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Din, A.H.M. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Sea Level Rise over Malaysian Seas from Satellite Altimeter
* CAWRES: A Waveform Retracking Fuzzy Expert System for Optimizing Coastal Sea Levels from Jason-1 and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry Data
* Development of a Time-Dependent 3-Parameter Helmert Datum Transformation Model: A Case Study for Malaysia
* Gravity Anomaly Assessment Using GGMS and Airborne Gravity Data Towards Bathymetry Estimation
* Impact of Sea Level Rise on Geodetic Vertical Datum of Peninsular Malaysia, The
* Indigenous Community Tree Inventory: Assessment of Data Quality
* Marine Geoid Undulation Assessment over South China Sea Using Global Geopotential Models and Airborne Gravity Data
* Mean Sea Surface (MSS) Model Determination for Malaysian Seas Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimeter
* Open-Source Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) Evaluation with GPS and LiDAR Data
* Review on Legal Traceability of GNSS Measurements in the Malaysian Cadastral Practice, A
Includes: Din, A.H.M. Din, A.H.M.[Ami Hassan M.]
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Din, I.U.[Irfan Ud] Co Author Listing * Parallel phase unwrapping in 3D shape measurement using digital fringe projection technique

Din, U. Co Author Listing * Hulu Sungai Perak Bed Sediment Mapping Using Underwater Acoustic Sonar

Dinan, F.J.[F. Jamali] Co Author Listing * Fully 3D System for Cardiac Wall Deformation Analysis in MRI Data, A

Dinan, R.F.[Raymond F.] Co Author Listing * Document image processing system
* System for scanning documents without loss of image data

Dinar, U. Co Author Listing * Towards the automatic reconstruction of a 3-D animated model for the coronary tree from biplane angiograms

Dinardo, S. Co Author Listing * SAR Altimeter Backscattered Waveform Model

Dinata, Y.[Yoan] Co Author Listing * Tropical Peatland Burn Depth and Combustion Heterogeneity Assessed Using UAV Photogrammetry and Airborne LiDAR

Dinc, E.[Erdal] Co Author Listing * Analysis of UV spectral bands using multidimensional scaling
* Application of continuous wavelet transform to the analysis of the modulus of the fractional Fourier transform bands for resolving two component mixture
Includes: Dinc, E.[Erdal] Dinç, E.[Erdal]

Dincel, E.[Ebru] Co Author Listing * Heuristic Algorithm for Hierarchical Representation of Form Documents, A

Dinda, T.K.[Tapan K.] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy relational calculus approach to multidimensional pattern classification
* Pattern classification using fuzzy relational calculus
Includes: Dinda, T.K.[Tapan K.] Dinda, T.K.

Dindo, H. Co Author Listing * cognitive architecture for Robotic hand posture learning, A
* Dual Taxonomy for Defects in Digitized Historical Photos, A
* knowledge based architecture for the virtual restoration of ancient photos, A
* Multidirectional Scratch Detection and Restoration in Digitized Old Images
Includes: Dindo, H. Dindo, H.[Haris]

Dineiro, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Number of Linearly Independent Vectors in Spectral Databases, The
Includes: Dineiro, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Diñeiro, J.M.[José Manuel]

Dinelle, K. Co Author Listing * Accurate Event-Driven Motion Compensation in High-Resolution PET Incorporating Scattered and Random Events

Diner, D.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Data Production For A Novel Airborne Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (AIRMSPI)
* Early validation of the multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR) radiometric scale
* MISR stereoscopic image matchers: techniques and results
* Regional Changes in Earth's Color and Texture as Observed From Space Over a 15-Year Period
* Spaceborne underwater imaging

Dinerstein, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * chains model for detecting parts by their context, The
* Combined Model for Detecting, Localizing, Interpreting, and Recognizing Faces
* Unsupervised Classification and Part Localization by Consistency Amplification
* Unsupervised feature optimization (UFO): Simultaneous selection of multiple features with their detection parameters

Dines, J.[John] Co Author Listing * 2007 AMI(DA) System for Meeting Transcription, The

Dines, K.A.[Kris A.] Co Author Listing * Simple Method for Fitting Sphere-Like Surfaces, A

Dinesh, E. Co Author Listing * Involuntary diagnosis of intraductal breast images using gaussian mixture model

Dinesh, K. Co Author Listing * Per-channel color barcodes for displays

Dinesh, M. Co Author Listing * Elastic Matching of Online Handwritten Tamil and Telugu Scripts Using Local Features
* Feature based on Encoding the Relative Position of a Point in the Character for Online Handwritten Character Recognition, A

Dinesh, R. Co Author Listing * 2D-LPI: Two-Dimensional Locality Preserving Indexing
* Boundary based corner detection and localization using new 'cornerity' index: a robust approach
* Concept Of Triangular Spatial Relationship And B-tree For Partially Occluded Object Recognition: An Efficient And Robust Approach
* Corner Detection Using Morphological Skeleton: An Efficient and Nonparametric Approach
* Deep Learning Approach for Devanagari Script Recognition
* Efficient Non-Parametric Corner Detection: An Approach Based on Small Eigenvalue
* Non-parametric Adaptive Approach for the Detection of Dominant Points on Boundary Curves Based on Non-symmetric Region of Support
* Non-parametric adaptive region of support useful for corner detection: a novel approach
* Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects Using Perfect Hashing: An Efficient and Robust Approach
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Dinesh, T.B. Co Author Listing * Archiving Mural Paintings Using an Ontology Based Approach
* Intellectual Journey in History: Preserving Indian Cultural Heritage, An

Dinesha, V.[Vijeth] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty visualization using HDR volume rendering

Dinet, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Enhanced image saliency model based on blur identification
* Influence of color on visual saliency in short videos
* Visual attention: Effects of blur

Ding, B.Y.[Bai Yuan] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Multi-View SAR Images for Robust Target Recognition
Includes: Ding, B.Y.[Bai Yuan] Ding, B.Y.[Bai-Yuan]

Ding, C. Co Author Listing * Attributed Relational Graph Matching with Sparse Relaxation and Bistochastic Normalization
* Binary Constraint Preserving Graph Matching
* Characteristics of the Multipath Scattering and the Application for Geometry Extraction in High-Resolution SAR Images, The
* Collaborative Sensing in a Distributed PTZ Camera Network
* Convolutional Neural Networks Based Hyperspectral Image Classification Method with Adaptive Kernels
* Discriminative high order SVD: Adaptive tensor subspace selection for image classification, clustering, and retrieval
* Distributed Camera Networks
* Dyadic transfer learning for cross-domain image classification
* Dynamic Cluster Formation Using Level Set Methods
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information: Criteria of Max-Dependency, Max-Relevance, and Min-Redundancy
* Focusing of Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR With Advanced Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm
* Graph Matching Based on Dot Product Representation of Graphs
* Graph-Laplacian PCA: Closed-Form Solution and Robustness
* Heterogeneous Visual Features Fusion via Sparse Multimodal Machine
* Image annotation using bi-relational graph of images and semantic labels
* Image annotation using multi-label correlated Green's function
* Image Categorization Using Directed Graphs
* Implementation of the OFDM Chirp Waveform on MIMO SAR Systems
* ML-Based Radial Velocity Estimation Algorithm for Moving Targets in Spaceborne High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR Systems, An
* Multi-label Feature Transform for Image Classifications
* Multi-label Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic feature selections for image annotation
* Multi-Task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Omega-K Algorithm With Phase Error Compensation for Bistatic SAR of a Translational Invariant Case, An
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data: A Chirp-Modulated Back Projection Approach
* Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Opportunistic Image Acquisition of Individual and Group Activities in a Distributed Camera Network
* PCA-guided search for K-means
* Precise Focusing of Airborne SAR Data With Wide Apertures Large Trajectory Deviations: A Chirp Modulated Back-Projection Approach
* Prioritizing Influential Factors for Freeway Incident Clearance Time Prediction Using the Gradient Boosting Decision Trees Method
* Relative Trajectory Estimation During Chang'e-2 Probe's Flyby of Asteroid Toutatis Using Dynamics, Optical, and Radio Constraints
* Robust Face Recognition via Multimodal Deep Face Representation
* Robust tensor factorization using R1 norm
* Robust Tucker Tensor Decomposition for Effective Image Representation
* Saliency Detection via A Graph Based Diffusion Model
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Annotation via Biased Random Walk on Tri-relational Graph
* Sparse multi-task regression and feature selection to identify brain imaging predictors for memory performance
* Spatio-Temporal Error Sources Analysis and Accuracy Improvement in Landsat 8 Image Ground Displacement Measurements
* Symmetric two dimensional linear discriminant analysis (2DLDA)
* Temporal Interpolation of Satellite-Derived Leaf Area Index Time Series by Introducing Spatial-Temporal Constraints for Heterogeneous Grasslands
* Tensor reduction error analysis: Applications to video compression and classification
* Tracking and Activity Recognition Through Consensus in Distributed Camera Networks
* Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning via l1-norm graph
Includes: Ding, C. Ding, C.[Chong] Ding, C.[Chen] Ding, C.[Chris] Ding, C.[Chibiao] Ding, C.[Chao]
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Ding, C.B.[Chi Biao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Color Correction for Multisource Remote Sensing Images with Wasserstein CNN
Includes: Ding, C.B.[Chi Biao] Ding, C.B.[Chi-Biao]

Ding, C.H.[Chun Hui] Co Author Listing * Face recognition in real-world surveillance videos with deep learning method
* Single sample per person face recognition with KPCANet and a weighted voting scheme
* Video Anomaly Detection Based on Adaptive Multiple Auto-Encoders
* Violence Detection in Video by Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ding, C.H.[Chun Hui] Ding, C.H.[Chun-Hui]

Ding, C.H.Q.[Chris H.Q.] Co Author Listing * Convex and Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
* Extended linear regression for undersampled face recognition

Ding, C.T.[Chun Tao] Co Author Listing * Double adjacency graphs-based discriminant neighborhood embedding
Includes: Ding, C.T.[Chun Tao] Ding, C.T.[Chun-Tao]

Ding, C.X.[Chang Xing] Co Author Listing * Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition
* Pose-invariant face recognition with homography-based normalization
* Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation
Includes: Ding, C.X.[Chang Xing] Ding, C.X.[Chang-Xing]

Ding, D.[Duo] Co Author Listing * Beyond audio and video retrieval: Topic-oriented multimedia summarization
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* cost-efficient hardware architecture of deblocking filter in HEVC, A
* hardware-oriented IME algorithm and its implementation for HEVC, A
* Weld-pool image centroid algorithm for seam-tracking vision model in arc-welding process
* What Can Expressive Semantics Tell: Retrieval Model for a Flash-Movie Search Engine
Includes: Ding, D.[Duo] Ding, D.[Dandan] Ding, D. Ding, D.[Dawei]

Ding, D.D.[Dan Dan] Co Author Listing * Reconfigurable video coding framework and decoder reconfiguration instantiation of AVS
* reconfiguration system for video decoder, A
Includes: Ding, D.D.[Dan Dan] Ding, D.D.[Dan-Dan]

Ding, D.S.[Ding Shiuan] Co Author Listing * Camera as weather sensor: Estimating weather information from single images
Includes: Ding, D.S.[Ding Shiuan] Ding, D.S.[Ding-Shiuan]

Ding, D.Y. Co Author Listing * Flexible Multiple Base Station Association and Activation for Downlink Heterogeneous Networks
* Probabilistic model supported rank aggregation for the semantic concept detection in video
Includes: Ding, D.Y. Ding, D.Y.[Da-Yong]

Ding, E.[Errui] Co Author Listing * Context-aware mathematical expression recognition: An end-to-end framework and a benchmark
* WordSup: Exploiting Word Annotations for Character Based Text Detection
Includes: Ding, E.[Errui] Ding, E.

Ding, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of soft organs by flipping-free mesh deformation
* affinity propagation based method for vector quantization codebook design, An
* Automatic Segmentation of Femur Bones in Anterior-Posterior Pelvis X-Ray Images
* Edge Perpendicular Binary Coding for USM Sharpening Detection
* efficient weak sharpening detection method for image forensics, An
* Hierarchical Least Squares Estimation Algorithm for Hammerstein-Wiener Systems
* Integration of Spectral Indices, Digital Elevation Data and Support Vector Machines for Land Use Classification in Hilly Areas
* Local linear neighbor reconstruction for multi-view data
* Medical volume image summarization
* Novel Method for Detecting Image Sharpening Based on Local Binary Pattern, A
* Perceptual hash algorithm-based adaptive GOP selection algorithm for distributed compressive video sensing
* Removal of abdominal wall for 3D visualization and segmentation of organs in CT volume
* Segmentation of 3D CT Volume Images Using a Single 2D Atlas
* Ultra-Fine Grain Steel's Metallurgical Image Restoration Method Based on Improved Water-Growing
Includes: Ding, F.[Feng] Ding, F.[Fei] Ding, F.
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Ding, G. Co Author Listing * Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multitask Shared Sparse Regression
* From Zero-Shot Learning to Conventional Supervised Classification: Unseen Visual Data Synthesis
* Learning to Hash With Optimized Anchor Embedding for Scalable Retrieval
* new extracting algorithm of k nearest neighbors searching for point clouds, A
* Real-Time Scalable Visual Tracking via Quadrangle Kernelized Correlation Filters
* Reconstruction of a Complex Mirror Surface from a Single Image
* Robust Quantization for General Similarity Search
* Zero-Shot Learning With Transferred Samples
Includes: Ding, G. Ding, G.[Guofu] Ding, G.[Gangyi]
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Ding, G.G.[Gui Guang] Co Author Listing * Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing for Multimodal Data
* Cross-View Retrieval via Probability-Based Semantics-Preserving Hashing
* Image tag completion via dual-view linear sparse reconstructions
* Image Tag Completion via Image-Specific and Tag-Specific Linear Sparse Reconstructions
* Large-Scale Cross-Modality Search via Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing
* Multi-source image auto-annotation
* Robust Quantization for General Similarity Search
* Semantics-preserving hashing for cross-view retrieval
* Sequential Discrete Hashing for Scalable Cross-Modality Similarity Retrieval
* Transfer Feature Learning with Joint Distribution Adaptation
* Transfer Joint Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
Includes: Ding, G.G.[Gui Guang] Ding, G.G.[Gui-Guang]
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Ding, G.Y.[Gang Yi] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Action Synchronization in Complex Background
* Optimal feature combination analysis for crowd saliency prediction
* Shape from Specular Flow with Near-Field Environment Motion Field
* Symbiotic Black-Box Tracker
Includes: Ding, G.Y.[Gang Yi] Ding, G.Y.[Gang-Yi]

Ding, H. Co Author Listing * Brain-Computer Interface-Based Vehicle Destination Selection System Using P300 and SSVEP Signals, A
* Detecting Cardiovascular Disease from Mammograms With Deep Learning
* Detection of Catchment-Scale Gully-Affected Areas Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Efficient Maintenance of Continuous Queries for Trajectories
* Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
* Extraction of Terraces on the Loess Plateau from High-Resolution DEMs and Imagery Utilizing Object-Based Image Analysis
* FaceNet2ExpNet: Regularizing a Deep Face Recognition Net for Expression Recognition
* Faster Segmentation Algorithm for Optical Coherence Tomography Images with Guaranteed Smoothness
* Finding rigid sub-structure patterns from 3D point-sets
* Gauging Association Patterns of Chromosome Territories via Chromatic Median
* Learning Boundary and Appearance for Video Object Cutout
* Learning spatially regularized similarity for robust visual tracking
* Mobile Video Capture of Multi-page Documents
* Multi-way Multi-level Kernel Modeling for Neuroimaging Classification
* Object-based Method For Chinese Landform Types Classification, An
* Off-axis quantitative phase imaging processing using CUDA: Toward real-time applications
* Phase regression approach for estimating the parameters of a noisy multifrequency signal
* Reverse-Time Migration Based Optical Imaging
* Similarity measures of full polarimetric SAR images fusion for improved SAR image matching
* Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM)
* TICMR: Total Image Constrained Material Reconstruction via Nonlocal Total Variation Regularization for Spectral CT
* Using a Head-up Display-Based Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential Brain: Computer Interface to Control a Simulated Vehicle
Includes: Ding, H. Ding, H.[Hu] Ding, H.[Hui] Ding, H.[Han] Ding, H.[Huijun] Ding, H.[Hengzhou]
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Ding, H.J.[Hui Jun] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical facial landmark localization via cascaded random binary patterns
* Motion intent recognition of individual fingers based on mechanomyogram
Includes: Ding, H.J.[Hui Jun] Ding, H.J.[Hui-Jun]

Ding, H.X.[Hua Xiong] Co Author Listing * efficient multimodal 2D + 3D feature-based approach to automatic facial expression recognition, An
* Facial ethnicity classification based on boosted local texture and shape descriptions
* Facial image-based gender classification using Local Circular Patterns
* Local circular patterns for multi-modal facial gender and ethnicity classification
Includes: Ding, H.X.[Hua Xiong] Ding, H.X.[Hua-Xiong]

Ding, H.Y.[Hai Yong] Co Author Listing * Probability Model-based Method for Land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-Spectral Remotely Sensed Images, A
Includes: Ding, H.Y.[Hai Yong] Ding, H.Y.[Hai-Yong]

Ding, I.J.[Ing Jr] Co Author Listing * Incremental MLLR speaker adaptation by fuzzy logic control
* Speaker adaptation based on MAP estimation using fuzzy controller
Includes: Ding, I.J.[Ing Jr] Ding, I.J.[Ing-Jr]

Ding, J.[Jian] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection using high-frequency and spatio-temporal features
* algorithm based on LBPV and MIL for left atrial thrombi detection using transesophageal echocardiography, An
* Classification of Oriental and European Scripts by Using Characteristic Features
* Differentiating Between Oriental and European Scripts by Statistical Features
* Discriminative Hough context model for object detection
* Focusing Parallel Bistatic SAR Data Using the Analytic Transfer Function in the Wavenumber Domain
* Improving Coherence of Complex Image Pairs Obtained by Along-Track Bistatic SARs Using Range-Azimuth Prefiltering
* Modified omega-k Algorithm for HS-SAR Small-Aperture Data Imaging, A
* NN-based atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat/TM thermal infrared data, An
* Normalized Correlation-Based Quantization Modulation for Robust Watermarking
* novel video salient object extraction method based on visual attention, A
* Prediction of MCI to AD conversion using Laplace Eigenmaps learned from FDG and MRI images of AD patients and healthy controls
* Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
* saliency model for automated tumor detection in breast ultrasound images, A
* Saliency-based content-aware lifestyle image mosaics
* Scale-Based Connected Coherence Tree Algorithm for Image Segmentation, A
* Visual Salience Learning via Low Rank Matrix Recovery
Includes: Ding, J.[Jian] Ding, J.[Jianrui] Ding, J. Ding, J.[Jilie] Ding, J.[Jie] Ding, J.[Jia] Ding, J.[Junwei] Ding, J.[Jingting] Ding, J.[Jundi]
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Ding, J.D.[Jun Di] Co Author Listing * CCTA-based region-wise segmentation
* Exploiting Intensity Inhomogeneity to Extract Textured Objects from Natural Scenes
* Inhomogeneity-embedded active contour for natural image segmentation
* Object Extraction from Bounding Box Prior with Double Sparse Reconstruction
* Object segmentation using low-rank representation with multiple block-diagonal priors
* Pavement crack detection based on saliency and statistical features
* prior-based graph for salient object detection, A
* tree-structured framework for purifying complex clusters with structural roles of individual data, A
Includes: Ding, J.D.[Jun Di] Ding, J.D.[Jun-Di]
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Ding, J.F.[Ji Feng] Co Author Listing * Remote Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity Based on GSM
Includes: Ding, J.F.[Ji Feng] Ding, J.F.[Ji-Feng]

Ding, J.H.[Ji Hong] Co Author Listing * case restoration approach to named entity tagging in degraded documents, A
* Estimation Of Regional Forest Aboveground Biomass Combining Icesat-glas Waveforms And Hj-1a/hsi Hyperspectral Imageries
* Fast predictive motion estimation algorithm with adaptive search mode based on motion type classification
* Pattern recognition and classification of two cancer cell lines by diffraction imaging at multiple pixel distances
Includes: Ding, J.H.[Ji Hong] Ding, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Ding, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Ding, J.H.[Jing-Hua] Ding, J.H.[Jun-Hua]

Ding, J.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Golomb Code for Joint Geometrically Distributed Data and Its Application in Image Coding
* Asymmetric fourier descriptor of non-closed segments
* Blur kernel estimation using normalized color-line priors
* Color Images Enhancement using Weighted Histogram Separation
* Color Pattern Recognition by Quaternion Correlation
* Context-based adaptive zigzag scanning for image coding
* DCT-Based Image Protection using Dual-Domain Bi-Watermarking Algorithm
* Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-oriented regression
* Image retrieval based on classified vector quantization using color local thresholding classifier
* Improved Harris' Algorithm for Corner and Edge Detections
* Improved implementation algorithms of the two-dimensional nonseparable linear canonical transform
* Improved reversible integer-to-integer color transforms
* Local prediction based adaptive scanning for JPEG and H.264/AVC intra coding
* Muscle injury determination by image segmentation
* new adaptive coefficient scanning based on local and global prediction, A
* New Approach of Matrix Factorization on Complex Domain for Data Representation, A
* New Corner Detection Algorithm by Tangent and Vertical Axes and Case Table
* Quadtree classified vector quantization based image retrieval scheme
* Quaternion matrix singular value decomposition and its applications for color image processing
* Reversible Integer Color Transform
* Reversible Integer Color Transform with Bit-Constraint
* Salient Region Detection Improved by Principle Component Analysis and Boundary Information
* Two-Dimensional Orthogonal DCT Expansion in Trapezoid and Triangular Blocks and Modified JPEG Image Compression
Includes: Ding, J.J. Ding, J.J.[Jian-Jiun]
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Ding, J.L.[Jian Li] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Soil Salinization in Keriya River Basin, Northwestern China Using Passive Reflective and Active Microwave Remote Sensing Data
* Multiple operating mode ANFIS modelling for speed control of HSEMU
* NN-based algorithm for estimation of water vapor content using AVHRR data over ocean, A
Includes: Ding, J.L.[Jian Li] Ding, J.L.[Jian-Li] Ding, J.L.[Jin-Liang] Ding, J.L.[Ji-Lie]

Ding, J.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive group-of-pictures and scene change detection methods based on existing H.264 advanced video coding information
* Bed Status Detection for Elder-Care Center
* Camera Array Management Based on UPnP Security
* Class-Based Search Algorithm for Inter Mode Prediction of H.264/AVC
* EISeg: Effective interactive segmentation
* Neutro-Connectedness Cut
* Selective Intra Block Size Decision and Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithms for H.264/AVC Encoder
* Unsupervised saliency estimation based on robust hypotheses
Includes: Ding, J.R. Ding, J.R.[Jiun-Ren] Ding, J.R.[Jian-Rui]
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Ding, J.T.[Jing Ting] Co Author Listing * unified rectification method for single viewpoint multi-camera system, A
Includes: Ding, J.T.[Jing Ting] Ding, J.T.[Jing-Ting]

Ding, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * enhanced depth map based rendering method with directional depth filter and image inpainting, An
* Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
* Modeling Complex Scenes for Accurate Moving Objects Segmentation
* Robust object tracking via online learning of adaptive appearance manifold
* Severely Blurred Object Tracking by Learning Deep Image Representations
* Tracking Blurred Object with Data-Driven Tracker
Includes: Ding, J.W.[Jian Wei] Ding, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Ding, J.W.[Jin-Wen]

Ding, K. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Procedure for Food Microstructure Evaluation
* AMVH: Asymmetric Multi-Valued hashing
* Anti-Noise Performance and Parameter Estimation Accuracy of FFT and FT Discrete Spectrum Correction
* Character-SIFT: A Novel Feature for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Cross-Modal Hashing via Rank-Order Preserving
* Efficient Multiple Feature Fusion With Hashing for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification: A Comparative Study
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Fast And Robust Algorithm For Road Edges Extraction From Lidar Data, A
* Incremental MQDF Learning for Writer Adaptive Handwriting Recognition
* Investigation of Imaginary Stroke Techinique for Cursive Online Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition, An
* kNN Hashing with Factorized Neighborhood Representation
* New Approach for Synthesis and Recognition of Large Scale Handwritten Chinese Words, A
* New Approach to Evaluate Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Deformable Image Registration, A
* New Method for Rotation Free Method for Online Unconstrained Handwritten Chinese Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach, A
* novel method for image classification based on bag of visual words, A
* Optimum inpainting for depth map based on L_0 total variation
* Pairwise-svm For On-board Urban Road Lidar Classification
* Phase regression approach for estimating the parameters of a noisy multifrequency signal
* Probabilistic 3D Model Retrieval System Using Sphere Image, A
* SCUT-COUCH2009: A comprehensive online unconstrained Chinese handwriting database and benchmark evaluation
* sketch-based 3D model retrieval system, A
* Sphere Image for 3-D Model Retrieval
* Triangular Prism Spatial Interpolation Method for Mapping Geological Property Fields, A
* Unifying Vascular Information in Intensity-Based Nonrigid Lung CT Registration
* Writer Adaptive Online Handwriting Recognition Using Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Ding, K. Ding, K.[Kun] Ding, K.[Kang] Ding, K.[Kai] Ding, K.[Kou] Ding, K.[Ke]
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Ding, K.H.[Kung Hau] Co Author Listing * Microwave emission and scattering of foam based on Monte Carlo simulations of dense media
* Microwave Scattering and Medium Characterization for Terrestrial Snow With QCA-Mie and Bicontinuous Models: Comparison Studies
Includes: Ding, K.H.[Kung Hau] Ding, K.H.[Kung-Hau] Ding, K.H.

Ding, L.[Liu] Co Author Listing * 3D face sparse reconstruction based on local linear fitting
* Adaptive Laplacian eigenfunctions as bases for regression analysis
* Adaptive Neural Network-Based Tracking Control for Full-State Constrained Wheeled Mobile Robotic System
* Application of Compressive Sensing to Refractivity Retrieval Using Networked Weather Radars
* Comparative analysis of homologous buildings using range imaging
* Constrained Inversion and Spectral Unmixing in Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
* Continuous Pose Normalization for Pose-Robust Face Recognition
* Design and Realization of Multi-Functional Gateway Based on SingleChip
* Efficient 3-D Model-Based Reconstruction Scheme for Arbitrary Optoacoustic Acquisition Geometries
* Enhancing Interactive Image Segmentation with Automatic Label Set Augmentation
* Features versus Context: An Approach for Precise and Detailed Detection and Delineation of Faces and Facial Features
* High-Fidelity Component Substitution Pansharpening by the Fitting of Substitution Data
* Hybrid Zero Block Detection for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Image Quality Assessment Using Directional Anisotropy Structure Measurement
* Improved Content-Based Music Recommending Method with Weighted Tags, An
* Inferring social relations from visual concepts
* integer programming approach to visual compliance, An
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using Dirichlet Process Multiple-View Learning
* Interactive image segmentation using probabilistic hypergraphs
* Learning Relations among Movie Characters: A Social Network Perspective
* Modelling and recognition of the linguistic components in American Sign Language
* Patrol Routing Expression, Execution, Evaluation, and Engagement
* Piecewise-Stationary Motion Modeling and Iterative Smoothing to Track Heterogeneous Particle Motions in Dense Environments
* Precise detailed detection of faces and facial features
* Probabilistic mixtures of differential profiles for shape recognition
* Rate-Performance-Loss Optimization for Inter-Frame Deep Feature Coding From Videos
* Real-Time Model-Based Inversion in Cross-Sectional Optoacoustic Tomography
* Recovering the linguistic components of the manual signs in American Sign Language
* Research about security mechanism in wireless sensor network
* Three-Dimensional Shape and Motion Reconstruction for the Analysis of American Sign Language
* Translation invariance-based super resolution method for mixed resolution multiview video
* Volume image registration by template matching
Includes: Ding, L.[Liu] Ding, L.[Lei] Ding, L. Ding, L.[Lu] Ding, L.[Liya] Ding, L.[Luwei] Ding, L.[Lan]
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Ding, L.F.[Li Fu] Co Author Listing * Computation-Free Motion Estimation with Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Content-Aware Prediction Algorithm With Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Efficient Stereo Video Coding System for Immersive Teleconference with Two-Stage Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Joint Prediction Algorithm and Architecture for Stereo Video Hybrid Coding Systems
* Single iteration view interpolation for multiview video applications
Includes: Ding, L.F.[Li Fu] Ding, L.F.[Li-Fu] Ding, L.F.

Ding, L.J.[Liang Jing] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection with Annealing for Computer Vision and Big Data Learning
* Learning a Quality-Based Ranking for Feature Point Trajectories
* Motion Segmentation by Velocity Clustering with Estimation of Subspace Dimension
* On the Canny edge detector
Includes: Ding, L.J.[Liang Jing] Ding, L.J.[Liang-Jing] Ding, L.J.[Li-Jun]

Ding, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Data embedding in digital images using critical functions
Includes: Ding, L.P.[Li Ping] Ding, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Ding, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * Generation of Spatial-Temporal Panoramas with a Single Moving Camera
Includes: Ding, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Ding, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]

Ding, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * Image representation using block compressive sensing for compression applications
* Intrinsic dimensionality estimation based on manifold assumption
Includes: Ding, L.X.[Li Xin] Ding, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Ding, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * Articulated and Generalized Gaussian Kernel Correlation for Human Pose Estimation
* Articulated Gaussian kernel correlation for human pose estimation
* Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood and Geographic Detection of Settlement Sites in Ethnically Contiguous Poverty-Stricken Areas in the Aba Prefecture, China
* Automatic registration of aerial imagery with untextured 3D LiDAR models
* Content-aware copying and pasting in images
* Deep learning assisted robust visual tracking with adaptive particle filtering
* Fast Human Pose Tracking with a Single Depth Sensor Using Sum of Gaussians Models
* Generalized Sum of Gaussians for Real-Time Human Pose Tracking from a Single Depth Sensor
* Imaging of Local Rough Surfaces by the Linear Sampling Method with Near-Field Data
* Multi-layer joint gait-pose manifold for human motion modeling
* Multilayer Joint Gait-Pose Manifolds for Human Gait Motion Modeling
* Non-rigid Point Set Registration with Global-Local Topology Preservation
* Nonlocal similarity based DEM super resolution
* Phase Angle-Encoded and Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Three-Dimensional Route Planning for UAV
* Quaternion-type moments combining both color and depth information for RGB-D object recognition
* Route Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Sea Using Hybrid Differential Evolution and Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Structure-guided manifold learning for video-based motion estimation
* Suitability of texture features to assess changes in trabecular bone architecture
* Video-Based Human Walking Estimation Using Joint Gait and Pose Manifolds
Includes: Ding, M.[Meng] Ding, M.[Mingtao] Ding, M.[Min] Ding, M.[Mingyue] Ding, M. Ding, M.[Mengru]
19 for Ding, M.

Ding, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Video-based document image scanning using a mobile device
Includes: Ding, M.M.[Meng Meng] Ding, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Ding, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of free-formed line-like objects using NURBS representation
* Improved Codebook Edge-Detection
* Method of Boundary Extraction Based on Schrödinger Equation
* Unique Solution of Projective Invariants of 6 Points from 4 Uncalibrated Images, The
* Using Space Continuity and Orientation Constraints for Range Data-Acquisition
Includes: Ding, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Ding, M.Y.[Ming-Yue] Ding, M.Y. Ding, M.Y.[Ming-Yune]

Ding, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Aerosol Radiative Forcing over Beijing under Different Air Quality Conditions Using Ground-Based Sun-Photometers between 2013 and 2015
* Differential Topic Models
* finite element contour approach to affine invariant shape representation, A
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Modeling Traffic Control Agency Decision Behavior for Multimodal Manual Signal Control Under Event Occurrences
* Probabilistic Label Relation Graphs with Ising Models
Includes: Ding, N.[Nan] Ding, N. Ding, N.[Ning]

Ding, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Effective near-duplicate image retrieval with image-specific visual phrase selection
* Study and Application of HHT in Vibration Signal Analysis of Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System, A
Includes: Ding, P.[Peng] Ding, P.[Pei]

Ding, P.L.K.[Pak Lun Kevin] Co Author Listing * Color image demosaicking using inter-channel correlation and nonlocal self-similarity
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction of Correlated Images Using Joint Regularization
Includes: Ding, P.L.K.[Pak Lun Kevin] Ding, P.L.K.[P. L. Kevin]

Ding, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * Multifrequency Bayesian compressive sensing methods for microwave imaging

Ding, Q.[Qiong] Co Author Listing * Combination of overlap-driven adjustment and Phong model for LiDAR intensity correction
* On the Performance of Independent Processing of Independent Data Sets for Distributed Detection
* PARM: An Efficient Algorithm to Mine Association Rules From Spatial Data
* Step-by-step pipeline processing approach for line segment detection
Includes: Ding, Q.[Qiong] Ding, Q.[Quan] Ding, Q. Ding, Q.[Qinghai]

Ding, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling from Concept Sketches of Human Characters with Minimal User Interaction
* Fast mode decision for inter prediction in H.264
* New Multiple-Target Tracking Strategy Using Domain Knowledge and Optimization
* Robust Hand Tracking with Hough Forest and Multi-cue Flocks of Features
* Smart wavelet image coding: X-tree approach
Includes: Ding, R. Ding, R.[Rong] Ding, R.[Runwei] Ding, R.[Runtao]

Ding, R.H.[Rong Hua] Co Author Listing * PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals Using Modified Partial Transmit Sequences
Includes: Ding, R.H.[Rong Hua] Ding, R.H.[Rong-Hua]

Ding, R.X.[Ru Xi] Co Author Listing * Patch-based locality-enhanced collaborative representation for face recognition
* Variational Feature Representation-based Classification for face recognition with single sample per person
Includes: Ding, R.X.[Ru Xi] Ding, R.X.[Ru-Xi]

Ding, S.[Shan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Approach for Microaneurysm Detection in Digital Fundus Images, An
* Blind Spectral Unmixing Based on Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Color texture analysis using the wavelet-based hidden Markov model
* DTCWT based medical ultrasound images despeckling using LS parameter optimization
* NDVI time series and Markov chains to model the change of fuzzy vegetative drought classes
* novel density peaks clustering algorithm for mixed data, A
* Recent Improvements to Suomi NPP Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite Nadir Mapper Sensor Data Records
* Robust video-based face recognition by sequential sample consensus
* Sequential Sample Consensus: A Robust Algorithm for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Simultaneous body part and motion identification for human-following robots
* Topological vascular tree segmentation for retinal images using shortest path connection
* Weighted linear loss multiple birth support vector machine based on information granulation for multi-class classification
Includes: Ding, S.[Shan] Ding, S. Ding, S.[Siyi] Ding, S.[Sheng] Ding, S.[Shifei] Ding, S.[Sihao]
12 for Ding, S.

Ding, S.F.[Shi Fei] Co Author Listing * Collaborative filtering model for enhancing fingerprint image
* Combining Gabor filtering and classification dictionaries learning for fingerprint enhancement
* Fingerprint image super resolution using sparse representation with ridge pattern prior by classification coupled dictionaries
* new method for constructing granular neural networks based on rule extraction and extreme learning machine, A
Includes: Ding, S.F.[Shi Fei] Ding, S.F.[Shi-Fei]

Ding, S.H.[Shou Hong] Co Author Listing * Eigen-Aging Reference Coding for Cross-Age Face Verification and Retrieval
* Integrated tone and structure refinement for high-fidelity colour transfer
* Intrinsic image estimation using near- L0 sparse optimization
* Real-time terahertz scanning imaging by use of a pyroelectric array camera and image denoising
* Similarity metric learning for face verification using sigmoid decision function
Includes: Ding, S.H.[Shou Hong] Ding, S.H.[Shou-Hong] Ding, S.H.[Sheng-Hui]

Ding, S.T.[Shan Ting] Co Author Listing * Optimal layout algorithm for reusing solar cell fragments
Includes: Ding, S.T.[Shan Ting] Ding, S.T.[Shan-Ting]

Ding, S.W.[Shao Wen] Co Author Listing * Large scale object's measurement method research based on multi-view Reconstruction
* Relative pose measurement of Satellite and rocket based on photogrammetry
Includes: Ding, S.W.[Shao Wen] Ding, S.W.[Shao-Wen]

Ding, S.X.[Shu Xue] Co Author Listing * family of the subgradient algorithm with several cosparsity inducing functions to the cosparse recovery problem, A
Includes: Ding, S.X.[Shu Xue] Ding, S.X.[Shu-Xue]

Ding, S.Y.[Sheng Yong] Co Author Listing * Deep feature learning with relative distance comparison for person re-identification
* Texture Segmentation using LBP embedded Region Competition
Includes: Ding, S.Y.[Sheng Yong] Ding, S.Y.[Sheng-Yong] Ding, S.Y.[Si-Yi]

Ding, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Fast track matching and event detection
* Rank Minimization Approach to Video Inpainting, A
* Research of biogas power generator system based on internet technology
* robust identification approach to gait recognition, A
Includes: Ding, T.[Tao] Ding, T.[Tan]

Ding, T.F.[Tie Fu] Co Author Listing * Deviation of Color Matching Algorithm in the Field of Full-Color LED Display, The
* Self-Adaptive Threshold Canny Operator in Color Image Edge Detection
Includes: Ding, T.F.[Tie Fu] Ding, T.F.[Tie-Fu]

Ding, T.H. Co Author Listing * Iris segmentation for non-cooperative recognition systems
* Liveness detection for iris recognition using multispectral images
Includes: Ding, T.H. Ding, T.H.[Tian-Huai]

Ding, T.J. Co Author Listing * 64-Point Fourier-Transform Chip for Video Motion Compensation Using Phase Correlation, A

Ding, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Automatic Blanking and Split Technology in Urban Planning
* Adaptive Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
* Automatic Cycle Averaging for Denoising Approximately Periodic Spatiotemporal Signals
* Controlling patterns of geospatial phenomena
* framework for regional association rule mining and scoping in spatial datasets, A
* Hourglass-Shape Network Based Semantic Segmentation for High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Local discriminative distance metrics ensemble learning
* new courtesy amount recognition module of a Check Reading System, A
* Novel Digital Image Hiding Technology Based on Tangram and Conway's Game, A
* Online Feature Selection with Streaming Features
* Prediction gradients for feature extraction and analysis from convolutionalat neural networks
* Robust optical flow for Driver Assistance
* Tomographic image sequence reconstruction by edge-preserving interslice MAP methods
* Two dimensional analysis sparse model
* Ultrashort Microwave-Pumped Real-Time Thermoacoustic Breast Tumor Imaging System
* VIS-based native video processing on UltraSPARC
Includes: Ding, W. Ding, W.[Wei] Ding, W.[Wenrui] Ding, W.[Wu] Ding, W.[Weifu] Ding, W.[Wenpeng]
16 for Ding, W.

Ding, W.L.[Wei Li] Co Author Listing * Efficient vanishing point detection method in complex urban road environments
* OTLines: A novel line-detection algorithm without the interference of smooth curves
Includes: Ding, W.L.[Wei Li] Ding, W.L.[Wei-Li]

Ding, W.M.[Wan Meng] Co Author Listing * Secret Image Sharing for (k, k) Threshold Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem and Image Characteristics
Includes: Ding, W.M.[Wan Meng] Ding, W.M.[Wan-Meng]

Ding, W.P.[Wen Peng] Co Author Listing * 2D nonlocal sparse representation for image denoising
* Adaptive intra modes reduction by clustering for H.264/AVC
* Compound image compression by multi-stage prediction
* Enable Efficient Compound Image Compression in H.264/AVC Intra Coding
* Fast mode dependent directional transform via butterfly-style transform and integer lifting steps
* Hash-Based Block Matching for Screen Content Coding
* Internal-video mode dependent directional transform
* Learning adaptive filter banks for hierarchical image representation
* MR images reconstruction based on TVWL2-L1 model
* new image deblurring algorithm with less ringing artifacts via error variance estimation and soft decision, A
* Optimizing collaborative sparse dictionary for compressive light field photography
* practical algorithm for tanner graph based image interpolation, A
* Respiration Motion State Estimation on 4D CT Rib Cage Images
* Screen Content Coding Based on HEVC Framework
* Single image super-resolution via 2D nonlocal sparse representation
Includes: Ding, W.P.[Wen Peng] Ding, W.P.[Wen-Peng] Ding, W.P.[Wei-Ping]
15 for Ding, W.P.

Ding, W.R.[Wen Rui] Co Author Listing * Haze removal for unmanned aerial vehicle aerial video based on spatial-temporal coherence optimisation
* Image Registration and Fusion of Visible and Infrared Integrated Camera for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing
* Metadata-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Applications
* Restoration of Defocus Blur Image Based on Global Phase Coherence
* Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Multi-Human Detection and Recognition in Complex Scene
Includes: Ding, W.R.[Wen Rui] Ding, W.R.[Wen-Rui]

Ding, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Human action recognition using similarity degree between postures and spectral learning
* Human action recognition using spectral embedding to similarity degree between postures
* Learning hierarchical spatio-temporal pattern for human activity prediction
* Profile HMMs for skeleton-based human action recognition
* STFC: Spatio-temporal feature chain for skeleton-based human action recognition
* Weak label for fast online visual tracking
Includes: Ding, W.W.[Wen Wen] Ding, W.W.[Wen-Wen]

Ding, X. Co Author Listing * Analysis, Understanding and Representation of Chinese Newspaper with Complex Layout
* ARG Representation for Chinese Characters and a Radical Extraction Based on the Representation, An
* Bayesian Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Characterization of Active Layer Thickening Rate over the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Permafrost Region Using ALOS Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, 2007-2009
* Clearing the Skies: A Deep Network Architecture for Single-Image Rain Removal
* comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetry, A
* compressed sensing-based pan-sharpening using joint data fidelity and blind blurring kernel estimation, A
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction for Video: An Adaptive Approach Based on Motion Estimation
* Effective and Practical Classifier Fusion Strategy for Improving Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Permanent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Persistent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry ast
* Fast Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection for Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* Generalized-KFCS: Motion estimation enhanced Kalman filtered compressive sensing for video
* Gray-scale Character Image Recognition Based on Fuzzy DCT Transform Features
* Ground settlement monitoring based on temporarily coherent points between two SAR acquisitions
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using MFNN Based Multiexpert Combination Strategy
* High-Rise Building Layover Exploitation with Non-Local Frequency Estimation in SAR Interferograms
* High-Speed Simultaneous Image Distortion Correction Transformations for a Multicamera Cylindrical Panorama Real-time Video System Using FPGA
* Hybrid Approach for Unbiased Coherence Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* hybrid method for optimization of the adaptive Goldstein filter, A
* InSAR Coherence Estimation for Small Data Sets and Its Impact on Temporal Decorrelation Extraction
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Landslides from ALOS/PALSAR Images with TCPInSAR: A Case Study of Oso, USA
* Method for Segmentation of Cursive Handwritings and Its Application to Character Shape Extraction, A
* Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning Combining Hierarchical Context and its Application to Image Annotation
* Multi-scale Feature Extraction and Nested-subset Classifier Design for High Accuracy Handwritten Character Recognition
* Novel Frontal Facial Synthesis Algorithm Based on Individual Residual Face, A
* Novel Multitemporal InSAR Model for Joint Estimation of Deformation Rates and Orbital Errors, A
* PanNet: A Deep Network Architecture for Pan-Sharpening
* Recognizing On-Line Handwritten Chinese Character via FARG Matching
* Removing Rain from Single Images via a Deep Detail Network
* scalable and format-compliant encryption scheme for H.264/SVC bitstreams, A
* Towards Slow-Moving Landslide Monitoring by Integrating Multi-Sensor InSAR Time Series Datasets: The Zhouqu Case Study, China
* Unimodal Stopping Model-Based Early SKIP Mode Decision for High-Efficiency Video Coding
* Using an Integer Least Squares Estimator to Connect Isolated InSAR Fringes in Earthquake Slip Inversion
* Vehicle Logo Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Networks With a Pretraining Strategy
Includes: Ding, X. Ding, X.[Xiaoli] Ding, X.[Xinghao] Ding, X.[Xin] Ding, X.[Xuhua]
35 for Ding, X.

Ding, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Experimental Research on Accuracy of Aerotriangulation for UAV Imagery
* Segmentation and Reconstruction of Buildings with Aerial Oblique Photography Point Clouds
* UAV Aerial Photography Technology in Island Topographic Mapping
Includes: Ding, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Ding, X.B. Ding, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

Ding, X.H.[Xing Hao] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Dictionary Learning for Compressed Sensing MRI
* Color image enhancement with a human visual system based adaptive filter
* Compressed sensing MRI with Bayesian dictionary learning
* Contourlet Based MR Image Reconstruction via Reweighted L1-Minimization
* Image enhancement using divide-and-conquer strategy
* Low Bit Rate Compression of Facial Images Based on Adaptive Over-Complete Sparse Representation
* Multiple-instance discriminant analysis
* novel framework method for non-blind deconvolution using subspace images priors, A
* Pan-sharpening based on nonparametric Bayesian adaptive dictionary learning
* Pan-Sharpening with a Hyper-Laplacian Penalty
* Performance Evaluation of Cluster Validity Indices (CVIs) on Multi/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Datasets
* Probabilistic Method for Image Enhancement With Simultaneous Illumination and Reflectance Estimation, A
* retinex-based enhancing approach for single underwater image, A
* Saliency Detection With Spaces of Background-Based Distribution
* Weighted Variational Model for Simultaneous Reflectance and Illumination Estimation, A
Includes: Ding, X.H.[Xing Hao] Ding, X.H.[Xing-Hao] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Hui]
15 for Ding, X.H.

Ding, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Co Author Listing * novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
Includes: Ding, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Ding, X.K.[Xiao-Kang]

Ding, X.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Multipath Pixels In Sar Images
* efficient forgery detection algorithm for object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting, An
* Elevation Extraction and Deformation Monitoring by Multitemporal InSAR of Lupu Bridge in Shanghai
* Estimation of 3-D Surface Displacement Based on InSAR and Deformation Modeling
* Improved filtering parameter determination for the Goldstein radar interferogram filter
* Kalman-Filter-Based Approach for Multisensor, Multitrack, and Multitemporal InSAR
* Least Squares-Based Filter for Remote Sensing Image Noise Reduction
* Monitoring of Recent Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Xi'an With SAR Interferometry
* Multi-Temporal InSAR Data Fusion for Investigating Mining Subsidence
* Remote Sensing of Glacier Change in the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Relationship with Changing Climate
* Robust Estimating Three-Dimensional Ground Motions from Fusion of InSAR and GPS Measurements
* Robust Surface Matching for Automated Detection of Local Deformations Using Least-Median-of-Squares Estimator
Includes: Ding, X.L. Ding, X.L.[Xiang-Ling] Ding, X.L.[Xiao-Li]
12 for Ding, X.L.

Ding, X.M.[Xin Miao] Co Author Listing * Context-aware horror video scene recognition via cost-sensitive sparse coding
* Embedded Online Palmprint Verification System Based on Ethernet
* Hierarchical Model Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Action Recognition, A
* Horror Video Scene Recognition Based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning
* Multi-Perspective Cost-Sensitive Context-Aware Multi-Instance Sparse Coding and Its Application to Sensitive Video Recognition
* Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Novel Emotional Saliency Map to Model Emotional Attention Mechanism, A
* self-adaptive weighted affinity propagation clustering for key frames extraction on human action recognition, A
Includes: Ding, X.M.[Xin Miao] Ding, X.M.[Xin-Miao] Ding, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Ding, X.M.[Xue-Ming]
8 for Ding, X.M.

Ding, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D face sparse reconstruction based on local linear fitting
* 3D+2D Face Localization Using Boosting in Multi-Modal Feature Space
* Action and Gait Recognition From Recovered 3-D Human Joints
* AdaBoost Tracker Embedded in Adaptive Particle Filtering
* Adaptive Confidence Transform Based Classifier Combination for Chinese Character Recognition
* Adaptive particle filter with body part segmentation for full body tracking
* Adaptive Sparse Vector Tracking Via Online Bayesian Learning
* Analyzing the information entropy of states to optimize the number of states in an HMM-based off-line handwritten Arabic word recognizer
* Application of Bi-gram Driven Chinese Handwritten Character Segmentation for an Address Reading System
* Applying Preattentive Visual Guidance in Document Image Analysis
* Arbitrary warped document image restoration based on segmentation and Thin-Plate Splines
* Asymmetric Real Adaboost
* automatic performance evaluation method for document page segmentation, An
* Automatic performance evaluation of printed Chinese character recognition systems
* Automatic text location in natural scene images
* Bhattacharyya boosting
* Character extraction and recognition in natural scene images
* Character Independent Font Recognition on a Single Chinese Character
* Chinese handwriting recognition using hidden Markov models
* Context Driven Chinese String Segmentation and Recognition
* Contextual post-processing based on the confusion matrix in offline handwritten Chinese script recognition
* Continuous Pose Normalization for Pose-Robust Face Recognition
* Cross-Language Sensitive Words Distribution Map: A Novel Recognition-Based Document Understanding Method for Uighur and Tibetan
* cylindrical surface model to rectify the bound document image, A
* Deformable 3-D model based vehicle matching with weighted Hausdorff and EDA in traffic surveillance
* Detecting Human Action as the Spatio-Temporal Tube of Maximum Mutual Information
* Development of Recognition Engine for Baby Faces
* Discriminant local feature analysis of facial images
* discriminative cascade CNN model for offline handwritten digit recognition, A
* Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction for Multi-Dimensional Sequences
* Discriminative Prototype Learning in Open Set Face Recognition
* Discriminative Transformation for Multi-Dimensional Temporal Sequences
* Document digitization technology and its application for digital library in China
* estimation of error bounds and feature selection in large character set recognition, The
* Eye/eyes tracking based on a unified deformable template and particle filtering
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face detection based on hierarchical support vector machines
* Feature representation for statistical-learning-based object detection: A review
* Form frame line detection with directional single-connected chain
* Full body tracking-based human action recognition
* Gabor filters-based feature extraction for character recognition
* Handwritten character recognition using gradient feature and quadratic classifier with multiple discrimination schemes
* Head Pose Estimation Based on Random Forests for Multiclass Classification
* Heteroscedastic max-min distance analysis
* hidden Markov model based segmentation and recognition algorithm for Chinese handwritten address character strings, A
* hierarchical algorithm with multi-feature fusion for facial expression recognition, A
* Hierarchical Dynamic Parsing and Encoding for Action Recognition
* Human Detection Based on Fusion of Histograms of Oriented Gradients and Main Partial Features
* Human head reconstruction based on elastic deformable 3D model
* Importance sampling based discriminative learning for large scale offline handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Improve Handwritten Character Recognition Performance by Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Improved Method Based on Weighted Grid Micro-structure Feature for Text-Independent Writer Recognition, An
* Improved Scene Text Extraction Method Using Conditional Random Field and Optical Character Recognition, An
* Improvement of ICA based probability density estimation for pattern recognition
* Incorporating Generic Learning to Design Discriminative Classifier Adaptable for Unknown Subject in Face Verification
* Iris Localization with Dual Coarse-to-fine Strategy
* Learning Cascaded Shared-Boost Classifiers for Part-Based Object Detection
* Linear Sequence Discriminant Analysis: A Model-Based Dimensionality Reduction Method for Vector Sequences
* Location and interpretation of destination addresses on handwritten Chinese envelopes
* Minimum classification error training for handwritten character recognition
* MQDF Discriminative Learning Based Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Multi-Biometrics Fusion for Identity Verification
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Multi-Queue Merging Scheme And Its Application in Arabic Script Segmentation
* Multi-scale Text Line Segmentation Method in Freestyle Handwritten Documents, A
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* Novel Baseline-independent Feature Set for Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Novel Segmentation and Recognition Algorithm for Chinese Handwritten Address Character Strings, A
* Novel Short Merged Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character String Segmentation Algorithm Using Hidden Markov Model, A
* Off-line Chinese Writer Retrieval System Based on Text-sensitive Writer Identification, An
* Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Based on Crossing Line Feature
* Offline Handwritten Arabic Character Segmentation with Probabilistic Model
* Offline handwritten character recognition based on discriminative training of orthogonal Gaussian mixture model
* Offline Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Orthogonal Gaussian Mixture Model
* On Improvement of Feature Extraction Algorithms for Discriminative Pattern Classification
* On-line handwritten Chinese word recognition based on lexicon
* Optimized gabor filter based feature extraction for character recognition
* Part Detection, Description and Selection Based on Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* Partially Corrective AdaBoost
* Person-independent head pose estimation based on random forest regression
* Pose adaptive LDA based face recognition
* Pose robust face tracking by combining view-based AAMs and temporal filters
* Real-time rotation invariant face detection based on cost-sensitive AdaBoost
* Rectifying the bound document image captured by the camera: A model based approach
* Rejection algorithm for mis-segmented characters in multilingual document recognition
* Restoring camera-captured distorted document images
* Robust Image Restoration via Adaptive Low-Rank Approximation and Joint Kernel Regression
* Robust precise eye location under probabilistic framework
* Segmentation-Driven Offline Handwritten Chinese and Arabic Script Recognition
* Similar Pattern Discriminant Analysis for Improving Chinese Character Recognition Accuracy
* Substring Alignment Method for Lexicon Based Handwritten Chinese String Recognition and Its Application to Address Line Recognition
* Sufficient Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Suffix Tree Based Handwritten Chinese Address Recognition System, A
* Symmetrical PCA in face recognition
* Topic Language Model Adaption for Recognition of Homologous Offline Handwritten Chinese Text Image
* universal method for single character type recognition, A
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Dynamic Parsing and Encoding for Action Recognition
* Visual Tracker Using Sequential Bayesian Learning: Discriminative, Generative, and Hybrid
* Writer Identification of Chinese Handwriting Using Grid Microstructure Feature
* Writer identification using directional element features and linear transform
Includes: Ding, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Ding, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Ding, X.Q.[Xioa-Qing] Ding, X.Q.
100 for Ding, X.Q.

Ding, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Classification of Lung Nodule Malignancy Risk on Computed Tomography Images Using Convolutional Neural Network: A Comparison Between 2D and 3D Strategies
* Colorization Using Quaternion Algebra with Automatic Scribble Generation
Includes: Ding, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Ding, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Ding, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Co Author Listing * Cascade of Tasks for facial expression analysis
* Facial Action Unit Event Detection by Cascade of Tasks
* IntraFace
Includes: Ding, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Ding, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu]

Ding, Y. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Slant Estimation for Handwritten Words
* Affection-Based Dynamic Leader Selection Model for Formation Control in Multirobot Systems, An
* Application of slant correction to handwritten Japanese address recognition
* Architectural Scene Rapid Reconstruction Based on Features
* Artifact-Free Wavelet Denoising: Non-convex Sparse Regularization, Convex Optimization
* Audio-Driven Laughter Behavior Controller
* Class Probability Propagation of Supervised Information Based on Sparse Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
* Complete Shape from Imperfect Contour: A Rule-Based Approach
* Convergence Analysis of Cooperative Braking Control for Interconnected Vehicle Systems
* Critical Assessment Of Object Segmentation In Aerial Image Using Geo-Hausdorff Distance
* Direct Virtual Viewpoint Synthesis from Multiple Viewpoints
* Energy-Efficient Locomotive Operation for Chinese Mainline Railways by Fuzzy Predictive Control
* Epsilon Stereo Pairs
* Extrusion Approach Based on Non-Overlapping Footprints (EABNOF) for the Construction of Geometric Models and Topologies in 3D Cadasters
* Fair P2P Scalable Video Streaming Scheme Using Improved Priority Index Assignment and Multi-hierarchical Topology, A
* fast back-projection algorithm for bistatic SAR imaging, A
* geometry and texture coupled flexible generalization of urban building models, A
* Guided image filtering using signal subspace projection
* Image quality assessment based on multi-feature extraction and synthesis with support vector regression
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Multi-Order Local Features Description, Modeling and Quantification
* Image Quality Assessment by Quantifying Discrepancies of Multifractal Spectrums
* Improved Medical Image Registration Algorithm Based on Mutual Information, An
* Inverse kinematics using dynamic joint parameters: inverse kinematics animation synthesis learnt from sub-divided motion micro-segments
* JPEG Dequantization Array for Regularized Decompression
* Mind the Class Weight Bias: Weighted Maximum Mean Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Multi-stream 3D video distribution over peer-to-peer networks
* Perception-based shape retrieval for 3D building models
* Real-Time GIS and Its Application in Indoor Fire Disaster
* Regularized Subband Coding Scheme
* Robust Nanoparticles Detection From Noisy Background by Fusing Complementary Image Information
* Segmental Hidden Markov Models for View-based Sport Video Analysis
* Segmentation, Inference and Classification of Partially Overlapping Nanoparticles
* Shape recovery of color textured object using Fast Marching Method via self-calibration
* Sports Video Mining via Multichannel Segmental Hidden Markov Models
* Tensor Voting Extraction of Vessel Centerlines from Cerebral Angiograms
* Towards Semantic 3D City Modeling and Visual Explorations
* Unsupervised person clustering in videos with cross-modal communication
Includes: Ding, Y. Ding, Y.[Yimei] Ding, Y.[Yin] Ding, Y.[Yun] Ding, Y.[Yuan] Ding, Y.[Yi] Ding, Y.[Yan] Ding, Y.[Yu] Ding, Y.[Yusi] Ding, Y.[Yong] Ding, Y.[Yulin]
37 for Ding, Y.

Ding, Y.C.[Yu Chun] Co Author Listing * Second order Mumford-Shah model for image denoising
Includes: Ding, Y.C.[Yu Chun] Ding, Y.C.[Yu-Chun]

Ding, Y.D.[You Dong] Co Author Listing * Bag-of-Feature Model for Video Semantic Annotation, A
* Fusion of Object and Scene Based on IHS Transform and SFIM
* Motion Capture of Hand Movements Using Stereo Vision for Minimally Invasive Vascular Interventions
Includes: Ding, Y.D.[You Dong] Ding, Y.D.[You-Dong]

Ding, Y.F.[Yun Fei] Co Author Listing * Relational visual cluster validity (RVCV)
Includes: Ding, Y.F.[Yun Fei] Ding, Y.F.[Yun-Fei]

Ding, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * improved LBP algorithm for texture and face classification, An
Includes: Ding, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Ding, Y.G.[Yong-Gang]

Ding, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * Automated cell nucleus segmentation using improved snake
* comparison of imputation methods for handling missing scores in biometric fusion, A
* Crowd simulation based on constrained and controlled group formation
* Double Constrained NMF for Partial Multi-View Clustering
* Method for Footprint Range Image Segmentation and Description, A
* new active contour model and its application on cell segmentation, A
* Range image segmentation based on randomized Hough transform
* Real-Time Multisensory Image Segmentation Algorithm with an Application to Visual and X-Ray Inspection, A
Includes: Ding, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Ding, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Ding, Y.H.[Yao-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Yan-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Yu-Hua]
8 for Ding, Y.H.

Ding, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Co Author Listing * application of Quantum-inspired ant colony algorithm in automatic segmentation of tomato image, The
* Inter-Calibrating SMMR, SSM/I and SSMI/S Data to Improve the Consistency of Snow-Depth Products in China
Includes: Ding, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Ding, Y.J.[Yong-Jun] Ding, Y.J.[Yong-Jian]

Ding, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Contour Clusters for Damaged Roof Detection Using Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energy, An
* Change Semantic Constrained Online Data Cleaning Method For Real-time Observational Data Stream
* Comparison and Validation of Long Time Serial Global GEOV1 and Regional Australian MODIS Fractional Vegetation Cover Products Over the Australian Continent
* Indoor Multi-Dimensional Location GML and Its Application for Ubiquitous Indoor Location Services
* Quantifying the Impact of NDVIsoil Determination Methods and NDVIsoil Variability on the Estimation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Northeast China
* Stable least-squares matching for oblique images using bound constrained optimization and a robust loss function
Includes: Ding, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Ding, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Ding, Y.L.[Yan-Ling]
7 for Ding, Y.L.

Ding, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Co Author Listing * Micro-Doppler Trajectory Estimation of Pedestrians Using a Continuous-Wave Radar
* Novel robust zero-watermarking scheme for digital rights management of 3D videos
Includes: Ding, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Ding, Y.P.[Yi-Peng]

Ding, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Trinocular matching realized by a monocular stereovision sensor for parallel manipulator
* Using Chou's pseudo amino acid composition to predict subcellular localization of apoptosis proteins: An approach with immune genetic algorithm-based ensemble classifier
* Using line segments to train multi-stream stacked autoencoders for image classification
Includes: Ding, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Ding, Y.S.[Yong-Sheng]

Ding, Y.W.[You Wei] Co Author Listing * Energy-aware processing of big data in homogeneous cluster
Includes: Ding, Y.W.[You Wei] Ding, Y.W.[You-Wei]

Ding, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Co Author Listing * Host-based intrusion detection using dynamic and static behavioral models
* Object retrival based on visual word pairs
* Ocean Oil Spill Classification with RADARSAT-2 SAR Based on an Optimized Wavelet Neural Network
Includes: Ding, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Ding, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Ding, Y.X.[Ya-Xiong]

Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Motion Blur with a Flutter Shutter Camera for Non-linear Motion
* Catadioptric projectors
* Contextual boost for pedestrian detection
* Design and Estimation of Coded Exposure Point Spread Functions
* Detection Evolution with Multi-order Contextual Co-occurrence
* Dynamic fluid surface acquisition using a camera array
* Importance filtering for image retargeting
* Multiperspective Distortion Correction Using Collineations
* Multiperspective stereo matching and volumetric reconstruction
* Recovering shape characteristics on near-flat specular surfaces
* Recovering specular surfaces using curved line images
* theory of multi-perspective defocusing, A
Includes: Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]
12 for Ding, Y.Y.

Ding, Z. Co Author Listing * Consensus Regularized Multi-View Outlier Detection
* DBS Doppler Centroid Estimation Algorithm Based on Entropy Minimization, A
* Deeply Learned View-Invariant Features for Cross-View Action Recognition
* Design of Massive-MIMO-NOMA With Limited Feedback
* Generating Petri Net-Based Behavioral Models From Textual Use Cases and Application in Railway Networks
* Improved Motion Compensation Approach for Squint Airborne SAR
* Improved PolSAR Image Speckle Reduction Algorithm Based on Structural Judgment and Hybrid Four-Component Polarimetric Decomposition, An
* Joint data compression and error protection for collaborative transmission
* Marginalized Denoising Dictionary Learning With Locality Constraint
* Mining Coastal Land Use Sequential Pattern and Its Land Use Associations Based on Association Rule Mining
* modified parameter model-based spectrum estimation method for incoherent scatter radar, A
* Modified Three-Stage Inversion Algorithm Based on R-RVoG Model for Pol-InSAR Data, A
* Network-Matched Trajectory-Based Moving-Object Database: Models and Applications
* Novel Power Allocation Scheme Under Outage Constraints in NOMA Systems, A
* Remotely Monitoring Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Grassland and Cropland in China's Arid and Semi-Arid Regions with MODIS Data
* SAR Doppler Ambiguity Resolver Based on Entropy Minimization
* Source Localization from Received Signal Strength Under Log-Normal Shadowing: Bias and Variance
* Sparse-Representation-Based Graph Embedding for Traffic Sign Recognition
* Static/Dynamic Distributed Interacting Multiple Model Fusion Algorithms for Multiplatform Multisensor Tracking
* Tracking Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Cropland by Exclusive Use of MODIS EVI Data
* Use of Spatially Random Base Stations in Cloud Radio Access Networks, The
* Video Script Identification Based on Text Lines
* Visual inspection of multivariate volume data based on multi-class noise sampling
* Visual inspection of multivariate volume data based on multi-class noise sampling
Includes: Ding, Z. Ding, Z.[Zegang] Ding, Z.[Zhi] Ding, Z.[Zhang] Ding, Z.[Zhiyu] Ding, Z.[Ziang]
24 for Ding, Z.

Ding, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Co Author Listing * Application of Analog Network Coding to MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel in Cellular Systems
* Cooperative Energy Harvesting Networks With Spatially Random Users
* On the Performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Systems with Randomly Deployed Users
* Orthogonal local spline discriminant projection with application to face recognition
* Subaperture Approach Based on Azimuth-Dependent Range Cell Migration Correction and Azimuth Focusing Parameter Equalization for Maneuvering High-Squint-Mode SAR
Includes: Ding, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Ding, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo] Ding, Z.G.[Ze-Gang]

Ding, Z.H.[Zhao Hua] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Tensor Image Smoothing Using Efficient and Effective Anisotropic Filtering
* Elastic Geodesic Paths in Shape Space of Parameterized Surfaces
* Implicit Active Contours Driven by Local Binary Fitting Energy
* Level Set Method for Image Segmentation in the Presence of Intensity Inhomogeneities With Application to MRI, A
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Biological Growth Variables
* Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation
* Novel Framework for Metric-Based Image Registration, A
* novel riemannian framework for shape analysis of 3D objects, A
* Parameterization-Invariant Shape Comparisons of Anatomical Surfaces
* Shape Analysis of Open Curves in R3 with Applications to Study of Fiber Tracts in DT-MRI Data
* Unified Bundling and Registration of Brain White Matter Fibers
Includes: Ding, Z.H.[Zhao Hua] Ding, Z.H.[Zhao-Hua]
11 for Ding, Z.H.

Ding, Z.J.[Zheng Jian] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Log-Gabor wavelet and orthogonal locality sensitive discriminant analysis for face recognition
Includes: Ding, Z.J.[Zheng Jian] Ding, Z.J.[Zheng-Jian]

Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan Lian] Co Author Listing * Protein functional annotation refinement based on graph regularized l1-norm PCA
Includes: Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan Lian] Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan-Lian]

Ding, Z.M.[Zheng Ming] Co Author Listing * Block-wise constrained sparse graph for face image representation
* Deep Domain Generalization With Structured Low-Rank Constraint
* Deep Robust Encoder Through Locality Preserving Low-Rank Dictionary
* Discriminative low-rank metric learning for face recognition
* Low-Rank Embedded Ensemble Semantic Dictionary for Zero-Shot Learning
* Missing Modality Transfer Learning via Latent Low-Rank Constraint
* Robust Transfer Metric Learning for Image Classification
* Sparse low-rank fusion based deep features for missing modality face recognition
Includes: Ding, Z.M.[Zheng Ming] Ding, Z.M.[Zheng-Ming]
8 for Ding, Z.M.

Ding, Z.O. Co Author Listing * Extension of proposal of standards for intelligibility tests of Chinese speech: CDRT-tone

Ding, Z.X.[Zhi Xuan] Co Author Listing * novel 3D ear identification approach based on sparse representation, A
Includes: Ding, Z.X.[Zhi Xuan] Ding, Z.X.[Zhi-Xuan]

Dinger, W.P. Co Author Listing * Some Experience in the Real-Time Processing of Handwriting

Dinges, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Parallel Volume Image Segmentation with Watershed Transformation

Dinges, L. Co Author Listing * Approach for Arabic Handwriting Synthesis Based on Active Shape Models, An
* Locale Group Based Line Segmentation Approach for Non Uniform Skewed and Curved Arabic Handwritings, A

Dingle, A.A.[Alison A.] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Segmentation Based on the Comparison of Local and Regional Histograms

Dingler, T. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Memory Cues for Augmenting Human Memory

Dingli, A.[Alexiei] Co Author Listing * Holographic Humans
* Webcam-based detection of emotional states

Dingliana, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Real-time Illumination for Two-level Volume Rendering

Dings, L.[Laslo] Co Author Listing * CRFs and HCRFs Based Recognition for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting
* Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach with an Adaptive Threshold Model for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
Includes: Dings, L.[Laslo] Dings, L.

Dingtao, S. Co Author Listing * Study Of Water Pollution Early Warning Framework Based On Internet Of Things

Dinguirard, M. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Space-Multispectral Imaging Sensors: A Review

Dingus, T.A. Co Author Listing * Influence of In-Vehicle Adaptive Stop Display on Driving Behavior and Safety

Dinh Ngo, T. Co Author Listing * Compa backend: A dynamic runtime for the execution of dataflow programs onto multi-core platforms

Dinh Quoc, K.[Khanh] Co Author Listing * Iterative Algorithm for Efficient Adaptive GOP Size in Transform Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding, An
Includes: Dinh Quoc, K.[Khanh] Dinh-Quoc, K.[Khanh]

Dinh, A.[Anh] Co Author Listing * Wireless transmission of HD video using H.264 compression over UWB channel

Dinh, C.V.[Cuong V.] Co Author Listing * Clustering Based Method for Edge Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* FIDOS: A generalized Fisher based feature extraction method for domain shift
* Multi-spectral video endoscopy system for the detection of cancerous tissue
* SEDMI: Saliency based edge detection in multispectral images
* study on semi-supervised dissimilarity representation, A
* Training data selection for cancer detection in multispectral endoscopy images
Includes: Dinh, C.V.[Cuong V.] Dinh, C.V.[Cuong Viet]

Dinh, D.N.[Duong Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Automated Classification Of Land Cover Using Landsat 8 Oli Surface Reflectance Product And Spectral Pattern Analysis Concept - Case Study In Hanoi, Vietnam

Dinh, D.T.[Duc Tung] Co Author Listing * deep convolutional neural network for video sequence background subtraction, A

Dinh, H. Co Author Listing * Simple method for camera calibration of roundabout traffic scenes using a single circle

Dinh, H.Q.[H. Quynh] Co Author Listing * distribution-based approach to tracking points in velocity vector fields, A
* local descriptor for finding corresponding points in vector fields, A
* Measuring the Similarity of Vector Fields Using Global Distributions
* Multi-Resolution Spin-Images
* Reconstructing Surfaces by Volumetric Regularization Using Radial Basis Functions
* Reconstructing Surfaces Using Anisotropic Basis Functions
* Variational Approach to the Evolution of Radial Basis Functions for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Dinh, H.Q.[H. Quynh] Dinh, H.Q.[Huong Quynh]
7 for Dinh, H.Q.

Dinh, H.T. Co Author Listing * Identification-Based Closed-Loop NMES Limb Tracking With Amplitude-Modulated Control Input

Dinh, K.Q.[Khanh Quoc] Co Author Listing * Block compressive sensing of image and video with nonlocal Lagrangian multiplier and patch-based sparse representation
* Color Image Denoising via Cross-Channel Texture Transferring
* Compressive sensing of video with weighted sensing and measurement allocation
* Compressive sensing reconstruction via decomposition
* Deblocking filter for artifact reduction in distributed compressive video sensing
* Detail-preserving compressive sensing recovery based on cartoon texture image decomposition
* HVS based iterative hard thresholding recovery for compressive sensed image
* Iterative Weighted Recovery for Block-Based Compressive Sensing of Image/Video at a Low Subrate
* Measurement coding for compressive imaging using a structural measuremnet matrix
* Multi-scale/multi-resolution Kronecker compressive imaging
* Small-block sensing and larger-block recovery in block-based compressive sensing of images
Includes: Dinh, K.Q.[Khanh Quoc] Dinh, K.Q.
11 for Dinh, K.Q.

Dinh, L. Co Author Listing * Deep Independence Network Analysis of Structural Brain Imaging: Application to Schizophrenia

Dinh, N.V.[Nghia V.] Co Author Listing * Digital image correlation for small strain measurement in deformable solids and geomechanical structures

Dinh, Q. Co Author Listing * Convexity in Source Separation: Models, geometry, and algorithms

Dinh, T.A.[Thien Anh] Co Author Listing * Automated Prediction of Glasgow Outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury
* Self Learning Classification for Degraded Document Images by Sparse Representation

Dinh, T.B.[Thang Ba] Co Author Listing * Co-trained generative and discriminative trackers with cascade particle filter
* Co-training framework of generative and discriminative trackers with partial occlusion handling
* Context tracker: Exploring supporters and distracters in unconstrained environments
* High resolution face sequences from a PTZ network camera
* Online Tracking and Reacquisition Using Co-trained Generative and Discriminative Trackers
* Real time tracking using an active pan-tilt-zoom network camera
* Towards a practical PTZ face detection and tracking system
* Two-Frames Accurate Motion Segmentation Using Tensor Voting and Graph-Cuts
Includes: Dinh, T.B.[Thang Ba] Dinh, T.B.[Thang B.]
8 for Dinh, T.B.

Dinh, T.C.P.[Thang Cap Pham] Co Author Listing * Robust eye localization in video by combining eye detector and eye tracker

Dinh, T.N.[Thuc Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Color structure recovering in strong specular text regions
* Tensor Voting Based Color Clustering
* Text localization using image cues and text line information
Includes: Dinh, T.N.[Thuc Nguyen] Dinh, T.N.[Toan Nguyen]

Dinh, V.C.[Viet Cuong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Text Detection in Video Based on Stroke Width Similarity, An

Dinh, V.Q.[Vinh Quang] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Encoding Pattern for Stereo Matching Cost
* Matching cost function using robust soft rank transformations
* Robust Adaptive Normalized Cross-Correlation for Stereo Matching Cost Computation
* Robust Matching Cost Function for Stereo Correspondence Using Matching by Tone Mapping and Adaptive Orthogonal Integral Image
* Robust non-local stereo matching for outdoor driving images using segment-simple-tree
* Support Local Pattern and its Application to Disparity Improvement and Texture Classification
Includes: Dinh, V.Q.[Vinh Quang] Dinh, V.Q.

Dini, D.H. Co Author Listing * Widely Linear Complex Unscented Kalman Filter, A

Dini, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Adaptive uncertainty estimation for particle filter-based trackers
* Exploiting distinctive visual landmark maps in pan-tilt-zoom camera networks
* Exploiting Single View Geometry in Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Networks
* Improving the robustness of particle filter-based visual trackers using online parameter adaptation
* Particle filter-based visual tracking with a first order dynamic model and uncertainty adaptation
* Posterity Logging of Face Imagery for Video Surveillance
* Sensor Fusion for Cooperative Head Localization
* Uncalibrated Framework for On-line Camera Cooperation to Acquire Human Head Imagery in Wide Areas
Includes: Dini, F.[Fabrizio] Dini, F.
8 for Dini, F.

Dini, G.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Change Detection Using High Resolution Stereo Images and a GIS Database
* Delineation of Building Footprints from High Resolution Satellite Stereo Imagery Using Image Matching and a GIS Database

Dinis Ribeiro, M. Co Author Listing * Identifying cancer regions in vital-stained magnification endoscopy images using adapted color histograms
Includes: Dinis Ribeiro, M. Dinis-Ribeiro, M.

Dinis, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * new device for virtual or augmented underwater diving, A

Dinis, J. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Buildings from Quickbird Imagery for Municipal Planning Purposes: Quality Assessment Considering Existing Mapping Standards
* Hierarchical Object-Based Classification of Dense Urban Areas by Integrating High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images and LIDAR Elevation Data
* Machine Vision Quality Control System for Industrial Acrylic Fibre Production, A
* VIP3D: An Application of Image Processing Technology for Quality Control in the Food Industry
Includes: Dinis, J. Dinis, J.[João]

Dinis, R. Co Author Listing * MIMO Detection and Equalization for Single-Carrier Systems Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers

Dinisb, J. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings in the City of Lisbon Using Quickbird Images and LIDAR Data

Diniz, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Real-time block matching motion estimation onto GPGPU

Diniz, C.M.[Claudio Machado] Co Author Listing * High-throughput interpolation hardware architecture with coarse-grained reconfigurable datapaths for HEVC
* Pipelined 8x8 2-D Forward DCT Hardware Architecture for H.264/AVC High Profile Encoder, A
Includes: Diniz, C.M.[Claudio Machado] Diniz, C.M.[Cláudio Machado]

Diniz, E.M. Co Author Listing * Detection of Masses in Mammograms Using Cellular Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models and Ripley's K Function

Diniz, H.N. Co Author Listing * Increase of Artificial Lakes as a Result of Sand Mining Activities, in the Paraíba do Sul River Valley Basin, São Paulo State, Brazil, The

Diniz, M.C.[Michely C.] Co Author Listing * tetratricopeptide repeats (TPR)-like superfamily of proteins in Leishmania spp., as revealed by multi-relational data mining, The

Diniz, P.S.R. Co Author Listing * Design of High Performance Wavelets for Image Coding
* Minimizing ringing effect on images coded at low bit rates with wavelets
* Optimum Rate-Distortion Dictionary Selection for Compression of Atomic Decompositions of Electric Disturbance Signals
* Recursive Algorithms for Bias and Gain Nonuniformity Correction in Infrared Videos

Dinkelbach, H.U. Co Author Listing * Spatial Attention Improves Object Localization: A Biologically Plausible Neuro-Computational Model for Use in Virtual Reality
Includes: Dinkelbach, H.U. Dinkelbach, H.Ü.

Dinkova Bruun, G.[Greti] Co Author Listing * Color-coordinate system from a 13th-century account of rainbows
* three-dimensional color space from the 13th century, A
Includes: Dinkova Bruun, G.[Greti] Dinkova-Bruun, G.[Greti]

Dinn, S. Co Author Listing * Multiplexed Analysis of Proteins in Tissue Using Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging

Dinnat, E.P. Co Author Listing * Effect of Snow Surface Metamorphism on Aquarius L-Band Radiometer Observations at Dome C, Antarctica
* Improved Sea Ice Fraction Characterization for L-Band Observations by the Aquarius Radiometers
* L-Band Model Function of the Dielectric Constant of Seawater
* Soil Moisture Active/Passive L-Band Microwave Radiometer Postlaunch Calibration

Dinneen, G.P. Co Author Listing * Programming Pattern Recognition

Dinopoulou, V. Co Author Listing * State-of-the-art and -practice review of public transport priority strategies

Dinov, I.[Ivo] Co Author Listing * Unified Variational Volume Registration Method Based on Automatically Learned Brain Structures, A

Dinov, I.D.[Ivo D.] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami eigenmaps: Bridging Reeb graphs and skeletons
* Automated Extraction of the Cortical Sulci Based on a Supervised Learning Approach
* Brain Anatomical Structure Segmentation by Hybrid Discriminative/Generative Models
* Computational Model of Multidimensional Shape, A
* Diffeomorphic sulcal shape analysis for cortical surface registration
* Diffeomorphic Sulcal Shape Analysis on the Cortex
* Edge-Enhanced Image Reconstruction Using (TV) Total Variation and Bregman Refinement
* Fast edge-filtered image upsampling
* Fast Local Trust Region Technique for Diffusion Tensor Registration Using Exact Reorientation and Regularization
* Genetic Algorithms for Finite Mixture Model Based Voxel Classification in Neuroimaging
* Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton on Cortical Surfaces
* Joint Sulcal Detection on Cortical Surfaces With Graphical Models and Boosted Priors
* Nonlinear Elasticity Registration and Sobolev Gradients
* Robust Surface Reconstruction via Laplace-Beltrami Eigen-Projection and Boundary Deformation
* Wavelet-Based Representation of Biological Shapes
Includes: Dinov, I.D.[Ivo D.] Dinov, I.D.
15 for Dinov, I.D.

Dinstein, I.[Its'hak] Co Author Listing * email: Dinstein, I.[Its'hak]: dinstein AT eesrv ee bgu ac il
* Adaptive shape prior for recognition and variational segmentation of degraded historical characters
* Algorithm for Polygonal-Approximation Based on Iterative Point Elimination, An
* Aligning transcript of historical documents using energy minimization
* Ancient Hebraic Handwriting Identification with Run-Length Histograms
* Binarization, character extraction, and writer identification of historical Hebrew calligraphy documents
* Case Study in Hebrew Character Searching
* Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results
* Comparative Study of Neural Network Based Feature Extraction Paradigms
* Computer Recognition of Handwritten Hebrew Characters
* Computerized Classification of Color Textured Perthite Images
* Computing Geometrical Features of Digital Objects in General Purpose Image Processing Pipeline Architectures
* Computing Multi-Colored Polygonal Masks in Pipeline Architectures and Its Application to Automated Visual Inspection
* Detection of the Presence of Aliasing in Digital Image Sequences
* Eliminating Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* EM Based Algorithm for Skew Detection, An
* Evolution Maps for Connected Components in Text Documents
* Extraction of specified objects from binary images using object based erosion transform: application to Hebrew calligraphic manuscripts
* Fast Discrimination Between Homogeneous and Textured Regions
* Feature Extraction by Neural Network Nonlinear Mapping for Pattern Classification
* Feature selection and learning curves of a multilayer perceptron chromosome classifier
* Generation of a Restored Image from a Video Sequence Recorded under Turbulence Effects
* Geometric Separation of Partially Overlapping Nonrigid Objects Applied to Automatic Chromosome Classification
* Handling Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* Iterative Clustering Procedure, An
* Line Segmentation for Degraded Handwritten Historical Documents
* Local Motion Estimation and Resolution Enhancement of Video Sequences
* Matching of Partially Occluded Planar Curves
* Medial Axis Transform-Based Features and a Neural-Network for Human-Chromosome Classification
* More on the Benefit of a Third Eye for Machine Stereo Perception
* Motion Estimation in Noisy Ultrasound Images by Maximum Likelihood
* multiclass extension of discriminant mappings, A
* New maximum likelihood motion estimation schemes for noisy ultrasound images
* New Technique for Visual Motion Alarm, A
* Occluded Character Restoration Using Active Contour with Shape Priors
* On Stereo Image Coding
* Optimal Polygonal-Approximation of Digital Curves
* Parallel (PRAM EREW) Algorithms for Contour-Based 2D Shape Recognition
* Parallel Algorithms for Contour Extraction and Coding on an EREW PRAM Computer
* Parallel Computable Contour Based Feature Strings for 2-D Shape Recognition
* Polyphase back-projection filtering for image resolution enhancement
* Projection-Based Geometric Feature Extraction for Computer Vision: Algorithms in Pipeline Architectures
* Prototype Filter Design Approach to Pyramid Generation, A
* Regulated morphological operations
* Segmentation-Free Keyword Retrieval in Historical Document Images
* Shape Discrimination with Walsh Descriptors
* Spatial Clustering Procedure for Multi-Image Data, A
* System for Computerized Classification of Color Textured Perthite Images, A
* Text Line Detection in Corrupted and Damaged Historical Manuscripts
* Textural Features for Image Classification
* Using Parallel String Matching Algorithm for Contour Based 2-D Shape Recognition
* Using Scale-Space Anisotropic Smoothing for Text Line Extraction in Historical Documents
* Using Simple Decomposition for Smoothing and Feature Point Detection Of Noisy Digital Curves
* Variable block-size transform image coder
* WebGT: An Interactive Web-Based System for Historical Document Ground Truth Generation
Includes: Dinstein, I.[Its'hak] Dinstein, I.[Itshak] Dinstein, I. Dinstein, I.[Its'Hak]
55 for Dinstein, I.

Dinstein, I.H. Co Author Listing * Matching of Partially Occluded Planar Curves

Dinsteint, I.[Its'hak] Co Author Listing * On Pattern Classification with Sammons Nonlinear Mapping: An Experimental-Study

Dinten, J.M. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Regularized Binary Image-Reconstruction from Three 2-Dimensional Projections Using a Randomized ICM Algorithm
* Building and Training Radiographic Models for Flexible Object Identification from Incomplete Data
* deformable model approach for the determination of transition strips on radiographic images, A
* Development of an automated bond verification system for advanced electronic packages
* Feature Extraction for a Precise Characterization of Microcalcifications in Mammograms
* Physical-Model Based Reconstruction of the Global Instantaneous Velocity Field from Velocity Measurements at a Few Points
* Prior Model for Bone Microarchitecture Reconstrution with a Very Limited Number of Projections, A
* Tomographic reconstruction of axially symmetric objects: Regularization by a Markovian modelization
* X-rays image analysis for defects detection and characterization in metallic samples
Includes: Dinten, J.M. Dinten, J.M.[Jean-Marc] Dinten, J.M.[Jean Marc]
9 for Dinten, J.M.

Dinter, T.[Tilman] Co Author Listing * Global Retrieval of Diatom Abundance Based on Phytoplankton Pigments and Satellite Data

Dinu, M. Co Author Listing * Conservation and Valorization of Heritage Ethnographic Textiles

Dinu, P.M. Co Author Listing * Brachytherapy Seed Localization Using Geometric and Linear Programming Techniques
* Limited view CT reconstruction and segmentation via constrained metric labeling
* Limited view CT reconstruction via constrained metric labeling
Includes: Dinu, P.M. Dinu, P.M.[Petru M.]

Dinuzzo, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Online Multitask Learning of Gaussian Processes

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