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das Chagas de Souza, F. Co Author Listing * On the Steady-State Analysis of PNLMS-Type Algorithms for Correlated Gaussian Input Data

Das Gupta, A. Co Author Listing * Spectral Fuzzy Sets and Soft Thresholding
* Vision-Based System for Monitoring the Loss of Attention in Automotive Drivers, A

Das Gupta, K.S. Co Author Listing * Strip based coding for large images using wavelets
* Valley-Seeking Threshold Selection Technique, A

Das, A.[Abir] Co Author Listing * Active image pair selection for continuous person re-identification
* Adaptive method for multi colored text binarization
* Assisting Users in a World Full of Cameras: A Privacy-Aware Infrastructure for Computer Vision Applications
* Audio Visual Person Authentication by Multiple Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Audio-Visual Person Authentication with Multiple Visualized-Speech Features and Multiple Face Profiles
* Autonomous Maritime Landings for Low-Cost VTOL Aerial Vehicles
* Circular generalized cylinder fitting for 3D reconstruction in endoscopic imaging based on MRF
* comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognition, A
* Complex Terrain Mapping with Multi-camera Visual Odometry and Realtime Drift Correction
* Consistent Re-identification in a Camera Network
* Continuous adaptation of multi-camera person identification models through sparse non-redundant representative selection
* Depth Extraction from Videos Using Geometric Context and Occlusion Boundaries
* Efficient Architecture for 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform, An
* Embedded sparse coding for summarizing multi-view videos
* Enhanced Algorithm of Automated Ground Truth Generation and Validation for Lane Detection System by M^2 BMT
* Enhancing face matching in a suitable binary environment
* Estimation of Occlusion and Dense Motion Fields in a Bidirectional Bayesian Framework
* Face Recognition from Images with High Pose Variations by Transform Vector Quantization
* Feature weighting and selection with a Pareto-optimal trade-off between relevancy and redundancy
* Filtering Multiplicative Noise in Images Using Adaptive Region Based Statistics
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometrics, A
* Fuzzy Logic Based Segmentation of Microcalcification in Breast Using Digital Mammograms Considering Multiresolution
* GA Based Neuro Fuzzy Techniques for Breast Cancer Identification
* Generalized stacking of layerwise-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for document image classification
* Hierarchical clustering on texture statistics for search space reduction of large scale face recognition
* HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation
* Human Attention in Visual Question Answering: Do Humans and Deep Networks Look at the Same Regions?
* Image registration: A pre-step in patient's position verification in radiation therapy
* Improvised Filter Design for Depth Estimation from Single Monocular Images
* ISIgraphy: A tool for online handwriting sample database generation
* Low-Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Dense Motion Field and Uncovered Background Prediction
* Monitoring the Variation in Ice-Cover Characteristics of the Slave River, Canada Using RADARSAT-2 Data: A Case Study
* MRF Based LSB Steganalysis: A New Measure of Steganography Capacity
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* Multilevel Parallel Processing Approach to Scene Labeling Problems, A
* Network Consistent Data Association
* New MRF Model for Robust Estimate of Occlusion and Motion Vector Fields, A
* novel scheme of orientation and scale mapped RDC (OS-RDC) to improve compression in document images ensuring quality preservation, A
* Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps
* robust area based disparity estimation technique for stereo vision applications, A
* Robust, Scalable, Object-Based Video Compression Technique for Very-Low Bit-Rate Coding, A
* Sclera Recognition: A Survey
* Synthesis of stereoscopic views from monocular endoscopic videos
* Temporal Model Adaptation for Person Re-identification
* Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
* Three dimensional location detection using received signal strength
* Top-Down Visual Saliency Guided by Captions
* Towards a Practical Stereo Vision Sensor
* Variable-Dimension Vector Quantization
* VideoTrek: A vision system for a tag-along robot
* Visual Dialog
Includes: Das, A.[Abir] Das, A. Das, A.[Amitava] Das, A.[Arun] Das, A.[Ananya] Das, A.[Ayan] Das, A.[Aveek] Das, A.[Apurba] Das, A.[Amitabha] Das, A.[Abhijit] Das, A.[Arpita] Das, A.[Abhishek] Das, A.[Aniruddha] Das, A.[Aritra] Das, A.[Anindya]
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Das, A.B.[Anindya Bijoy] Co Author Listing * Classification of EEG signals using normal inverse Gaussian parameters in the dual-tree complex wavelet transform domain for seizure detection

Das, A.K. Co Author Listing * Adjacency Matrix Generation from the Image of Graphs: A Morphological Approach
* ASKME: adaptive sampling with knowledge-driven vectorization of mechanical engineering drawings
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page and index pages from document images
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page from document images
* Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
* Automated segmentation of math-zones from document images
* Automatic Image Segmentation Technique Based on Pseudo-convex Hull, An
* Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions
* CBIR using perception based texture and colour measures
* Complete System for Detection and Identification of Tabular Structures from Document Images, A
* Content Independent Writer Identification Using Occurrences of Writing Styles for Bangla Handwritings
* Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
* empirical measure of the performance of a document image segmentation algorithm, An
* fast algorithm for skew detection of document images using morphology, A
* fast technique for vectorization of engineering drawings using morphology and digital straightness, A
* Feature Identification from Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* hierarchical method for automated identification and segmentation of forms, A
* Image retrieval based on indexing and relevance feedback
* Localisation and Tracking of an Airport's Approach Lighting System
* Novel Method for Power Saving in a Surveillance Environment, A
* Perfecting Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* Recognition and Integration of Dimension Sets in Vectorized Engineering Drawings
* Representation and reconstruction of map regions
* Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images
* Segmentation of Text and Graphics from Document Images
* simple and effective table detection system from document images, A
* Stop word detection in compressed textual images: An experiment on Indic script documents
Includes: Das, A.K. Das, A.K.[Amit K.] Das, A.K.[Amit Kumar]
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Das, B.[Biswajit] Co Author Listing * Aging speech recognition with speaker adaptation techniques: Study on medium vocabulary continuous Bengali speech
* Combinatorial Technique for Construction of Triangular Covers of Digital Objects, A
* Inertial snake for contour detection in ultrasonography images
* object class-uncertainty induced adaptive force and its application to a new hybrid snake, An
* Single image super-resolution using compressive sensing with learned overcomplete dictionary
Includes: Das, B.[Biswajit] Das, B.[Barnali] Das, B. Das, B.[Bipul]

Das, B.C. Co Author Listing * Similarity and rigidity preserving image retargeting

Das, B.K. Co Author Listing * fast template matching algorithm for aerial object tracking, A
* Semiautomatic Approach for Generation of Site Models From Cartosat-2 Multiview Images, A

Das, D. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Sparse Generalized Linear Model With an Application to Multiscale Covariate Discovery for Observed Rainfall Extremes Over the United States, A
* Demonstration of a multimedia player supporting the MPEG-DASH protocol
* Differentiating Alcohol-Induced Driving Behavior Using Steering Wheel Signals
* Efficient Hypothesis Generation through Sub-categorization for Multiple Object Detection
* Hybrid Model for Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization, A
* Integrated Method for Multiple Object Detection and Localization, An
* Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization Using Generative and Discriminative Models
* Object Detection and Localization in Clutter Range Images Using Edge Features
* Object Material Classification by Surface Reflection Analysis with a Time-of-Flight Range Sensor
* Plasmodium vivax segmentation using modified fuzzy divergence
* Probabilistic prediction of malaria using morphological and textural information
* Recognition of Household Objects by Service Robots Through Interactive and Autonomous Methods
* Recognition of Plain Objects Using Local Region Matching
* Sub-Category Optimization for Multi-view Multi-pose Object Detection
* Sub-Category Optimization through Cluster Performance Analysis for Multi-View Multi-Pose Object Detection
* Supporting Human-Robot Interaction Based on the Level of Visual Focus of Attention
Includes: Das, D. Das, D.[Deepak] Das, D.[Dipankar] Das, D.[Devkumar]
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Das, D.N.[Debendra Nath] Co Author Listing * Image Edge Detection and Enhancement by an Inversion Operation

Das, G. Co Author Listing * Design and fabrication of a teleoperated explorer mobile robot
* Effect of Finite Sample Size in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Feature Re-weighting in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Segmentation of Carotid Arteries in CTA Images
Includes: Das, G. Das, G.[Gita]

Das, I. Co Author Listing * Database Organisation In A Web-enabled Free And Open-source Software (FOSS) Environment For Spatio-temporal Landslide Modelling

Das, J. Co Author Listing * Boundary Extraction of Sodar Images
* Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using Kalman filter technique
* fast and flexible multiresolution snake with a definite termination criterion, A
* Genetic Programming for Simultaneous Feature Selection and Classifier Design
* Land Cover Classification Using Fuzzy Rules and Aggregation of Contextual Information Through Evidence Theory
* Sonar Image Segmentation by Fuzzy C-Means
* Texture Generation for Fashion Design Using Genetic Programming
Includes: Das, J. Das, J.[Jyotirmay]
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Das, J.R.[Junu R.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Segmenting Juxtaposed Objects, An

Das, K.[Koel] Co Author Listing * Approximate information discriminant analysis: A computationally simple heteroscedastic feature extraction technique
* Automated analysis of remyelination therapy for spinal cord injury
* Automated cell classification and visualization for analyzing remyelination therapy
* efficient discriminant-based solution for small sample size problem, An
* Ideal observer analysis for task normalization of pattern classifier performance applied to EEG and fMRI data
* On-line Handwriting Recognition of Indian Scripts: The First Benchmark
* VR Menus: Investigation of Distance, Size, Auto-scale, and Ray Casting vs. Pointer-Attached-to-Menu
Includes: Das, K.[Koel] Das, K. Das, K.[Kaushik]
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Das, L.[Layatitdev] Co Author Listing * Prediction of inverse kinematics of a 5-DOF pioneer robotic arm having 6-DOF end-effector using ANFIS

Das, M.[Manohar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Switching Linear Predictor for Lossless Image Compression
* Analyzing visual-search observers using eye-tracking data for digital breast tomosynthesis images
* Automatic Segmentation and Indexing in a Database of Bird Images
* Bivariate Autoregressive Modeling Technique for Analysis and Classification of Planar Shapes, A
* Constraint Based Method for Optimization in Metabolic Pathways, A
* Detection of climate zones using multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis: A spatio-temporal data mining approach
* Determination of optimal metabolic pathways through a new learning algorithm
* efficient framework for location-based scene matching in image databases, An
* Efficient hardware implementation of 8X8 integer cosine transforms for multiple video codecs
* Environment for Interactive Video Organization, An
* Event-based location matching for consumer image collections
* Event-enabled intelligent asset selection and grouping for photobook creation
* Fast, Background-Independent Retrieval Strategy for Color Image Databases, A
* Feature Selection for Robust Color Image Retrieval
* FOCUS: A system for searching for multi-colored objects in a diverse image database
* FOCUS: Searching for Multi-Colored Objects in a Diverse Image Database
* Identification of Gene Regulatory Pathways: A Regularization Method
* Indexing Flowers by Color Names
* Indexing Flowers by Color Names Using Domain Knowledge-Driven Segmentation
* New studies on adaptive predictive coding of images using multiplicative autoregressive models
* Penalized Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Improved Microcalcification Detection in Breast Tomosynthesis
* Robust edge detection in noisy images using an adaptive stochastic gradient technique
* Self-Describing Context-Based Pixel Ordering
* semBnet: A semantic Bayesian network for multivariate prediction of meteorological time series data
* Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Meteorological Time Series Data: An Approach Based on Spatial Bayesian Network (SpaBN)
* Vehicle Tracking and Distance Estimation Based on Multiple Image Features
* Video Abstract: A Hybrid Approach to Generate Semantically Meaningful Video Summaries
Includes: Das, M.[Manohar] Das, M.[Mini] Das, M.[Madirakshi] Das, M. Das, M.[Mouli] Das, M.[Mousumi] Das, M.[Monidipa]
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Das, M.N.[Moloy N.] Co Author Listing * Video storyboard design using Delaunay graphs

Das, N.[Nibaran] Co Author Listing * benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* Bias field estimation and segmentation of MR image using modified fuzzy-C means algorithms
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition using a soft computing paradigm embedded in two pass approach
* Handwritten isolated Bangla compound character recognition: A new benchmark using a novel deep learning approach
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* multi-objective approach towards cost effective isolated handwritten Bangla character and digit recognition, A
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* Sensitivity of Aquarius Active and Passive Measurements Temporal Covariability to Land Surface Characteristics
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching in Canonical Space
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching RGBD Data
* Suppression of non-text components in handwritten document images
* Text Line Segmentation for Unconstrained Handwritten Document Images Using Neighborhood Connected Component Analysis
Includes: Das, N.[Nibaran] Das, N.
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Das, N.N. Co Author Listing * Active-Passive Disaggregation of Brightness Temperatures During the SMAPVEX12 Campaign
* Intercomparisons of Brightness Temperature Observations Over Land From AMSR-E and WindSat
* Tests of the SMAP Combined Radar and Radiometer Algorithm Using Airborne Field Campaign Observations and Simulated Data
* Uncertainty Estimates in the SMAP Combined Active-Passive Downscaled Brightness Temperature

Das, P.[Pranati] Co Author Listing * Cervical spine image retrieval with semantic shape features
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Efficient Hybrid Fingerprint Matching Algorithm, An
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
* overview of approaches for content-based medical image retrieval, An
* Rician noise removal in magnitude MRI images using efficient anisotropic diffusion filtering
* robust alignment-free fingerprint hashing algorithm based on minimum distance graphs, A
* Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The
* Semiautomatic Segmentation with Compact Shape Prior
* Thousand Frames in Just a Few Words: Lingual Description of Videos through Latent Topics and Sparse Object Stitching, A
* Three dimensional location detection using received signal strength
Includes: Das, P.[Pranati] Das, P.[Pulakesh] Das, P. Das, P.[Pranjit] Das, P.[Pabitra] Das, P.[Priyanka] Das, P.[Piali] Das, P.[Pradipto] Das, P.[Pijush]
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Das, P.K. Co Author Listing * genetic algorithm for feature selection in a neuro-fuzzy OCR system, A
* MLP using Hough transform based fuzzy feature extraction for Bengali script recognition, An
* New Objective Quality Metric for Frame Interpolation using in Video Compression, A
* Perceptual Temporal Quality Metric for Compressed Video
* Recognition of an Indian script using multilayer perceptrons and fuzzy features
* Visual perception-based motion planning using road map
Includes: Das, P.K. Das, P.K.[Pankaj K.] Das, P.K.[Pradipta Kumar]

Das, P.P. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Computing the Number of the Minimal Paths in Digital Images, An
* Algorithm for the Extraction of the Wire Frame Structure of a Three-Dimensional Object, An
* Automated Measurement of Translational Margins and Rotational Shifts in Pelvic Structures Using CBCT Images of Rectal Cancer Patients
* Counting Minimal Paths in Digital Geometry
* Distance Functions in Digital Geometry
* Estimation of Length for Digitized Straight Lines in Three Dimensions
* Estimation of the orientation and distance of a mirror from Kinect depth data
* Estimation of the Original Length of a Straight Line Segment from Its Digitization in Three Dimensions
* Fast computation of cross-sections of 3D objects from their Medial Axis Transforms
* Fractal image compression: a randomized approach
* Hyperspheres In Digital Geometry
* Knight's Distance in Digital Geometry
* Lattice of Octagonal Distances in Digital Geometry
* Metricity of Super-Knight's Distance in Digital Geometry
* Metricity Preserving Transforms
* More on Path Generated Digital Metrics
* New Method of Analysis for Discrete Straight Lines, A
* Note on Distance Transformations in Arbitrary Dimensions, A
* Octagonal Distances For Digital Pictures
* On approximating Euclidean metrics by digital distances in 2D and 3D
* On Connectivity Issues of Espta
* Parameter Estimation and Reconstruction of Digital Conics in Normal Positions
* Recognition and Learning of Unknown Objects in a Hierarchical Knowledge-base
* Reconstruction of a digital circle
* Representation of 2D and 3D Binary Images Using Medial Circles and Spheres
* Segmentation Of Range Images
* Use of medial axis transforms for computing normals at boundary points
* Visualization in linear programming using parallel coordinates
Includes: Das, P.P. Das, P.P.[Partha Pratim]
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Das, R.[Ranajit] Co Author Listing * Cross-Correlation and Evolutionary Biclustering: Extracting Gene Interaction Sub-networks
* EEG Biometrics Using Visual Stimuli: A Longitudinal Study
* Evolutionary Biclustering with Correlation for Gene Interaction Networks
* Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
* Framework for Content-Based Image Identification with Standardized Multiview Features
* Least Squares Fitting-Based Modeling of Gene Regulatory Sub-networks, A
* Novel feature extraction technique for content-based image recognition with query classification
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
Includes: Das, R.[Ranajit] Das, R. Das, R.[Ritankar] Das, R.[Rik]
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Das, R.D.[Rahul Deb] Co Author Listing * Detecting Urban Transport Modes Using a Hybrid Knowledge Driven Framework from GPS Trajectory

Das, R.K.[Rohan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Exploring kernel discriminant analysis for speaker verification with limited test data
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
Includes: Das, R.K.[Rohan Kumar] Das, R.K.

Das, R.L. Co Author Listing * Improving the Bound on the RIP Constant in Generalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Das, S.[Subhodev] Co Author Listing * email: Das, S.[Subhodev]: subhodev AT peb com
* Active Surface Estimation: Integrating Coarse-to-Fine Image Acquisition and Estimation from Multiple Cues
* Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Genetic And Hybrid Search Methods
* Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Multi-Objective Evaluation and Hybrid Search Methods
* Analysis of Terrain Using Multispectral Images
* Animation Geometry Compression Using the Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Automated feature weighting in clustering with separable distances and inner product induced norms: A theoretical generalization
* Automatic kernel clustering with a Multi-Elitist Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
* Comparative Study of Stereo, Vergence, and Focus as Depth Cues for Active Vision, A
* Computational Learning for Adaptive Computer Vision
* Cross-domain clustering performed by transfer of knowledge across domains
* Domain Adaptation Based on Eigen-Analysis and Clustering, for Object Categorization
* Domain adaptation using weighted sub-space sampling for object categorization
* Enhancing decision combination of face and fingerprint by exploitation of individual classifier space: An approach to multi-modal biometry
* Estimation of orientation of a textured planar surface using projective equations and separable analysis with M-channel wavelet decomposition
* Extracting information from a query image, for content based image retrieval
* Extraction of Fibrillation Components from Ventricular Arrhythmic Electrocardiograms
* Face Recognition on Low Quality Surveillance Images, by Compensating Degradation
* Fast area of contact computation for collision detection of a deformable object using FEM
* Fast Supervised Method of Feature Ranking and Selection for Pattern Classification, A
* feature weighted penalty based dissimilarity measure for k-nearest neighbor classification with missing features, A
* Feature weighting and selection with a Pareto-optimal trade-off between relevancy and redundancy
* Fusion of multimodality Medical Images using combined Activity Level Measurement and Contourlet Transform
* Generalized ELL for detecting and tracking through illumination model changes
* Generalized mean based back-propagation of errors for ambiguity resolution
* Generic Object Recognition Using a Combination of ICA and Shape Cues
* Generic Object Recognition Using Multiple Representations
* Geometric divergence based fuzzy clustering with strong resilience to noise features
* GPU Based Particle Coding Scheme for Virtual Cutting of Meshfree Particle Systems
* Hierarchical Approach to Landform Classification of Satellite Images Using a Fusion Strategy, A
* Hierarchical Multi-classifier Framework for Landform Segmentation Using Multi-spectral Satellite Images: A Case Study over the Indian Subcontinent, A
* Hierarchy of visual features for object recognition
* Improved scene identification and object detection on egocentric vision of daily activities
* Improving egocentric vision of daily activities
* Integrated Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Surface Reconstruction from Active Stereo
* Integrating Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Coarse-to-Fine Surface Reconstruction from Stereo
* Integrating region and edge information for texture segmentation using a modified constraint satisfaction neural network
* intensity- and region-guided narrow-band level set model for contour tracking, An
* Lossless ROI Medical Image Watermarking Technique with Enhanced Security and High Payload Embedding
* Means clustering with a new divergence-based distance metric: Convergence and performance analysis
* Method of tracking scene motion for live video insertion systems
* Model-based compression of nonstationary landmark shape sequences
* Modeling Sequential Domain Shift through Estimation of Optimal Sub-spaces for Categorization
* Motion as Shape: A Novel Method for the Recognition and Prediction of Biological Motion
* Moving object segmentation for jittery videos, by clustering of stabilized latent trajectories
* MST-CSS (Multi-Spectro-Temporal Curvature Scale Space), a Novel Spatio-Temporal Representation for Content-Based Video Retrieval
* multilevel color image thresholding scheme based on minimum cross entropy and differential evolution, A
* Multilevel Image Thresholding Based on 2D Histogram and Maximum Tsallis Entropy: A Differential Evolution Approach
* Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Surface Reconstruction
* Nonstationary Shape Activities: Dynamic Models for Landmark Shape Change and Applications
* Novel CBIR system based on Ripplet Transform using interactive Neuro-Fuzzy technique
* Object Oriented Language for Image and Vision Execution (OLIVE), An
* Particle Filter With a Mode Tracker for Visual Tracking Across Illumination Changes
* Pattern recognition system employing unlike templates to detect objects having distinctive features in a video field
* Performance Analysis of Depth Cues for Active Vision
* Performance Analysis of Stereo, Vergence, and Focus as Depth Cues for Active Vision
* Performance of Deep Learning Algorithms vs. Shallow Models, in Extreme Conditions - Some Empirical Studies
* Pose Invariant Generic Object Recognition with Orthogonal Axis Manifolds in Linear Subspace
* Prediction of Synchrostate Transitions in EEG Signals Using Markov Chain Models
* Prominent moving object segmentation from moving camera video shots using iterative energy minimization
* Real-Time Upper-Body Human Pose Estimation Using a Depth Camera
* reconfigurable and hierarchical parallel processing architecture: performance results for stereo vision, A
* Ripplet Transform Based Statistical Framework for Natural Color Image Retrieval, A
* Score Normalization in Multimodal Systems using Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
* Segmenting Multiple Textured Objects Using Geodesic Active Contour and DWT
* Selection of Wavelet Subbands Using Genetic Algorithm for Face Recognition
* Simple algorithms for partial point set pattern matching under rigid motion
* Simultaneous feature selection and weighting: An evolutionary multi-objective optimization approach
* SnakeCut: An Integrated Approach Based on Active Contour and GrabCut for Automatic Foreground Object Segmentation
* Soft-Margin Learning for Multiple Feature-Kernel Combinations with Domain Adaptation, for Recognition in Surveillance Face Datasets
* Spatial variance of color and boundary statistics for salient object detection
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
* Spatio-temporal Descriptor Using 3D Curvature Scale Space
* Stable biped locomotion using improved Proportional Derivative Controller
* STAR: A Content Based Video Retrieval system for moving camera video shots
* Stereo-correspondence using Gabor logons and neural networks
* Subtractive clustering of vertices for CPCA based animation geometry compression
* Supervised framework for automatic recognition and retrieval of interaction: a framework for classification and retrieving videos with similar human interactions
* Symmetry-based face pose estimation from a single uncalibrated view
* Synergism of Binocular and Motion Stereo for Passive Ranging
* System and method of real time insertions into video using adaptive occlusion with a synthetic reference image
* System for Aircraft Recognition in Perspective Aerial Images, A
* System for Model-Based Object Recognition in Perspective Aerial Images, A
* System for Obstacle Detection During Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight, A
* System-on-programmable-chip implementation for on-line face recognition
* Temporally scalable compression of animation geometry
* Texture Edge Detection using Multi-resolution Features and SOM
* Trajectory representation using Gabor features for motion-based video retrieval
* Two-Stream Convolutional Network with Multi-level Feature Fusion for Categorization of Human Action from Videos
* Unsupervised domain adaptation using eigenanalysis in kernel space for categorisation tasks
* Unsupervised domain adaptation using manifold alignment for object and event categorization
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using feature selection and fusion
* Use of Salient Features for the Design of a Multistage Framework to Extract Roads From High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite Images
* Use of trajectory and spatiotemporal features for retrieval of videos with a prominent moving foreground object
* Variance Based Image Binarization Scheme and Its Application in Text Segmentation, A
Includes: Das, S.[Subhodev] Das, S. Das, S.[Sanjib] Das, S.[Swagatam] Das, S.[Sukhendu] Das, S.[Sudeb] Das, S.[Samarjit] Das, S.[Sandip] Das, S.[Sayan]
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Das, S.K.[Sitansu Kumar] Co Author Listing * Key Frame Estimation in Video Using Randomness Measure of Feature Point Pattern
* Multiple objects segmentation with fuzzy rule-base trained topology adaptive active membrane
* Multiple Objects Tracking via Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
* new segmentation technique for brain and head from high resolution MR image using unique histogram features, A
* Parametric active membrane for segmentation of multiple objects in an image
* Prediction of Cloud for Weather Now-Casting Application Using Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
* robust flash image shadow detection method and seamless recovery of shadow regions, A
* Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data
* Script Identification from Handwritten Document
* Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
Includes: Das, S.K.[Sitansu Kumar] Das, S.K.[Sarit Kumar] Das, S.K.
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Das, S.R. Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition by Two-Stage Principal Component Analysis
* Measuring Cortical Thickness Using An Image Domain Local Surface Model And Topology Preserving Segmentation
* Multi-Atlas Segmentation with Joint Label Fusion
* Regression-based label fusion for multi-atlas segmentation
Includes: Das, S.R. Das, S.R.[Sandhitsu R.]

Das, S.S. Co Author Listing * Detection of self intersection in synthetic hand pose generators

Das, T. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Das, T.K.[Tanmoy Kanti] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of a Wavelet Based Watermarking Scheme

Das, T.S.[Tirtha Sankar] Co Author Listing * On the implementation of a information hiding design based on saliency map
* Redundant Wavelet Watermarking using Spread Spectrum Modulation
* Robust SS watermarking with improved capacity
Includes: Das, T.S.[Tirtha Sankar] Das, T.S. Das, T.S.[Tirtha S.]

Das, Y. Co Author Listing * Classifier for Feature Vectors Whose Prototypes Are a Function of Multiple Continuous Parameters, A
* Effects of Soil Electromagnetic Properties on Metal Detectors

Dasarathy, B. Co Author Listing * characterization of nearest-neighbor rule decision surfaces and a new approach to generate them, A

Dasarathy, B.V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decision Systems with Extended Learning for Deployment in Partially Exposed Environments
* Adaptive Fusion Processor Paradigms for Fusion of Information Acquired at Different Levels of Detail
* Adaptive Learning Concepts and Methodology for Enhanced Recognition System Performance
* AHIMSA: Ad hoc Histogram Information Measure Sensing Algorithm for Feature Selection in the Context of Histogram Inspired Clustering Techniques
* Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy
* ANDAL: A Nonparametric Discrimination and Learning Algorithm for Recognition in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* Asymmetric Fusion strategies for target detection in multisensor environments
* Automatic Target Recognition using Passive Multisensor Suite
* CHITRA: Cognitive Handprinted Input Trained Recursively Analyzing System for Recognition of Alphanumeric Characters
* Composite Classifier System Design: Concepts and Methodology, A
* CORPS: Class Overlap Region Partitioning Scheme: A Tool for Feature Assessment
* Decision Fusion
* Decision Fusion Strategies for Target Detection with a Three-Sensor Suite
* Decision Fusion Strategies in Multi-sensor Environments
* Design of Composite Classifier Systems in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* DHARMA: Discriminant Hyperplane Abstracting Residuals Minimization Algorithm for Separating Clusters with Fuzzy Boundaries
* FEAST: Feature Evaluation and Selection Technique for Deployment in Unsupervised Nonparametric Environments
* Feature Assessment in Imperfectly Supervised Environment
* Feature Selection and Concept of Immediate Neighborhood in the Context of Clustering Techniques
* FLUTE: Fuzzy Learning In Unfamiliar Teacher Environments
* Fusion Strategies for Enhancing Decision Reliability in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning Approach to Target Identity and State Fusion in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Learning in Vicissitudinous Environments
* Fuzzy Understanding of Neighborhoods with Nearest Unlike Neighbor Sets
* Generalized Discriminant Hyperplane Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* HINDU: Histogram Inspired Neighborhood Discerning Unsupervised Pattern Recognition System
* Image Characterizations Based on Joint Gray Level-Run Length Distributions
* Image Data Compression: Block Truncation Coding
* Incisive Neighborhood Discerning Iteratively Aggregating Nomenclator (INDIAN) System for Pattern Recognition in Unsupervised Environments, An
* Information Processing for Target Recognition from Autonomous Vehicles
* Learning Under a VEDIC Teacher
* Minimal Consistent Subset (MCS) Identification for Optimal Nearest Neighbor Decision Systems Design
* Multi-State Choice Automata Model for Expedient Learning in Random Environment
* Nearest Neighbor (NN) Norms: NN Pattern Classification Techniques
* Nearest Unlike Neighbor (NUN): An Aid to Decision Confidence Estimation
* Nosing Around the Neighborhood: A New System Structure and Classification Rule for Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* OPAL: A New Algorithm for Optimal Partitioning and Learning in Non-Parametric Unsupervised Environments
* Operationally Efficient Architectures for Fusion of Binary Decision Sensors in Multidecision Environments
* Paradigms for Information Processing in Multisensor Environments
* Recognition in Noisy Environments: System Structure and Strategies
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: I Fusion Benefits
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: II Relative Assessments
* Sensor Fusion 1996
* Sensor Fusion 1997
* Sensor Fusion Potential Exploitation: Innovative Architectures and Illustrative Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications II
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications III
* Sequential Learning Employing Unfamiliar Teacher Hypotheses (SLEUTH) with Concurrent Estimation of Both the Parameters and Teacher Characteristics
* SMART: Similarity Measure Anchored Ranking Technique for the Analysis of Multidimensional Data Arrays
* Tandem Fusion of Nearest Neighbor Editing and Condensing Algorithms: Data Dimensionality Effects
* Texture Based Classification of Cell Imagery
* There Goes the Neighborhood: An ALIEN Identification Approach to Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* Unified Approach to Feature Selection and Learning in Unsupervised Environments, A
Includes: Dasarathy, B.V. Dasarathy, B.V.[Belur V.]
54 for Dasarathy, B.V.

Dasarathy, K.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy

Dasari, H.[Haritha] Co Author Listing * Classification of liquid and viscous inks using HSV colour space
* Identification of Non-Black Inks Using HSV Colour Space
* Identification of Printing Process Using HSV Colour Space

Dasari, L.[Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Detection of highlighted regions

Dasari, R. Co Author Listing * joint visual-inertial image registration for mobile HDR imaging, A
* Reference Image Based Color Correction for Multi-camera Panoramic High Resolution Imaging

Dasari, R.R.[Ramachandra R.] Co Author Listing * Deterministic regularization of three-dimensional optical diffraction tomography

Dascal, L.[Lorina] Co Author Listing * Efficient Beltrami Filtering of Color Images Via Vector Extrapolation
* Efficient Beltrami Image Filtering Via Vector Extrapolation Methods
* Maximum Principle for Beltrami Color Flow, The
* On Semi-implicit Splitting Schemes for the Beltrami Color Flow
* On Semi-implicit Splitting Schemes for the Beltrami Color Image Filtering
* On the Discrete Maximum Principle for the Beltrami Color Flow

Dascalescu, A.C.[Ana Cristina] Co Author Listing * new hyperchaotic map and its application in an image encryption scheme, A

Dascalu, S.M. Co Author Listing * sEditor: A Prototype for a Sign Language Interfacing System

Daschiel, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Image Information Mining System Evaluation Using Information-Theoretic Measures
* Information Mining in Remote Sensing Image Archives: System Concepts
Includes: Daschiel, H.[Herbert] Daschiel, H.

Daschner, W. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition of Phase-Encrypted Biometrics

Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Co Author Listing * Analysis of training parameters for classifiers based on Haar-like features to detect human faces
* EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems
* Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
Includes: Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Dasgupta, A.[Abhishek] Dasgupta, A.[Abhijit]

Dasgupta, J.[Jija] Co Author Listing * holistic approach for Off-line handwritten cursive word recognition using directional feature based on Arnold transform, A

Dasgupta, N.[Nilanjan] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised Feature Selection and Density Estimation Using Expectation Propagation, A
* Dual hidden Markov model for characterizing wavelet coefficients from multi-aspect scattering data
* Genetic Algorithm Wavelet Design for Signal Classification

Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Co Author Listing * Active Vision Approach to Height Estimation with Optical Flow, An
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* Improved Modelling of Tool Tracking Errors by Modelling Dependent Marker Errors
* Multiagent Swarming System for Distributed Automatic Target Recognition Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
* Salient Feature of Haptic-Based Guidance of People in Low Visibility Environments Using Hard Reins
* Strategic Capability-Learning for Improved Multiagent Collaboration in Ad Hoc Environments
Includes: Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Dasgupta, P.

Dasgupta, R. Co Author Listing * Leveraging multiple tasks to regularize fine-grained classification

Dasgupta, S. Co Author Listing * Augmented-Reality-Based Real-Time Panoramic Vision System for Autonomous Navigation, An
* DeLay: Robust Spatial Layout Estimation for Cluttered Indoor Scenes
* On the Gradient Descent Localization of Radioactive Sources
* Pattern tracking and 3-D motion reconstruction of a rigid body from a 2-D image sequence
* Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices
* Regularized dynamic Boltzmann machine with Delay Pruning for unsupervised learning of temporal sequences
* Source Localization from Received Signal Strength Under Log-Normal Shadowing: Bias and Variance
* Tensor scale: An analytic approach with efficient computation and applications
Includes: Dasgupta, S. Dasgupta, S.[Soura]
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Dasgupta, U. Co Author Listing * Sunspot Number Calculation Using Clustering

Dash, A.[Amanda] Co Author Listing * Counting Large Flocks of Birds Using Videos Acquired with Hand-Held Devices
* Domain Independent Approach to Video Summarization, A
* Look who is not talking: Assessing engagement levels in panel conversations
Includes: Dash, A.[Amanda] Dash, A.

Dash, C.S.K.[C. Sanjeev Kumar] Co Author Listing * Design of self-adaptive and equilibrium differential evolution optimized radial basis function neural network classifier for imputed database

Dash, D.[Denver] Co Author Listing * Physical querying with multi-modal sensing

Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Co Author Listing * Characterising the Land Surface Phenology of Europe Using Decadal MERIS Data
* Detection of retinal blood vessels from ophthalmoscope images using morphological approach
* Evaluating the capabilities of Sentinel-2 for quantitative estimation of biophysical variables in vegetation
* Fusion of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 MSI Data
* Methodologies and Uncertainties in the Use of the Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index for the Sentinel-3 Mission
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Mangrove Chlorophyll Concentration Using Landsat 8
Includes: Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Dash, J.[Jyotiprava] Dash, J.

Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using fuzzy class membership and rules based on classifier confidence
* Content-based texture image retrieval using fuzzy class membership
* Rotation invariant textural feature extraction for image retrieval using eigen value analysis of intensity gradients and multi-resolution analysis
Includes: Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Dash, J.K.[Jatindra K.]

Dash, J.P.[Jonathan P.] Co Author Listing * Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak
* Combining Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Imagery Enhances Echo Classification for Invasive Conifer Detection

Dash, K.S.[Kalyan S] Co Author Listing * BESAC: Binary External Symmetry Axis Constellation for unconstrained handwritten character recognition
* Gestalt configural superiority effect: A complexity paradigm for handwritten numeral recognition
* Handwritten numeral recognition using non-redundant Stockwell transform and bio-inspired optimal zoning
* On extraction of features for handwritten Odia numeral recognition in transformed domain

Dash, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contrast Enhancement and De-Enhancement

Dash, M.[Manoranjan] Co Author Listing * Automated Tracing of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Graphical Models
* Markov blanket-embedded genetic algorithm for gene selection

Dash, P. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction and Vicarious Calibration of Oceansat-1 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) Data in Coastal Case 2 Waters
* AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection
* Deterministic Method for Profile Retrievals From Hyperspectral Satellite Measurements, A
Includes: Dash, P. Dash, P.[Prasanjit] Dash, P.[Priyadarshini]

Dash, P.K. Co Author Listing * reduced and comprehensible polynomial neural network for classification, A

Dash, P.P.[Prajna Parimita] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary neural network for noise cancellation in image data

Dash, R.[Ratnakar] Co Author Listing * Shape descriptors-based generalised scheme for handwritten character recognition
* Spatial variant motion deblurring of images

Dash, S.[Sujata] Co Author Listing * Detection of defects in fabrics using topothesy fractal dimension features
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
Includes: Dash, S.[Sujata] Dash, S.

Dashtbozorg, B.[Behdad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes Through Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio Calculation
* Automatic Classification of Retinal Vessels Using Structural and Intensity Information
* Automatic Estimation of the Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio in Retinal Images Using a Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification
* Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images, An
* Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Retinal vessel delineation using a brain-inspired wavelet transform and random forest
* Robust and Fast Vessel Segmentation via Gaussian Derivatives in Orientation Scores
* Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Locally Adaptive Derivative Frames in Orientation Scores
9 for Dashtbozorg, B.

Dasi, L.P. Co Author Listing * New Method for Registration-Based Medical Image Interpolation, A

Dasigenis, M. Co Author Listing * Power, Performance and Area Exploration of Block Matching Algorithms Mapped on Programmable Processors

Dasigi, P.[Praveen] Co Author Listing * Document Image Segmentation as a Spectral Partitioning Problem

Dasigi, V.[Venu] Co Author Listing * Information fusion for text classification an experimental comparison
* Multi-sensor text classification experiments: A comparison

daSilva, F.S. Co Author Listing * Fast and Efficient Hybrid Fractal-Wavelet Image Coder, A

Dasilva, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Electrocardiogram Classification Sensor System Supporting an Autonomous Mobile Cardiovascular Disease Detection Aid

Dasiopoulou, S. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach to Knowledge-Assisted Video Analysis, A
* Knowledge representation and semantic annotation of multimedia content
* Knowledge-assisted semantic video object detection
* Ontology Infrastructure for Multimedia Reasoning, An
Includes: Dasiopoulou, S. Dasiopoulou, S.[Stamatia]

Daskalakis, A.[Antonis] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer
* Development of a Cascade Processing Method for Microarray Spot Segmentation

Dasmahapatra, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamical System Approach for Edge Detection Using Coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Neurons
* Run-Length Distributions of Recursive Median Filters Using Probabilistic Automata

Dass, J. Co Author Listing * density based method for automatic hairstyle discovery and recognition, A

Dass, S. Co Author Listing * Total Variation-Based Algorithm for Pixel-Level Image Fusion, A

Dass, S.C.[Sarat C.] Co Author Listing * Compound Stochastic Models For Fingerprint Individuality
* deformable model for fingerprint matching, A
* Estimating Fingerprint Deformation
* Face Detection and Synthesis Using Markov Random Field Models
* Fingerprint Deformation Models Using Minutiae Locations and Orientations
* Fingerprint Quality Indices for Predicting Authentication Performance
* Fingerprint Warping Using Ridge Curve Correspondences
* Likelihood Ratio-Based Biometric Score Fusion
* Localized Iris Image Quality Using 2-D Wavelets
* Markov Face Models
* Markov Random Field Models for Directional Field and Singularity Extraction in Fingerprint Images
* Principled Approach to Score Level Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Systems, A
* Quality-based Score Level Fusion in Multibiometric Systems
* Soft Biometric Traits for Personal Recognition Systems
* Validating a Biometric Authentication System: Sample Size Requirements
Includes: Dass, S.C.[Sarat C.] Dass, S.C.
15 for Dass, S.C.

Dassler, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Classification of kinematic golf putt data with emphasis on feature selection

Dassopoulos, T. Co Author Listing * Meta Method for Image Matching, A

Dassow, J. Co Author Listing * Cooperating Array Grammar Systems

Dastageeri, H. Co Author Listing * Approach and Evaluation of a Mobile Video-Based and Location-Based Augmented Reality Platform for Information Brokerage

Dastani, M. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of Emotion: Toward Improving the Inter- and Intradisciplinary Exchange

Dastfan, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Improving energy-efficient train operation in urban railways: employing the variation of regenerative energy recovery rate

Dastfard, M. Co Author Listing * Seperation of IKONOS Sensor's Electronic Noise from Atmospheric Induced Effects

Dastidar, D.G.[D. Ghosh] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of a digital circle

Dastmalchi, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Gait Identification Using a Novel Gait Representation: Radon Transform of Mean Gait Energy Image
* Steganalysis of LSB Matching Based on the Statistical Analysis of Empirical Matrix

Dasu, A.R. Co Author Listing * survey of media processing approaches, A
* Wavelet-Based Sprite CODEC, A

Dasy, A. Co Author Listing * Video summarization in a multi-view camera network

Dasygenis, M. Co Author Listing * Data memory power optimization and performance exploration of embedded systems for implementing motion estimation algorithms

Daszczuk, W.B. Co Author Listing * Empty vehicles management as a method for reducing passenger waiting time in Personal Rapid Transit networks

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