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den Boer, G.A. Co Author Listing * SCILAIM: A Multi-Level Interactive Image Processing Environment

den Brinker, A.C.[Albertus C.] Co Author Listing * Color-Distortion Filtering for Remote Photoplethysmography

den Dekker, A.J. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Diffusion Properties in Crossing Fiber Bundles
* Generalized Likelihood Ratio Tests for Complex fMRI Data: A Simulation Study
* Likelihood-Based Hypothesis Tests for Brain Activation Detection From MRI Data Disturbed by Colored Noise: A Simulation Study
* nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase maps, A
* Optimal Experimental Design for Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging
* Parameter estimation from magnitude MR images
* Partial Discreteness: A Novel Prior for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
* Partially discrete magnetic resonance tomography
* reconstructed residual error: A novel segmentation evaluation measure for reconstructed images in tomography, The
* Simultaneous motion correction and T1 estimation in quantitative T1 mapping: An ML restoration approach
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Framework for Simultaneous Motion and T_1 Estimation in Quantitative MR T_1 Mapping, A
Includes: den Dekker, A.J. den Dekker, A.J.[Arnold J.]
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den Hartog, J.E. Co Author Listing * Finding arrows in utility maps using a neural network
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Utility Maps
* Knowledge-Based Updating of Maps by Interpretation of Aerial Images

den Heijer, T. Co Author Listing * Automated Brain Structure Segmentation Based on Atlas Registration and Appearance Models

den Hollander, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Automated recognition of human activities in video streams in real time
* Combined RANSAC-Hough Transform Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation, A
* Super-resolution of faces using the epipolar constraint
Includes: den Hollander, R.[Richard] Den Hollander, R.

den Hollander, R.J.M. Co Author Listing * Complex threat detection: Learning vs. rules, using a hierarchy of features
* Logo recognition in video stills by string matching
* Outlier identification in stereo correspondences using quadrics
* Selection of negative samples and two-stage combination of multiple features for action detection in thousands of videos
* Thorax biometrics from millimetre-wave images

den Uyl, M.[Marten] Co Author Listing * Human Pose Estimation in Space and Time Using 3D CNN
* looking back screens, The
* Multi-level visual alphabets
* Remote PPG based vital sign measurement using adaptive facial regions

den Uyl, T.M. Co Author Listing * Real-time facial character animation
* Who do you want to be? Real-time face swap

Den, C.L.[Chia Liang] Co Author Listing * unified approach to detection of shot boundaries and subshots in compressed video, A

Denœux, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * adaptive k-NN rule based on Dempster-Shafer theory, An
* evidential classifier based on feature selection and two-step classification strategy, An
* Multimodal information fusion for urban scene understanding

Denard, H. Co Author Listing * Virtual Presence and the Mind's Eye in 3-D Online Communities

Denarie, B. Co Author Listing * Coherent Plane Wave Compounding for Very High Frame Rate Ultrasonography of Rapidly Moving Targets

Denasi, S. Co Author Listing * Use of Perceptual Organization in the Prediction of Geometric Structures, The

DeNatale, F.G.B.[Francesco G.B.] Co Author Listing * Discovering inherent event taxonomies from social media collections

Denbina, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Estimation of forest biomass from an airborne single-pass L-band POL-InSAR system
* On the Reconstruction of Quad-Pol SAR Data From Compact Polarimetry Data For Ocean Target Detection
* Radiometric Correction of Airborne Radar Images Over Forested Terrain With Topography
* Wind speed estimation using C-band compact polarimetric SAR for wide swath imaging modes
Includes: Denbina, M.[Michael] Denbina, M.

Denby, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Neural network trigger algorithms for heavy quark event selection in a fixed target high energy physics experiment

Dencker, J.[Jorgen] Co Author Listing * Recovery of Fragile Objects from Underwater Archaeological Excavations: New Materials and Techniques by SASMAP Project
Includes: Dencker, J.[Jorgen] Dencker, J.[Jørgen]

Dencker, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Learning of Pose Embeddings from Spatiotemporal Relations in Videos

Dendek, P.J.[Piotr Jan] Co Author Listing * CERMINE: Automatic extraction of structured metadata from scientific literature

Dendris, N.D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Geometrically Characterising Drawings of a Class of 3-D Objects, An

Denecke, K.[Kerstin] Co Author Listing * Event-Driven Surveillance: Possibilities and Challenges

Denecker, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Design of an improved lossless halftone image compression codec
* Lossless Quantization of Hadamard Transform Coefficients
* New Embedded Lossless/Quasi-Lossless Image Coder Based on the Hadamard Transform, A
Includes: Denecker, K.[Koen] Denecker, K.

Denenberg, B.A.[Byron A.] Co Author Listing * Video traffic monitor for retail establishments and the like

Denert, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * method for computing points of a circle using only integers, A

Denes, L.J. Co Author Listing * High Performance Cameras for Hyperspectral and Polarimetric Imaging Research
* Hyperspectral Face Database
* Imaging Through Scattering Media
* Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Denes, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Towards a Certified Computation of Homology Groups for Digital Images
Includes: Denes, M.[Maxime] Dénès, M.[Maxime]

Deneux, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Cerebral blood flow recorded at high sensitivity in two dimensions using high resolution optical imaging
* EEG-fMRI fusion of non-triggered data using Kalman filtering
* New Variational Method for Erythrocyte Velocity Estimation in Wide-Field Imaging In Vivo, A
* Parameter estimation efficiency using nonlinear models in fMRI
Includes: Deneux, T.[Thomas] Deneux, T.

Denezine, M.[Matheus] Co Author Listing * Absolute and relative height-pixel accuracy of SRTM-GL1 over the South American Andean Plateau

Deng, A.[Anjian] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Depth Using an Airborne Polarimeter over North China

Deng, A.W.[An Wen] Co Author Listing * Stable, fast computation of high-order Zernike moments using a recursive method
Includes: Deng, A.W.[An Wen] Deng, A.W.[An-Wen]

Deng, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Decoupling DOA Estimation Algorithm for Rectangle Array
* Depth from motion using critical point filters with unconstraint camera motion
* Error Analysis of Direction Finding for Wide Band Signals Using MUSIC Algorithm
* Influence of Target Micromotion on SAR and GMTI, The
* Remote Sensing Analysis of the Status of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
* Research On Differential Coding Method For Satellite Remote Sensing Data Compression
* Superpixel-Based Multitask Learning Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Deng, B.[Bin] Deng, B.[Binyou] Deng, B.[Bing] Deng, B.
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Deng, C.[Chao] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using 3D DAISY descriptor
* Collaborative Hashing
* Content-Based Image Compression for Arbitrary-Resolution Display Devices
* Deep Clustering via Joint Convolutional Autoencoder Embedding and Relative Entropy Minimization
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Common Label Alignment for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Discriminative Multi-instance Multitask Learning for 3D Action Recognition
* Distributed Adaptive Binary Quantization for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search
* Exploiting Attribute Dependency for Attribute Assignment in Crowded Scenes
* Geometric Distortion Insensitive Image Watermarking in Affine Covariant Regions
* Geometrically invariant watermarking using affine covariant regions
* Global Spatio-Temporal Representation for Action Recognition, A
* Hybrid Approach for Near-Range Video Stabilization, A
* Image Quality Metric Based On Biologically Inspired Feature Model, An
* Just Noticeable Difference for Images With Decomposition Model for Separating Edge and Textured Regions
* Latent Max-Margin Multitask Learning With Skelets for 3-D Action Recognition
* Learning to multimodal hash for robust video copy detection
* Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Multilinear Hyperplane Hashing
* Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Combining Multiple Features for Spectral-Spatial Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Query-Adaptive Hash Code Ranking for Large-Scale Multi-View Visual Search
* Query-Adaptive Reciprocal Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Robust Object Tracking With Discrete Graph-Based Multiple Experts
* Robust Reversible Watermarking via Clustering and Enhanced Pixel-Wise Masking
* Robust Sparse Coding for Mobile Image Labeling on the Cloud
* Scalable Mammogram Retrieval Using Composite Anchor Graph Hashing With Iterative Quantization
* Scale and Orientation Invariant Text Segmentation for Born-Digital Compound Images
* Visual Reranking through Weakly Supervised Multi-graph Learning
* Weakly Supervised Multi-Graph Learning for Robust Image Reranking
Includes: Deng, C.[Chao] Deng, C.[Cheng] Deng, C.
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Deng, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Endmember Variability into Linear Unmixing of Coarse Resolution Imagery: Mapping Large-Scale Impervious Surface Abundance Using a Hierarchically Object-Based Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Mapping Above-Ground Biomass by Integrating Optical and SAR Imagery: A Case Study of Xixi National Wetland Park, China
* Subpixel Urban Impervious Surface Mapping: The Impact of Input Landsat Images
* use of single-date MODIS imagery for estimating large-scale urban impervious surface fraction with spectral mixture analysis and machine learning techniques, The
Includes: Deng, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Deng, C.B.[Cheng-Bin]

Deng, C.C.[Chen Chen] Co Author Listing * Implementation of in-loop filter for HEVC decoder on reconfigurable processor
Includes: Deng, C.C.[Chen Chen] Deng, C.C.[Chen-Chen]

Deng, C.T. Co Author Listing * Camera Models Determination Using Multiple Frames

Deng, C.W.[Chen Wei] Co Author Listing * Comparison between H.264/AVC and Motion jpeg2000 for super-high definition video coding
* Compressed-Domain Ship Detection on Spaceborne Optical Image Using Deep Neural Network and Extreme Learning Machine
* Exploiting entropy masking in perceptual graphic rendering
* fast learning algorithm for multi-layer extreme learning machine, A
* novel SVD-based image quality assessment metric, A
* Optimal Compression Plane for Efficient Video Coding
* Performance analysis, parameter selection and extensions to H.264/AVC FRExt for high resolution video coding
* Robust Image Coding Based Upon Compressive Sensing
* Time Varying Metric Learning for visual tracking
Includes: Deng, C.W.[Chen Wei] Deng, C.W.[Chen-Wei]
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Deng, C.X.[Cai Xia] Co Author Listing * de-noising method of threshold function based on wavelet, The
* Ultrasonic spectrum analysis for tissue evaluation
Includes: Deng, C.X.[Cai Xia] Deng, C.X.[Cai-Xia] Deng, C.X.[Cheri X.]

Deng, C.Y.[Chong Yang] Co Author Listing * simple method for interpolating meshes of arbitrary topology by Catmull-Clark surfaces, A
Includes: Deng, C.Y.[Chong Yang] Deng, C.Y.[Chong-Yang]

Deng, D.[Da] Co Author Listing * Content-based image collection summarization and comparison using self-organizing maps
* Evolving Localised Learning Model for On-line Image Colour Quantisation, An
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using spatial Gabor filters and self-organizing feature maps
Includes: Deng, D.[Da] Deng, D.

Deng, D.B. Co Author Listing * Design of MWIR Continuous Zoom with Light Weight

Deng, D.P.[Dong Po] Co Author Listing * Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
Includes: Deng, D.P.[Dong Po] Deng, D.P.[Dong-Po]

Deng, D.X.[De Xiang] Co Author Listing * Compressive tracking via oversaturated sub-region classifiers
* MLSIM: A Multi-Level Similarity index for image quality assessment
* No-reference image quality assessment based on hybrid model
* No-reference image quality assessment using Prewitt magnitude based on convolutional neural networks
* Segmentation by weighted aggregation and perceptual hash for pedestrian detection
* Task selection in spatial crowdsourcing from worker's perspective
* Visual object tracking via online sparse instance learning
Includes: Deng, D.X.[De Xiang] Deng, D.X.[De-Xiang] Deng, D.X.[Ding-Xiong]
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Deng, F.[Fanbo] Co Author Listing * 3D Imaging Framework Based on High-Resolution Photometric-Stereo and Low-Resolution Depth, A
* Algorithm for Global Leaf Area Index Retrieval Using Satellite Imagery
* Automatic Registration Between LIDAR and Digital Images
* Automatic Texture Mapping With An Omnidirectional Camera Mounted On A Vehicle Towards Large Scale 3d City Models
* Automatic Texture Reconstruction Of 3d City Model From Oblique Images
* Color-Aware Regularization for Gradient Domain Image Manipulation
* Human Body Shape and Motion Tracking by Hierarchical Weighted ICP
* Locally Adjusted Cubic-Spline Capping for Reconstructing Seasonal Trajectories of a Satellite-Derived Surface Parameter
* Retrieving video shots in semantic brain imaging space using manifold-ranking
* Scene categorization based on local-global feature fusion and multi-scale multi-spatial resolution encoding
* Visual enhancement of old documents with hyperspectral imaging
* Weighted Optimization-Based Distributed Kalman Filter for Nonlinear Target Tracking in Collaborative Sensor Networks
Includes: Deng, F.[Fanbo] Deng, F. Deng, F.[Fei] Deng, F.[Fuqin] Deng, F.[Fan]
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Deng, F.C.[Fu Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Digitisation of Large-Scale Unstructured Great Wall Heritage Sites by a Small Unmanned Helicopter
* Wind Disturbance Rejection in Position Control of Unmanned Helicopter by Nonlinear Damping
Includes: Deng, F.C.[Fu Cheng] Deng, F.C.[Fu-Cheng]

Deng, F.Q.[Fei Qi] Co Author Listing * Discriminative two-level feature selection for realistic human action recognition
* Realistic Human Action Recognition with Multimodal Feature Selection and Fusion
* Realistic Human Action Recognition with Audio Context
* Structure Context of Local Features in Realistic Human Action Recognition
Includes: Deng, F.Q.[Fei Qi] Deng, F.Q.[Fei-Qi]

Deng, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Linear Prediction for Lossless Coding of Greyscale Images
* Adaptive prediction for lossless image compression
* Bayesian Predictor Combination for Lossless Image Compression
* Constrained Smoothness Cost in Markov Random Field Based Stereo Matching
* Differentiation-Based Edge-Detection Using the Logarithmic Image-Processing Model
* Edge-Aware BMA Filters
* Entropy Interpretation of the Logarithmic Image Processing Model With Application to Contrast Enhancement, An
* Evaluation of an Off-the-Shelf Digital Close-Range Photogrammetric Software Package, An
* FaceTracker: A Human Face Tracking and Facial Organ Localizing System
* Fast algorithm for least-squares based image prediction
* Fast buffering for FPGA implementation of vision-based object recognition systems
* Fast Vision-Based Object Recognition Using Combined Integral Map
* fast white balance algorithm based on pixel greyness, A
* Generalized Logarithmic Image Processing Model Based on the Gigavision Sensor Model, A
* Generalized Unsharp Masking Algorithm, A
* Generalized Wiener Estimation Algorithms Based on a Family of Heavy-Tail Distributions
* Guided Wavelet Shrinkage for Edge-Aware Smoothing
* Implementation of real-time pedestrian detection on FPGA
* Independent Component Analysis Applied to Electrogram Classification During Atrial Fibrillation
* Interpolative Subband Coding Algorithm for Lossless Image Compression, An
* Lossless Image Compression using Adaptive Predictor Combination, Symbol Mapping and Context Filtering
* Maximum likelihood based framework for second-level adaptive prediction
* method for predictive order adaptation based on model averaging, A
* Multistage Adaptive Prediction Using Local Area Based Predictor Evaluation
* New Interpolative Subband Coding Algorithm for Lossless Image Compression, A
* New prediction schemes for lossless coding of fullband and subband images
* Parametric Generalized Linear System Based on the Notion of the T-Norm
* partial Hadamard transform approach to the design of cancelable fingerprint templates containing binary biometric representations, A
* Real-Time Vision-Based Stop Sign Detection System on FPGA
* Semi-guided bilateral filter
* Signal Estimation Using Multiple-Wavelet Representations and Gaussian Models
* Statistical Framework for Generalized Linear Image Processing Systems, A
* study of biorthogonal wavelets in digital watermarking, A
* study of logarithmic image processing model and its application to image enhancement, The
* Study of Two New Adaptive Predictors for Lossless Image Compression, A
* Symbol mapping and context filtering for lossless image compression
* Symmetric Generalized LIP Model and Its Application in Dynamic Range Enhancement, The
* System For Human Face And Facial Feature Location, A
* Transform domain LMS-based adaptive prediction for lossless image coding
Includes: Deng, G. Deng, G.[Guang] Deng, G.[Gang]
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Deng, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Imaginary Stroke Techinique for Cursive Online Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition, An
Includes: Deng, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Deng, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang]

Deng, H.[Hai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Radar Beamforming for Interference Mitigation in Radar-Wireless Spectrum Sharing
* Adjusting samples for obtaining better L2-norm minimization based sparse representation
* Advanced gaussian MRF rotation-invariant texture features for classification of remote sensing imagery
* Background suppression of small target image based on fast local reverse entropy operator
* Design and Prototyping a Smart Deep Brain Stimulator: An Autonomous Neuro-Sensing and Stimulating Electrode System
* Design-Based Texture Feature Fusion Using Gabor Filters and Co-Occurrence Probabilities
* Entropy-based window selection for detecting dim and small infrared targets
* Feature fusion for image texture segmentation
* Gaussian MRF Rotation-Invariant Features for Image Classification
* Gene selection with guided regularized random forest
* Geometric Accuracy Assessment and Correction of Imagery from Chinese Earth Observation Satellites (HJ-1 A/B, CBERS-02C and ZY-3)
* Image enhancement based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory
* Image Feature-Based Space-Time Processing for Ground Moving Target Detection
* Learning a Discriminative Distance Metric With Label Consistency for Scene Classification
* Line Extraction with Composite Background Subtract
* Mobile ISR: Intelligent ISR management and exploitation for the expeditionary warfighter
* Monocular Free-Head 3D Gaze Tracking with Deep Learning and Geometry Constraints
* Poisson equation for image texture modelling, The
* Saliency Pattern Detection by Ranking Structured Trees
* Small Infrared Target Detection Based on Weighted Local Difference Measure
* Uncertainty Reduction for Knowledge Discovery and Information Extraction on the World Wide Web
* Unsupervised image segmentation using a simple MRF model with a new implementation scheme
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Sea Ice Imagery Using a Novel Markov Random Field Model
* Unsupervised segmentation of synthetic aperture radar sea ice imagery using MRF models
Includes: Deng, H.[Hai] Deng, H.[Hong] Deng, H.[Huawu] Deng, H.[He] Deng, H. Deng, H.[Houtao]
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Deng, H.B.[Hong Bin] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Mixture Modeling of Neighbor Characters for Multilingual Text Extraction in Images
* motion controller for a pan-tilt camera on an autonomous helicopter, A
* Wavelet Transform Based Gaussian Point Spread Function Estimation
Includes: Deng, H.B.[Hong Bin] Deng, H.B.[Hong-Bin] Deng, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

Deng, H.C. Co Author Listing * Three-Frame Corner Matching and Moving Object Object Extraction in a Sequence of Images
* Three-Frame Corner Matching and Moving Object Object Extraction in a Sequence of Images
Includes: Deng, H.C. Deng, H.C.[Hsi-Chou]

Deng, H.G.[Hong Gui] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation of Drosophila's Compound Eyes via Two-Dimensional Otsu Thresholding on the Basis of AGA
Includes: Deng, H.G.[Hong Gui] Deng, H.G.[Hong-Gui]

Deng, H.L.[Hong Li] Co Author Listing * Automated Insect Identification through Concatenated Histograms of Local Appearance Features
* Automated insect identification through concatenated histograms of local appearance features: feature vector generation and region detection for deformable objects
* Hierarchical Object Recognition System Based on Multi-scale Principal Curvature Regions, A
* Model based human motion tracking using probability evolutionary algorithm
* Performance evaluation of an intelligent video surveillance system: A case study
* Principal Curvature-Based Region Detector for Object Recognition
* Reinforcement Matching Using Region Context
* Semantic Video-to-Video Search Using Sub-graph Grouping and Matching
* SIFT Descriptor with Global Context, A
* Understanding visual dictionaries via Maximum Mutual Information curves
Includes: Deng, H.L.[Hong Li] Deng, H.L.[Hong-Li] Deng, H.L.[Hao-Long]
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Deng, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Minutiae Matching Based Fingerprint Verification Using Delaunay Triangulation and Aligned-Edge-Guided Triangle Matching
Includes: Deng, H.M.[Hui Min] Deng, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Deng, H.P.[Hui Ping] Co Author Listing * Depth Based View Synthesis with Artifacts Removal for FTV
* Edge-preserving interpolation for down/up sampling-based depth compression
Includes: Deng, H.P.[Hui Ping] Deng, H.P.[Hui-Ping]

Deng, H.Q.[Hui Qun] Co Author Listing * Applying Error-Correcting Output Coding to Enhance Convolutional Neural Network for Target Detection and Pattern Recognition
* Error-Correcting Output Coding for the Convolutional Neural Network for Optical Character Recognition
Includes: Deng, H.Q.[Hui Qun] Deng, H.Q.[Hui-Qun]

Deng, H.S.[Hai Song] Co Author Listing * magic of split augmented Lagrangians applied to K-frame-based L0-L2 minimization image restoration, The
* Motion Deblurring Using Non-stationary Image Modeling
* posterior mean approach for MRF-based spatially adaptive multi-frame image super-resolution, A
* Regularized motion blur-kernel estimation with adaptive sparse image prior learning
* Unified Optimization Perspective to Single/Multi-observation Blur-Kernel Estimation with Applications to Camera-Shake Deblurring and Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution, A
Includes: Deng, H.S.[Hai Song] Deng, H.S.[Hai-Song]

Deng, H.T. Co Author Listing * Brain-Wave-Actuated Small Robot Car Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Approach, A

Deng, H.X.[Hong Xia] Co Author Listing * Modified Method of State-Estimator Designing for Non-Uniformly Sampled System, A
Includes: Deng, H.X.[Hong Xia] Deng, H.X.[Hong-Xia]

Deng, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Menpo Facial Landmark Tracking Challenge, The
* 3D Object Representations for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Adaptive Cascade Regression Model For Robust Face Alignment
* AgeDB: The First Manually Collected, In-the-Wild Age Database
* Autoencoder-based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Automatic Human Knee Cartilage Segmentation from Multi-contrast MR Images Using Extreme Learning Machines and Discriminative Random Fields
* Detecting Avocados to Zucchinis: What Have We Done, and Where Are We Going?
* Distributing Recognition in Computational Paralinguistics
* Dual Sparse Constrained Cascade Regression for Robust Face Alignment
* Fine-Grained Crowdsourcing for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images
* From Large Scale Image Categorization to Entry-Level Categories
* Fuzzy AutoEncode Based Cloud Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery
* Hedging your bets: Optimizing accuracy-specificity trade-offs in large scale visual recognition
* HICO: A Benchmark for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions in Images
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Multitemporal RADARSAT-2 SAR Data Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Algebraic Multigrid Method
* Hierarchical semantic indexing for large scale image retrieval
* ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge
* ImageNet: A large-scale hierarchical image database
* improved empirical mode decomposition by using dyadic masking signals, An
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Learning Features and Parts for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Learning semantic relationships for better action retrieval in images
* Learning to Name Objects
* Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowd for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Linked Source and Target Domain Subspace Feature Transfer Learning -- Exemplified by Speech Emotion Recognition
* Local Web Advertisement Through Dynamic Active Proxy
* Long-Term Ship Speed Prediction for Intelligent Traffic Signaling
* Mining semantic affordances of visual object categories
* Motion-compensated orthonormal expansion -minimization for reference-driven MRI reconstruction using Augmented Lagrangian methods
* New GNSS Single-Epoch Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Triple-Frequency Signals, A
* New Method for Bar Code Localization and Recognition, A
* novel similarity-based approach for image segmentation, A
* Orthonormal expansion L1-minimization for compressed sensing in MRI
* Predicting Entry-Level Categories
* Probabilistic Label Relation Graphs with Ising Models
* Segmenting human knee cartilage automatically from multi-contrast MR images using support vector machines and discriminative random fields
* Spatio-Temporal Change of Snow Cover and Its Response to Climate over the Tibetan Plateau Based on an Improved Daily Cloud-Free Snow Cover Product
* Stacked Hourglass Networks for Human Pose Estimation
* Structured Matching for Phrase Localization
* Surface Normals in the Wild
* Temporal Action Localization by Structured Maximal Sums
* Toward Improved Daily Cloud-Free Fractional Snow Cover Mapping with Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data in China
* Towards Scalable Dataset Construction: An Active Learning Approach
* Trajectory-Tracking Control of Mobile Robot Systems Incorporating Neural-Dynamic Optimized Model Predictive Approach
* Universum Autoencoder-Based Domain Adaptation for Speech Emotion Recognition
* What Does Classifying More Than 10,000 Image Categories Tell Us?
Includes: Deng, J. Deng, J.[Jia] Deng, J.[Jun] Deng, J.[Juan] Deng, J.[Jiahao] Deng, J.[Jing] Deng, J.[Jian] Deng, J.[Jie]
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Deng, J.D.[Jeremiah D.] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in crowd scenes via online adaptive one-class support vector machines
* Assessing the naturalness of scenes: An approach using statistics of local features
* Ensemble classification with modified SIFT descriptor for medical image modality
* Illumination Invariant Background Model Using Mixture of Gaussians and SURF Features
* Improving feature extraction for automatic medical image categorization
* Improving Mixture of Gaussians background model through adaptive learning and Spatio-Temporal voting
* Improving superpixel-based image segmentation by incorporating color covariance matrix manifolds
* Keypoint-Based Keyframe Selection
* Localized adaptive learning of Mixture of Gaussians models for background extraction
* Modeling semantic context for key-frame extraction in wildlife video
* Novelty detection in wildlife scenes through semantic context modelling
* Self-adaptive CodeBook (SACB) model for real-time background subtraction, A
* Video background modeling: Recent Approaches, Issues and Our Proposed Techniques
Includes: Deng, J.D.[Jeremiah D.] Deng, J.D.
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Deng, J.H.[Jun Hui] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Model for Robust Face Alignment in Videos, A
Includes: Deng, J.H.[Jun Hui] Deng, J.H.[Jun-Hui]

Deng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * 3D interactive coronary artery segmentation using random forests and Markov random field optimization
* Age-Related Macular Degeneration Detection and Stage Classification Using Choroidal OCT Images
* AMD Classification in Choroidal OCT Using Hierarchical Texton Mining
* Combining Stacked Denoising Autoencoders and Random Forests for Face Detection
* Conversational Interaction Recognition Based on Bodily and Facial Movement
* Dynamic Time Warping for Music Retrieval Using Time Series Modeling of Musical Emotions
* Fixing the root node: Efficient tracking and detection of 3D human pose through local solutions
* From clamped local shape models to global shape model
* From pose to activity: Surveying datasets and introducing CONVERSE
* Nested Shallow CNN-Cascade for Face Detection in the Wild
* Recognizing Conversational Interaction Based on 3D Human Pose
* Tracking 3D human pose with large root node uncertainty
Includes: Deng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Deng, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Deng, J.J.
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Deng, J.K.[Jian Kang] Co Author Listing * FaceHunter: A multi-task convolutional neural network based face detector
* Facial Shape Tracking via Spatio-Temporal Cascade Shape Regression
* M3 CSR: Multi-view, multi-scale and multi-component cascade shape regression
* Marginal Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Menpo Facial Landmark Localisation Challenge: A Step Towards the Solution, The
* Robust facial landmark tracking via cascade regression
Includes: Deng, J.K.[Jian Kang] Deng, J.K.[Jian-Kang]

Deng, J.P.[Jun Ping] Co Author Listing * K-CPD: Learning of overcomplete dictionaries for tensor sparse coding
* Sparse and Low Rank Matrix Decomposition Based Local Morphological Analysis and Its Application to Diagnosis of Cirrhosis Livers
Includes: Deng, J.P.[Jun Ping] Deng, J.P.[Jun-Ping]

Deng, J.Q.[Jin Qiu] Co Author Listing * Hooke and jeeves algorithm for linear least-square problems in sparse signal reconstruction
Includes: Deng, J.Q.[Jin Qiu] Deng, J.Q.[Jin-Qiu]

Deng, J.S.[Jin Song] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Impact of Highways Associated with Farmland Loss under Rapid Urbanization
* Approximate mu-Bases of Rational Curves and Surfaces
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* Rural Settlement Subdivision by Using Landscape Metrics as Spatial Contextual Information
* Scale-Space Analysis of Discrete Filtering Over Arbitrary Triangulated Surfaces
* Surface modeling with polynomial splines over hierarchical T-meshes
Includes: Deng, J.S.[Jin Song] Deng, J.S.[Jin-Song] Deng, J.S.[Jian-Song]

Deng, J.W.[Jiang Wen] Co Author Listing * fast level set method for segmentation of low contrast noisy biomedical images, A
* HMM-based Approach for Gesture Segmentation and Recognition, An
* Novel Binarization System for Degraded Document Images, A
* Novel Two-Layer PCA/MDA Scheme for Hand Posture Recognition, A
* PCA/MDA scheme for hand posture recognition, A
Includes: Deng, J.W.[Jiang Wen] Deng, J.W.[Jiang-Wen] Deng, J.W.

Deng, J.Y.[Jyh Yuan] Co Author Listing * Region-Based Template Deformation and Masking for Eye-Feature Extraction and Description
Includes: Deng, J.Y.[Jyh Yuan] Deng, J.Y.[Jyh-Yuan]

Deng, K.[Kazhong] Co Author Listing * Deriving Ice Motion Patterns in Mountainous Regions by Integrating the Intensity-Based Pixel-Tracking and Phase-Based D-InSAR and MAI Approaches: A Case Study of the Chongce Glacier
* Exemplar-Based Human Action Pose Correction
* Exemplar-based human action pose correction and tagging
* Kalman Filtered Bio Heat Transfer Model Based Self-adaptive Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Thermometry
* Modelling and simulating worm propagation in static and dynamic traffic
* Monitoring Mining Subsidence Using A Combination of Phase-Stacking and Offset-Tracking Methods
* PNN query processing on compressed trajectories
* Robust Harris Corner Matching Based on the Quasi-Homography Transform and Self-Adaptive Window for Wide-Baseline Stereo Images
* Scale-Driven Change Detection Method Incorporating Uncertainty Analysis for Remote Sensing Images, A
* Study on a Filtering Algorithm Based on Stream of LIDAR Data on Urban Area
Includes: Deng, K.[Kazhong] Deng, K.[Ke] Deng, K. Deng, K.[Kevin]
10 for Deng, K.

Deng, K.Q.[Ke Qiang] Co Author Listing * Contour Estimation Using Global Shape Constraints and Local Forces
Includes: Deng, K.Q.[Ke Qiang] Deng, K.Q.[Ke-Qiang]

Deng, K.Z. Co Author Listing * Application of Surface Deformation Monitoring in Mining Area by the Fusion of InSAR and Laser Scan Data
* Camera Station Based Combiner Adjustment of Multi-Images
* New Power-Line Extraction Method Based on Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Data, A
* Wavelet-Based Topographic Effect Compensation in Accurate Mountain Glacier Velocity Extraction: A Case Study of the Muztagh Ata Region, Eastern Pamir
Includes: Deng, K.Z. Deng, K.Z.[Ka-Zhong]

Deng, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Above-bottom biomass retrieval of aquatic plants with regression models and SfM data acquired by a UAV platform-A case study in Wild Duck Lake Wetland, Beijing, China
* Building change detection based on 3D reconstruction
* Colorization Using Quaternion Algebra with Automatic Scribble Generation
* Congestion Avoidance Routing Based on Large-Scale Social Signals
* Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends
* Deep Learning for Image-to-Text Generation: A Technical Overview
* Efficient and effective algorithms for training single-hidden-layer neural networks
* Fast Online Tracking With Detection Refinement
* From captions to visual concepts and back
* Fundamental Technologies in Modern Speech Recognition
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Learning Deep Architectures
* Image set querying based localization
* Improved POLSAR Image Classification by the Use of Multi-Feature Combination
* Integrating Orientation Cue With EOH-OLBP-Based Multilevel Features for Human Detection
* L_1/2 regularized low-rank representation for hyperspectral imagery classification, An
* Multiframe Motion Segmentation via Penalized Map Estimation and Linear Programming
* Novel Approach for Coarse-to-Fine Windthrown Tree Extraction Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images, A
* Object Localization Based on Proposal Fusion
* Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning
* Sparse Bayesian Learning-Based Time-Variant Deconvolution
* Speech Information Processing: Theory and Applications
* Speech Recognition Using Long-Span Temporal Patterns in a Deep Network Model
* Speech-Centric Information Processing: An Optimization-Oriented Approach
* Stacked Attention Networks for Image Question Answering
* StyleNet: Generating Attractive Visual Captions with Styles
* Tensor Deep Stacking Networks
* Use of Sub-Aperture Decomposition for Supervised PolSAR Classification in Urban Area
* Using continuous features in the maximum entropy model
* Window-Level Rate Control for Smooth Picture Quality and Smooth Buffer Occupancy
Includes: Deng, L.[Lei] Deng, L. Deng, L.[Li] Deng, L.[Liang] Deng, L.[Lin]
29 for Deng, L.

Deng, L.J. Co Author Listing * Novel Tensor-Based Video Rain Streaks Removal Approach via Utilizing Discriminatively Intrinsic Priors, A
* Signal restoration combining Tikhonov regularization and multilevel method with thresholding strategy
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via an Iterative Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method
* Stripe noise removal of remote sensing images by total variation regularization and group sparsity constraint
Includes: Deng, L.J. Deng, L.J.[Liang-Jian]

Deng, L.Q.[Li Qun] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Dance Motions with Segmental SVD
Includes: Deng, L.Q.[Li Qun] Deng, L.Q.[Li-Qun]

Deng, M. Co Author Listing * Approach To Alleviate The False Alarm In Building Change Detection From Urban VHR Image, An
* Classification Algorithm to Distinguish Image as Haze or Non-haze, A
* Computer-aided mammography classification of malignant mass regions and normal regions based on novel texton features
* High-speed railway rod-insulator detection using segment clustering and deformable part models
* Hybrid Method for Interpolating Missing Data in Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal Datasets, A
* Multi-level Topological Relations Between Spatial Regions Based Upon Topological Invariants
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
* Regular Shape Similarity Index: A Novel Index for Accurate Extraction of Regular Objects From Remote Sensing Images
* Statistical Model for Directional Relations Between Spatial Objects, A
Includes: Deng, M. Deng, M.[Mike] Deng, M.[Min] Deng, M.[Meixia]
9 for Deng, M.

Deng, M.H.[Ming Hui] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based 3T Brain MRI Segmentation with Guidance from 7T MRI Labeling
Includes: Deng, M.H.[Ming Hui] Deng, M.H.[Ming-Hui]

Deng, M.J.[Ming Jun] Co Author Listing * Multimode Hybrid Geometric Calibration of Spaceborne SAR Considering Atmospheric Propagation Delay
Includes: Deng, M.J.[Ming Jun] Deng, M.J.[Ming-Jun]

Deng, M.K.[Mi Ke] Co Author Listing * Research of pseudo frame skip technology applied in H.264
Includes: Deng, M.K.[Mi Ke] Deng, M.K.[Mi-Ke]

Deng, M.Q.[Mu Qing] Co Author Listing * Fusion of spatial-temporal and kinematic features for gait recognition with deterministic learning
* Human gait recognition based on deterministic learning through multiple views fusion
Includes: Deng, M.Q.[Mu Qing] Deng, M.Q.[Mu-Qing]

Deng, M.S.[Ming Shan] Co Author Listing * Vehicle licence plate recognition using super-resolution technique
Includes: Deng, M.S.[Ming Shan] Deng, M.S.[Ming-Shan]

Deng, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Co Author Listing * efficient weighted Lagrangian twin support vector machine for imbalanced data classification, An
* Improved Generalized Eigenvalue Proximal Support Vector Machine
* MLTSVM: A novel twin support vector machine to multi-label learning
Includes: Deng, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Deng, N.Y.[Nai-Yang]

Deng, P. Co Author Listing * Unlicensed Taxi Identification Model Based on Big Data Analysis, An

Deng, P.S.H.[Peter Shao Hua] Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Off-Line Handwritten Signature Verification
Includes: Deng, P.S.H.[Peter Shao Hua] Deng, P.S.H.[Peter Shao-Hua]

Deng, P.W.P.[Peter Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * high-speed optical mark reader hardware implementation at low cost using programmable logic, A
Includes: Deng, P.W.P.[Peter Wei Ping] Deng, P.W.P.[Peter Wei-Ping]

Deng, Q. Co Author Listing * Automatic Co-Registration of Digital Elevation Models Based on Centroids of Subwatersheds
* General Simulation Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platooning, A

Deng, Q.L.[Qian Lan] Co Author Listing * Universal Steganalysis Using Features Derived from the Differential Image Histogram in Frequency Domain, A
Includes: Deng, Q.L.[Qian Lan] Deng, Q.L.[Qian-Lan]

Deng, Q.P.[Qiu Ping] Co Author Listing * Reliable information embedding for image/video in the presence of lossy compression
Includes: Deng, Q.P.[Qiu Ping] Deng, Q.P.[Qiu-Ping]

Deng, Q.Q.[Qing Qiong] Co Author Listing * 3D craniofacial reconstruction using reference skull-face database
* CUDA-based real-time hand gesture interaction and visualization for CT volume dataset using leap motion
* Weighted Landmark-Based Algorithm for Skull Identification, The
Includes: Deng, Q.Q.[Qing Qiong] Deng, Q.Q.[Qing-Qiong] Deng, Q.Q.[Qing-Qong]

Deng, Q.X.[Qin Xue] Co Author Listing * Method of Phase-Locked Loop Performance Testing, A
Includes: Deng, Q.X.[Qin Xue] Deng, Q.X.[Qin-Xue]

Deng, R. Co Author Listing * Attribute-Based Access to Scalable Media in Cloud-Assisted Content Sharing Networks
* Dual-Bound Algorithm for Very Fast and Exact Template Matching, A
* Green Energy and Content-Aware Data Transmissions in Maritime Wireless Communication Networks
* Modeling of H.264/AVC based video transmission distortion over wireless network
* near optimal acceptance-rejection algorithm for exact cross-correlation search, A
* Utility-Based Optimized Cross-Layer Scheme for Real-Time Video Transmission Over HSDPA
Includes: Deng, R. Deng, R.[Rui]

Deng, R.H. Co Author Listing * Collusion-Resistant Conditional Access System for Flexible-Pay-Per-Channel Pay-TV Broadcasting, A
* Compliant encryption of JPEG2000 codestreams
* Multidimensional Context Awareness in Mobile Devices
* On robust image spam filtering via comprehensive visual modeling
* On Security Notions of Steganographic Systems
* Progressive protection of jpeg2000 codestreams
* scalable and format-compliant encryption scheme for H.264/SVC bitstreams, A
* Security of an Ill-Posed Operator for Image Authentication
* Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Countermeasures in Balise-Based Train Control Systems
* Zero-error watermarking on jpeg images by shuffling huffman tree nodes
Includes: Deng, R.H. Deng, R.H.[Robert H.]
10 for Deng, R.H.

Deng, R.L.[Rui Ling] Co Author Listing * Correlation-Based Facade Parsing Using Shape Grammar
* Multiple View Based Building Modeling with Multi-box Grammar
Includes: Deng, R.L.[Rui Ling] Deng, R.L.[Rui-Ling]

Deng, S.[Shulan] Co Author Listing * Algorithm with Reduced Operations for Connected Components Detection in ITU-T Group 3/4 Coded Images, An
* Document segmentation using polynomial spline wavelets
* Images similarity estimation by processing compressed data
* Improved Information Value Model Based on Gray Clustering for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, An
* Segmentation of light field image with the structure tensor
* Sparse Decomposition for Signal Periodic Model Over Complex Exponential Dictionary
* Voice Activity Detection Based on Complex Exponential Atomic Decomposition and Likelihood Ratio Test
Includes: Deng, S.[Shulan] Deng, S. Deng, S.[Susu] Deng, S.[Shiwen]
7 for Deng, S.

Deng, S.B.[Shao Bin] Co Author Listing * Color-Based Visual Object Tracking with Prediction and Error Judgment
* effective discretization based on Class-Attribute Coherence Maximization, An
Includes: Deng, S.B.[Shao Bin] Deng, S.B.[Shao-Bin] Deng, S.B.[Shao-Bo]

Deng, S.C.[Sheng Chu] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Similarity Measures for 2D Rigid MR Image Registration Using Wavelet Transform, A
* Discovering cluster-based local outliers
* Exploring MPE/MWE Training for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Scalable Prototype Learning Using GPUs
* ultrasonic imaging guided medical robot system for microwave ablation therapy, An
Includes: Deng, S.C.[Sheng Chu] Deng, S.C.[Sheng-Chu] Deng, S.C.[Sheng-Chun] Deng, S.C.[Shuang-Cheng]

Deng, S.F.[Song Feng] Co Author Listing * No-reference image quality assessment based on hybrid model
Includes: Deng, S.F.[Song Feng] Deng, S.F.[Song-Feng]

Deng, S.G.[Shu Guang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sweep-Circle Spatial Clustering Algorithm Based on Gestalt, An
Includes: Deng, S.G.[Shu Guang] Deng, S.G.[Shu-Guang]

Deng, S.H.[Shi Hong] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic QR Codes Based on Two-Stage Image Blending
* Autoregressive image interpolation via context modeling and multiplanar constraint
Includes: Deng, S.H.[Shi Hong] Deng, S.H.[Shi-Hong]

Deng, S.P.[Shao Ping] Co Author Listing * DEM Fusion and Its Application in Mapping Topography of Complex Areas
Includes: Deng, S.P.[Shao Ping] Deng, S.P.[Shao-Ping]

Deng, S.Q.[Song Qiu] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Tree Species Classifications at the Individual Tree Level by Combining ALS Data and RGB Images Using Different Algorithms
* Estimating Forest Aboveground Biomass by Combining ALOS PALSAR and WorldView-2 Data: A Case Study at Purple Mountain National Park, Nanjing, China
* Interpretation of Forest Resources at the Individual Tree Level at Purple Mountain, Nanjing City, China, Using WorldView-2 Imagery by Combining GPS, RS and GIS Technologies
* Interpretation of Forest Resources at the Individual Tree Level in Japanese Conifer Plantations Using Airborne LiDAR Data
Includes: Deng, S.Q.[Song Qiu] Deng, S.Q.[Song-Qiu]

Deng, S.S. Co Author Listing * Integration of Different Filter Algorithms for Improving the Ground Surface Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data

Deng, T.[Teng] Co Author Listing * Kinect Shadow Detection and Classification
* Multiple consumer-grade depth camera registration using everyday objects
* New Optimized RFM Of High-resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* Where Does the Driver Look? Top-Down-Based Saliency Detection in a Traffic Driving Environment
Includes: Deng, T.[Teng] Deng, T.

Deng, T.Q.[Ting Quan] Co Author Listing * Grey-Scale Morphological Operators and Fuzzy Connected Filters
* Grey-Scale Morphology Based on Fuzzy Logic
* reduct derived from feature selection, A
* Variable Precision Fuzzy Hit-or-Miss Transformation Models to Object Identification in Grey-Scale Images
Includes: Deng, T.Q.[Ting Quan] Deng, T.Q.[Ting-Quan]

Deng, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive low rank and sparse decomposition of video using compressive sensing
* Age Estimation Guided Convolutional Neural Network for Age-Invariant Face Recognition
* Boosting-POOF: Boosting Part Based One vs One Feature for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild
* Calibration of Rotating Line Spherical Camera based on Checkerboard Pattern on Multiple Planes and its Accuracy Assessment
* Combining the matter element model with the associated function of probability transformation for multi-source remote sensing data classification in mountainous regions
* Deep Correlation Feature Learning for Face Verification in the Wild
* DeepEmo: Real-world facial expression analysis via deep learning
* Design of Wetland-Ecological Corridor Using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Method
* Face recognition based on random feature
* Human dynamics based driver model for autonomous car
* Investigation on the Patterns of Global Vegetation Change Using a Satellite-Sensed Vegetation Index
* Learning Local Responses of Facial Landmarks with Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Face Alignment
* Metric-Promoted Siamese Network for Gender Classification
* Quantitative Inspection on Spatio-Temporal Variation of Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Land Surface Evapotranspiration in South Asia, A
* Reliable Crowdsourcing and Deep Locality-Preserving Learning for Expression Recognition in the Wild
* Research on Iterative Closest Contour Point for Underwater Terrain-Aided Navigation
* Self-restraint object recognition by model based CNN learning
* SVDNet for Pedestrian Retrieval
Includes: Deng, W.[Wei] Deng, W.
18 for Deng, W.

Deng, W.A.[Wei An] Co Author Listing * Efficient Edge-Detection Algorithm Using Relaxation Labeling Technique, An
* New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme and Its Application to Edge-Detection, A
Includes: Deng, W.A.[Wei An] Deng, W.A.[Wei-An]

Deng, W.H.[Wei Hong] Co Author Listing * Ada-Boost Algorithm, Classification, Naïve-
* Adaptive LPQ: An efficient descriptor for blurred face recognition
* Attention-Based Template Adaptation for Face Verification
* Blur-Robust Face Recognition via Transformation Learning
* Comments on Globally Maximizing, Locally Minimizing: Unsupervised Discriminant Projection with Application to Face and Palm Biometrics
* Emulating biological strategies for uncontrolled face recognition
* Equidistant prototypes embedding for single sample based face recognition with generic learning and incremental learning
* Evaluation of Smile Detection Methods with Images in Real-World Scenarios
* Extended SRC: Undersampled Face Recognition via Intraclass Variant Dictionary
* Extended Supervised Descent Method for Robust Face Alignment
* Face Recognition Using a Unified 3D Morphable Model
* Fine-grained face verification: FGLFW database, baselines, and human-DCMN partnership
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using Local Discriminant Projection with Prior Information
* Illumination-Recovered Pose Normalization for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* Improving Retrieval Performance by Global Analysis
* In Defense of Sparsity Based Face Recognition
* Integrative labeling based statistical color models with application to skin detection
* Learning Facial Point Response for Alignment by Purely Convolutional Network
* Lighting-aware face frontalization for unconstrained face recognition
* Linear Max K-min classifier, A
* Linear Ranking Analysis
* Locality preserving and global discriminant projection with prior information
* Max-K-Min Distance Analysis for Dimension Reduction
* Multi-manifold deep metric learning for image set classification
* Noisy Softmax: Improving the Generalization Ability of DCNN via Postponing the Early Softmax Saturation
* Online Regression of Grandmother-Cell Responses with Visual Experience Learning for Face Recognition
* Pose-invariant face recognition using 3D multi-depth generic elastic models
* Regularization techniques for high-dimensional data analysis
* Robust, accurate and efficient face recognition from a single training image: A uniform pursuit approach
* Simultaneous Feature and Dictionary Learning for Image Set Based Face Recognition
* small sample size problem of ICA: A comparative study and analysis, The
* Transform-Invariant PCA: A Unified Approach to Fully Automatic Face Alignment, Representation, and Recognition
* Transformed Principal Gradient Orientation for Robust and Precise Batch Face Alignment
* ZigzagNet: Efficient Deep Learning for Real Object Recognition Based on 3D Models
Includes: Deng, W.H.[Wei Hong] Deng, W.H.[Wei-Hong]
34 for Deng, W.H.

Deng, W.X.[Wan Xia] Co Author Listing * Point Pattern Matching based on point pair local nonuniform ODT and Spectral Matching
* Point-pattern matching based on point pair local topology and probabilistic relaxation labeling
Includes: Deng, W.X.[Wan Xia] Deng, W.X.[Wan-Xia]

Deng, X.[Xing] Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition method using region-based extended local binary pattern, A
* Adaptive feature selection based on reconstruction residual and accurately located landmarks for expression-robust 3D face recognition
* CAWRES: A Waveform Retracking Fuzzy Expert System for Optimizing Coastal Sea Levels from Jason-1 and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry Data
* Complexity control of HEVC based on region-of-interest attention model
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Image Aesthetic Distribution Prediction with Fully Convolutional Network
* Learning structural conjunction of image content by sparse graphical model
* Phishing Web page detection
* Robust local stereo matching under varying radiometric conditions
* Subjective-Driven Complexity Control Approach for HEVC
* Three-Dimensional Myocardial Strain Reconstruction From Tagged MRI Using a Cylindrical B-spline Model
* Video Restoration Against Yin-Yang Phasing
* Weight-based R-lambda rate control for perceptual HEVC coding on conversational videos
Includes: Deng, X.[Xing] Deng, X.[Xiaoli] Deng, X.[Xin] Deng, X. Deng, X.[Xiang] Deng, X.[Xiao] Deng, X.[Xiaotie]
13 for Deng, X.

Deng, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * NN-based algorithm for estimation of water vapor content using AVHRR data over ocean, A
* NN-based atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat/TM thermal infrared data, An
Includes: Deng, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Deng, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

Deng, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Co Author Listing * Limits of brightness and color distortions based on subjective evaluation of stereoscopic images
Includes: Deng, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Deng, X.D.[Xiang-Dong]

Deng, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Co Author Listing * Reference Information Based Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction with Generalized Nonconvex Low-Rank Approximation
Includes: Deng, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Deng, X.H.[Xiao-Hua]

Deng, X.L.[Xiao Lian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Corner Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Based on Curvature Threshold, An
* Validation of Spatial Prediction Models for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping by Considering Structural Similarity
Includes: Deng, X.L.[Xiao Lian] Deng, X.L.[Xiao-Lian] Deng, X.L.[Xiao-Long]

Deng, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic Gait Motion Capture with Missing-Marker Fillings
* Calibrating effective focal length for central catadioptric cameras using one space line
* Calibration of central catadioptric camera with one-dimensional object undertaking general motions
* Face sketch synthesis using non-local means and patch-based seaming
* Face Sketch Synthesis via Sparse Representation
* Learning local models for 2D human motion tracking
* Motion estimation of multiple depth cameras using spheres
* new normalized method on line-based homography estimation, A
* New reversible full-embeddable information hiding method for vector quantisation indices based on locally adaptive complete coding list
* Self-calibration of hybrid central catadioptric and perspective cameras
* Visual metrology with uncalibrated radial distorted images
Includes: Deng, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Deng, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Deng, X.M.[Xiao-Man]
11 for Deng, X.M.

Deng, X.N.[Xiao Na] Co Author Listing * Ask the dictionary: Soft-assignment location-orientation pooling for image classification
Includes: Deng, X.N.[Xiao Na] Deng, X.N.[Xiao-Na]

Deng, X.P.[Xin Ping] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Distance Based Filtering for Polarimetric SAR Data
* On the Use of the l_2 -Norm for Texture Analysis of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Physical Analysis of Polarimetric SAR Data Statistical Models, A
* Statistical Modeling of Polarimetric SAR Data: A Survey and Challenges
* Topographic gray level multiscale analysis and its application to histogram modification
Includes: Deng, X.P.[Xin Ping] Deng, X.P.[Xin-Ping]

Deng, X.Q.[Xue Qing] Co Author Listing * Parallel Processing Architecture of Remotely Sensed Image Processing System Based on Cluster
Includes: Deng, X.Q.[Xue Qing] Deng, X.Q.[Xue-Qing]

Deng, X.R. Co Author Listing * Study on Application of Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning Imaging System in Tree Measuring

Deng, X.S.[Xiao Shuang] Co Author Listing * Automatic cystocele severity grading in transperineal ultrasound by random forest regression
* Deep and Structured Robust Information Theoretic Learning for Image Analysis
* Deep Second-Order Siamese Network for Pedestrian Re-identification
Includes: Deng, X.S.[Xiao Shuang] Deng, X.S.[Xiao-Shuang] Deng, X.S.[Xue-Song]

Deng, X.T.[Xiao Tie] Co Author Listing * Fast Nearest Neighbor Search in the Hamming Space
Includes: Deng, X.T.[Xiao Tie] Deng, X.T.[Xiao-Tie]

Deng, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Analysis on spectral effects of dark-channel prior for haze removal
* GPU-aided real-time image/video super resolution based on error feedback
* Sparsity-based depth image restoration using surface priors and RGB-D correlations
Includes: Deng, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Deng, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Deng, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Co Author Listing * new adaptive filtering method for removing salt and pepper noise based on multilayered PCNN, A
* temporal error concealment algorithm for H.264/AVC based on edge directions, A
Includes: Deng, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Deng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Deng, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu]

Deng, Y.[Yining] Co Author Listing * email: Deng, Y.[Yining]: deng AT hpl hp com
* Autofocus Correction of Residual RCM for VHR SAR Sensors With Light-Small Aircraft
* Coherence-Improving Algorithm for Image Pairs of Bistatic SARs With Nonparallel Trajectories
* Color Image Segmentation
* Combining speech energy and edge information for fast and efficient voice activity detection in noisy environments
* Commute time guided transformation for feature extraction
* Compression Artifacts Reduction by a Deep Convolutional Network
* Deep and Structured Robust Information Theoretic Learning for Image Analysis
* Discriminant Kernel Assignment for Image Coding
* Discriminative Clustering and Feature Selection for Brain MRI Segmentation
* Double-Channel Bistatic SAR System With Spaceborne Illuminator for 2-D and 3-D SAR Remote Sensing
* Efficient Algorithm for Nonconvex Minimization and Its Application to PM Regularization
* Efficient Color Representation for Image Retrieval, An
* Estimating Composite Curve Number Using an Improved SCS-CN Method with Remotely Sensed Variables in Guangzhou, China
* Evaluating Sensor Reliability in Classification Problems Based on Evidence Theory
* Exploring Facial Asymmetry Using Optical Flow
* Face Image Quality Assessment Based on Learning to Rank
* Fast Line Segment Based Dense Stereo Algorithm Using Tree Dynamic Programming, A
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information for Language Recognition
* First Bistatic Demonstration of Digital Beamforming in Elevation With TerraSAR-X as an Illuminator
* Free-Viewpoint Video of Human Actors Using Multiple Handheld Kinects
* Full-Aperture SAR Data Focusing in the Spaceborne Squinted Sliding-Spotlight Mode
* Fusing Local Patterns of Gabor and Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform for Face Recognition
* Graph Laplace for Occluded Face Completion and Recognition
* Image Aesthetic Assessment: An experimental survey
* Imaging for High-Resolution Wide-Swath Spaceborne SAR Using Cubic Filtering and NUFFT Based on Circular Orbit Approximation
* Improved PGA algorithm based on adaptive range bins selection
* Infrared image segmentation with 2-D maximum entropy method based on particle swarm optimization (PSO)
* Joint Non-Gaussian Denoising and Superresolving of Raw High Frame Rate Videos
* Keystroke dynamics for user authentication
* Modified Sobel Edge Detection Using Dempster-Shafer Theory, A
* Multi-Scale Analysis of Regional Inequality based on Spatial Field Model: A Case Study of China from 2000 to 2012
* new Hausdorff distance for image matching, A
* Novel High-Order Range Model and Imaging Approach for High-Resolution LEO SAR, A
* PAC bound for joint matrix completion based on Partially Collective Matrix Factorization, A
* Partially occluded face completion and recognition
* Peer group image enhancement
* Performance Capture of Interacting Characters with Handheld Kinects
* Precise Calibration of Channel Imbalance for Very High Resolution SAR With Stepped Frequency
* Processing of Multichannel Sliding Spotlight and TOPS Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Push the Bottleneck of Streaming Media System from Streaming Media Server to Network
* Radar mosaic based on the explicit radar ray paths
* Riemannian Framework for Matching Point Clouds Represented by the Schrodinger Distance Transform, A
* Robust river boundaries extraction of dammed lakes in mountain areas after Wenchuan Earthquake from high resolution SAR images combining local connectivity and ACM
* Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Imaging With TerraSAR-X as an Illuminator in Staring-Spotlight Mode
* Spatio-Temporal Change of Lake Water Extent in Wuhan Urban Agglomeration Based on Landsat Images from 1987 to 2015
* Squint Spotlight SAR Raw Signal Simulation in the Frequency Domain Using Optical Principles
* Stereo Correspondence with Occlusion Handling in a Symmetric Patch-Based Graph-Cuts Model
* Symmetric Patch-Based Correspondence Model for Occlusion Handling, A
* Synchronization Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary BiSAR Imaging Based on Contrast Optimization With Direct Signal From Radar Satellite, A
* Time-Delay Neural Network for Continuous Emotional Dimension Prediction From Facial Expression Sequences
* Toward Real-Time Ray Tracing: A Survey on Hardware Acceleration and Microarchitecture Techniques
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Color-Texture Regions in Images and Video
* Visual words assignment on a graph via minimal mutual information loss
* Visual Words Assignment Via Information-Theoretic Manifold Embedding
* wavelet-based multiresolution regularized least squares reconstruction approach for optical tomography, A
Includes: Deng, Y.[Yining] Deng, Y. Deng, Y.[Yunbin] Deng, Y.[Yue] Deng, Y.[Yu] Deng, Y.[Yi] Deng, Y.[Yan] Deng, Y.[Yao] Deng, Y.[Yuan] Deng, Y.[Yong] Deng, Y.[Yuhui] Deng, Y.[Yunkai] Deng, Y.[Yangdong]
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Deng, Y.B.[Ying Bin] Co Author Listing * Development of a Class-Based Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (C-MESMA) Approach for Analyzing Urban Environments
* Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Phytoplankton Primary Production in Lake Taihu Derived from MODIS Data
Includes: Deng, Y.B.[Ying Bin] Deng, Y.B.[Ying-Bin] Deng, Y.B.[Yu-Bing]

Deng, Y.D.[Yang Dong] Co Author Listing * facial expression based continuous emotional state monitoring system with GPU acceleration, A
Includes: Deng, Y.D.[Yang Dong] Deng, Y.D.[Yang-Dong]

Deng, Y.H.[Yin Hui] Co Author Listing * Speckle reduction of ultrasound images based on Rayleigh-trimmed anisotropic diffusion filter
Includes: Deng, Y.H.[Yin Hui] Deng, Y.H.[Yin-Hui]

Deng, Y.J.[You Jun] Co Author Listing * Fast Compression Algorithms for Capsule Endoscope Images
* Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction by Tensor Sparse and Low-Rank Graph-Based Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Deng, Y.J.[You Jun] Deng, Y.J.[You-Jun] Deng, Y.J.[Yang-Jun]

Deng, Y.K.[Yun Kai] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decompositions With and Without Reflection Symmetry Assumptions
* Error Analysis of Bistatic SAR Imaging and Stereoscopy Bistatic SAR
* Processing the Azimuth-Variant Bistatic SAR Data by Using Monostatic Imaging Algorithms Based on Two-Dimensional Principle of Stationary Phase
Includes: Deng, Y.K.[Yun Kai] Deng, Y.K.[Yun-Kai] Deng, Y.K.

Deng, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Oil spill detection: imaging system modeling and advanced image processing using optimized SDC algorithm
Includes: Deng, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Deng, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Deng, Y.N.[Yi Ning] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Search of Video Using Color, Texture, and Motion
* NeTra-V: Toward An Object-Based Video Representation
Includes: Deng, Y.N.[Yi Ning] Deng, Y.N.[Yi-Ning]

Deng, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Some Results: Shape from Shading as a Fully Well-Constrained Problem

Deng, Z. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Neural Network-Based Tracking Control for Full-State Constrained Wheeled Mobile Robotic System
* Amodal Detection of 3D Objects: Inferring 3D Bounding Boxes from 2D Ones in RGB-Depth Images
* Ball-like observation model and multi-peak distribution estimation based particle filter for 3D Ping-pong ball tracking
* CATSMLP: Toward a Robust and Interpretable Multilayer Perceptron With Sigmoid Activation Functions
* Collaborative Fuzzy Clustering From Multiple Weighted Views
* Cross-OSN User Modeling by Homogeneous Behavior Quantification and Local Social Regularization
* Curve speed model for driver assistance based on driving style classification
* Edge-Preserving Texture Suppression Filter Based on Joint Filtering Schemes
* Embedded infrared imaging to measure the deformation of a soft robotic actuator
* Global Spatial Similarity Optimization Scheme to Track Large Numbers of Dendritic Spines in Time-Lapse Confocal Microscopy, A
* GSWO: A programming model for GPU-enabled parallelization of sliding window operations in image processing
* Hierarchical Deep Temporal Model for Group Activity Recognition, A
* Lifelogging Data Validation Model for Internet of Things Enabled Personalized Healthcare
* novel method of fingerprint minutiae extraction based on Gabor phase, A
* Semantic Segmentation of RGBD Images with Mutex Constraints
* Semi-Supervised SVM With Extended Hidden Features
* Structure Inference Machines: Recurrent Neural Networks for Analyzing Relations in Group Activity Recognition
* Surface-Based 3-D Dendritic Spine Detection Approach From Confocal Microscopy Images, A
* Unsupervised object region proposals for RGB-D indoor scenes
* Unsupervised Segmentation of RGB-D Images
Includes: Deng, Z. Deng, Z.[Zejian] Deng, Z.[Zhikun] Deng, Z.[Zirui] Deng, Z.[Zhuo]
20 for Deng, Z.

Deng, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks with Dominant Convolutional Kernel and Knowledge Pre-regression
* Collaborative Learning Network for Face Attribute Prediction
Includes: Deng, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Deng, Z.D.[Zhi-Dong]

Deng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven 3D Facial Animation
* Expressive Facial Animation Synthesis by Learning Speech Coarticulation and Expression Spaces
* GPU-based polygonization and optimization for implicit surfaces
* Image-based face illumination transferring using logarithmic total variation models
Includes: Deng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Deng, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang]

Deng, Z.H.[Zhao Hong] Co Author Listing * Distance metric learning for soft subspace clustering in composite kernel space
* Enhanced soft subspace clustering integrating within-cluster and between-cluster information
* FRSDE: Fast reduced set density estimator using minimal enclosing ball approximation
* Source camera identification using Auto-White Balance approximation
Includes: Deng, Z.H.[Zhao Hong] Deng, Z.H.[Zhao-Hong] Deng, Z.H.[Zhong-Hai]

Deng, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Co Author Listing * Image Object Recognition by SVMs and Evidence Theory
* Shilling attack detection in collaborative filtering recommender system by PCA detection and perturbation
Includes: Deng, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Deng, Z.J.[Zi-Jian] Deng, Z.J.[Zi-Jun]

Deng, Z.K.[Zhong Kai] Co Author Listing * Identification of phosphorylation sites using a hybrid classifier ensemble approach
Includes: Deng, Z.K.[Zhong Kai] Deng, Z.K.[Zhong-Kai]

Deng, Z.L.[Zhong Liang] Co Author Listing * Post-Rectification Approach of Depth Images of Kinect v2 for 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes, A
Includes: Deng, Z.L.[Zhong Liang] Deng, Z.L.[Zhong-Liang]

Deng, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Co Author Listing * Appearance and structural motion context for multi-target tracking in aerial video
* Arbitrary-Oriented Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery with Single Convolutional Neural Networks
* Fast iterative motion and disparity estimation algorithm for multiview video coding
* Fast iterative search for motion and disparity estimation in stereoscopic video coding
* Fast View-Temporal Prediction Algorithm for Stereoscopic Video Coding, A
* Iterative search strategy with selective bi-directional prediction for low complexity multiview video coding
Includes: Deng, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Deng, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng] Deng, Z.P.[Zhi-Pin]

Deng, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Co Author Listing * Deep Structured Models For Group Activity Recognition
* Factorized Variational Autoencoders for Modeling Audience Reactions to Movies
* Learning Action Primitives for Multi-level Video Event Understanding
* Learning Contextual Dependencies for Optical Flow with Recurrent Neural Networks
* Learning Structured Inference Neural Networks with Label Relations
Includes: Deng, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Deng, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei]

Deng, Z.Y.[Zhen Yuan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of model independent image-based visual servoing
* User-Oriented Social Analysis across Social Media Sites
Includes: Deng, Z.Y.[Zhen Yuan] Deng, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yuan] Deng, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yu]

Dengel, A. Co Author Listing * anyOCR: A sequence learning based OCR system for unlabeled historical documents
* Automatic Ground Truth Generation of Camera Captured Documents Using Document Image Retrieval
* Bridging the gap between handwriting recognition and knowledge management
* Continuous Partial-Order Planning for Multichannel Document Analysis: A Process-Driven Approach
* Deepdocclassifier: Document classification with deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Recognizable units in Pashto language for OCR
* Supporting early contextualization of textual content in digital documents on the Web
* Visual appearance based document classification methods: Performance evaluation and benchmarking
* Wearable Reading Assist System: Augmented Reality Document Combining Document Retrieval and Eye Tracking
Includes: Dengel, A. Dengel, A.[Andreas]
9 for Dengel, A.

Dengel, A.R.[Andreas R.] Co Author Listing * email: Dengel, A.R.[Andreas R.]: dengel AT dfki uni-kl de
* a.SCAtch: A Sketch-Based Retrieval for Architectural Floor Plans
* ANASTASIL: A System for Low-Level and High-Level Geometric Analysis of Printed Documents
* Applying the T-Recs table recognition system to the business letter domain
* approach towards benchmarking of table structure recognition results, An
* Automatic analysis and sketch-based retrieval of architectural floor plans
* Bayesian Approach to Photo Time-Stamp Recognition
* Computer Understanding of Document Structure
* Document Analysis Systems
* Document Authentication Using Printing Technique Features and Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* Evaluating SEE-a benchmarking system for document page segmentation
* Experimental evaluation of passage-based document retrieval
* Faster subgraph isomorphism detection by well-founded total order indexing
* Fragmentary string matching by selective access to hybrid tries
* FREAK for Real Time Forensic Signature Verification
* From Paper to Office Document Standard Representation
* Generic Method for Stamp Segmentation Using Part-Based Features, A
* Handwriting Reconstruction for a Camera Pen Using Random Dot Patterns
* High Level Document Analysis Guided by Geometric Aspects
* ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition Challenge 2: Reading Text in Scene Images
* Improved Automatic Analysis of Architectural Floor Plans
* Improving Document Retrieval by Automatic Query Expansion Using Collaborative Learning of Term-Based Concepts
* Indexing with Well-Founded Total Order for Faster Subgraph Isomorphism Detection
* Learning of Pattern-Based Rules for Document Classification
* Local Feature Based Online Mode Detection with Recurrent Neural Networks
* Local Features for Forensic Signature Verification
* Making documents work: challenges for document understanding
* MCS for Online Mode Detection: Evaluation on Pen-Enabled Multi-Touch Interfaces
* Message Extraction from Printed Documents: A Complete Solution
* On Benchmarking of Invoice Analysis Systems
* Ontology-Based Information Extraction from Handwritten Documents
* Part-Based Automatic System in Comparison to Human Experts for Forensic Signature Verification
* Problem-adaptable document analysis and understanding for high-volume applications
* Real Time Object Detection, Tracking and Classification in Monocular Image Sequences of Road Traffic Scenes
* Results of a Study on Invoice-Reading Systems in Germany
* Searching attentive tasks with document analysis evidences and Dempster-Shafer theory
* Seizing the Treasure: Transferring Knowledge in Invoice Analysis
* Semantic Logging: Towards Explanation-Aware DAS
* Signature Segmentation from Document Images
* smartFIX: A Requirements-Driven System for Document Analysis and Understanding
* Text/Graphics Segmentation in Architectural Floor Plans
* Three approaches to industrial table spotting
Includes: Dengel, A.R.[Andreas R.] Dengel, A.R.
42 for Dengel, A.R.

Dengfeng, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * New similarity measures of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and application to pattern recognitions

Dengler, J. Co Author Listing * Analysing the structure of medical images with morphological size distributions
* Dynamic Pyramid: A Model for Motion Analysis with Controlled Continuity, The
* Estimating a global shape model for objects with badly defined boundaries
* Estimation of Discontinuous Displacement Vector Fields with the Minimum Description Length Criterion
* Font- and Size-Invariant Character Recognition with Greyvalue Image Features
* Local Motion Estimation with the Dynamic Pyramid
* Method for reconstructing linear structures present in raster form
* multiresolution approach to the 3D reconstruction of a 50S ribosome from an EM-tilt series solving the alignment problem without gold particles, A
Includes: Dengler, J. Dengler, J.[Joachim]
8 for Dengler, J.

Dengler, J.D.[John D.] Co Author Listing * System and method for inserting content into an image sequence

Dengwen, Z. Co Author Listing * Colour demosaicking with directional filtering and weighting

Dengwong, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Morphological Filters for Color Image-Enhancement

Denham, R. Co Author Listing * Airborne laser scanning: Exploratory data analysis indicates potential variables for classification of individual trees or forest stands according to species
* Framework for Large-Area Mapping of Past and Present Cropping Activity Using Seasonal Landsat Images and Time Series Metrics, A
* Gullies, Google Earth And The Great Barrier Reef: A Remote Sensing Methodology For Mapping Gullies Over Extensive Areas
* Operational Application of the Landsat Timeseries to Address Large Area Landcover Understanding
Includes: Denham, R. Denham, R.[Robert]

Denham, R.J. Co Author Listing * Support Vector Machine Classification Of Object-based Data For Crop Mapping, Using Multi-temporal Landsat Imagery

Denia, J.L. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic vision through epipolarization without orientation parameters

Deniau, V. Co Author Listing * In-vehicle WLAN radio-frequency communication characterization

Denich, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * In Memoriam: Gunter Menz

Denil, M.[Misha] Co Author Listing * Deep Fried Convnets

Denipote, J.G.[Juliana G.] Co Author Listing * Fourier Transform-based Approach to Fusion High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images, A

Denis de Senneville, B. Co Author Listing * Extended Kalman Filtering for Continuous Volumetric MR-Temperature Imaging
* Extended Kalman filtering for MR-thermometry guided high intensity focused ultrasound using the bio heat transfer equation
* Robust Adaptive Extended Kalman Filtering for Real Time MR-Thermometry Guided HIFU Interventions

Denis, A. Co Author Listing * Faces and thoughts: An empathic dairy

Denis, E.[Eloise] Co Author Listing * Automatic Production of Occlusion-Free Rectified Façade Textures using Vehicle-Based Imagery
* Refining Existing 3d Building Models With Terrestrial Laser Points Acquired From A Mobile Mapping Vehicle
* Towards road modelling from terrestrial laser points
Includes: Denis, E.[Eloise] Denis, E.[Eloïse] Denis, E.

Denis, F. Co Author Listing * 3D mirror symmetry detection using Hough transform
* Blind and robust mesh watermarking using manifold harmonics
* Comprehensive Survey on Three-Dimensional Mesh Watermarking, A
* Global Registration of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Scene Features: Application to Structured Environments
* Links between probabilistic automata and hidden Markov models: probability distributions, learning models and induction algorithms
Includes: Denis, F. Denis, F.[Florence]

Denis, K.[Kouame] Co Author Listing * Discrete wavelet for multifractal texture classification: Application to medical ultrasound imaging

Denis, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Augmented Lagrangian without alternating directions: Practical algorithms for inverse problems in imaging
* Context-conditioned composite coding of 3D meshes based on wavelets on surfaces
* Exact discrete minimization for TV+L0 image decomposition models
* Exploiting Patch Similarity for SAR Image Processing: The nonlocal paradigm
* Exploiting spatial sparsity for multiwavelength imaging in optical interferometry
* Fast and accurate 3D object recognition directly from digital holograms
* Fast Approximations of Shift-Variant Blur
* Fast model of space-variant blurring and its application to deconvolution in astronomy
* How to Compare Noisy Patches? Patch Similarity Beyond Gaussian Noise
* Inverse problem approach in particle digital holography: Out-of-Field particle detection made possible
* Iterative Weighted Maximum Likelihood Denoising With Probabilistic Patch-Based Weights
* Joint Regularization of Phase and Amplitude of InSAR Data: Application to 3-D Reconstruction
* Modeling the distribution of patches with shift-invariance: Application to SAR image restoration
* Modeling Wavelet Coefficients for Wavelet Subdivision Transforms of 3D Meshes
* MuLoG, or How to Apply Gaussian Denoisers to Multi-Channel SAR Speckle Reduction?
* NL-InSAR: Nonlocal Interferogram Estimation
* NL-SAR: A Unified Nonlocal Framework for Resolution-Preserving (Pol)(I
* Patch similarity under non Gaussian noise
* Poisson NL means: Unsupervised non local means for Poisson noise
* SAR Image Regularization With Fast Approximate Discrete Minimization
* Scalable Intraband and Composite Wavelet-Based Coding of Semiregular Meshes
* Semi-regular remeshing with reduced remeshing error
* Sparse-smooth decomposition models for multi-temporal SAR images
* Spline Driven: High Accuracy Projectors for Tomographic Reconstruction From Few Projections
Includes: Denis, L.[Loic] Denis, L.[Leon] Denis, L. Denis, L.[Loïc]
24 for Denis, L.

Denis, N. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-based blended control for the energy management of a parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
* On the Automatic Creation of Customized Video Content
* Video Retrieval Using an EDL-Based Timeline
Includes: Denis, N. Denis, N.[Nicolas]

Denis, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Efficient Edge-Based Methods for Estimating Manhattan Frames in Urban Imagery
* Spatial and spectral quaternionic approaches for colour images
* Spatial color image processing using Clifford algebras: Application to color active contour
Includes: Denis, P.[Patrick] Denis, P.[Patrice]

Denise, L. Co Author Listing * Extraction and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Isolated Buildings in Urban Scenes From High-Resolution Optical and SAR Spaceborne Images

Denisko, D.[Danielle] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Activation-Recovery Intervals from Intra-cardiac Electrograms in a Pre-clinical Chronic Model of Myocardial Infarction

Denison, D.[Dave] Co Author Listing * Minimum-Entropy Data Partitioning Using Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Denisov, V.[Vitalij] Co Author Listing * Pool of Classifiers by SLP: A Multi-class Case, A

Denisova, A.[Alena] Co Author Listing * Effect of Time Manipulation on Immersion in Digital Games, The
* Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis of Hyperspectral Images with Atmospheric Distortions
Includes: Denisova, A.[Alena] Denisova, A.[Anna]

Denitiu, A.[Andreea] Co Author Listing * Entropic Perturbation Approach to TV-Minimization for Limited-Data Tomography, An

Denitto, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * biclustering approach based on factor graphs and the max-sum algorithm, A
* Binary Factor Graph Model for Biclustering, A
* Multiple Structure Recovery via Probabilistic Biclustering
* Region-Based Correspondence Between 3D Shapes via Spatially Smooth Biclustering
* Spike and slab biclustering
Includes: Denitto, M.[Matteo] Denitto, M.

Deniz Cagatay, N. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale feature extraction approaches for classification of INSAR and Phase Gradient INSAR Images

Deniz Suarez, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Becoming Visually Familiar
* comparison of face and facial feature detectors based on the Viola-Jones general object detection framework, A
* ENCARA2: Real-time detection of multiple faces at different resolutions in video streams
* Eyewear Selector
* Face Exemplars Selection from Video Streams for Online Learning
* Face Recognition from a Tabula Rasa Perspective
* Face Recognition Using Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines
* Fast and accurate global motion compensation
* Fast Classification in Incrementally Growing Spaces
* Learning to Recognize Faces Incrementally
* Learning to recognize gender using experience
* Multiple Face Detection at Different Resolutions for Perceptual User Interfaces
* Real-time Detection of Faces in Video Streams
* Smile Detection for User Interfaces
* Transition Hough forest for trajectory-based action recognition
* Tree Classifier for Automatic Breast Tissue Classification Based on BIRADS Categories, A
* Useful Computer Vision Techniques for Human-Robot Interaction
* Violence Detection in Video Using Computer Vision Techniques
* Who are you?
Includes: Deniz Suarez, O.[Oscar] Déniz-Suárez, O.[Oscar] Deniz-Suarez, O.[Oscar] Deniz-Suarez, O.
19 for Deniz Suarez, O.

Deniz, O. Co Author Listing * Face recognition using Histograms of Oriented Gradients

Deniz, U.[Umut] Co Author Listing * Centre of mass model: A novel approach to background modelling for segmentation of moving objects

Denizhan, Y. Co Author Listing * Feature-Extraction in Shape-Recognition Using Segmentation of the Boundary Curve

Denizot, B. Co Author Listing * Quality assessment of compressed cardiac MRI. Effect of lossy compression on computerized physiological parameters

Denk, W.[Winfried] Co Author Listing * Boundary Learning by Optimization with Topological Constraints
* Fuzzy Algorithm to Trace Stained Neurons in Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy Image Series, A
* Globally Optimal Closed-Surface Segmentation for Connectomics
* Seeded watershed cut uncertainty estimators for guided interactive segmentation
* Segmentation of SBFSEM Volume Data of Neural Tissue by Hierarchical Classification
* Supervised Learning of Image Restoration with Convolutional Networks
Includes: Denk, W.[Winfried] Denk, W.

Denker, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of the Archaic Amphoras of Ionia

Denker, J. Co Author Listing * Computer aided cleaning of large databases for character recognition

Denker, J.S. Co Author Listing * Back-Propagation Applied to Handwritten Zip Code Recognition
* Comparison of classifier methods: a case study in handwritten digit recognition
* Design of a Neural Network Character Recognizer for a Touch Terminal
* efficient algorithm for learning invariance in adaptive classifiers, An
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Application of Neural Network Chips and Automatic Learning
* Handwritten zip code recognition with multilayer networks
* Image skeletonization method
* Memory-based character recognition using a transformation invariant metric
* Transformation Invariance in Pattern Recognition: Tangent Distance and Propagation
Includes: Denker, J.S. Denker, J.S.[John S.]
9 for Denker, J.S.

Denker, K. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Face Recognition Based on Real-Time Multi-camera Stereo-Matching
* On-Line Reconstruction of CAD Geometry

Denko, M.[Mieso] Co Author Listing * Canine Pose Estimation: A Computing for Public Safety Solution

Denkowski, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Sharpening filter for false color imaging of dual-energy X-ray scans

Denlinger, J.L.[Jerry L.] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Methods for Road Tracking in Aerial Imagery
* Map-Guided Feature Extraction from Aerial Imagery

Denman, H. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Analysis for Video from Snooker Broadcasts
* Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation
* Measuring noise correlation for improved video denoising
* Multipass encoding for reducing pulsing artifacts in cloud based video transcoding
Includes: Denman, H. Denman, H.[Hugh]

Denman, J. Co Author Listing * Two-Phase Method of Detecting Abnormalities in Aircraft Flight Data and Ranking Their Impact on Individual Flights, A

Denman, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * 3D ellipsoid fitting for multi-view gait recognition
* Accurate Silhouettes for Surveillance: Improved Motion Segmentation Using Graph Cuts
* Activity Analysis in Complicated Scenes Using DFT Coefficients of Particle Trajectories
* Activity Modelling in Crowded Environments: A Soft-Decision Approach
* adaptive optical flow technique for person tracking systems, An
* Anomalous Event Detection Using a Semi-Two Dimensional Hidden Markov Model
* Automatic UAV Forced Landing Site Detection Using Machine Learning
* Backfilled GEI: A Cross-Capture Modality Gait Feature for Frontal and Side-View Gait Recognition, The
* Can You Describe Him for Me? A Technique for Semantic Person Search in Video
* Class-specific sparse codes for representing activities
* Closed-Form Solutions for Low-Rank Non-Rigid Reconstruction
* Complex Event Detection Using Joint Max Margin and Semantic Features
* Crowd Counting Using Group Tracking and Local Features
* Crowd Counting Using Multiple Local Features
* Database for Person Re-Identification in Multi-Camera Surveillance Networks, A
* Determining operational measures from multi-camera surveillance systems using soft biometrics
* Discovery of facial motions using deep machine perception
* Dynamic Performance Measures for Object Tracking Systems
* Efficient and Robust System for Multiperson Event Detection in Real-World Indoor Surveillance Scenes, An
* Evaluating Automatic Road Detection across a Large Aerial Imagery Collection
* evaluation of crowd counting methods, features and regression models, An
* Evaluation of Different Features and Learning Models for Anomalous Event Detection, An
* Exploration of Feature Detector Performance in the Thermal-Infrared Modality, An
* Feature-domain super-resolution for iris recognition
* Feature-domain super-resolution framework for Gabor-based face and iris recognition
* Focus-score weighted super-resolution for uncooperative iris recognition at a distance and on the move
* From Affine Rank Minimization Solution to Sparse Modeling
* Going Deeper: Autonomous Steering with Neural Memory Networks
* Group Segmentation During Object Tracking Using Optical Flow Discontinuities
* Histogram of Weighted Local Directions for Gait Recognition
* Improved Simultaneous Computation of Motion Detection and Optical Flow for Object Tracking
* Large scale monitoring of crowds and building utilisation: A new database and distributed approach
* Learning Temporal Alignment Uncertainty for Efficient Event Detection
* Local inter-session variability modelling for object classification
* Locating People in Video from Semantic Descriptions: A New Database and Approach
* MRF based abnormal event detection approach using motion and appearance features, An
* Multi-Class Tracker Using a Scalable Condensation Filter, A
* Multi-Modal Object Tracking using Dynamic Performance Metrics
* Multi-view Intelligent Vehicle Surveillance System
* Multiple Instance Dictionary Learning for Activity Representation
* Quality Based Frame Selection for Face Clustering in News Video
* Real-time video event detection in crowded scenes using MPEG derived features: A multiple instance learning approach
* Recognising Team Activities from Noisy Data
* Robust Automatic Face Clustering in News Video
* robust UAV landing site detection system using mid-level discriminative patches, A
* Scene Invariant Crowd Counting
* Scene invariant multi camera crowd counting
* Score-Level Multibiometric Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory Incorporating Uncertainty Factors
* Searching for people using semantic soft biometric descriptions
* Semi-Binary Based Video Features for Activity Representation
* Soft-Biometrics: Unconstrained Authentication in a Surveillance Environment
* Spatio Temporal Feature Evaluation for Action Recognition
* Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models for Efficient Activity Representation
* Textures of optical flow for real-time anomaly detection in crowds
* Two Stream LSTM: A Deep Fusion Framework for Human Action Recognition
* Unusual Event Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Bag of LBPs in Spatio-Temporal Patches
* Unusual Scene Detection Using Distributed Behaviour Model and Sparse Representation
* Using Synthetic Data to Improve Facial Expression Analysis with 3D Convolutional Networks
* Vertical Axis Detection for Sport Video Analytics
Includes: Denman, S.[Simon] Denman, S.
59 for Denman, S.

Denmon, S. Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing for Gait Recognition

Dennehy, T.G. Co Author Listing * New General Triangulation Method for Planar Contours, A

Dennemont, Y. Co Author Listing * discrete Hidden Markov models recognition module for temporal series: Application to real-time 3D hand gestures, A

Dennerlein, F. Co Author Listing * Factorization Approach for Cone-Beam Reconstruction on a Circular Short-Scan, A
* Towards Clinical Application of a Laplace Operator-Based Region of Interest Reconstruction Algorithm in C-Arm CT

Denneulin, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * sparse version of the ridge logistic regression for large-scale text categorization, A

Denney, T.S.[Thomas S.] Co Author Listing * 3D visualization of cardiac tagged magnetic resonance image data using Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS)
* Bayesian Restoration of Color Images using a Non-Homogenous Cross-Channel Prior
* Estimation and detection of myocardial tags in MR image without user-defined myocardial contours
* frequency domain performance analysis of Horn and Schunck's optical flow algorithm for deformable motion, A
* Interpolation of 2-D fractional Brownian motion using first order increments
* New magnetic resonance tagging technique for directly measuring the strain tensor of the in vivo human heart
* On estimating 3-D incompressible motion
* On the optimality of magnetic resonance tag patterns for heart wall motion estimation
* Optimal Brightness Functions for Optical Flow Estimation of Deformable Motion
* Optimal tag pattern validation using magnetic resonance imaging
* Three-Dimensional Myocardial Strain Reconstruction From Tagged MRI Using a Cylindrical B-spline Model
* Unsupervised estimation of left ventricular displacement from MR tagged images using Markov random field edge priors
Includes: Denney, T.S.[Thomas S.] Denney, Jr., T.S.[Thomas S.] Denney, Jr., T.S.
12 for Denney, T.S.

Denning, B.S.[Bruce S.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for character recognition employing a dead-band correlator

Dennis, D.A. Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation of Artificial Knee Implants in Fluoroscopy Images Using a Template Matching Technique
* robust method for registration of three-dimensional knee implant models to two-dimensional fluoroscopy images, A

Dennis, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Annual Urban Changes in a Rapidly Growing Portion of Northwest Arkansas with a 20-Year Landsat Record
* Overlapping sound event recognition using local spectrogram features and the generalised hough transform
* Spectrogram Image Feature for Sound Event Classification in Mismatched Conditions
* User-Independent and Sensor-Tolerant Wearable Activity Classifier, A
Includes: Dennis, J.[John] Dennis, J. Dennis, J.[Jacob]

Dennis, J.E. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Object Reconstruction Using Abel Transform X-Ray Tomography And Mixed Variable Optimization

Dennis, J.U.[John U.] Co Author Listing * Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology

Dennis, T.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Implementation of the Susan Method for Image Edge and Feature Detection, An
* Efficient representation of 3D human head models
* Epipolar Line Estimation and Rectification for Stereo Image Pairs
* Image sequence stabilisation based on DFT filtering
* Reconstruction of intermediate views from stereoscopic images using a rational filter
* Statistical Analyses of Disparity Maps and Disparity Compensated Residuals in the Presence of Occlusions
* Stereo Disparity Computation in the DCT Domain Using Genetic Algorithms
* Surface Triangulation for 3-D Scene Model Construction from Stereo
* Textured Image Segmentation by Context Enhanced Clustering
* Three-dimensional parameter estimation from stereo image sequences for model-based image coding
* Video subband VQ coding at 64 kbit/s using short-kernel filter banks with an improved motion estimation technique
11 for Dennis, T.J.

Dennison, P.E.[Philip E.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Impacts of Severe Drought on Southern California Chaparral Species using Hyperspectral and Thermal Infrared Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Lake Water Quality in the Context of Remote Sensing Models

Denny, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic calibration of fish-eye cameras from automotive video sequences
* Equidistant f-theta fish-eye perspective with application in distortion centre estimation
* Equidistant Fish-Eye Calibration and Rectification by Vanishing Point Extraction
* Evaluating the influence of packet loss on visual quality of perception for high bandwidth automotive networks
* Wide-angle camera technology for automotive applications: a review
Includes: Denny, P. Denny, P.[Patrick]

Denoel, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Development and validation of a 3D kinematic-based method for determining gait events during overground walking
* Segmentation of gait cycles using foot-mounted 3D accelerometers
* Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings
Includes: Denoel, V.[Vincent] Denoël, V. Denoel, V.

Denoeux, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Evidence Theoretic Decision Rules for Pattern-Classification
* Clustering interval-valued proximity data using belief functions
* ECM: An evidential version of the fuzzy c-means algorithm
* Evidential combination of pedestrian detectors
* Learning from partially supervised data using mixture models and belief functions
* Multiple-Hypothesis Map-Matching Method Suitable for Weighted and Box-Shaped State Estimation for Localization, A
* Pairwise classifier combination using belief functions
* RECM: Relational evidential c-means algorithm
Includes: Denoeux, T.[Thierry] Denoeux, T.
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Denolf, K. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic and architectural co-design of a motion-estimation engine for low-power video devices
* Memory Centric Design of an MPEG-4 Video Encoder
* Scalable, Multi-Stream MPEG-4 Video Decoder for Conferencing and Surveillance Applications, A

Denos, M.I.[Mia I.] Co Author Listing * Automated Approach to Stereo Matching Seasat Imagery, An
* Automated-System for Coarse-to-Fine Pyramidal Area Correlation Stereo Matching
* Practical Approach to the Stereo Matching of Urban Imagery

Denoual, F. Co Author Listing * Interactive modifications of video object trajectories in natural video sequences for post-production applications

Denoulet, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * architecture based on reconfigurability and asynchronism for real-time image processing, An
* High performance motion detection: Some trends toward new embedded architectures for vision systems

Denoux, T. Co Author Listing * Optimal Object Association in the Dempster-Shafer Framework

Denoyelle, P. Co Author Listing * low bit rate coding algorithm for full motion video signal, A

Denslow, S. Co Author Listing * Statistically Characterized Features for Directionality Quantitation in Patterns and Textures

Dent, C.A.[C. Ann] Co Author Listing * Machine analysis of acoustical signals

Dentale, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Numerical Simulation of Whitecaps and Foam Effects on Satellite Altimeter Response

Dentamaro, G. Co Author Listing * Real time Artificial Auditory Systems for cluttered environments

Dente, E.[Enrica] Co Author Listing * Tracking hand and finger movements for behaviour analysis

Dente, J.A. Co Author Listing * bi-orthogonal decomposition in image processing: Signal analysis and texture segmentation, The
* Recognizing Patterns in Electromechanical Systems

Denteneer, D.[Dee] Co Author Listing * Fisher keys for content based retrieval
* Information Theoretic Image Database Indexing
* Optimal keys for image database indexing
* Quality measures for interactive image retrieval with a performance evaluation of two 3X3 texel-based methods
Includes: Denteneer, D.[Dee] Denteneer, D.

Denti, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Experimental Results on Fingerprint Liveness Detection

Dentinger, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * 4D vessel segmentation and tracking in Ultrasound

Dentith, M. Co Author Listing * Application of Radial Symmetry for Caldera Detection

Dentith, M.C. Co Author Listing * Detection of regions of structural complexity within aeromagnetic data using image analysis

Denton, E.[Erika] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Blob Representation of Mammographic Parenchymal Patterns and Mammographic Risk Assessment, A

Denton, E.R.E.[Erika R.E.] Co Author Listing * Automated Mammographic Risk Classification Based on Breast Density Estimation
* Local Feature Based Breast Tissue Appearance Modelling for Mammographic Risk Assessment
* Manifold Learning for Density Segmentation in High Risk Mammograms
* Modelling mammographic microcalcification clusters using persistent mereotopology
* Risk Classification of Mammograms Using Anatomical Linear Structure and Density Information
* Semantic Analysis on Medical Images: A Case Study
* Topographic representation based breast density segmentation for mammographic risk assessment
* Voxel similarity measures for 3-D serial MR brain image registration
Includes: Denton, E.R.E.[Erika R.E.] Denton, E.R.E.[Erika R. E.] Denton, E.R.E.
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Denton, J.A.[Jason A.] Co Author Listing * algorithm for projective point matching in the presence of spurious points, An
* Two dimensional projective point matching

Denton, T.[Trip] Co Author Listing * Approximation of canonical sets and their applications to 2D view simplification
* Canonical subsets of image features
* Combining Different Types of Scale Space Interest Points Using Canonical Sets
* Selecting canonical views for view-based 3-d object recognition
* Stable Bounded Canonical Sets and Image Matching
Includes: Denton, T.[Trip] Denton, T.

Denu, D.[Dereje] Co Author Listing * Validating and Linking the GIMMS Leaf Area Index (LAI3g) with Environmental Controls in Tropical Africa

Denux, J.P. Co Author Listing * Comparison of two remote sensing time series analysis methods for monitoring forest decline
* Detecting Clear-Cuts and Decreases in Forest Vitality Using MODIS NDVI Time Series
Includes: Denux, J.P. Denux, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Denyer, P.B. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Vector Quantization Codebook Generation Algorithms Applied to Automatic Face Recognition, A

Denys, K.[Katrien] Co Author Listing * Retinotopic mapping in awake monkeys suggests a different functional organization for dorsal and ventral V4

Denys, R. Co Author Listing * Statistical detection of defects in radiographic images in nondestructive testing

Denysova, A.E. Co Author Listing * New approach for the detection of noise-distorted signals based on the method of S-preparation

Denzler, J.[Joachim] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Denzler, J.[Joachim]: denzler AT informatik uni-erlangen de
* 2D and 3D analysis of animal locomotion from biplanar X-ray videos using augmented active appearance models
* 3D Data-Driven Prediction for Active Contour Models Based on Geometric Bounding Volumes
* Active Computer Vision System
* Active Knowledge-Based Scene Analysis
* Active learning and discovery of object categories in the presence of unnameable instances
* Active motion detection and object tracking
* Active Rays: Polar-transformed Active Contours for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* Active Self-calibration of Multi-camera Systems
* Active Self-calibration of Multi-camera Systems
* Analysis-by-Synthesis Approach to Rope Condition Monitoring, An
* Analyzing the Subspaces Obtained by Dimensionality Reduction for Human Action Recognition from 3d Data
* Anatomical Landmark Tracking for the Analysis of Animal Locomotion in X-ray Videos Using Active Appearance Models
* Appearance Based Generic Object Modeling and Recognition Using Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
* Appearance-based recognition of 3-D objects by cluttered background and occlusions
* Approximations of Gaussian Process Uncertainties for Visual Recognition Problems
* As Time Goes by: Anytime Semantic Segmentation with Iterative Context Forests
* Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion
* Beyond thinking in common categories: Predicting obstacle vulnerability using large random codebooks
* Chimpanzee Faces in the Wild: Log-Euclidean CNNs for Predicting Identities and Attributes of Primates
* Classification of Microorganisms via Raman Spectroscopy Using Gaussian Processes
* Coarse registration of 3D surface triangulations based on moment invariants with applications to object alignment and identification
* combination of generative and discriminative models for fast unsupervised activity recognition from traffic scene videos, A
* Combined GKLT Feature Tracking and Reconstruction for Next Best View Planning
* Combining Appearance and Range Based Information for Multi-class Generic Object Recognition
* Combining Computer Graphics and Computer Vision for Probabilistic Visual Robot Navigation
* Combining Structure and Appearance for Anomaly Detection in Wire Ropes
* Comparative Evaluation of Template and Histogram Based 2D Tracking Algorithms, A
* Comparison of Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms for Generic Object Recognition, A
* Convolutional Neural Networks as a Computational Model for the Underlying Processes of Aesthetics Perception
* Croatian Fish Dataset: Fine-grained classification of fish species in their natural habitat
* Detection of Planar Patches in Handheld Image Sequences
* Divergence-Based One-Class Classification Using Gaussian Processes
* Efficient Adaptive Combination of Histograms for Real-Time Tracking
* Efficient Combination of 2-D and 3-D Shape Descriptions for Contour-Based Tracking of Moving Objects, An
* Efficient Combination of Histograms for Real-Time Tracking Using Mean-Shift and Trust-Region Optimization
* Efficient semantic segmentation with Gaussian processes and histogram intersection kernels
* Efficient Shortest Triangle Paths Algorithm Applied to Multi-camera Self-calibration, An
* Efficient Shortest Triangle Paths Algorithm for Uncertainty-based Multi Camera Calibration, An
* Enhanced anomaly detection in wire ropes by combining structure and appearance
* Entropy based camera control for visual object tracking
* Exemplar-Specific Patch Features for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Exploiting the Manhattan-world assumption for extrinsic self-calibration of multi-modal sensor networks
* Exploiting the Manhattan-world assumption for extrinsic self-calibration of multi-modal sensor networks
* Extending GKLT Tracking: Feature Tracking for Controlled Environments with Integrated Uncertainty Estimation
* Fast Approach for Pixelwise Labeling of Facade Images, A
* Feedback Estimation Approach for Therapeutic Facial Training, A
* Finding discriminative features for Raman spectroscopy
* Finding the Unknown: Novelty Detection with Extreme Value Signatures of Deep Neural Activations
* Fine-grained classification of identity document types with only one example
* Fine-Tuning Deep Neural Networks in Continuous Learning Scenarios
* Generalized Orderless Pooling Performs Implicit Salient Matching
* Generic Object Recognition Using Boosted Combined Features
* Geometric and probabilistic image dissimilarity measures for common field of view detection
* Global Context Extraction for Object Recognition Using a Combination of Range and Visual Features
* Global Uncertainty-based Selection of Relative Poses for Multi Camera Calibration
* Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Unsupervised Cell Phenotype Clustering, A
* Hierarchical sensor data fusion by probabilistic cue integration for robust 3D object tracking
* HMM-Based Defect Localization in Wire Ropes: A New Approach to Unusual Subsequence Recognition
* Implicit Feedback between Reconstruction and Tracking in a Combined Optimization Approach
* Incorporation of a-priori information in planning the next best view
* Information Theoretic Approach for Next Best View Planning in 3-D Reconstruction, An
* Information theoretic focal length selection for real-time active 3-d object tracking
* Information Theoretic Sensor Data Selection for Active Object Recognition and State Estimation
* Instance-Weighted Transfer Learning of Active Appearance Models
* Integrated Viewpoint Fusion and Viewpoint Selection for Optimal Object Recognition
* Interactive Image Retrieval for Biodiversity Research
* Intrinsic and extrinsic active self-calibration of multi-camera systems
* JAR-Aibo: A Multi-view Dataset for Evaluation of Model-Free Action Recognition Systems
* JenAesthetics Subjective Dataset: Analyzing Paintings by Subjective Scores
* Kernel Null Space Methods for Novelty Detection
* Labeling Examples That Matter: Relevance-Based Active Learning with Gaussian Processes
* Large-Scale Active Learning with Approximations of Expected Model Output Changes
* Large-Scale Gaussian Process Classification with Flexible Adaptive Histogram Kernels
* Large-Scale Gaussian Process Inference with Generalized Histogram Intersection Kernels for Visual Recognition Tasks
* Large-scale gaussian process multi-class classification for semantic segmentation and facade recognition
* Learning with Few Examples by Transferring Feature Relevance
* Learning with few examples for binary and multiclass classification using regularization of randomized trees
* Local Novelty Detection in Multi-class Recognition Problems
* Markerless Real-Time 3-D Target Region Tracking by Motion Backprojection from Projection Images
* Markerless Real-Time Target Region Tracking: Application to Frameless Sterotactic Radiosurgery
* MOBSY: Integration of Vision and Dialogue in Service Robots
* Model Based Extraction of Articulated Objects in Image Sequences for Gait Analysis
* Multi-marker tracking for large-scale X-ray stereo video data
* Multi-person Tracking-by-Detection Based on Calibrated Multi-camera Systems
* Multi-Step Active Object Tracking with Entropy Based Optimal Actions Using the Sequential Kalman Filter
* Multi-step Entropy Based Sensor Control for Visual Object Tracking
* Multi-view Active Appearance Models for the X-Ray Based Analysis of Avian Bipedal Locomotion
* Multi-view Planning for Simultaneous Coverage and Accuracy Optimisation
* Multiple kernel Gaussian process classification for generic 3D object recognition
* Nonparametric Part Transfer for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Object Tracking in Image Sequences
* On Fusion of Multiple Views for Active Object Recognition
* On Optimal Camera Parameter Selection in Kalman Filter Based Object Tracking
* One-Class Classification with Gaussian Processes
* One-Shot Learning of Object Categories Using Dependent Gaussian Processes
* Online Next-Best-View Planning for Accuracy Optimization Using an Extended E-Criterion
* Part Detector Discovery in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Pedestrian Detection by Probabilistic Component Assembly
* PHOG-Derived Aesthetic Measures Applied to Color Photographs of Artworks, Natural Scenes and Objects
* Randomized Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for Scene Recognition
* Rapid Uncertainty Computation with Gaussian Processes and Histogram Intersection Kernels
* Real-time pedestrian tracking in natural scenes
* Regularized Geometric Hulls for Bio-medical Image Segmentation
* Rigid Motion Constraints for Tracking Planar Objects
* Road Condition Estimation Based on Spatio-Temporal Reflection Models
* Robust Facial Feature Localization by Coupled Features
* Selecting Influential Examples: Active Learning with Expected Model Output Changes
* Self-calibration with Partially Known Rotations
* Semantic Segmentation of Outdoor Areas Using 3D Moment Invariants and Contextual Cues
* Semantic Segmentation with Millions of Features: Integrating Multiple Cues in a Combined Random Forest Approach
* Statistical Approach to Classification of Flow Patterns for Motion Detection
* Temporal Self-Similarity for Appearance-Based Action Recognition in Multi-View Setups
* Towards Automated Visual Monitoring of Individual Gorillas in the Wild
* Tracking and Reconstruction in a Combined Optimization Approach
* Unsupervised Group Activity Detection by Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
* Vegetation Segmentation in Cornfield Images Using Bag of Words
* View Planning for 3D Reconstruction Using Time-of-Flight Camera Data
* Viewpoint Selection: Planning Optimal Sequences of Views for Object Recognition
Includes: Denzler, J.[Joachim] Denzler, J.
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