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Discenza, M.E.[Marco E.] Co Author Listing * Basin Scale Assessment of Landslides Geomorphological Setting by Advanced InSAR Analysis

Dischler, J.M.[Jean Michel] Co Author Listing * Marching Triangle Polygonization for Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Its Distance Transform
* Simplification of meshes with digitized radiance
Includes: Dischler, J.M.[Jean Michel] Dischler, J.M.[Jean-Michel]

Disco, G.[Garrett] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Past Online: Interactive Visualisation of Uncertainty and Phasing

Discours, C. Co Author Listing * Measuring Image Flow by Tracking Edge-Lines

Disdier, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * perceptual similarity method by pairwise comparison in a medical image case, A

Disfani, V.R. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Model for Urban Traffic and Traffic Optimization Using a Developed ICA Technique, A

Disher, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Visual Neural Network that Learns Perceptual Relationships, A

Diskin, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of carcinoma in radiographs
* Dense 3D point-cloud model using optical flow for a monocular reconstruction system
* Vision-based navigation system for obstacle avoidance in complex environments

Diskus, C.G. Co Author Listing * Through-Wall Imaging With a 3-D UWB SAR Algorithm

Disney, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * New Global fAPAR and LAI Dataset Derived from Optimal Albedo Estimates: Comparison with MODIS Products, A

Disney, M.I.[Mathias I.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Emulation of Radiative Transfer Codes Using Gaussian Processes and Application to Land Surface Parameter Inferences
* Evaluation of the Range Accuracy and the Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Terrestrial Laser Scanning Instruments for Data Interoperability
* Exploring the Measurement Of Forests With Full Waveform LIDAR through Monte-Carlo Ray Tracing
* Fast Automatic Precision Tree Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
* Quantifying Surface Reflectivity for Spaceborne Lidar via Two Independent Methods
Includes: Disney, M.I.[Mathias I.] Disney, M.I.

Dissanayake, G. Co Author Listing * Application of CRF and SVM based semi-supervised learning for semantic labeling of environments
* Convergence comparison of least squares based bearing-only SLAM algorithms using different landmark parametrizations
* Exploiting vehicle motion information in monocular SLAM
* L2-SIFT: SIFT feature extraction and matching for large images in large-scale aerial photogrammetry
* Large-scale monocular SLAM by local bundle adjustment and map joining
* Line matching based on planar homography for stereo aerial images
* Map-Building and Map-Based Localization in an Underground-Mine by Statistical Pattern Matching
* Modeling Errors in Small Baseline Stereo for SLAM
* new state vector and a map joining algorithm for range-only SLAM, A
* Observability analysis of SLAM using fisher information matrix
* Sensor Registration and Calibration using Moving Targets
* Solution to the Simultaneous Location and Map Building (SLAM) Problem, A
Includes: Dissanayake, G. Dissanayake, G.[Gamini]
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Dissanayake, M.[Maheshi] Co Author Listing * scalable multi-view audiovisual entertainment framework with content-aware distribution, A

Dissanayake, V. Co Author Listing * Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Performance and Robustness of Image Stitching Algorithms

Dissard, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction of Buildings from Stereo Images Using Both Monocular Analysis and Stereo Matching: An Assessment within the Context of Cartographic Production
* Above-Ground Objects in Urban Scenes from Medium Scale Aerial Imagery
* Building Extraction from Stereo Pairs of Aerial Images: Accuracy and Productivity Constraint of a Topographic Production Line
* Extraction and Textural Characterization of Aboveground Areas from Aerial Stereo Pairs: A Quality Assessment
* Segmentation of Urban Scenes from Aerial Stereo Imagery
* Stereo Matching Algorithm for Urban Digital Elevation Models, A
Includes: Dissard, O.[Olivier] Dissard, O.

Dissing, B.S.[Bjorn S.] Co Author Listing * Temporal reflectance changes in vegetables

Distante, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition Based on a Viewpoint Analysis
* Advances in Background Updating and Shadow Removing for Motion Detection Algorithms
* algorithm for real time eye detection in face images, An
* Analysis of Image Sequences for Defect Detection in Composite Materials
* Ball detection in static images with Support Vector Machines for classification
* Ballast 3D reconstruction by a matching pursuit based stereo matcher
* Camera Self-localization Using Uncalibrated Images to Observe Prehistoric Paints in a Cave
* Cast shadow removing in foreground segmentation
* Classification and Segmentation of Vector Flow-Fields Using a Neural-Network
* Color correction for the virtual recomposition of fragmented frescos
* Complex human activity recognition for monitoring wide outdoor environments
* Defect detection on leather by oriented singularities
* Detection of objects carried by people
* Directionality Detection in Compositional Textures
* Eye detection in face images for a driver vigilance system
* Feature matching by searching maximum clique on high order association graph
* Feature matching constrained by cross ratio invariance
* Filter-based feature selection for rail defect detection
* Focus of Expansion Estimation by an Error Backpropagation Neural-Network
* Goal distance estimation in soccer game
* GPU-based vision system for real time detection of fastening elements in railway inspection, A
* Investigation Into the Feasibility of Real-Time Soccer Offside Detection From a Multiple Camera System, An
* Leather Inspection by Oriented Texture Analysis with a Morphological Approach
* Leather inspection through singularities detection using wavelet transforms
* Modified Stereo Matching Suitable for Implementation on a Convolution Specialized Hardware, A
* Moving object segmentation by background subtraction and temporal analysis
* Multi-view Player Action Recognition in Soccer Games
* Neural Network for Egomotion Estimation from Optical Flow, A
* new algorithm for ball recognition using circle Hough transform and neural classifier, A
* Non-invasive Soccer Goal Line Technology: A Real Case Study
* Object detection in images run-time complexity and parameter selection of support vector machines
* Optic Flow Estimation by a Hopfield Neural-Network Using Geometrical Constraints
* Passive navigation using egomotion estimates
* Passive Navigation Using Focus of Expansion
* Planar Surface Reconstruction using Projective Geometry
* Posture estimation in visual surveillance of archaeological sites
* Rail Corrugation Detection by Gabor Filtering
* Real time hardware architecture for visual robot navigation
* Real-time multi-view event detection in soccer games
* Real-time multiview analysis of soccer matches for understanding interactions between ball and players
* Real-Time Visual Inspection System for Railway Maintenance: Automatic Hexagonal-Headed Bolts Detection, A
* Self-Location of a Mobile Robot With Uncertainty by Cooperation of an Heading Sensor and a CCD TV Camera
* Shape Based People Detection for Visual Surveillance Systems
* SIFT Based Ball Recognition in Soccer Images
* Specialized Hardware for Real-Time Navigation
* Supervised Approach in Background Modelling for Visual Surveillance, A
* Three-Dimensional Vision System for Bin-Picking, A
* Track Following Algorithm for Contour Lines in Digital Binary Maps, A
* Two-Pass Filling Algorithm for Raster Graphics, A
* Unsupervised Approach for Segmentation and Clustering of Soccer Players, An
* Virtual Recomposition of Frescos: Separating Fragments from the Background
* visual approach for driver inattention detection, A
* Visual Detection of Hexagonal Headed Bolts Using Method of Frames and Matching Pursuit
* Visual Players Detection and Tracking in Soccer Matches
* Visual recognition of fastening bolts for railroad maintenance
* Visual State Recognition for a Target-reaching Task
* visual system for real time detection of goal events during soccer matches, A
* Visual Tracking Technique Suitable for Control of Convoys, A
Includes: Distante, A. Distante, A.[Arcangelo]
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Distante, C.[Cosimo] Co Author Listing * Active Range Imaging Dataset for Indoor Surveillance
* Analysis of HOG Suitability for Facial Traits Description in FER Problems
* Automatic Emotion Recognition in Robot-Children Interaction for ASD Treatment
* BRISK Local Descriptors for Heavily Occluded Ball Recognition
* Circularity and self-similarity analysis for the precise location of the pupils
* Computer Vision Based Approach for Understanding Emotional Involvements in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, A
* Features Descriptors for Demographic Estimation: A Comparative Study
* Fully Automatic Approach for the Accurate Localization of the Pupils, A
* Highly Usable and Accurate Iris Segmentation
* Human posture recognition using active contours and radial basis function neural network
* Improved Performance in Facial Expression Recognition Using 32 Geometric Features
* Intelligent Vision System for ASD Diagnosis and Assessment
* low-cost and calibration-free gaze estimator for soft biometrics: An explorative study, A
* Multi-branch CNN for Multi-scale Age Estimation
* multi-sensor approach for People Fall Detection in home environment, A
* On the Estimation of Children's Poses
* Pervasive Retail Strategy Using a Low-Cost Free Gaze Estimation System
* Randomized circle detection with isophotes curvature analysis
* RANSAC-LEL: An optimized version with least entropy like estimators
* Shadow detection for moving objects based on texture analysis
* shadow elimination approach in video-surveillance context, A
* Soccer Ball Detection with Isophotes Curvature Analysis
* Special issue on 'Video analytics for audience measurement in retail and digital signage'
* Stereoscopic System for 3-D Seabed Mosaic Reconstruction
* study on different experimental configurations for age, race, and gender estimation problems, A
* Technological Framework to Support Standardized Protocols for the Diagnosis and Assessment of ASD, A
* texture-based approach for shadow detection, A
* Visual Interaction Including Biometrics Information for a Socially Assistive Robotic Platform
Includes: Distante, C.[Cosimo] Distante, C.
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Distasi, R. Co Author Listing * B-Tree Based Recursive Technique for Image Coding, A
* CONTEXT: a technique for image retrieval integrating CONtour and TEXTure information
* Face authentication using speed fractal technique
* FIRE: Fractal Indexing with Robust Extensions for Image Databases
* Image Indexing by Contour Analysis: A Comparison
* Range/Domain Approximation Error-Based Approach for Fractal Image Compression, A
* Speeding up fractal encoding of images using a block indexing technique
* Using fractal encoding for image indexing
Includes: Distasi, R. Distasi, R.[Riccardo]
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DiStasio, R.J. Co Author Listing * Confirmation Bias in the Analysis of Remote Sensing Data

Distefano, S. Co Author Listing * Crowd-Cooperative Approach for Intelligent Transportation Systems, A

Distler, H.E.[Hayley E.] Co Author Listing * Integrating Radarsat-2, Lidar, and Worldview-3 Imagery to Maximize Detection of Forested Inundation Extent in the Delmarva Peninsula, USA

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