, P.[Patrizio]
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Campista, M.E.M. Co Author Listing * COTraMS: A Collaborative and Opportunistic Traffic Monitoring System

Campiteli, M.G.[Monica G.] Co Author Listing * Deterministic Tourist Walks as an Image Analysis Methodology Based
Includes: Campiteli, M.G.[Monica G.] Campiteli, M.G.[Mônica G.]

Camplani, A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Sentinel-1 Amplitude Data For Glacier Surface Velocity Field Measurements: Feasibility Demonstration On Baltoro Glacier

Camplani, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Data Acquisition and Registration Using Two Opposing Kinects
* Accurate depth-color scene modeling for 3D contents generation with low cost depth cameras
* Advanced background modeling with RGB-D sensors through classifiers combination and inter-frame foreground prediction
* Background foreground segmentation with RGB-D Kinect data: An efficient combination of classifiers
* Calorie Counter: RGB-Depth Visual Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Home
* comparative study of pose representation and dynamics modelling for online motion quality assessment, A
* Dataset for Persistent Multi-target Multi-camera Tracking in RGB-D, A
* Depth-Color Fusion Strategy for 3-D Scene Modeling With Kinect
* Energy expenditure estimation using visual and inertial sensors
* Image-based on-road vehicle detection using cost-effective Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Multi-sensor background subtraction by fusing multiple region-based probabilistic classifiers
* Multiple human tracking in RGB-depth data: a survey
* Online quality assessment of human motion from skeleton data
* Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
Includes: Camplani, M. Camplani, M.[Massimo]
14 for Camplani, M.

Campo Bescos, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Combined Spatial and Temporal Effects of Environmental Controls on Long-Term Monthly NDVI in the Southern Africa Savanna
Includes: Campo Bescos, M.A.[Miguel A.] Campo-Bescós, M.A.[Miguel A.]

Campo, D. Co Author Listing * Online pedestrian group walking event detection using spectral analysis of motion similarity graph
* Task-dependent saliency estimation from trajectories of agents in video sequences

Campo, J.G.[Josechu Guerrero] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Central Catadioptric Cameras Using a DLT-Like Approach
* DLT-Like Calibration for Central Catadioptric Cameras

Campo, M.[Marcelo] Co Author Listing * Approximate string matching: A lightweight approach to recognize gestures with Kinect

Campo, S. Co Author Listing * Designing On-Demand Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles via Active Control of the Central Transfer Case

Campobello, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * LBGS: a smart approach for very large data sets vector quantization

Campomanes, F. Co Author Listing * Mangrove Forest Cover Extraction Of The Coastal Areas Of Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, Philippines Using Lidar Data
* Modelling The Relationship Between Land Surface Temperature And Landscape Patterns Of Land Use Land Cover Classification Using Multi Linear Regression Models

Camponetti, L. Co Author Listing * Track Following Algorithm for Contour Lines in Digital Binary Maps, A

Camponez, M.O.[Marcelo O.] Co Author Listing * Closed Form Algorithm for Superresolution, A
* DFT-based fast superresolution image reconstruction using INLA approximation
* Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Nonparametric Bayesian INLA Approximation
Includes: Camponez, M.O.[Marcelo O.] Camponez, M.O.[Marcelo Oliveira]

Camponogara, E. Co Author Listing * Iterative Quadratic Optimization for the Bus Holding Control Problem

Camporese, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Silt: A distributed bit-parallel architecture for early vision
* Silt: the bit-parallel approach

Campori, E.V.[Elisa Ventura] Co Author Listing * Rule-Based Structural Analysis of Web Pages

Campos Cerqueira, M.[Marconi] Co Author Listing * Species Richness (of Insects) Drives the Use of Acoustic Space in the Tropics
Includes: Campos Cerqueira, M.[Marconi] Campos-Cerqueira, M.[Marconi]

Campos Delgado, D.U.[Daniel U.] Co Author Listing * Affine image registration guided by particle filter
* Image Registration Guided by Particle Filter
* Multimodal image registration based on the expectation-maximisation methodology
* Multimodal Non-Rigid Registration Methods Based on Demons Models and Local Uncertainty Quantification Used in 3D Brain Images
* Multimodal non-rigid registration methods based on local variability measures in computed tomography and magnetic resonance brain images
* Non-rigid Multimodal Image Registration Based on the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Non-rigid Multimodal Image Registration Method Based on Particle Filter and Optical Flow, A
* Phase-correlation guided area matching for realtime vision and video encoding
* Phase-Correlation Guided Search for Realtime Stereo Vision
* Rigid Multimodal/Multispectral Image Registration Based on the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
Includes: Campos Delgado, D.U.[Daniel U.] Campos-Delgado, D.U.[Daniel U.]
10 for Campos Delgado, D.U.

Campos Taberner, M. Co Author Listing * Daily GPP estimates in Mediterranean ecosystems by combining remote sensing and meteorological data
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* Physics-Aware Gaussian Processes for Earth Observation
Includes: Campos Taberner, M. Campos-Taberner, M. Campos-Taberner, M.[Manuel]

Campos, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Building Mapping Using Digital, Vertical And Aerial High Resolution Photographs And Lidar Point Clouds
* Estimating Norway lobster abundance from deep-water videos: An automatic approach

Campos, G.R. Co Author Listing * Coordination of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles: Toward safer and more efficient road transportation

Campos, I.[Isidro] Co Author Listing * Estimating Evapotranspiration of an Apple Orchard Using a Remote Sensing-Based Soil Water Balance
* Irrigation Performance Assessment in Table Grape Using the Reflectance-Based Crop Coefficient

Campos, J. Co Author Listing * Color Component Transformations for Optical Pattern Recognition
* Colour Information as a Third Dimension in Fourier Transform and Correlation
* Human Walking in Virtual Environments: Perception, Technology, and Applications
* Noncontact Anthropometry Using Projected Laser Line Distortion: Three-Dimensional Graphic Visualization and Applications
* Optimal multichannel estimation of the location of a target with nonoverlapping noise

Campos, J.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Facial Profiles Using Scale Space Techniques, The

Campos, L.C.[L. Caro] Co Author Listing * Discrimination of abandoned and stolen object based on active contours

Campos, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Active and Exploratory Perception
* Distance matrices as invariant features for classifying MoCap data
* Fast pedestrian detection based on a partial least squares cascade
* Generalized Optical Flow Model for Scattering Media
* Incremental Multiple Sequence Alignment
* S-TREE Self-Organizing Trees for Data Clustering and Online Vector Quantization
* Towards an efficient 3D model estimation methodology for aerial and ground images
* Transmission Estimation in Underwater Single Images
Includes: Campos, M.[Mario] Campos, M.[Marcelino] Campos, M.
8 for Campos, M.

Campos, M.B.[Mariana B.] Co Author Listing * Data Product Specification Proposal for Architectural Heritage Documentation with Photogrammetric Techniques: A Case Study in Brazil

Campos, M.F.M.[Mario F.M.] Co Author Listing * EDVD: Enhanced descriptor for visual and depth data
* Fast-forward video based on semantic extraction
* KVD: Scale invariant keypoints by combining visual and depth data
* On the improvement of human action recognition from depth map sequences using Space-Time Occupancy Patterns
* Online gesture recognition from pose kernel learning and decision forests
* Scale Invariant Keypoint Detector Based on Visual and Geometrical Cues, A
* Sparse Spatial Coding: A Novel Approach to Visual Recognition
* Stop: Space-time Occupancy Patterns for 3d Action Recognition from Depth Map Sequences
* Towards Semantic Fast-Forward and Stabilized Egocentric Videos
Includes: Campos, M.F.M.[Mario F.M.] Campos, M.F.M.[Mario Fernando Montenegro] Campos, M.F.M.[Mario F. M.] Campos, M.F.M.
9 for Campos, M.F.M.

Campos, P. Co Author Listing * Automated Topographic Segmentation and Transit Time Estimation in Endoscopic Capsule Exams

Campos, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Imputation Techniques for Missing Data in ADNI: A Patient Classification Study
* Multimodal Algorithm for Iris Recognition with Local Topological Descriptors

Campos, T.d. Co Author Listing * Room Layout Estimation with Object and Material Attributes Information Using a Spherical Camera

Campos, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * From pixels to sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for visual sentiment prediction
Includes: Campos, V.[Victor] Campos, V.[Víctor]

Campos, Y.[Yoisel] Co Author Listing * Feature Set Decomposition Method for the Construction of Multi-classifier Systems Trained with High-Dimensional Data, A
* Vegetation Segmentation in Cornfield Images Using Bag of Words
Includes: Campos, Y.[Yoisel] Campos, Y.[Yerania]

Camposeco, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Live Metric 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Phones
* Minimal Solvers for Generalized Pose and Scale Estimation from Two Rays and One Point
* Non-parametric Structure-Based Calibration of Radially Symmetric Cameras
* Toroidal Constraints for Two-Point Localization Under High Outlier Ratios

Campoy Ungria, J.M. Co Author Listing * Application of global positioning system and questionnaires data for the study of driver behaviour on two-lane rural roads
Includes: Campoy Ungria, J.M. Campoy-Ungria, J.M.

Campoy, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Temporal Segmentation of Facial Behavior

Campoy, P.[Pascual] Co Author Listing * HMPMR strategy for real-time tracking in aerial images, using direct methods
* Multi-resolution Image Alignment Technique Based on Direct Methods for Pose Estimation of Aerial Vehicles, A
Includes: Campoy, P.[Pascual] Campoy, P.

Campozano, L.[Lenin] Co Author Listing * Two-Step Downscaling of Trmm 3b43 V7 Precipitation in Contrasting Climatic Regions With Sparse Monitoring: The Case of Ecuador in Tropical South America
* Validation Of Satellite Precipitation (trmm 3b43) In Ecuadorian Coastal Plains, Andean Highlands And Amazonian Rainforest
Includes: Campozano, L.[Lenin] Campozano, L.

Campr, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * SignTutor: An Interactive System for Sign Language Tutoring

Camps Valls, G. Co Author Listing * Advances in Hyperspectral Image Classification: Earth Monitoring with Statistical Learning Methods
* Automatic Emulation by Adaptive Relevance Vector Machines
* Bayesian Active Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Cart-based feature selection of hyperspectral images for crop cover classification
* Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Cloud-Screening Algorithm for ENVISAT/MERIS Multispectral Images
* Efficient Kernel Orthonormalized PLS for Remote Sensing Applications
* Emulation of Leaf, Canopy and Atmosphere Radiative Transfer Models for Fast Global Sensitivity Analysis
* Emulator Toolbox to Approximate Radiative Transfer Models with Statistical Learning, An
* Experimental Sentinel-2 LAI estimation using parametric, non-parametric and physical retrieval methods: A comparison
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Gaussian processes uncertainty estimates in experimental Sentinel-2 LAI and leaf chlorophyll content retrieval
* Gridding Artifacts on Medium-Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: MERIS Case Study
* Hyperspectral dimensionality reduction for biophysical variable statistical retrieval
* Kernel-Based Framework for Multitemporal and Multisource Remote Sensing Data Classification and Change Detection
* Kernel-Based Methods for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Land cover classification of VHR airborne images for citrus grove identification
* Learning Relevant Image Features with Multiple-Kernel Classification
* Lossless coding of hyperspectral images with principal polynomial analysis
* Mean Map Kernel Methods for Semisupervised Cloud Classification
* Multi-temporal and multi-source remote sensing image classification by nonlinear relative normalization
* Multimodal Classification of Remote Sensing Images: A Review and Future Directions
* Multitask Remote Sensing Data Classification
* Multitemporal fusion of Landsat and MERIS images
* Multitemporal Unmixing of Medium-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study Using MERIS Images for Land-Cover Mapping
* Optical remote sensing and the retrieval of terrestrial vegetation bio-geophysical properties: A review
* PCA Gaussianization for image processing
* Physics-Aware Gaussian Processes for Earth Observation
* Recent advances in remote sensing image processing
* Recovering wavelet relations using SVM for image denoising
* Regularized RBF Networks for Hyperspectral Data Classification
* Remote sensing image segmentation by active queries
* SCOPE-Based Emulators for Fast Generation of Synthetic Canopy Reflectance and Sun-Induced Fluorescence Spectra
* Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images for the Detection of Rotten Mandarins
* Semi-Supervised Graph-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semisupervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images With Active Queries
* Semisupervised Kernel Feature Extraction for Remote Sensing Image Analysis
* Semisupervised Manifold Alignment of Multimodal Remote Sensing Images
* Semisupervised Neural Networks for Efficient Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Spectral alignment of multi-temporal cross-sensor images with automated kernel canonical correlation analysis
* Statistical Atmospheric Parameter Retrieval Largely Benefits From Spatial-Spectral Image Compression
* Support Vector Domain Description Approach to Supervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images, A
* support vector domain method for change detection in multitemporal images, A
* Target Detection With Semisupervised Kernel Orthogonal Subspace Projection
* Unsupervised Alignment of Image Manifolds with Centrality Measures
* Unsupervised Deep Feature Extraction for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Urban monitoring using multi-temporal SAR and multi-spectral data
Includes: Camps Valls, G. Camps-Valls, G. Camps-Valls, G.[Gustau] Camps-Valls, G.[Gustavo]
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Camps, A. Co Author Listing * Change Detection Algorithm for Retrieving High-Resolution Soil Moisture From SMAP Radar and Radiometer Observations, A
* Common Mathematical Framework for Real and Synthetic Aperture by Interferometry Radiometers
* Consolidating the Precision of Interferometric GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Using Airborne Experimental Data
* Denormalization of Visibilities for In-Orbit Calibration of Interferometric Radiometers
* Description and Performance of an L-Band Radiometer with Digital Beamforming
* Empirical Results of a Surface-Level GNSS-R Experiment in a Wave Channel
* Experimental Study on the Performance of RFI Detection Algorithms in Microwave Radiometry: Toward an Optimum Combined Test
* First Polarimetric GNSS-R Measurements from a Stratospheric Flight over Boreal Forests
* First Results of a GNSS-R Experiment From a Stratospheric Balloon Over Boreal Forests
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Radio Frequency Interference: Identification, Mitigation, and Impact Assessment
* Improved Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Aperture Synthesis Radiometers
* Improved MUSIC-Based SMOS RFI Source Detection and Geolocation Algorithm
* Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
* Microwave Radiometer Resolution Optimization Using Variable Observation Times
* Multi-Temporal Evaluation of Soil Moisture and Land Surface Temperature Dynamics Using in Situ and Satellite Observations
* New Microwave-based Missions Applications For Rainfed Crops Characterization
* Nodal Sampling: A New Image Reconstruction Algorithm for SMOS
* Numerical Computation of the Electromagnetic Bias in GNSS-R Altimetry
* On the Synergy of Airborne GNSS-R and Landsat 8 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Real-Time RFI Detection and Mitigation System for Microwave Radiometers
* Retrieval of Significant Wave Height and Mean Sea Surface Level Using the GNSS-R Interference Pattern Technique: Results From a Three-Month Field Campaign
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Sea Ice Detection Using U.K. TDS-1 GNSS-R Data
* Spatial-Resolution Enhancement of SMOS Data: A Deconvolution-Based Approach
* Time-domain Statistics of the Electromagnetic Bias in GNSS-Reflectometry
* Using DDM Asymmetry Metrics for Wind Direction Retrieval From GPS Ocean-Scattered Signals in Airborne Experiments
Includes: Camps, A. Camps, A.[Adriano]
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Camps, O. Co Author Listing * convex optimization approach to robust fundamental matrix estimation, A
* DukeMTMC4ReID: A Large-Scale Multi-camera Person Re-identification Dataset
* Finding Causal Interactions in Video Sequences
* Gesture Modeling by Hanklet-Based Hidden Markov Model
* Hierarchical Image Geo-location on a World-Wide Scale
* Jensen Bregman LogDet Divergence Optimal Filtering in the Manifold of Positive Definite Matrices
* Subspace Clustering with Priors via Sparse Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming
Includes: Camps, O. Camps, O.[Octavia]
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Camps, O.I.[Octavia I.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Camps, O.I.[Octavia I.]: camps AT whale ece psu edu
* 3D Object Depth Recovery from Highlights Using Active Sensor and Illumination Control
* Activity Recognition from Silhouettes using Linear Systems and Model (In)validation Techniques
* Activity recognition using dynamic subspace angles
* Bayesian View Class Determination
* Caratheodory-Fejer Approach to Dynamic Appearance Modeling, A
* Caratheodory-Fejer Approach to Robust Multiframe Tracking, A
* Cross-view activity recognition using Hankelets
* Detection of Obstacles in the Flight Path of an Aircraft
* Detection of Obstacles on Runway Using Ego-Motion Compensation and Tracking of Significant Features
* Detection of obstacles on runways using ego-motion compensation and tracking of significant features
* Dynamic Appearance Modeling for Human Tracking
* Dynamic Context for Tracking behind Occlusions
* Dynamic subspace-based coordinated multicamera tracking
* Dynamics Based Robust Motion Segmentation
* Dynamics Enhanced Multi-camera Motion Segmentation from Unsynchronized Videos
* Efficient City-Sized 3D Reconstruction from Ultra-High Resolution Aerial and Ground Video Imagery
* Efficient Temporal Sequence Comparison and Classification Using Gram Matrix Embeddings on a Riemannian Manifold
* Euclidean Structure Recovery from Motion in Perspective Image Sequences via Hankel Rank Minimization
* Extraction and Temporal Segmentation of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Fast algorithms for structured robust principal component analysis
* Fast track matching and event detection
* From the Lab to the Real World: Re-identification in an Airport Camera Network
* GPCA with denoising: A moments-based convex approach
* Gray-scale structuring element decomposition
* Hankelet-based dynamical systems modeling for 3D action recognition
* Hierarchical Organization of Appearance Based Parts and Relations for Object Recognition
* Line Feature-Based Recognition Using Hausdorff Distance
* Line-Based Recognition Using a Multidimensional Hausdorff Distance
* Low order dynamics embedding for high dimensional time series
* Model (In)Validation Approach to Gait Classification, A
* model (In)validation approach to gait recognition, A
* Modeling Correspondences for Multi-Camera Tracking Using Nonlinear Manifold Learning and Target Dynamics
* moM: Mean of Moments Feature for Person Re-identification
* Object Recognition Using Appearance Based Parts and Relations
* Object Representation Using Appearance-based Parts and Relations
* Performance Characterization of the Dynamic Programming Obstacle Detection Algorithm
* Person Re-Identification Using Kernel-Based Metric Learning Methods
* PREMIO: An Overview
* PREMIO: The Use of Prediction in a CAD-Model-Based Vision System
* Probabilistic Matching Algorithm for Computer Vision, A
* Rank Minimization Approach to Video Inpainting, A
* Real-Time Implementation of Obstacle Detection Algorithms on a Datacube MaxPCI Architecture
* Recent Progress in CAD-Based Computer Vision: An Introduction to the Special Issue
* Relational Pyramid Approach to View Class Determination, A
* Robust Feature Selection for Object Recognition using Uncertain 2D Image Data
* Robust Occluding Contour Detection Using the Hausdorff Distance
* Robust Structure from Motion and Identified Dynamics
* Segmentation for Robust Tracking in the Presence of Severe Occlusion
* Self Scaled Regularized Robust Regression
* Sequential sparsification for change detection
* Solving Temporal Puzzles
* Towards a robust physics-based object recognition system
* Way They Move: Tracking Multiple Targets with Similar Appearance, The
* Weighted Parzen Windows For Pattern-Classification
Includes: Camps, O.I.[Octavia I.] Camps, O.I.
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Campus, A. Co Author Listing * XR-US Data Fusion for Non-destructive Evaluation of Steel Components

Campuzano Alvarez, M.[Mirlayne] Co Author Listing * Distributed and Parallel Algorithm for Computing Betweenness Centrality
Includes: Campuzano Alvarez, M.[Mirlayne] Campuzano-Alvarez, M.[Mirlayne]

Camtepe, S.[Seyit] Co Author Listing * Survey and Analysis of the GNSS Spoofing Threat and Countermeasures, A

Camurat, F. Co Author Listing * application of fixed-rate scalar-vector quantization in image coding, An

Camurri, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Expressive Gesture: The EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing Library
* Automated Laughter Detection From Full-Body Movements
* Automatic Classification of Expressive Hand Gestures on Tangible Acoustic Interfaces According to Laban's Theory of Effort
* Emotional entrainment in music performance
* Gesture Saliency: A Context-Aware Analysis
* Ghost in the Cave: An Interactive Collaborative Game Using Non-verbal Communication
* Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Music and Dance Performances
* One size does not fit all: multimodal search on mobile and desktop devices with the I-SEARCH search engine
* Subject Interfaces: Measuring Bodily Activation During an Emotional Experience of Music
* System for Real-Time Multimodal Analysis of Nonverbal Affective Social Interaction in User-Centric Media, A
* Technique for automatic emotion recognition by body gesture analysis
* Toward a Minimal Representation of Affective Gestures
* Towards Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Groups of Users: Computational Models of Expressive Social Interaction
* Using the Audio Respiration Signal for Multimodal Discrimination of Expressive Movement Qualities
* Validation of an Algorithm for Segmentation of Full-Body Movement Sequences by Perception: A Pilot Experiment
Includes: Camurri, A.[Antonio] Camurri, A.
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Camurri, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Hough transform for sphere recognition on point clouds

Camus, T. Co Author Listing * Collision Sensing by Stereo Vision and Radar Sensor Fusion
* Stereo-Based Object Detection, Classification, and Quantitative Evaluation with Automotive Applications
* Stereo-based vision system for automotive imminent collision detection
* Towards a Practical Stereo Vision Sensor

Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.] Co Author Listing * email: Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.]: tcamus AT sarnoff com
* Accuracy vs. Efficiency Trade-Offs in Optical Flow Algorithms
* Image subtraction to remove ambient illumination
* Iris Biometric System for Public and Personal Use, An
* Method for real time correlation of stereo images
* Planning and Selective Perception for Target Retrieval
* Real-Time Computer Vision Platform for Mobile Robot Applications, A
* Real-Time Quantized Optical Flow
* Real-Time Single-Workstation Obstacle Avoidance Using Only Wide-Field Flow Divergence
* Reliable and fast eye finding in close-up images
* Sensar: Secure(tm) Iris Identification System
Includes: Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.] Camus, T.A. Camus, T.A.[Ted A.]
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Camut, F. Co Author Listing * Generation of schedule tables on multi-core systems for AUTOSAR applications

Camy Peyret, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Retrieved L2 Products from Four Successive Versions of L1B Spectra in the Thermal Infrared Band of TANSO-FTS over the Arctic Ocean
Includes: Camy Peyret, C.[Claude] Camy-Peyret, C.[Claude]

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