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Conaire, C.O. Co Author Listing * Background Modelling in Infrared and Visible Spectrum Video for People Tracking
* Combining inertial and visual sensing for human action recognition in tennis
* Detector adaptation by maximising agreement between independent data sources
* Exploiting contextual data for event retrieval in surveillance video
* Image-based vehicle indexing for a seaport transportation surveillance system
* Multispectral Object Segmentation and Retrieval in Surveillance Video
* Thermo-visual feature fusion for object tracking using multiple spatiogram trackers
Includes: Conaire, C.O. Conaire, C.Ó.[Ciarán Ó.] Conaire, C.O.[Ciaran O]
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Conan, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * MISTRAL: a myopic edge-preserving image restoration method, with application to astronomical adaptive-optics-corrected long-exposure images
Includes: Conan, J.M.[Jean Marc] Conan, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Conant Pablos, S.E.[Santiago E.] Co Author Listing * Assembling Similar Tracking Approaches in Order to Strengthen Performance
* Comparison of Class Separability, Forward Sequential Search and Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection in the Classification of Individual and Clustered Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* Learning vector quantization for variable ordering in constraint satisfaction problems
Includes: Conant Pablos, S.E.[Santiago E.] Conant-Pablos, S.E.[Santiago E.] Conant-Pablos, S.E.[Santiago Enrique]

Conant, E.F. Co Author Listing * Breast tissue density quantification via digitized mammograms

Conati, C. Co Author Listing * Effect of Sound on Visual Fidelity Perception in Stereoscopic 3-D, The
* Eye Gaze in Intelligent User Interfaces: Gaze-based Analyses, Models and Applications
Includes: Conati, C. Conati, C.[Cristina]

Conceicao, E.L.T.[Eduardo L. T.] Co Author Listing * Coding a Simulation Model of the 3D Structure of Paper
Includes: Conceicao, E.L.T.[Eduardo L. T.] Conceição, E.L.T.[Eduardo L. T.]

Conceicao, R. Co Author Listing * Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth map coding based on early Skip and early DIS scheme
* Sample adaptive offset filter hardware design for HEVC encoder
Includes: Conceicao, R. Conceição, R.

Concepcion Morales, E.R.[Eduardo R.] Co Author Listing * Building and Assessing a Constrained Clustering Hierarchical Algorithm
* Contiguity-constrained hierarchical clustering for image segmentation
Includes: Concepcion Morales, E.R.[Eduardo R.] Concepción Morales, E.R.[Eduardo R.]

Concepcion, A.[Aldebert] Co Author Listing * Rod hue biases produced on CRT displays

Concepcion, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Detection and Localization of Objects in Time-varying Imagery Using Attention, Representation and Memory Pyramids
* Multiresolution attention and associative memory systems for time-varying imagery

Concetti, A. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Recursive Filtering Algorithm with Edge-Preserving Properties and Reduced Numerical Complexity

Concha, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Sequential Minimal Optimization Algorithm for the All-Distances Support Vector Machine, A

Concha, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Offline Signature Verification Using Local Interest Points and Descriptors

Concha, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods to Assess Similarity between Phrases

Concha, O.P.[Oscar Perez] Co Author Listing * Mixtures of Normalized Linear Projections

Conchedda, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * object-based method for mapping and change analysis in mangrove ecosystems, An

Conchello, J.A.[Jose Angel] Co Author Listing * Fast maximum-likelihood image-restoration algorithms for three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy
* Parametric blind deconvolution: a robust method for the simultaneous estimation of image and blur
* Superresolution and Convergence Properties of the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Maximum-Likelihood Deconvolution of Incoherent Images
Includes: Conchello, J.A.[Jose Angel] Conchello, J.A.[Jose-Angel] Conchello, J.A.[José-Angel] Conchello, J.A.

Concheri, G.[Gianmaria] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Data from Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Terrestrial Methodologies Test Site: An Architectural Surface

Conci, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of injuries in mammograms using image analysis techniques
* Automatic texture segmentation based on k-means clustering and efficient calculation of co-occurrence features
* Bhattacharyya probabilistic distance of the Dirichlet density and its application to Split-and-Merge image segmentation
* Box-Counting Approach to Color Segmentation, A
* Characterizing the Lacunarity of Objects and Image Sets and Its Use as a Technique for the Analysis of Textural Patterns
* Comparing results of thermographic images based diagnosis for breast diseases
* Detecting shot transitions based on video content
* Influence of the Wavelet Family in the Compression-Denoising Technique on Synthetic and Natural Images
* Introducing a new metric for automatic true color images granulometry
* k-MS: A novel clustering algorithm based on morphological reconstruction
* Multifractal Characterization of Texture-based Segmentation
* On Using Lacunarity for Diagnosis of Breast Diseases Considering Thermal Images
* Real Time Feature-Based Parallel Morphing in GPU Applied to Texture-Based Animation
* simple approach for biometrics: Finger-knuckle prints recognition based on a Sobel filter and similarity measures, A
* Use of Coherence Measurements between EEG and EMG on Identification of the Myoclonus Locus
Includes: Conci, A. Conci, A.[Aura]
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Conci, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Automatic Synchronization of Multi-user Photo Galleries
* Camera placement using particle swarm optimization in visual surveillance applications
* Camera viewpoint change detection for interaction analysis in TV shows
* Complex-Valued Representation for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Cross-Layer Approach for Efficient MPEG-4 Video Streaming Using Multicarrier Spread-Spectrum Transmission and Unequal Error Protection, A
* Crowd behavior identification
* Dominant Motion Analysis in Regular and Irregular Crowd Scenes
* Hierarchical Matching of 3D Pedestrian Trajectories for Surveillance Applications
* Learning and matching human activities using regular expressions
* Multiple description video coding using coefficients ordering and interpolation
* Natural Human-Machine Interface using an Interactive Virtual Blackboard
* Optical Image Classification: A Ground-Truth Design Framework
* Real Time Detection of Social Interactions in Surveillance Video
* Real-life violent social interaction detection
* Real-time multiple description intra-coding by sorting and interpolation of coefficients
* Recognition of social interactions based on feature selection from visual codebooks
* S-Hock dataset: A new benchmark for spectator crowd analysis, The
* S-HOCK dataset: Analyzing crowds at the stadium, The
* saliency-based approach to event recognition, A
* Smart Camera Reconfiguration in Assisted Home Environments for Elderly Care
* Structured learning for crowd motion segmentation
* Syntactic Matching of Trajectories for Ambient Intelligence Applications
* Traffic accident detection through a hydrodynamic lens
* Video-Based Human Behavior Understanding: A Survey
* wireless multimedia framework for the management of emergency situations in automotive applications: The AIDER system, A
Includes: Conci, N.[Nicola] Conci, N.
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Concolato, C. Co Author Listing * Creating and Encoding of Cartoons Using MPEG-4 BIFS: Methods and Results
* MPEG Standard for Rich Media Services, An
* Multimedia adaptation in end-user terminals
* TIRAMISU: A novel approach to content representation and key management for seamless super-distribution of protected media
* User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks
Includes: Concolato, C. Concolato, C.[Cyril]

Condat, L. Co Author Listing * 2D Prony-Huang Transform: A New Tool for 2D Spectral Analysis
* Beyond Interpolation: Optimal Reconstruction by Quasi-Interpolation
* Color filter array design using random patterns with blue noise chromatic spectra
* Compact Image Magnification Method with Preservation of Preferential Components, A
* Direct Algorithm for 1-D Total Variation Denoising, A
* Discrete Total Variation: New Definition and Minimization
* Efficient Reconstruction of Hexagonally Sampled Data using Three-Directional Box-Splines
* forward-backward view of some primal-dual optimization methods in image recovery, A
* Fully reversible image rotation by 1-D filtering
* Generic Proximal Algorithm for Convex Optimization: Application to Total Variation Minimization, A
* generic variational approach for demosaicking from an arbitrary color filter array, A
* H2O: Reversible Hexagonal-Orthogonal Grid Conversion by 1-D Filtering
* Hexagonal Versus Orthogonal Lattices: A New Comparison Using Approximation Theory
* Joint demosaicking and denoising by total variation minimization
* Multifractal-based texture segmentation using variational procedure
* New Color Filter Array With Optimal Properties for Noiseless and Noisy Color Image Acquisition, A
* new color filter array with optimal sensing properties, A
* New optimized spline functions for interpolation on the hexagonal lattice
* New Pansharpening Method Based on Spatial and Spectral Sparsity Priors, A
* new random color filter array with good spectral properties, A
* Proximity Operator of a Sum of Functions; Application to Depth Map Estimation
* Quasi-Interpolating Spline Models for Hexagonally-Sampled Data
* Reversible, Fast, and High-Quality Grid Conversions
* simple, fast and efficient approach to denoisaicking: Joint demosaicking and denoising, A
* Texture modeling by Gaussian fields with prescribed local orientation
Includes: Condat, L. Condat, L.[Laurent]
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Conde Canencia, L. Co Author Listing * Associative Memory based on clustered Neural Networks: Improved model and architecture for Oriented Edge Detection
Includes: Conde Canencia, L. Conde-Canencia, L.

Conde Gaxiola, N.[Napoleon] Co Author Listing * Alpha-Beta Weightless Neural Networks
Includes: Conde Gaxiola, N.[Napoleon] Conde-Gaxiola, N.[Napoleón]

Conde Rodriguez, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * comprehensive framework for modeling heterogeneous objects, A
Includes: Conde Rodriguez, F.[Francisco] Conde-Rodríguez, F.[Francisco]

Conde, B.[Borja] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Columns in As-Built Buildings from Point Clouds
* Automatic Method For Geometric Segmentation Of Masonry Arch Bridges For Structural Engineering Purposes, An
* Geometrical Issues on the Structural Analysis of Transmission Electricity Towers Thanks to Laser Scanning Technology and Finite Element Method
Includes: Conde, B.[Borja] Conde, B.

Conde, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Normalization with Spin Images and Influence of Range Data Calculation over Face Verification
* Analysis of variance of Gabor filter banks parameters for optimal face recognition
* Automatic 3D Face Feature Points Extraction with Spin Images
* Automatic Detection of the Optimal Acceptance Threshold in a Face Verification System
* Combination of kernels applied to face verification
* Comparison of Novel Dimension Reduction Methods in Face Verification
* Context-Aware Distance for Anomalous Human Trajectories Detection
* Detection and Tracking of Driver's Hands in Real Time
* Face Verification Advances Using Spatial Dimension Reduction Methods: 2DPCA & SVM
* Face verification with a kernel fusion method
* Incremental Learning with Soft-Biometric Features for People Re-Identification in Multi-Camera Environments
* Multimodal 2D, 2.5D and 3D Face Verification
* PCA vs low resolution images in face verification
* Person detection in surveillance environment with HoGG: Gabor filters and Histogram of Oriented Gradient
* Person Identification Based on Visual Analysis of Soft-Biometric Features in Surveillance Environments
* Recent advances in face biometrics with Gabor wavelets: A review
* Section-Wise Similarities for Classification of Subjective-Data on Time Series
* Soft-biometrics evaluation for people re-identification in uncontrolled multi-camera environments
* Subjective Traffic Safety Experts' Knowledge for Driving-Risk Definition
Includes: Conde, C.[Cristina] Conde, C.
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Conde, J. Co Author Listing * Orientation- and Scale- Invariant Recognition of Textures in Multi-Object Scenes

Conde, M.H. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Robust Inverse Lighting of a Single Face Image Using Compressive Sensing

Conde, O.M. Co Author Listing * Directional Kernel Density Estimation for Classification of Breast Tissue Spectra

Condeco, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Signs Workshop: The Importance of Natural Gestures in the Promotion of Early Communication Skills of Children with Developmental Disabilities
Includes: Condeco, T.[Teresa] Condeço, T.[Teresa]

Condell, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * dynamic threshold approach for skin segmentation in color images, A
* Enhancing Steganography in Digital Images
* HandPuppet3D: Motion capture and analysis for character animation
* new colour space for skin tone detection, A
* Omnidirectional Projections with a Cone Mirror and Single Mirror Stereo

Condell, J.V.[Joan V.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Grid Refinement Procedures for Efficient Optical Flow Computation
* Adaptive vs. non-adaptive strategies for the computation of optical flow
* Body Language Based Individual Identification in Video Using Gait and Actions
* Effect of Presmoothing Image Sequences on the Computation of Optical Flow, The
* Estimation of Motion through Inverse Finite Element Methods with Triangular Meshes
* Evaluation of Uniform and Non-uniform Optical Flow Techniques Using Finite Element Methods
* Fusion of Random Walk and Discrete Fourier Spectrum Methods for Gait Recognition
* Individual Identification Using Gait Sequences under Different Covariate Factors
* Investigation into Optical Flow Computation on FPGA Hardware, An
* Preliminary Results for Detection of Partially Occluded Humans in Video Sequences
* Use of Dynamic and Static Characteristics of Gait for Individual Identification, The
Includes: Condell, J.V.[Joan V.] Condell, J.V.
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Condello, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * OpenCL-based feature matcher, An

Condes Molleda, Y.[Yadira] Co Author Listing * New Combination of Local Appearance Based Methods for Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions, A
* new image division for LBP method to improve face recognition under varying lighting conditions, A
Includes: Condes Molleda, Y.[Yadira] Condes-Molleda, Y.[Yadira]

Condessa, F.[Filipe] Co Author Listing * Performance measures for classification systems with rejection
* Segmentation and Detection of Colorectal Polyps Using Local Polynomial Approximation

Condit, A.[Allen] Co Author Listing * comparison of automatic and manual zoning: An information retrieval prospective, A
* Effects of OCR Errors on Short Documents, The
* Evaluation of an Automatic Markup System, An
* Evaluation of Model-Based Retrieval Effectiveness with OCR Text

Condo, C. Co Author Listing * Variable Parallelism Cyclic Redundancy Check Circuit for 3GPP-LTE/LTE-Advanced

Condon, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Towards an Engaging Mobile Food Record for Teenagers

Condori, M.A.T.[Marcos A.T.] Co Author Listing * Bandeirantes: A Graph-Based Approach for Curve Tracing and Boundary Tracking

Condorovici, R.G.[Razvan George] Co Author Listing * Automatically classifying paintings with perceptual inspired descriptors
* Painting Scene Recognition Using Homogenous Shapes
* Perceptually-Inspired Artistic Genre Identification System in Digitized Painting Collections

Condron, B. Co Author Listing * Social behavior analysis of Drosophila larvae via motion activity recognition
* Tubularity Flow Field: A Technique for Automatic Neuron Segmentation

Condurache, A.[Alexandru] Co Author Listing * Graphical stochastic models for tracking applications with variational message passing inference
* Visual Landmark Based 3D Road Course Estimation with Black Box Variational Inference

Condurache, A.P. Co Author Listing * Imaging and Analysis of Angiogenesis for Skin Transplantation by Microangiography
* Initial Approach to Segmentation and Analysis of Nerve Cells using Ridge Detection, An
* LDA-based Relative Hysteresis Classifier with Application to Segmentation of Retinal Vessels, An
* Linear Prediction Based Mixture Models for Event Detection in Video Sequences
* Robust Core-Point-ROI Based Fingerprint Identification Using a Sparse Classifier
* two-stage-classifier for defect classification in optical media inspection, A
* User-defined ROI tracking for estimation of the myocardial blush grade
* Vessel Segmentation in 2D-Projection Images Using a Supervised Linear Hysteresis Classifier
Includes: Condurache, A.P. Condurache, A.P.[Alexandru Paul]
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Conedera, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Cluster recognition in spatial-temporal sequences: The case of forest fires
* New Tool for Facilitating the Retrieval and Recording of the Place Name Cultural Heritage, A
Includes: Conedera, M.[Marco] Conedera, M.

Conegliano, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Realistic 3D Modeling of the Liver from MRI Images

Conejo, A.J. Co Author Listing * Observability Problem in Traffic Models: Algebraic and Topological Methods, The

Conel, J.E. Co Author Listing * Vicarious calibration experiment in support of the multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer

Conen, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning of Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Image Matching and 3D Object Reconstruction in the Infrared Range

Conesa, F.C.[Francesc C.] Co Author Listing * High and Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery to Evaluate Late Holocene Human-Environment Interactions in Arid Lands: A Case Study from the Central Sahara
* Use of Satellite SAR for Understanding Long-Term Human Occupation Dynamics in the Monsoonal Semi-Arid Plains of North Gujarat, India

Conescu, R.M.[Ronald M.] Co Author Listing * Mining Novice User Activity with TRECVID Interactive Retrieval Tasks

Conetta, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Algorithm for Analysis of 2D Echocardiographic Short-Axis Images, An

Coney, W.B.[William B.] Co Author Listing * Vehicle load estimation from observation of vibration response

Confalonieri, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI

Conforti, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * Lynx Mobile Mapper For Surveying City Centers And Highways
* Lynx mobile mapper: the new survey technology
* Survey applications using the Optech ILRIS 3D laser scanner and photogrammetry for a complete detailed CAD reconstruction of the objects
Includes: Conforti, D.[Dario] Conforti, D.

Conforto, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * adaptive blink detector to initialize and update a view-basedremote eye gaze tracking system in a natural scenario, An

Cong Hua, X.[Xie] Co Author Listing * Medical image denoising by generalised Gaussian mixture modelling with edge information
Includes: Cong Hua, X.[Xie] Cong-Hua, X.[Xie]

Cong, D.N.T.[Dung Nghi Truong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Model for Object Detection in Noisy and Fast-Varying Environment
* People Detection and Re-Identification in Complex Environments
* People re-identification by classification of silhouettes based on sparse representation
* People Re-Identification by Means of a Camera Network Using a Graph-Based Approach
* People Reacquisition across Multiple Cameras with Disjoint Views
* Video Sequences Association for People Re-identification across Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras
Includes: Cong, D.N.T.[Dung Nghi Truong] Cong, D.N.T.[Dung-Nghi Truong]

Cong, F. Co Author Listing * Linking Brain Responses to Naturalistic Music Through Analysis of Ongoing EEG and Stimulus Features

Cong, G. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Solution to Surface Recovery from Cross-Sectional Contours, An
* Corner Enhancement in Curvature Scale Space
* Curve Evolution for Corner Enhancement
* Dyadic Scale-Space
* Model-Based Segmentation of Nuclei
* New Regularized Approach for Contour Morphing, A
* Nonlinear Diffusion for Early Vision
* Shape from Equal Thickness Contours
* Shape from Interference Patterns
* Shape metamorphism using p-Laplacian equation
* Shape Recovery from Equal Thickness Contours
* Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Fringe Contours
* Surface Recovery from Planar Sectional Contours
Includes: Cong, G. Cong, G.[Ge]
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Cong, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * EM+TV Based Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT with Reduced Radiation

Cong, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * Estimation of oil thickness and aging from hyperspectral signature
* Grid pattern based residential area detection from Hyperion data
* Selective image abstraction
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using Contourlet Domain Hidden Markov Trees Model

Cong, M.[Mingyu] Co Author Listing * On-Orbit Calibration Data-Processing Technologies for the Space-Based Infrared Camera

Cong, P.[Pengyu] Co Author Listing * Depth sensing with focus and exposure adaptation

Cong, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes with Fourier transform assisted phase shifting
* Dense single-shot 3D scanning via stereoscopic fringe analysis
* Robust depth sensing with adaptive structured light illumination
Includes: Cong, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Cong, P.Y.[Peng-Yu]

Cong, R. Co Author Listing * Co-Saliency Detection for RGBD Images Based on Multi-Constraint Feature Matching and Cross Label Propagation
* hybrid method for underwater image correction, A
* Saliency Detection for Stereoscopic Images Based on Depth Confidence Analysis and Multiple Cues Fusion
Includes: Cong, R. Cong, R.[Runmin]

Cong, R.M. Co Author Listing * Underwater Image Enhancement by Dehazing With Minimum Information Loss and Histogram Distribution Prior

Cong, W.[Wenxiang] Co Author Listing * Spectral CT Modeling and Reconstruction With Hybrid Detectors in Dynamic-Threshold-Based Counting and Integrating Modes

Cong, X. Co Author Listing * Imaging Geodesy: Toward Centimeter-Level Ranging Accuracy With TerraSAR-X

Cong, X.Y. Co Author Listing * Precise 2-D and 3-D Ground Target Localization with TerraSAR-X

Cong, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Sparse Representation
* Active drift correction template tracking algorithm
* Adaptive Greedy Dictionary Selection for Web Media Summarization
* Computer aided endoscope diagnosis via weakly labeled data mining
* Consistent multi-layer subtask tracker via hyper-graph regularization
* Deep sparse feature selection for computer aided endoscopy diagnosis
* Discriminative multi-task objects tracking with active feature selection and drift correction
* Flow mosaicking: Real-time pedestrian counting without scene-specific learning
* Layered Multitask Tracker via Spatial-Temporal Laplacian Graph
* Local Line Derivative Pattern for face recognition
* Lunar terrain reconstruction using PDEs
* Multifaceted Approach to Social Multimedia-Based Prediction of Elections, A
* Object detection based on scale-invariant partial shape matching
* Object tracking via online metric learning
* Online Learning a High-Quality Dictionary and Classifier Jointly for Multitask Object Tracking
* Real-time one-dimensional motion estimation and its application in computer vision
* Robust and accurate online pose estimation algorithm via efficient three-dimensional collinearity model
* Self-closed partial shape descriptor for shape retrieval
* Self-Supervised Online Metric Learning With Low Rank Constraint for Scene Categorization
* Sparse reconstruction cost for abnormal event detection
* Speeded Up Low-Rank Online Metric Learning for Object Tracking
* Structured low rank tracker with smoothed regularization
* Towards Scalable Summarization of Consumer Videos Via Sparse Dictionary Selection
* Unified Online Dictionary Learning Framework with Label Information for Robust Object Tracking, A
* User attribute discovery with missing labels
Includes: Cong, Y.[Yang] Cong, Y.
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Cong, Y.H.[Yong Hui] Co Author Listing * Cross-modal topic correlations for multimedia retrieval
Includes: Cong, Y.H.[Yong Hui] Cong, Y.H.[Yong-Hui]

Cong, Z.X.[Zhang Xin] Co Author Listing * study of human brain electrical activity: A topographic mapping approach, The
Includes: Cong, Z.X.[Zhang Xin] Cong, Z.X.[Zhang-Xin]

Congalton, R.G.[Russell G.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data: Principles and Practices
* Automated cropland mapping of continental Africa using Google Earth Engine cloud computing
* Comparison of Urban Mapping Methods Using High-Resolution Digital Imagery, A
* Exploring and Evaluating the Consequences of Vector-to-Raster and Raster-to-Vector Conversion
* Global Land Cover Mapping: A Review and Uncertainty Analysis
* Impact of Mapping Error on the Performance of Upscaling Agricultural Maps, The
* Impact of Positional Errors on Soft Classification Accuracy Assessment: A Simulation Analysis, The
* Nominal 30-m Cropland Extent Map of Continental Africa by Integrating Pixel-Based and Object-Based Algorithms Using Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 Data on Google Earth Engine
* Quantitative Comparison of Change-Detection Algorithms for Monitoring Eelgrass from Remotely-Sensed Data
* Uncertainty Analysis in the Creation of a Fine-Resolution Leaf Area Index (LAI) Reference Map for Validation of Moderate Resolution LAI Products
Includes: Congalton, R.G.[Russell G.] Congalton, R.G.
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Congedo, G. Co Author Listing * Describing words by graphs
* robust analytical approach for handwritten word recognition, A
* Selecting reference signatures for on-line signature verification

Congedo, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Assessment of PM10 and O3 Removal by Woody Vegetation at Urban and Regional Level

Congiu, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * First International Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition: LivDet 2009

Congiu, G. Co Author Listing * Symbolic indexing of cardiological sequences through dynamic curve representations

Congote, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* Statistical Tuning of Adaptive-Weight Depth Map Algorithm
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms

Conigliaro, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * S-Hock dataset: A new benchmark for spectator crowd analysis, The
* S-HOCK dataset: Analyzing crowds at the stadium, The
* Viewing the Viewers: A Novel Challenge for Automated Crowd Analysis

Conigliaro, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Survey And Augmented Reality For Cultural Heritage. The Case Study Of Aurelian Wall At Castra Praetoria In Rome

Coniglio, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * People silhouette extraction from people detection bounding boxes in images

Coninx, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * HeatMeUp: A 3DUI serious game to explore collaborative wayfinding

Conio, B. Co Author Listing * Analytic Solution for the Perspective 4-Point Problem, An

Conjeti, S.[Sailesh] Co Author Listing * Coupled Manifold Learning for Retrieval Across Modalities
* Multi-scale Graph-based Guided Filter for De-noising Cryo-Electron Tomographic Data

Conka, D. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy clustering in HMM-based triphone classes of 2DLDA in Slovak LVCSR

Conker, R.S.[Robert S.] Co Author Listing * Dual Plane Variation of the Hough Transform for Detecting Non-concentric Circles of Different Radii, A

Conkie, A. Co Author Listing * uncalibrated stereo visual servo system, An

Conklin, D.[Darrell] Co Author Listing * Transformation-invariant Indexing and Machine Discovery for Computer Vision

Conklin, G.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Temporal Scalability Techniques, A
* Evaluation of Temporally Scalable Video Coding Techniques
* Video coding for streaming media delivery on the internet

Conklin, W.M.[W. Michael] Co Author Listing * Singular value decomposition in additive, multiplicative, and logistic forms

Conlan, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Developing A Next Generation Colonoscopy Simulator

Conly, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Depth-Based Computer Vision Methods for Fall Detection under Occlusions
* Leveraging intra-class variations to improve large vocabulary gesture recognition
Includes: Conly, C.[Christopher] Conly, C.

Conn, A.R. Co Author Listing * Removing Clouds and Recovering Ground Observations in Satellite Image Sequences via Temporally Contiguous Robust Matrix Completion

Conn, R. Co Author Listing * Structured Light Using Pseudorandom Codes

Connaghan, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Combining inertial and visual sensing for human action recognition in tennis

Connah, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Characterization of trichromatic color cameras by using a new multispectral imaging technique
* Comparison of linear spectral reconstruction methods for multispectral imaging
* Lookup-Table-Based Gradient Field Reconstruction
* Spectral Edge Image Fusion: Theory and Applications
* Spectral edge: gradient-preserving spectral mapping for image fusion
* Weighted Constrained Hue-Plane Preserving Camera Characterization
Includes: Connah, D.[David] Connah, D.

Connally, R.E.[Russell E.] Co Author Listing * Luminescent Microspheres Resolved from Strong Background on an Automated Time-Gated Luminescence Microscopy Workstation

Connaughton, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * cross-sensor evaluation of three commercial iris cameras for iris biometrics, A

Connell, I.R.O. Co Author Listing * Design of a Parallel Transmit Head Coil at 7T With Magnetic Wall Distributed Filters
* General Coupling Matrix Synthesis for Decoupling MRI RF Arrays
* MRI RF Array Decoupling Method With Magnetic Wall Distributed Filters

Connell, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Cardiac anatomy as a biometric
* efficient, two-stage iris recognition system, An
* Exploring Ridge Curvature for Fingerprint Indexing
* SLIC: Short-length iris codes
* SmartSpectra: Applying multispectral imaging to industrial environments
* Visual item verification for fraud prevention in retail self-checkout
Includes: Connell, J.[Jonathan] Connell, J. Connell, J.[Joseph]

Connell, J.H.[Jonathan H.] Co Author Listing * email: Connell, J.H.[Jonathan H.]: jhc AT watson ibm com
* Absolute head pose estimation from overhead wide-angle cameras
* Analysis of Minutiae Matching Strength, An
* Biometric perils and patches
* Biometrics break-ins and band-aids
* Cancelable Biometrics: A Case Study in Fingerprints
* Cancelable iris biometric
* Comparative analysis of registration based and registration free methods for cancelable fingerprint biometrics
* Fingerprint image enhancement using weak models
* Generating and Generalizing Models of Visual Objects
* Generating Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Generating Registration-free Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Guide to Biometrics, The
* IBM Smart Surveillance System (S3): A Open and Extensible Framework for Event Based Surveillance
* Image Mosiacing for Rolled Fingerprint Construction
* Iris individuality: A partial iris model
* Learning Shape Descriptions
* Learning Shape Descriptions: Generating and Generalizing Models of Visual Objects
* Median Filter Based Iris Encoding Technique
* new approach for iris segmentation, A
* Secure Protocol for Data Hiding in Compressed Fingerprint Images, A
* Stereo vision system for counting items in a queue
* VeggieVision: A Produce Recognition System
Includes: Connell, J.H.[Jonathan H.] Connell, J.H.
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Connell, S.D.[Scott D.] Co Author Listing * Learning Prototypes for On-Line Handwritten Digits
* On-line signature verification
* Recognition of Unconstrained On-line Devanagari Characters
* Statistical Zone Finding
* Template-based online character recognition
* Writer Adaptation for Online Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Connell, S.D.[Scott D.] Connell, S.D.

Connelly, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * k-space sharing 3D GRASE pseudocontinuous ASL method for whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity, A
* MRtrix: Diffusion tractography in crossing fiber regions

Connelly, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Fast Parallel Method for Synthesis of Random Patterns, A
* Pyramid Algorithm for Fast Curve Extraction, A

Conners, R.W. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for the Analysis of Aerial Scenes, A
* Developing a Quantitative Model of Human Preattentive Vision
* Equal Probability Quantizing and Texture Analysis of Radiographic Images
* Identifying and Location Surface Defects in Wood: Part of an Automated Lumber Processing System
* Machine Vision Technology for the Forest Products Industry
* Object Detection Based on Gray Level Cooccurrence
* Prototype Vision System for Analyzing CT Imagery of Hardwood Logs, A
* Real-Time Algorithm for Color Sorting Edge-Glued Panel Parts, A
* Scene Analysis of High Resolution Aerial Scenes
* Segmentation of a High-Resolution Urban Scene Using Texture Operators
* Texture Operators in Segmentation
* Theoretical Comparison of Texture Algorithms, A
* Toward a Set of Statistical Features Which Measure Visually Perceivable Qualities of Textures
* Toward a Structural Textural Analyzer Based on Statistical Methods
* Use of Texture Operators in Image Segmentation
* Using Image Processing Methods to Improve the Explosive Detection Accuracy
Includes: Conners, R.W. Conners, R.W.[Richard W.]
16 for Conners, R.W.

Connette, G.[Grant] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Mining Extent and Expansion in Myanmar Based on Freely-Available Satellite Imagery
* Mapping Distinct Forest Types Improves Overall Forest Identification Based on Multi-Spectral Landsat Imagery for Myanmar's Tanintharyi Region

Connette, K.J.L.[Katherine J. LaJeunesse] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Mining Extent and Expansion in Myanmar Based on Freely-Available Satellite Imagery

Connie, A.T. Co Author Listing * Identification of AR parameters at a very low SNR using estimated spectral distribution in DCT domain

Connie, T.[Tee] Co Author Listing * automated palmprint recognition system, An
* contactless biometric system using multiple hand features, A
* Design and implementation of a contactless palm print and palm vein sensor
* Grassmannian Approach to Address View Change Problem in Gait Recognition, A
* innovative contactless palm print and knuckle print recognition system, An
* Secure Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Templates Using Random Triangle Hashing
* Touch-less palm print biometrics: Novel design and implementation
Includes: Connie, T.[Tee] Connie, T.
7 for Connie, T.

Connolly, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Role of Endocardial Trabeculations in Low-Energy Defibrillation, The

Connolly, A.J. Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Track Initiation Using Multiple Trees
* Spatial Data Structures for Efficient Trajectory-Based Queries

Connolly, C. Co Author Listing * Study of Efficiency and Accuracy in the Transformation from RGB to CIELAB Color Space, A

Connolly, C.I.[Christopher Ian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Connolly, C.I.[Christopher Ian]: connolly AT ai sri com
* 3-D Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Intensity Images
* Constructing Object Models from Multiple Images
* Construction of Polyhedral Models from Multiple Range Views
* Context-Based Vision
* Cumulative Generation of Octree Models from Range Data
* Determination of Next Best Views, The
* Geometer: A System for Modeling and Algebraic Manipulation
* Integrated Feasibility Demonstration for Automatic Population of Geospatial Databases, An
* Learning to Recognize Complex Actions Using Conditional Random Fields
* Matching from 3-D Range Models into 2-D Intensity Scenes
* Recovering Social Networks From Massive Track Datasets
* Site-Model Construction Component of the RADIUS Testbed System, The
* Using RADIUS Site Models without the RCDE
Includes: Connolly, C.I.[Christopher Ian] Connolly, C.I. Connolly, C.I.[Christopher I.]
15 for Connolly, C.I.

Connolly, I.[Iolani] Co Author Listing * Geometry Explorer: Facilitating Geometry Education with Virtual Reality

Connolly, J.F.[Jean Francois] Co Author Listing * Evolution of heterogeneous ensembles through dynamic particle swarm optimization for video-based face recognition
* On the correlation between genotype and classifier diversity
Includes: Connolly, J.F.[Jean Francois] Connolly, J.F.[Jean-François] Connolly, J.F.[Jean-Francois]

Connolly, T.J. Co Author Listing * Constrained regularization methods for superresolution
* Gradient Methods for Superresolution
* Recovery of limited-extent images aliased because of spectral undersampling
Includes: Connolly, T.J. Connolly, T.J.[T. John]

Connor, A.[Andy] Co Author Listing * Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) Measurements of Landfill Methane Emissions

Connor, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Contextual smoothing of image segmentation
* Global Characterization of CO2 Column Retrievals from Shortwave-Infrared Satellite Observations of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 Mission
* Long-wave infrared polarimetric cluster-based vehicle detection
* Recovering background regions in videos of cluttered urban scenes
Includes: Connor, B.[Barry] Connor, B.[Brian]

Connor, B.J.[Brian J.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network

Connor, D.J. Co Author Listing * Intraframe Coding for Picture Transmission
* Television Coding Using Two-Dimensional Spatial Prediction

Connor, J. Co Author Listing * On segmenting the three-dimensional scan data of a human body

Connor, K.R. Co Author Listing * Multiple View Layered Representation for Dynamic Novel View Synthesis, A
* Multiview Segmentation and Tracking of Dynamic Occluding Layers
* Novel View Specification and Synthesis
Includes: Connor, K.R. Connor, K.R.[Keith R.]

Connor, L.N. Co Author Listing * First Assessment of IceBridge Snow and Ice Thickness Data Over Arctic Sea Ice, A
* Validating ICESat Over Thick Sea Ice in the Northern Canada Basin

Connor, T.B.[Thomas B.] Co Author Listing * Recombinant adeno-associated virus targets passenger gene expression to cones in primate retina
Includes: Connor, T.B.[Thomas B.] Connor, Jr., T.B.[Thomas B.]

Conoci, S.[Sabrina] Co Author Listing * Bio-Inspired Feed-Forward System for Skin Lesion Analysis, Screening and Follow-Up

Conolly, S.M. Co Author Listing * Linearity and Shift Invariance for Quantitative Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Magnetic Particle Imaging With Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers
* Magnetostimulation Limits in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Medusa: A Scalable MR Console Using USB
* Multidimensional X-Space Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Narrowband Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Noise Performance of a Precision Pulsed Electromagnet Power Supply for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Projection Reconstruction Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Rapid Polarizing Field Cycling in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Relaxation in X-Space Magnetic Particle Imaging
* X-Space Formulation of the Magnetic Particle Imaging Process: 1-D Signal, Resolution, Bandwidth, SNR, SAR, and Magnetostimulation, The
11 for Conolly, S.M.

Conolly, S.T. Co Author Listing * Projection X-Space Magnetic Particle Imaging

Conomis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Conics-Based Homography Estimation from Invariant Points and Pole-Polar Relationships

Conoscenti, M. Co Author Listing * Constant SNR, Rate Control, and Entropy Coding for Predictive Lossy Hyperspectral Image Compression

Conotter, V. Co Author Listing * Bad teacher or unruly student: Can deep learning say something in Image Forensics analysis?
* Comparison of watermarking algorithms via a GA-based benchmarking tool
* Detecting photo manipulation on signs and billboards
* Forensic analysis of full-frame linearly filtered JPEG images
* GA-Based Robustness Evaluation Method for Digital Image Watermarking
* High capacity reversible data hiding based on histogram shifting and non-local means
* Near lossless reversible data hiding based on adaptive prediction
* Physiologically-based detection of computer generated faces in video
Includes: Conotter, V. Conotter, V.[Valentina]
8 for Conotter, V.

Conover, D. Co Author Listing * Flat panel detector-based cone-beam volume CT angiography imaging: system evaluation
* Image Denoising Based on Multiscale Singularity Detection for Cone Beam CT Breast Imaging

Conover, H. Co Author Listing * Introducing Provenance Capture into a Legacy Data System
* Provenance Capture and Use in a Satellite Data Processing Pipeline

Conrad Hansen, L.A.[Lars A.] Co Author Listing * Quantizing Calcification in the Lumbar Aorta on 2-D Lateral X-Ray Images
Includes: Conrad Hansen, L.A.[Lars A.] Conrad-Hansen, L.A.[Lars A.]

Conrad, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Settlement Expansion and Urban Growth Modelling Using Geoinformation for Assessing Potential Impacts of Urbanization on Climate in Abuja City, Nigeria
* Analysis of uncertainty in multi-temporal object-based classification
* Boosting segmentation results by contour relaxation
* Comparison of two Statistical Methods for the Derivation of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation for Cotton
* Cropping Intensity in the Aral Sea Basin and Its Dependency from the Runoff Formation 2000-2012
* Curvature oriented clustering of sparse motion vector fields
* Decision fusion and non-parametric classifiers for land use mapping using multi-temporal RapidEye data
* Identifying Changing Snow Cover Characteristics in Central Asia between 1986 and 2014 from Remote Sensing Data
* Impact of Categorical and Spatial Scale on Supervised Crop Classification using Remote Sensing
* Impact of feature selection on the accuracy and spatial uncertainty of per-field crop classification using Support Vector Machines
* Important Variables of a RapidEye Time Series for Modelling Biophysical Parameters of Winter Wheat
* Integration of Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery for Improving Crop Mapping in Northwestern Benin, West Africa
* Inverse Parametrization of a Regional Groundwater Flow Model with the Aid of Modelling and GIS: Test and Application of Different Approaches
* Learning geometrical transforms between multi camera views using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Learning multi-view correspondences from temporal coincidences
* Learning Multi-view Correspondences via Subspace-Based Temporal Coincidences
* Learning relative photometric differences of pairs of cameras
* Modelling Biophysical Parameters of Maize Using Landsat 8 Time Series
* Multi-Temporal Landsat Images and Ancillary Data for Land Use/Cover Change (LULCC) Detection in the Southwest of Burkina Faso, West Africa
* Multichannel Segmentation Using Contour Relaxation: Fast Super-Pixels and Temporal Propagation
* Multiscale Remote Sensing to Map the Spatial Distribution and Extent of Cropland in the Sudanian Savanna of West Africa
* Optimising Phenological Metrics Extraction for Different Crop Types in Germany Using the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS)
* Per-Field Irrigated Crop Classification in Arid Central Asia Using SPOT and ASTER Data
* Preserving Topology by a Digitization Process
* Reconstructing the Spatio-Temporal Development of Irrigation Systems in Uzbekistan Using Landsat Time Series
* Reducing camera vibrations and photometric changes in surveillance video
* Temporal Scheme for Fast Learning of Image-Patch Correspondences in Realistic Multi-camera Setups, A
* When Patches Match: A Statistical View on Matching under Illumination Variation
Includes: Conrad, C.[Christopher] Conrad, C.[Christian] Conrad, C.
28 for Conrad, C.

Conrad, E.U. Co Author Listing * Statistical Modeling Approach to the Analysis of Spatial Patterns of FDG-PET Uptake in Human Sarcoma, A

Conrad, G.L.[Gary L.] Co Author Listing * Video traffic monitor for retail establishments and the like

Conrad, K. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Optimal Solutions to Real-Time Path Planning for a Mobile Vehicle

Conrad, M.P.[Morgan P.] Co Author Listing * rapid, non-parametric clustering scheme for flow cytometric data, A

Conrad, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * Mapping Local Climate Zones for a Worldwide Database of the Form and Function of Cities

Conrad, P. Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of color based road detection using neural nets and support vector machines

Conrad, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Classifier Comparison for Repeating Motion Based Video Classification
* Design Review In A Distributed Collaborative Virtual Environment

Conradsen, K.[Knut] Co Author Listing * 2D vector-cycle deformable templates
* Automatic Segmentation of Abdominal Fat in MRI-Scans, Using Graph-Cuts and Image Derived Energies
* CFAR edge detector for polarimetric SAR images
* Change detection in a series of Sentinel-1 SAR data
* Change Detection in the 1996-1997 AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature Data
* Data Dependent Filters for Edge Enhancement of Landsat Images
* Determining the Points of Change in Time Series of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Initial Training Set Generation Scheme, An
* Multiple View Stereo by Reflectance Modeling
* Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data and the Complex Wishart Distribution
* Quantification of Brain Access of Exendin-4 in the C57BL Mouse Model by SPIM Fluorescence Imaging and the Allen Mouse Brain Reference Model
* Short-Term Change Detection in Wetlands Using Sentinel-1 Time Series
* test statistic in the complex Wishart distribution and its application to change detection in polarimetric SAR data, A
Includes: Conradsen, K.[Knut] Conradsen, K.
13 for Conradsen, K.

Conradt, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * embedded AER dynamic vision sensor for low-latency pole balancing, An

Conrady, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Testbed for Vision-Based Networked Control Systems, A

Conrard, B. Co Author Listing * Multilevel Modeling of the Traffic Dynamic

Conrath, J.[Juliette] Co Author Listing * Towards Improving the Accuracy of Sensorless Freehand 3D Ultrasound by Learning

Conroy, D.W.[Diana Wood] Co Author Listing * Geometric and Haptic Modelling of Textile Artefacts

Conroy, G.V. Co Author Listing * Interval Error Estimators in Class Probability Trees

Conroy, R.M.[Richard M.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the SoftKinetic DepthSense for Range Imaging

Conroy, T. Co Author Listing * Resolution Invariant Surfaces for Panoramic Vision Systems

Consales, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition from Single Perspective Views
* On The Perspective Projection Of 3-D Planar-Faced Junctions

Consoli, A. Co Author Listing * Redundant GNSS-INS Low-Cost UAV Navigation Solution for Professional Applications, A

Consorti, V. Co Author Listing * Detection and separation of symbols connected to graphics in line drawings
* Interpretation System for Land Register Maps, An
* Knowledge based search of character strings in line drawings

Constable, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic enhancement of landscape photographs as informed by paintings across depth layers
* Aesthetic Interactive Hue Manipulation for Natural Scene Images
* Artist-Led Suggestions towards an Approach in Content Aware 3D Non-photorealistic Rendering
* Atmospheric Perspective Effect Enhancement of Landscape Photographs Through Depth-Aware Contrast Manipulation
* Depth-based Analyses of Landscape Paintings and Photographs According to Itten's Contrasts
* Detecting the Presence of Stationary Objects from Sparse Stereo Disparity Space
* Example-based contrast enhancement for portrait photograph
* Linear Programming Based Method for Joint Object Region Matching and Labeling, A
* On the Transfer of Painting Style to Photographic Images through Attention to Colour Contrast
Includes: Constable, M.[Martin] Constable, M.
9 for Constable, M.

Constable, R.T. Co Author Listing * Accurate alignment of functional EPI data to anatomical MRI using a physics-based distortion model
* Dense Non-Rigid Motion Tracking from a Sequence of Velocity Fields
* Estimation of 3-d left ventricular deformation from medical images using biomechanical models
* Magnetic Resonance Driven Electrical Impedance Tomography: A Simulation Study
* Model-Based Integrated Approach to Track Myocardial Deformation Using Displacement and Velocity Constraints, A
* Point-tracked quantitative analysis of left ventricular surface motion from 3-D image sequences
* Recursive Filter for Phase Velocity Assisted Shape-Based Tracking of Cardiac Non-Rigid Motion, A
* Tracking myocardial deformation using phase contrast MR velocity fields: A Stochastic Approach
* Unified Framework to Assess Myocardial Function from 4D Images, A
* Volumetric Deformation Analysis Using Mechanics-Based Data Fusion: Applications in Cardiac Motion Recovery
Includes: Constable, R.T. Constable, R.T.[R. Todd]
10 for Constable, R.T.

Constans, J.M. Co Author Listing * Acquisition, segmentation and tracking of the cerebral vascular tree on 3D magnetic resonance angiography images
* Detection of Brain Activation from MRI Data by Likelihood-Ratio Test
* framework of fuzzy information fusion for the segmentation of brain tumor tissues on MR images, A
Includes: Constans, J.M. Constans, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Constant, P. Co Author Listing * LEW: learning by watching

Constant, T. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of defects on log surface from terrestrial lidar data

Constantikes, K.T.[Kim T.] Co Author Listing * Coherent correlation addition for increasing match information in scene matching navigation systems

Constantin, D. Co Author Listing * Correction Of Airborne Pushbroom Images Orientation Using Bundle Adjustment Of Frame Images
* Improved Algorithm for Estimating the ICA Model Concerning the Convergence Rate, An
* PCA Approach on Morphological Classification of Galaxies
* Version of the FastICA Algorithm Based on the Secant Method Combined with Simple Iterations Method, A
Includes: Constantin, D. Constantin, D.[Doru]

Constantindies, A.G. Co Author Listing * Scalable and Adaptive Temporal Segmentation Algorithm for Video Coding, A

Constantine, K.[Kotropoulos] Co Author Listing * Word Clustering Using PLSA Enhanced with Long Distance Bigrams

Constantinedes, A.G. Co Author Listing * Colour quantisation through dithering techniques

Constantinesco, A. Co Author Listing * Pinhole SPECT Imaging: Compact Projection/Backprojection Operator for Efficient Algebraic Reconstruction

Constantinescu, C.C. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Extraction of Transient Changes in Neurotransmitter Concentration From Dynamic PET Data

Constantinescu, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * Statistical Atlases for Electroanatomical Mapping of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Constantinescu, M.A.M. Co Author Listing * Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion From Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Constantinides, A. Co Author Listing * On the Intrinsic Relationship Between the Least Mean Square and Kalman Filters

Constantinides, A.G. Co Author Listing * 8x8-Block Based Motion Estimation Using Kalman Filter, An
* Audio-Visual Active Speaker Tracking in Cluttered Indoors Environments
* Blind source separation of instantaneous MIMO systems based on the least-squares Constant Modulus Algorithm
* Efficient Recursive Shortest Spanning Tree Algorithm Using Linking Properties, An
* Fast Recursive Shortest Spanning Tree for Image Segmentation and Edge-Detection, A
* Iterative determination of local bound constraints in iterative image restoration
* Object oriented motion and deformation estimation using composite segmentation
* Robust multi-body segmentation
8 for Constantinides, A.G.

Constantinides, C. Co Author Listing * Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences

Constantinides, G.A.[George A.] Co Author Listing * Custom parallel caching schemes for hardware-accelerated image compression
* Parallel Hardware Architecture for Scale and Rotation Invariant Feature Detection, A
* Scalable Precision Analysis Framework, A
* Special issue on Field-Programmable Technology
Includes: Constantinides, G.A.[George A.] Constantinides, G.A.

Constantinidis, A.S. Co Author Listing * new multi-expert decision combination algorithm and its application to the detection of circumscribed masses in digital mammograms, A

Constantinidis, F.[Fotios] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multi-resolution Analysis Patterns for Texture Classification of Breast Tumors Based on DCE-MRI

Constantinopoulos, C.[Constantinos] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feature and Model Selection for Gaussian Mixture Models
* Image Modeling and Segmentation Using Incremental Bayesian Mixture Models
* On Affine Invariant Descriptors Related to SIFT
Includes: Constantinopoulos, C.[Constantinos] Constantinopoulos, C.

Constantinou, C.E.[Christos E.] Co Author Listing * Imaging-Based Computation of the Dynamics of Pelvic Floor Deformation and Strain Visualization Analysis

Constantinou, V.[Vaso] Co Author Listing * Personal Tour of Cultural Heritage for Deaf Museum Visitors, A

Consularo, L.A.[Luis A.] Co Author Listing * Interactive image segmentation by matching attributed relational graphs
* Structural Image Segmentation with Interactive Model Generation
Includes: Consularo, L.A.[Luis A.] Consularo, L.A.[Luis Augusto]

Consylman, M. Co Author Listing * Social behavior analysis of Drosophila larvae via motion activity recognition

Cont, A.[Arshia] Co Author Listing * Coupled Duration-Focused Architecture for Real-Time Music-to-Score Alignment, A
* Information-Geometric Approach to Real-Time Audio Segmentation, An
Includes: Cont, A.[Arshia] Cont, A.

Contag, C.H. Co Author Listing * Using in Vivo Bioluminescence Imaging to Shed Light on Cancer Biology

Contan, C.[Cristian] Co Author Listing * Error-dependent step-size control of adaptive normalized least-mean-square filters used for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation

Contassot Vivier, S. Co Author Listing * Load-Balanced Algorithm for Parallel Digital Image Warping, A
Includes: Contassot Vivier, S. Contassot-Vivier, S.

Contato, W.A.[Welinton A.] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Noisy Images

Conte, A.[Annamaria] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Classification of Spot and Aster Data Complemented with Data Derived from Modis Vegetation Indices Time Series in a Mediterranean Test-Site
* Service design in electric vehicle sharing: evidence from Italy
Includes: Conte, A.[Annamaria] Conte, A.

Conte, D.[Donatello] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Detection of Partially Camouflaged People, An
* Counting Moving People in Videos by Salient Points Detection
* Counting moving persons in crowded scenes
* Document image quality assessment based on improved gradient magnitude similarity deviation
* Ensemble of Rejecting Classifiers for Anomaly Detection of Audio Events, An
* Evaluation and Improvements of a Real-Time Background Subtraction Method
* Graph matching applications in pattern recognition and image processing
* graph-based, multi-resolution algorithm for tracking objects in presence of occlusions, A
* Graph-Kernel Method for Re-identification, A
* Image quality assessment based on regions of interest
* Incremental Updating of 3D Topological Maps to Describe Videos
* Learning Graph Matching with a Graph-Based Perceptron in a Classification Context
* Local Branching Heuristic for the Graph Edit Distance Problem, A
* Method Based on the Indirect Approach for Counting People in Crowded Scenes, A
* Method for Counting People in Crowded Scenes, A
* Multi-View Appearance Model for people re-identification, A
* Nerve Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Median Gabor Binary Pattern
* Nerve Localization by Machine Learning Framework with New Feature Selection Algorithm
* Object Tracking Algorithm Combining Different Cost Functions, An
* On-line learning dynamic models for nerve detection in ultrasound videos
* People Re-identification by Graph Kernels Methods
* Performance Evaluation of a People Tracking System on PETS2009 Database
* Reflection Removal for People Detection in Video Surveillance Applications
* Reflection Removal in Color Videos
* Remove Noise in Video with 3D Topological Maps
* Removing Object Reflections in Videos by Global Optimization
* survey on image-based insect classification, A
* Tracking System with Re-identification Using a Graph Kernels Approach
* Tracking System with Re-identification Using a RGB String Kernel
* Ultrasound median nerve localization by classification based on despeckle filtering and feature selection
Includes: Conte, D.[Donatello] Conte, D. Conte, D.[Dajana]
30 for Conte, D.

Conte, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Adaptive Predictive Coding of Moving Images by Block Segmentaiton

Conte, F. Co Author Listing * Experimental validation of a linear model for data reduction in chirp-pulse microwave CT
* Kalman Filter Approach for Denoising and Deblurring 3-D Microscopy Images, A

Conte, G.[Gianni] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vehicle Guidance: The Experinces of the ARGO Autonomous Vehicle
* Evaluation of a Light-weight Lidar and a Photogrammetric System for Unmanned Airborne Mapping Applications
* PAPRICA-3: a real-time morphological image processor
* Performance Evaluation of a Light-Weight Multi-Echo LIDAR for Unmanned Rotorcraft Applications
* Real-Time Inspection by Submarine Images
Includes: Conte, G.[Gianni] Conte, G.[Gianpaolo] Conte, G.

Conte, M.M.[Mary M.] Co Author Listing * Local image statistics: Maximum-entropy constructions and perceptual salience

Conte, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Aerial Thermography for Energetic Modelling of Cities
* Integration of Aerial Thermal Imagery, LiDAR Data and Ground Surveys for Surface Temperature Mapping in Urban Environments

Conte, R. Co Author Listing * Class of Cloud Detection Algorithms Based on a MAP-MRF Approach in Space and Time, A

Contensin, M. Co Author Listing * Redistributing Light

Content, R. Co Author Listing * New Microslice Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging

Contente, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Low-Cost System to Detect Bunches of Grapes in Natural Environment from Color Images, A

Conter, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Bubble Tag Identification Using an Invariant-Under-Perspective Signature

Contero, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Proposal for the Selection of Eye-Tracking Metrics for the Implementation of Adaptive Gameplay in Virtual Reality Based Games, A

Conti, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Survey of the Early-Middle Bronze Age Workshop Complex and Cemetery Area at Erimi-Laonin Tou Porakou
* Florence Baptistery: 3-d Survey As A Knowledge Tool For Historical And Structural Investigations, The
* High-Accuracy Localization for Assisted Living: 5G systems will turn multipath channels from foe to friend

Conti, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Acquisition, processing and coding of 3D holoscopic content for immersive video systems
* HEVC-based 3D holoscopic video coding using self-similarity compensated prediction
* Inter-Layer Prediction Scheme for Scalable 3-D Holoscopic Video Coding
* Light field image coding with jointly estimated self-similarity bi-prediction
* Light-field video coding using geometry-based disparity compensation
* New HEVC prediction modes for 3D holoscopic video coding
* Semi-automatic spline fitting of planar curvilinear profiles in digital images using the Hough transform
* Spatial prediction based on self-similarity compensation for 3D holoscopic image and video coding
Includes: Conti, C.[Caroline] Conti, C.[Costanza]
8 for Conti, C.

Conti, D.K. Co Author Listing * Matching of Natural Terrain Scenes

Conti, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Visual Context Classification on a Low-Power Smartwatch
* Brain-Inspired Classroom Occupancy Monitoring on a Low-Power Mobile Platform

Conti, G. Co Author Listing * 3D WebGIS and Visualization Issues for Architectures and Large Sites
* GeoSpatial Visual Analytics
Includes: Conti, G. Conti, G.[Giuseppe]

Conti, J.C.[Jose C.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Time Series Distance Functions in the Task of Detecting Remote Phenology Patterns

Conti, K. Co Author Listing * Wearable Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired with Door Knob Detection and Real-Time Feedback for Hand-to-Handle Manipulation, A

Conti, M. Co Author Listing * Bandwidth Allocation for the Transmission of Scalable MPEG Video Traffic with Deterministic Guarantees
* Experimental Comparison of Lesion Detectability for Four Fully-3D PET Reconstruction Schemes
* Fast and Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication
* Integrating Multiple Spatial Datasets to Assess Protected Areas: Lessons Learnt from the Digital Observatory for Protected Area (DOPA)
* Simultaneous Reconstruction of Activity and Attenuation in Time-of-Flight PET
Includes: Conti, M. Conti, M.[Michele]

Conti, P.S. Co Author Listing * Controlling Familywise Error Rate for Matched Subspace Detection in Dynamic FDG PET
* Lesion Detection in Dynamic FDG-PET Using Matched Subspace Detection
* Patlak Image Estimation From Dual Time-Point List-Mode PET Data
* Sparsity Constrained Mixture Modeling for the Estimation of Kinetic Parameters in Dynamic PET

Conti, V. Co Author Listing * Frequency-based Approach for Features Fusion in Fingerprint and Iris Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems, A

Contiero, R. Co Author Listing * H.264/AVC Video Coder Based on a Multiple Description Scalar Quantizer, An

Contigiani, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Robust and affordable retail customer profiling by vision and radio beacon sensor fusion
* Shopper Analytics: A Customer Activity Recognition System Using a Distributed RGB-D Camera Network

Contin, L. Co Author Listing * CCITT compatible coding algorithm for digital recording of moving images, A
* Inertial BSN-Based Characterization and Automatic UPDRS Evaluation of the Gait Task of Parkinsonians
* Subjective evaluation of MPEG-4 video codec proposals: Methodological approach and test procedures
* Tests on MPEG-4 audio codec proposals

Continenza, R. Co Author Listing * Architectural Information System SIArch3D-Univaq for Analysis and Preservation of Architectural Heritage, The

Contini, C.L.[Casey Leonard] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-stage infrared image-based tracking system

Contino, G. Co Author Listing * geospatial time-aware web interface to deliver information about air pollution and exposure in a big city and its surroundings, A

Contozis, C. Co Author Listing * 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening

Contreras Cruz, M.A.[Marco A.] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Evolutionary Programming for Combinational Logic Circuits Design
Includes: Contreras Cruz, M.A.[Marco A.] Contreras-Cruz, M.A.[Marco A.]

Contreras, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Contribution of NLP to the Content Indexing of Multimedia Documents

Contreras, M.[Meliza] Co Author Listing * Efficient Counting of the Number of Independent Sets on Polygonal Trees

Contreras, M.A.[Marco A.] Co Author Listing * Vertical stratification of forest canopy for segmentation of understory trees within small-footprint airborne LiDAR point clouds

Contreras, P. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visual User Interfaces: A Survey

Contreras, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Network Modeling-Based Approach for Traffic Observability Problem, A
* Feedback-Coordinated Ramp Control of Consecutive On-Ramps Using Distributed Modeling and Godunov-Based Satisfiable Allocation
* Hydrological Modelling using Satellite-Based Crop Coefficients: A Comparison of Methods at the Basin Scale
* Observability and Sensor Placement Problem on Highway Segments: A Traffic Dynamics-Based Approach
Includes: Contreras, S. Contreras, S.[Sergio]

Conversi, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Automated Gelatinous Zooplankton Acquisition and Recognition

Conversy, S. Co Author Listing * 3D visualization to mitigate weather hazards in the flight deck: Findings from a user study

Convertino, G. Co Author Listing * Neural Network for Egomotion Estimation from Optical Flow, A
* Optic Flow Estimation by a Hopfield Neural-Network Using Geometrical Constraints

Conway, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Encoding Video Narration as Text

Conway, J. Co Author Listing * Tiling with polyominoes and combinatorial group theory

Conway, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamical system representation, generation, and recognition of basic oscillatory motion gestures
* Video Mirroring and Iconic Gestures: Enhancing Basic Videophones to Provide Visual Coaching and Visual Control

Conway, M.D. Co Author Listing * Evolution to Modern Phased Array Architectures, The

Conway, T. Co Author Listing * On the Effects of a Routing and Reservation System on the Electric Vehicle Public Charging Network

Conyers, L.B.[Lawrence B.] Co Author Listing * Ground-Penetrating Radar Mapping Using Multiple Processing and Interpretation Methods

Conze, P.H.[Pierre Henri] Co Author Listing * Dense motion estimation between distant frames: Combinatorial multi-step integration and statistical selection
* From optical flow to dense long term correspondences
* Multi-reference combinatorial strategy towards longer long-term dense motion estimation
* Multi-step flow fusion: Towards accurate and dense correspondences in long video shots
* Robust Optical Flow Integration
* Semi-automatic Liver Tumor Segmentation in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CT Scans Using Random Forests and Supervoxels
Includes: Conze, P.H.[Pierre Henri] Conze, P.H.[Pierre-Henri]

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