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DeSa Otero, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Classification of Grains of Pollen Based on Shape and Texture
Includes: DeSa Otero, P. DeSa-Otero, P.

Desa, S.M.[Shahbe M.] Co Author Listing * IR and visible face recognition using fusion of kernel based features

Desachy, J.[Jacky] Co Author Listing * Defining cost functions and profitability measures for digraphs associated with raster DEMs
* Fuzzy segmentation and astronomical images interpretation
* Fuzzy segmentation and structural knowledge for satellite image analysis
* Geographic information system updating using remote sensing images
* Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing
* Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing II
* Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing III
* Knowledge-Based System for Satellite Image Interpretation, A
* Matching two clusters of points extracted from satellite images
* Neural networks classifiers based on geocoded data and multispectral images for satellite image interpretation
* Numeric and Symbolic Data Fusion: A Soft Computing Approach to Remote Sensing Images Analysis
* Pattern recognition from compressed labelled trees of fuzzy regions
* Representation de la Position Relativ d'Objets 2D au Moyen d'un Histogramme de Froces
* Symbolic and iconic information combination for satellite imagery interpretation
Includes: Desachy, J.[Jacky] Desachy, J.
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Desage, S.F.[Simon Frederic] Co Author Listing * Discrete Modal Decomposition: a new approach for the reflectance modeling and rendering of real surfaces
Includes: Desage, S.F.[Simon Frederic] Desage, S.F.[Simon-Frederic]

Desai, A.[Alok] Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Evolution-Constructed Features
* Automatic Motion Classification for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* CARAVAN: Congestion Avoidance and Route Allocation Using Virtual Agent Negotiation
* Determine Absolute Soccer Ball Location in Broadcast Video Using SYBA Descriptor
* efficient feature descriptor based on synthetic basis functions and uniqueness matching strategy, An
* Matching Affine Features with the SYBA Feature Descriptor
* Using Accurate Feature Matching for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Object Tracking
* Using affine features for an efficient binary feature descriptor
* Visual Odometry Drift Reduction Using SYBA Descriptor and Feature Transformation
Includes: Desai, A.[Alok] Desai, A.
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Desai, A.A.[Apurva A.] Co Author Listing * email: Desai, A.A.[Apurva A.]: apurva AT cs sfu ca
* Gujarati handwritten numeral optical character reorganization through neural network

Desai, A.R. Co Author Listing * SMAP Level 4 Carbon Product for Monitoring Ecosystem Land-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange, The

Desai, B.C.[Bipin C.] Co Author Listing * Image Representation and Retrieval Using Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy C-means Clustering Based Semantical Spaces
* Probabilistic Similarity Measures in Image Databases with SVM Based Categorization and Relevance Feedback
* unified image retrieval framework on local visual and semantic concept-based feature spaces, A

Desai, C.[Chaitanya] Co Author Listing * De-correlating CNN Features for Generative Classification
* Detecting Actions, Poses, and Objects with Relational Phraselets
* Discriminative Models for Multi-Class Object Layout
* Discriminative models for static human-object interactions
* Predicting Functional Regions on Objects
* Unsupervised underwater fish detection fusing flow and objectiveness
Includes: Desai, C.[Chaitanya] Desai, C.

Desai, K.[Keyur] Co Author Listing * Complexity reduction using power-law based scheduling for exploiting spatial correlation in distributed video coding

Desai, M. Co Author Listing * Compiling SA-C Programs to FPGAs: Performance Results
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Enhancing the surgeons reality: Smart visualization of bolus time of arrival and blood flow anomalies from time lapse series for safety and speed of cerebrovascular surgery
* Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Multiple-valued feedback neural networks for image restoration
* Non-Gaussian methods in biomedical imaging
* Retinal venous caliber abnormality: Detection and analysis using matrix edge fields-based simultaneous smoothing and segmentation
* Wavelet Based Automatic Thresholding for Image Segmentation
Includes: Desai, M. Desai, M.[Mita]
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Desai, M.D. Co Author Listing * adaptive approach for texture modelling, An
* Adaptive Subspace Decomposition for Hyperspectral Data Dimensionality Reduction
* Adaptive tree-structured subspace classification of hyperspectral images
* Convolution backprojection image reconstruction for spotlight mode synthetic aperture radar
* Feedforward Neural Networks with Multilevel Hidden Neurons for Remotely Sensed Image Classification
* Hyperspectral image compression based on adaptive recursive bidirection prediction/jpeg
* Segmentation of bright targets using wavelets and adaptive thresholding
* Spotlight Mode SAR Stereo Technique for Height Computation
Includes: Desai, M.D. Desai, M.D.[Mita D.]
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Desai, M.N. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for 3D+T Image Reconstruction in Cerebral Angiography

Desai, N.M. Co Author Listing * Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases

Desai, N.R.[Nirav R.] Co Author Listing * Eye movement and pupil diameter apparatus and method

Desai, P. Co Author Listing * CARAVAN: Congestion Avoidance and Route Allocation Using Virtual Agent Negotiation
* Smart 3D video coding
Includes: Desai, P. Desai, P.[Parth]

Desai, R. Co Author Listing * Behavior Control for Robotic Exploration of Planetary Surfaces
* Pattern Recognition by Local Radial Moments
* Scene Classification by Fuzzy Local Moments
* Timing specifications and accuracy of the real-time 3D echocardiographic reconstruction system

Desai, R.P.[Ranjit P.] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval system

Desai, U. Co Author Listing * Apply Mid-Level Vision Techniques for Video Data Compression and Manipulation
* Unsupervised Scheme for Detection of Microcalcifications on Mammograms, An

Desai, U.B. Co Author Listing * email: Desai, U.B.: ubdesai AT ee iitb ernet in
* 3D object recognition using Bayesian geometric hashing and pose clustering
* Air-borne approaching target detection and tracking in infrared image sequence
* Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation
* Combined PMHT and IMM Approach to Multiple-Point Target Tracking in Infrared Image Sequence, A
* Content Based Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding Using Wavelet Transform
* Context enhancement to reveal a camouflaged target and to assist target localization by fusion of multispectral surveillance videos
* Depth and Image Recovery Using a MRF Model
* Digital Watermarking in Contourlet Domain
* Direct Parametric Object Detection in Tomographic-Images
* Effective algorithm for detecting various wipe patterns and discriminating wipe from object and camera motion
* Evolutionary algorithm for data association and IMM-based target tracking in IR image sequences
* Face Recognition Using a DCT-HMM Approach
* Finding faces in color images using wavelet transform
* Finding Faces in Photographs
* Image Compression Using Zerotree and Multi-Stage Vector Quantization
* Image Interpretation Using Bayesian Networks
* Integrated Stereo Vision - A Multiresolution Approach
* Joint parameter estimation and restoration using MRF models and homotopy continuation method
* Joint segmentation and image interpretation
* Joint Segmentation and Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene
* Modelling and restoration of multilook correlated speckled images
* Multifocus and multispectral image fusion based on pixel significance using multiresolution decomposition
* Multimodal image/video fusion rule using generalized pixel significance based on statistical properties of the neighborhood
* multiresolution approach to color image restoration and parameter estimation using homotopy continuation method, A
* Parallel support vector architectures for taxonomy of radial pulse morphology
* PMHT based multiple point targets tracking using multiple models in infrared image sequence
* Projection Onto Convex Sets with Watermarking for Error Concealment
* Robust Image Restoration Algorithm Using Markov Random Field Model
* Robust Neural-Network-Based Data Association and Multiple Model-Based Tracking of Multiple Point Targets
* Shot boundary detection in the presence of fire flicker and explosion using stationary wavelet transform
* Shot boundary detection in the presence of illumination and motion
* Significant Pixel Watermarking Using Human Visual System Model in Wavelet Domain
* Tracking of point target in IR image sequence using multiple model based particle filtering and MRF based data association
* Wavelet-Based Detection and Its Application to Tracking in an IR Sequence
Includes: Desai, U.B. Desai, U.B.[Uday B.]
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Desai, U.Y. Co Author Listing * DCT and wavelet based representations of arbitrarily shaped image segments
* Edge and Mean Based Image Compression
Includes: Desai, U.Y. Desai, U.Y.[Ujjaval Y.]

Desai, V.[Vipul] Co Author Listing * Identification of copy-paste regions in digital image

Desai, V.R. Co Author Listing * Runoff simulation using distributed hydrological modeling approach, remote sensing and Gis techniques: A case study from an Indian agricultural watershed

Desale, R.P.[Rajenda Pandit] Co Author Listing * Study and analysis of PCA, DCT & DWT based image fusion techniques

DeSalvo, R. Co Author Listing * Monolithic Folded Pendulum Accelerometers for Seismic Monitoring and Active Isolation Systems

Desappan, K. Co Author Listing * Diverse Low Cost High Performance Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Applications, A
* ORB in 5 ms: An Efficient SIMD Friendly Implementation
* Sparse, Quantized, Full Frame CNN for Low Power Embedded Devices
Includes: Desappan, K. Desappan, K.[Kumar]

Desaraju, V.R. Co Author Listing * Driver Behavior Classification at Intersections and Validation on Large Naturalistic Data Set

Desario, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Several Approaches for the Segmentation of Texture Images

Desautels, J.E.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of asymmetry in mammograms via directional filtering with gabor wavelets
* Automatic Identification of the Pectoral Muscle in Mammograms
* Detection of Architectural Distortion in Prior Mammograms
* Detection of breast masses in mammograms by density slicing and texture flow-field analysis
* Gradient and texture analysis for the classification of mammographic masses
* Measures of Acutance and Shape for Classification of Breast-Tumors

Desbarats, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Topological Structuring with an Oriented Boundary Graph for Split and Merge Segmentation
* 3D Motion Estimation for On-Line MR Temperature Mapping
* 3D surface reconstruction using HMH algorithm
* 3dD animation of cerebral activity using both spatial and temporal fMRI information
* Atlas-based motion correction for on-line MR temperature mapping
* Automated Trimmed Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
* Automatic Region Tracking for MR Glomerular Filtration Rate Analysis
* Discrete Contour Extraction from Reference Curvature Function
* Method for Large Vessels/Brain Activity Colocalization, A
* Mojette reconstruction from noisy projections
* new processing sequence to assess airways using 3D CT-scan, A
* On-Line Mobile Organ Tracking for Non-Invasive Local Hyperthermia
* PCA-Based Image Registration: Application to On-Line MR Temperature Monitoring of Moving Tissues
* Robust Spatial Phase Unwrapping for On-Line MR-Temperature Monitoring
* Segmentation of left ventricle on dynamic MRI sequences for blood flow cancellation in Thermotherapy
* Sinogram Restoration Using Confidence Maps to Reduce Metal Artifact in Computed Tomography
Includes: Desbarats, P.[Pascal] Desbarats, P.
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Desbat, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Analytic and Algebraic Methods for Motion-Compensated Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction of the Thorax
* Compensation of Some Time Dependent Deformations in Tomography
* Data Consistency Conditions for Cone-Beam Projections on a Circular Trajectory
* Spline Driven: High Accuracy Projectors for Tomographic Reconstruction From Few Projections

Desbiens, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Aligning the frames of a non stationary imaging Fourier transform spectrometer for spectrum retrieval

Desbleds Mansard, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Active Contour Model for Size Independent Blood Vessel Lumen Segmentation and Quantification in High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Images
Includes: Desbleds Mansard, C.[Catherine] Desbleds-Mansard, C.[Catherine]

Desbordes, P. Co Author Listing * 3D automated lymphoma segmentation in PET images based on cellular automata

Desbrun, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing
* Feature-Preserving Surface Reconstruction and Simplification from Defect-Laden Point Sets
* Height and Tilt Geometric Texture
* Near-Optimal Connectivity Encoding of 2-Manifold Polygon Meshes
* Non-iterative, feature-preserving mesh smoothing
* Time-Varying Surface Reconstruction of an Actor's Performance

Descalzi, M.F. Co Author Listing * Color Edge Detection

Descampe, A. Co Author Listing * Flexible Hardware JPEG 2000 Decoder for Digital Cinema, A
* Pre-Fetching Strategies for Remote and Interactive Browsing of JPEG2000 Images
* Prefetching and Caching Strategies for Remote and Interactive Browsing of JPEG2000 Images
* Scalable Feature Extraction for Coarse-to-Fine JPEG 2000 Image Classification
Includes: Descampe, A. Descampe, A.[Antonin]

Descamps, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Counting People in the Crowd Using a Generic Head Detector

Deschacht, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Automatic annotation of unique locations from video and text
* Naming persons in video: Using the weak supervision of textual stories

Deschamps Cottin, M.[Magali] Co Author Listing * Kill Two Birds with One Stone: Urban Tree Species Classification Using Bi-Temporal Pléiades Images to Study Nesting Preferences of an Invasive Bird
Includes: Deschamps Cottin, M.[Magali] Deschamps-Cottin, M.[Magali]

Deschamps, B. Co Author Listing * Establishing Crop Productivity Using Radarsat-2

Deschamps, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Fast extraction of tubular and tree 3d surfaces with front propagation methods
* Grouping Connected Components Using Minimal Path Techniques: Application to Reconstruction of Vessels in 2D and 3D Images
* Minimal Paths in 3D Images and Application to Virtual Endoscopy
* Multiple Contour Finding and Perceptual Grouping as a Set of Energy Minimizing Paths
* Real-Time Interactive Path Extraction with on-the-Fly Adaptation of the External Forces
Includes: Deschamps, T.[Thomas] Deschamps, T.

Deschaud, J.E. Co Author Listing * Experimental Assessment Of The Quanergy M8 Lidar Sensor
* Fast and Accurate Plane Detection Algorithm for Large Noisy Point Clouds Using Filtered Normals and Voxel Growing, A
* Fast And Robust Segmentation And Classification For Change Detection In Urban Point Clouds
* Point Cloud Non Local Denoising using Local Surface Descriptor Similarity
* Point Cloud Refinement With A Target-free Intrinsic Calibration Of A Mobile Multi-beam Lidar System
* Scalable and Detail-Preserving Ground Surface Reconstruction from Large 3D Point Clouds Acquired by Mobile Mapping Systems
Includes: Deschaud, J.E. Deschaud, J.E.[Jean-Emmanuel]

Deschenes, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Collision and Event Detection using Geometric Features in Spatio-Temporal Volumes
* Combining apparent motion and perspective as visual cues for content-based camera motion indexing
* Depth from Defocus Estimation in Spatial Domain
* Detection of digital processing of images through a realistic model of CCD noise
* Detection of line junctions and line terminations using curvilinear features
* Detection of Line Junctions in Gray-level Images
* Detection of Occlusion Edges from the Derivatives of Weather Degraded Images
* homotopy-based approach for computing defocus blur and affine transform simultaneously, A
* Homotopy-based computation of defocus blur and affine transform
* Homotopy-based estimation of depth cues in spatial domain
* Image mosaicing using local optical flow registration
* Improved estimation of defocus blur and spatial shifts in spatial domain: a homotopy-based approach
* Interpreting Camera Operations in the Context of Content-based Video Indexing and Retrieval
* New Classes of Radiometric and Combined Radiometric-Geometric Invariant Descriptors
* New Convolution Kernel for Atmospheric Point Spread Function Applied to Computer Vision, A
* New Image Scaling Algorithm Based on the Sampling Theorem of Papoulis, A
* New Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Areas Pixels and the Sampling Theorem of Papoulis, A
* Novel depth cues from light scattering
* Novel Polychromatic Model for Light Dispersion, A
* Occlusion event detection using geometric features in spatio-temporal volumes
* Real Time Monocular Depth from Defocus
* Simple Scaling Algorithm Based on Areas Pixels, A
* Simultaneous Computation of Defocus Blur and Apparent Shifts in Spatial Domain
* Sparse scene structure recovery from atmospheric degradation
* Super-resolution based on interpolation and global sub pixel translation
* Toward a Realistic Interpretation of Blue-spill for Blue-screen Matting
* unified approach for a simultaneous and cooperative estimation of defocus blur and spatial shifts, An
Includes: Deschenes, F.[Francois] Deschênes, F.[François] Deschenes, F. Deschênes, F.[Francois] Deschenes, F.[Franšois] Deschênes, F.
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Deschenes, J.D. Co Author Listing * Cable-driven Parallel Mechanism for Capturing Object Appearance from Multiple Viewpoints, A
* Frequency-Based Approach For Efficient Plenoptic Sampling, A
* Interactive Modeling with Automatic Online Compression
* Multiresolution interactive modeling with efficient visualization
* Sampling Criterion for Optimizing a Surface Light Field, A
* unified representation for interactive 3D modeling, A
Includes: Deschenes, J.D. Deschenes, J.D.[Jean-Daniel]

Deschenes, S. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Object Recognition from 2-Dimensional Images Using Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks
* Length Increasing Active Contour for the Segmentation of Small Blood Vessels

Deschodt, M.[Mieke] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Fall Detection on Real World Data

Deschrijver, D. Co Author Listing * Constructing a No-Reference H.264/AVC Bitstream-Based Video Quality Metric Using Genetic Programming-Based Symbolic Regression

Deschrijver, G.[Glad] Co Author Listing * Interval-Valued and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Mathematical Morphologies as Special Cases of L-Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology

Deschuytere, F.A.[Frank A.] Co Author Listing * High precision gradation compensation for stochastic screening

Desclee, B. Co Author Listing * European Space agency (ESA) Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+/OLI archive: 42 years of our history
* Land Cover Change Monitoring Using Landsat MSS/TM Satellite Image Data over West Africa between 1975 and 1990
* Tropical forest monitoring by object-based change detection: Towards an automated method in an operational perspective
Includes: Desclee, B. Desclée, B.[Baudouin]

Desco, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction of the Coronary Artery Tree in Cardiac Computer Tomographic Images Using Morphological Operators
* Inhomogeneity correction of magnetic resonance images by minimization of intensity overlapping
* Spatio-Temporal Nonrigid Registration for Ultrasound Cardiac Motion Estimation
* Tissue-Dependent and Spatially-Variant Positron Range Correction in 3D PET

Descombes, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * email: Descombes, X.[Xavier]: Xavier Descombes AT sophia inria fr
* 2D and 3D Vegetation Resource Parameters Assessment using Marked Point Processes
* 3D City Modeling Based on Hidden Markov Model
* Adaptive Simulated Annealing for Energy Minimization Problem in a Marked Point Process Application
* Analyse de texture hyperspectrale par modélisation markovien
* Analyse intra-urbaine à partir d'images satellitaires par une approche de fusion de données sur la ville de Mexico
* Ant Colony Optimization for Image Regularization Based on a Nonstationary Markov Modeling
* Automatic 3D land register extraction from altimetric data in dense urban areas
* Automatic Building Extraction from DEMs Using an Object Approach and Application to the 3D-City Modeling
* Automatic Building Reconstruction Method: A Structural Approach using High Resolution Satellite Images, An
* Building Detection by Markov Object Processes
* Building Detection by Markov Object processes and a MCMC Algorithm
* Building Detection in a Single Remotely Sensed Image with a Point Process of Rectangles
* Building Development Monitoring in Multitemporal Remotely Sensed Image Pairs with Stochastic Birth-Death Dynamics
* Building extraction and change detection in multitemporal remotely sensed images with multiple birth and death dynamics
* Building Extraction from Digital Elevation Model
* Building Outline Extraction from Digital Elevation Models Using Marked Point Processes
* Building reconstruction from a single DEM
* Comparative Study of Point Processes for Line Network Extraction i, A
* Deformation of a Cartographic Road Network on a SPOT Satellite Image
* Dense Class of Markov Random Fields and Associated Parameter Estimation, A
* Estimating Gaussian Markov Random Field Parameters in a Nonstationary Framework: Application to Remote Sensing Imaging
* Estimation of an optimal spectral band combination to evaluate skin disease treatment efficacy using multi-spectral images
* Estimation of Markov Random Field Prior Parameters Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Maximum Likelihood
* fast Multiple Birth and Cut algorithm using belief propagation, A
* Fully Bayesian Image Segmentation: An Engineering Perspective
* Fully Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering with Entropy Criterion
* Gap Filling of 3-D Microvascular Networks by Tensor Voting
* gauss-markov model for hyperspectral texture analysis of urban areas, A
* Geometric Analysis of Axonal Tree Structures
* Geometric Feature Extraction by a Multimarked Point Process
* Geometric Primitive Extraction Process for Remote Sensing Problems, A
* Gibbs Point Process for Road Extraction from Remotely Sensed Images, A
* Image Denoising using Stochastic Differential Equations
* Improved RJMCMC point process sampler for object detection on images by simulated annealing
* Local registration and deformation of a road cartographic database on a SPOT satellite image
* Marked Point Process Model for Tree Crown Extraction in Plantations, A
* Marked Point Process of Rectangles and Segments for Automatic Analysis of Digital Elevation Models, A
* Markov Pixon Information Approach for Low-Level Image Description, A
* Multi-scale analysis of skin hyper-pigmentation evolution
* Multi-spectral image analysis for skin pigmentation classification
* Multiresolution Approach for Shape from Shading Coupling Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization, A
* New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data, A
* Non-Bayesian Model for Tree Crown Extraction using Marked Point Processes, A
* Object extraction from high resolution SAR images using a birth and death dynamics
* Object Extraction Using a Stochastic Birth-and-Death Dynamics in Continuum
* Object point processes for image segmentation
* Object-Based Approach for Detecting Small Brain Lesions: Application to Virchow-Robin Spaces, An
* Parameter estimation for a marked point process within a framework of multidimensional shape extraction from remote sensing images
* Parameter Estimation for Marked Point Processes. Application to Object Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
* Parametric Model for Automatic 3D Building Reconstruction from High Resolution Satellite Images, A
* Photometric stereo with only two images: A theoretical study and numerical resolution
* Point Processes for Unsupervised Line Network Extraction in Remote Sensing
* Point processes in forestry: an application to tree crown detection
* Road network extraction in remote sensing by a Markov object process
* Stochastic Geometry for Image Analysis
* Structural Approach for Building Reconstruction from a Single DSM
* Textural Kernel for SVM Classification in Remote Sensing: Application to Forest Fire Detection and Urban Area Extraction
* Texture Analysis through a Markovian Modelling and Fuzzy Classification: Application to Urban Area Extraction from Satellite Images
* Texture Analysis through Markov Random Fields: Urban Areas Extraction
* Tracking Growing Axons by Particle Filtering in 3D + t Fluorescent Two-Photon Microscopy Images
* Tree-like Shapes Distance Using the Elastic Shape Analysis Framework
* Two Markov point processes for simulating line networks
* Unsupervised Clustering Method Using the Entropy Minimization, An
* Unsupervised line network extraction in remote sensing using a polyline process
* Use of Ant Colony Optimization for Finding Neighborhoods in Image Non-stationary Markov Random Field Classification
Includes: Descombes, X.[Xavier] Descombes, X.
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Descoteaux, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Apparent Diffusion Coefficients from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Images: Estimation and Applications
* Deterministic and Probabilistic Tractography Based on Complex Fibre Orientation Distributions
* Diffusion Maps Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Q-Ball Imaging
* High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Segmentation Using Region-Based Statistical Surface Evolution
* Local water diffusion phenomenon clustering from high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI)
* On the computation of integrals over fixed-size rectangles of arbitrary dimension
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
Includes: Descoteaux, M.[Maxime] Descoteaux, M.
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Descotes, J.L. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology

Descroix, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Weak Environmental Controls of Tropical Forest Canopy Height in the Guiana Shield

Deseilligny, M.P. Co Author Listing * Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals

Deselaers, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Automatic Medical Image Annotation in ImageCLEF 2007: Overview, Results, and Discussion
* Bag-of-visual-words models for adult image classification and filtering
* ClassCut for Unsupervised Class Segmentation
* Classification error rate for quantitative evaluation of content-based image retrieval systems
* CLEF 2005 Automatic Medical Image Annotation Task, The
* Combination of Tangent Distance and an Image Distortion Model for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Deformation Models for Image Recognition
* Deformation-Aware Log-Linear Models
* Deformations, patches, and discriminative models for automatic annotation of medical radiographs
* Discriminative Training for Object Recognition Using Image Patches
* Editorial to the Special Issue on Medical Image Annotation in ImageCLEF 2007
* Efficient approximations to model-based joint tracking and recognition of continuous sign language
* Features for Image Retrieval: A Quantitative Comparison
* Geometric Features for Improving Continuous Appearance-based Sign Language Recognition
* Gesture Recognition Using Image Comparison Methods
* Global and efficient self-similarity for object classification and detection
* GyroPen: Gyroscopes for Pen-Input With Mobile Phones
* Image retrieval
* ImageCLEF: Experimental Evaluation in Visual Information Retrieval
* Improving a Discriminative Approach to Object Recognition Using Image Patches
* Incorporating On-demand Stereo for Real Time Recognition
* Jointly optimising relevance and diversity in image retrieval
* Latent Log-Linear Models for Handwritten Digit Classification
* Learning weighted distances for relevance feedback in image retrieval
* Local Representations for Multi-object Recognition
* Localizing Objects While Learning Their Appearance
* Log-linear Mixtures for Object Class Recognition
* Measuring the Objectness of Image Windows
* Multi-Language Online Handwriting Recognition
* Object classification by fusing SVMs and Gaussian mixtures
* Optimal Geometric Matching for Patch-Based Object Detection
* Pan, zoom, scan: Time-coherent, trained automatic video cropping
* Patch-based Object Recognition Using Discriminatively Trained Gaussian Mixtures
* Pixel-to-Pixel Matching for Image Recognition Using Hungarian Graph Matching
* Randomized trees for real-time one-step face detection and recognition
* Smoothed Disparity Maps for Continuous American Sign Language Recognition
* Sparse Patch-Histograms for Object Classification in Cluttered Images
* SVMs, Gaussian mixtures, and their generative/discriminative fusion
* Tracking Using Dynamic Programming for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Training and Recognition of Complex Scenes Using a Holistic Statistical Model
* Visual and semantic similarity in ImageNet
* Weakly Supervised Localization and Learning with Generic Knowledge
* What is an object?
Includes: Deselaers, T.[Thomas] Deselaers, T.
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Deserno, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Bone Age Assessment Using the Classifying Generalized Hough Transform

Deserno, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Medical Image Annotation in ImageCLEF 2007: Overview, Results, and Discussion
* Biomedical Image Processing
* Editorial to the Special Issue on Medical Image Annotation in ImageCLEF 2007
* framework and baseline results for the CLEF medical automatic annotation task, A
Includes: Deserno, T.M.[Thomas M.] Deserno, T.M.[Thomas Martin]

Desgent, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Body temperature measurement of an animal by tracking in biomedical experiments
* Where is the rat? Tracking in low contrast thermographic images
Includes: Desgent, S.[Sebastien] Desgent, S.[Sébastien]

Desgranges, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis of Endovascular Stent-Grafts by MDL Based Registration

Desgroseilliers, J.[Joanie] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastre in the province of Quebec: A First experiment for the construction of a volumetric representation

Deshayes, B. Co Author Listing * Photographer-Friendly Work-Flows for Image-Based Modelling of Heritage Artefacts

Deshayes, M. Co Author Listing * Vine plot detection in aerial images using Fourier analysis

Deshayes, M.J. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality and Semi-automated Landmarking of Cephalometric Radiographs
* Contour tracking by minimal cost path approach. application to cephalometry
* First Steps Toward Automatic Location of Landmarks on X-ray Images
* Linear and non-linear model for statistical localization of landmarks
* Partially observed objects localization with PCA and KPCA models
* Shape variability and spatial relationships modeling in statistical pattern recognition

Deshmukh, A. Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation

Deshmukh, K.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Image Segmentation, An

Deshmukh, O.[Om] Co Author Listing * GeThR-Net: A Generalized Temporally Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network for Multimodal Information Fusion
* Partial Multi-View Clustering using Graph Regularized NMF
* Vocalization patterns of dairy animals to detect animal state
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Heterogeneous Concepts in Videos
Includes: Deshmukh, O.[Om] Deshmukh, O.

Deshmukh, O.D.[Om D] Co Author Listing * Combining text and prosodic analysis for prominent word detection

Deshmukh, R.R.[Ratnadeep R.] Co Author Listing * PCA-Based Face Recognition: Similarity Measures and Number of Eigenvectors

Deshmukh, S. Co Author Listing * Survey on real-time facial expression recognition techniques

Deshpande, A.[Alok] Co Author Listing * Denoising vs. deblurring: HDR imaging techniques using moving cameras
* Generalized Regular Sampling of Trigonometric Polynomials and Optimal Sensor Arrangement
* Learning Diverse Image Colorization
* Learning Large-Scale Automatic Image Colorization
* Multi-frame super-resolution for long range captured iris polar image
* Multistage SFM: Revisiting Incremental Structure from Motion
* Super resolution and recognition of long range captured multi-frame iris images
Includes: Deshpande, A.[Alok] Deshpande, A. Deshpande, A.[Anand] Deshpande, A.[Aditya]
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Deshpande, D.S. Co Author Listing * Medical image analysis an attempt for mammogram classification using texture based association rule mining

Deshpande, G. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Hemodynamic Deconvolution of fMRI Using Homomorphic Filtering

Deshpande, S.[Sagar] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Blufflines Using Topographic Lidar Data and Orthoimages
* Impact of Imaging Geometry on 3D Geopositioning Accuracy of Stereo Ikonos Imagery
* Quality of Experience for Large Ultra-High-Resolution Tiled Displays with Synchronization Mismatch
* Video Browsing for Course-on-Demand in Distance Learning
Includes: Deshpande, S.[Sagar] Deshpande, S.[Sachin] Deshpande, S.

Deshpande, S.G. Co Author Listing * Recursive estimation of illuminant motion from flow field
* Recursive Estimation of Illuminant Motion from Flow Field and Simultaneous Recovery of Shape

Deshpande, V.S. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Control for Dual Objective Active Suspension Systems

Desideri, J.A.[Jean Antoine] Co Author Listing * Free-form-deformation parameterization for multilevel 3D shape optimization in aerodynamics
Includes: Desideri, J.A.[Jean Antoine] Désidéri, J.A.[Jean-Antoine]

Desideri, L. Co Author Listing * Towards Independence: A BCI Telepresence Robot for People With Severe Motor Disabilities

Desilva, C. Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised maximum a posteriori probability segmentation of brain tissues from dual-echo magnetic resonance scans using incomplete training data

Desimio, M.P. Co Author Listing * Complete Automatic Target Cuer/Recognition System for Tactical Forward-Looking Infrared Images
* Computer-Aided Breast-Cancer Detection and Diagnosis of Masses Using Difference of Gaussians and Derivative-Based Feature Saliency

Desimone, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Video Analytics in Urban Environments

Desir, C.[Chesner] Co Author Listing * New Random Forest Method for One-Class Classification, A
* One class random forests
* Random Forest Based Approach for One Class Classification in Medical Imaging, A
Includes: Desir, C.[Chesner] Désir, C.[Chesner]

Desiraju, D. Co Author Listing * Minimizing the Disruption of Traffic Flow of Automated Vehicles During Lane Changes

Desjardin, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Multi-image Segmentation: A Collaborative Approach Based on Binary Partition Trees
* Reconstruct street network from imprecise excavation data using fuzzy Hough transforms
Includes: Desjardin, E.[Eric] Desjardin, É.[Éric]

Desjardins, A.E. Co Author Listing * Real-Time FPGA Processing for High-Speed Optical Frequency Domain Imaging
* Speckle reduction in optical coherence tomography images using digital filtering
Includes: Desjardins, A.E. Desjardins, A.E.[Adrien E.]

Desjardins, B. Co Author Listing * Regional Manifold Learning for Disease Classification

Desjardins, C. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

Desjardins, D.[Danick] Co Author Listing * Dense Stereo Range Sensing with Marching Pseudo-Random Patterns
* Structured Light Stereoscopic Imaging with Dynamic Pseudo-random Patterns

Desjardins, G. Co Author Listing * Spike-and-Slab RBM and Extensions to Discrete and Sparse Data Distributions, The

Desjardins, R. Co Author Listing * Map-Image Matching Using A Multilayer Perceptron: The Case of the Road Network

Desjonqueres, J.D. Co Author Listing * CryoSat-2 SAR-Mode Over Oceans: Processing Methods, Global Assessment, and Benefits
Includes: Desjonqueres, J.D. Desjonquères, J.D.

Deslandres, V.[Veronique] Co Author Listing * New Greedy Algorithm for Improving b-Coloring Clustering, A
Includes: Deslandres, V.[Veronique] Deslandres, V.[Véronique]

Deslippe, J. Co Author Listing * OpenMP parallelization and optimization of graph-based machine learning algorithms

Desmaison, A.[Alban] Co Author Listing * Efficient Continuous Relaxations for Dense CRF
* Efficient Linear Programming for Dense CRFs
* Structure Tensor Based Analysis of Cells and Nuclei Organization in Tissues
Includes: Desmaison, A.[Alban] Desmaison, A.

Desmal, A. Co Author Listing * Sparse Nonlinear Electromagnetic Imaging Accelerated With Projected Steepest Descent Algorithm

Desmet, S. Co Author Listing * Initial segmentation of a scene using the results of a classification based motion estimator

Desmier, E.[Elise] Co Author Listing * Domain-driven co-location mining

Desmond, D.S. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Detection Case Study on Crude Oil Injection in a Young Sea Ice Environment, An

Desmond, P.M.[Patricia M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of small spherical lesions using multiscale approach in 3D medical images

Desnos, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: A Crossover between Snoezeling in Hospitals/Domes, and Authoring/Experiencing Soundful Comic Strips

Desnoyer, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic Image Classification for Autonomous Agents

Desolda, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Interaction with Large Displays: A Survey

Desoli, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Orlando Project: A 28 nm FD-SOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC, The

Desoli, G.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D interpolation and two-source video coding

Desolneux, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * email: Desolneux, A.[Agnes]: desolneux AT math-info univ-paris5 fr
* Anisotropic A Contrario Framework for the Detection of Convergences in Images, An
* Bayesian Technique for Image Classifying Registration
* Color Image Segmentation Using Acceptable Histogram Segmentation
* Combining Registration and Abnormality Detection in Mammography
* Conditional Gaussian Models for Texture Synthesis
* Conditional Multiscale Locally Gaussian Texture Synthesis Algorithm, A
* Dequantizing image orientation
* Edge Detection by Helmholtz Principle
* From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis: A Probabilistic Approach
* grouping principle and four applications, A
* Image Denoising by Statistical Area Thresholding
* Locally Gaussian exemplar based texture synthesis
* Meaningful Alignments
* Multiscale Exemplar Based Texture Synthesis by Locally Gaussian Models
* Nonparametric Approach for Histogram Segmentation, A
* PARIGI: a Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images
* Patch-Based Approach for Removing Impulse or Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise, A
* Probabilistic Grouping Principle to Go from Pixels to Visual Structures, A
* Significant edges in the case of non-stationary Gaussian noise
* Stabilization Of Flicker-Like Effects in Image Sequences Through Local Contrast Correction
* Stochastic Image Reconstruction from Local Histograms of Gradient Orientation
* Unified Framework for Detecting Groups and Application to Shape Recognition, A
* Vanishing point detection without any a priori information
* Vanishing Points are Meaningful Gestalts
* When the a contrario approach becomes generative
Includes: Desolneux, A.[Agnes] Desolneux, A.[Agnès] Desolneux, A.
26 for Desolneux, A.

DeSoto, L. Co Author Listing * Stereo and Multiplanar Video Display of 3-D Magnetic Resonance Image Data

Despain, A.M. Co Author Listing * Pipeline and Parallel-Pipeline FFT Processors for VLSI Implementations

Despain, D.G. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Forest Fuel Load From Radar Remote Sensing

Despiegel, V. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint skeleton matching based on local descriptor
* Recursive head reconstruction from multi-view video sequences
Includes: Despiegel, V. Despiegel, V.[Vincent]

Despine, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Texture Synthesis for Large Scale City Modeling

Desplanques, B. Co Author Listing * Continuous pseudo-inverse image reconstruction in spiral magnetic resonance imaging
* Reconstruction of MR images from data acquired on a general nonregular grid by pseudoinverse calculation

Despotovic, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * improved fuzzy clustering approach for image segmentation, An
* Noise-Robust Method for Image Segmentation
* Spatially Coherent Fuzzy Clustering for Accurate and Noise-Robust Image Segmentation
Includes: Despotovic, I.[Ivana] Despotovic, I.

Despotovic, Z.[Zoran] Co Author Listing * Quality-of-Experience driven bidding game for uplink video transmission in next generation mobile networks, A

Desquesnes, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for Image and High Dimensional Data Processing Using Eikonal Equation on Graphs
* Eikonal Equation Adaptation on Weighted Graphs: Fast Geometric Diffusion Process for Local and Non-local Image and Data Processing
* Fast 3D Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds Using Graph-Based Fronts Propagation
* Infinity Laplacian on graphs with gradient terms for image and data clustering
* Multiphase Level Set Method on Graphs for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation, A
* PDEs level sets on weighted graphs

Desrero, A.[Augusto] Co Author Listing * Prototype System for Unconstrained Face Verificatioin Based on Statistical Learning, A

Desrochers, A. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-based blended control for the energy management of a parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Desrosiers, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * adaptive search ordering for rate-constrained successive elimination algorithms, An
* Atlas-based segmentation of brain magnetic resonance imaging using random walks
* Brain Fiber Clustering Using Non-negative Kernelized Matching Pursuit
* Combining Laplacian eigenmaps and vesselness filters for vessel segmentation in X-ray angiography
* DOPE: Distributed Optimization for Pairwise Energies
* Effective document image deblurring via gradient histogram preservation
* Fast and Adaptive Random Walks Approach for the Unsupervised Segmentation of Natural Images, A
* Hierarchical segmentation and tracking of coronary arteries in 2D X-ray Angiography sequences
* Image denoising based on sparse representation and gradient histogram
* Multispectral texture analysis of histopathological abnormalities in colorectal tissues
* random walk approach for multiatlas-based segmentation, A
* Rate distortion-based motion estimation search ordering for rate-constrained successive elimination algorithms
* sparse coding method for semi-supervised segmentation with multi-class histogram constraints, A
* Spatially constrained sparse regression for the data-driven discovery of Neuroimaging biomarkers
* Sub-partition reuse for fast optimal motion estimation in HEVC successive elimination algorithms
* Unsupervised segmentation using dynamic superpixel random walks
Includes: Desrosiers, C.[Christian] Desrosiers, C.
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Desrosiers, P.A.[Paul Audain] Co Author Listing * Analyzing of facial paralysis by shape analysis of 3D face sequences
* Novel generative model for facial expressions based on statistical shape analysis of landmarks trajectories
Includes: Desrosiers, P.A.[Paul Audain] Desrosiers, P.A.

Dessailly, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Development of a Semi-Analytical Algorithm for the Retrieval of Suspended Particulate Matter from Remote Sensing over Clear to Very Turbid Waters

Dessales, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment of paintings and photographs depicting a 3D scene

Dessay, N.[Nadine] Co Author Listing * Mapping a Knowledge-Based Malaria Hazard Index Related to Landscape Using Remote Sensing: Application to the Cross-Border Area between French Guiana and Brazil

Dessein, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Example-Based Modeling of Facial Texture from Deficient Data
* Functional Faces: Groupwise Dense Correspondence Using Functional Maps
* Information-Geometric Approach to Real-Time Audio Segmentation, An
* Seamless texture stitching on a 3D mesh by poisson blending in patches
Includes: Dessein, A.[Arnaud] Dessein, A.

Dessenne, V. Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: First Clinical Tests

Desseree, D. Co Author Listing * Cardiac Motion Tracking Using a Deformable 2d-mesh Modeling
Includes: Desseree, D. Desserée, D.

Desset, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Block error-correcting codes for systems with a very high BER: Theoretical analysis and application to the protection of watermarks
* Image processing for multimedia terminals and related architectures
* Performances of linear tools and models for error detection and concealment in subband image transmission
Includes: Desset, C.[Claude] Desset, C.

Dessi, A. Co Author Listing * Laser Scanner Survey To Cultural Heritage Conservation And Restoration
* Terrestrial Laser Scanner For Monitoring The Deformations And The Damages Of Buildings

Dessi, N.[Nicoletta] Co Author Listing * Assessing similarity of feature selection techniques in high-dimensional domains
Includes: Dessi, N.[Nicoletta] Dessì, N.[Nicoletta]

Dessimoz, J.D. Co Author Listing * Contour Processing in Visual Pattern Recognition. Application in Robotics
* Curve Smoothing for Improved Feature Extraction from Digitized Pictures
* Matched Filters for Bin Picking
* Specialized Edge-Trackers for Contour Extraction and Line-Thinning
* Three Vision Algorithms for Acquiring Workpieces from Bins

Dessouky, M. Co Author Listing * Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems
* Real-Time Estimation of Travel Times Along the Arcs and Arrival Times at the Nodes of Dynamic Stochastic Networks
* Truck route planning in nonstationary stochastic networks with time windows at customer locations

Dessouky, M.M. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Dynamic Freight Load Balancing

Dessu, S.B.[Shimelis B.] Co Author Listing * Operational Actual Wetland Evapotranspiration Estimation for South Florida Using MODIS Imagery

Dessup, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Categorizing plant images at the variety level: Did you say fine-grained?

Destain, M.F. Co Author Listing * Assessment of plant leaf area measurement by using stereo-vision
* Line cluster detection using a variant of the Hough transform for culture row localisation
* sorting optimization curve with quality and yield requirements, A

Destefanis, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Flow for Driver Assistance Applications
* Inclusion of a Second-Order Prior into Semi-Global Matching

Destefano, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Optimally Redundant, Seek-Time Minimizing Data Layout for Interactive Rendering

Destelle, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Kinect vs. Low-cost Inertial Sensing for Gesture Recognition
* Toward a real-time tracking of dense point-sampled geometry
* View-Independent Enhanced 3D Reconstruction of Non-rigidly Deforming Objects
Includes: Destelle, F.[Francois] Destelle, F.[François] Destelle, F.

Destenay, R.[Renaud] Co Author Listing * new topological clustering algorithm for interval data, A

Destercke, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Multilabel predictions with sets of probabilities: The Hamming and ranking loss cases
* Online active learning of decision trees with evidential data
Includes: Destercke, S.[Sebastien] Destercke, S.[Sébastien]

Destine, J. Co Author Listing * Parameter density analysis in Hough space
* Performance Comparison of Line Parametrizations

Destival, I. Co Author Listing * Detection of Linear Networks on Satellite Images

Destouches, N.[Nathalie] Co Author Listing * Characterization by Hyperspectral Imaging and Hypercolor Gamut Estimation for Structural Color Prints

Destouni, G.[Georgia] Co Author Listing * Temporal Behavior of Lake Size-Distribution in a Thawing Permafrost Landscape in Northwestern Siberia

Destrempes, F. Co Author Listing * Estimation Method of the Homodyned K-Distribution Based on the Mean Intensity and Two Log-Moments
* Estimation of mixtures of probabilistic PCA with stochastic EM for the 3d biplanar reconstruction of scoliotic rib cage
* Fusion of Hidden Markov Random Field Models and Its Bayesian Estimation
* Localization of Shapes Using Statistical Models and Stochastic Optimization
* Proof of Convergence of the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm in Arbitrary Dimension, A
* Segmentation in Ultrasonic B-Mode Images of Healthy Carotid Arteries Using Mixtures of Nakagami Distributions and Stochastic Optimization
* statistical model for contours in images, A
* stochastic method for Bayesian estimation of hidden Markov random field models with application to a color model, A
* Unifying Concepts of Statistical and Spectral Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques
* Unsupervised detection of contours using a statistical model
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using a statistical wavelet-based hierarchical multi data model
Includes: Destrempes, F. Destrempes, F.[Francois]
11 for Destrempes, F.

Destrero, A.[Augusto] Co Author Listing * Classification Architecture Based on Connected Components for Text Detection in Unconstrained Environments, A
* Combined Motion and Appearance Models for Robust Object Tracking in Real-Time
* Regularized Approach to Feature Selection for Face Detection, A
* Regularized Framework for Feature Selection in Face Detection and Authentication, A
* Sparsity-Enforcing Method for Learning Face Features, A
* system for face detection and tracking in unconstrained environments, A
* trainable system for face detection in unconstrained environments, A
7 for Destrero, A.

Destrez, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Visual Registration Approaches of 3D Models for Orthodontics
Includes: Destrez, R.[Raphael] Destrez, R.[Raphaël]

Destri, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Arbitrarily Shaped Binary Morphological Structuring Elements Using Genetic Algorithms
* Experiments on the decomposition of arbitrarily shaped binary morphological structuring elements

Destruel, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Centrality bias measure for high density QR code module recognition
* Improving the module recognition rate of high density QR codes (Version 40) by using centrality bias
* Rich QR Code for Multimedia Management Applications

Desurmont, X. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Metadata Management System for Distributed Video Content Analysis
* Effects of Parameters Variations in Particle Filter Tracking
* Image analysis architectures and techniques for intelligent surveillance systems
* Intelligent Video Systems: A Review of Performance Evaluation Metrics that Use Mapping Procedures
* Progressive Learning for Interactive Surveillance Scenes Retrieval
* Scene Analysis for Reducing Motion JPEG 2000 Video Surveillance Delivery Bandwidth and Complexity
Includes: Desurmont, X. Desurmont, X.[Xavier]

Desvignes, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Desvignes, M.[Michel]: michel desvignes AT lis inpg fr
* 3d Curves Tracking and Its Application to Cortical Sulci Detection
* 3D Meshes Registration: Application to Statistical Skull Model
* Accurate Detection of 3d Tubular Tree Structures
* Acquisition, segmentation and tracking of the cerebral vascular tree on 3D magnetic resonance angiography images
* Augmented Reality and Semi-automated Landmarking of Cephalometric Radiographs
* Automated camera dysfunctions detection
* Automatic 3D Multiorgan Segmentation via Clustering and Graph Cut Using Spatial Relations and Hierarchically-Registered Atlases
* Contour tracking by minimal cost path approach. application to cephalometry
* Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences
* Efficient multi-object segmentation of 3D medical images using clustering and graph cuts
* Factor Analysis of Dynamic Sequence with Spatial Prior for 2D Cardiac Spect Sequences Analysis
* First Steps Toward Automatic Location of Landmarks on X-ray Images
* Fluorosocopic sequence denoising using a motion compensated multi-scale temporal filtering
* Graph-based skin lesion segmentation of multispectral dermoscopic images
* Hemoglobin and Melanin Quantification on Skin Images
* Human Model for Detecting People in Video from Low Level Features, A
* Human model for people detection in dynamic scenes
* Image denoising using contextual modeling of curvelet coefficients
* Joint Segmentation of Myocardium on Rest and Stress Spect Images
* Linear and non-linear model for statistical localization of landmarks
* Motion blur adaptive identification from natural image model
* Myocardium segmentation on 3D spect images
* New data model for graph-cut segmentation: Application to automatic melanoma delineation
* Partially observed objects localization with PCA and KPCA models
* Quantification of pigmentation in human skin images
* Raindrops size from video and image processing
* Shape variability and spatial relationships modeling in statistical pattern recognition
* Shortest-Path Constraints for 3D Multiobject Semiautomatic Segmentation Via Clustering and Graph Cut
* Spatio-Temporal Multiscale Denoising of Fluoroscopic Sequence
Includes: Desvignes, M.[Michel] Desvignes, M.
31 for Desvignes, M.

Desy, Y.[Yvan] Co Author Listing * Canadian topographic mapping: An update
Includes: Desy, Y.[Yvan] Désy, Y.[Yvan]

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