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Digalakis, V. Co Author Listing * Global Variance in Speech Synthesis With Linear Dynamical Models

Diggavi, S. Co Author Listing * Frame-Work for Joint Source-Channel Coding of Images over Time-Varying Wireless Channels, A

Diggins, J. Co Author Listing * Detecting Cross-Fades in Interlaced Video With 3:2 Film Cadence

DiGioia, A.M. Co Author Listing * Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery

Digne, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Implementation of a Parallel Ball Pivoting Algorithm, An
* Bilateral Filter for Point Clouds, The
* Coherent multi-layer landscape synthesis
* Detecting and Correcting Shadows in Urban Point Clouds and Image Collections
* Farman Institute 3D Point Sets: High Precision 3D Data Sets
* Feature-Preserving Surface Reconstruction and Simplification from Defect-Laden Point Sets
* Fine scale image registration in large-scale urban LIDAR point sets
* Implementation and Parallelization of the Scale Space Meshing Algorithm, An
* Level Set Tree on Meshes, The
* Similarity based filtering of point clouds
Includes: Digne, J.[Julie] Digne, J.
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Digney, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Cross-Country Navigation Using Stereo Vision

Digonnet, H.[Hugues] Co Author Listing * Flow Simulations on 3D Segmented Images Using Reinitialization and Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation

Diguet, J.P. Co Author Listing * Compa backend: A dynamic runtime for the execution of dataflow programs onto multi-core platforms
* HW/SW Interface Impact on an Adaptive Multimedia System Performance: Case study
Includes: Diguet, J.P. Diguet, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Digumarti, S.T.[Sundara Tejaswi] Co Author Listing * Opportunity challenge: A benchmark database for on-body sensor-based activity recognition, The
* Underwater 3D capture using a low-cost commercial depth camera
Includes: Digumarti, S.T.[Sundara Tejaswi] Digumarti, S.T.

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