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Clearman, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Texture Classification Study Based on Generalized Co-occurrence Matrices, A
* Empirical Evaluation of Generalized Cooccurrence Matrices, An

Cleary, J.G. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic coding for data compression

Cleary, K. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Tracking in Medicine: A Review of Technology, Validation, and Applications
* IGSTK: an open source software toolkit for image-guided surgery

Cleary, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Deictically Controlled Wheelchair, The

Cleckner, H.[Haley] Co Author Listing * Dasymetric Mapping and Spatial Modeling of Mosquito Vector Exposure, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Cleij, D. Co Author Listing * Continuous Subjective Rating of Perceived Motion Incongruence During Driving Simulation

Cleju, I.[Ioan] Co Author Listing * Clustering Based on Principal Curve
* Evaluation of texture registration by epipolar geometry
* Highly-Automatic MI Based Multiple 2D/3D Image Registration Using Self-initialized Geodesic Feature Correspondences
* Stochastic Optimization of Multiple Texture Registration Using Mutual Information

Cleju, N. Co Author Listing * Selection of Network Coding Nodes for Minimal Playback Delay in Streaming Overlays

Clematis, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Object Interface for Interoperability of Image Processing Parallel Library in a Distributed Environment, An

Clemedtson, P.O. Co Author Listing * Method for quantitative valuation of road freight transport telematic services

Clemencon, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Building confidence regions for the ROC surface
* EMOTHAW: A Novel Database for Emotional State Recognition From Handwriting and Drawing
Includes: Clemencon, S.[Stephan] Clémençon, S.[Stéphan] Clémençon, S.

Clemens, C. Co Author Listing * Extending Single-View Scalable Video Coding to Multi-View Based on H.264/AVC
* gradient based approach for stereoscopic error concealment, A
* Robust concealment for erroneous block bursts in stereoscopic images
Includes: Clemens, C. Clemens, C.[Carsten]

Clemens, D.T. Co Author Listing * Model-Group Indexing for Recognition
* Recognition of Two-Dimensional Modeled Objects in Images, The
* Region-Based Feature Interpretation for Recognizing 3-D Models in 2-D Images
* Space and Time Bounds on Indexing 3-D Models from 2-D Images
Includes: Clemens, D.T. Clemens, D.T.[David T.]

Clemens, L.E. Co Author Listing * Neural-Network Approach to the Detection of Texture Boundaries, A

Clemens, M.G.[Mark G.] Co Author Listing * Cell motion analysis without explicit tracking
* Rapidly Adaptive Cell Detection Using Transfer Learning with a Global Parameter

Clemens, R. Co Author Listing * Continental Scale Mapping of Tidal Flats across East Asia Using the Landsat Archive

Clement Guinaudeau, S.[Stephanie] Co Author Listing * Automated, Accurate and Fast Segmentation of 4D Cardiac MR Images
* Segmentation of 4D cardiac MRI: Automated method based on spatio-temporal watershed cuts
Includes: Clement Guinaudeau, S.[Stephanie] Clément-Guinaudeau, S.[Stéphanie]

Clement, A. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised segmentation of scenes containing vegetation (Forsythia) and soil by hierarchical analysis of bi-dimensional histograms
Includes: Clement, A. Clément, A.

Clement, F. Co Author Listing * Inverse EEG and MEG Problems: The Adjoint State Approach I: The Continuous Case, The

Clement, G.T. Co Author Listing * Passive Acoustic Mapping with the Angular Spectrum Method
* Transcranial Assessment and Visualization of Acoustic Cavitation: Modeling and Experimental Validation

Clement, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * Revisiting Additive Quantization
* Wearable Gaze Trackers: Mapping Visual Attention in 3D
Includes: Clement, J.[Joris] Clement, J.[Jesper]

Clement, L.E.[Lee E.] Co Author Listing * Battle for Filter Supremacy: A Comparative Study of the Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter and the Sliding Window Filter, The

Clement, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Bags of spatial relations and shapes features for structural object description
* Directional Enlacement Histograms for the Description of Complex Spatial Configurations between Objects
* Fuzzy Directional Enlacement Landscapes
Includes: Clement, M.[Michael] Clément, M.[Michaël]

Clement, T.P. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Line-Structured Data from Engineering Drawings, The
* General-Purpose Follower for Line-Structured Data, A

Clement, V. Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion Using a Multispecialist Architecture
* Knowledge-Based Approach to Integration of Image Processing Procedures, A
* Multi-Specialist Architecture for Sensor Fusion in Remote Sensing, A
* Supervision of Perception Tasks for Autonomous Systems: The OCAPI Approach

Clemente Colon, P. Co Author Listing * Systematic Comparison of QuikSCAT and SAR Ocean Surface Wind Speeds, A
Includes: Clemente Colon, P. Clemente-Colon, P.

Clemente San Roman, C. Co Author Listing * When the virtual influences reality. The conservation project of the Toledo Gate in Ciudad Real (Spain)
Includes: Clemente San Roman, C. Clemente San Román, C.

Clemente, A.M.[Augusto Monso] Co Author Listing * Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Bean Crop in Brazil over the Period 1990-2013

Clemente, C. Co Author Listing * Detecting Covariance Symmetries in Polarimetric SAR Images
* Forcing Scale Invariance in Multipolarization SAR Change Detection
* Invariant Rules for Multipolarization SAR Change Detection
* Multifamily GLRT for Oil Spill Detection, A
* Vibrating Target Micro-Doppler Signature in Bistatic SAR With a Fixed Receiver

Clemente, E.[Eddie] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Purposive or Behavioral Vision for Camera Trajectory Estimation
* Evolving Visual Attention Programs through EVO Features
* Object Recognition with an Optimized Ventral Stream Model Using Genetic Programming

Clemente, F. Co Author Listing * Humans Can Integrate Augmented Reality Feedback in Their Sensorimotor Control of a Robotic Hand

Clemente, G.S.[Gabriela S.] Co Author Listing * Text Line Segmentation Based on Morphology and Histogram Projection

Clemente, P.[Pere] Co Author Listing * Scatter-free imaging through biological tissue

Clementel, E. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous MR-Compatible Emission and Transmission Imaging for PET Using Time-of-Flight Information

Clementini, E.[Eliseo] Co Author Listing * Directional relations and frames of reference
* Efficient Estimation of Qualitative Topological Relations based on the Weighted Walkthroughs Model
* Global Framework for Qualitative Shape Description, A
* Modeling Topological Spatial Relations: Strategies for Query-Processing
* Ontological Impedance in 3D Semantic Data Modeling
Includes: Clementini, E.[Eliseo] Clementini, E.

Clements, G. Co Author Listing * Overcoming Limitations with Landsat Imagery for Mapping of Peat Swamp Forests in Sundaland

Clements, L.W. Co Author Listing * Improving Registration Robustness for Image-Guided Liver Surgery in a Novel Human-to-Phantom Data Framework
* Mechanics-Based Nonrigid Registration Method for Liver Surgery Using Sparse Intraoperative Data, A

Clements, M. Co Author Listing * Bimodal fusion in audio-visual speech recognition
* Interactive shadow analysis for camera heading in outdoor images
* User-Driven Geolocation of Untagged Desert Imagery Using Digital Elevation Models
Includes: Clements, M. Clements, M.[Matthew]

Clements, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Speechreading with Applications to Human-Computer Interfaces
* computationally compact divergence measure for speech processing, A
* Decoding Children's Social Behavior
* Multimodal Affect Classification at Various Temporal Lengths
Includes: Clements, M.A.[Mark A.] Clements, M.A.

Clemmensen, L.[Line] Co Author Listing * Regularized generalized eigen-decomposition with applications to sparse supervised feature extraction and sparse discriminant analysis

Clemmensen, L.H.[Line H.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printed Primitives
* comparison of dimension reduction methods with application to multi-spectral images of sand used in concrete, A
* Data Driven Constraints for the SVM
* Hyperspectral imaging based on diffused laser light for prediction of astaxanthin coating concentration
* Individual Discriminative Face Recognition Models Based on Subsets of Features
* Precise acquisition and unsupervised segmentation of multi-spectral images
* Statistical Quality Assessment of Pre-fried Carrots Using Multispectral Imaging
Includes: Clemmensen, L.H.[Line H.] Clemmensen, L.H.[Line Harder]
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Clemmensen, L.K.H.[Line Katrine Harder] Co Author Listing * Does correlated color temperature affect the ability of humans to identify veins?

Clemmesen, L.H.[Line H.] Co Author Listing * Temporal reflectance changes in vegetables

Clemson, P. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Time-Dependent Dynamics

Clenet, H. Co Author Listing * Joint Anomaly Detection and Spectral Unmixing for Planetary Hyperspectral Images

Cleofas Sanchez, L. Co Author Listing * Dissimilarity-Based Learning from Imbalanced Data with Small Disjuncts and Noise
* Insight on the Large G, Small n Problem in Gene-Expression Microarray Classification, An
Includes: Cleofas Sanchez, L. Cleofas-Sánchez, L.

Clerbaux, N. Co Author Listing * Angular Distribution Models, Anisotropic Correction Factors, and Mixed Clear-Scene Types: A Sensitivity Study
* CM SAF TOA Radiation Data Record Using MVIRI and SEVIRI, The
* Measurement of the Earth Radiation Budget at the Top of the Atmosphere: A Review
* Spectral Aging Model Applied to Meteosat First Generation Visible Band
Includes: Clerbaux, N. Clerbaux, N.[Nicolas]

Clerc, F.L. Co Author Listing * Pose and Expression-Coherent Face Recovery in the Wild

Clerc, M.[Maureen] Co Author Listing * common formalism for the Integral formulations of the forward EEG problem, A
* Integral Formulations for the EEG Problem
* Shape from Texture through Deformations
* Texture Gradient Equation for Recovering Shape from Texture, The
* Wavelet-Based Correlation for Stereopsis
* Weak Homogeneity for Shape from Texture
Includes: Clerc, M.[Maureen] Clerc, M.

Clerc, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction and Modeling of Subterranean Landscapes in Collaborative Mining Archeology Projects: Techniques, Applications and Experiences

Clerc, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Copernicus Sentinel-2A Calibration and Products Validation Status
Includes: Clerc, S.[Sebastien] Clerc, S.[Sébastien]

Clerckx, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Complexity Scalability in Motion-Compensated Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* Distributed Video Coding with Shared Encoder/Decoder Complexity
* Overlapped Block Motion Estimation and Probabilistic Compensation with Application in Distributed Video Coding
* Scalable video coding based on motion-compensated temporal filtering: complexity and functionality analysis
* Scalable, Wavelet-Based Video: From Server to Hardware-Accelerated Client
Includes: Clerckx, T.[Tom] Clerckx, T.

Clercq, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Embedded neuromorphic vision for humanoid robots

Clerentin, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Detection of Vehicles in a Motorway Environment by Means of Telemetric and Visual Data
Includes: Clerentin, A.[Arnaud] Clérentin, A.[Arnaud]

Clergeau, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Kill Two Birds with One Stone: Urban Tree Species Classification Using Bi-Temporal Pléiades Images to Study Nesting Preferences of an Invasive Bird

Clergeau, S. Co Author Listing * Handwritten sentence recognition: from signal to syntax

Clergeautournemire, S. Co Author Listing * Integration of Lexical and Syntactic Knowledge in a Handwriting-Recognition System

Clerget, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Process and apparatus for optically exploring the surface of a body

Clergue, E. Co Author Listing * Computation of Ego Motion Using the Vertical Cue
* Computation of Ego-Motion and Structure from Visual an Inertial Sensor Using the Vertical Cue
* Experimenting 3d Vision On A Robotic Head

Clerici, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Europe's Green Arteries: A Continental Dataset of Riparian Zones
* Exploring the Use of MODIS NDVI-Based Phenology Indicators for Classifying Forest General Habitat Categories
Includes: Clerici, N.[Nicola] Clerici, N.

Clermont, P. Co Author Listing * Communication control in a pyramid computer: Application to region labeling

Clery, I. Co Author Listing * Apero, An Open Source Bundle Adjusment Software For Automatic Calibration and Orientation of Set of Images

Clesse, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * SPOT-4 (Take 5): Simulation of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 45 Large Sites

Cleuziou, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * extended version of the k-means method for overlapping clustering, An
* Generalization of c-means for identifying non-disjoint clusters with overlap regulation
* Kernel methods for point symmetry-based clustering
* Osom: A method for building overlapping topological maps

Cleveland, W.L.[W. Louis] Co Author Listing * Effective automatic recognition of cultured cells in bright field images using fisher's linear discriminant preprocessing
* Multiclass cell detection in bright field images of cell mixtures with ECOC probability estimation

Cleveland, W.P. Co Author Listing * Reliably Creating Collision Avoidance Advisories in Piloted Simulations

Clevenger, M. Co Author Listing * Design and development of a virtual reality system for vocational rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities

Clever, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Color Optical Flow

Cleverly, J. Co Author Listing * SMAP Level 4 Carbon Product for Monitoring Ecosystem Land-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange, The

Clevers, J.G.P.W.[Jan G. P. W.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Stress of Desert Tamarugo Trees Using in situ Data and Very High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing
* Experimental Sentinel-2 LAI estimation using parametric, non-parametric and physical retrieval methods: A comparison
* Hyperspectral Reflectance Anisotropy Measurements Using a Pushbroom Spectrometer on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Results for Barley, Winter Wheat, and Potato
* Mapping Reflectance Anisotropy of a Potato Canopy Using Aerial Images Acquired with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Merging the Minnaert-k Parameter With Spectral Unmixing to Map Forest Heterogeneity With CHRIS/PROBA Data
* Multitemporal Unmixing of Medium-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study Using MERIS Images for Land-Cover Mapping
* Optical remote sensing and the retrieval of terrestrial vegetation bio-geophysical properties: A review
* Reflectance Anisotropy Measurements Using a Pushbroom Spectrometer Mounted on UAV and a Laboratory Goniometer: Preliminary Results
* Using Sentinel-2 Data for Retrieving LAI and Leaf and Canopy Chlorophyll Content of a Potato Crop
Includes: Clevers, J.G.P.W.[Jan G. P. W.] Clevers, J.G.P.W.[Jan G.P.W.] Clevers, J.G.P.W.
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Clewer, D. Co Author Listing * Genetic Stereo Matching Using Complex Conjugate Wavelet Pyramids
* Hierarchical Genetic Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Multiview Image Synthesis, A

Clewes, R.[Rhea] Co Author Listing * Imager locates toxic liquids at stand-off distances

Clewley, D. Co Author Listing * Approach to Mapping Forest Growth Stages in Queensland, Australia through Integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Sensor Data, An
* Atmospheric Correction Performance of Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery over a Small Eutrophic Lake under Changing Cloud Cover
* Evaluation of ALOS PALSAR Data for High-Resolution Mapping of Vegetated Wetlands in Alaska
* Generalized Radar Backscattering Model Based on Wave Theory for Multilayer Multispecies Vegetation, A
* Python-Based Open Source System for Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Utilizing Raster Attribute Tables, A
Includes: Clewley, D. Clewley, D.[Daniel]

Cleyet Merle, S. Co Author Listing * Image tiling for embedded applications with non-linear constraints
Includes: Cleyet Merle, S. Cleyet-Merle, S.

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