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Di, H.[Huige] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Microphysical Particle Parameter Inversion and Error Analysis Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Background Basis Selection-Based Foreground Detection Method, A
* Background modeling from a free-moving camera by Multi-Layer Homography Algorithm
* Contour Flow: Middle-Level Motion Estimation by Combining Motion Segmentation and Contour Alignment
* Depth Super-resolution by Fusing Depth Imaging and Stereo Vision with Structural Determinant Information Inference
* Estimating Illumination Parameters in Real Space with Application to Image Relighting
* Groupwise Shape Registration on Raw Edge Sequence via A Spatio-Temporal Generative Model
* Locality-Constrained Collaborative Model for Robust Visual Tracking
* Multiple-image compressed encryption and decryption by compressive holography
* Subsurface Structure Analysis Using Computational Interpretation and Learning: A Visual Signal Processing Perspective
* Visual Focus of Attention Recognition in the Ambient Kitchen
Includes: Di, H.[Huige] Di, H. Di, H.[Huijun] Di, H.[Hong]
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Di, H.J.[Hui Jun] Co Author Listing * GAIM: Graph Attention Interaction Model for Collective Activity Recognition
* Globally Optimal Approach for 3D Elastic Motion Estimation from Stereo Sequences, A
* Human pose estimation with global motion cues
* Joint Correspondence and Background Modeling Based on Tree Dynamic Programming
* Mixture of Transformed Hidden Markov Models for Elastic Motion Estimation, A
* Refine Stereo Correspondence Using Bayesian Network and Dynamic Programming on a Color Based Minimal Span Tree
* Robust Approach for Person Localization in Multi-camera Environment, A
* Spatio-temporal attention mechanisms based model for collective activity recognition
* Viewpoint Insensitive Posture Representation for Action Recognition
Includes: Di, H.J.[Hui Jun] Di, H.J.[Hui-Jun]
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