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Der, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Segmentation Algorithm Based on Quadtree Decomposition for Hyperspectral Imagery, An
* Adaptive Segmentation Algorithm Using Iterative Local Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Imagery, An

Der, S.Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition Using a Feature Decomposition and Data Decomposition Modular Neural-Network
* Combination of Two Learning Algorithms for Automatic Target Recognition
* Composite Classifiers for Automatic Target Recognition
* Dual-band Passive Infrared Imagery for Automatic Clutter Rejection
* Empirical Evaluation of Laser Radar Recognition Algorithms Using Synthetic and Real Data
* Empirical Evaluation of Neural, Statistical and Model-based Approaches to FLIR ATR
* Experimental Evaluation of FLIR ATR Approaches-A Comparative Study
* Joint Compression and Discrimination Algorithm for Clutter Rejection
* joint compression-discrimination neural transformation applied to target detection, A
* Model-Based Target Recognition in Pulsed Ladar Imagery
* Model-based Temporal Object Verification Using Video
* Probe Based Recognition of Targets in Infrared Images
* Probe-Based Automatic Target Recognition In Infrared Imagery
* Projection-based adaptive anomaly detection for hyperspectral imagery
* Technique for Ground/Image Truthing Using a Digital Map to Reduce the Number of Required Measurements
Includes: Der, S.Z. Der, S.Z.[Sandor Z.]
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Derakhshani, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Determination of vitality from a non-invasive biomedical measurement for use in fingerprint scanners
* Enhancement and Registration Schemes for Matching Conjunctival Vasculature
* ICIP 2016 competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition
* Method for using visible ocular vasculature for mobile biometrics
* Ocular biometrics in the visible spectrum: A survey
* Ocular surface vasculature recognition using curvelet transform
Includes: Derakhshani, R.[Reza] Derakhshani, R.

Derakhshani, R.R.[Reza R.] Co Author Listing * Biometric recognition of conjunctival vasculature using GLCM features
* Ensemble Method for Classifying Startle Eyeblink Modulation from High-Speed Video Records, An
Includes: Derakhshani, R.R.[Reza R.] Derakhshani, R.R.

Derakhtian, M. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation and Activity Detection for M-PSK Signals in Unknown Flat Fading Channels

Derakshani, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Classification Methods for Time-Series Detection of Perspiration as a Liveness Test in Fingerprint Devices
* Time-series detection of perspiration as a liveness test in fingerprint devices

Derauw, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * Multi-Chromatic Analysis of SAR Images for Coherent Target Detection
* Proof of Concept of Iterative DSM Improvement through SAR Scene Simulation, A
* Split-Band Interferometry-Assisted Phase Unwrapping for the Phase Ambiguities Correction
Includes: Derauw, D.[Dominique] Derauw, D.

Deravi, F. Co Author Listing * 1-D Fourier Transform Coefficients for Rotation Invariant Texture Segmentation
* autonomous document object (ADO) model, The
* Biometric Counter-Spoofing for Mobile Devices Using Gaze Information
* Circular Neighborhood and 1-D DFT Features for Texture Classification and Segmentation
* Classification Framework for Large-Scale Face Recognition Systems, A
* Concentric Circular Sampling for Texture Analysis
* Consensus fingerprint matching with genetically optimised approach
* Directional Properties of Colour Co-occurrence Features for Lip Location and Segmentation
* Efficient Method For Multiple-Circle Detection, An
* Explicit Integration of Identity Information from Skin Regions to Improve Face Recognition
* Face segmentation using fuzzy reasoning
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Fingerprint Matching with an Evolutionary Approach
* Gray Level Thresholding Using Second-Order Statistics
* Iterative Corner Extraction and Matching for Mosaic Construction
* Lip Signatures for Automatic Person Recognition
* Multiresolution Distance Measure for Images, A
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* Neural Networks for the Classification of Image Texture
* Non-linear fusion of local matching scores for face verification
* Novel HHT-Based Features for Biometric Identification Using EEG Signals
* On the Usability of Electroencephalographic Signals for Biometric Recognition: A Survey
* Region-based fractal image compression using heuristic search
* SAGENT: a novel technique for document modeling for secure access and distribution
Includes: Deravi, F. Deravi, F.[Farzin]
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Derawi, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Nonlinear Complementary Filter on SO(3) for Attitude Estimation of Small-Scale Aerial Robot

Derawi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Geometric-Aligned Cancelable Fingerprint Templates

Derbel, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Comparative study between color texture and shape descriptors for multi-camera pedestrians identification
* Comparative Study between Spatio/Temporal Descriptors for Pedestrians Recognition by Gait
* Interest lower body point's detection for markerless gait analysis
Includes: Derbel, A.[Ahmed] Derbel, A.

Derbel, N. Co Author Listing * Feature extraction and relevance evaluation for heterogeneous image database recognition
* Handwriting trajectory movements controlled by a Beta-elliptic model
* New mass description in mammographies

Derbyshire, J.A. Co Author Listing * Estimating motion from MRI data

Derdar, S.[Salah] Co Author Listing * Localisation of topological features using 3D object representations

Derdouri, B. Co Author Listing * B-Deformable Superquadrics for 3D Reconstruction

Dere, A.D. Co Author Listing * Switching Rollover Controller Coupled With Closed-Loop Adaptive Vehicle Parameter Identification, A

Deregibus, E. Co Author Listing * Towards the Automotive HMI of the Future: Overview of the AIDE-Integrated Project Results

Deren, D. Co Author Listing * Segmentation by Minimum Length Encoding

Deren, L. Co Author Listing * International Summer Student Seminar (3s), From Idea To Realization

Deretta, G. Co Author Listing * Normalized Weighted Levensthein Distance and Triangle Inequality in the Context of Similarity Discrimination of Bilevel Images
* On the Application of Geometrical Form Description Techniques to Automatic Key-Sections Recognition

Derfoul, R. Co Author Listing * Relaxed Problem of Registration Based on the Saint Venant-Kirchhoff Material Stored Energy for the Mapping of Mouse Brain Gene Expression Data to a Neuroanatomical Mouse Atlas, A

Derganc, J. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision System for Inspecting Bearings, A
* Real-Time automated visual inspection of color tablets in pharmaceutical blisters
Includes: Derganc, J. Derganc, J.[Joze]

Derian, P. Co Author Listing * Divergence-Free Wavelets and High Order Regularization
* Wavelet-Based Fluid Motion Estimation
* Wavelet-Based Optical Flow Estimation of Instant Surface Currents From Shore-Based and UAV Videos
Includes: Derian, P. Dérian, P. Dérian, P.[Pierre]

Deriche, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * 3D registration using a new implementation of the ICP algorithm based on a comprehensive lookup matrix: Application to medical imaging
* bibliography of pixel-based blind image forgery detection techniques, A
* comprehensive ICP (CICP) algorithm and its application to the multidmoal registration of 3D surfaces of the heart, The
* Efficient Quantization Technique for Wavelet Coefficients of Fingerprint Images, An
* Eigenstructure Approach to Edge Detection, An
* fast Geodesic Active Contour model for medical images segmentation using prior analysis, A
* Feature selection using a mutual information based measure
* Fingerprint Compression Using Wavelet Packet Transform and Pyramid Lattice Vector Quantization
* hybrid approach for salt dome detection in 2D and 3D seismic data, A
* hybrid system for distortion classification and image quality evaluation, A
* Image distortion analysis and classification scheme using a neural approach
* Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition
* Mammographic Image Segmentation Using a Tissue-mixture Model and Markov Random Fields
* New Approach to Face Localization in the HSV Space Using the Gaussian Model, A
* new scheme for no reference image quality assessment, A
* Novel Fingerprint Image Compression Technique Using The Wavelet Transform And Piecewise Uniform Pyramid Lattice Vector Quantization, A
* novel fingerprint image compression technique using wavelets packets and pyramid lattice vector quantization, A
* Recognition of Arabic License Plates using NN
* Scale-Space Properties of the Multiscale Morphological Dilation Erosion
* Space curve recognition based on the wavelet transform and string-matching techniques
* Statistical Modeling of Image Degradation Based on Quality Metrics
* Towards the design of a consistent image contrast enhancement evaluation measure
* Trends and Challenges in Mono and Multi Biometrics
* universal Full Reference image Quality Metric based on a neural fusion approach, A
Includes: Deriche, M.[Mohamed] Deriche, M. Deriche, M.[Mohammed]
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Deriche, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic fault tracking across seismic volumes via tracking vectors
* real-time license plate recognition system for Saudi Arabia using LabVIEW, A
Includes: Deriche, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Deriche, M.A.

Deriche, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Deriche, R.[Rachid]: Rachid Deriche AT sophia inria fr
* 2-D Curve Matching Using High Curvature Points: Application to Stereo Vision
* 3D Edge Detection by Separable Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing
* 3D Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering: Application to Scanner Images
* Accurate Corner Detection: An Analytical Study
* Active Unsupervised Texture Segmentation on a Diffusion Based Feature Space
* Apparent Diffusion Coefficients from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Images: Estimation and Applications
* Beltrami flow over implicit manifolds, The
* Binocular Dense Depth Reconstruction Using Isotropy Constraint
* Biologically Motivated and Computationally Tractable Model of Low and Mid-Level Vision Tasks, A
* Brain Connectivity Mapping Using Riemannian Geometry, Control Theory, and PDEs
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Kruppa Equations and the SVD of the Fundamental Matrix: The Case of Varying Intrinsic Parameters
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Singular Value Decomposition of the Fundamental Matrix
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Singular Value Decomposition of the Fundamental Matrix: From Point Correspondences to 3D Measurements
* Colour, texture, and motion in level set based segmentation and tracking
* Computational Approach for Corner and Vertex Detection, A
* Constrained and Unconstrained PDEs for Vector Image Restoration
* Constrained Flows of Matrix-Valued Functions: Application to Diffusion Tensor Regularization
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Methods for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Techniques for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Coupled Geodesic Active Regions for Image Segmentation: A Level Set Approach
* Crest Lines Extraction in Volume 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Dense Depth Map Reconstruction: A Minimization and Regularization Approach which Preserves Discontinuities
* Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach
* Depth And Motion Analysis Machine, The
* Design of 2D Recursive Filters Using Singular Value Decomposition Techniques
* Detecting Multiple Moving Targets Using Deformable Contours
* Deterministic and Probabilistic Tractography Based on Complex Fibre Orientation Distributions
* Differential Invariants for Color Images
* Diffusion Maps Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Q-Ball Imaging
* Diffusion Tensor Regularization with Constraints Preservation
* DTI Segmentation by Statistical Surface Evolution
* Effective Technique for Calibrating a Binocular Stereo Through Projective Reconstruction Using Both a Calibration Object and the Environment, An
* efficient method to build early image description, An
* Extraction of the Zero-Crossings of the Curvature Derivative in Volumetric 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Fast Algorithms for Low-Level Vision
* Features extraction using parametric snakes
* framework for constrained multi-scale range image segmentation, A
* Front Propagation and Level-Set Approach for Geodesic Active Stereovision
* Geodesic Active Contours and Level Sets for the Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects
* Geodesic Active Contours for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic active regions and level set methods for motion estimation and tracking
* Geodesic Active Regions and Level Set Methods for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions for Motion Estimation and Tracking
* Geodesic Active Regions for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions for Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions: A New Framework to Deal with Frame Partition Problems in Computer Vision
* High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Segmentation Using Region-Based Statistical Surface Evolution
* Image Coupling, Restoration and Enhancement via PDE's
* Image Sequence Analysis via Partial Differential Equations
* Image Sequence Restoration: A PDE-Based Coupled Method for Image Restoration and Motion Segmentation
* Inferring White Matter Geometry from Diffusion Tensor MRI: Application to Connectivity Mapping
* integrated multiscale approach for terrain referenced underwater navigation, An
* Inverse EEG and MEG Problems: The Adjoint State Approach I: The Continuous Case, The
* level set framework using a new incremental, robust Active Shape Model for object segmentation and tracking, A
* Matching color uncalibrated images using differential invariants
* model based method for characterization and location of curved image features, A
* Multiphase Level Set Based Segmentation Framework with Pose Invariant Shape Priors, A
* Multiregion Level Set Tracking with Transformation Invariant Shape Priors
* New Three Dimensional Boundary Detection, A
* Non-Linear Filtering for Chaincoded Contours
* Nonlinear Operators in Image Restoration
* On Corner and Vertex Detection
* On Determining the Fundamental Matrix: Analysis of Different Methods and Experimental Results
* Optical Flow Estimation While Preserving its Discontinuities: A Variational Approach
* Optimal Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering
* Orthonormal Vector Sets Regularization with PDE's and Applications
* PDE-Based Level-Set Approach for Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects, A
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
* Reconstruction of 3D Linear Primitives From Multiple Views for Urban Areas Modelisation
* Recovering 3D Motion and Structure from Stereo and 2D Token Tracking Cooperation
* Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursivity and PDE's in Image Processing
* Region Tracking Through Image Sequences
* Regularization of ortho-normal vector sets using coupled PDE's
* Regularization, Scale-Space, and Edge-Detection Filters
* Regularizing Flows for Constrained Matrix-Valued Images
* Review of Statistical Approaches to Level Set Segmentation: Integrating Color, Texture, Motion and Shape, A
* Robust Recovery of the Epipolar Geometry for an Uncalibrated Stereo Rig
* Robust Technique for Matching Two Uncalibrated Images Through the Recovery of the Unknown Epipolar Geometry, A
* Statistics on Multivariate Normal Distributions: A Geometric Approach and its Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Statistics on the Manifold of Multivariate Normal Distributions: Theory and Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI Processing
* Stereo Matching, Reconstruction and Refinement of 3D Curves Using Deformable Contours
* Structure and Motion from a Sparse Set of Views
* Symmetrical Dense Optical Flow Estimation with Occlusions Detection
* Tensor Processing for Texture and Colour Segmentation
* Toward Segmentation of 3D Probability Density Fields by Surface Evolution: Application to Diffusion MRI
* Tracking Complex Primitives in an Image Sequence
* Tracking Line Segments
* Unifying Boundary and Region-based Information for Geodesic Active Tracking
* Unsupervised Segmentation Incorporating Colour, Texture, and Motion
* use of super-resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI, The
* Using Canny's Criteria to Derive a Recursively Implemented Optimal Edge Detector
* Using Geometric Corners to Build a 2D Mosaic from a Set of Images
* Variational Beltrami flows over manifolds
* variational framework for active and adaptative segmentation of vector valued images, A
* Variational frameworks for DT-MRI estimation, regularization and visualization
* Vector-Valued Image Regularization with PDEs: A Common Framework for Different Applications
Includes: Deriche, R.[Rachid] Deriche, R.
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Derichs, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion
* Handling Camera Movement Constraints in Reinforcement Learning Based Active Object Recognition
* Integrated Viewpoint Fusion and Viewpoint Selection for Optimal Object Recognition

deRijk, W.G. Co Author Listing * system for digital reconstruction of gypsum dental casts, A

Derimian, Y.[Yevgeny] Co Author Listing * GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere

Derin, H. Co Author Listing * 3D adaptive wavelet packet for video compression
* Adaptive feature selection and constrained weak-membrane optimization for boundary detection
* Adaptive Segmentation of Speckled Images Using a Hierarchical Random Field Model
* Bayes Smoothing Algorithms for Segmentation of Binary Images Modeled by Markov Random Fields
* Conditional Event Algebra Techniques for Iterated Image Estimation
* Estimating Components of Univariate Gaussian Mixtures Using Prony's Method
* Modelling and Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Multiresolution Multiresource Progressive Image Transmission
* Parallel Image Segmentation Algorithm Using Relaxation with Varying Neighborhoods and Its Mapping to Array Processors, A
* Segmentation of Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Simultaneous Parameter Estimation and Segmentation of Gibbs Random Fields Using Simulated Annealing
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images Using Markov Random Fields
* Video Data Compression for Multimedia Computing Statistically Based and Biologically Inspired Techniques
Includes: Derin, H. Derin, H.[Haluk]
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Deris, M.M.[Mustafa Mat] Co Author Listing * Efficient Multi Join Query Optimization for Relational Database Management System Using Two Phase Artificial Bess Colony Algorithm, An
* SMARViz: Soft Maximal Association Rules Visualization
* Visualization of JPEG Metadata

Deris, S.[Safaai] Co Author Listing * Automated path testing using the negative selection algorithm

Deriso, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Emotion Mirror: A Novel Intervention for Autism Based on Real-Time Expression Recognition

Deriso, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Facial Expression Perception-Production Link Using Real-Time Automated Facial Expression Recognition

Derivaux, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Approach for Ontology Driven Image Interpretation, An
* Supervised image segmentation using watershed transform, fuzzy classification and evolutionary computation
Includes: Derivaux, S.[Sebastien] Derivaux, S.[Sébastien]

Deriviere, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Construction of Connections between Critical Regions in Lattice Height Data
Includes: Deriviere, S.[Sara] Derivière, S.[Sara]

Derkach, D. Co Author Listing * Head Pose Estimation Based on 3-D Facial Landmarks Localization and Regression
* Local Shape Spectrum Analysis for 3D Facial Expression Recognition

Derksen, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Deformable Image Registration with Automatic Non-Correspondence Detection
* image registration framework for sliding motion with piecewise smooth deformations, An

Derksen, C. Co Author Listing * Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area
* Differences Between the HUT Snow Emission Model and MEMLS and Their Effects on Brightness Temperature Simulation
* Estimating Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature Over Snow-Covered Land in North America Using a Land Surface Model and an Artificial Neural Network
* Identification of systematic bias in the cross-platform (SMMR and SSM/I) EASE-Grid brightness temperature time series
* Investigating the Influence of Variable Freshwater Ice Types on Passive and Active Microwave Observations
* Modeling the Observed Microwave Emission from Shallow Multi-Layer Tundra Snow Using DMRT-ML
* Snow Microwave Emission Modeling of Ice Lenses Within a Snowpack Using the Microwave Emission Model for Layered Snowpacks
* Spatial Variability of L-Band Brightness Temperature during Freeze/Thaw Events over a Prairie Environment
Includes: Derksen, C. Derksen, C.[Chris]
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Derksen, H.[Harm] Co Author Listing * Denoising by low-rank and sparse representations
* Segmentation of Multivariate Mixed Data via Lossy Data Coding and Compression

Derlatka, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Static and Dynamic Parameters at Decision Level in Human Gait Recognition

Derlich, K.M.[Karin M.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for generating facial animation values based on a combination of visual and audio information
* Method for mapping facial animation values to head mesh positions

Derman, E. Co Author Listing * Normalized cross-correlation based global distortion correction in fingerprint image matching

Dermatas, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Abnormal Tissue in Mammography
* Selecting and constructing features using grammatical evolution
* Vein Segmentation in Infrared Images Using Compound Enhancing and Crisp Clustering
Includes: Dermatas, E. Dermatas, E.[Evangelos]

Dermatas, E.S. Co Author Listing * Random-Walker Monocular Road Detection in Adverse Conditions Using Automated Spatiotemporal Seed Selection

Dermawan, C. Co Author Listing * In Traffic Jam IVC-RVC System for ITS Using Bluetooth

Deroin, J.P. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the Potential for Using Optical and SAR Data for Geological Mapping in an Arid Region: The Atar Site, Western Sahara, Mauritania, A

Derom, R. Co Author Listing * Feature-Selection Using Expected Attainable Discrimination

Derome, M. Co Author Listing * Detection, Estimation and Avoidance of Mobile Objects Using Stereo-Vision and Model Predictive Control
* Prediction-Correction Approach for Real-Time Optical Flow Computation Using Stereo, A
Includes: Derome, M. Derome, M.[Maxime]

Deronde, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Assessing the impact of the orbital drift of SPOT-VGT1 by comparing with SPOT-VGT2 data

Deroose, C. Co Author Listing * Performance of MAP Reconstruction for Hot Lesion Detection in Whole-Body PET/CT: An Evaluation With Human and Numerical Observers

Deroose, C.M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Three MRI-Based Anatomical Priors for Quantitative PET Brain Imaging
* Fuzzy Statistical Unsupervised Learning Based Total Lesion Metabolic Activity Estimation in Positron Emission Tomography Images
* SLAC: Statistical total lesion metabolic activity computation by fuzzy unsupervised learning of PET images
Includes: Deroose, C.M. Deroose, C.M.[Christophe M.]

Derou, D. Co Author Listing * Physical-Model Based Reconstruction of the Global Instantaneous Velocity Field from Velocity Measurements at a Few Points
* Pulsed neural networks and perceptive grouping
Includes: Derou, D. Derou, D.[Dominique]

Derov, J. Co Author Listing * Plasmonic Superpixel Sensor for Compressive Spectral Sensing

Derpanis, K.G.[Konstantinos G.] Co Author Listing * Back to Basics: Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow via Brightness Constancy and Motion Smoothness
* Coarse-to-Fine Volumetric Prediction for Single-Image 3D Human Pose
* Evaluation of deep convolutional nets for document image classification and retrieval
* Harvesting Multiple Views for Marker-Less 3D Human Pose Annotations
* Segmentation-Aware Convolutional Networks Using Local Attention Masks
* Sparseness Meets Deepness: 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video
* Structure of Multiplicative Motions in Natural Imagery, The
* Three-Dimensional Nth Derivative of Gaussian Separable Steerable Filters
Includes: Derpanis, K.G.[Konstantinos G.] Derpanis, K.G.
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Derpanis, K.G.P.[Konstantinos G.P.] Co Author Listing * Action Spotting and Recognition Based on a Spatiotemporal Orientation Analysis
* Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An
* Adaptive Step Size Window Matching for Detection
* Classification of traffic video based on a spatiotemporal orientation analysis
* Definition and recovery of kinematic features for recognition of American sign language movements
* Detecting Spatiotemporal Structure Boundaries: Beyond Motion Discontinuities
* Detection and Tracking of Faces in Real Environments
* Dynamic scene understanding: The role of orientation features in space and time in scene classification
* Dynamic texture recognition based on distributions of spacetime oriented structure
* Early spatiotemporal grouping with a distributed oriented energy representation
* Efficient action spotting based on a spacetime oriented structure representation
* Fast Scale-Space Feature Representations by Generalized Integral Images
* From Actemes to Action: A Strongly-Supervised Representation for Detailed Action Understanding
* Hand Gesture Recognition within a Linguistics-Based Framework
* Histogram-based search: A comparative study
* novel stereoscopic cue for figure-ground segregation of semi-transparent objects, A
* SAVI: an actively controlled teleconferencing system
* Spacetime Texture Representation and Recognition Based on a Spatiotemporal Orientation Analysis
Includes: Derpanis, K.G.P.[Konstantinos G.P.] Derpanis, K.G.P.
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Derrac, J.[Joaquin] Co Author Listing * IFS-CoCo in the Landscape Contest: Description and Results
* IFS-CoCo: Instance and feature selection based on cooperative coevolution with nearest neighbor rule
* Integrating Instance Selection, Instance Weighting, and Feature Weighting for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers by Coevolutionary Algorithms
* Prototype Selection for Nearest Neighbor Classification: Taxonomy and Empirical Study
* Statistical computation of feature weighting schemes through data estimation for nearest neighbor classifiers
* Taxonomy and Experimental Study on Prototype Generation for Nearest Neighbor Classification, A
Includes: Derrac, J.[Joaquin] Derrac, J.[Joaquín] Derrac, J.

Derras, M. Co Author Listing * Speeding-up a convolutional neural network by connecting an SVM network
* Unsupervised Regions Segmentation: Real Time Control of an Upkeep Machine of Natural Spaces

Derraz, F. Co Author Listing * Active Contours Based Battachryya Gradient Flow for Texture Segmentation
* Binary Active Contours using both inside and outside texture descriptors
* Fast Finsler Active Contours and Shape Prior Descriptor
* Fast globally supervised segmentation by active contours with shape and texture descriptors
* Fast Unsupervised Segmentation Using Active Contours and Belief Functions
* Fast Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Active Contours Model Driven by Bhattacharyya Gradient Flow
* Globally Segmentation Using Active Contours and Belief Function
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours and Evidential Distance
* Segmentation of Prostate Using Interactive Finsler Active Contours and Shape Prior
* Texture segmentation using globally active contours model and Cauchy-Schwarz distance
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using active contours driven by the Chernoff gradient flow
Includes: Derraz, F. Derraz, F.[Foued]
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Derrien Peden, D. Co Author Listing * Frame-Based System for Macro-Typographical Structure Analysis in Scientific Papers
Includes: Derrien Peden, D. Derrien-Peden, D.

Derrien, S. Co Author Listing * Approximating a Single Viewpoint in Panoramic Imaging Devices
* Demo: SLP-aware word length optimization

Derrington, A.M. Co Author Listing * Detection and Motion Detection in Chromatic and Luminance Beats

Derrmann, T. Co Author Listing * Smartphone-Based Adaptive Driving Maneuver Detection: A Large-Scale Evaluation Study

Derrode, S. Co Author Listing * Exact Fast Computation of Optimal Filter in Gaussian Switching Linear Systems
* Fourier-based geometric shape prior for snakes
* Gradual Iris Code Construction from Close-Up Eye Video
* Image reconstruction from a complete set of similarity invariants extracted from complex moments
* Pearson-based mixture model for color object tracking
* Quality-driven and real-time iris recognition from close-up eye videos
* Robust and Efficient Fourier-Mellin Transform Approximations for Gray-Level Image Reconstruction and Complete Invariant Description
* Subsampling-based HMC parameter estimation with application to large datasets classification
* Unsupervised Change Detection on SAR Images Using Fuzzy Hidden Markov Chains
* Unsupervised multicomponent image segmentation combining a vectorial HMC Model and ICA
* Unsupervised multiscale oil slick segmentation from SAR images using a vector HMC model
Includes: Derrode, S. Derrode, S.[Stéphane]
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Derron, M.H.[Marc Henri] Co Author Listing * Correction of terrestrial LiDAR intensity channel using Oren-Nayar reflectance model: An application to lithological differentiation
* Prototype of a Web-based Participative Decision Support Platform in Natural Hazards and Risk Management
* Use of 3D Point Clouds in Geohazards Special Issue: Current Challenges and Future Trends
Includes: Derron, M.H.[Marc Henri] Derron, M.H.[Marc-Henri]

Derrouz, H. Co Author Listing * Hybrid method for background modeling and subtracting

Derryberry, D.R.[DeWayne R.] Co Author Listing * Aboveground total and green biomass of dryland shrub derived from terrestrial laser scanning

Dersanambika, K.S. Co Author Listing * Hexagonal Pattern Languages

Dersch, D.R.[Dominik R.] Co Author Listing * Cluster Analysis of Biomedical Image Time-Series

Dershowitz, N.[Nachum] Co Author Listing * Active clustering of document fragments using information derived from both images and catalogs
* Automatically identifying join candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* Computerized paleography: Tools for historical manuscripts
* Congruency-Based Reranking
* Identifying Join Candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* Improving OCR for an under-resourced script using unsupervised word-spotting
* Integrating Copies Obtained from Old and New Preservation Efforts
* OCR-Free Transcript Alignment
* Viral transcript alignment
Includes: Dershowitz, N.[Nachum] Dershowitz, N.
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Derue, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Semantic Segmentation for Robust Camera Motion Classification
* SPiKeS: Superpixel-Keypoints structure for robust visual tracking
Includes: Derue, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Derue, F.X.[François-Xavier]

Derungs, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Activity Patterns in Stroke Patients: Is There a Trend in Behaviour During Rehabilitation?

Derutin, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Co Author Listing * Embedded multi-processor system-on-programmable chip for smart camera pose estimation using nonlinear optimization methods
* Embedding of a real time image stabilization algorithm on a parameterizable SoPC architecture a chip multi-processor approach
* Embedding of a Real Time Image Stabilization Algorithm on SoPC Platform, a Chip Multi-processor Approach
* Fast Prototyping of Image Processing Applications Using Functional Skeletons on a MIMD-DM Architecture
* Fast prototyping of parallel-vision applications using functional skeletons
* Managing Algorithmic Skeleton Nesting Requirements in Realistic Image Processing Applications: The Case of the SKiPPER-II Parallel Programming Environment's Operating Model
Includes: Derutin, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Derutin, J.P.[Jean-Pierre] Dérutin, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Derutin, J.P. Dérutin, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]

Deruyver, A.[Aline] Co Author Listing * Arc-Consistency Checking with Bilevel Constraints: An Optimization
* Automatic Multi-Thresholdable Image Segmentation by Using Separating Bipoints
* Hierarchical classification-based radon road extraction (HCBRRE)
* Hierarchical Classification-Based Region Growing (HCBRG): A Collaborative Approach for Object Segmentation and Classification
* Image interpretation with a conceptual graph: Labeling over-segmented images and detection of unexpected objects
* morphological model for automatic edge detection: Comparison with ad-hoc Hysteresis Thresholding, A
* Qualitative spatial relationships for image interpretation by using a conceptual graph
* Qualitative Spatial Relationships for Image Interpretation by Using Semantic Graph
* segmentation technique for cerebral NMR images, A
* Semantic graph and arc consistency in true three dimensional image labelling
* Skeletonization and 3D graph approach for thin objects recognition in pick and place tasks
* system to detect residential area in multispectral satellite images, A
* Temporal image fusion
* Watershed and adaptive pyramid for determining the apple's maturity state
Includes: Deruyver, A.[Aline] Deruyver, A.
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Derviaux, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Blocking Artifact Reduction of DCT Coded Image Sequences Using a Visually Adaptive Postprocessing

Dery, B. Co Author Listing * Spectroscopic Calibration Correlation of Field and Lab-Sized Fluorescence LIDAR Systems

Dery, S.J. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Passive Microwave Radiometry for the Dynamical Transition From Dry to Wet Snowpacks

Deryagin, D. Co Author Listing * Unified Performance Evaluation for OCR Zoning: Calculating Page Segmentation's Score, That Includes Text Zones, Tables and Non-text Objects
* Universal data capture technology from semi-structured forms

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