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Dal'Aqua, L.P. Co Author Listing * evaluation of stereo matching methods for view interpolation, An

Dal'Asta, A. Co Author Listing * Identifying Spatial Units of Human Occupation in the Brazilian Amazon Using Landsat and CBERS Multi-Resolution Imagery

Dal Corso, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Interactive directional subsurface scattering and transport of emergent light

Dal Degan, N. Co Author Listing * Still images retrieval from a remote database: The system Imagine

Dal Maso, G. Co Author Listing * variational method in image segmentation: Existence and approximation results, A

Dal Mutto, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Time-of-Flight Cameras and Microsoft Kinect™

dal Piaz, E.C. Co Author Listing * Novel Skeleton Based Quantification and 3-D Volumetric Visualization of Left Atrium Fibrosis Using Late Gadolinium Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A

Dal Poz, A.P.[Aluir Porfirio] Co Author Listing * Active Testing and Edge Analysis for Road Centreline Extraction
* Dynamic Programming Approach for Semi-Automated Road Extraction from Medium- and High-Resolution Images
* Extraction of Building Roof Contours From LiDAR Data Using a Markov-Random-Field-Based Approach
* Extraction of simple road crossing
* Height Gradient Approach for Occlusion Detection in UAV Imagery
* Line Based Orientation of Aerial Images
* Road Region Detection in Urban Areas Combining High-Resolution RGB Image and Laser Scanning Data in a Classification Framework
* Synergy Between LiDAR and Image Data in Context of Building Extraction
Includes: Dal Poz, A.P.[Aluir Porfirio] Dal Poz, A.P.[Aluir Porfírio] Dal Poz, A.P.
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Dal Sasso Freitas, C.[Carla] Co Author Listing * SIBGRAPI 25th: Advances in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision

Dal Sasso Freitas, C.M.[Carla Maria] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Voronoi diagram of complex sites

Dalai, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Efficient Digital Pre-filtering for Least-Squares Linear Approximation
* L-inf Norm Based Second Generation Image Coding
* Overlay optimization for Peer-to-Peer scalable video streaming

Dalakleidi, K.[Kalliopi] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multi-resolution Analysis Patterns for Texture Classification of Breast Tumors Based on DCE-MRI

Dalal, N. Co Author Listing * From video sequences to motion panoramas
* Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection
* Human Detection Using Oriented Histograms of Flow and Appearance
* Image interpolation for virtual sports scenarios
* Indexing key positions between multiple videos
* INRIA Person Dataset
* Motion Panoramas
* Robust Algorithm for Characterizing Anisotropic Local Structures, A
Includes: Dalal, N. Dalal, N.[Navneet]
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Dalal, P.[Pahal] Co Author Listing * 3D Open-surface Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Modeling: Identifying Topologically Consistent Landmarks
* Evaluating Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Analysis: A Benchmark Study
* Fast 3D Correspondence Method for Statistical Shape Modeling, A
* Shape and image retrieval by organizing instances using population cues
Includes: Dalal, P.[Pahal] Dalal, P.

Dalal, S. Co Author Listing * Helical CT of Von Hippel-Lindau: Semi-automated Segmentation of Renal Lesions
* Video Color Enhancement Using Neural Networks

Dalalyan, A.S.[Arnak S.] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Loops in the Graph of Trifocal Tensors for Calibrating a Network of Cameras
* global camera network calibration method with Linear Programming, A
* Image denoising with patch based PCA: local versus global
* On Camera Calibration with Linear Programming and Loop Constraint Linearization
* Robust Estimation for an Inverse Problem Arising in Multiview Geometry
* Sparse learning approach to the problem of robust estimation of camera locations
* Towards Optimal Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
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Dalan, R.[Rinita] Co Author Listing * Cutbank Geophysics: A New Method for Expanding Magnetic Investigations to the Subsurface Using Magnetic Susceptibility Testing at an Awatixa Hidatsa Village, North Dakota

Dalbah, Y.[Yosef] Co Author Listing * Detection of dynamic objects for environment mapping by time-of-flight cameras

Dalca, A. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Modeling of Imaging, Genetics and Diagnosis

Daldegan, G.A.[Gabriel Antunes] Co Author Listing * Spatial Patterns of Fire Recurrence Using Remote Sensing and GIS in the Brazilian Savanna: Serra do Tombador Nature Reserve, Brazil

Daldoss, M. Co Author Listing * Learning and matching human activities using regular expressions

Dale Jones, R. Co Author Listing * Four Algorithms for Enhancing Images with Large Peaks in Their Histogram
* study and modification of the local histogram equalization algorithm, A
Includes: Dale Jones, R. Dale-Jones, R.

Dale, A.M. Co Author Listing * Automated manifold surgery: constructing geometrically accurate and topologically correct models of the human cerebral cortex

Dale, B. Co Author Listing * rapid look-up table method for reconstructing MR images from arbitrary K-space trajectories, A

Dale, C. Co Author Listing * Understanding the Characteristics of Internet Short Video Sharing: A YouTube-Based Measurement Study

Dale, J.L.[Jason L.] Co Author Listing * Inverse perspective mapping and optic flow: A calibration method and a quantitative analysis
* Performance of three recursive algorithms for fast space-variant Gaussian filtering

Dale, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * CG2Real: Improving the Realism of Computer Generated Images using a Large Collection of Photographs
* Image restoration using online photo collections
* Multi-video browsing and summarization

Dale, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Cluster Validity Indices (CVIs) on Multi/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Datasets

Dale, P.E.R. Co Author Listing * Using Image Subtraction and Classification to Evaluate Change in Subtropical Intertidal Wetlands

Dale, R. Co Author Listing * model for detecting and merging vertically spanned table cells in plain text documents, A

Daleno, D. Co Author Listing * Computing the 3D face recognition based on pseudo 2D Hidden Markov Models using geodesic distances

Dalessandro, P. Co Author Listing * Video coding scheme using DCT-pyramid vector quantization

Daley, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of ADHD and ASD from Expressive Behaviour in RGBD Data

Daley, W.[Wayne] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Multisensory Image Segmentation Algorithm with an Application to Visual and X-Ray Inspection, A
* Visual tracking and segmentation using Time-of-Flight sensor

Dalfini, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic road extraction from aerial images by probabilistic contour tracking

Dalgaard, N.[Nahuel] Co Author Listing * On the role of differentiation for resampling detection

Dalglish, R.L.[Robert L.] Co Author Listing * Robot vision and optical location systems

Dalhaus, R.N.[Rob N.] Co Author Listing * tritan Waldo would be easier to detect in the periphery than a red/green one: evidence from visual search, A

Dalhoum, A.L.A.[Abdel Latif Abu] Co Author Listing * Digital Image Scrambling Using 2D Cellular Automata

Dali, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating NDVI Data Continuity Between SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V Missions for Operational Yield Forecasting in North African Countries

Daliakopoulos, I.N.[Ioannis N.] Co Author Listing * Tree Crown Detection on Multispectral VHR Satellite Imagery

Dalibard, S. Co Author Listing * Localizing a mobile robot with intrinsic noise

Daliri, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Classification of silhouettes using contour fragments
* Invariant texture classification using a spatial filter bank in multi-resolution analysis
* Pose invariant face recognition using biological inspired features based on ensemble of classifiers
* Retraction Note: Pose invariant face recognition using biological inspired features based on ensemble of classifiers
* Robust symbolic representation for shape recognition and retrieval
* Shape and texture clustering: Best estimate for the clusters number
* Shape Categorization Using String Kernels
* Shape recognition based on Kernel-edit distance
* Unsupervised Custering of Shapes
* Vision System for Recognizing Objects in Complex Real Images, A
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Dalitz, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * email: Dalitz, C.[Christoph]: christoph dalitz AT hs-niederrhein de
* Comparative Study of Staff Removal Algorithms, A
* German Lute Tablature Recognition
* Iterative Hough Transform for Line Detection in 3D Point Clouds
* Optical recognition of psaltic Byzantine chant notation
* Staff Line Removal Toolkit for Gamera

Dalitz, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Compressed Motion Sensing

Daliyot, S.[Shahar] Co Author Listing * Framework for Inter-camera Association of Multi-target Trajectories by Invariant Target Models, A

Dalke, A. Co Author Listing * Speech/Gesture Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists

Dall'Amico, J.T. Co Author Listing * Improving River Flood Extent Delineation From Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Airborne Laser Altimetry

Dall'Asta, E. Co Author Listing * comparison of semiglobal and local dense matching algorithms for surface reconstruction, A
* Integrated Survey For Architectural Restoration: A Methodological Comparison Of Two Case Studies
* Photogrammetric Techniques For Promotion Of Archaeological Heritage: The Archaeological Museum Of Parma (italy)
* Testing Accuracy and Repeatability of UAV Blocks Oriented with GNSS-Supported Aerial Triangulation
* Unmanned Aerial Systems and DSM matching for rock glacier monitoring
* Use of UAS in a High Mountain Landscape: The Case of Gran Sommetta Rock Glacier (AO)
Includes: Dall'Asta, E. Dall'Asta, E.[Elisa]

Dall, J. Co Author Listing * Direction-of-Arrival Analysis of Airborne Ice Depth Sounder Data
* Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Radar Ice Sounding Surface Clutter Suppression
* InSAR Elevation Bias Caused by Penetration Into Uniform Volumes
* Single and Multipolarimetric P-Band SAR Tomography of Subsurface Ice Structure

Dalla Chiara, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Macro-analysis of the evolution of motorised mobility and relationships with the development of motionless communication systems
* Wireless sensor networks for traffic management and road safety
Includes: Dalla Chiara, B.[Bruno] Dalla Chiara, B.

Dalla Mura, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Attribute Profiles from Partitioning Trees
* Automatic Feature Learning for Spatio-Spectral Image Classification With Sparse SVM
* Evaluation of ICA-Based ICTD for PolSAR Data Analysis Using a Sliding Window Approach: Convergence Rate, Gaussian Sources, and Spatial Correlation
* Evaluation of the New Information in the H/alpha Feature Space Provided by ICA in PolSAR Data Analysis
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Morphological Operators
* GAS plume detection in hyperspectral video sequence using low rank representation
* Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Using a New Spectral Mixture-Based Binary Partition Tree Representation
* Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Using a New Spectral Unmixing-Based Binary Partition Tree Representation
* Learning to Semantically Segment High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Morphological Attribute Profiles With Partial Reconstruction
* Multimorphological Superpixel Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multiple Morphological Component Analysis Based Decomposition for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Novel Technique for Optimal Feature Selection in Attribute Profiles Based on Genetic Algorithms, A
* Object Tracking by Hierarchical Decomposition of Hyperspectral Video Sequences: Application to Chemical Gas Plume Tracking
* Random Subspace Ensembles for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Extended Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Segmentation of Multimodal Images Based on Hierarchies of Partitions
* Simultaneous extraction of roads and buildings in remote sensing imagery with convolutional neural networks
* Spherical Symmetry of Complex Stochastic Models in Multivariate High-Resolution PolSAR Images
* Survey on Spectral-Spatial Classification Techniques Based on Attribute Profiles, A
* Vector Attribute Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Dalla Mura, M.[Mauro] Dalla Mura, M. Dalla-Mura, M.[Mauro]
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Dallago, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Solarweb: A solar cadaster in the Italian Alpine landscape

Dallaire, S. Co Author Listing * Low Level Segmentation Using CMOS Smart Hexagonal Image Sensor
* Mixed-Signal VLSI Architecture for Real Time Computer Vision

Dallalzadeh, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * Symbolic representation and classification of medical X-ray images

Dallas, C.[Costis] Co Author Listing * From Europeana Cloud to Europeana Research: The Challenges of a Community-Driven Platform Exploiting Europeana Content

Dalle Mese, E. Co Author Listing * Lossless and Sufficient Psi-Invariant Decomposition of Random Reciprocal Target
* Point Target Classification via Fast Lossless and Sufficient Omega-Psi-Phi Invariant Decomposition of High-Resolution and Fully Polarimetric SAR/ISAR Data

Dalle, P.[Patrice] Co Author Listing * Body Posture Estimation in Sign Language Videos
* Image processing chain construction by interactive goal specification
* Occluded Facial Expression Tracking
* Robust Tracking for Processing of Videos of Communication's Gestures
* Toward an Efficient and Accurate AAM Fitting on Appearance Varying Faces
* Tracking 3D Coplanar Points in the Invariant Perspective Coordinates Plane
* Using Signing Space as a Representation for Sign Language Processing
Includes: Dalle, P.[Patrice] Dalle, P.
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Dallet, D. Co Author Listing * Hardware implementation of a soft cancellation decoder for polar codes
* Mathematical modeling of clean and noisy ECG signals in a level-crossing sampling context

Dalley, D. Co Author Listing * Estimation of pasture biomass using dual-polarisation radar imagery: A preliminary study

Dalley, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction for Temporally Irregular Dynamic Textures
* Inference of Non-Overlapping Camera Network Topology by Measuring Statistical Dependence
* Learning pedestrian models for silhouette refinement
* Pair-Wise Range Image Registration: A Study in Outlier Classification
* Range image registration: A software platform and empirical evaluation
* Single-frame text super-resolution: a bayesian approach
Includes: Dalley, G.[Gerald] Dalley, G.

Dallongeville, S. Co Author Listing * Tracking multiple articulated objects using physics engines: Improvement using multi scale decomposition and quadtrees

Dally, W.J. Co Author Listing * Exploring the Granularity of Sparsity in Convolutional Neural Networks

Dalm, G.[Govert] Co Author Listing * Image processing method and device for constructing an image from adjacent images

Dalmasso, A. Co Author Listing * Study on Mental Representations for Realistic Visualization the Particular Case of Ski Trail Mapping, A

Dalmasso, P. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical 3D surface reconstruction based on radial basis functions

Dalmau Cedeno, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Computing the ¿-Channel with Probabilistic Segmentation for Image Colorization
* Modeling Dependencies in Supervised Classification
* Projection Method for Optimization Problems on the Stiefel Manifold, A
Includes: Dalmau Cedeno, O.[Oscar] Dalmau-Cedeno, O.[Oscar] Dalmau-Cedeño, O.[Oscar]

Dalmau, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * General Bayesian Markov Random Field Model for Probabilistic Image Segmentation, A
* Image segmentation by convex quadratic programming
* On the computation of integrals over fixed-size rectangles of arbitrary dimension
* Tree Species Classification Based on 3D Bark Texture Analysis
* Variational Viewpoint of the Quadratic Markov Measure Field Models: Theory and Algorithms

Dalmayne, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Airborne Hyperspectral Data Predict Fine-Scale Plant Species Diversity in Grazed Dry Grasslands
* Classification of Grassland Successional Stages Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery

Dalmia, A.K. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of 3D Structure of Selectable Quality from Image Streams
* Depth Extraction Using a Single Moving Camera: An Integration of Depth from Motion and Depth from Stereo
* Depth Extraction Using Lateral or Axial Camera Motion: An Integration of Depth from Motion and Stereo
* High-Speed Extraction of 3D Structure of Selectable Quality Using a Translating Camera
* On Integrating Depth from Motion and Stereo Approaches
* Target Ranging Using Passive Sensing Approaches
Includes: Dalmia, A.K. Dalmia, A.K.[Arun K.]

Dalmia, H.[Harshit] Co Author Listing * Identification of Distinct Blood Vessels in Retinal Fundus Images

Dalmia, N.[Nandita] Co Author Listing * novel technique for misalignment parameter estimation in double compressed JPEG images, A

Daloze, J.F. Co Author Listing * Dual-Polarization Measurements at C-Band Over the Ocean: Results From Airborne Radar Observations and Comparison With ENVISAT ASAR Data

Dalponte, M. Co Author Listing * Cost-Sensitive Active Learning With Lookahead: Optimizing Field Surveys for Remote Sensing Data Classification
* Fusion of Hyperspectral and LIDAR Remote Sensing Data for Classification of Complex Forest Areas
* Prediction of Species-Specific Volume Using Different Inventory Approaches by Fusing Airborne Laser Scanning and Hyperspectral Data
* role of ground reference data collection in the prediction of stem volume with LiDAR data in mountain areas, The
* Semi-supervised SVM for individual tree crown species classification
* System for the Estimation of Single-Tree Stem Diameter and Volume Using Multireturn LIDAR Data, A
* Tree Species Classification in Boreal Forests With Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Dalponte, M. Dalponte, M.[Michele]
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Dalsass, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and analysis of photovoltaic modules in aerial infrared imagery

Dalsoglio, S. Co Author Listing * Using a 3D Position Sensor for Registration of Spect and US Images of the Kidney

Dalton, B. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications

Dalton, C.J.[Colin J.] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Motion Data from Image Sequences to Assist Animators
* Facial Movement Based Recognition
* Practical Generation of Video Textures using the Auto-Regressive Process
* Visual Extraction of Motion-based Information from Image Sequences

Dalton, J.C. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Browsing and Search of Large Image Databases

Dalton, K.J.[Kevin J.] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Reconstruction Using Volume Intersection Techniques
* Feature-Selection Using Expected Attainable Discrimination
* Interactive segmentation of 3D ultrasound using deformable solid models and active contours
Includes: Dalton, K.J.[Kevin J.] Dalton, K.J.

Dalton, K.M.[Kim M.] Co Author Listing * Quantifying cortical surface asymmetry via logistic discriminant analysis
* Tensor-Based Cortical Surface Morphometry via Weighted Spherical Harmonic Representation
* Weighted Fourier Series Representation and Its Application to Quantifying the Amount of Gray Matter

Dalton, L.A.[Lori A.] Co Author Listing * Optimal classifiers with minimum expected error within a Bayesian framework - Part I: Discrete and Gaussian models
* Optimal classifiers with minimum expected error within a Bayesian framework - Part II: Properties and performance analysis

Dalumpines, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * Can we identify behavioral groups from activity diary data?

Daly, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Tissue Section Images Using Directional Fractal Dimension Features

Daly, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Brain computer interface control via functional connectivity dynamics

Daly, J.A. Co Author Listing * Some dual problems in pattern recognition

Daly, K.[Kendra] Co Author Listing * Label-noise reduction with support vector machines

Daly, M. Co Author Listing * Learning to Detect Basal Tubules of Nematocysts in SEM Images
* Proof-of-Concept, Rover-Based System for Autonomously Locating Methane Gas Sources on Mars, A
Includes: Daly, M. Daly, M.[Michael]

Daly, S. Co Author Listing * Content aware quantization: Requantization of high dynamic range baseband signals based on visual masking by noise and texture
* Face-based visually-optimized image sequence coding
* Good-looking green images
* Improved display resolution of subsampled colour images using subpixel addressing
* LCD Motion Blur Modeling and Analysis
* overview of the visual optimization tools in JPEG 2000, An
* Point-wise Extended Visual Masking for JPEG-2000 Image Compression
* Quality of Experience for Large Ultra-High-Resolution Tiled Displays with Synchronization Mismatch
* Recent advances in high dynamic range imaging technology
* Subpixel rendering on non-striped colour matrix displays
* Vision-based strategy to reduce the perceived color misregistration of image-capturing devices
* visual model for optimizing the design of image processing algorithms, A
* Visual Optimization Tools in JPEG 2000
Includes: Daly, S. Daly, S.[Scott]
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Daly, S.J.[Scott J.] Co Author Listing * Method for adapting quantization in video coding using face detection and visual eccentricity weighting

Dalyot, S.[Sagi] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing User-Generated Mobile Sensor Weather Data for Densifying Static Geosensor Networks
* Geometrical Adjustment Towards The Alignment of Vector Databases
* Multi-Temporal Time-Dependent Terrain Visualization through Localized Spatial Correspondence Parameterization
* Octree-Based SIMD Strategy for ICP Registration and Alignment of 3D Point Clouds
Includes: Dalyot, S.[Sagi] Dalyot, S.

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