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Djoko Kouam, M.[Moise] Co Author Listing * Picture Quality Prediction in Image Processing
Includes: Djoko Kouam, M.[Moise] Djoko-Kouam, M.[Mo´se]

Djolonga, J.[Josip] Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Inference for Multi-class Log-Supermodular Models

Djordjevic, A.R. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Imaging of Hidden 2-D PEC Targets Using Sparse-Signal Modeling

Djordjevic, D.[Danilo] Co Author Listing * accurate method for 3D object reconstruction from unordered sparse views, An
* Efficient image selection for concept learning
* Object- and User-Driven System for Semantic-Based Image Annotation and Retrieval, An
Includes: Djordjevic, D.[Danilo] Djordjevic, D.

Djordjevic, I. Co Author Listing * Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Coding for Multi-Tb/s Optical Transport
* Joint Source-Channel Rate Allocation in Parallel Channels

Djordjevic, J.[Jaksa] Co Author Listing * Tomographic Image Reconstruction for Systems with Partially-Known Blur

Djordjevic, M.[Milan] Co Author Listing * Analytical Estimation of Map Readability

Djorgovski, S.G. Co Author Listing * From Digitized Images to Online Catalogs: Data Mining a Sky Survey
* Some Pattern Recognition Challenges in Data-Intensive Astronomy

Djouadi, A. Co Author Listing * Bounds on the Bayes Classification Error Based on Pairwise Risk Functions
* Fast Algorithm for the Nearest-Neighbor Classifier, A
* On the Reduction of the Nearest Neighbor Variation for More Accurate Classification and Error Estimates
* Quality of Training-Sample Estimates of the Bhattacharyya Coefficient, The

Djouadi, S.M.[Seddik M.] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Region Competition and the Mumford-Shah Functional
* Preferential Image Segmentation Using Trees of Shapes

Djouani, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * Bilateral mesh filtering
* Face Detection and Tracking for Intent Recognition
* Grid Smoothing: A Graph-Based Approach
* Optimisation-Based Image Grid Smoothing for SST Images
* Super Resolution Algorithm to Improve the Hough Transform, A
Includes: Djouani, K.[Karim] Djouani, K.

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