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Coca, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * Coastal Altimetry Products in the Strait of Gibraltar
* Detection and Characterization of Ship Targets Using CryoSat-2 Altimeter Waveforms

Cocchia, F. Co Author Listing * Design and Real-Time Implementation of A 3-D Rational Filter for Edge-Preserving Smoothing

Cocchieri, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Planning of Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

Cocci, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * Cortical-Inspired Geometry for Contour Perception and Motion Integration, A

Cocco, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technologies for the Built Heritage Management: Experiences in Sardinia, Italy

Cochard, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Building worlds with strokes

Coche, E. Co Author Listing * Model-Guided Segmentation of Opacified Thorax Vessels

Cochener, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Nonseparable Wavelet Transform via Lifting and its Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Case Retrieval in Medical Databases by Fusing Heterogeneous Information
* Fast Wavelet-Based Image Characterization for Highly Adaptive Image Retrieval
* Optimal Wavelet Transform for the Detection of Microaneurysms in Retina Photographs
* Real-Time Segmentation and Recognition of Surgical Tasks in Cataract Surgery Videos
* Real-Time Task Recognition in Cataract Surgery Videos Using Adaptive Spatiotemporal Polynomials
* Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
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Cochet, A. Co Author Listing * mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences

Cochet, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Confidence-Based Training for Clinical Data Uncertainty in Image-Based Prediction of Cardiac Ablation Targets
* Prediction of Post-Ablation Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression
* VT Scan: Towards an Efficient Pipeline from Computed Tomography Images to Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation

Cochlin, L.E. Co Author Listing * Functional Imaging of Tendon

Cochoff, S.M. Co Author Listing * Likelihood maximization approach to image registration

Cochran, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * Efficient Deterministic Compressed Sensing for Images with Chirps and Reed-Muller Codes
* Phase and magnitude in normalized images
Includes: Cochran, D.[Douglas] Cochran, D.

Cochran, S. Co Author Listing * Development of a Mechanical Scanning Device With High-Frequency Ultrasound Transducer for Ultrasonic Capsule Endoscopy

Cochran, S.D.[Steven D.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Cochran, S.D.[Steven D.]: sdc AT cs cmu edu
* 3-D Surface Description from Binocular Stereo
* Accurate Surface Description for Binocular Stereo
* Adaptive Vergence for the Stereo Matching of Oblique Imagery
* Automated Cartographic Feature Attribution Using Panchromatic and Hyperspectral Imagery
* Automatic Cartographic Feature Extraction Using Photogrammetric Principles
* Correcting Matches and Inferring Surface Patches in Passive Stereo
* Fusion of HYDICE Hyperspectral Data with Panchromatic Imagery for Cartographic Feature Extraction
* Implementation of a Multiresolution Surface Reconstruction Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation for Automatic Feature Extraction
* Research in Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Research in Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1994-1995
* Research in Image Understanding and Automated Cartography: 1997-1998
* Research in the Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1993-1994
* Research in the Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1994-1995
* Research in the Automated Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1995-1996
* Steps Toward Accurate Stereo Correspondence
* Surface Description from Binocular Stereo
Includes: Cochran, S.D.[Steven D.] Cochran, S.D. Cochran, S.D.[Steven Douglas]
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Cochrane, C.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Classification Scheme in Raman Spectroscopy for the Identification of Mineral Mixtures Using a Large Database With Correlated Predictors, A

Cochrane, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Decade Long, Multi-Scale Map Comparison of Fire Regime Parameters Derived from Three Publically Available Satellite-Based Fire Products: A Case Study in the Central African Republic, A
* Evaluation of Landsat-Based METRIC Modeling to Provide High-Spatial Resolution Evapotranspiration Estimates for Amazonian Forests
* Ten-Year Landsat Classification of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Brazilian Amazon

Cocimano, F. Co Author Listing * queueing system model for the design of feedback laws in rate-controlled MPEG video encoders, A

Cockburn, J.C. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a modular real-time feature-based architecture applied to visual face tracking

Cockcroft, S.[Sophie] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a Repository for the Management of Spatial Data Integrity Constraints, The
* Taxonomy of Spatial Data Integrity Constraints, A

Cocke, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Assessment of Forest Disturbance across Complex Mountainous Terrain: The Pattern and Severity of Impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi on Australian Rainforests

Cockings, S.[Samantha] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Seasonal Population Fluctuation on Regional Flood Risk Management

Cocklin, M.L. Co Author Listing * Digital Processing of Chest Radiographs

Cockrell, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Bone segmentation and 3D visualization of CT images for traumatic pelvic injuries
* Texture Analysis of Brain CT Scans for ICP Prediction

Cockroft, G.[Greg] Co Author Listing * NeXTstep: Putting JPEG to Multiple Uses

Cockrum, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Security identification system

Cockshott, P. Co Author Listing * 3D performance capture for facial animation
* Algorithm for hierarchical vector quantisation of video data
* Guided filtering based pyramidical stereo matching for unrectified images

Cockshott, W.P.[W. Paul] Co Author Listing * Constructing dense correspondences for the analysis of 3D facial morphology
* Constructing dense correspondences to analyze 3D facial change
* Experimental 3-D digital TV studio
* Image Enhancement Using Vector Quantisation Based Interpolation
* Pre-commercial 3D digital TV studio
* Stroboscopic stereo rangefinder
Includes: Cockshott, W.P.[W. Paul] Cockshott, W.P.

Cockx, K. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Land-Use Mapping Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Based Calibration of Land-Use Change Models

Coco, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * study on different experimental configurations for age, race, and gender estimation problems, A

Coco, M.D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Emotion Recognition in Robot-Children Interaction for ASD Treatment
* Computer Vision Based Approach for Understanding Emotional Involvements in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, A

Cococcioni, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Estimating the concentration of optically active constituents of sea water by Takagi-Sugeno models with quadratic rule consequents

Cocorullo, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Census Transform: A novel hardware-oriented stereovision algorithm
* Low Bit Rate Image Compression Core for Onboard Space Applications
Includes: Cocorullo, G.[Giuseppe] Cocorullo, G.

Cocosco, C.A. Co Author Listing * Radial Imaging With Multipolar Magnetic Encoding Fields

Cocozza Thivent, C.[Christiane] Co Author Listing * Estimation in Pickard Random Fields and Application to Image Processing
Includes: Cocozza Thivent, C.[Christiane] Cocozza-Thivent, C.[Christiane]

Cocozza, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Integration of Ground and Multi-Resolution Satellite Data for Predicting the Water Balance of a Mediterranean Two-Layer Agro-Ecosystem

Cocozza, S. Co Author Listing * MAVEN: An Algorithm for Multi-Parametric Automated Segmentation of Brain Veins From Gradient Echo Acquisitions

Cocquempot, V. Co Author Listing * Optimal Fault-Tolerant Path-Tracking Control for 4WS4WD Electric Vehicles

Cocquerez, J.P. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Description of Scenes Observed in Aerial-Photography
* 3D Edge Detection by Separable Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing
* Accurate Building Structure Recovery from High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Automatic Extraction and Modelling of Urban Buildings from High Resolution Aerial Images
* Automatic Facial Feature Extraction and Facial Expression Recognition
* Automatic regions of interest identification and classification in CT images: Application to kidney cysts
* Building Detection and Reconstruction from Mid- and High-resolution Aerial Imagery
* Driving Hierarchy Construction via Supervised Learning: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database
* efficient method to build early image description, An
* Feature selection for semi supervised learning applied to image retrieval
* Feature selection in robust clustering based on Laplace mixture
* hierarchy of the cocoons of a graph and its application to image segmentation, The
* Image Analysis: Segmentation Operator Cooperation Led by the Interpretation
* Image Retrieval Using Mixture Models and EM Algorithm
* model of the visual attention to speed up image analysis, A
* Non-Linear Filtering for Chaincoded Contours
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* region-region and region-edge cooperative approach of image segmentation, A
* Scale-Sets Image Analysis
* Simultaneous Inpainting and Motion Estimation of Highly Degraded Video-Sequences
* Statistical Approach for Automatic Kidneys Detection, A
* Supervised Learning for Guiding Hierarchy Construction: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database
Includes: Cocquerez, J.P. Cocquerez, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Cocquerez, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]
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Cocquerez, J.R. Co Author Listing * Precision of Camera Calibration and Stereovision Performed by Standard Cameras and Image Digitizer

Cocron, P. Co Author Listing * Eco-driving strategies in battery electric vehicle use- how do drivers adapt over time?
* Methods of evaluating electric vehicles from a user's perspective: The MINI E field trial in Berlin

Cocurullo, F. Co Author Listing * Better codebooks and faster convergence in VQ design
* fast algorithm for high quality vector quantization codebook design, A
* Frame adaptive segmentation for model-based videophone coding
Includes: Cocurullo, F. Cocurullo, F.[Fabio]

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