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Csillag, F.[Ferenc] Co Author Listing * From pyramids to quadtrees: Approximation of heterogeneous surfaces by fixing complexity

Csillag, P. Co Author Listing * Iterative Motion-Based Segmentation for Object-Based Video Coding
* New Methods to Improve the Accuracy of the Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
Includes: Csillag, P. Csillag, P.[Peter]

Csillaghy, A. Co Author Listing * Building image icons for fast browsing and classification of solar radio spectrograms

Csillik, O. Co Author Listing * Automated parameterisation for multi-scale image segmentation on multiple layers
* Fast Segmentation and Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Data Using SLIC Superpixels
Includes: Csillik, O. Csillik, O.[Ovidiu]

Csink, L. Co Author Listing * Color cluster rotation

Csirik, J. Co Author Listing * Formal Methods in 2-Dimensional Shape-Analysis
* Inference of edit costs using parametric string matching
* Longest k-distance substrings of two strings
* Online Signature Verification Method Based on the Acceleration Signals of Handwriting Samples
* Parametric string edit distance and its application to pattern recognition
Includes: Csirik, J. Csirik, J.[JŠnos]

Csiszar, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * variational approach to vesicle membrane reconstruction from fluorescence imaging, A

Csiszar, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR Land Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record and Its Application to Wheat Yield Monitoring, A

Csiszar, I.A. Co Author Listing * Validation of Active Fire Detection From Moderate-Resolution Satellite Sensors: The MODIS Example in Northern Eurasia

Csiszer, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for automatic extraction of fingerprint cores and tri-radii

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