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di Baja, G.S.[Gabriella Sanniti] Co Author Listing * Color Histogram-Based Image Segmentation
* Color Quantization by Multiresolution Analysis
* Multiresolution Histogram Analysis for Color Reduction
* New Algorithm for Image Segmentation via Watershed Transformation, A
* Object Decomposition Via Curvilinear Skeleton Partition
* Pattern recognition applications in computer vision and image analysis
* Skeleton Pruning Based on Elongation and Size of Object's Limbs and Boundary's Convexities
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di Baldassarre, G.[Giuliano] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Nightlights to Map Societal Exposure to Hydrometeorological Hazards
* Utility of Spaceborne Radar to Render Flood Inundation Maps Based on Multialgorithm Ensembles, The
Includes: di Baldassarre, G.[Giuliano] di Baldassarre, G.

di Bartola, C. Co Author Listing * Combined Use of SEVIRI and MODIS for Detecting, Measuring, and Monitoring Active Lava Flows at Erupting Volcanoes

di Bella, E.V.R.[Edward V. R.] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Dynamic MRI Exploiting Sparsity and Low-Rank Structure: k-t SLR
* Constrained Reconstruction of Sparse Cardiac MR DTI Data
* Higher-Order Motion-Compensation for In Vivo Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Rats
* Improving Undersampled MRI Reconstruction Using Non-local Means
* Non-iterative reconstruction with a prior for undersampled radial MRI data
* Strain Measurement in the Left Ventricle During Systole with Deformable Image Registration
Includes: di Bella, E.V.R.[Edward V. R.] Di Bella, E.V.R.

di Benedetto, C. Co Author Listing * Embedded surface classification in digital sports

di Benedetto, F. Co Author Listing * Fourier approach to the natural pixel discretization of brain single-photon emission computed tomography, A

Di Benedetto, L. Co Author Listing * Multiplier-Less Stream Processor for 2D Filtering in Visual Search Applications

di Benedetto, M. Co Author Listing * SPIDERGL: A Graphics Library For 3d Web Applications
* Web and Mobile Visualization for Cultural Heritage
Includes: di Benedetto, M. Di Benedetto, M.[Marco]

di Bernardo, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * Monocular Perception of Biological Motion in Johansson Displays
* Monocular Perception of Biological Motion: Detection and Labeling
* Monocular Tracking of the Human Arm in 3D
* Monocular Tracking of the Human Arm in 3D: Real-Time Implementation and Experiments
* Reach Out and Touch Space (Motion Learning)
Includes: di Bernardo, E.[Enrico] di Bernardo, E.

di Bernardo, M. Co Author Listing * Distributed Consensus Strategy for Platooning of Vehicles in the Presence of Time-Varying Heterogeneous Communication Delays

Di Bianca, F.A. Co Author Listing * CT reconstruction by using the MLS-ART technique and the KCD imaging system. I. Low-energy X-ray studies

di Bisceglie, M. Co Author Listing * CFAR Detection of Extended Objects in High-Resolution SAR Images
* Destriping MODIS Data Using Overlapping Field-of-View Method
* Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Delay: Doppler Maps in GNSS-R Over the Ocean
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing with GPGPU

di Blasi, G. Co Author Listing * Advanced indexing schema for imaging applications: three case studies
* Statistical Modeling of Huffman Tables Coding

di Bona, S. Co Author Listing * Deformation Model for Biotissues Behaviour Simulation, A
* Efficient Method to Map a Regular Mesh Into a 3d Neural Network, An

di Cagno, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Multimedia adaptation in end-user terminals

Di Cairano, S. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Velocity Profile Optimization for Everyday Driving: A Dynamic-Programming-Based Solution

di Capua, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Architecture for Multimedia Content Publishing with GIS-Based Retrieval Facility, An
* Unsupervised cyber bullying detection in social networks
Includes: di Capua, M.[Michele] Di Capua, M.

Di Carlo, A. Co Author Listing * Standardizing 3D Medical Imaging

di Carlo, J.J.[James J.] Co Author Listing * Comparing state-of-the-art visual features on invariant object recognition tasks
* Establishing Good Benchmarks and Baselines for Face Recognition
* How far can you get with a modern face recognition test set using only simple features?

di Carlo, S. Co Author Listing * Increasing pattern recognition accuracy for chemical sensing by evolutionary based drift compensation

di Carlo, V.S.[Vladimiro Scotto] Co Author Listing * New Approach Toward a Modular Multimodal Interface for PDAs and Smartphones, A

di Cataldo, S.[Santa] Co Author Listing * Applying textural features to the classification of HEp-2 cell patterns in IIF images
* Subclass Discriminant Analysis of morphological and textural features for HEp-2 staining pattern classification

di Caterina, G.[Gaetano] Co Author Listing * Co-operative surveillance cameras for high quality face acquisition in a real-time door monitoring system
* DSP Embedded Smart Surveillance Sensor with Robust SWAD-Based Tracker
* Face detection and stereo matching algorithms for smart surveillance system with IP cameras
* improved Mean Shift tracker with fast failure recovery strategy after complete occlusion, An
* Low cost multi-view video system for wireless channel
* Novel Decentralised System Architecture for Multi-camera Target Tracking, A
* Real Time Door Access Event Detection and Notification in a Reactive Smart Surveillance System
* Smart surveillance system based on stereo matching algorithms with IP and PTZ cameras
Includes: di Caterina, G.[Gaetano] Di Caterina, G.[Gaetano]
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di Cella, U.M. Co Author Listing * 3D displacement retrieval on glacial areas by airborne multi-view photogrammetry
* Use of UAS in a High Mountain Landscape: The Case of Gran Sommetta Rock Glacier (AO)
Includes: di Cella, U.M. di Cella, U.M.[U. Morra]

di Cenzo, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Resolution for Spotlight Synthetic-Aperture Radar and Computer-Aided Tomography, A

di Cicco, D.S.[Darrell S.] Co Author Listing * Image insertion in video streams using a combination of physical sensors and pattern recognition
* System and method for inserting static and dynamic images into a live video broadcast

di Claudio, E.D. Co Author Listing * Detail-Based Method for Linear Full Reference Image Quality Prediction, A
* Eye detection based on the polynomial Hermite expansion
* Maximum Likelihood Orientation Estimation of 1-D Patterns in Laguerre-Gauss Subspaces
* On the Inter-Conversion Between Hermite and Laguerre Local Image Expansions
* Two-Dimensional Approach to Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Positional Structural Information

di Cola, V. Co Author Listing * Measured Model, Theoretical Model and Represented Model: The So-Called Arch of Drusus in Rome

di Corato, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Robust Hand Pose Estimation Algorithm for Hand Rehabilitation, A
* Visual-inertial navigation with guaranteed convergence
Includes: di Corato, F.[Francesco] di Corato, F.

Di Crescenzo, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Data Forensics Constructions from Cryptographic Hashing and Coding
* Halftone Visual Cryptography
Includes: Di Crescenzo, G.[Giovanni] di Crescenzo, G.

Di Cunto, F.[Ferdinando] Co Author Listing * Automatic hippocampus localization in histological images using Differential Evolution-based deformable models

di Fabbrizio, G. Co Author Listing * Unifying conversational multimedia interfaces for accessing network services across communication devices

di Fabio, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Comparing Persistence Diagrams Through Complex Vectors
* Comparing shapes through multi-scale approximations of the matching distance
* Multi-scale Approximation of the Matching Distance for Shape Retrieval
* Persistent homology and partial similarity of shapes
* Recognition of Occluded Shapes Using Size Functions
* Reeb Graphs of Piecewise Linear Functions
* Stable Shape Comparison of Surfaces via Reeb Graphs
* Towards a Topological Fingerprint of Music
Includes: di Fabio, B.[Barbara] Di Fabio, B.[Barbara]
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di Fabio, S. Co Author Listing * Near-Real-Time Detection of Tephra Eruption Onset and Mass Flow Rate Using Microwave Weather Radar and Infrasonic Arrays

Di Febbraro, A. Co Author Listing * Designing a multimodal generalised ride sharing system
* Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Net Model for Traffic-Responsive Signaling Control in Urban Areas, A
* Guest Editorial
* Urban traffic control structure based on hybrid Petri nets
Includes: Di Febbraro, A. di Febbraro, A.

di Federico, R. Co Author Listing * modified retinex for image contrast enhancement and dynamics control, A
* Text discrimination method and related apparatus
Includes: di Federico, R. di Federico, R.[Riccardo]

di Felice, P.[Paolino] Co Author Listing * Global Framework for Qualitative Shape Description, A

di Fina, D. Co Author Listing * MORF: Multi-Objective Random Forests for face characteristic estimation
* Multi-target Data Association Using Sparse Reconstruction
Includes: di Fina, D. di Fina, D.[Dario]

di Fiore, C.[Carmine] Co Author Listing * Minimization of a Detail-Preserving Regularization Functional for Impulse Noise Removal

di Fiore, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Faking Dynamics of Cloth Animation for Animated Films
* Interactive Acquisition of Apparel for Garment Modeling
* Practical and Scalable Transmission of Segmented Video Sequences to Multiple Players Using H.264
* Real-Time Hand-Painted Graphics for Mobile Games
Includes: di Fiore, F.[Fabian] Di Fiore, F.[Fabian]

di Fiore, G. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Integration of Face and Low-Level Cues for Foveated Video Coding
* Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Faces in Video

Di Francesco, M. Co Author Listing * Offline Framework for Handling Automatic Passenger Counting Raw Data, An
* Offline Framework for the Diagnosis of Time Reliability by Automatic Vehicle Location Data, An
* Regularity analysis on bus networks and route directions by automatic vehicle location raw data
Includes: Di Francesco, M. di Francesco, M.

di Freca, A.S.[Alessandra Scotto] Co Author Listing * Combining Single Class Features for Improving Performance of a Two Stage Classifier
* Learning Bayesian Networks by Evolution for Classifier Combination
* Using Bayesian Network for combining classifiers

Di Fuccia, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Dealing with video source identification in social networks

di Gangi, M. Co Author Listing * Modeling Evacuation of a Transport System: Application of a Multimodal Mesoscopic Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

di Garbo, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Coincidence Detector Properties of Small Networks of Interneurons

Di Gennaro, S.F.[Salvatore Filippo] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Stress in Grapevines Using Proximal and Remote Sensing Methods
* Intercomparison of UAV, Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing Platforms for Precision Viticulture

di Gesu, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Integrating Boundary Information in Pairwise Segmentation

di Gesu, V.[Vito] Co Author Listing * email: di Gesu, V.[Vito]: digesu AT math unipa it
* Classification based on iterative object symmetry transform
* Compression of binary images based on covering
* Content Based Indexing of Image and Video Databases by Global and Shape Features
* Data Analysis and Bioinformatics
* Detection of Diffuse Clusters in Noise Background
* Digital connectedness via connectivity graph
* Discrete Tomography Reconstruction through a New Memetic Algorithm
* Distance-based functions for image comparison
* Dynamic interface for machine vision systems
* Face Expression Recognition through Broken Symmetries
* fast recursive algorithm to compute local axial moments, A
* Features selection and 'possibility theory'
* Finding essential features for tracking star fish in a video sequence
* Fuzzy mathematical morphology to analyse astronomical images
* genetic integrated fuzzy classifier, A
* Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Machine-Vision System, A
* Human and Machine Perception: Information Fusion
* Image Segmentation Based on Genetic Algorithms Combination
* Intruders pattern identification
* iterative object symmetry transform, The
* Kernel Based Symmetry Measure
* Local Operators to Detect Regions of Interest
* Memetic Algorithm for Binary Image Reconstruction, A
* memetic approach to discrete tomography from noisy projections, A
* new heterogeneous and reconfigurable architecture for image analysis, A
* note on the iterative object symmetry transform, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Analyzing Connected Components in Binary Images, A
* Parallel Computation of the Euler Number via Connectivity Graph
* Pyramid symmetry transforms: From local to global symmetry
* S-Kernel and a Symmetry Measure Based on Correlation, The
* S-kernel: A measure of symmetry of objects, The
* Shape-Based Features for Cat Ganglion Retinal Cells Classification
* Some statistical properties of the minimum spanning forest
* unsupervised region growing method for 3D image segmentation, An
Includes: di Gesu, V.[Vito] di Gesù, V.[Vito] di Gesu, V. di Gesù, V. di Gesú, V.[Vito]
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Di Giacomo, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)

di Giacomo, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Control Structure and Multi-Resolution Techniques for Virtual Human Representation

Di Giamberardino, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Design of a Classification Strategy for Light Microscopy Images of the Human Liver

di Gioia, A.M. Co Author Listing * Towards More Capable and Less Invasive Robotic Surgery in Orthopaedics
Includes: di Gioia, A.M. di Gioia, III, A.M.

di Girolamo, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Automated Model-to-Image Registration
* Model-to-SAR Image Registration

di Girolamo, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Generalizing the definition of the bi-directional reflectance distribution function
* Regional Changes in Earth's Color and Texture as Observed From Space Over a 15-Year Period
* Satellite-Observed Location of Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Heights in the Presence of Strong Inversions
Includes: di Girolamo, L.[Larry] di Girolamo, L.

di Girolamo, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Novel T-CAD Framework to Support Medical Image Analysis and Reconstruction, A

Di Giulio, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Digital Morphometric Survey for Documentation, Conservation and Restoration Works: The MUDI Project

di Gregorio, A. Co Author Listing * Joint Initiative for Harmonization and Validation of Land Cover Datasets, A
* Mapping Priorities to Focus Cropland Mapping Activities: Fitness Assessment of Existing Global, Regional and National Cropland Maps
Includes: di Gregorio, A. Di Gregorio, A.[Antonio]

Di Gregorio, S. Co Author Listing * 3D-DXA: Assessing the Femoral Shape, the Trabecular Macrostructure and the Cortex in 3D from DXA images

di Iorio, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological Sites
* Rule-Based Structural Analysis of Web Pages
Includes: di Iorio, A.[Alessio] di Iorio, A.[Angelo]

di Iorio, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Variations of the Relative Optical Air Mass Function for Background Aerosol and Thin Cirrus Clouds at Arctic and Antarctic Sites

di Lascia, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for compressing and analyzing video and for creating a reference video

di Lascio, R.[Rosario] Co Author Listing * Improving Fire Detection Reliability by a Combination of Videoanalytics
* real time algorithm for people tracking using contextual reasoning, A
* Real-time tracking of single people and groups simultaneously by contextual graph-based reasoning dealing complex occlusions
Includes: di Lascio, R.[Rosario] Di Lascio, R.[Rosario]

di Lazzaro, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition after image processing of low-contrast images, the case of the Shroud of Turin

di Lecce, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Image Features for Image Retrieval, An
* Image basic features indexing techniques for video skimming
* knowledge based approach for a fast image retrieval system, A
* Knowledge-based methods for classifier combination: An experimental investigation
* new database of confusing characters for testing character recognition algorithms, A
* Semantic Analysis and Understanding of Human Behavior in Video Streaming
* Specialized environment for medical radiological image visualization
Includes: di Lecce, V.[Vincenzo] di Lecce, V. Di Lecce, V.[Vincenzo]
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di Lenardo, I.[Isabella] Co Author Listing * Visual Link Retrieval in a Database of Paintings

di Leo, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition for Defect Detection in Uncontrolled Environment Railway Applications

di Liberto, M. Co Author Listing * Radiometer Calibration Using Colocated GPS Radio Occultation Measurements

di Lillo, A.[Antonella] Co Author Listing * rotation and scale invariant descriptor for shape recognition, A
* Supervised Segmentation Based on Texture Signatures Extracted in the Frequency Domain
* Texture Classification Based on Discriminative Features Extracted in the Frequency Domain

di Lisio, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Comparison of GIS-based methodologies for the landslide susceptibility assessment

Di Lorenzo, G. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Transit Network Design From Mobile Phone Trajectories

di Lorenzo, P. Co Author Listing * Distributed Spectrum Estimation for Small Cell Networks Based on Sparse Diffusion Adaptation

di Lucchio, L.M. Co Author Listing * Remote sensing monitoring of land restoration interventions in semi-arid environments using a before-after control-impact statistical design

di Luggo, A. Co Author Listing * Discovering hidden architectures of ancient time: 3d data survey to reveal the myth of mithra in Santa Maria Capua Vetere

di Maggio, C. Co Author Listing * BSP realisation of Jarvis' algorithm, A
* BSP realisation of Jarvis's algorithm, A

di Maio, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Weak inclusions and digital spaces

di Maio, V.[Vito] Co Author Listing * Excitatory Synaptic Interaction on the Dendritic Tree

di Mambro, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Sharpness limitations in the projection of thin lines by use of the Talbot experiment

di Manzo, M. Co Author Listing * FUR: Understanding FUnctional Reasoning
* Reasoning about Scene Descriptions

di Marco, P. Co Author Listing * Inter-image statistics for scene reconstruction

Di Maria, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Improved Opponent Colour Local Binary Patterns for Colour Texture Classification

di Martino, F.[Ferdinando] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Buffer Areas Obtained by EFCM Method in GIS Environment
* Fuzzy Hybrid Method for Image Decomposition Problem, A

di Martino, G. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Framework for SAR Despeckling
* Coprime Synthetic Aperture Radar (CopSAR): A New Acquisition Mode for Maritime Surveillance
* Equivalent Number of Scatterers for SAR Speckle Modeling
* Extracting Compact Information from Image Benchmarking Tools: The SAR Despeckling Case
* Fractal dimension images from SAR images
* Imaging of Fractal Profiles
* Mapping small reservoirs in semi-arid regions using multitemporal SAR: Methods and applications
* Multitemporal Level-1-beta Products: Definitions, Interpretation, and Applications
* New Framework for SAR Multitemporal Data RGB Representation: Rationale and Products, A
* Novel Approach for Disaster Monitoring: Fractal Models and Tools, A
* Orthogonal Coprime Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Polarimetric Two-Scale Two-Component Model for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture Under Moderate Vegetation via L-Band SAR Data
* RGB SAR product exploiting multitemporal: General processing and applications
* Role of Resolution in the Estimation of Fractal Dimension Maps From SAR Data, The
* SAR Imaging of Fractal Surfaces
* Scattering-Based Nonlocal Means SAR Despeckling
* Sentinel-1 for Monitoring Reservoirs: A Performance Analysis
Includes: di Martino, G. Di Martino, G. di Martino, G.[Gerardo] Di Martino, G.[Gerardo]
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di Martino, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * overview of the CATE algorithms for real-time pitch determination, An

di Martino, J.C. Co Author Listing * Approach to Detect Lofar Lines, An
* Detection of Lofar lines

Di Martino, J.M.[J. Matias] Co Author Listing * 3D curvature analysis with a novel one-shot technique
* Automatic Eyes and Nose Detection Using Curvature Analysis
* One-Shot 3D-Gradient Method Applied to Face Recognition
* Poisson Image Editing
Includes: Di Martino, J.M.[J. Matias] Di Martino, J.M.[J. Matías] di Martino, J.M.[J. Matías]

di Martino, M.[Matias] Co Author Listing * new framework for optimal classifier design, A
* Novel classifier scheme for imbalanced problems
* Optimal and Linear F-Measure Classifiers Applied to Non-technical Losses Detection
* optimal multiclass classifier design, An
Includes: di Martino, M.[Matias] Di Martino, M.[Matías]

di Martino, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Embedding Google Maps APIs into WebRatio for the Automatic Generation of Web GIS Applications
* Smartphone Based Pupillometry: An Empirical Evaluation of Accuracy and Safety

Di Martire, D. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Of Land Subsidence In Ravenna Municipality Using Integrated Sar - Gps Techniques: Description And First Results

Di Massa, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * hyper media news system for multimodal and personalised fruition of informative content, The

Di Massa, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Analysis and Classification for Urinary Bacteria Infection Screening

Di Matteo, A. Co Author Listing * Early-Time GPR Signal Attributes to Estimate Soil Dielectric Permittivity: A Theoretical Study
* GPR Response From Buried Pipes: Measurement on Field Site and Tomographic Reconstructions
Includes: Di Matteo, A. di Matteo, A.

Di Mauro, B.[Biagio] Co Author Listing * Surface Reflectance and Sun-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurements Using a Small Hyperspectral UAS

Di Mauro, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification

di Mauro, E.C. Co Author Listing * Active Shape Model Search using Pairwise Geometric Histograms
* Check: A Generic and Specific Industrial Inspection Tool
* Flexible 3D Models from Uncalibrated Cameras
* General Non-Linear Method for Modelling Shape and Locating Image Objects, A
* Non-linear Generalisation of PDMs using Polynomial Regression, A
* Non-Linear Point Distribution Modelling using a Multi-Layer Perceptron
* Nonlinear Generalization of Point Distribution Models Using Polynomial Regression
* Nonlinear Point Distribution Modeling Using a Multilayer Perceptron
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di Mauro, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Content-based Indexing of Digital Documents through Intelligent Processing Techniques
* Finding Critical Cells in Web Tables with SRL: Trying to Uncover the Devil's Tease
* Incremental Learning of First Order Logic Theories for the Automatic Annotations of Web Documents
* Intelligent document processing
* Machine learning methods for automatically processing historical documents: from paper acquisition to XML transformation
Includes: di Mauro, N. Di Mauro, N.

Di Mella, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition from Robust SIFT Matching

di Mento, R. Co Author Listing * Pilot Application of 3D Underwater Imaging Techniques for Mapping Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows

Di Meo, D. Co Author Listing * real-time precrash vehicle detection system, A

Di Miceli, C.[Charlene] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Surface Water Dynamics at 30 Meter Spatial Resolution in the North American High Northern Latitudes 1991-2011

di Michele, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling Uncertainties for Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval: Evaluation of a Case Study
* Quality Assessment of Cloud-Top Height Estimates From Satellite IR Radiances Using the CALIPSO Lidar

Di Minin, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * User-Generated Geographic Information for Visitor Monitoring in a National Park: A Comparison of Social Media Data and Visitor Survey

di Miro, A. Co Author Listing * Ultrasonic Image Formation Using Wide Angle Sensor Arrays and Cross-echo Evaluation

di Napoli, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Using Software Agent Negotiation for Service Selection

di Napoli, R. Co Author Listing * TWI for an Unknown Symmetric Lossless Wall

Di Nardo, E. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised cyber bullying detection in social networks

di Nino, N. Co Author Listing * Use of 3D modeling for archeological archiving in a sensible area

di Nola, A. Co Author Listing * Author's reply to comments
* Designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators

Di Palma, F.[Flavia] Co Author Listing * SMAP Supervised Classification of Landsat Images for Urban Sprawl Evaluation, A
* Unsupervised spatial pattern classification of electrical-wafer-sorting maps in semiconductor manufacturing
Includes: Di Palma, F.[Flavia] di Palma, F.

Di Palo, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Smart Cameras Track and Trace

Di Paola, D. Co Author Listing * Network of Stationary Sensors and Mobile Robots for Distributed Ambient Intelligence, A

Di Paola, F. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Modeling Techniques for Architectural Heritage 3D Digitalization: Limits and Potentialities
* Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics
Includes: Di Paola, F. di Paola, F.

di Paola, R. Co Author Listing * Foundations of Factor Analysis of Medical Image Sequences: A Unified Approach and Some Practical Implications
* Information Processing in Medical Imaging
Includes: di Paola, R. di Paola, R.[Robert]

di Paola, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Face Modeling and Animation Language for MPEG-4 XMT Framework
* Multispace Behavioral Model for Face-Based Affective Social Agents

di Paolo, A. Co Author Listing * Contour Filling for Region Extraction

di Paolo, E. Co Author Listing * Binary-Representation-Based Genetic Algorithm for Aircraft Arrival Sequencing and Scheduling

Di Perri, C.[Carol] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Functional Network Connectivity for Disorders of Consciousness

di Persia, L.E.[Leandro E.] Co Author Listing * Denoising and recognition using hidden Markov models with observation distributions modeled by hidden Markov trees

Di Pietra, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Original Application of Image Recognition Based Location in Complex Indoor Environments, An
* Tls Models Generation Assisted By UAV Survey
Includes: Di Pietra, V.[Vincenzo] Di Pietra, V.

Di Pietro, R. Co Author Listing * Learning in an Uncertain World: Representing Ambiguity Through Multiple Hypotheses
* Long Short-Term Memory Kalman Filters: Recurrent Neural Estimators for Pose Regularization
Includes: Di Pietro, R. Di Pietro, R.[Robert]

di Poala, W.S.[William S.] Co Author Listing * Dual sensing intrusion detection method and system with state-level fusion
* Method and apparatus for reducing false alarms due to white light in a motion detection system

Di Polito, C.[Carmine] Co Author Listing * MODIS-Based Robust Satellite Technique (RST) for Timely Detection of Oil Spilled Areas, A
* On the Potential of Robust Satellite Techniques Approach for SPM Monitoring in Coastal Waters: Implementation and Application over the Basilicata Ionian Coastal Waters Using MODIS-Aqua

di Prima, M. Co Author Listing * Viewer-Centred Representations for Location and Inspection
* Visibility Scripts For Active Feature-Based Inspection

di Renzo, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Multi-sensor registration for objects motion detection

di Rico, C. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Sentinel-1 Amplitude Data For Glacier Surface Velocity Field Measurements: Feasibility Demonstration On Baltoro Glacier

Di Rita, M. Co Author Listing * Upgrade of Foss Date Plug-in: Implementation Of A New Radargrammetric DSM Generation Capability

di Ruberto, C. Co Author Listing * A.I. based image segmentation
* Analysis of infected blood cell images using morphological operators
* Attributed skeletal graphs for shape modelling and matching
* Automatic Thresholding of Infected Blood Images Using Granulometry and Regional Extrema
* Comparison of Statistical Features for Medical Colour Image Classification
* Decomposition of two-dimensional shapes for efficient retrieval
* Different Methods to Segment Biomedical Images
* Edge Detection Using a New Definition of Entropy
* Edge-Detection: Local And Global Operators
* Evaluation of Statistical Features for Medical Image Retrieval
* Histogram of Radon transform and texton matrix for texture analysis and classification
* Histological Image Analysis by Invariant Descriptors
* Image segmentation by means of fuzzy entropy measure
* Image segmentation by texture analysis
* Investigation of Different Classification Models to Determine the Presence of Leukemia in Peripheral Blood Image
* Learning by Sampling for White Blood Cells Segmentation
* leucocytes count system from blood smear images, A
* Mobile Application for Leaf Detection in Complex Background Using Saliency Maps, A
* Morphological Image Processing for Evaluating Malaria Disease
* Multiple Classifier Learning by Sampling System for White Blood Cells Segmentation, A
* New Algorithm for Polygonal Approximation Based on Ant Colony Optimization, A
* On Different Colour Spaces for Medical Colour Image Classification
* Recognition of shapes by attributed skeletal graphs
* Rotation Invariant Co-occurrence Matrix Features
* Segmentation of Blood Images Using Morphological Operators
Includes: di Ruberto, C. di Ruberto, C.[Cecilia] Di Ruberto, C.[Cecilia]
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di Ruocco, N. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence In Vision

di Sacco, C. Co Author Listing * Deformation Analysis of Three-Dimensional Morphometric Structures

di Salvo, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Automatic fish classification for underwater species behavior understanding
* Generating reliable video annotations by exploiting the crowd
Includes: di Salvo, R.[Roberto] di Salvo, R.

di Santo, M. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing with GPGPU

di Sarra, A.G.[Alcide G.] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Variations of the Relative Optical Air Mass Function for Background Aerosol and Thin Cirrus Clouds at Arctic and Antarctic Sites

di Sciascio, E. Co Author Listing * Feature Integration and Relevance Feedback Analysis in Image Similarity Evaluation
* Object Oriented Motion Estimation by Sliced-block Matching Algorithm
* Retrieval by Spatial Similarity: An Algorithm and a Comparative Evaluation
* simple and effective edge detector, A
* Spatial layout representation for query-by-sketch content-based image retrieval
* Structured Knowledge Representation for Image Retrieval
Includes: di Sciascio, E. di Sciascio, E.[Eugenio]

di Serafino, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * On the Application of the Spectral Projected Gradient Method in Image Segmentation

di Silvi e Castiglione, G.F.[Guido Ferraro] Co Author Listing * MELISSA, a new class of ground based InSAR system. An example of application in support to the Costa Concordia emergency

di Simone, A. Co Author Listing * Scattering-Based Nonlocal Means SAR Despeckling

Di Staso, U. Co Author Listing * 3D Web Visualization of Huge CityGML Models

di Stefano, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * 3D Data Segmentation by Local Classification and Markov Random Fields
* 3D reconstruction system based on improved spacetime stereo, A
* Accurate and Efficient Background Subtraction by Monotonic Second-Degree Polynomial Fitting
* Adaptive Appearance Modeling for Video Tracking: Survey and Evaluation
* Advanced Video-Based Surveillance
* Algorithm for Efficient and Exhaustive Template Matching, An
* Analysis of Compact Features for RGB-D Visual Search
* Analysis of pixel-level algorithms for video surveillance applications
* Background subtraction by non-parametric probabilistic clustering
* Bayesian Loop for Synergistic Change Detection and Tracking
* Bayesian Order-Consistency Testing with Class Priors Derivation for Robust Change Detection
* BOLD Features to Detect Texture-less Objects
* Bounded Non-Local Means for Fast and Effective Image Denoising
* change-detection algorithm based on structure and colour, A
* Change-Detection Algorithm Enabling Intelligent Background Maintenance, A
* Classification and evaluation of cost aggregation methods for stereo correspondence
* Coarse-to-fine strategy for robust and efficient change detectors
* combined texture-shape descriptor for enhanced 3D feature matching, A
* Dense stereo based on the uniqueness constraint
* Detecting Changes in Grey Level Sequences by ML Isotonic Regression
* effective multi-stage background generation algorithm, An
* effective real-time mosaicing algorithm apt to detect motion through background subtraction using a PTZ camera, An
* efficient algorithm for exhaustive template matching based on normalized cross correlation, An
* Efficient and optimal block matching for motion estimation
* efficient change detection algorithm based on a statistical non-parametric camera noise model, An
* Efficient template matching for multi-channel images
* Energy-aware objects abandon/removal detection
* Enhanced Low-Resolution Pruning for Fast Full-Search Template Matching
* Evaluation Methodology for Image Mosaicing Algorithms, An
* Fast Area-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm, A
* Fast Full-Search Equivalent Template Matching by Enhanced Bounded Correlation
* Fast template matching using bounded partial correlation
* Full-Search-Equivalent Pattern Matching with Incremental Dissimilarity Approximations
* Fusion of Inertial and Visual Measurements for RGB-D SLAM on Mobile Devices
* Giotto System: a Parallel Computer for Image Processing, The
* Global Hypotheses Verification Method for 3D Object Recognition, A
* Global Hypothesis Verification Framework for 3D Object Recognition in Clutter, A
* GPU-SHOT: Parallel Optimization for Real-Time 3D Local Description
* Graffiti Detection Using a Time-Of-Flight Camera
* Graffiti Detection Using Two Views
* High Quality-Speed Dilemma: A Comparison Between Segmentation Methods for Traffic Monitoring Applications
* Interactive RGB-D SLAM on Mobile Devices
* Interest Points via Maximal Self-Dissimilarities
* Joint Detection, Tracking and Mapping by Semantic Bundle Adjustment
* Keypoints from Symmetries by Wave Propagation
* Large-scale and drift-free surface reconstruction using online subvolume registration
* Learning a Descriptor-Specific 3D Keypoint Detector
* Learning to Detect Good 3D Keypoints
* Learning to Weight Color and Depth for RGB-D Visual Search
* Markerless Augmented Reality Using Image Mosaics
* Multi-modal Video Surveillance aided by Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors
* Multi-view Access Monitoring and Singularization in Interlocks
* Multimodal Abandoned/Removed Object Detection for Low Power Video Surveillance Systems
* Near real-time stereo based on effective cost aggregation
* new algorithm for 3D profilometry based on phase measurement, A
* New Phase Extraction Algorithm for Phase Profilometry, A
* Non-linear parametric Bayesian regression for robust background subtraction
* Object Recognition in 3D Scenes with Occlusions and Clutter by Hough Voting
* Occlusion Robust Vehicle Tracking based on SOM (Self-Organizing Map)
* On the Affinity between 3D Detectors and Descriptors
* On the repeatability of the local reference frame for partial shape matching
* On the Use of Implicit Shape Models for Recognition of Object Categories in 3D Data
* On-Line Large Scale Semantic Fusion
* On-line learning of the transition model for Recursive Bayesian Estimation
* On-line Support Vector Regression of the transition model for the Kalman filter
* On-the-Fly Adaptation of Regression Forests for Online Camera Relocalisation
* People Tracking Using a Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Keypoint Detectors
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Keypoint Detectors, A
* Performance Evaluation of Full Search Equivalent Pattern Matching Algorithms
* Product Recognition in Store Shelves as a Sub-Graph Isomorphism Problem
* Radial Search Method for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search on Range Images, A
* Real-time 3d arm pose estimation from monocular video for enhanced HCI
* Real-Time Stereo within the VIDET Project
* Reliable rejection of mismatching candidates for efficient ZNCC template matching
* Repeatable and Efficient Canonical Reference for Surface Matching, A
* RobotFusion: Grasping with a Robotic Manipulator via Multi-view Reconstruction
* Robust and efficient background subtraction by quadratic polynomial fitting
* robust measure for visual correspondence, A
* Robust Multi-View Change Detection
* Second-Order Polynomial Models for Background Subtraction
* Segmentation-Based Adaptive Support for Accurate Stereo Correspondence
* SemanticFusion: Joint Labeling, Tracking and Mapping
* SHOT: Unique signatures of histograms for surface and texture description
* simple and efficient connected components labeling algorithm, A
* Simple Self-Calibration Method To Infer A Non-Parametric Model Of The Imaging System Noise, A
* SkiMap++: Real-Time Mapping and Object Recognition for Robotics
* SlamDunk: Affordable Real-Time RGB-D SLAM
* Statistical Change Detection by the Pool Adjacent Violators Algorithm
* Stereo for robots: Quantitative evaluation of efficient and low-memory dense stereo algorithms
* Stereo Vision Enabling Precise Border Localization Within a Scanline Optimization Framework
* sufficient condition based on the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality for efficient template matching, A
* SVR-Based Jitter Reduction for Markerless Augmented Reality
* Synergistic Change Detection and Tracking
* Template Analysis Methodology to Improve the Efficiency of Fast Matching Algorithms, A
* Template Matching Based on the L_p Norm Using Sufficient Conditions with Incremental Approximations
* Temporal filtering of disparity measurements
* Toward Compressed 3D Descriptors
* Traffic sign detection via interest region extraction
* Unique shape context for 3d data description
* Unique Signatures of Histograms for Local Surface Description
* Using local and global object's information to track vehicles in urban scenes
* Vision-Based Markerless Gaming Interface
* Volume-Based Semantic Labeling with Signed Distance Functions
* ZNCC-based template matching using bounded partial correlation
Includes: di Stefano, L.[Luigi] di Stefano, L.
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di Tomaso, E. Co Author Listing * Robust 3-D Modeling of Vasculature Imagery Using Superellipsoids

Di Tommaso, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Impact of Error in Lidar-Derived Canopy Height and Canopy Base Height on Modeled Wildfire Behavior in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Di Verdi, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Auto-rectification of user photos
* Geometric calibration for mobile, stereo, autofocus cameras
* Learning part-based templates from large collections of 3D shapes
Includes: Di Verdi, S.[Stephen] Di Verdi, S.

di Vittorio, M.L.[Maria Laura] Co Author Listing * Automatic Multi-seed Detection for MR Breast Image Segmentation

di Zenzo, S. Co Author Listing * Advances in Image Segmentation
* Decomposing a Plane Figure into Lines and Nodes
* Image Thresholding Using Fuzzy Entropies
* Interpretation System for Land Register Maps, An
* Note on the Gradient of a Multi-Image, A
* Pattern recognition of collections
* Recognition by Constructive Neural Algorithms
* Recognition of rotated characters by inexact matching
* Run-Based Algorithms for Binary Image-Analysis and Processing
Includes: di Zenzo, S. di Zenzo, S.[Silvano]
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