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das Chagas de Souza, F. Co Author Listing * On the Steady-State Analysis of PNLMS-Type Algorithms for Correlated Gaussian Input Data

Das Gupta, A. Co Author Listing * Spectral Fuzzy Sets and Soft Thresholding
* Vision-Based System for Monitoring the Loss of Attention in Automotive Drivers, A

Das Gupta, K.S. Co Author Listing * Strip based coding for large images using wavelets
* Valley-Seeking Threshold Selection Technique, A

Das, A.[Abir] Co Author Listing * Active image pair selection for continuous person re-identification
* Adaptive method for multi colored text binarization
* Assisting Users in a World Full of Cameras: A Privacy-Aware Infrastructure for Computer Vision Applications
* Audio Visual Person Authentication by Multiple Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Audio-Visual Person Authentication with Multiple Visualized-Speech Features and Multiple Face Profiles
* Autonomous Maritime Landings for Low-Cost VTOL Aerial Vehicles
* Circular generalized cylinder fitting for 3D reconstruction in endoscopic imaging based on MRF
* comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognition, A
* Complex Terrain Mapping with Multi-camera Visual Odometry and Realtime Drift Correction
* Consistent Re-identification in a Camera Network
* Continuous adaptation of multi-camera person identification models through sparse non-redundant representative selection
* Depth Extraction from Videos Using Geometric Context and Occlusion Boundaries
* Efficient Architecture for 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform, An
* Embedded sparse coding for summarizing multi-view videos
* Enhanced Algorithm of Automated Ground Truth Generation and Validation for Lane Detection System by M^2 BMT
* Enhancing face matching in a suitable binary environment
* Estimation of Occlusion and Dense Motion Fields in a Bidirectional Bayesian Framework
* Face Recognition from Images with High Pose Variations by Transform Vector Quantization
* Feature weighting and selection with a Pareto-optimal trade-off between relevancy and redundancy
* Filtering Multiplicative Noise in Images Using Adaptive Region Based Statistics
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometrics, A
* Fuzzy Logic Based Segmentation of Microcalcification in Breast Using Digital Mammograms Considering Multiresolution
* GA Based Neuro Fuzzy Techniques for Breast Cancer Identification
* Generalized stacking of layerwise-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for document image classification
* Hierarchical clustering on texture statistics for search space reduction of large scale face recognition
* HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation
* Image registration: A pre-step in patient's position verification in radiation therapy
* Improvised Filter Design for Depth Estimation from Single Monocular Images
* ISIgraphy: A tool for online handwriting sample database generation
* Low-Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Dense Motion Field and Uncovered Background Prediction
* Monitoring the Variation in Ice-Cover Characteristics of the Slave River, Canada Using RADARSAT-2 Data: A Case Study
* MRF Based LSB Steganalysis: A New Measure of Steganography Capacity
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* Multilevel Parallel Processing Approach to Scene Labeling Problems, A
* Network Consistent Data Association
* New MRF Model for Robust Estimate of Occlusion and Motion Vector Fields, A
* novel scheme of orientation and scale mapped RDC (OS-RDC) to improve compression in document images ensuring quality preservation, A
* Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps
* robust area based disparity estimation technique for stereo vision applications, A
* Robust, Scalable, Object-Based Video Compression Technique for Very-Low Bit-Rate Coding, A
* Sclera Recognition: A Survey
* Synthesis of stereoscopic views from monocular endoscopic videos
* Temporal Model Adaptation for Person Re-identification
* Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
* Three dimensional location detection using received signal strength
* Towards a Practical Stereo Vision Sensor
* Variable-Dimension Vector Quantization
* VideoTrek: A vision system for a tag-along robot
Includes: Das, A.[Abir] Das, A. Das, A.[Amitava] Das, A.[Arun] Das, A.[Ananya] Das, A.[Ayan] Das, A.[Aveek] Das, A.[Apurba] Das, A.[Amitabha] Das, A.[Abhijit] Das, A.[Arpita] Das, A.[Aniruddha] Das, A.[Aritra] Das, A.[Anindya]
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Das, A.B.[Anindya Bijoy] Co Author Listing * Classification of EEG signals using normal inverse Gaussian parameters in the dual-tree complex wavelet transform domain for seizure detection

Das, A.K. Co Author Listing * Adjacency Matrix Generation from the Image of Graphs: A Morphological Approach
* ASKME: adaptive sampling with knowledge-driven vectorization of mechanical engineering drawings
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page and index pages from document images
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page from document images
* Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
* Automated segmentation of math-zones from document images
* Automatic Image Segmentation Technique Based on Pseudo-convex Hull, An
* Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions
* CBIR using perception based texture and colour measures
* Complete System for Detection and Identification of Tabular Structures from Document Images, A
* Content Independent Writer Identification Using Occurrences of Writing Styles for Bangla Handwritings
* Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
* empirical measure of the performance of a document image segmentation algorithm, An
* fast algorithm for skew detection of document images using morphology, A
* fast technique for vectorization of engineering drawings using morphology and digital straightness, A
* Feature Identification from Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* hierarchical method for automated identification and segmentation of forms, A
* Image retrieval based on indexing and relevance feedback
* Localisation and Tracking of an Airport's Approach Lighting System
* Novel Method for Power Saving in a Surveillance Environment, A
* Perfecting Vectorized Mechanical Drawings
* Recognition and Integration of Dimension Sets in Vectorized Engineering Drawings
* Representation and reconstruction of map regions
* Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images
* Segmentation of Text and Graphics from Document Images
* simple and effective table detection system from document images, A
* Stop word detection in compressed textual images: An experiment on Indic script documents
Includes: Das, A.K. Das, A.K.[Amit K.] Das, A.K.[Amit Kumar]
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Das, B.[Biswajit] Co Author Listing * Aging speech recognition with speaker adaptation techniques: Study on medium vocabulary continuous Bengali speech
* Combinatorial Technique for Construction of Triangular Covers of Digital Objects, A
* Inertial snake for contour detection in ultrasonography images
* object class-uncertainty induced adaptive force and its application to a new hybrid snake, An
* Single image super-resolution using compressive sensing with learned overcomplete dictionary
Includes: Das, B.[Biswajit] Das, B.[Barnali] Das, B. Das, B.[Bipul]

Das, B.C. Co Author Listing * Similarity and rigidity preserving image retargeting

Das, B.K. Co Author Listing * fast template matching algorithm for aerial object tracking, A
* Semiautomatic Approach for Generation of Site Models From Cartosat-2 Multiview Images, A

Das, D. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Sparse Generalized Linear Model With an Application to Multiscale Covariate Discovery for Observed Rainfall Extremes Over the United States, A
* Demonstration of a multimedia player supporting the MPEG-DASH protocol
* Differentiating Alcohol-Induced Driving Behavior Using Steering Wheel Signals
* Efficient Hypothesis Generation through Sub-categorization for Multiple Object Detection
* Hybrid Model for Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization, A
* Integrated Method for Multiple Object Detection and Localization, An
* Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization Using Generative and Discriminative Models
* Object Detection and Localization in Clutter Range Images Using Edge Features
* Object Material Classification by Surface Reflection Analysis with a Time-of-Flight Range Sensor
* Plasmodium vivax segmentation using modified fuzzy divergence
* Probabilistic prediction of malaria using morphological and textural information
* Recognition of Household Objects by Service Robots Through Interactive and Autonomous Methods
* Recognition of Plain Objects Using Local Region Matching
* Sub-Category Optimization for Multi-view Multi-pose Object Detection
* Sub-Category Optimization through Cluster Performance Analysis for Multi-View Multi-Pose Object Detection
* Supporting Human-Robot Interaction Based on the Level of Visual Focus of Attention
Includes: Das, D. Das, D.[Deepak] Das, D.[Dipankar] Das, D.[Devkumar]
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Das, D.N.[Debendra Nath] Co Author Listing * Image Edge Detection and Enhancement by an Inversion Operation

Das, G. Co Author Listing * Design and fabrication of a teleoperated explorer mobile robot
* Effect of Finite Sample Size in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Feature Re-weighting in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Segmentation of Carotid Arteries in CTA Images
Includes: Das, G. Das, G.[Gita]

Das, I. Co Author Listing * Database Organisation In A Web-enabled Free And Open-source Software (FOSS) Environment For Spatio-temporal Landslide Modelling

Das, J. Co Author Listing * Boundary Extraction of Sodar Images
* Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using Kalman filter technique
* fast and flexible multiresolution snake with a definite termination criterion, A
* Genetic Programming for Simultaneous Feature Selection and Classifier Design
* Land Cover Classification Using Fuzzy Rules and Aggregation of Contextual Information Through Evidence Theory
* Sonar Image Segmentation by Fuzzy C-Means
* Texture Generation for Fashion Design Using Genetic Programming
Includes: Das, J. Das, J.[Jyotirmay]
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Das, J.R.[Junu R.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Segmenting Juxtaposed Objects, An

Das, K.[Koel] Co Author Listing * Approximate information discriminant analysis: A computationally simple heteroscedastic feature extraction technique
* Automated analysis of remyelination therapy for spinal cord injury
* Automated cell classification and visualization for analyzing remyelination therapy
* efficient discriminant-based solution for small sample size problem, An
* Ideal observer analysis for task normalization of pattern classifier performance applied to EEG and fMRI data
* On-line Handwriting Recognition of Indian Scripts: The First Benchmark
* VR Menus: Investigation of Distance, Size, Auto-scale, and Ray Casting vs. Pointer-Attached-to-Menu
Includes: Das, K.[Koel] Das, K. Das, K.[Kaushik]
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Das, L.[Layatitdev] Co Author Listing * Prediction of inverse kinematics of a 5-DOF pioneer robotic arm having 6-DOF end-effector using ANFIS

Das, M.[Manohar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Switching Linear Predictor for Lossless Image Compression
* Analyzing visual-search observers using eye-tracking data for digital breast tomosynthesis images
* Automatic Segmentation and Indexing in a Database of Bird Images
* Bivariate Autoregressive Modeling Technique for Analysis and Classification of Planar Shapes, A
* Constraint Based Method for Optimization in Metabolic Pathways, A
* Detection of climate zones using multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis: A spatio-temporal data mining approach
* Determination of optimal metabolic pathways through a new learning algorithm
* efficient framework for location-based scene matching in image databases, An
* Efficient hardware implementation of 8X8 integer cosine transforms for multiple video codecs
* Environment for Interactive Video Organization, An
* Event-based location matching for consumer image collections
* Event-enabled intelligent asset selection and grouping for photobook creation
* Fast, Background-Independent Retrieval Strategy for Color Image Databases, A
* Feature Selection for Robust Color Image Retrieval
* FOCUS: A system for searching for multi-colored objects in a diverse image database
* FOCUS: Searching for Multi-Colored Objects in a Diverse Image Database
* Identification of Gene Regulatory Pathways: A Regularization Method
* Indexing Flowers by Color Names
* Indexing Flowers by Color Names Using Domain Knowledge-Driven Segmentation
* New studies on adaptive predictive coding of images using multiplicative autoregressive models
* Penalized Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Improved Microcalcification Detection in Breast Tomosynthesis
* Robust edge detection in noisy images using an adaptive stochastic gradient technique
* Self-Describing Context-Based Pixel Ordering
* semBnet: A semantic Bayesian network for multivariate prediction of meteorological time series data
* Vehicle Tracking and Distance Estimation Based on Multiple Image Features
* Video Abstract: A Hybrid Approach to Generate Semantically Meaningful Video Summaries
Includes: Das, M.[Manohar] Das, M.[Mini] Das, M.[Madirakshi] Das, M. Das, M.[Mouli] Das, M.[Mousumi] Das, M.[Monidipa]
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Das, M.N.[Moloy N.] Co Author Listing * Video storyboard design using Delaunay graphs

Das, N.[Nibaran] Co Author Listing * benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* Bias field estimation and segmentation of MR image using modified fuzzy-C means algorithms
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition using a soft computing paradigm embedded in two pass approach
* Handwritten isolated Bangla compound character recognition: A new benchmark using a novel deep learning approach
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* multi-objective approach towards cost effective isolated handwritten Bangla character and digit recognition, A
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* Sensitivity of Aquarius Active and Passive Measurements Temporal Covariability to Land Surface Characteristics
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching in Canonical Space
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching RGBD Data
* Suppression of non-text components in handwritten document images
* Text Line Segmentation for Unconstrained Handwritten Document Images Using Neighborhood Connected Component Analysis
Includes: Das, N.[Nibaran] Das, N.
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Das, N.N. Co Author Listing * Active-Passive Disaggregation of Brightness Temperatures During the SMAPVEX12 Campaign
* Intercomparisons of Brightness Temperature Observations Over Land From AMSR-E and WindSat
* Tests of the SMAP Combined Radar and Radiometer Algorithm Using Airborne Field Campaign Observations and Simulated Data
* Uncertainty Estimates in the SMAP Combined Active-Passive Downscaled Brightness Temperature

Das, P.[Pranati] Co Author Listing * Cervical spine image retrieval with semantic shape features
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Efficient Hybrid Fingerprint Matching Algorithm, An
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
* Rician noise removal in magnitude MRI images using efficient anisotropic diffusion filtering
* robust alignment-free fingerprint hashing algorithm based on minimum distance graphs, A
* Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The
* Semiautomatic Segmentation with Compact Shape Prior
* Thousand Frames in Just a Few Words: Lingual Description of Videos through Latent Topics and Sparse Object Stitching, A
* Three dimensional location detection using received signal strength
Includes: Das, P.[Pranati] Das, P.[Pulakesh] Das, P. Das, P.[Pabitra] Das, P.[Priyanka] Das, P.[Piali] Das, P.[Pradipto] Das, P.[Pijush]
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Das, P.K. Co Author Listing * genetic algorithm for feature selection in a neuro-fuzzy OCR system, A
* MLP using Hough transform based fuzzy feature extraction for Bengali script recognition, An
* New Objective Quality Metric for Frame Interpolation using in Video Compression, A
* Perceptual Temporal Quality Metric for Compressed Video
* Recognition of an Indian script using multilayer perceptrons and fuzzy features
* Visual perception-based motion planning using road map
Includes: Das, P.K. Das, P.K.[Pankaj K.] Das, P.K.[Pradipta Kumar]

Das, P.P. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Computing the Number of the Minimal Paths in Digital Images, An
* Algorithm for the Extraction of the Wire Frame Structure of a Three-Dimensional Object, An
* Counting Minimal Paths in Digital Geometry
* Distance Functions in Digital Geometry
* Estimation of Length for Digitized Straight Lines in Three Dimensions
* Estimation of the orientation and distance of a mirror from Kinect depth data
* Estimation of the Original Length of a Straight Line Segment from Its Digitization in Three Dimensions
* Fast computation of cross-sections of 3D objects from their Medial Axis Transforms
* Fractal image compression: a randomized approach
* Hyperspheres In Digital Geometry
* Knight's Distance in Digital Geometry
* Lattice of Octagonal Distances in Digital Geometry
* Metricity of Super-Knight's Distance in Digital Geometry
* Metricity Preserving Transforms
* More on Path Generated Digital Metrics
* New Method of Analysis for Discrete Straight Lines, A
* Note on Distance Transformations in Arbitrary Dimensions, A
* Octagonal Distances For Digital Pictures
* On approximating Euclidean metrics by digital distances in 2D and 3D
* On Connectivity Issues of Espta
* Parameter Estimation and Reconstruction of Digital Conics in Normal Positions
* Recognition and Learning of Unknown Objects in a Hierarchical Knowledge-base
* Reconstruction of a digital circle
* Representation of 2D and 3D Binary Images Using Medial Circles and Spheres
* Segmentation Of Range Images
* Use of medial axis transforms for computing normals at boundary points
* Visualization in linear programming using parallel coordinates
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Das, R.[Ranajit] Co Author Listing * Cross-Correlation and Evolutionary Biclustering: Extracting Gene Interaction Sub-networks
* EEG Biometrics Using Visual Stimuli: A Longitudinal Study
* Evolutionary Biclustering with Correlation for Gene Interaction Networks
* Framework for Content-Based Image Identification with Standardized Multiview Features
* Least Squares Fitting-Based Modeling of Gene Regulatory Sub-networks, A
* Novel feature extraction technique for content-based image recognition with query classification
* Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
Includes: Das, R.[Ranajit] Das, R. Das, R.[Rik]
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Das, R.D.[Rahul Deb] Co Author Listing * Detecting Urban Transport Modes Using a Hybrid Knowledge Driven Framework from GPS Trajectory

Das, R.K. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Das, R.L. Co Author Listing * Improving the Bound on the RIP Constant in Generalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Das, S.[Subhodev] Co Author Listing * email: Das, S.[Subhodev]: subhodev AT peb com
* Active Surface Estimation: Integrating Coarse-to-Fine Image Acquisition and Estimation from Multiple Cues
* Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Genetic And Hybrid Search Methods
* Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Multi-Objective Evaluation and Hybrid Search Methods
* Analysis of Terrain Using Multispectral Images
* Animation Geometry Compression Using the Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Automated feature weighting in clustering with separable distances and inner product induced norms: A theoretical generalization
* Automatic kernel clustering with a Multi-Elitist Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
* Comparative Study of Stereo, Vergence, and Focus as Depth Cues for Active Vision, A
* Computational Learning for Adaptive Computer Vision
* Cross-domain clustering performed by transfer of knowledge across domains
* Domain Adaptation Based on Eigen-Analysis and Clustering, for Object Categorization
* Domain adaptation using weighted sub-space sampling for object categorization
* Enhancing decision combination of face and fingerprint by exploitation of individual classifier space: An approach to multi-modal biometry
* Estimation of orientation of a textured planar surface using projective equations and separable analysis with M-channel wavelet decomposition
* Extracting information from a query image, for content based image retrieval
* Extraction of Fibrillation Components from Ventricular Arrhythmic Electrocardiograms
* Face Recognition on Low Quality Surveillance Images, by Compensating Degradation
* Fast area of contact computation for collision detection of a deformable object using FEM
* Fast Supervised Method of Feature Ranking and Selection for Pattern Classification, A
* feature weighted penalty based dissimilarity measure for k-nearest neighbor classification with missing features, A
* Feature weighting and selection with a Pareto-optimal trade-off between relevancy and redundancy
* Fusion of multimodality Medical Images using combined Activity Level Measurement and Contourlet Transform
* Generalized ELL for detecting and tracking through illumination model changes
* Generalized mean based back-propagation of errors for ambiguity resolution
* Generic Object Recognition Using a Combination of ICA and Shape Cues
* Generic Object Recognition Using Multiple Representations
* Geometric divergence based fuzzy clustering with strong resilience to noise features
* GPU Based Particle Coding Scheme for Virtual Cutting of Meshfree Particle Systems
* Hierarchical Approach to Landform Classification of Satellite Images Using a Fusion Strategy, A
* Hierarchical Multi-classifier Framework for Landform Segmentation Using Multi-spectral Satellite Images: A Case Study over the Indian Subcontinent, A
* Hierarchy of visual features for object recognition
* Improved scene identification and object detection on egocentric vision of daily activities
* Improving egocentric vision of daily activities
* Integrated Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Surface Reconstruction from Active Stereo
* Integrating Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Coarse-to-Fine Surface Reconstruction from Stereo
* Integrating region and edge information for texture segmentation using a modified constraint satisfaction neural network
* intensity- and region-guided narrow-band level set model for contour tracking, An
* Lossless ROI Medical Image Watermarking Technique with Enhanced Security and High Payload Embedding
* Method of tracking scene motion for live video insertion systems
* Model-based compression of nonstationary landmark shape sequences
* Modeling Sequential Domain Shift through Estimation of Optimal Sub-spaces for Categorization
* Motion as Shape: A Novel Method for the Recognition and Prediction of Biological Motion
* Moving object segmentation for jittery videos, by clustering of stabilized latent trajectories
* MST-CSS (Multi-Spectro-Temporal Curvature Scale Space), a Novel Spatio-Temporal Representation for Content-Based Video Retrieval
* multilevel color image thresholding scheme based on minimum cross entropy and differential evolution, A
* Multilevel Image Thresholding Based on 2D Histogram and Maximum Tsallis Entropy: A Differential Evolution Approach
* Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Surface Reconstruction
* Nonstationary Shape Activities: Dynamic Models for Landmark Shape Change and Applications
* Novel CBIR system based on Ripplet Transform using interactive Neuro-Fuzzy technique
* Object Oriented Language for Image and Vision Execution (OLIVE), An
* Particle Filter With a Mode Tracker for Visual Tracking Across Illumination Changes
* Pattern recognition system employing unlike templates to detect objects having distinctive features in a video field
* Performance Analysis of Depth Cues for Active Vision
* Performance Analysis of Stereo, Vergence, and Focus as Depth Cues for Active Vision
* Pose Invariant Generic Object Recognition with Orthogonal Axis Manifolds in Linear Subspace
* Prediction of Synchrostate Transitions in EEG Signals Using Markov Chain Models
* Prominent moving object segmentation from moving camera video shots using iterative energy minimization
* Real-Time Upper-Body Human Pose Estimation Using a Depth Camera
* reconfigurable and hierarchical parallel processing architecture: performance results for stereo vision, A
* Ripplet Transform Based Statistical Framework for Natural Color Image Retrieval, A
* Score Normalization in Multimodal Systems using Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
* Segmenting Multiple Textured Objects Using Geodesic Active Contour and DWT
* Selection of Wavelet Subbands Using Genetic Algorithm for Face Recognition
* Simple algorithms for partial point set pattern matching under rigid motion
* Simultaneous feature selection and weighting: An evolutionary multi-objective optimization approach
* SnakeCut: An Integrated Approach Based on Active Contour and GrabCut for Automatic Foreground Object Segmentation
* Soft-Margin Learning for Multiple Feature-Kernel Combinations with Domain Adaptation, for Recognition in Surveillance Face Datasets
* Spatial variance of color and boundary statistics for salient object detection
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
* Spatio-temporal Descriptor Using 3D Curvature Scale Space
* Stable biped locomotion using improved Proportional Derivative Controller
* STAR: A Content Based Video Retrieval system for moving camera video shots
* Stereo-correspondence using Gabor logons and neural networks
* Subtractive clustering of vertices for CPCA based animation geometry compression
* Supervised framework for automatic recognition and retrieval of interaction: a framework for classification and retrieving videos with similar human interactions
* Symmetry-based face pose estimation from a single uncalibrated view
* Synergism of Binocular and Motion Stereo for Passive Ranging
* System and method of real time insertions into video using adaptive occlusion with a synthetic reference image
* System for Aircraft Recognition in Perspective Aerial Images, A
* System for Model-Based Object Recognition in Perspective Aerial Images, A
* System for Obstacle Detection During Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight, A
* System-on-programmable-chip implementation for on-line face recognition
* Temporally scalable compression of animation geometry
* Texture Edge Detection using Multi-resolution Features and SOM
* Trajectory representation using Gabor features for motion-based video retrieval
* Unsupervised domain adaptation using eigenanalysis in kernel space for categorisation tasks
* Unsupervised domain adaptation using manifold alignment for object and event categorization
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using feature selection and fusion
* Use of Salient Features for the Design of a Multistage Framework to Extract Roads From High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite Images
* Use of trajectory and spatiotemporal features for retrieval of videos with a prominent moving foreground object
Includes: Das, S.[Subhodev] Das, S. Das, S.[Sanjib] Das, S.[Swagatam] Das, S.[Sukhendu] Das, S.[Sudeb] Das, S.[Samarjit] Das, S.[Sandip]
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Das, S.K.[Sitansu Kumar] Co Author Listing * Key Frame Estimation in Video Using Randomness Measure of Feature Point Pattern
* Multiple objects segmentation with fuzzy rule-base trained topology adaptive active membrane
* Multiple Objects Tracking via Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
* new segmentation technique for brain and head from high resolution MR image using unique histogram features, A
* Parametric active membrane for segmentation of multiple objects in an image
* Prediction of Cloud for Weather Now-Casting Application Using Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
* robust flash image shadow detection method and seamless recovery of shadow regions, A
* Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data
* Script Identification from Handwritten Document
* Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
Includes: Das, S.K.[Sitansu Kumar] Das, S.K.[Sarit Kumar] Das, S.K.
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Das, S.R. Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition by Two-Stage Principal Component Analysis
* Measuring Cortical Thickness Using An Image Domain Local Surface Model And Topology Preserving Segmentation
* Multi-Atlas Segmentation with Joint Label Fusion
* Regression-based label fusion for multi-atlas segmentation
Includes: Das, S.R. Das, S.R.[Sandhitsu R.]

Das, S.S. Co Author Listing * Detection of self intersection in synthetic hand pose generators

Das, T. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Das, T.K.[Tanmoy Kanti] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of a Wavelet Based Watermarking Scheme

Das, T.S.[Tirtha Sankar] Co Author Listing * On the implementation of a information hiding design based on saliency map
* Redundant Wavelet Watermarking using Spread Spectrum Modulation
* Robust SS watermarking with improved capacity
Includes: Das, T.S.[Tirtha Sankar] Das, T.S. Das, T.S.[Tirtha S.]

Das, Y. Co Author Listing * Classifier for Feature Vectors Whose Prototypes Are a Function of Multiple Continuous Parameters, A
* Effects of Soil Electromagnetic Properties on Metal Detectors

Dasarathy, B. Co Author Listing * characterization of nearest-neighbor rule decision surfaces and a new approach to generate them, A

Dasarathy, B.V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decision Systems with Extended Learning for Deployment in Partially Exposed Environments
* Adaptive Fusion Processor Paradigms for Fusion of Information Acquired at Different Levels of Detail
* Adaptive Learning Concepts and Methodology for Enhanced Recognition System Performance
* AHIMSA: Ad hoc Histogram Information Measure Sensing Algorithm for Feature Selection in the Context of Histogram Inspired Clustering Techniques
* Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy
* ANDAL: A Nonparametric Discrimination and Learning Algorithm for Recognition in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* Asymmetric Fusion strategies for target detection in multisensor environments
* Automatic Target Recognition using Passive Multisensor Suite
* CHITRA: Cognitive Handprinted Input Trained Recursively Analyzing System for Recognition of Alphanumeric Characters
* Composite Classifier System Design: Concepts and Methodology, A
* CORPS: Class Overlap Region Partitioning Scheme: A Tool for Feature Assessment
* Decision Fusion
* Decision Fusion Strategies for Target Detection with a Three-Sensor Suite
* Decision Fusion Strategies in Multi-sensor Environments
* Design of Composite Classifier Systems in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* DHARMA: Discriminant Hyperplane Abstracting Residuals Minimization Algorithm for Separating Clusters with Fuzzy Boundaries
* FEAST: Feature Evaluation and Selection Technique for Deployment in Unsupervised Nonparametric Environments
* Feature Assessment in Imperfectly Supervised Environment
* Feature Selection and Concept of Immediate Neighborhood in the Context of Clustering Techniques
* FLUTE: Fuzzy Learning In Unfamiliar Teacher Environments
* Fusion Strategies for Enhancing Decision Reliability in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning Approach to Target Identity and State Fusion in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Learning in Vicissitudinous Environments
* Fuzzy Understanding of Neighborhoods with Nearest Unlike Neighbor Sets
* Generalized Discriminant Hyperplane Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* HINDU: Histogram Inspired Neighborhood Discerning Unsupervised Pattern Recognition System
* Image Characterizations Based on Joint Gray Level-Run Length Distributions
* Image Data Compression: Block Truncation Coding
* Incisive Neighborhood Discerning Iteratively Aggregating Nomenclator (INDIAN) System for Pattern Recognition in Unsupervised Environments, An
* Information Processing for Target Recognition from Autonomous Vehicles
* Learning Under a VEDIC Teacher
* Minimal Consistent Subset (MCS) Identification for Optimal Nearest Neighbor Decision Systems Design
* Multi-State Choice Automata Model for Expedient Learning in Random Environment
* Nearest Neighbor (NN) Norms: NN Pattern Classification Techniques
* Nearest Unlike Neighbor (NUN): An Aid to Decision Confidence Estimation
* Nosing Around the Neighborhood: A New System Structure and Classification Rule for Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* OPAL: A New Algorithm for Optimal Partitioning and Learning in Non-Parametric Unsupervised Environments
* Operationally Efficient Architectures for Fusion of Binary Decision Sensors in Multidecision Environments
* Paradigms for Information Processing in Multisensor Environments
* Recognition in Noisy Environments: System Structure and Strategies
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: I Fusion Benefits
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: II Relative Assessments
* Sensor Fusion 1996
* Sensor Fusion 1997
* Sensor Fusion Potential Exploitation: Innovative Architectures and Illustrative Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications II
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications III
* Sequential Learning Employing Unfamiliar Teacher Hypotheses (SLEUTH) with Concurrent Estimation of Both the Parameters and Teacher Characteristics
* SMART: Similarity Measure Anchored Ranking Technique for the Analysis of Multidimensional Data Arrays
* Tandem Fusion of Nearest Neighbor Editing and Condensing Algorithms: Data Dimensionality Effects
* Texture Based Classification of Cell Imagery
* There Goes the Neighborhood: An ALIEN Identification Approach to Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* Unified Approach to Feature Selection and Learning in Unsupervised Environments, A
Includes: Dasarathy, B.V. Dasarathy, B.V.[Belur V.]
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Dasarathy, K.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy

Dasari, H.[Haritha] Co Author Listing * Classification of liquid and viscous inks using HSV colour space
* Identification of Non-Black Inks Using HSV Colour Space
* Identification of Printing Process Using HSV Colour Space

Dasari, L.[Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Detection of highlighted regions

Dasari, R. Co Author Listing * joint visual-inertial image registration for mobile HDR imaging, A
* Reference Image Based Color Correction for Multi-camera Panoramic High Resolution Imaging

Dasari, R.R.[Ramachandra R.] Co Author Listing * Deterministic regularization of three-dimensional optical diffraction tomography

Dascal, L.[Lorina] Co Author Listing * Efficient Beltrami Filtering of Color Images Via Vector Extrapolation
* Efficient Beltrami Image Filtering Via Vector Extrapolation Methods
* Maximum Principle for Beltrami Color Flow, The
* On Semi-implicit Splitting Schemes for the Beltrami Color Flow
* On Semi-implicit Splitting Schemes for the Beltrami Color Image Filtering
* On the Discrete Maximum Principle for the Beltrami Color Flow

Dascalescu, A.C.[Ana Cristina] Co Author Listing * new hyperchaotic map and its application in an image encryption scheme, A

Dascalu, S.M. Co Author Listing * sEditor: A Prototype for a Sign Language Interfacing System

Daschiel, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Image Information Mining System Evaluation Using Information-Theoretic Measures
* Information Mining in Remote Sensing Image Archives: System Concepts
Includes: Daschiel, H.[Herbert] Daschiel, H.

Daschner, W. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition of Phase-Encrypted Biometrics

Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Co Author Listing * Analysis of training parameters for classifiers based on Haar-like features to detect human faces
* EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems
Includes: Dasgupta, A.[Anirban] Dasgupta, A.[Abhishek]

Dasgupta, J.[Jija] Co Author Listing * holistic approach for Off-line handwritten cursive word recognition using directional feature based on Arnold transform, A

Dasgupta, N.[Nilanjan] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised Feature Selection and Density Estimation Using Expectation Propagation, A
* Dual hidden Markov model for characterizing wavelet coefficients from multi-aspect scattering data
* Genetic Algorithm Wavelet Design for Signal Classification

Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Co Author Listing * Active Vision Approach to Height Estimation with Optical Flow, An
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* Improved Modelling of Tool Tracking Errors by Modelling Dependent Marker Errors
* Multiagent Swarming System for Distributed Automatic Target Recognition Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
* Salient Feature of Haptic-Based Guidance of People in Low Visibility Environments Using Hard Reins
* Strategic Capability-Learning for Improved Multiagent Collaboration in Ad Hoc Environments
Includes: Dasgupta, P.[Prithviraj] Dasgupta, P.

Dasgupta, R. Co Author Listing * Leveraging multiple tasks to regularize fine-grained classification

Dasgupta, S. Co Author Listing * Augmented-Reality-Based Real-Time Panoramic Vision System for Autonomous Navigation, An
* DeLay: Robust Spatial Layout Estimation for Cluttered Indoor Scenes
* On the Gradient Descent Localization of Radioactive Sources
* Pattern tracking and 3-D motion reconstruction of a rigid body from a 2-D image sequence
* Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices
* Regularized dynamic Boltzmann machine with Delay Pruning for unsupervised learning of temporal sequences
* Source Localization from Received Signal Strength Under Log-Normal Shadowing: Bias and Variance
* Tensor scale: An analytic approach with efficient computation and applications
Includes: Dasgupta, S. Dasgupta, S.[Soura]
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Dasgupta, U. Co Author Listing * Sunspot Number Calculation Using Clustering

Dash, A. Co Author Listing * Look who is not talking: Assessing engagement levels in panel conversations

Dash, C.S.K.[C. Sanjeev Kumar] Co Author Listing * Design of self-adaptive and equilibrium differential evolution optimized radial basis function neural network classifier for imputed database

Dash, D.[Denver] Co Author Listing * Physical querying with multi-modal sensing

Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Co Author Listing * Characterising the Land Surface Phenology of Europe Using Decadal MERIS Data
* Detection of retinal blood vessels from ophthalmoscope images using morphological approach
* Evaluating the capabilities of Sentinel-2 for quantitative estimation of biophysical variables in vegetation
* Fusion of Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 MSI Data
* Methodologies and Uncertainties in the Use of the Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index for the Sentinel-3 Mission
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Mangrove Chlorophyll Concentration Using Landsat 8
Includes: Dash, J.[Jadunandan] Dash, J.[Jyotiprava] Dash, J.

Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using fuzzy class membership and rules based on classifier confidence
* Content-based texture image retrieval using fuzzy class membership
* Rotation invariant textural feature extraction for image retrieval using eigen value analysis of intensity gradients and multi-resolution analysis
Includes: Dash, J.K.[Jatindra Kumar] Dash, J.K.[Jatindra K.]

Dash, J.P.[Jonathan P.] Co Author Listing * Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak
* Combining Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Imagery Enhances Echo Classification for Invasive Conifer Detection

Dash, K.S.[Kalyan S] Co Author Listing * BESAC: Binary External Symmetry Axis Constellation for unconstrained handwritten character recognition
* Gestalt configural superiority effect: A complexity paradigm for handwritten numeral recognition
* Handwritten numeral recognition using non-redundant Stockwell transform and bio-inspired optimal zoning
* On extraction of features for handwritten Odia numeral recognition in transformed domain

Dash, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contrast Enhancement and De-Enhancement

Dash, M.[Manoranjan] Co Author Listing * Automated Tracing of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Graphical Models
* Markov blanket-embedded genetic algorithm for gene selection

Dash, P. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction and Vicarious Calibration of Oceansat-1 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM) Data in Coastal Case 2 Waters
* AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection
* Deterministic Method for Profile Retrievals From Hyperspectral Satellite Measurements, A
Includes: Dash, P. Dash, P.[Prasanjit] Dash, P.[Priyadarshini]

Dash, P.K. Co Author Listing * reduced and comprehensible polynomial neural network for classification, A

Dash, P.P.[Prajna Parimita] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary neural network for noise cancellation in image data

Dash, R.[Ratnakar] Co Author Listing * Shape descriptors-based generalised scheme for handwritten character recognition
* Spatial variant motion deblurring of images

Dash, S.[Sujata] Co Author Listing * Detection of defects in fabrics using topothesy fractal dimension features
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
Includes: Dash, S.[Sujata] Dash, S.

Dashtbozorg, B.[Behdad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes Through Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio Calculation
* Automatic Classification of Retinal Vessels Using Structural and Intensity Information
* Automatic Estimation of the Arteriolar-to-Venular Ratio in Retinal Images Using a Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification
* Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images, An
* Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Retinal vessel delineation using a brain-inspired wavelet transform and random forest
* Robust and Fast Vessel Segmentation via Gaussian Derivatives in Orientation Scores
* Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Locally Adaptive Derivative Frames in Orientation Scores
9 for Dashtbozorg, B.

Dasi, L.P. Co Author Listing * New Method for Registration-Based Medical Image Interpolation, A

Dasigenis, M. Co Author Listing * Power, Performance and Area Exploration of Block Matching Algorithms Mapped on Programmable Processors

Dasigi, P.[Praveen] Co Author Listing * Document Image Segmentation as a Spectral Partitioning Problem

Dasigi, V.[Venu] Co Author Listing * Information fusion for text classification an experimental comparison
* Multi-sensor text classification experiments: A comparison

daSilva, F.S. Co Author Listing * Fast and Efficient Hybrid Fractal-Wavelet Image Coder, A

Dasilva, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Electrocardiogram Classification Sensor System Supporting an Autonomous Mobile Cardiovascular Disease Detection Aid

Dasiopoulou, S. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach to Knowledge-Assisted Video Analysis, A
* Knowledge representation and semantic annotation of multimedia content
* Knowledge-assisted semantic video object detection
* Ontology Infrastructure for Multimedia Reasoning, An
Includes: Dasiopoulou, S. Dasiopoulou, S.[Stamatia]

Daskalakis, A.[Antonis] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer
* Development of a Cascade Processing Method for Microarray Spot Segmentation

Dasmahapatra, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamical System Approach for Edge Detection Using Coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Neurons
* Run-Length Distributions of Recursive Median Filters Using Probabilistic Automata

Dass, J. Co Author Listing * density based method for automatic hairstyle discovery and recognition, A

Dass, S. Co Author Listing * Total Variation-Based Algorithm for Pixel-Level Image Fusion, A

Dass, S.C.[Sarat C.] Co Author Listing * Compound Stochastic Models For Fingerprint Individuality
* deformable model for fingerprint matching, A
* Estimating Fingerprint Deformation
* Face Detection and Synthesis Using Markov Random Field Models
* Fingerprint Deformation Models Using Minutiae Locations and Orientations
* Fingerprint Quality Indices for Predicting Authentication Performance
* Fingerprint Warping Using Ridge Curve Correspondences
* Likelihood Ratio-Based Biometric Score Fusion
* Localized Iris Image Quality Using 2-D Wavelets
* Markov Face Models
* Markov Random Field Models for Directional Field and Singularity Extraction in Fingerprint Images
* Principled Approach to Score Level Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Systems, A
* Quality-based Score Level Fusion in Multibiometric Systems
* Soft Biometric Traits for Personal Recognition Systems
* Validating a Biometric Authentication System: Sample Size Requirements
Includes: Dass, S.C.[Sarat C.] Dass, S.C.
15 for Dass, S.C.

Dassler, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Classification of kinematic golf putt data with emphasis on feature selection

Dassopoulos, T. Co Author Listing * Meta Method for Image Matching, A

Dassow, J. Co Author Listing * Cooperating Array Grammar Systems

Dastageeri, H. Co Author Listing * Approach and Evaluation of a Mobile Video-Based and Location-Based Augmented Reality Platform for Information Brokerage

Dastani, M. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of Emotion: Toward Improving the Inter- and Intradisciplinary Exchange

Dastfan, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Improving energy-efficient train operation in urban railways: employing the variation of regenerative energy recovery rate

Dastfard, M. Co Author Listing * Seperation of IKONOS Sensor's Electronic Noise from Atmospheric Induced Effects

Dastidar, D.G.[D. Ghosh] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of a digital circle

Dastmalchi, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Gait Identification Using a Novel Gait Representation: Radon Transform of Mean Gait Energy Image
* Steganalysis of LSB Matching Based on the Statistical Analysis of Empirical Matrix

Dasu, A.R. Co Author Listing * survey of media processing approaches, A
* Wavelet-Based Sprite CODEC, A

Dasy, A. Co Author Listing * Video summarization in a multi-view camera network

Dasygenis, M. Co Author Listing * Data memory power optimization and performance exploration of embedded systems for implementing motion estimation algorithms

Daszczuk, W.B. Co Author Listing * Empty vehicles management as a method for reducing passenger waiting time in Personal Rapid Transit networks

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